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(continuation of >>158200)

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:Random#/random - random article, post if you find anything interesting

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jackson_Hole,_China - resort community in china that is a clone of an american town

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pigging - pipe cleaning method

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MALINTENT - old crime forecasting technology

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lost_work - known missing works of literature

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rat_king - a collection of rats whose tails are intertwined and bound together

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metcalf_sniper_attack- "the most significant incident of domestic terrorism involving the grid that has ever occurred"

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Interplanetary_Transport_Network - gravitationally determined pathways through the solar system that require very little energy to navigate

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Colonization_of_the_Moon - just info about colonizing the moon

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_air_rage_incidents - list of incidents where people lose their minds on airplanes

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Man_bites_dog - "rarer events more often appear as news stories, while more common events appear less often"

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sam_Pa - mystery man behind countless communist conspiracies in modern africa

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tobashi_scheme - investment scheme to conceal losses (also cool is https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Creative_accounting)


File: 1594641236766.jpg (105.45 KB, 800x600, 4:3, giantCentipede.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I went down a rabbit hole reading about centipedes. That's pretty interesting in its own right:


And then I came across the Amazonian Giant Centipede. This thing is Lovecraftian nightmare fuel for me:


Pic related. It's over a foot long.

BTW OP, the METCALF link includes an extra '-.'


File: 1594644239548.jpg (52.12 KB, 640x427, 640:427, Schreibkugel_von_Hans_Rasm….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hansen_Writing_Ball - Early typewriter, the first commercially available and perhaps the first model of a keyboard? I like how it looks an upper half of a crystal ball. Unfortunately I couldn't find any videos of someone typing in it.


File: 1594644861504.jpg (190.65 KB, 777x1024, 777:1024, kult.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kult_%28role-playing_game%29 - The default backdrop of Kult is modern-day real-life larger cities; players taking the roles of contemporary multi-genre protagonists, such as private investigators and femme fatales, vigilantes and drug dealers, artists and journalists, or secret agents and mad scientists. In the game, however, all this and the entire world we see, is an "illusion" held together by a monotheistic belief which is unravelling to reveal a darker backdrop where nightmarish monsters lurk, called "reality" in the game.

Sounds like something wizards would understand and like to play, that rpg group on /hob/ should do a session of this on twitch or something so we could watch it.


Sounds very /pol/ and /x/ thing.
Very gnostic.


Go back to shitchan where you came from


Can you buy the game and post a review here?


You can find the books in any torrent site, reviews and gameplay of it everywhere on yt and blogs. I downloaded the books and I'm going through them, it looks pretty fun actually.
To not go too offtopic here, here's another wiki article of another rpg system I'm reading through right now:
This one looks really cool as well. I wish I wasn't such an awkward fuck so I could play that stuff with other people. Even using a mic is a nightmare for me.


Reminds of me of that one shitty rpgmaker game that is revealed to be a recruiting method for real life cults. Nope, too creepy for me. This one may also be a proselytizing medium for some new age belief for all I know.



hey it gave me one of the articles in the OP, wonder what the chances of that happening are




go buy a lottery ticket asap





File: 1595584521114.jpg (108.45 KB, 336x450, 56:75, walkertodie.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

William Erwin Walker, also known as Erwin M. Walker and Machine Gun Walker (October 6, 1917 − October 7, 2008)[2] was an American police employee and World War II army veteran who is remembered for a violent series of thefts, burglaries, and shootouts with police in Los Angeles County, California, in 1945 and 1946, one of which resulted in a fatality.[3][4] The film He Walked by Night was loosely based on Walker's 1946 crime spree.



This is actually real. Scientists just shrug it off because it sounds wild but if someone truly believes that they have conceived a puppy, that will affect reality. It's not just psychology like the material sciences would have you think, there's objective metaphysical ripples from this. Death for sure. I wouldn't be surprised if there were maybe cancerous growths in the womb or naval area, maybe in the shape of a dog. We don't know because no one wants to risk looking like a fool seriously trying to verify puppy pregnancy. But this is how reality works.




