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Any low IQ or middling IQ wizards out there? How is your life going? Do you believe you are worth less than those with greater intelligence? Does the way a high IQ wizard spend his time and live his life differ drastically from that of a lower IQ?


My iq is 94, I guess it's within average but it's a little low. I've come into contact with a lot of normalfags who are unquestionably dumber than I am, it makes me wonder just how low their iq is. If my iq is low, and they are clearly even dumber than me, then some of those normalfags must be actually borderline retarded. I don't think I'm worth less than most since still a lot are even worse off than me, but I'm not really worth much since I'm just a below average dumb human.


how i even know my iq?



Did one of the test online in high school. Knowing my result a female classmate I barely knew kept approaching for small talks and calling me smart, it was weird


File: 1593862764958.jpg (39.92 KB, 833x584, 833:584, Capture.JPG) ImgOps iqdb

i doubt this test is legit or i must be a genius then. But in reality i don't know shit and was average at best at school, don't feel like i'm smarter than average and my real iq should be something around 105. I heard internet iq test tend to add points so that teenagers feel better about themselves


IQ is fairly meaningless as a predictor except when extremely low. There's simply too many variables that even scoring in the 99th perceptible doesn't necessarily mean you'll have success in education, employment and human relationships because of other factors like personality and environmental circumstances. Also, high IQ doesn't mean you're "smart" or "wise" either, especially when you consider the intellectual-yet-idiot phenomenon.

Taleb has a great take on it, both from a statistical and philosophical point of view.


that is a troll article


>It is at the bottom an immoral measure that, while not working, can put people (and, worse, groups) in boxes for the rest of their lives.
>immoral measure



File: 1593866480168.png (159.73 KB, 456x327, 152:109, kek.png) ImgOps iqdb

In what way? The guy is a bit over the top, but his points are generally sound. He does like to troll and shit on social scientists like Pinker and he's unapologetic about it.


Intelligence is overrated, especially by autists and other brands of loser who have nothing else going for us.

Even career wise it’s probs more useful to be charismatic than smart. I’m neither ofc but still.

Not to mention that intelligence would be useless if it doesn’t get you a good job. Being nt on the other hand would make a life of poverty far more tolerable


That's not how it works. Your stats aren't balanced out like in a video game. Low IQ also comes with being ugly and having mental illness. Those charismatic people you mention are also higher IQ than losers and autists.


Did someone say genetics and the Matthew principle?


Yeah. My life is shit. My performance IQ is low. I am worth less than people with more intelligence but the worst part is not having the thuggish ability to steal nor the social ability to sell drugs which is usually an option for low IQ people.

High IQ wizards basically can get rich and stay home or have cushy jobs/high income and that eliminates the stress of being a wizard.


one of the worst aspects of being a low IQ truwizard is dealing with the all the wizkid improvebrah preachers.

some 22 year old with anime avs will be lecturing actual wizards and be like "you just didn't try hard enough. I became a data engineer/programmer/etc. reconfigure your thoughts man and your mental blocks will magically dissolve."


Yeah, I always get 90+ percentile on these tests and I'm a college dropout who struggles to understand most stuff. I was pretty awful at school as well. I think I'm pretty good at remembering random trivia shit, but that's because I spend the whole day looking up useless information on the internet.

I think having the energy to do things is much more important than intelligence anyway, unless you're significantly slow. I feel like I could probably learn a lot of stuff if I dedicated myself fully to it, but I just can't, I just want to be in bed all day.

I do think I have a good memory for certain things (the aforementioned random trivia), but it's really awful for others (remembering people).


I would prefer to have an obsession instead of being intelligent. There's this blogger guy I found by accident and his whole life is dedicated to Donald Duck comics. I remember I stopped liking Carl Barks when I was about 9, but this guy managed to keep up his interest, I think he's in his mid 30s and show no signs of ever losing interest in disney comics. I always admired this kind of people. Being intelligent looks nice, having an easier time understand complex things and all, but to someone like me, who has been plagued with boredom and general disinterest and quitting hobbies left and right, it looks almost super human to be interested in one thing for decades. Like there's this other guy on youtube who reviews horror movies, he's been doing it for 15 years now and he still looks as excited about the subject as ever. I can't even begin to comprehend how it feels like to like something that much. I think the thing I got interest the most was video games and it never lasts more than a couple of months before I quit and don't play anything for a year.


I agree. I always envy people with a passion.



same. i got the shit iq, and am the stereotypical nerd. then having to listen to all these people on these boards talk up their sweet IT jobs they have. i can barely do grade school math


I used to think this way and then tried to fully apply myself to shit and it proved to be false and I crashed and burned from the stress since you use up way more mental energy compared to normal people if you have slower processing speed in doing the same tasks. Until then it was comfortable to think I was smart but lazy.

You could try stimulants to see if you can focus and then see how far you get.

Yeah, the current hot meme job is data scientist and then I saw linear algebra is required and I'm like fuck no. Some wizkid was make it seem super easy "I got a job even though I dropped out because of my projects".


>I saw linear algebra is required and I'm like fuck no

That's just vectors, matrices, determinants etc. They're not exactly gonna ask you to prove some theorem or god forbid, solve it by hand. I can see someone easily bullshitting their way through a job like that by just using the right library and plugging in formulas from papers.


File: 1594327457075.mp4 (2.52 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Charles Bukowski on Being ….mp4) ImgOps iqdb

I don't even know.
I dropped out of highschool and never took an IQ test so I guess that alone makes me pretty bottom of the barrel dumb. Sometimes I suspect that I'm smarter than most people around me because I'm able to visualize things and intricately dissect them, but other times I'm convinced that I'm just retarded. I've always liked learning about things though, despite being uneducated.
In the end I guess it doesn't really matter. I've spent my entire adult life thinking about and trying to understand the meaning of… life I guess, everything in general. A fool's errand. I don't think being smart can answer any of the questions I have.
I feel like I will go insane one day because of this. Maybe this is what happens when a low IQ braindead monkey tries to understand things far out of its reach.


