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Getting popular lately. This is the opposite of a poor peasant's diet. Feudal lords ate mostly meat. Mongols had two food groups, meat and dairy, and they ate both of these raw & fermented.

Today I finally told my mom I will be making all my own food from now on, as I've been lazy and weak and have eaten junk food she buys. I'm in control of my diet now though. I'll eat a tiny amount of non-animal products when I feel like it, e.g. garlic, spicy peppers, dark chocolate, maybe mushrooms.

I noticed today that my teeth are looking much better. Spending hours eating beef belly probably took off tartar. It's difficult to rip off pieces when it's raw, lots of pulling. I ate it fresh one day and ate it fermented for one day the next. There was ammonia or something on the bottom, just like in that fermented shark stuff. I don't even feel so insecure about my teeth that I need to hide hide them anymore. They're still quite yellow and some are see through a bit. Pretty much okay if someone doesn't examine them closely. When I ate lots of meat and ate S.A.D. food, when I didn't brush my teeth at night I woke up and I had lots more plaque or something on my teeth than normal. I think vitamin k2 mk. 4 and vitamin d together might cause calcium to get into my teeth and make them white again. I'll report in a month or two. If that happens I might try eating bones a bit harder than fish spines and chicken wing tips.

Looking forward to receiving lamb brains this week. I hear when they are fermented for a while they taste like stinky cheese.


File: 1595744221229.jpg (225.76 KB, 1500x1000, 3:2, 2a60e23cf6edb562205d8cf8ea….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


let the animal friends live


Fuck animals


Good luck with whatever you mean to accomplish with this, wiz. Be careful about parasites/food poisoning consuming raw meat that was not a short time previously killed fresh by you.


the hapa diet


File: 1595770086455.gif (2.85 MB, 334x251, 334:251, EnchantedSafeHairstreakbut….gif) ImgOps iqdb

You know animals eat animals?


What about the mucus levels that milk gives you, does that not occur when you drink raw, or is this a genetic adaptation?


Mucus is good.


I have no experience of any abnormality with mucus. Except a genetic thing that empties my sinuses sometimes when I eat. Sometimes have to ask for extra napkins when I go to restaurants. My grandpa was the same.


>Gustatory rhinitis is a form of nonallergic rhinitis that causes a runny nose when you eat certain foods.
It hasn't happened in a long while and I have often ate spicy food.


nice bait, try harder


sounds like a mucus abnormality to me, especially if certain food make your nose run a lot


It's been years, it's only ever happened at restaurants.


File: 1595802227346.png (1.63 MB, 1560x720, 13:6, Screenshot_20200726-151656.png) ImgOps iqdb

Ate this while tanning. The maggots wiggled on my hand until I ate them. 3 days old, made the top of my mouth burn after I ate a certain amount. Might be something wrong with my mouth from eating lots of sugar in the past or might be too acidic. I think it'll become less acidic eventually, like sauerkraut does. The fat has started to taste like cheese. I'll eat the rest in maybe 5 days.


File: 1595802257978.png (1.81 MB, 720x1560, 6:13, Screenshot_20200726-142644.png) ImgOps iqdb


post proof you ate the maggots.


File: 1595803294077.png (1.01 MB, 720x1560, 6:13, Screenshot_20200726-153936.png) ImgOps iqdb

They're hard to find now. The few I find hide inside when I find them.


File: 1595803308751.png (1.31 MB, 720x1560, 6:13, Screenshot_20200726-153927.png) ImgOps iqdb


post proof you are eating raw meat and not giving it to your dog or another animal.


urgh, no offense but this looks even worse than what the vegan guy is doing. Do you like the taste?


Yeah it's delicious haha. I remember the night I decided to start eating raw and rotten meat. I put some skirt steak in a jar before bed and then I layed down and wondered if it would register as food to me. The next morning I opened it up. It smelled but it was not off putting. And I ate it and the texture was delicious. The taste was not like the smell.

I ate it with my dog and then I realized he's been eating rotten meat all along. I give him turkey necks and he usually takes 2-3 days to eat them. They get dark before he finishes them. I smelled one he let age for 4 days a few days ago and it was appetizing.


I had no compulsion not to eat it when I opened that jar.


Rotten meat now? Damn this is getting as extreme as veganism, two sides of the same kooky coin


This, people are fucking stupid with all these meme carnivore/vegan diets. Humans are naturally omnivores, we evolved to eat both meat & veggies n shit. In fact just learning how to cook proper meals & right exercising will do a lot more for ones health then following these fad idiot diets.


you are going to end up with parasites retard. raw meat is dangerous


File: 1595873070404.jpeg (38.15 KB, 577x1024, 577:1024, 68747470733a2f2f7062732e7….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Humans naturally prefer meat and don't need plants. It's not a fad because there have been societies without plants. There has never been a society that has eaten only plants. Moderns don't even know what good meat is. They think animal fat is bad and then put seed oils in everything they eat to try to imitate the taste. Plants are barely nutritious. Marrow, organs, blood and brains have way more nutrients than any plants.
Truly normal people are not normal in this society. People in third world countries still eat bones. That's totally normal for humans to do, and yet you probably have no idea about that. You have no idea what is normal for humans, only what's normal for modern western human livestock who's owners constantly lie to them for profit.