Serial killer who was taken out by a marine who stole helicopter, dying with over 200 bullet wounds.



File: 1595812067309.jpg (172.89 KB, 930x1238, 465:619, Salamanca_-_Iglesia_de_la_….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1595973818162.jpg (31.33 KB, 440x440, 1:1, MyNibba.jpg) ImgOps iqdb



>The expert wizard amendment was a proposed amendment by New Mexico state senator Duncan Scott, which would require psychologists and psychiatrists to dress up as wizards when they were in court proceedings providing expert testimony regarding a defendant's competency.



Apparently it's possible that a sudden, random decrease in entropy could caught another big bang. Or maybe everything will just get cold and dark and that's it.




File: 1596338579210.png (821.18 KB, 782x960, 391:480, EeGERxdVAAEmn9y.png) ImgOps iqdb

"Perfidious Albion" is a pejorative phrase used within the context of international relations diplomacy to refer to alleged acts of diplomatic sleights, duplicity, treachery and hence infidelity (with respect to perceived promises made to or alliances formed with other nation states) by monarchs or governments of the UK (or England prior to 1707) in their pursuit of self-interest.


ha, that's like the classical version of the "eternal anglo" meme. good find.


Robert Surcouf (12 December 1773 – 8 July 1827) was a French privateer who operated in the Indian Ocean between 1789 and 1801, and again from 1807 to 1808, capturing over 40 prizes. He later amassed a large fortune as a ship-owner, from privateering, commerce,[1] and illegal slave trade,[2] and as a landowner.[3]

When a British captive officer taunted Surcouf with the words "You French fight for money while we fight for honour", Surcouf replied "Each of us fights for what he lacks most".



A love these small clever retorts, here's one.
Samuel Johnson: In England we wouldn't think of eating oats. We only feed them to Horses.
Boswell: "Well, maybe that's why in England you have better horses, and in Scotland we have better men".



>love these small clever retorts,
You wizzies might enjoy this French film from the '90s. It hasn't aged that great, but I still enjoyed it. They spend a lot of time verbally jousting with one another.
>Ridicule is a 1996 French period drama film directed by Patrice Leconte and starring Charles Berling, Jean Rochefort, Fanny Ardant and Judith Godrèche. Set in the 18th century at the decadent court of Versailles, where social status can rise and fall based on one's ability to mete out witty insults and avoid ridicule oneself, the film's plot examines the social injustices of late 18th-century France, in showing the corruption and callousness of the aristocrats.


>social status can rise and fall based on one's ability to mete out witty insults and avoid ridicule oneself
lol sounds entertaining


Sounds exactly like the real world







damn, leave it to the french to come up with fancy names for everything


i always wonder how much of that cryptic leftist theory shit is a big joke aimed at credulous and pretentious students.


more 'art' than left i think. people in the art world write in the most fucked up way. it's like they are compensating for not producing anything of scientific value by doubling down on their bullshit by creating their own fantasy systems and fake methodologies and they just shit out nonsense.


I can see someone managing to use this to make a lot of money, like a pub owner or something coming up with a several ambient type of pub or rave or whatever, throwing that term around and making people wanting to experience it, whatever it is. It's not that far from, say, writing a story people want to hear, though I admit I don't quite understand wth is Derive.

But here's a cool article that was on the related section. I used to do that a lot before moving to a huge city. Didn't even know there's a name for that. Interesting.



