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File: 1592876104660.png (266.65 KB, 547x519, 547:519, 1592569219639.png) ImgOps iqdb


Is anyone else here completely okay with being a loser at life?

It makes no difference to me if I'm successful, have a good career, don't, have lots of money. All I care about is having a roof over my head and enough food in the pantry.

I spent years being miserable trying to have a career and get moving ahead in life. But once I realized that didn't matter to me, I suddenly became happier quitting my job and being a loser.


If you're happy, you're not a loser. Quit playing your life by the normalfags' rules.


>Is anyone else here completely okay with being a loser at life?
I don't think I am a loser… But if your question was something like 'are you okay with your life', my answered would be the following:
Yes, "I" am okay with it, I am okay with everything that I am and that I have, but this thought about my life that although is true doesn't always translate in me feeling good so regardless of what I know is true I suffer. It might sound stupid but there's not a single day I don't think about suicide, today for example I overslept for that reason, I didn't have the strength and I was immensely depressed and seriously thought that there was nothing I wanted to live for so I should end it, all this in spite of what I think about my life in general. This happens to me all the time, it's a cycle and I "like" my life.
But maybe I'm wrong and I don't like my life as much as I think I do. It's got to do with my brain I guess, I got all this time for myself, and I don't want to do anything with it, I have no motivation, never had. I don't think that there's anything worth it, or if there was, it's too late for me or I'm not meant for it.
The bottom line is that I like my life but that enough doesn't make me not want to end it. I'm disappointed maybe with what life is, not for me, but for everyone else.


yup. I can't say I am as happy as normalfags who go around constantly bursting with laughter and energy, but I am much happier living a life of mediocrity than trying to fit in with them. I think it stems from bad social anxiety which makes the pleasure I would normally get from interacting and turns it into anxiety instead.


i hate work and i'm not interested in money. i'd rather NEET and dick around all day and live without responsibility like some kind of ancient king transplanted into modern times


My biggest passion in life is driving to far and random locations and write tidbits about things that catch my eye while on the road. In summer, sometimes i even go on long trips and sleep in the car.

Unfortunately, in order to pursue that i need money for the gasoline/etc… and i really despise work.

If there was a way to have money without working my life would be perfect… i dont care that im a loser, i just want to drive


Yes, because I hate interacting with people so much that I'm willing to sacrifice the kinds of rapport building and connection making that would otherwise lead me to real job opportunities that paid a good amount of money. I would rather stock shelves overnight and be left alone, than pursue any kind of increase in earnings if it means i have to constantly deal with people. I've already attempted enough jobs requiring social skills such as a Sales Representative, Barback at a bar, and cashier. I quit all those jobs within a week or two because it made me so pissed off and angry to be constantly affronted with dozens of random people all day. The jobs I was able to stick with longest were overnight stocking and merchandising precisely because I was left the fuck alone and didn't have to talk to anybody beyond basic functional conversations to complete the job.

Also, the only things I like to do in my spare time are essentially free. I read, do calisthenic type workouts, and ride a bike. I don't need much else other than basic food, shelter, and an occasional six-pack of beer. When men are left to their own devices, this is usually all they need. When you involve other people, roasties, etc, then suddenly you need to have "stuff" and "prestige" etc>>169907


>and wanted to support my wife better
looks like wizchan 2021 came early


I hoped he mistyped "life" and talks weird :(


Yes we can always hope


Just wish I could get one of these rather than ones where they're more human-facing. It was way too stressful filling online orders for people ordering grocery delivery because there were normal shoppers throughout the store and there was always something on the order not available, so you have to find something else and packing the fruits/vegetables was annoying as fuck. Tons of people in the back too.


Without lots of money there's usually not enough food in the pantry.


supplement with boiled cabbage to avoid scurvy


that's gay, i'll #starvemyselftodeath


your posts are becoming tiresome
go have a nap or something


I think realizing everyone claiming to help you is full of shit and are doing nothing to insure you can financially sustain yourself made me okay with being a loser. It's like instead of feeling ashamed of yourself for not doing more for people that dislike you, you realize those people are going to dislike you no matter what just because of what you inherently are.


Don't let others tell you how to live your life.
>get a job
>Go to college
>put yourself in debt
>buy a car
>buy insurance
>pay taxes
>get married
>have kids
>pay child support
>pay for their schooling
>consume more
>stay asleep
>be stressed


It almost seems like losing at the game everyone plays is actually winning so I do not mind. I interact in the normalfag world as a scientist and I am always surprised by how many rules they all have to follow.


I really need to at least make enough money to live in my own place and afford a few luxuries like video games and fast food/instant food and a moderate amount of alcohol. Most would probably still call me a loser if I could achieve that.