There is a difference between eating fresh raw meat and eating raw meat that was processed in a modern day slaughter house that you've let sit out to rot. You are are going to end up with botulism, tape worms, and all sorts of rare deadly diseases. There is a 100% chance of you dying if you keep doing this, whether a brain eating parasite or a neurotoxic fungus, you're going to die.


>There is a difference between eating fresh raw meat and eating raw meat that was processed in a modern day slaughter house that you've let sit out to rot

This. At the least one of these days you are going to get horribly sick. It's not like you are a Mongolian eating a piece of horse that you killed a few minutes ago.


The slaughterhouse meat is probably still safer than anything he’d get from hunting. The point is that he’s letting it putrefy. It’s not getting aged, or dried, or eaten raw fresh, it has maggots crawling in it. Doesn’t matter what you’re eating, if it’s rotting in a completely uncontrolled way it’ll make you sick.


I don't know if the retard's for real but anyway he's most likely only doing it for attention, just like that fucked up outsider vegan freak that would post here. That level of attention whoring should get him banned. It will only get worse from here.


He’s only making himself suffer, might as well watch. It’s fun, like that sex doll wiz.


What will be the outcome of these rotten meat fanatics?


My guess is
>continues eating rotten meat
>contracts several diseases
>parents find meat/notice he’s fucked up (cause there’s no way this guy lives on his own)
>goes to hospital
>hospital admits him to psyche ward
>stop posting on wizchan


veganism has been going strong for almost 30 years, no reason for the rotivores to disappear so quickly


File: 1595903784286.png (1.3 MB, 720x1560, 6:13, Screenshot_20200727-193146.png) ImgOps iqdb

Seared this shank very hot so the outside was brown. Tried hard to clean the bone but I've been trying for hours so I gave up. Got the marrow (some of it on the right) out by jabbing the hole with a chopstick.


File: 1595903808081.png (1.54 MB, 1560x720, 13:6, Screenshot_20200727-180232.png) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1595903896881.png (1.29 MB, 1560x720, 13:6, Screenshot_20200727-173851.png) ImgOps iqdb

Didn't think I'd eat it all but I didn't eat much yesterday.


fuck im hungry now


People eat too much carbohydrates in form of white bread and sugar but I don't see a point going on such diets. Even people who only eat frozen pizza and guzzle down coke all day will probably make it to 80+ years old, so what is the point?


make a blog creep, this is fucking gross.


don't mock us, please. If they were to 80, they would have lived even more in those cases!


Exactly, i don't come here to look at raw rotting meat


Please give example of an 80 year old pizza eating and mountain dew drinking


File: 1595967240761.jpeg (58.58 KB, 435x457, 435:457, 8BE1D6E8-CB27-41C7-A260-0….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

This is such an interesting thread, for me and the rest of the wizzies that’ll come back to check on you, keep going on with this diet. I want to see what it can do and see if there’s any benefits. If there aren’t any benefits than better, atleast we’ll enjoy the shit show. I fully support you.


>This is such an interesting thread (…)

no this is a shit thread for these very reasons you have provided
this is essentially a blog/attention seeking thread and as such should be deleted, or moved to the retardo realm that is /b/


no problemo, will report 50 years later dude


i mean a living example wise guy



That isn't the culture of the current oldfags of the world. But there are plenty of heavy smokers and drinkers who lived well past the age of 80.


You will see stories of old af pizza eaters and mountain dew drinkers over the age of 100 in about 60 years. Or not, cause you'll prob be dead, even with your healthy lifestyle.


yes but you can still enjoy the thread… when he gets sick


So all this diet stuff is a meme then?
Every food i eat makes me feel heavy, lethargic and sick. Yes i'll go to the doctors, but for now, i tried fasting, which gives some rush of energy, but that's more my body fighting for survival. I eat choclate and i get a rush of energy, then feel tired after. Same with pizza, fries and burgers.
If i eat a plate of vegetable or salad, my stomach starts growling one hour later, it actually makes me hungrier than before.
I don't understand why this human endeavour is so complicated, animals don't have to worry about this shit.


yes go see a doctor and shut up. what the fuck do you expect seeking medical advice from the internet?


u shut your face i already said i'll see a doctor when i can why be an asswipe about it??


Meat and Health

In 2015, the World Health Organization had looked over 800 studies from 10 different countries and concluded a direct link to consuming processed meat and cancer (for those who don't believe this, WHO is a reputable organization founded in 1948 concerned with global public health overshadowed by the United Nations Economic and Social Council). The studies came to the specific conclusion "that each 50 gram portion of processed meat eaten daily increases the risk of colorectal cancer by 18%"¹. To clarify, this quote refers to 'colorectal cancer' (cancer of the colon/rectum) however it's not limited to simply this kind of cancer as you will see later. Also, 'processed meat' refers all the meat you find at grocery stores/delis.


The World Health Organization later classified processed meat as a Group 1 carcinogen which is the same Group as cigarettes, asbestos, and plutonium…in other words, the probability that you will get cancer from smoking or exposure to asbestos/plutonium is at the same tier as consuming processed meat….²

It's not only cancer that's an issue here.

When you think of the causes of diabetes, what's the first thing that comes to your mind? High intake of sugar and carbs, right?