File: 1600467126056.jpg (124.37 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, PAYCHARLESLETTERMAIN.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I watched two short documentaries about her. Very interesting and moving. >>>/hob/55358
>Hayley Leanne Okines (3 December 1997 – 2 April 2015) was an English author and activist who was a sufferer of the extremely rare aging disease progeria.[3][4] She was known for spreading awareness of the condition. Although the average life expectancy for sufferers is 13 years, Okines was part of a drug trial that had seen her surpass doctors' predictions of her projected lifespan. She died on 2 April 2015 at the age of 17, having lived four years beyond doctors' initial predictions.
>Progeria is an extremely rare autosomal dominant genetic disorder in which symptoms resembling aspects of aging are manifested at a very early age.[6] Progeria is one of several progeroid syndromes.[7] Those born with progeria typically live to their mid-teens to early twenties.[8][9] It is a genetic condition that occurs as a new mutation and is rarely inherited, as carriers usually do not live to reproduce children. Although the term progeria applies, strictly speaking, to all diseases characterized by premature aging symptoms, it is often used specifically in reference to Hutchinson–Gilford progeria syndrome (HGPS).


Theory is just a parlor trick.
Knowing obscure concepts and having the language to articulate them is only good for impressing people or trying to get laid.
Outside of academia it has zero value.


File: 1601808289196.jpg (208.34 KB, 488x644, 122:161, reborn-baby-doll.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I watched some unsettling reborn videos by chance the other day. Mentally damaged people seem attracted to these dolls. Very interesting little community. I hope the dolls help them.

>A reborn doll is an art doll created from a manufactured doll or kit that has been transformed by an artist to resemble a human infant with as much realism as possible. The process of creating a reborn doll is referred to as reborning and the doll artists are referred to as reborners. Reborn dolls are also known as lifelike dolls or reborn baby dolls.

>Some consumers of reborn dolls use them to cope with their grief over a lost child (a memory reborn), or as a portrait doll of a grown child.[10] Others collect reborns as they would regular dolls. These dolls are sometimes played with as if they are an infant.[10] Critics debate whether reborn dolls are harmful, or whether these dolls can help in the grieving process.[5][11] Because of their realistic appearance, reborn dolls have occasionally been mistaken for real babies and "rescued" from parked cars after being reported to the police by passers-by.



so that's what those fucking things are. i've been down this strangely specific youtube rabbit hole a few times watching reborn routines on youtube, where kids and adults film their reborn baby's morning/night/etc routines. i think the overwhelming majority just treat them as regular dolls. there are too many videos for the grief therapy thing to be common


My first thought is that I want to dissect/"torture" these and see if it makes these people mad or not.


File: 1602047864184.jpg (63.68 KB, 418x639, 418:639, Morrison_Heady_portrait_(c….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


This virgin disabled NEET wizard was recently featured, of all people

He had some cool inventions including the thermos, self-opening doors/gates, and a typewriter for the blind.



With edge like that you wouldn't even need a knife.



I remember seeing rat kings at a zoology museum spooking me as a kid like nothing else there. Dead, lifeless stuffed tigers, wolves etc. seemed like nothing.



crabs as the superior organism




this story was in the top of wikipedia
idk I kinda have a "capitalist" reaction to this story. In that those who place the most value in X, will do the most to care for X.
So in her case she got a lot of attention from linguists and scientists as a "natural experiment" in child-development
and so if she had remained in their hands, they probably would have given a lot of priority to her
but instead she went with her mom, foster homes and institutions. where she was just another problem child
so it seems like it would have been better for both science and her well-being if she had remained a "science experiment". idk maybe the wiki article is just biased in that direction


Cool read, reminded me of https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laura_Bridgman a lot. Although Genie seems a much darker story. I wonder why her father didn't just off her, to lock up a child for years on end and only beat them… Really fucked honestly.


File: 1604651374922.jpg (45.23 KB, 1000x563, 1000:563, rin-daughters-of-mnemosyne….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Our Lady of Sorrows reminds me of Munemoshune no Musumetachi. The motif is quite similar, and if you watch the anime therr are even some thematic parallels. I wonder if the creators knew and this was intentional.


I would be really surprised if they were unaware.


Yea honestly anime takes so much from the western world, sometimes its borderline pathetic if I'm going to be honest. I guess thats just the modern global world though, sharing of culture melding everyone into the same unrecognizable blob.