My life to a T. I don't have anything to add, just letting you know we are in the same boat. Bukowski is the man! Going back to sleep now


Somehow that's a reassuring thought. Pleasant dreams to you.


never had an iq test, but i doubt 'my iq' is high. i have nothing in common with high iq people. my mental state isn't great and everything takes a collossal effort for the most part. i have really bad adhd, but i take no medication for anything


I got 100 points so I'm average,I'm happy with that,I didn't have time to answer all the 35 problems so the time ended on my 28th problem,I don't know how that affected my score.


Non actualized potential is meaningless. Iq is a cope just like racism. If you can convince yourself that something unchangeable about you is valuable it can maintain an ego even if none of your actions are worth anything.


File: 1594362404858.png (56.22 KB, 400x346, 200:173, 1593805886148.png) ImgOps iqdb

How many people in this thread have actually taken an IQ test and aren't just assuming they're low IQ because they're not a doctor or engineer or "successful"?

People would be rationalizing their results because they really want that low score as a form of disability which conveniently takes away any responsibility and future anxiety about reaching their potential.

In reality, anything above 90 means you can be trained for most types of jobs and you won't have intellectual problems with navigating most of society.


I think I'm low IQ because I was always the slowest kid in class and ended up to be the only one not in honor roll, almost failed high school, have past the age where IQ crystallizes, but mainly because I'm related to a literally mentally retarded sibling.


He didn't brag or claimed anything about himself.


File: 1594374116360.png (424.36 KB, 635x479, 635:479, osakasummer.png) ImgOps iqdb

not sure if I am actually dumb, but at least I feel like it takes longer for me to get and learn new things than many people around me, especially in stressful situations, and when panic sets in.
In the last years after working many part time jobs with very not so much thinking required, I finally got into a few IT jobs, like first level support and even positions where I had the opportunity to learn more technical stuff, and still couldn't hold any job longer than a few months.
In support jobs there are lots of complaints to handle, and then my mind goes numb, so I couldn't respond to the most basic stuff they tried teaching me moments before.
And for the more technical jobs, whenever there was even a little pressure, like answering technical questions which colleagues explained me minutes ago, or responding to technical mails etc, again my mind went number the more I tried to get it together.
But even when I had the possibility to learn on my own pace, somehow could never progress very far before giving up.

I dwell a lot in self pity, like comparing my shitty upbringing to "normal" people, so now I tell myself that the problem is not actually my intelligence, rather my low self esteem that goes "I wouldn't understand even if I tried"
maybe I really am just dumb and try to cope with it all, but who knows.

So I believe that raw intelligence is hard to measure anyway, lots of social factors, mental blocks etc. play an important role too, and it's less about the actual IQ (except you wanna be a doctor or something like the poster above me mentioned)


File: 1594374858634.png (21.75 KB, 814x600, 407:300, test.png) ImgOps iqdb

Why not just take the test? >>170222

A lot of people seem to put themselves into boxes based on their limited experience in education. Shitty grades do not necessarily mean an intellectual disability, but can often mean that the person just didn't care about school and didn't thrive in that environment because of personality or emotional problems and other circumstances. From what I recall of my schooling, the people that did the best were people that were the most invested in their grades, whether due to parental pressure or a desire to please an authority figure like a teacher or the need to maintain an identity of being "smart" or "hard-working" or they bought into the modern anxiety that high grades = economic security. succubi usually tick these boxes.

IQ doesn't really mean shit above 90. There's too many variables when it comes to "success". Often people are more fucked by personality, emotional issues and limiting beliefs than something abstract like IQ. Based on pic related, I should outperform most normos in most disciplines and I can assure you that isn't the case.

You might be surprised like this guy >>170225


If only there was a way you could actually measure it instead of guessing? >>170222


File: 1594379293193.png (46.72 KB, 883x694, 883:694, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

Got flashbacks of being the last kid in class after a test, getting stuck on the stupidest questions early on. I only got 23 questions in.
>You might be surprised like this guy >>170225
Yeah, sure.
The reason this stings more is because being smart was the only thing I cared about as a kid, even though I could never even finish an essay or a book. But I just ended up being weak AND stupid.
But the only reason I try not to harp on it is because then you have people like Terry Davis, highly skilled geniuses but also mentally ill and end up leaving the world worse than even most people here.


Very nice, I also scored 97 IQ. Not bad for 13 years being a hikki and playing with my wand 3-4x a day up into my 30s.


So you can break out of the illusion that there's this fixed variable that determines your success in life or even your "intelligence". After which your "stupidity" just becomes the current state of affairs and not a biological limitation. It becomes a failure of adaptation and proper learning instead of an innate lack of capacity.

Congrats, you're not intellectually disabled. That's about as much as you can take away from this test.


>Congrats, you're not intellectually disabled. That's about as much as you can take away from this test.
Still pretty stupid and below average, that's not something anyone would want to hear.
But I guess we should be used to that by now.


File: 1594385767754.gif (1.66 MB, 445x359, 445:359, 1591783668688.gif) ImgOps iqdb

I took the test again after that, quickly answered all the easier questions I already knew, skipped the ones I got stuck on, took a second chance on some questions I probably got wrong on my previous try. I reached the exact same question I ended on last time when I ran out of time, except now I had maybe 15 minutes left. I still got stuck on it and gave up and hit the finish button.
Despite probably completing less answers than my first time, I got a score of 102 IQ, a whole four more points. So speed is a big factor in how you're tested in this, I guess. You can probably speedrun this thing, have multiple attempts, get better from trial and error, memorize everything, and even get rewarded for how fast you complete it. I should get a youtube account for this shit.