Wrong. Medical director of the Davis Clinic and renowned weight-loss surgeon Dr. Garth Davis, American author, clinical researcher, and founding president of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, Dr. Neal Barnard, and several scientific studies (including the popular Potsdam Study relating Carbohydrate intake and incidence of type 2 diabetes³) have found circumstantial evidence to support the direct correlation between the consumption of red meat and type 2 diabetes⁴, and conversely, an inverse correlation between carb consumption and type 2 diabetes (more carbs consumed, less incidence of type 2 diabetes). In short, the incidence of diabetes is to be blamed on the daily eating habits (consumption of meat) rather than the stereotypical sedentary 'couch potato' lifestyle.

On top of this, in an aggregate of nine studies reviewed and published by Harvard researchers in 2013, it was found that eating just one serving of processed meat could increase your risk for diabetes by 51%.⁵ Here is a direct quote from the study:

"In a pooled analysis, each 50 g daily serving of processed meats was associated with 51 % higher risk (RR = 1.51, 95 % CI = 1.25–1.83). Matching the serving sizes for comparability, each daily 100 g serving of processed meats was associated with a more than 2-fold higher risk of diabetes (RR = 2.28, 95 % CI = 1.56–3.35)"

At this point, you may see the detrimental effects of red meat, but what about white meat? Isn't white meat healthier?

Not at all.

You may assume that "all-natural" and "organic" chicken may have significantly less negative effects than normal chicken, however, all white-meat/poultry has the same effects. All chicken is injected with salt-water (which is up to 800mg of excess sodium). There is something even worse than this 'over-dosage' of sodium in chickens though: heterocyclic amines (carcinogens). These carcinogens can form in any kind of meat while it's being heated/cooled but the biggest source of heterocyclic amines is chicken (so not only is chicken the main source of sodium and heterocyclic amines, but it's also one of the sources with the greatest amount of cholesterol). To support this, a Harvard University showed that men with prostate cancer who ate large amounts of chicken increased the risk of the disease further progressing by four times. Here is a direct quote from the study:


"Men with high prognostic risk and a high poultry intake had a 4-fold increased risk of recurrence or progression"

What I'm trying to say is, the cope about "oh my parents had heart disease so I'm going to inherit it" is bullshit. Heart disease and all of the "hereditary" diseases/conditions that are claimed to be inevitably passed down and expressed just because your parents/grandparents had it is a debunked fallacy. Even if you have a genetic predisposition(s) it doesn't mean that it's going to inevitably manifest the disease(s). What determines whether it manifests or not can be attributed to those controllable, epigenetic variables (dietary, environmental, and overall lifestyle factors). The activation of tumor-activation genes/tumor-suppression genes can be controlled simply by what we put into our body/what we consume. So it isn't over for your health if you were dealt with a bad genetic deck; you can control it through the reshuffling of your diet.

How about fish?

All fishes are loaded with these four killers: PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls)⁸, mercury⁹, saturated fat, and cholesterol (also in excessively/sporadically high amounts). Think about the bioaccumulation of pesticides/herbicides after one fish eats another continuously poisoning the flesh of the fish. Even the wide-held belief that salmon is 'healthy' is a misguided statement and is totally wrong. Salmon is one of the big-fish predators compared to smaller fish, so it has an extremely high bioaccumulation of all of the chemicals stated above making resulting in it having excessively high estrogenic and cancer-promoting properties. Farmed fish are also equally dangerous/toxic with the levels of antibiotics/antifungals they're given/exposed to and the congested areas they're in being highly susceptible to bacterial/fungal infections.

Dioxins are one of the most toxic man-made chemicals known to science, and almost everyone is exposed to it on a daily basis. They cause various different types of endocrine disruption problems, endometriosis, and even various types of cancers and 93% of dioxin exposure is from the meat you eat.¹⁰ More specifically, the grass-fed cows that are near incinerators/meat-production facilities are constantly eating/exposed to dioxin and these are the same cows that have dioxin accumulated in its fat are milked/killed and go into your stomach along with various toxic chemicals including dioxin.

Lastly, I'm sure you guys are all aware of slaughter houses showing that you're plain ignorant of the fact that innocent animals are cruelly butchered for your gluttonous satisfactions.

Here's a small 'taste' of what is going on behind the meat you crave:

Dairy and Health

Eggs are also considered a healthy part of the standard diet. However, this well-known belief is directly contradicted with scientific evidence that shows that eating just one egg per day is as bad as smoking five cigarettes per day for life.⁷ For a little bit more detail about the egg itself, the egg's yolk is the most concentrated blob of saturated fat and cholesterol (pure fat and cholesterol). When this amount of cholesterol and saturated fat enters the bloodstream (after consumption), it coats our red blood cells, or blood becomes more viscous (gluey), alters our hormone levels, and obviously increases our cholesterol levels.

For centuries people have been consuming milk apart from infancy, but if you give a second to think about it…why the fuck would your body produce enzymes in order to adapt to baby calf growth fluid? There's absolutely no human being on earth that needs the milk of a cow any more than they need the milk of a hippo, or any other animal for that fact. Most people in the world are lactose intolerant, and it makes sense: there's no reason at all for the body to produce an enzyme in order to digest lactose after weaning/infancy.¹¹ In a sense, milk is the powerhouse of sex hormones such as estrogen and progesterone regardless of whether it's conventional/organic milk. In fact, organic milk has as much galactose, saturated fat, and cholesterol as conventional milk, so there's practically no difference!