File: 1604675906483.png (651.84 KB, 1272x701, 1272:701, 2.png) ImgOps iqdb


The Virgin wikipedia.org The Chad fandom.com


You sound as bad as those wingnuts that complain about cultural appropriation.


No, they only complain about "white people" appropriating their shitty culture, which to be fair it is very cringe to see Europeans dress and speak like niggers, or get dragon tattoos. I think all cultural appropriation is cringe, just like when I see other countries wearing business suits or taking European names, gigacringe. Might as well just start bleaching their skin at that point too, pathetic subservient bastards.



>Twelve of these scientists died of starvation while protecting the Institute's edible collection of tubers and seeds.


>The scientists of the institute protected the seeds from the threats of the cold, the hungry residents of the besieged city, rats, and their own hunger. Twenty-eight of the botanists died during the siege, protecting their collection.


Those biologists must have decided to die rather than have their work be ruined


>All food supplies to the city were cut off. There was constant shelling. People were reduced to eating anything. Dog, cats, rats, dirt, and even each other.

>But in the institute on St. Isaacs Square, the scientists were protecting the seeds and the potatoes. They were dying doing it. Some thirty scientists and staff died, essentially of starvation that winter.

>The curator of the rice collection died surrounded by bags of rice.

>Kameraz and Voskrensenskaia succumbed, protecting their potatoes in the cellar to the very end.
that's impressive


That's the power of a higher purpose. Even if it's all just potatoes in the end.


reminds me of how humans can influence RNG by thought alone, seriously.






Märt Ringmaa - Estonian serial bomber who is responsible for the death of 7 people. Got released few weeks ago.


Mmmm…I think a bullet to the back of the head is a better outcome. No release for bomberman.


did he really get released? that can't be real, how lax is justice in estonia?


What's his motive?


File: 1606309113534.png (3.28 MB, 1902x1066, 951:533, Screen_Shot_2018-09-10_at_….png) ImgOps iqdb

Alexandra Asanovna Elbakyan (Russian: Александра Асановна Элбакян,[1] born 1988)[2] is a Kazakhstani computer programmer and creator of the website Sci-Hub, which provides free access to research papers.[3][4] According to Elbakyan, Sci-Hub has served over a billion science articles to its visitors since 2011.[5]

She has been described as an Internet "pirate in hiding"[6] and "Science's Pirate Queen".[7] Nature has listed her in 2016 in the top ten people that mattered in science,[8] Ars Technica has compared her to Aaron Swartz,[9] and The New York Times has compared her to Edward Snowden.[10]



File: 1606315413684.jpg (69.73 KB, 1000x654, 500:327, download.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


They wanted to give him life but couldn´t prove he was related to all the bombings that happened around that time. As for his motive, I have no idea.
pic related is him in court with a ketchup bottle



So there are real succubus contributors to science and technology and the media only cares about useless succubi that post on instagram all day and can't even type "cd .." into their console? Wtf


honestly i have more respect for the people who host the site, they're the ones who risk getting raided by the feds and sued for mass copyright infringement



hey it's the witchie who waves at me whenever I'm downloading academic articles


File: 1608656833434.png (500.29 KB, 320x753, 320:753, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb





A secret faction that committed ecoterrorism to fight chemtrails and pesticide, succeeded, and got away with it? Noice.


>A person or group calling itself "The Breeders" took responsibility for the bioterrorist attack
>The Breeders


File: 1609704391401.png (1.59 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Elisa-Lam.png) ImgOps iqdb

Thinking about this case again, since I just saw a Dr Grande video about her. I didn't know she had dexedrine (amphetamine) in her system at the time of her death.
>The body of Elisa Lam, also known by her Cantonese name, Lam Ho Yi (藍可兒; April 30, 1991[1] – February 2013), a Canadian student at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, was recovered from a water tank atop the Cecil Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles on February 19, 2013.[2] She had been reported missing at the beginning of the month. Maintenance workers at the hotel discovered the body when investigating guest complaints of problems with the water supply and water pressure.


dont really like dr grande, then again i dont like his profession either. heard about that succ awhile back though. all those norpers got btfo drinking corpse water lol.