But sadly I cannot even hack a simple walmart job I freeze up when people I am not familiar with watch me do shit and I am just unable to think and do the simplest shit. So its looking like I will be taking the suicide pill instead.


Yes I am fine with being a "loser". In fact, I am the winner. I pity them.


i am a loser, that's for sure, and i know it well
but it's not enough to make me get off my ass, so it means that i'm actually okay with it
it means that i'm okay with being perpetually lonely, okay with not having a prospect for a family, okay with not being admirable, okay with being miserable, okay with being poor, okay with not wanting to look at myself in the mirror, okay with being weak-willed…

the way i see it, it means that i actually hate myself, as i would be trying to change things otherwise - not alleviating the suffering is the same as causing suffering, and consciously doing it for years is a sure sign of strong hatred
it's kinda interesting that i have to arrive at this conclusion through basic logic instead of "feeling" it, and it's also interesting that this doesn't move me at all

i wonder what a psychiatrist would say about this, though not enough to actually force myself to got and see one and open up and other such things

do any of you lads have experience with this line of thought?


It's a silly line on thought.
The obvious way to think is that "loser" is someone who takes part in a game, and you're not, you stand behind and see clearly the game is a joke, a misfortune, a torture, it will end very soon and none of it ever mattered.


so the torture exists outside of the "game" that one can be a "loser" in, but then where does it come from?

the realization that suffering is inherent to existence is a solid foundation, but it doesn't really change the apparent self-hate being irrational, unless there is a basis to believe that it's impossible to relieve it
is there such a thing? doesn't really come to mind immediately


I'm not ok with being a loser.
I'm constantly being tormented by my memories of failure.
And despite my pathetic, half-assed attempts to do something about it, I will never actually improve.
So this suffering will continue for as long as I live.


Why not?


being a loser sucks as shit deteriorates as you get older. it can be kind of comforting when you're a teen or early 20s since the consequences aren't as bad but when you have serious problems as a result of being a loser while you see all these people getting rich at 22 or whatever, it's fucking awful. if i was just the fuck up kid(failson) in a rich family, it wouldn't be bad


I get abused by other people and I am too weak and dumb to retaliate or even just defend myself.


File: 1593438803933.gif (94 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 1585834518154.gif) ImgOps iqdb

false it actually gets better the older you get because you dont care how much money others are making
after you build up some life experience you can even feel smug about better than those who you were jealous of in your 20s since they suffer equally but just pay a different kind of price for their suffering


File: 1593445384960.jpg (63.03 KB, 528x576, 11:12, 1411506846410.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I have never been ambitious for status, career, or 'moving ahead', I always sought simple quiet contentment and saw things like occupation only means to ends if I must. A being of great inertia from birth, even as an infant from stories I was always told from a time before I was able to remember. I don't care any longer if my nature leads to a lifestyle Norman Q. Public finds disagreeable or shameful, when I did care it just caused unneeded suffering.


I'm happier by not needing to keep up with anybody else. I have my smarphone locked in a drawer and I don't take it out unless I go to another city. Before cutting communications almost completely with the exterior world, I worried about being successful, having a good car…

It's ok to just exist.


I would be if I had the money to support myself. I know I am never going to be successful in anything else, whether it's career, hobbies, social or love and I'm okay with that. My only worry is how to pay for the stuff I want to do.


It pisses normies off that some people can enjoy life without chasing social status or money.


All I want in life is to be left alone.


File: 1603049106257.jpg (167.21 KB, 1280x1269, 1280:1269, 6a6.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>people getting mad that you're done participating in a satanic pedophile death cult called "society"


I hate normies.

Including my normie mother.



The weird thing is that I do believe in reincarnation. We may have been such kings, actually.


/sig/ is mainly against the surrounding world rather than for it.


real normies, that is actual normal mentally healthy people in real life, aren't obsessed with "losers" and comparing people's benchmarks, adjustment and acheivements like the toxic weirdos on the chans and in the "red pill", manosphere cesspool


How's crystal cafe these days?


I don't remember anybody asking, but that wasn't your goal anyways was it?


Having good career and lots of money is equal to warm food and warm bed in life, adults just don't tell kids that because they believe in fairy tales about life being easy than it really is.


When you only need to support yourself, you are living life on easy mode. To be a wizard is like using a cheat code, and it's beautiful once you realize it.


Could be, but i'd say lolcow.farm fits better if you want to attribute that post to leftist/ sjw/feminist.