File: 1594386019544.png (472.17 KB, 2758x2296, 197:164, iq puzzles.png) ImgOps iqdb

Anyone wanna explain any of these? I don't get them even outside of a time limit; past 26 I don't even have a clue as to what the patterns could be. I've always hated puzzles, I guess that already shows I'm an idiot.


20, 24, 31 are sum and difference. Basically, first box + third box = second box, add them together but remove where they are the same. 26 seems similar but that dot moves around according to some rule or maybe random, I think F is the answer since B and D would each remove one line. The rest are honestly pretty difficult and I just guessed them based on a hunch.


Oh I know I'm not intelligent, I would wager that my true IQ is 10 or even 20 points less than what the test has given me.

You're moving up, soon you will score 300 IQ and be king of Mensa.


>I took the test again after that, quickly answered all the easier questions I already knew

The moment you retake an IQ-test it becomes invalid. The IQ Test only works the first time. Even if the tests are completely different, once you have taken a few of them they stop working. Once you ahve learned and understood how they work you work with help of your memory, not pure intelligence.


Don't care anymore, it's time to any% MENSA.
>Even if the tests are completely different, once you have taken a few of them they stop working.
You mean they're one and done permanent deals? Like you take a MENSA test when you're 14 and you come back 10 years later and then the alarms go one and you end up in a Logan's Run situation?


>sum and difference. Basically, first box + third box = second box, add them together but remove where they are the same.
Right. I don't know why I didn't see that, I noticed it in other puzzles that were right next to these. I just hate focusing on this kind of stupid shit and having to exert my mind on it when I couldn't care less. I can't force myself to actively think about it – I just look and wait for patterns to jump out at me, and give up if they don't. But maybe the people who score higher do the same and they're just smarter and more perceptive.
>pure intelligence
I don't think you really solve it with pure intelligence, whatever that is. Puzzle-solving skills and being used to thinking/perceiving in certain ways have to play a role in how well you do. If you use your intelligence for things other than IQ tests and things similar to them (mathematics or programming as opposed to philosophy or literature) then you won't be good at solving them. I'm talking out of my ass and coping because I scored low, but that's what it seems like to me.


>But maybe the people who score higher do the same and they're just smarter and more perceptive.

These tests are supposed to give abstract problems that don't require any domain-specific knowledge, but that's an ideal and you'll likely be faster and better if you encountered similar visual problems before. The sum/difference thing is the "symmetric difference of two sets" so someone that has encountered set theory clearly has an advantage. The fact is that you can actually get good at solving IQ tests by solving similar problems and it won't really affect your performance in other things.

If someone explained all the answers to you, you'd likely have no issue understanding it but whether you can detect that pattern while under time pressure depends on if you've encountered it before and some amount of luck. The modest correlation of IQ and stuff like income, education etc. can be explained by the fact that rich, educated people spend more time on abstract problems.

It's not a good measure of "intelligence" by any means, at best it measures extreme "unintelligence" but that's usually self-evident even without a test.


>The moment you retake an IQ-test it becomes invalid.

Ironically that's the opposite as how the human intelligence works,precisely humans are so great compared to machines and animals because we can learn from our mistakes and correct ourselves accordingly making ourselves better over time,this is what people calls "Experience".

If you put some random dude from the street without any specialized knowledge to operate a nuclear central or specialized machinery he will probably fuck it up at first,but using trial and error he will eventually end up being pretty good at the task,even if it takes years (IRL we can't afford someone to become "good" in 10 or 15 years,that's why we need proper higher education, that accelerates things)

This is something that people who believe in IQ tests as some kind of flawless measure don't understand,the fact that we can go back and analyze the IQ test to have better scores each time is not a flaw,on the contrary,that's human intelligence at work,that's the kind of shit that made technological progress possible.


That's true, but isn't that how the test measures adaptability and how quickly you're able to learn and solve the different problems in the context of the test? There are people who are able to solve these last three puzzles >>170383 in real time, even though I have a hard time understanding them with an explanation. That's the difference between them and me and that's what's being measured
Though it's still only testing for a particular kind of abstract pattern recognition and problem solving ability, it definitely has a correlation to overall intelligence.


the deal with iq and so on reminds me of goodhart's law, where measures cease to become good measures when are targets. like are you more intelligent or just good at taking a test. that and different forms of intelligence, i use those to help myself feel better about not being gifted at anything in particular

really high iq people often seem to live as hermits and waste their talents. there must be more to how we live our lives than iq because that sort of reclusive introspective life seems more like a result of personality


They know they need to lower their standards when they're talking to you.
"At least you're not mentally retarded, if you try hard enough maybe you can reach a level of mediocrity in life"


I can't fault people for being born with a working brain that is much faster/adaptable than my own. I applaud those people and wish greatly they were the ones reproducing and not low iq/high aggression individuals who would want to beat my skull in because I may look like a high iq person.


>I applaud those people and wish greatly they were the ones reproducing
Hey, did you hear that fellows



It was a technical point. You cannot extrapolate anything from the test other than "you are not mentally disabled" if your score is higher than 90 and that includes mensa level scores. It's a nothing burger of a measurement, it correlates with intelligence about as much as something like candy crush high scores.



Do you have anything to back up your claims?



The basic gist is that IQ is only informative as a measurement for extreme unintelligence and if you score below a certain point you can find a clear correlation with different life outcomes. But, the fact is that you can pretty much use any performance task and get the same result, even something dumb like candy crush will probably show a similar "predictive" ability.

Up until a certain point, a very low candy crush score correlates with mental disability, but after that point it just goes all over the place and you can't find any meaningful correlation between performance in the game and real life outcomes. A high score just means that you're better than most people at candy crush type games.

