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File: 1591561715583.jpg (118.83 KB, 600x368, 75:46, charlie.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Im quite afraid I might have to spend a season in the looney bin once corona is gone.
what is it like? like prison?like an adult daycare? Will i be drugged against my will? will I have to get into fights for survival and the protection of my butt?

can my parents get me a solitary room to sleep in if they pay more?
I dont feel too comfy giving details of why I need to go but i'll explain it if needed


File: 1591563175906.png (98.82 KB, 224x278, 112:139, 1571652214300.png) ImgOps iqdb

Been to the nuthouse twice, didn't see anything close to a fight when i was there, you get drugged against your will, if you refuse the oral drugs they will inject them in your butt cheek. The worst thing for me was the boredom so i killed time by sleeping as much as i could. Good luck wizard.


Are you allowed to do excercise all day if that's what you want?

are the drugs the ones you usually take,or new ones /random shit?


>can my parents get me a solitary room to sleep in if they pay more?
what I love about looney bins. They want you so bad they'll find any reason to take you into custody. But as soon as they find the state won't pay for your care or your parents airn't rich enough to pay for your care, they will through you onto the street and not care if you are homeless.


so..is that a yes or a no?


Do you think they will accept some lost far left liberals?


Might be best to just go out and live on federal BLM land for a few years till you clear your mind instead of encumbering a heavily public funded resource.


File: 1591585472584.jpg (80.03 KB, 750x729, 250:243, 90223332_866244540536446_2….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

It's generally not that bad, Especially compared to prison since you're generally free to walk around in a small area and usually they let you out to see the sky for a few hours every day.
They will drug you but not too badly, It depends on how much of a problem you are to them or rather how much of a problem you can potentially become if they don't drug you up good, If you comply and show good will they probably won't fuck you up too bad.
Most of the time all the violent or otherwise trouble making patients are either in solitary or are far too drugged to do anything so you probably won't have to deal with any aggression and maybe even meet some people who are much like you.
The annoying part is having to share your room with often unquiet people and the absolute boredom you're faced with as there is very little to do there, They let me keep my phone so if possible try to make that happen, It was a real help.
Also, There were some patients who got limited supervised access to workout equipment, Mostly the ones in for bipolar or suicide, The "saner" ones. I didn't get access but nobody said anything when i was doing pushups, I don't think it should be a problem.


Use google.
Still, i am curious why do have to go here.


suicide ideation, OCD(a very bad type I cant tell about online. you probably guess what it is)


depends on the country.

First world, at worse it's a stay in a bad hotel room with occasional drugs, therapy, and TV. Third World, i would guess it aint no joke, they probably have methods to sniff out fakers, and there will be some kind of punishment for being a faker. Treatment could be harsh shit the first world stopped doing back in the 1950s, EST, forced confinement, heavy duty (not fun) meds


depends on the country, here in america it was just filled with homeless people, and a few schizophrenics that would talk all day about nonsense while pacing around, you'll have a bed and there will probably be a tv in the community area
>can my parents get me a solitary room to sleep in if they pay more?
again, I'm sure it depends on the country, but if you tell them you're transsexual or don't identify as a male or literally anything like that then they will have to put you in a private room
>Will i be drugged against my will?
only if you are insane, I just sat in my room all day and they actually forgot to gives me my pills, only guy I saw get injected with stuff was some schizo who was starting to go nuts about "god" and "jesus" rambling while everyone was trying to sleep
>will I have to get into fights for survival and the protection of my butt?
I don't think so, the only weird thing that happened to me was some nigger walked past me the second day I was there and just said "white boy", not sure what it meant or if it was meant to be hostile, nothing came of it


I'm planning on voluntarily making a trip to one myself soon

don't worry wiz kid the funny farms ain't so bad, if you don't like certain meds just tell them you're allergic works every time


>enjoyed being around others there since I was a social. Ended up being a refreshing experience and met allot of nice people and cute nurses.

wizchan 2020


Try to not couse much trouble and have good relations with staff since they decide what will happen to you and have a lot of power over what will happen to you (they can drug you as much as they like)

i dont think you can have an individual bedroom unless its a very vip lonney bin


But why would you do that?


>telling anybody about your suicide thoughts
Its because of ocd?


when it comes to any state funded systems, no matter how much democrats are in charge, they don't care about you. If they can't find justification to get the state to pay for you, they will drop you like a hot potato. They don't care if that justification could damage your ability to ever find a job again, they just want their money and to do the bare minimum of work. You will only get paraded to the sympathetic higher ups if you make the organization "look good", otherwise you are another McPatient to be treated.


