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Any low IQ or middling IQ wizards out there? How is your life going? Do you believe you are worth less than those with greater intelligence? Does the way a high IQ wizard spend his time and live his life differ drastically from that of a lower IQ?
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Got 121 but I didn't realise there was a timer until like 10 minutes in so I wasn't 100% focused.
Maybe if I go back I can get another 1 or 2 answers.


I wouldn't exactly equate social intelligence with emotional intelligence. Someone with high social int, but low emotional int makes a psychopath - high functioning manipulator.


sounds like panic disorder coupled with depression anon


Holy shit, that's exactly what's been bothering me lately, I just turned 23. I don't know what else to attribute it to aside from anxiety/depression. Have you been taking any anticholinergic medications? I feel like this after taking some shitty antidepressant for a few months


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just embrace it


Not true, you also have to do algebra on those things.


Got 100 but I did it really slow and didn't read the instructions, I want to kms…


why is it always intelligence that's praised with geek culture, if the userbase culture were different it could've been money instead of intellect

live life and live it well


My IQ is somewhere between 90-95 it takes me longer to understand things in school and daily day to day life I have to stand still for a couple of seconds before I realize what I need to do. I am envious of how other wizards can write such thoughtful and eloquent posts. I too want to create a piece of writing that can truly reflect my inner workings but lack the intelligence to form sophisticated sentences worthy of deeper analysis. Do I read more books? Copy other people's writing styles? I think it'll be a good way to realease some of this loneliness and anger into positive mediums.


I only took an SSRI a few years ago, but this started happening afterwards so I don't know if it's related.


It is.


To clarify, I am no longer taking any medication and the cognitive problems started happening around 18 months after discontinuing the medication. With that said, I did experience something strange for a few weeks - months after initially stopping where I'd experience "hypnogogic jerks" (where your muscles jerk when trying to fall asleep) like sensations except it'd be inside my head. I'd be walking and suddenly there would be this weird "pulse" inside my head. Very strange feeling.


As some others have already said, I highly doubt how meaningful IQ really is. When I first started therapy at 18 they also had me do an IQ test, which placed me at 118 if I recall correctly, so slightly above average. Now this was a couple of years ago but now that I'm in college, I'm beginning to doubt how true or relevant that result really was. My mind is pure chaos, I can't focus for shit and I'm breaking down every couple of days and wondering if all this stress is really worth it. Maybe I've just fried my brain with constant vidya and online entertainment for the last 10 years of my life and my brain has forgotten how to memorize and prioritize shit like class. They say you can learn anything you put your mind to, even if there's definitely a different ceiling for everyone. I think for me personally the biggest problem is the apathy and lack of interest in anything, which caused my brain to rot away. IQ is far from everything.


hmm it probably isn't related to it since the problems started after 18 months, but antideps are something that is extremely unknown when it comes to the mechanism of action so who knows


I have an IQ of 125 but I can't articulate myself nearly as well as most here, my convictions aren't as firm and I don't have the patience for or interest in learning anything new. I have next to no worldly or theoretical knowledge beyond vague suspicions and I get tongue tied because of feelings, general mental chaos (hallucinations and intrusive thoughts) and some weird pavlovian stuff. It's rare that I have the focus to behave as you'd expect someone with a higher IQ to and I'm envious of anyone who does consistently regardless of what their IQ actually is.


>antideps are something that is extremely unknown when it comes to the mechanism of action so who knows

isnt it crazy? how come they are so widely prescribed then? rhetorical questions i just find that business mind boggling sort of


There's statistical studies that show a certain amount of people "get better", but the supposed mechanism behind this has never been empirically confirmed. The effect size is equivalent to most kinds of therapy, and drugs + therapy are no better than drugs or therapy alone. This is a really weird thing since it essentially suggests that they somehow work through the same mechanism, or more controversially, that both drugs and therapy are no better than placebo or random chance.

Basically, the entire justification for prescribing them is some statistics that shows a certain amount of people claim they feel better (self-report), equivalent to the amount of people that claim they feel better (self-report) after several sessions of talk therapy. The entire thing is bogus as hell and these companies will use the smallest bit of statistical evidence to push these drugs unto people.


the history of these drugs is so bizarre. it's not something you see discussed often is it? how are they even made?


become strong, you don't need a high iq for that.




Incredibly based.


Not coping, being serious, pattern recognition can and is learned. What do you think math is for? Algorithms? There's no such thing as innate intelligence. It's crab logic.


This is old as time cope. Weightlifting requires planning, consistency, research, and dedication. The dumb alpha stereotype is overplayed.


>It's crab logic.
I didn't say inkwell there. I meant it in the context of the crabs in a bucket idea.


>brain fog

Did you read "Grain Brain", or any book from Arnold Ehret? It's like you people here never end up to find the exit…


try warp waning bruv


>requires planning, consistency, research, and dedication.
none of those things require intelligence though, you can be a hard worker and responsible planner and still be dumb as a brick and have trouble reasoning and abstract thinking, thinks you don't need to lift some weights over and over in a consistent schedule.


Or just be dumb, have naturally high androgen levels and genetic sensitivity to testosterone, and do some push ups.


I consider myself a midwit and honestly, I would just rather have low iq because being a midwit is a curse. You are intelligent enough to understand abstract concepts and maybe connecting dots but not intelligent enough to achieve anything great so you just end up depressed.
Like sometimes I get a glimpse of some big brain shit but then my brain struggles to keep up and shuts down. It's as if I was trying to overclock my brain or something, it's hard to explain.