It's the same with IQ. A really low score, like below 85 means you're likely mentally disabled but after that point there's too much noise to make any useful conclusion. A high score just means that you're better than most people AT solving IQ-type visual puzzles that you can specifically practice and which has questionable correlations with income, education, SAT scores and the like. Taleb goes more in-depth at the statistical side of things. I won't pretend I understand all of it, but I think that gist is that IQ gets most of its correlation from the lower scores but in that case you can essentially use any type of task and get the same value out of it - it's pretty easy to test if someone's mentally disabled even without something abstract like IQ.


File: 1594478825100.jpg (52.73 KB, 824x572, 206:143, 432423423.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

i am an average guy, i always had bad grades, even i had to repeat a school year.
when i was 16 i dropped the school and i started working with my uncle in his auto mechanic workshop, i learned the trade and when i was 20 i go into depression because i didnt know what to do with my life, after almost two years, i realized that no having big or normal goals in the life is not necessarily a bad thing
after that i started to pursue what i think really made me happy, things like loneliness and free time, i left my parents house, stop working with my uncle, and start to flipping cars

i am currently 31yo and i have a very frugal life
my family and "friends" say that i am wasting my life, but honestly i never been interested in "life", social hierarchies, friends, succubi(in romantic way), parties, etc, maybe those things just dont make me produce dopamine
anyway all i want is to be in my house all day, playing videogames, working with my cars, smoking weed, wasting time the way i want
the only thing that stresses me, and sometimes make me feel like shit is not having enough money for dream cars and travel, maybe because i spend a lot of time watching cars/travel youtubers


Horrible I want to learn something but my brain refuse to learn no repetition will help me i hate this existence I’m better off a mindless child than a self aware intellectual disable man


File: 1594506213988.png (141.37 KB, 1440x1929, 480:643, 20200711_181510.png) ImgOps iqdb

i know mensa members are big about puzzle, board, logic, combination games. i remember checking that site in 2010 when i heard notch was in memsa, and i had no idea what it meant. it must be no coincidence that mensa has created their intelligence test exactly around the things they find fun

i think the visual aspect intended as some kind of universal or language agnostic test that could be administered to anyone


>i think the visual aspect intended as some kind of universal or language agnostic test that could be administered to anyone
Yes that is the point, to make a culture-neutral test universally applicable and pattern recognition is universally applicable.


I feel like this would be easier for me if I liked games like these, or games in general. And I kinda don't, everyone seems to play easier and more than I.
>notch was in memsa
It's so easy to get lower view of this group every day lol.
>i think the visual aspect intended as some kind of universal or language agnostic test that could be administered to anyone
That's the intention. Earlier tests would have questions that would presume everyone taking it would somehow have knowledge on the same language, be familiar with the garments of upper class French succubi, or be in touch with pop-culture.


26 is the same as 20, 24 and 31 except the summing rule is reversed for black dots: they remain in box three only where it appeared twice in previous boxes. So the answer is F.
25 is also a sum but it works in columns now: if a figure appears in top and middle, it remains in bottom. E.
Failed to solve 30, 32, 34 and picked randomly in 34, 35 due to time limit.

My score is 131. I remember taking the test twice over the last maybe 12 years and previous scores were 114 and 116, so the increase is probably due to habituation. This anon >>170386 is correct about invalidity of repeats.


How many of you have taken an actual IQ test? A real, in-person assessment done by a licensed psychologist that tested the memory, language, visual, and processing speed all together and not just shape games? I get the feeling most people who talk about IQ on the internet know nothing about actual IQ tests outside online meme quizzes. Both those who score high AND low, just don't understand at all what IQ measures, and why it's an almost foolproof intelligence measurement. And it cannot be done reliably using single-aspect tests.


It's still just a written test. The licensed psychologist is really there just to make it seem official and trustworthy for the people that paid for the service, a glorified stopwatch operator. It's an illusion, like going to psychologist and getting a diagnosis based on a self-report test, the accuracy doesn't immediately jump just because someone with a degree is holding the paper.

Even if you measure all of those aspects, you're only going to get a picture of how well you do in these specific tasks compared to other people that took the tests. The problem arises when you think you can sum these parts to get a greater whole and that you can directly correlate it to something abstract like intelligence. The fact is that you can train for these tests and do well on those types of tasks, but that it's extremely unlikely it will generalize across the board and improve your performance in other tasks. At best, these types of cognitive tests are good at detecting mental disabilities and enabling pseuds to feel good about themselves.

>foolproof intelligence measurement

It's a measurement of some kind, that's for sure. But to say that it measures intelligence is a stretch.


As someone with extreme social anxiety i'm sceptical that an in-person iq test would work well for me at all


I took one when I got tested for ADD. They didn't tell me that's what they were doing at the time but I figured it had to be an IQ test. I didn't like it being sprung on me. Turns out I'm retarded in some areas and genius in other areas.


>It's still just a written test.
No, it isn't. There is no written section because when you do the pattern matching you do it by hand. The only thing that can be considered a writing section is when you are tested for visual memory and have to draw a complex image from memory. Most of the test measures memory, memory ordering, and how fast you can recognize patterns in a sentence. I don't know what kind of test you took, but it clearly wasn't the state-approved one that I was administered. If you think playing some silly puzzles is the full extent of an IQ test no wonder you think it's a sham.


*by hand sorting cards according to some unknown pattern within a time limit
*memory retention
I'm a bit tired and not actually all that smart so yeah.


I've noticed a decline in my cognition over the past one to two years. It started with my ability to read. I'd either skip words while reading or I'd make "word substitutions" while reading. Both led to poor reading comprehension and meant I had to constantly re-read things. I put this down to just being inattentive and a consequence of years of being a hermit who just played games for 16 hours per day.