How have the janitors not removed this yet



>>169479 or >>169478?
if it's the latter, i guess no one's reported it, and what's the point really? he'll get away with it and the post will still be up


been to 3 different hospitals in my time. depends on where u live. for me i got commited by a court. the rational for being commited is if you are a danger to yourself or others. the dumbest shit ever. these places are known for conducting brainwashing experiments and even rape just like prison. however its probably not near as bad. overall they will try to turn u into a normalfag. no matter what u did theyll eventually let u out.


Why would you want to go to an insane asylum?


This is such a lame thing to say


It depends how well funded they are. I hear it's nice in Europe. I went to one in NZ, and I hear all day about how we are world leaders in how we deal with mental illness.

We had 6ft mentally unstable men walking in the reception and there were fights/incidents EVERY day.


>overall they will try to turn u into a normalfag
I think they only pretend to try. They really won't you dependent on them for the rest of your life. At best they want you to stay a passive but troubled person to let normies feel good about themselves.


Has anyone done this and documented it instead of going to an asylum?
Sounds like a wicked larp if anything, you should write a short story about it


Protect your dick anon , at any cost. Those nutsacks are retarded. One day you might wake up and see your dick with some crackhead who is wearing it like a finger glove. Good luck


I've been to 5 different short-term (2-3 week) asylums, this is my experience with them:

>was unwillingly sent to the asylum after being treated in a hospital for suicide attempts

>you are not able to refuse, if you try to leave the hospital on your own you will be treated as someone fleeing from the police and handled accordingly
>regardless of whether or not you comply, you will either be handcuffed and footcuffed or strapped to a ambulance bed and shipped off
>you'll be stripped naked and searched for contraband or self-harm scars (they don't stick anything up your butt or make you spread, it's not a big deal)
>all bedrooms have 2 beds, a desk, basic bathroom, maybe a notebook and pencil to write things in
>you are checked on every 15 minutes by a staff member 24/7, can get annoying as fuck when they shine the flashlight right in your eyes at 4am
>basically spend each day sleeping, reading, or watching tv in the main living area. there are various "activities" and therapy sessions,which are all bullshit and meaningless but if your plan is to get out then you need to cooperate and show up, however they are optional and you can just stay in your room all day except for meals if you want
>at least once every two days there'll be a 1 to 1 session/interrogation/rehabilitation progress check by either a psychologist or psychiatrist, these are important because whether or not you are able to leave this cage is up to their judgment alone. they can keep you there indefinitely if they think you are not making any progress. at least try to appear as though youre trying to "get better" without being too try-hard about it, they can smell when someone is faking it to try to get out early
>the food is about the same quality as hospital food, a bit gross but at least it's calories, they check and monitor exactly how much of your food you eat every meal to make sure youre not trying to starve yourself
>you are able to refuse any drugs that are suggested to you, but if your goal is to get out then just take the meds while you're there and you'll be trusted more and might get out earlier
>the only time they can force you to take drugs is shooting you with horse tranquilizer darts if you start being extremely violent (throwing chairs around, trying to hurt other inmates, etc)
>since youre being constantly monitored 24/7 there is almost a 0% chance that you'll be able to get raped
>as for fellow patients, they range from an hero attempters, legitimate hearing voices schizophrenics, 40 year old mom who spends 12 hours a day cleaning her kitchen, 19 year old kid who swallowed an entire bag of LSD in order for the cops to not find it, have the bag burst in his stomach, and be high as a goddamn kite for 3 days straight and completely forget the concept of language, and some of them can be oddly fascinating in a way or enjoyable to be around
>you can't pick which bed you get and you have to get lucky with an odd number of patients in order to maybe get a solitary room, but don't count on it

all in all it's striking to me how much asylums feel like prisons, their goal is not to help you get better, their goal is to earn their paycheck and make you a submissive, obedient, productive member of society. 99 out of 100 times they rely on various drugs to achieve that because they have nothing else up their sleeves besides hippie new-age therapy sessions with half of the audience passed out on sedatives drooling in a corner. modern psychiatry is an absolute joke. they do not give 2 solitary fucks about you. if you have any option other than an asylum please consider that first.