Wait! But there's a catch…

There's actually a limit to the amount of pus that can be in milk in order for it to be legally sold (750,000 pus cells/CC of milk).¹²

B-b-b-b-bones but what about milk strengthening bones?

Another fallacy that has been falsely ingrained in the heads of everyone. In a study by Harvard researchers over an "18-year prospective analysis [with] 73,337 postmenopausal succubi", it was found that "neither milk nor a high-calcium diet appears to reduce risk" of fractures/bone diseases (such as osteoporosis).¹³ So milk does not at all help with protecting the bones proving the wide-held belief outright wrong.


File: 1596059206804.png (1.06 MB, 1560x720, 13:6, Screenshot_20200729-143844.png) ImgOps iqdb

Had to work up my guts to eat these big maggots. They were actually quite tasty. Wasn't expecting the crunch.


There's a raw meat dish in Turkish cuisine called "cig kofte" (raw meatballs) It's pretty good.


you're a king mate, it's so impressive you can do this shit. It's legit inspiring. I bet it's possible to overcome trauma by eating maggots, if you're revolted by them. Stay strong broski. I've dabbled in organ meat, but brains are rough to start eating because of the presentation. Looking on your update on them when they arrive. Raw liver and lungs are pretty decent. I also think raw meat can taste genuinely delicious, have been occasionally eating raw pork and expired frozen meats since early childhood and never had any lasting stomach issues.


File: 1596135208879.png (1.31 MB, 1560x720, 13:6, Screenshot_20200730-114730.png) ImgOps iqdb

It smells and tastes just like fish. This is just like sushi except it's mostly soft fat. The brain stem is kinda chewy.
Gonna ferment some in a jar until it tastes like cheese.


And there were some small crunchy bits.


Can you stop posting raw maggots and all this shit? It is extremely disturbing and sickening


You are just trolling to get attention, we get it now go back to /b/


Well done, you are the biggest degenerate this board has faced in a while.
Looking forward to your rottenbrainsposting until you are finally cast out of here for good


try [-]


it's too late. he hasn't explicitly broken any rule so he can keep blogposting for attention ad nauseam (the term is especially fitting here…)

meanwhile the site is dying, good riddance honestly.


if you don't like it you can hide the thread, I personally, am interested in OPs raw meat eating adventures, it's unique and interesting


OP tone it down for real


Where else is there to go though? The only other places are even more open to degeneracy than here, which is saying a lot


Nowhere. Get off the internet. The less I use it the better I feel.


Good for you, OP.

Normalfag cattle being triggered by this thread are pretty pathetic.

OP isn't going to die of brain rot or other bullshit diseases so long as he's getting his meat from good places. There's a whole subgroup of people into a raw carnivore diet. Look up Aajonus Vonderplanitz and his work.


Nigger it’s not just raw, it’s rotting. There’s maggots in it. And not even cultivated maggots, it’s random maggots that could carry anything. If he was eating fresh raw fish or something that would be a completely different case.


But what else should i do? I do not like going places where other people could be, i don't like working a job, i dislike physical exertion, music listening and learning new things


>OP isn't going to die of brain rot
You're right, he'd probably eat his own brains then post aa picture of it here. Not before it had started developing maggots, of course.


hey OP;do you do OMAD or eat regularly?
Im considering doing an omad raw meat diet,I never heard such combination done before but i want to do it


I eat when it feels right which is usually either IMF or OMAD. I sometimes don't take breaks when I finish eating something and move on to the next, I don't take large breaks for several hours ever. I start eating whenever I get around to it and usually I'm perfectly satiated for the rest of the day after 4-8 hours. It takes quite a while to eat raw meat because it's tougher and you have to chew more and tear it apart like an animal ripping with your neck. I took 90 minutes to eat the lamb shank I posted a few days ago. It was completely raw under the surface. Blue rare.


In the shank post I said I was trying to clean the bone for hours but then I looked at the clock and then happened to see the time of something I did before eating the shank (editing a file or something) and it was only 90 min.


File: 1596209320115.png (10.88 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png) ImgOps iqdb

I had a dream where everyone including me were human sized maggots. When I looked at peoples faces they were humans though. Had a weirdly textured tongue like in


Stop with the maggot meme, unnecessary!


One of these days, you shall be in some Kafka situation, and you'll wake up to discover that you are now just a filthy rot-eating maggot yourself.

Others will find you seizing to death from the brain eating parasite you got from eating rotten offal.


This is a lot of things to digest, pun intended.
>Eggs are also considered a healthy part of the standard diet. However, this well-known belief is directly contradicted with scientific evidence that shows that eating just one egg per day is as bad as smoking five cigarettes per day for life.
Go more in depth on this, my first reaction is to reject at face value.


You must be a reddit user to pick out the smallest flaw in a walltext of well-researched advice.
I will answer nothing


You must be a facebook user to shit out a bunch of scientific studies on mundane crap and treat them as gospel.


And what have you provided?
Typical reddit user to shit on things without contributing


File: 1596395932506.png (70.15 KB, 310x163, 310:163, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

I really don't care. I'd rather not provide anything than spam random scientific studies as failed appeals to authority. You could probably find a thousand arguing exactly the opposite of what you have posted.