Well, beginning this year, I've noticed a decline in my speaking, and it has really freaked me out. When I google about what I experience, everything points to something called aphasia. Now, I'm always aware of my mistakes, but it's still frustrating. I intend to say a word, but something else comes out of my mouth, and then I instantly correct it. For example, I said "open the door", then I will say "er, I mean the window". It happens on a daily basis…

Now, I'm hoping that this is just a consequence of my lifestyle, and is something that's reversible. I've been eating basically two foods for the past 1 and a half - 2 years… So I'm hoping it's just a cognitive problem related to some nutritional deficiencies. I don't know if I even have any as I have been taking supplements during this time of my restrictive eating.

I have no mental clarity either, it's like my mind is always in a fog and I can't be bothered doing anything. Can't think properly. Nothing. I'm almost 30…


If you have been taking supplements, I feel like I should note that over the past few years, they have been changing the ingredients in them. For example, Centrium took out iron from their supplements.

Spend a few minutes just comparing the labels the next time you go to the supermarket.


File: 1595132623490.jpg (15.81 KB, 360x366, 60:61, 54bef50be9046e1edb29e5fdba….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


>As a baby, the real rain man was diagnosed with mental retardation, and his physicians told his parents that he never would be able to read or talk. They recommended sending their little boy to a mental institution and getting on with their lives. Despite the recommendation, Kim’s parents chose to raise him at home. They quickly realized that their little boy with the oversized head had a remarkable brain. Due to his parents' efforts, Kim had the opportunity to develop his amazing talents. A large head does not equal intelligence or an ability to retain information. But it does provide more storage space for someone who is able to process the contents of 10,000 books, which was the number of books Peek had read by the time of his death in 2009.

>Language is processed in areas of the temporal lobe on the left side of the head. When you read with your left eye, the information first ends up in the right hemisphere and must be transferred to the left hemisphere via the corpus callosum to be processed. This long transfer from one side of the brain to the other is usually a disadvantage. Since Kim Peek didn't have a corpus callosum or a hippocampal commissure, his brain would have had to develop the ability to process language in both hemispheres. This, of course, gave him a major advantage in terms of speed-reading and information retention. You might think the same would apply to other hemisphere-specific abilities, such as visual imagery and math, which are primarily based in the left hemisphere. However, Kim Peek was unable to "reason his way through" mathematical problems. Despite his brilliant mind, his IQ was 87, significantly below normal. It was also difficult for him to follow directions of certain kinds.

Being low IQ always sucks no matter what.


no idea but i feel like im getting dumber all the time. maybe they put something in the water…


> maybe they put something in the water…
Yes you're getting dumber and dumber day by day


File: 1595354597132.jpg (39.18 KB, 805x572, 805:572, mensa.JPG) ImgOps iqdb

My first try was 121, but I wasted a lot of time double-checking the easier ones for accuracy and rushed the harder ones due to lack of time. I went back, re-did it and gained 10 IQ points lol. So I guess I'm "mensa-level" as long as I have enough time.


I don't want to alarm you but this sounds like it could be schizophrenia.


Gave me 131. That's absolute bullshit as far as I'm concerned. I've taken quite a few of these tests and they seem to center around a score of about 115-120. There's no way I have an IQ above 130. I guess I should get it tested but I don't really care, I'm smart enough to do the things I want to do.


its just pattern recognition
any autist can get close to 150 easily if you played a few video games


Exactly. It struck me as a very one-dimensional test. What about my grasp of language, my memory, or mental arithmetic? All of these things have something to do with IQ score.
I know it was tongue in cheek when you said autists can easily get high scores but I think people with autism generally score lower, and also have higher rates of intellectual disability. Interesting topic if you're curious about people with actual autism, which few people are. I worked closely with low and high functioning autistic people for a few years. Never again.


>my grasp of language
reliant on education, not innate intelligence
>my memory
mostly irrelevant to intelligence. A retard with photographic memory is still retarded, he just has a useful skill.
>or mental arithmetic
Reliant on education, not innate intelligence

In reality, pattern recognition is a very good indicator of intelligence. It is not intelligence, but there's a strong correlation between the two.

Most depcrabs who crosspost here seem to be stuck in an extremely fatalistic outlook, so it doesn't surprise me that they'd reject anything that indicates that they have the ability to do anything more than stew in angst all day.


You seem knowledgeable on the subject. Do you think those who are afflicted with depression are more likely to have a lower IQ, therefore not consciously choosing to remain celibate and as such cannot be for certain labeled the title of TruWiz?


very rude
>stuck in an extremely fatalistic outlook
Is it fate to be stuck in such an outlook or is it just that their life experiences make it the only viable outlook? How would you develop some other outlook when all your experiences in life make any such outlook self-falsifying.


But isn't pattern recognition also reliant on education? You tend to recognize the patterns you've already encountered and learned. Since IQ features abstract patterns, this just selects for a certain type of person that has experience with those patterns, which is why you might get correlation with higher education, income (abstract pattern related jobs are higher paid) and performance in certain types of jobs. What >>170959 said about video games isn't far fetched, as people that use technology and spend lots of time with interactive entertainment also have more exposure to abstract patterns and reasoning.

This explains why people get better scores every time they retake the test, since they're getting better at recognizing these general patterns but this doesn't affect their performance in other tasks sadly.


Test is utter bullshit. Got 131, and no fucking way that is accurate. Probably a gimmick to lure insecure shitheads into paying for an official mensa iq test.


I graduated with a four-year degree in math and cs and yet I am not able to make myself do anything with my life due to being a schizoautist.


I got a masters in the same, with very good grades, 2 years ago, and have never even been able to get a job interview


I got my degree four years ago and no interview. I had the opportunity to graduate with a 3.96 GPA but a friend convinced me to go another year and I fucked it all up and wound up with 3.75 GPA.


You did better than me

Getting a job shouldn't be too difficult

I got one two months. Where do you. live ?


>going to uni doesn't make you a normalfag!

right right right


watch out, we got a truwiz over here.