File: 1609731355403.jpg (3.2 MB, 2996x1956, 749:489, han-hdr-1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Hell Joseon, Hell Chosun or Hell Korea (Korean: 헬조선) is a satirical South Korean term that became popular around 2015. The term is used to criticize the socioeconomic situation in South Korea. It is particularly popular among younger Koreans, due to their feelings about unemployment and working conditions in modern society.

>The phrase is a mixture of the words "Hell" and "Joseon", meaning that "(South) Korea is a hellish, hopeless society". Although the term began with private individuals on the internet, it was later adopted by the mass media.











>While Ragnar showed the gold and silver he had acquired to Horik and boasted about how easy he thought the conquest of Paris had been, he reportedly collapsed crying while relating that the only resistance he had met was from the long deceased saint.







Jesus if people in fucking south korea think that they live in hell then what the fucking fuck is the latin american country where I live? Something much worse than hell?


Tarrare is seriously one of the freakiest fucking things I've ever seen on the internet


>After being suspected of eating a toddler he was ejected from the hospital.
>suspected of eating a toddler



He didn't have what she researched because he was underweight, but she did a study in 1999 where they injected "recombinant methionyl human leptin" in to children with genetic leptin deficiencies who couldn't stop eating. The injections fixed them.


Laomian (老緬語, also known as Bisu, Guba or Lawmeh) is a Sino-Tibetan language and is a Chinese derivation of the Lahu name Lawmeh. Laomian is closely related to the Bisu language, is spoken in Laomian Dazhai 老缅大寨, Zhutang Township 竹塘乡, Lancang County, Yunnan.[3] There are 4,000 speakers (out of 5,000 ethnic members) in central Lancang County, Yunnan (Bradley 2007), and fewer than 1,000 Laopin speakers,


Unless you're in Venezuela, you unironically have it better than South Korea. SK is hell with a K-pop facade. Read some of the posts from this blog by an ESL teacher.


Human slavery is still practiced in some of the remote islands in SK where autists and wizards are chained up. Even as recently as the 1980s, corrupt government officials would use the police force to kidnap kids from families and put them in slave camps to be worked till death.





Hey, I was reading the exact same article a couple weeks ago. I got fascinated by the Great Lakes canal system, seawaymax ships, ships lost to storms in the Great Lakes, that kind of thing. I find it interesting how many ships in the Lakes are so big that that's all the area they'll ever traverse–they're too big to fit through the canals. Or the ships that are just big enough to go intracanal, but too big to be seawaymax. It surprises me that there's that much intrashipping on the lakes. If you look at shipping trackers, it seems like the most active is a ferry that takes you straight across Superior. I was also reading a bunch of Army Corps of Engineers studies arguing AGAINST expanding the canals, which I found interesting. I think it's the first time I've ever seen a government report say, "Actually, more money on this might not be the wisest." I wonder how lake freight traffic around the lakes compares with rail freight traffic on a yearly basis.



a lot of raw materials come from the western/northern side of the lake area, so I guess it makes sense that those materials be shipped across the lakes to the more-populated areas along the southern/eastern sides.




this shit exists to this day. married Couples paying less taxes is sort of a bachelor tax(single people pay more taxes)


>governments want people to keep pumping out little wageslaves and soldiers for them
wow, blowing my mind here.


You'd rather we import more Africans and Muslims, eh? Communist Wizchan!


I've actually been doing a lot of research and adding to that bachelor tax article over the years. I have a laundry list of books/articles for research on that article that I don't know how to approach/get.
It isn't always so clear cut about childlessness. A lot of the time it was just seen as "Who will support the succubi if men don't marry them?" or just a pure Machiovellian cash grab. Only in Roman times and rather recently in the Soviet bloc and former Soviet countries has it been about childlessness. You have to remember that most of human history has been rather Malthusian. I think this is important because if people who read that solely see it as
historically a pro-natalistic measure then it gives it far more legitimacy as a tenable measure then it really deserves to be.