>if you have any option other than an asylum please consider that first
Being dead is far better than being committed. If you're allowed to stay in your room and sleep without interruptions things are horrible but a bit tolerable, but getting locked out of your room and forced to socialize is truly fuckin awful. I start going crazy and doing all sorts of things to try to get locked somewhere solitary and away from people.


Been there for 3 weeks. It feels like prison and there's nothing to do. If you're lucky, there will be some toys or games to play that haven't been destroyed by earlier patients. Between that, reading, sleeping, and waiting for meals, there's not much to do. Don't expect this environment to provide you with life meaning, it's supposed to just be a stable environment.

I had a private room, but also had the nurses come up and turn the lights on in the middle of the night to make sure I was still there. Very fucking annoying. Also got the butt injections


just dont fuck up your suicide attempt like me and end up in there anyways, being treated like an animal and all your rights taken away from you. however, it's safer than real prison and 3 weeks is not unendurable. the real problem is the system itself is flawed, you shouldn't be treated like a criminal for suffering from something like suicidal depression, that will only give you more trauma.


File: 1604250736430.png (396.95 KB, 1332x1949, 1332:1949, 1596504716584.png) ImgOps iqdb

Used to work at mental asylum in poor European country for a few months.
We did drug up our patients against their will, sometimes tied them down. I only witnessed one case of patient VS. patient violence when one patient smacked and pushed another patient for going into smoking area, the one who got smacked wasn't allowed there because he would eat cigarette filters or any other little piece of garbage, situation was neglect on my part and it still hunts me a bit. New arrivals usually got drugged to the point they couldn't talk, just drool, drooling was so intense they carried towels for absorption. There weren't any solitary rooms in my ward (men only). Due to getting drugged up patients were mostly chill. Patients could use internet in the library, max one hour a day. There were non-mandatory daily walks if the weather was good, but not all were allowed to go outside, same with computer time.

>Are you allowed to do excercise all day if that's what you want?
It was an option in my ward, we had some workout machines lined up along the corridor.

>I'm planning on voluntarily making a trip to one myself soon
One of our patients was a practicing doctor who liked spending his vacations there for some reason.

Same patients are tourists, who shouldn't really be there. I suppose they just want someone else to take care of them, provide meals, clean clothes, warmth, baths, its better than living in their own garbage. If one doesn't intend to do anything with their life anyway it can become a lifestyle.


that screencap is cancer


I disagree.


Why would you let them take you alive?


>what is it like? like prison?like an adult daycare? Will i be drugged against my will? will I have to get into fights for survival and the protection of my butt?
Depends on the place you go and where you live. Scandinavian nutbars are like a fucking paradise. They let you take shit from home, you can play video games there. Unless you were brought in because you did something online, you can even access the internet and talk to your fellow wizards.


Ive been questioning weather or not to do this mysekf lately aswell. Ive been isolated from society from society for so long now that i question weather or not i'll ever function the same around people besides close family every again.
i often watch prison dcoumentries and get a slighly overwhealming sense i'd be happier as somones bitch toy for cantina chips then living the way i am now.
idk, i think im insane, i really do. Maybe not there…Could be..


Ive been to rehabs, jail once, and the psych ward 2 times, but never institutionalized.
I like the food. the people are funny. the nurses are cute. Its not bad. its like 15k dollers to stay at the psych ward in my town.
i like rehab centers, theyrey basically comfier style of jail with better food.

lots of homosexuals…


Nah it just means you weren't meant for this world. I also watch prison documentaries and I understand why they end up there. It's years of misery that starts in childhood and ends up with them behind bars. Really it's nobody's fault, but everything in life is up to circumstance.


I have never understood this myself. On the internet in places with a lot of "loser types" like wizchan you'll see people talking about being committed almost like it's a badge of honor. It sounds terrible to me though:
>In an unfamiliar setting away from your room and belongings
>Surrounded by normalfags and worse- mentally ill normalfags
>Being drugged with god knows what
>Being treated like some sort of psycho idiot
>Extreme boredom of lying around all day passing the time with nothing to do

Why would you want that? If you're wanting to make a drastic change to try and jumpstart some sort of movement in your life why not go camping alone for a few days or take some psychedelics.


>If you're wanting to make a drastic change to try and jumpstart some sort of movement in your life why not go camping alone for a few days or take some psychedelics.
…if they could do that maybe they wouldn't have such issues to begin with.


>Why would you want that?
A mental hospital is a blessing if you're homeless. You get food and shelter, and if you're on state insurance they usually foot the bill.
Otherwise it's a shitty place to be for mentally ill wizards.