File: 1596845973904.png (228.81 KB, 390x280, 39:28, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

>watch out, we got a truwiz over here.


not him but going to college means nothing about your lifestyle or social skills. nowadays college is just high school 2.0


Most iq tests are timed and therefore of questionable reliability. An almost completely unrelated ability of being able to find the best combination of puzzles to 'invest' your time into has too big of an effect on the result.



No. Tarmo Strenze reviewed a series of longitudinal studies that compared how various life factors correlated with education level, income and occupation. The average sample size for each group is 97,083, which is one of the largest average sample size in any psychological study I have ever seen. In all three groups, IQ was a better predictor for education level, occupation level, and income than any other factor.


can't you idiots read?
>a friend convinced me to go another year


It's much better than high school, I did everything at home with recordings and just went to do exams


idk, but college/uni revolves heavily around social skills/building connections in the US. if you just attend lectures and are asocial, it doesn't really help you which is the worst. though if these lockdowns lasted longer, maybe there'd be less BS involved. I wish I was 10 years younger right about now.


> idk, but college/uni revolves heavily around social skills/building connections in the US. if you just attend lectures and are asocial, it doesn't really help you which is the worst.
Maybe this is different at other universities, but I got by doing exactly that. And my advisors would just send out emails with open positions and just by replying to those I got the opportunity to get paid studying for a doctorate. I feel like academia is probably one of the best options for wizards other than NEETing or online businesses like drawing or stock trading.


Usually you have to build up relationships with professors by assisting in some way to get recommendations needed for grad school. One of the worst aspects is one of the professors apparently used those positions to try to get laid so if you weren't a pretty succubus he was a dead end. That's an extreme case though, but you usually have to to build connections. I think maybe if you were super distinguishable from others in output, it might be different.


As far as I know most professors just keep template letters. They write so many and are asked to write them by tons of people I don’t think they really care who you are. Of course if they do care about you you’re gonna get special treatment, but that’s not really necessary.


those paid phd positions always require teaching and presenting talks to hundreds of people at conferences, no?


I will have to TA, but luckily corona exists.


Whats it like being a TA?


no idea what my IQ is i doubt its a lot though
i assume its around 95


IQ makes me want to kill myself.


yep. I always knew I was a dumb fuck. Adding to that I'm also autistic. Finally took mensa norwy test just to get my assumption confirmed. Well, I thought I would be meddling in the 90 teritorry and ended up with 100, but still… Not made to function


File: 1603685446857.jpg (15.11 KB, 236x316, 59:79, aabf2b24c403b93a94bf0be4f0….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I can't master any skill, so the only option I have is to sit and rot, while being taken advantage of by others who have power.

Now, that is a hell.


File: 1603685681931.gif (3.36 MB, 494x254, 247:127, 1603571775037.gif) ImgOps iqdb

thats why i just live in a dream world


I strongly suspect that anybody that uses imageboards (well, besides 4chan, I guess), or posts here in particular, is probably much higher IQ than they give themselves credit for.


File: 1603788825719.jpg (8.79 KB, 225x224, 225:224, images.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

but when I post something I sound like a retard


Recently got bumped off my Adderall script due to my relationship with Coronachan and I’d argue that I’ve lost at least half a dozen IQ points due to the reduced pace of activity alone. Fortunately I’ve already finished uni so the consequences of my reduced cognition are only felt recreating, beyond that there is value in taking stock of things when you’re forced to slow down and removing a few of the road blocks in life that you might as well get rid of now that it’d take too long to drift around them every day.



I strongly suspect that most people that use imageboards probably don't have very high social IQs.


>social IQ
What are you? A succubus?


File: 1604241485172.png (31.48 KB, 860x782, 430:391, Capture.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

I didn't make it to then end because I got bored half-way through. I didn't imagine that I was so low but doesn't really come as a total surprise either to be fair. Anyone lower than mine?


I often feel like I am middling IQ but then I remember average people can't solve order of operations problems.


You didn't answer half the questions, so I'm not sure why you're surprised about the result.

Clearly you aren't mentally retarded since you can express yourself easily and I can see you're tech savvy enough to take a cropped screenshot. At some point you have to realize that you're sabotaging yourself because of emotional reasons.


Emotional intelligence is a thing.


File: 1604246542840.jpg (344.28 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Sneed.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Got 121 but I didn't realise there was a timer until like 10 minutes in so I wasn't 100% focused.
Maybe if I go back I can get another 1 or 2 answers.


I wouldn't exactly equate social intelligence with emotional intelligence. Someone with high social int, but low emotional int makes a psychopath - high functioning manipulator.


sounds like panic disorder coupled with depression anon


Holy shit, that's exactly what's been bothering me lately, I just turned 23. I don't know what else to attribute it to aside from anxiety/depression. Have you been taking any anticholinergic medications? I feel like this after taking some shitty antidepressant for a few months


File: 1604583201525.png (61.91 KB, 960x950, 96:95, de de la la.png) ImgOps iqdb

just embrace it


Not true, you also have to do algebra on those things.


Got 100 but I did it really slow and didn't read the instructions, I want to kms…


why is it always intelligence that's praised with geek culture, if the userbase culture were different it could've been money instead of intellect

live life and live it well


My IQ is somewhere between 90-95 it takes me longer to understand things in school and daily day to day life I have to stand still for a couple of seconds before I realize what I need to do. I am envious of how other wizards can write such thoughtful and eloquent posts. I too want to create a piece of writing that can truly reflect my inner workings but lack the intelligence to form sophisticated sentences worthy of deeper analysis. Do I read more books? Copy other people's writing styles? I think it'll be a good way to realease some of this loneliness and anger into positive mediums.


I only took an SSRI a few years ago, but this started happening afterwards so I don't know if it's related.


It is.