Haha stalker, see you get called out for being a nitwit and now you must go into my 'post history' to dig up dirt. You really are the ultimate reddit user.


Yeah cry more and go back to reddit


File: 1596443525488.jpg (1.04 MB, 1464x1986, 244:331, Nietzsche187a.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

one is a crab site and the other is reddit, honestly they suck



Not mountain dew but he ate two cheap frozen pizzas a day and lived to 89. I don't care about the argument just pizza loving commie grandpa Tony benn.


File: 1596464956233.jpg (153.5 KB, 466x300, 233:150, _44903605_tony-with-bag-ch….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Forgot picture.


Anymore comfy articles written about this guy?
I feel like i need to know the back story


For the past 4,500 weekday mornings (or 17 years), for example, Lee and Mary Humphrey, both 84, of Eastbourne, Sussex, have walked into their local McDonald's and proceeded to eat a double hamburger each plus a shared large fries. No harm done. Likewise, young Craig Flatman from Suffolk, you may recall, grew into a strapping 6ft 1in, 11-stone teenager on a diet consisting exclusively of five rounds of jam sarnies a day since the age of four.

Similarly, perhaps, former US secretary of state Madeleine Albright's usual supper, when she's at home, is reportedly "cottage cheese with ketchup". Crime queen Ruth Rendell has confessed that she will probably eat "bread and gruyere cheese, a salad and fruit" for lunch "every day for the rest of my life". Geneticist Steve Jones has munched on "a boring vegetarian salad" in his university canteen every day for 30 years. And no less a deity than actor Rupert Everett has not cooked since 1981, far preferring to "go to the same restaurant every day and have exactly the same food".

So might repetitive eating actually be good for you? It was Wittgenstein, after all, who once remarked: "I don't mind what I eat, as long as it's always the same thing." Though he was also partial to playing chess without a board or an opponent, "staring moodily at objects, moving them in relation to one another, laughing to himself and shouting 'Check!'" So on balance, maybe not.


So he smokes while eating two frozen pizzas a day? What is this sorcery??


Damn, i feel like pizza right now, should i?


This should be your theme song


Some updates:
One day my room didn't smell and there weren't any flies and I found the steak in there was completely subsumed by maggots and has maggoty froth all over. It's interesting to watch the whole steak crawling. I ate a handful of maggots instead of one at a time and in addition to nice texture they have a tasty flavor. Very nice food. I'm going to look into cultivating meal worms, crickets, snails, etc. today.

I have a couple brains tied up and hanging inside of a jar. It's been in my fridge so they're not yet ready.

I haven't been completely steadfast and have indulged bad food a few days, but I have something delicious to return to unlike in the past, so I am capable of not letting a bad day turn into a bad week.

I didn't like liver and forced myself to eat it at first cause I thought I needed the nutrients. I just went a week without eating it and tried it again and it was palatable. My appetite tells what nutrients I need. They are pastured chicken livers. They also needed to be room temperature to taste good.

Today I ate a lamb shank that's been in the fridge for about 10 days (aired out a couple times & left air in the bag so that it wouldn't grow botulism). I cooked it blue rare and it was tastier than the fresh one I ate some time ago. The fat started to taste cheesy. I have heard of people in the recent past hanging game meat like pheasants for a month and then eating them and they taste like blue cheese. I need to age meat more, it's delicious. About to have crab and salmon.


OP you could probably make a lot of money through ads if you uploaded videos of you eating this stuff on youtube


This is getting ridiculous now, have you lost all sense of reason?
You would think with all the brains you were eating you would learn some sense, but i guess you are what you eat, rotten brains


File: 1596689334050.mp4 (4.9 MB, 540x360, 3:2, Misfits - Braineaters.mp4) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1598456137829.png (1.09 MB, 1280x591, 1280:591, cowheart.png) ImgOps iqdb

This fragrant heart is about two weeks old now, yum.


make a youtube channel of you eating all this raw rotting meat


WHO is hopelessly corrupted and unprofessional, the Covid-19 case clearly demonstrated that. Of course they suddenly oppose meat consumption that just happens to also be the recent target for NWO/globohomo.


Shut your face infidel!
Why does it seem most posts here are made to unnerve and upset me??


Trusting the United Nations is like cattle trusting a rancher's association. Every government in the world is a mafia police state and the UN serves them.



why would they oppose meat consumption


And destory the cycle of nature? Even plants eat meat. No, I'm not crazy. Some plants trap large and small animals with different techniques– like spikes or poisons (they're not only defense mechanisms)–and absorb the nutrients through soil after the animal decomposes.

A post made by an NPC who doesn't know anything about microbiology. Delete this post, please. Just listen and stop sharing misleading information.

Make sure your meat comes from a reputable source. Don't buy processed/packaged meat from Walmart.