File: 1603700652276.jpg (21.23 KB, 322x640, 161:320, 2mv9vj.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I have realized that i'm just a socially retarded normalfag.
I'm not a cool free spirit NEET that leeches of other people's money and dedicated years of his life to being a virtuoso at something.
I'm not some sort of genius autist scientist that looks down on the inferior nurmalfeegz.
I'm still forced to do all the wageslavery and social tirades they do and don't even have the wiring to enjoy it.

I hate this shit.


What is a loser, anyway? It is completely subjective. Ask 100 people what they think is a loser and you will get 100 different answers.

95% of people would probably consider me a loser though, for some reason or another. But then again, why should I care? In my eyes they are the true losers. Having money is useless when you are a slave or if you got it by ruining others. Having succubi isn't a virtue at all in my opinion. Same goes for being respected by your peers.

I am a failed artist and philosopher yes, but overall I don't consider myself to be a failure or a loser. The ideal circumstances and environment for people like me would be to live in an aristocratic society as a member of the noble families. If past lives are real then I must have been a french or russian hedonistic noble living purely for his own hobbies. Doing nothing but NEETing and enjoying the escapism that others create, this is my fate. And I like it.

I wouldn't trade my life for anyone else's.


you are living a life much in parallel with mine, that was comforting to read. to ataraxia


Not him but can relate. If only I would lack empathy, I would shitpost at places like this less and spend more time scumming away money from the normalfaggot masses.


I’d say I have a fulfilling life, and the main reason for that is my lack of ambition and concern. I live by the moment and find pleasure in simple things while not worried on being successful, rich, powerful or anything that would bring me anxiety. I live an epicurean lifestyle, and because of that, as long as I’m avoiding pain, I don’t really care on what happens to me.


Follow christ



For me, it's not something I can't not think. It's my default thinking. I've only slightly gotten out of the programming by not getting into debt and staying the hell away from females. I don't consume much either.

I hope one day I can snap out of it like I did with my fear of death.


hi failed normgroid. 4chink is down the hallway, second door to the left


I have mild autism and am very stupid so I can’t be successful


On the one hand our capitalist society acknowledges that humans are not born equal, and there are going to be winners and losers in the game of life. Not just from hard work and effort, but because some people are bigger, better, stronger, handsomer and smarter than others.
So what are the losers of the game supposed to do?
If we complain, we are just bitter, jealous, sour grapes.
If we drop out, we are lazy NEETs leeching off of hardworking taxpayers. And if we try to work and can't get employed, well "no one owes you a job".
If there is nowhere in the world for us, except maybe this poor excuse of a site or tinyurl.com/y665bmlh, and we just want to suicide, that door is also slammed close because only the mentally ill would ever want to kill themselves. And a mentally healthy human, sees life is wonderful and worth living. And if you do successfully suicide, you are considered a coward. There's no winning in this game.


I have absolutely no ambitions. And that's ok. I'm way happier since I accepted this.


>So what are the losers of the game supposed to do?
Generally "losers" are still useful and provided for in capitalist society.
The "winners" can't do everything themselves and often need hundreds of people to support and assist them to do their thing.

Look at the example of rock stars. Very few people will ever be the apex that is a rock star but for every star their are hundreds or even thousands of people involved in production of shows, distribution, finance, etc. of all stuff the rock star needs to do their thing and produce entertainment at a high level.
This expands out to the thousands when you include people like event staff, clean up crews, ticket distribution, warehouse workers for physical products, techs for digital distribution, etc. all cententered around one "winner" that has a highly valued creative product.

Now expand this out to hundreds of industries with thousands of "winners" and you end up finding that there is something useful and productive for ~95% of the population.
Just because you aren't the apex, aren't the "winner" doesn't mean that the system isn't massively beneficial to the vast super majority of people. For those willing there is work that will provide not only a living but often enough to have a financial surplus that can be used for the consumption of nonessential or for savings with proper financial management.

And for the 5% left over, because the capitalist system most consistently incentivizes and produces surplus, there is always enough left over to provide even the unproductive with a better standard of life then almost any other system for the long term.




I feel ya, anon.
Never been good enough for the outcasts, never been good enough for the normal people.
I just try my best to do whatever pleases me since I can't count on currying favor with anyone.
Probably doomed to just spend the rest of my life being all over the place like that. Hopefully one day I'll truly accept it and stop caring.
It's still nice to know I'm not the only one out there.


I too feel like an outcast even among outcasts, even here I see posts of happy, attractive wizards that get NEETbux, travel, have hobbies and enjoy their wizzie live to the fullest.

Meanwhile I just want to die, all the fucking world is in a much better position than me, I'm probably right there in the absolute bottom of society along with criminals, beggars and starving African kids.

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