How than of you


File: 1619437657869.jpg (29.49 KB, 800x800, 1:1, palebluedot.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I got rather interested in reading Wikipedia articles on rather basic stuff on other planets in the solar system. Mainly because of the music thread about how weird the ambient EM sounds from Jupiter/Saturn are. I stopped on Uranus for a while because:

1 - Just how completely featureless its surface is. Look at the attached picture. Nothing. Absolutely NOTHING. That's an enormous amount of surface area, and not a single feature. That just seems rather unbelievable. Jupiter has its pale red dot. Saturn has hexgonal poles. Neptune has its own dot and storm. Uranus has its axial tilt and weird rings, sure, but on the surface? Nothing.

2 - The surface gravity is lower than Earths, but the rest of the article keeps saying there's no surface, but does keep saying there's ice/an ocean. I'm curious about whether it's possible to send a probe in.

3 - There's a lot of hints that Uranus is crazy old compared to the rest of the planets. It's like it gives the allure that "It was made by the ancient ones" or something.

4 - The EM field and axial tilt is wack.

It's name is unfortunate, however. It feels like you can't really have any serious discussions about it just because of its name.


IT is unfortunate about the name. People just make childish jokes and all that. I also think it is a very interesting planet. Uranus and Saturn are my 2 favorites


File: 1619444957972.jpg (14.73 KB, 732x600, 61:50, uir.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Just how completely featureless its surface is. Look at the attached picture. Nothing. Absolutely NOTHING. That's an enormous amount of surface area, and not a single feature.
You can see the banding but it's only visible in infrared. I guess whatever gas it is diffuses a lot of visible light. Apparently because one hemisphere is more consistently lit the methane in circulation in that hemisphere is energized enough to rise high in the atmosphere, and that's what causes the hazing visible to our eyes.

The axial tilt produces unusual weather, because our understanding of seasonal weather involves the Sun energizing both hemispheres, which only occurs in parts of Uranus' orbit. The other problem is a seasonal year there lasts 84 years, so we've only really been observing the atmosphere for a single Uranian year.


it seems like in documentaries and stuff that everyone pronounces uranus as yir-uh-niss. maybe the childish your-anus pronunciation is just american?


Scientists specifically use that pronunciation to avoid the your-anus stuff.



>It's name is unfortunate, however.
What? It's a good name. If you are talking with someone who can't stop himself being annoying, he is not even worth the time. Is a good filter basically.


What about all the science that could have been done on it that hasn't because the public has the mental age of a 9-year old? Our knowledge of Uranus at large has been retarded over the past century and will likely be so in the future solely because of its name.


Or maybe it’s because it’s an extremely distant planet with little importance to ours. It took voyager about nine years to get there.


I highly doubt its name stops scientific research.


You're right that it doesn't directly stop it. The NSF board isn't going to be snickering to themselves at any proposal involving Uranus, but it does have a subtle, indirect effect, where on the margins I bet it does.
More than otherwise. I was not framing it as a binary 0 or 1.


>On 28 November 1975, a fuel channel in Unit 1 suffered a loss of coolant, resulting in the degradation of a nuclear fuel assembly that led to a significant release of radiation lasting for one month…The accident was not reported in the media. Practically the same accident occurred in Unit 1 of the Chernobyl Power Station in 1982
This is just one incident. This place was a fucking shitshow.




File: 1621569644605.png (2.88 MB, 1394x1500, 697:750, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

>millenial whoop
funny name



Do you keep track of which articles you have read?
I feel the want to do this but I'm not sure how to go about it. In such a way which isn't exhaustingly pedantic



This is often used to explain how people develop foot fetishes lol



Here's a very thought-provoking article about Wikipedia in the present day:



Thank you Captain obvious.
It isn't too bad if you stay away from political or culture war shit.


yup, pretty much. It's particularly good when talking about odd people from the past like https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tarrare



Good choice, I've always loved large number related things.