>This is the opposite of a poor peasant's diet
on the contrary

Whenever I am on keto, I notice that my money consumption for food goes down enough to not notice any price increase for meat and other stuff. Because when you only eat paleo / keto, you are cutting out all the empty calories from your diet:

>fast food

>industrially produced trash food
>convenience meals
>patato chips
>ice cream
calcualte this yourself. How much money you wasted on these empty calories that only make you fat and sick and add no nutritional value to your diet. If you used the money and bought only meat or cheese with it, you would be better off even at only 1 meal per day. Because what I noticed is that when I have one meat heavy meal per day I usually feel sated until the next day at least. When I eat stuff like breads or sweets, I notice that after a few hours I feel cravings again for more.

And if this is still too expensive for you. Eggs are a cheap alternative to meat and they can be combinated very well with pretty much anything. Omlet, scrambled eggs, boiled eggs in salads, pancakes with nuts and many many more. The other one being liver. Liver can be bought cheaply and you can make very tasty meals with it. And hamburger meat is not that expensive either

Also never forget that there are veggies too. You can make your own california salad (green salad with carrot stripes) for like 5 bucks and you will have enough salad to eat for up to 3 days.
For fruits I like berries most. They are healthy and low in sugar. kiwi is another good fruit


1. To make people weak and dumb
2. To feed proles cheaper


File: 1598682256218.png (200 KB, 720x1560, 6:13, order.png) ImgOps iqdb

Ordered goat and lamb testicles.

I've been drinking kefir and yogurt for a few weeks. I prefer kefir and do not keep yogurt anymore. They both have a very good texture, with a delicate crispy froth. The kefir is fizzy, releases a lot of co2 when I open the jar. It's a little bit alcoholic, 1-2% and I can tell by the little burn. The flavor is only a little bit different. Gonna try sheep milk next week. One day I added blood to the kefir and it was delicious, it tasted meaty. I made another cup with too much blood and it tasted irony so I gave it to my dog and he liked it.

Whenever I eat too much junk food now I get the runs. I never used to and I ate way more junk food back then. The amount that will get me sick the next day didn't seem like so much in the past. It's either because my body is not adapted to it anymore, or because I have so many more nutrients besides sugar for the pathogenic bacteria to eat like iron and such. This has trained my brain to not even want to binge eat junk food. I've lost 8 pounds the last couple months, not keeping my diet so pure, because I've been too weak to never eat the garbage my mom buys.

When I was out of dairy and had no thawed fatty meat I ate some oats I fermented for over a week to get rid of anti-nutrients. This will be my carb of choice. This is what I would eat for calories if I wanted to spend less money. They did not taste sour after I strained them, just perfectly bland. I added miso and spices to it for flavor. I've got honey to make it sweet when I want. I've heard of celts discarding the oats and eating solids that form in the water afterwards, I'll try that when the oats I'm fermenting now mature.

I'm pretty sure my teeth have become less see through from vitamin D (sun) and K2 (fermented meat and dairy). Most of my teeth are see through at the ends, especially my lower front teeth. I took a picture and was surprised when I saw them. I'm 90% sure less of them is see through. Now that I have a picture I'll know for sure in a couple months.


I envy your life. You are like the wizard king. Eating whatever you want however you want and whenever you want. You are a God among men. Wish I had your money.


where did you order that from?


How is he so rich? And don't tell me any crypto bullshit or i will rage


I have a saying I say to myself, 'only the best for me'. I use it for buying things, and I use it for making other decisions. This isn't a crazy amount though, like $230 for almost half a month of food and I still have several pounds in my freezer. My budget for food a month is $600. I shouldn't have been too intimidated to buy this kind of stuff when I was on neetbux, I could have at least bought some.

Good prices for what it is. Minimum order is $100. Use '200' or '300' promo codes if you order more than that. It comes in a styrofoam cooler with dry ice.

https://www.localharvest.org/ is where I will find sheep milk, there are several farms nearby that sell raw milk. I already have one I get cow milk delivered to a drop-off point in town weekly.

I trade options. I am the wiz who risked most of my small fortune and lost all of it a few months ago, $18,400 lost. I had less than $3000 safe to sustain myself for a few months and since then I've made enough to save a little more than that.
I'm sick of relying on gambling so I am pursuing some software business ideas. I'm learning a lot right now. It's very time consuming effort. It's not as easy and quick as in my fantasies.


>shilling for frank tufano
animal based diets are very healthy though, i've been doing it for 2 years now


File: 1599110626691.png (90.55 KB, 208x450, 104:225, Screenshot_20200902-174200.png) ImgOps iqdb

Sheep testicle

It has a unique taste and odor, though subtle. It's a little delightful, but not super exciting. My dog would not eat it, but I quite liked it.
Biting it was like trying to pop a tough balloon. You can see I gnawed on it at first.

The yellow stuff that comes out is tasty. I turned it inside out and it was full of it. I don't know if it's semen or what. There was a little tube. The skin is not very good to eat, and there was something kinda crunchy in the middle I didn't see that tasted like organs do. Just one was so nourishing.

An hour later I felt really good. Acted and thought about things differently. I think I was really using the lamb's test.


File: 1599110645482.png (411.13 KB, 975x450, 13:6, Screenshot_20200902-172730.png) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1599112020585.gif (4.67 MB, 636x378, 106:63, banderas.gif) ImgOps iqdb


>I don't know if it's semen or what
I dying at the thought of a wizard guzzling raw sheep cum calling it tasty and believing it to be a revolutionary diet.


you're supposed to be a wizard, not an attention seeking joker


Doxed from reflection on sheep balls. And testicle bite marks.