To clarify, I am no longer taking any medication and the cognitive problems started happening around 18 months after discontinuing the medication. With that said, I did experience something strange for a few weeks - months after initially stopping where I'd experience "hypnogogic jerks" (where your muscles jerk when trying to fall asleep) like sensations except it'd be inside my head. I'd be walking and suddenly there would be this weird "pulse" inside my head. Very strange feeling.


As some others have already said, I highly doubt how meaningful IQ really is. When I first started therapy at 18 they also had me do an IQ test, which placed me at 118 if I recall correctly, so slightly above average. Now this was a couple of years ago but now that I'm in college, I'm beginning to doubt how true or relevant that result really was. My mind is pure chaos, I can't focus for shit and I'm breaking down every couple of days and wondering if all this stress is really worth it. Maybe I've just fried my brain with constant vidya and online entertainment for the last 10 years of my life and my brain has forgotten how to memorize and prioritize shit like class. They say you can learn anything you put your mind to, even if there's definitely a different ceiling for everyone. I think for me personally the biggest problem is the apathy and lack of interest in anything, which caused my brain to rot away. IQ is far from everything.


hmm it probably isn't related to it since the problems started after 18 months, but antideps are something that is extremely unknown when it comes to the mechanism of action so who knows


I have an IQ of 125 but I can't articulate myself nearly as well as most here, my convictions aren't as firm and I don't have the patience for or interest in learning anything new. I have next to no worldly or theoretical knowledge beyond vague suspicions and I get tongue tied because of feelings, general mental chaos (hallucinations and intrusive thoughts) and some weird pavlovian stuff. It's rare that I have the focus to behave as you'd expect someone with a higher IQ to and I'm envious of anyone who does consistently regardless of what their IQ actually is.


>antideps are something that is extremely unknown when it comes to the mechanism of action so who knows

isnt it crazy? how come they are so widely prescribed then? rhetorical questions i just find that business mind boggling sort of


There's statistical studies that show a certain amount of people "get better", but the supposed mechanism behind this has never been empirically confirmed. The effect size is equivalent to most kinds of therapy, and drugs + therapy are no better than drugs or therapy alone. This is a really weird thing since it essentially suggests that they somehow work through the same mechanism, or more controversially, that both drugs and therapy are no better than placebo or random chance.

Basically, the entire justification for prescribing them is some statistics that shows a certain amount of people claim they feel better (self-report), equivalent to the amount of people that claim they feel better (self-report) after several sessions of talk therapy. The entire thing is bogus as hell and these companies will use the smallest bit of statistical evidence to push these drugs unto people.


the history of these drugs is so bizarre. it's not something you see discussed often is it? how are they even made?


become strong, you don't need a high iq for that.




Incredibly based.


Not coping, being serious, pattern recognition can and is learned. What do you think math is for? Algorithms? There's no such thing as innate intelligence. It's crab logic.


This is old as time cope. Weightlifting requires planning, consistency, research, and dedication. The dumb alpha stereotype is overplayed.


>It's crab logic.
I didn't say inkwell there. I meant it in the context of the crabs in a bucket idea.


>brain fog

Did you read "Grain Brain", or any book from Arnold Ehret? It's like you people here never end up to find the exit…


try warp waning bruv


>requires planning, consistency, research, and dedication.
none of those things require intelligence though, you can be a hard worker and responsible planner and still be dumb as a brick and have trouble reasoning and abstract thinking, thinks you don't need to lift some weights over and over in a consistent schedule.


Or just be dumb, have naturally high androgen levels and genetic sensitivity to testosterone, and do some push ups.


I consider myself a midwit and honestly, I would just rather have low iq because being a midwit is a curse. You are intelligent enough to understand abstract concepts and maybe connecting dots but not intelligent enough to achieve anything great so you just end up depressed.
Like sometimes I get a glimpse of some big brain shit but then my brain struggles to keep up and shuts down. It's as if I was trying to overclock my brain or something, it's hard to explain.


Move past and realize that because you were born the way you were, you never had potential for greatness anyways. Your problem is that you think you could have been great or were close to greatness, while also attempting to hold predetermined ideas as well. The reality is that you weren't and such a thing was impossible if you are indeed a "midwit".


Midwit here. I know your feel.


File: 1609650538510.png (21.56 KB, 947x601, 947:601, asdf.png) ImgOps iqdb

muh patterns


>tfw midwit
>not smart enough for a high paying job or for fancy degrees
>tfw completely aware of how fucked up and sad life actually is, unlike most people


It's close enough that you can decide for yourself whether you want to be in the pre-1σ midwits or the post-1σ midwits.


I've scored 135 but I'm still an unemployed loser. I don't think there's much weight behind IQ and success. Ambitious retards and dullards are usually the ones who end up ruling the world, after all.


>Any low IQ or middling IQ wizards out there?
I took three tests, got 90,100 and 110.
>How is your life going?
It's fine I guess
>Do you believe you are worth less than those with greater intelligence?
I believe I'm worth less than pretty much anyone else
>Does the way a high IQ wizard spend his time and live his life differ drastically from that of a lower IQ?
I dunno, I spend 90% of my time doing jack shit, so probably


Me. I haven't taken the IQ test* but I am convinced that I am a low-intelligence person.
Problem is, I really, really like mathematics. But I'm too stupid for that. I can't really get far in a math book but I keep coming back to it, and download several in hopes I'll do better in one, but I never do.

*I've taken a few. One was that of Mensa, but the browser kicked me out just as I was about to get the result, and I'd be cheating if I were to take it again immediately knowing the answers. I'd taken two others, they were absolutely shit. One of them was 6 trivial questions to give me a grand total of >130. Bullshit, I tell you.


>Problem is, I really, really like mathematics. But I'm too stupid for that. I can't really get far in a math book but I keep coming back to it, and download several in hopes I'll do better in one, but I never do.
Reminds me that there's an obscure messageboard created by an antinatalist guy who is obsessed with math and programming even though he is very bad at both. I think he's either a janitor or on disability for maybe schizophrenia. I don't have the link, but I admire his quixotic quest to learn math.