Move past and realize that because you were born the way you were, you never had potential for greatness anyways. Your problem is that you think you could have been great or were close to greatness, while also attempting to hold predetermined ideas as well. The reality is that you weren't and such a thing was impossible if you are indeed a "midwit".


Midwit here. I know your feel.


File: 1609650538510.png (21.56 KB, 947x601, 947:601, asdf.png) ImgOps iqdb

muh patterns


>tfw midwit
>not smart enough for a high paying job or for fancy degrees
>tfw completely aware of how fucked up and sad life actually is, unlike most people


It's close enough that you can decide for yourself whether you want to be in the pre-1σ midwits or the post-1σ midwits.


I've scored 135 but I'm still an unemployed loser. I don't think there's much weight behind IQ and success. Ambitious retards and dullards are usually the ones who end up ruling the world, after all.


>Any low IQ or middling IQ wizards out there?
I took three tests, got 90,100 and 110.
>How is your life going?
It's fine I guess
>Do you believe you are worth less than those with greater intelligence?
I believe I'm worth less than pretty much anyone else
>Does the way a high IQ wizard spend his time and live his life differ drastically from that of a lower IQ?
I dunno, I spend 90% of my time doing jack shit, so probably


Me. I haven't taken the IQ test* but I am convinced that I am a low-intelligence person.
Problem is, I really, really like mathematics. But I'm too stupid for that. I can't really get far in a math book but I keep coming back to it, and download several in hopes I'll do better in one, but I never do.

*I've taken a few. One was that of Mensa, but the browser kicked me out just as I was about to get the result, and I'd be cheating if I were to take it again immediately knowing the answers. I'd taken two others, they were absolutely shit. One of them was 6 trivial questions to give me a grand total of >130. Bullshit, I tell you.


>Problem is, I really, really like mathematics. But I'm too stupid for that. I can't really get far in a math book but I keep coming back to it, and download several in hopes I'll do better in one, but I never do.
Reminds me that there's an obscure messageboard created by an antinatalist guy who is obsessed with math and programming even though he is very bad at both. I think he's either a janitor or on disability for maybe schizophrenia. I don't have the link, but I admire his quixotic quest to learn math.


Math is something you can appreciate the beauty of while not being good at it. Just like you can enjoy a song or good meal while being an awful cook or musician.



>Math is something you can appreciate the beauty of while not being good at it.
>my proof is a food analogy
you literally can't, you either get it or you don't


Yes, thank you. Haven't seen it in quite a while.


I guess that's just like, your opinion man.


I got 97 which is strange because I was valued like 10 years ago with 89.


File: 1610287961738.png (584.2 KB, 901x601, 901:601, siclyyk29w441.png) ImgOps iqdb

Do you have a career or job? I can't do much since i'm dumb af so i just mooch off my parents.


I do have both, in my country, when you are in college you study a plan that is focused on the career you picked so I didn't had to do any math, I studied graphic design but I have worked at retail, data entry and call centers all my life.


I have never seen a dumb Otaku, though I just respect power, you know, height, muscles, etc. If you can beat another man in unarmed combat you are worth more than a 120+ IQ weakling.


A 120+ IQ "weakling" will probably
a) be armed if he's living around violent sub humans and put those epic muscles to rest in an instant
b) not be retarded enough to get in nigger moment fights in the first place


Test seems accurate enough for me at least. Got 133 on it which is around the 130-135 range I got when I was tested by a psychologist. Though this test is probably not very good since I remember the real test I took had a lot more sections, some relating to memory or verbal skills.

It's really easy to assume that everyone around you is as smart as you. I always think most people I talk to are at or above my intelligence level. The truth is in most cases it's not apparent how smart someone is until you begin to discuss something with them. People who are dumb or average don't show it outwardly; they aren't drooling retards.

Don't underestimate yourself. Linear algebra really is not the hardest math you could learn.

Terry Davis was a great person. So sad that our society isn't well equipped to take care of the mentally unwell. Don't be too pessimistic about your score though, after all you are smarter than nearly half of the population.

Practicing IQ tests does tend to increase scores on IQ tests.

Seems 32 is the only one you haven't gotten a response for.
Answer is A. Symbols combine left to right or up down. Overlapping squares and dots are flipped across the line (vertically). Nonoverlapping squares and dots are removed.

Social IQ is pretty pop science I'd say. Really the main mental element to social interaction is gaining confidence. Aside from that, I assume social interaction is pretty easy for nearly everyone.

I'm not so sure about that. It seems that "geek" culture mostly values achievements more than intelligence or money. Like getting a high score on some game or writing some malware that becomes famous. Of course usually these achievements require intelligence to get, because if they didn't they wouldn't really be rare.

Like most things, practice helps. Whenever you feel like you have a thought that you want to write down, just start writing it down. If you find yourself stuck on words, think about why you are stuck, and whether it's because you don't know the correct word or if it's because you don't fully understand your own idea.

Keep in mind the average intelligence of college students is higher than the general population. Don't be too stressed out if you perform worse than your peers.

The field of psychology: full of data that is difficult to measure, difficult to reproduce, and difficult to interpret. I personally don't trust most life advice or drugs from that field.
Useless or harmful treatments are easy to detect in other fields of medicine, "You said this lotion would cure my acne, but instead it gave me a rash!"
But in psychology it's far too difficult to know.

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