You should make a YouTube channel for that shit. I remember watching a show called xfactor or something. People there ate gross shit like this for money. I'm sure you'd get a shitload of views for eating this online.
>Cute 🥰


File: 1599140160997.jpg (90.36 KB, 600x625, 24:25, 1596820895067.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


So not only are you a brain rotter, but you also eat raw balls?
You just went past full retard


cry more little man


I am now since monday on the paleo diet trying to experience what everyone was talking about

it is a weird feeling
I have a headache more or less entire day in the left temple like a background noise on an old tape. It is just there.
And I feel massive cravings for everything sweet but at the same time no real hunger. hunger in the sense of that my stomach aches or groans and that it physically hurts me being like that. I eat substancially less compared to when I eat my usual trash diet just by omitting all the unhealthy crap. It is very surprising how much less calories I need to survive the day. No wonder I became a fatso in the past few years.

In my nightly computer sessions the cravings get to the highest point but I usually kill them down with cola zero bacon and cheese. it worked every time. Whenever I had those cravings I would just get bacon and cheese instead and they vanish until I go to bed. It is a very interesting phenomenon and I will keep exploring it. And this week alone I ate more veggies then the entire august combined I think.

I wonder how long it will take to get rid of my excess 40 lbs of weight.
The scale already shows 5 lbs less compared to sunday



i googled it and 5 lbs of fat is almost 18,000 calories, so that much weight seems impossible for you to lose within a week, even during a fast, assuming it is all fat. not meaning to knock your progress down, didnt know myself the calories in fat. im kind of worried how long it will take me now



Keto causes a reduction in water being held in the body because a reduction of carbs creates a reduction of glycogen stores, which are a contributor to water retention. At the start you can lose a hefty few pounds from the water reduction.


Yeah the 5 lbs is mostly water
It's normal for weight to fluctuate about 4 lbs

It does take a long time to lose weight so you better take control of yourself now instead of sometime in the future. Losing just 2 pounds a week is a good amount. I'm 10 pounds down starting several months ago, 225 from 235. Not a big difference yet. I think I'll try exercising more instead of eating less.


I have also become interested in the carnivore diet and have been eating mostly carnivorous for the past 2 months or so. I am not willing to consume any of my products raw though, I just don't trust the stuff sold in stores. I did eat a raw egg once but I the texture was too thick for my taste so it was kind of uncomfortable eating it.

One major benefit I have already noticed is in terms of my digestion. When normies, especially vegans, talk about 'good digestion' they are talking about shitting your brains out because they think that is somehow a sign of good health, I am talking of the exact opposite. I have come to realize that grains are incredibly toxic to the human body and that we should not be consuming any of it, let alone consume the huge amounts that are recommended as part of the modern diet. As a kid, I would eat a lot of bread because that's part of the local diet but I would have diarrhea and horrible belly-cramps nearly every day. I had already cut out grains for the most part for the past year but now I have cut it out completely and I have none of those issues anymore.

Aside from that, it also makes you incredibly bloated. It's insane how some people will blame the obesity epidemic of today on meat when everyone's diets consists mostly of grains and other plant foods.


How are your shits without the fiber of veg and grains?


Where did you go wizwengigo? I'm waiting. Did you died of the brain rot?


File: 1601817659730.jpg (23.94 KB, 599x357, 599:357, 1532153312070.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>An hour later I felt really good. Acted and thought about things differently. I think I was really using the lamb's test.
I wonder if this is why Odin sucked the semen out of dead hanged men back in the day. If you look at it eating the muscles of animals combined with a resistance training program increase your muscle mass. Could the same be for testosterone?


Then again homosexual men are still very effeminate even after taking ample doses of semen through their oral and anal cavities.

You should test your test levels before and after consuming certain types of testicles over a period of time. Perhaps sheep testicle does not have much of an effect while some other type of testicle might.


>I have come to realize that grains are incredibly toxic to the human body and that we should not be consuming any of it

Sometimes I don't want to associate with this board anymore.



>Sometimes I don't want to associate with this board anymore.

and why is that exactly? does this realization not mesh with your cult of veganism? show me a fucking long term vegan who is healthy. there are none. there are no populations of humans who have lived on a vegan diet. yet there are populations of carnivores who enjoy excellent health (untill they adopt the western diet, i.e. Inuit).
Research shows that a shift towards an agricultural societly is always linked with worsesning health. humans have been primarily carnivore for all of their existance and thats a simple fact. the best kind of elimination diet is carnivore and it has proven time and time again to be very effective which cannot be said for veganism. case in point:
Tim Shieff:

have fun looking at older videos of this faggot being all smug telling everyone how healthy he was being a vegan. yet even this dumbass realised vagnism ruins your health.
fair enough, dont associate with this board. enjoy your vegan echo chamber on the internet, where your religious views will never be challenged by facts.


not him, but: on carnivore its very regular once perday. you dont need fiber at all. as a matter of fact, fiber makes it worse. have a look at this video:

have a look at it all. turns out fiber is not really needed and might be detrimental. current nutritional advice turned out to be bogus with nothing backing it up. absolutely nothing.