File: 1625197753583.jpg (104.22 KB, 800x1032, 100:129, caesium.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I've been obsessed with reading about nuclear disasters for the past month. In particular, I've been going through the list of the INES scale:
I feel like I could talk at length about Fukushima now. I'm surprised at all the events that I don't recall at all or completely misremembered. Also, Fukushima Daisan is a much more interesting story to me that Fukushima Daiichi.
Anyways, the most surprising thing about this list to me is that the vast majority of disasters have had nothing to do with nuclear power plants, but rather processing plants or…this:
Of course. Of course Brazil's Chernobyl would be so…fucking stupid.



Halfway through, I felt like I was reading a Monty Python skit. Then that little succubus and their family started playing with the stuff like it was cool glitter. I have no words.


Damn Brazil get it together… LMAO Nice link


>That night Devair Alves Ferreira (the owner of the scrapyard) noticed the blue glow from the punctured capsule. Thinking the capsule's contents were valuable or even supernatural, he immediately brought it into his house.

>Over the next three days, he invited friends and family to view the strange glowing substance.

Why is this country so low IQ?

I'm brazilian and embarrassed of my nations stupidity.


I think this moment is what started christianity's downfall in the West:


Also interesting is how it destroyed people's optimism:


Also interesting, but much more obvious, is how it basically completely destroyed Portugal. I think the reason they never again rose to their colonialism heights is because of the "aftershocks" of that earthquake.



pretty deep rabbit holes you're digging into huh
you might as well read books or specialized websites on these topics but you probably are already doing so?


Yeah, a lot of this comes from a book called All is Clouded by Desire which goes into heavy detail. The author Alan Block is a professor of crime and has a lot of deep research dives into shady banks. Once you start to connect the dots some of the stuff you can find is pretty mindblowing.


this is more about tax evasion but you could check out Treasure Islands by Nicholas Shaxson if you can
a lot of this stuff goes over my head frankly

also a blog by an amateur researcher who does some pretty good synthesis work on parapolitics is visupview


Interesting, I wonder if I'll find any of the same banks and companies in that book that I've read about in my research so far. thanks wiz


iirc there's quite a bit about the infamous bcci but that's inevitable eh
but really it's more of a "general" study on the topic of tax evasion and its consequences, although there's a lot about the british off shore tax havens, the city of london and so on… as I said most of this goes over my head but someone with an actual interest in these matters will undoubtedly find it interesting

im guessing you already plan to read about the vatican banking scandals of the 70s and 80s, calvi, p2, banco ambrosiano and all that sweet stuff?


>Jackson Hole, China
>Halstatt, China
what the hell is going on here



Not sure how to feel about this. On the one hand it’s cool and pretty harmless theme parks, on the other hand it seems like it’s there because the government doesn’t want people actually going to other countries and beyond their “watchful eyes”.


pretty sure it's just a real estate marketing ploy for selling real estate in the middle of bumfuck nowhere


I just wanted to share the story behind this word:
>Initially they hoped the name would obscure any reference to the study of nuclear structure; eventually, the word became a standard unit in nuclear and particle physics.


>Named after: The broad side of a barn
Too good


>the government doesn’t want people actually going to other countries and beyond their “watchful eyes”.
There are Chinese tourists everywhere. I'm pretty sure those cities just exist because it's cheaper for an average Chinese family to travel an hour outside of Beijing than go all around the world on a vacation. Also keeps more capital flowing within China.


>broad side of a barn.
>10^-28 m^2
I find this especially hilarious.




A list of patron saints. I were suprised by how specific many of them were. Some included were
>Funeral directors
>Grave diggers
>Lace workers
>Land surveyors
>Lighthouse keepers
>Marble workers
>Medical record librarians
>Oil refiners
>Poor students
>Radio workers
>Royal Electrical Mechanical Engineers soldiers
>Taxi drivers
>one each for wine growers and another for makers
The list goes on


Anyone has the potential to become a saint if they live a pious and holy life, regardless of station or occupation.