Did you even try it or are you just a defeatist?


I wish I could be institutionalized forever. How do I do it, wizzies?


Why would you ever want that? People in institutions are like animals and you get treated like shit by authority figures.


It's way better than being homeless. People who get to stay in one for months at a time are privileged as fuck. Provided they don't pay for it, that is.


I disagree entirely. Confinement is not my cup of tea, to say the least. I cannot stand being around idiotic drug-addicts, schizoids, and autistics. Being in a room with those people for one second is an awful experience. But please, enjoy your juice box and cheerios for me.


>not freezing to death
>force fed pills
>will probably have ECT at some point
>might have to room with a schizo
Easy choice. Freedom is a meme anyway.


I just got out from one of these places and it was the most boring experience possible. I would avoid if you like your freedom.


I've been to the looney bin a few times. You'll meet nurses that laugh at you behind your back. You'll be prescribed countless medications by doctors that don't give a fuck about you. You'll feel like a caged animal. Hopeless isn't a strong enough word to describe how I felt in there. Maybe lost is better. I feel like there is no god because of those places. Or maybe there is. Maybe god is real and he wants me to be miserable. I don't know. I just wish I could die already. I'll take burning in hell over another year/month/week/day of this shit life. I wish I had a gun so I could just fucking end it right now.


Feel you there, wizard.


where are you from/whats your diagnosis? here in the US they dont force meds on you unless you're insane/acting out, I've been a couple times and they always said meds, therapy, and talking to the doctor is optional


Never been institutionalized but I've been to the psych ward 10 or 11 times for OD and suicidal thoughts, lived in board and care homes (basically open air Looney bins, even had a couple of guys try to fight me and was attacked in my sleep) for about a year, I've seen it all.

I'm diagnosed bipolar, but not really had any mania, maybe hypomania while drinking, pretty sure I have what used to be called simple/deteriorated schizophrenia. I don't really hallucinate or get delusions, heard music once while smoking weed, so they don't diagnose me as schizo. But my brain is destroyed, executive function/memory is destroyed. Constant weird blank look in my eyes to the point I can't go outside.

The mentally insane get treated like animals, it's sad and strange and your own family and friends will abandon you and shun you publicly, I alternate from accepting it and feeling Elliot Rodger levels of homicidal rage.

If you are sick I would suggest never mentioning it to anyone, apply for SSI, it takes a while but you'll get it, then hide away from the world. I already know I basically have dementia, gotta an hero soon or watch myself turn into a living shell. I used to be completely sane too. Typing this from what amounts to a Looney bin just not nearly as strict


>here in the US they dont force meds on you unless you're insane/acting out, I've been a couple times and they always said meds, therapy, and talking to the doctor is optional

In New Zealand and most other countries, anti-psychotics are expected to be taken at all times unless you specifically have a disorder that doesn't allow for them. They won't even tell you it's an antipsychotic, they'll say "It's to help you sleep" and just give it to you.


not op but I actually did do it for a week. I appreciate it as I read over a dozen books however my internet addiction became stronger I feel


Been a few times. One time there was this humungous black succubi who would just call people punk bitch and try and fight other succubi. They tranquilized her so hard she pissed in the common room trashcan and then proceeded to pass out so hard that they had to give her an insulin shot for her diabetes while she slept.

if you're considering checking in the doctor may not prescribe you meds right away, but if you get brought in they will want to treat you with medicine. I didn't want to take it so I tongue and cheeked it for a few days, I didn't know I could decline. At some point I started taking it for real and I was out not soon after, the pill kinda work to make you feel like co operating and more happy to talk and get out and more hope. They will set you up with a doctor close to home who can renew your pills. eventually the antipyschotic lithium began fucking up my brain so bad my tongue would flick in and out of my mouth on it own. Next times was getting lithium withdrawal and becoming suicidal and checking my self in. While I was there I was treated with a drug that absolutely fucked my shit up for like 2 weeks. I was so fucked up my local head doc ended up taking me off it after I didn't adjust. To be honest I think I was at peace with being in a total stupor till death. After a few more drugs I decided that I would get bux for all this or kill myself. Ended up getting bux pretty quick.

I wouldn't recommend going this way. Go to the local doc first. Same pills, but the doc only see's you every few weeks. Don't tell them anything that could force their hand into putting you inside, like wanting to hurt yourself or others. they will do whatever they need to do to keep their job. I'm all natural now. They're the ones who think I'm crazy, so I let them.

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