Math is something you can appreciate the beauty of while not being good at it. Just like you can enjoy a song or good meal while being an awful cook or musician.



>Math is something you can appreciate the beauty of while not being good at it.
>my proof is a food analogy
you literally can't, you either get it or you don't


Yes, thank you. Haven't seen it in quite a while.


I guess that's just like, your opinion man.


I got 97 which is strange because I was valued like 10 years ago with 89.


File: 1610287961738.png (584.2 KB, 901x601, 901:601, siclyyk29w441.png) ImgOps iqdb

Do you have a career or job? I can't do much since i'm dumb af so i just mooch off my parents.


I do have both, in my country, when you are in college you study a plan that is focused on the career you picked so I didn't had to do any math, I studied graphic design but I have worked at retail, data entry and call centers all my life.


I have never seen a dumb Otaku, though I just respect power, you know, height, muscles, etc. If you can beat another man in unarmed combat you are worth more than a 120+ IQ weakling.


A 120+ IQ "weakling" will probably
a) be armed if he's living around violent sub humans and put those epic muscles to rest in an instant
b) not be retarded enough to get in nigger moment fights in the first place


Test seems accurate enough for me at least. Got 133 on it which is around the 130-135 range I got when I was tested by a psychologist. Though this test is probably not very good since I remember the real test I took had a lot more sections, some relating to memory or verbal skills.

It's really easy to assume that everyone around you is as smart as you. I always think most people I talk to are at or above my intelligence level. The truth is in most cases it's not apparent how smart someone is until you begin to discuss something with them. People who are dumb or average don't show it outwardly; they aren't drooling retards.

Don't underestimate yourself. Linear algebra really is not the hardest math you could learn.

Terry Davis was a great person. So sad that our society isn't well equipped to take care of the mentally unwell. Don't be too pessimistic about your score though, after all you are smarter than nearly half of the population.

Practicing IQ tests does tend to increase scores on IQ tests.

Seems 32 is the only one you haven't gotten a response for.
Answer is A. Symbols combine left to right or up down. Overlapping squares and dots are flipped across the line (vertically). Nonoverlapping squares and dots are removed.

Social IQ is pretty pop science I'd say. Really the main mental element to social interaction is gaining confidence. Aside from that, I assume social interaction is pretty easy for nearly everyone.

I'm not so sure about that. It seems that "geek" culture mostly values achievements more than intelligence or money. Like getting a high score on some game or writing some malware that becomes famous. Of course usually these achievements require intelligence to get, because if they didn't they wouldn't really be rare.

Like most things, practice helps. Whenever you feel like you have a thought that you want to write down, just start writing it down. If you find yourself stuck on words, think about why you are stuck, and whether it's because you don't know the correct word or if it's because you don't fully understand your own idea.

Keep in mind the average intelligence of college students is higher than the general population. Don't be too stressed out if you perform worse than your peers.

The field of psychology: full of data that is difficult to measure, difficult to reproduce, and difficult to interpret. I personally don't trust most life advice or drugs from that field.
Useless or harmful treatments are easy to detect in other fields of medicine, "You said this lotion would cure my acne, but instead it gave me a rash!"
But in psychology it's far too difficult to know.


got 133. Kinda just gave up and ticked random boxes when I got to the last 6 questions though.


IQ is a meme. It's a test literally designed to detect mental retardation in children, not an adult's capabilities. It can detect low intelligence, but scoring high on it just means you're highly unlikely to be retarded, not that you're a genius. Standardized tests are a bit better, because they actually get used for something, but "raw intelligence" is a fake idea.


>I think I'm pretty good at remembering random trivia shit, but that's because I spend the whole day looking up useless information
This was me for many many years, still is in some ways. I used to get manically obsessive over minor things, usually completely useless, like swords, guns, CNC machine tools like lathes e.t.c.
This led people to CALL me smart a lot because I usually knew textbook stuff to bring up in conversation about a subject related to the things I like which I had found researching said things. I used to do well in school but around 18 or so my grades went off a cliff after I could no longer bullshit my way into getting good grades at the new school. I had not just fooled the teachers and fellow pupils, but myself and were in for a rude awakening. Every day I spent there was a strong reminder just how stupid I were compared to the other pupils who got in there based on their actual skill which eventually led me to drop out. Now the Boy genious is a 26 year old alcoholic NEET living alone in a cement box
I think my IQ is somewhere in the 90s.


Sounds like an autistic, yet brilliant type. Maybe you need an alternative method in order to assimilate information and knowledge, yet the education system failed to provide people of your kind aditional learning tools you could use to create insight.
Do you read regularly, by chance?
Do you perhaps have problems translating letters and signs in concepts?


You obviously had no problem remembering information when it was related to something important to you. Your lack of success in school is not indicative of a lack of intelligence but mostly an inability to adapt to a sterile learning environment where the only motivation is grades and your teacher's/parent's satisfaction.

People think if you're smart, then you'll naturally love the effort of learning and regurgitating useless information. Sometimes you just don't give a shit enough to learn some dumb rules to apply to a dumb problem on a dumb test when the only future use case you have for it is if you go to college, it will be on another test.


Have you been screened for a nonverbal learning disorder? They often have great rote memory skills. But they start to get into trouble academically when good grades begin to depend on more than simple memorization.


an autism diagnosis if thats what you mean, not sure what non verbal means
I mean sure, I couldnt care less about school and the things they were teaching but the things I acomplished elsewhere (like paper-craft, had an episode where I went 2 nights without sleeping constructing a mechanically functional with feeding, bolt locking and shell ejecting 1:1 AKM) stemmed not from intelligence but autistic manic obsession that I look back on and cringe at rather than feel proud.

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