It's funny, by birth date my patron saint would be Joseph of Cupertino (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joseph_of_Cupertino), patron saint of shitty students and retards and I'm both of those things.




Apparently, "swarf" is a word.



that's gotta be a british thing. i've never heard that in my life



>Chalmel de Vinario recognized that bloodletting was ineffective (though he continued to prescribe bleeding for members of the Roman Curia, whom he disliked)





File: 1629236996178.png (917.47 KB, 1440x960, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

didnt realize eels are cute looking when they are small. like a snake frog


File: 1629303786886.jpg (298.02 KB, 1920x1097, 1920:1097, Remnants_of_an_army2.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1629607657664.jpg (257.67 KB, 800x1067, 800:1067, irlVelociraptor.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

These are 5 foot tall storks:
So, if velociraptors were actually feathered animals…these help me imagine what that would look like. Also these shoebills make a chatter that sounds like a gun going off. They're so bizarre.

I honestly can't believe these exist. This reminds me of a few years ago when someone finally convinced me that narwhals actually exist. I mean, in my defense, when I heard about narwhals for the first time it was after I heard about unicorns, so I was immediately so skeptical that I didn't believe that they existed.


>moon colonization article claiming water is all over the moon
>took them forever to claim mars had water
>now the moon has water

>malintent article

>they read your mind
>>I knew it…
>old crime forecasting
So if it's not psycho-pass now have we evolved to the point of minority report?



injecting chicken blood as a nonsense cure-all



> In August 2021, VW announced that it was removing the traditional pork-based product from the cafeteria menu at the Wolfsburg plant in favor of the vegetarian version. This move drew fire from former German chancellor Gerhard Schröder.
why did they remove the sausage product form the factory menu? imagine working there for 20 years eating and enjoying your car sausage to have some newfag come in and remove it.


yeah. ill never be able to taste the real deal now





Despite being 62% of the population, human succubi still demand an awareness day. The entitlement.


I find all of these holidays to be very silly. Most of them are just turned inorganically into a 'thing' because some elites and social engineers dictated it.


They are like a secular parody of religious holy days. It's either ridiculous, or very moralistic, or both.


>They are like a secular parody of religious holy days
That's exactly what they are. The saddest thing is that even the long-established non-secular holidays have been co-opted and mutated into just more excuses for mindless consumerism. Everything today feels so fake, inauthentic and insincere today. I hate it.


> Everything today feels so fake, inauthentic and insincere today. I hate it.
I know how you feel.
I think someone called it the age of the big lie. Everything is bullshit, you can't unironically like anything without getting shit on, and even basic observable reality and truth is demonized and criminalized.


incredibly based.




This seems interesting. I have been thinking in make my own rpg (video game, not a pnp one) and was looking for interesting modern setting games, so this will help me a lot. Thank you.



Apparently, aspirin can cause hearing loss.



Good links, thanks. Just confirms my views that humans are vile monsters though.


dead leaf retention in plants

gravity-influenced plant growth


IDF stench crowd control weapon

However, when tested in India, the product failed miserably:

We used it on a captive crowd consisting of CRPF personnel and general public. But they managed to tolerate the smell without much difficulty. […] Those who can ignore [the] smell can drink the liquid also



pure comedy gold the way that wikipedia section was written lmao


Turns out Larry Sanger, one of the founders of Wikipedia, hates loli on a comical level.
Like he literally called the FBI on the wiki page on lolicon, which the FBI ignored and told him no crimes were committed and stop contacting them.


File: 1641819419756.jpg (12.87 KB, 285x285, 1:1, top_2884_pc.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Japanese cream bun.


Why would you go out of your way to post the JP page when you know full well 99% of the thread is in English?


there is no english page, it's not hard to read

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