File: 1601829038494.jpg (207.21 KB, 1471x965, 1471:965, chinese centenarians.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

the longest living populations on earth are all on a predominantly plant based diet. the traditional okinawan diet was 98%+ vegan. the adventist vegeterians are the longest living population on earth. the okinawan's used to be the longest living population, but after a lot of KFC's and fast food joints were installed there, they dropped off

all on a 98%+ vegan diet. the 2% is rather negligible, if were being honest

if you want to go around killing animals for your taste pleasure and being immoral, thats fine, just dont go around spreading unscientific garbage

>Research shows that a shift towards an agricultural societly is always linked with worsesning health

i think we both can agree that processed carbs, like coca-cola, white bread, flour, processed oils, oreos and candybars are bad for you. but that doesnt entail that all plant foods are bad for you

>humans have been primarily carnivore for all of their existance and thats a simple fact

thats not true, humans are omnivores, and with the invention of cooking, humans could eat previously inedible plants, like potatoes or beans or grains. humans can and have ate meat raw in the past

>Tim Shieff

first of all, i dont think he's carnivore anymore, and more importantly, thats a SINGLE FUCKING ANECDOTE. please dont use single anecdotes to make a arguement, thank you


this meme again: the okinawan diet is mostly based on pork consumption. youd be retarded to suggest their diet is 98% vegetarian. when their original diet was described was right after WW2 when the pig population was decimated. okinawans, taiwanese and everyone surrounding this region eat shittons of pork and vegetables. just stop it already.

Shibata's paper "Nutrition for the Japanese elderly."

"The food intake pattern in Okinawa has been different from that in other regions of Japan. The people there have never been influenced by Buddhism. Hence, there has been no taboo regarding eating habits. Eating meat was not stygmatised, and consumption of pork and goat was historically high. It was exceptional among Japanese food consumption.
The intake of meat was higher in Okinawa… On the other hand, the intake of fish was lower… Intake of NaCl was lower… Deep colored vegetables were taken more in Okinawa… These characteristics of dietary status are thought to be among the crucial factors which convey longevity and good health to the elderly in Okinawa Prefecture."

"Unexpectedly, we did not find any vegetarians among the centenarians."

stop, preach your religion to other vegetards.

omnivores? humans were predominantely carnivores.

have a look at this, specifically the linked section:
Stable N isotope concentration analysis clearly shows a different picture. Not only did humans eat herbivores, they also ate other carnivores, leading to a higher concentration of N isotope in collagen. the video overall explains as to how and why the human digestive tract shrank in favour of a bigger brain size and how meat consumption actually caused it. humans did not evolve to eat meat. they evolved because they ate meat. as a matter of fact, the brain size relative to body ratio would not be possible without a predominantly carnivore diet. the simple fact that you can type out this vegan drivel is and why we have all of this tech is because of meat consumption.

Now show me a population in NATURE that lives on a vegan diet only. it doesnt exist. andtheres a reason for it.

tim shieff is one of the many. theres tons of material out there. the only reason i even listed this faggot is because he was a poster boy for a healthy vegan with a strong body. just as every vegan this dipshit was completely dillusional, hiding his failing health and refusing to accept that his diet caused his suffering.

show me a healthy, strong, longterm vegan. they simply dont exist.


forgot to post the video at around 20 min mark:


study in case you even want to read it:


hey, lets keep it rolling:

daily recommended meat intake in the UK:
"Meat is a good source of protein, vitamins and minerals in your diet. However, if you currently eat more than 90g (cooked weight) of red and processed meat a day, the Department of Health advises that you cut down to 70g, which is the average daily consumption in the UK."

As opposed to Okinawans:

"The diet of Okinawa also includes considerably more animal products and meat – usually in the form of pork – than that of the mainland Japanese or even the Chinese. Goat and chicken play a lesser, but still important, role in Okinawan cuisine. Okinawans average about 100 grams or one modest portion of meat per person per day"

"Fish plays an important role in the cooking of Okinawa as well. Seafoods eaten are various and numerous – with Okinawans averaging about 200 grams of fish per day"

300 grams of meat equivalent per day, UK gov recommendation is 1/4 of that. Yeah, nah, if anything the Okinawans have always eaten disproportionately more meat.


im pretty sure most of the world is on plant based diets


yeah, and im pretty sure most of the world has horrible health, 1st world countries being leaders in this regard. what does that tell you?


File: 1601835728506.gif (11.17 KB, 462x300, 77:50, gr-totalmeatconsumption-46….gif) ImgOps iqdb

nah, total meat consumption is largely increasing

a vegan diet is just a catch all term for no animal products, but that doesnt entail a healthy diet

you literally can eat nothing but oreos, instant noodles, dark chocolate, chocolate wafers, white rice and coca-cola, and be "plant based"

theres a difference in "whole food plant based" and a "plant based" diet. please try to discern the difference


>theres a difference in "whole food plant based" and a "plant based" diet. please try to discern the difference

theres no reason to even bother. even if you leave out all the preprocessed food the if you go vegan you only have food left heavy in starch because otherwise you will not meet daily caloric requirements. starch itself also is a problem, as it triggers insulin secretion and will slowly induce insulin resistance. it takes decades to get to this point, but it will make you sick.

naturally, you wouldn't eat food heavy in carbs throughout the year, as they would not be available. especially in regions where winters are long there were no vegans or vegetarians. they would not survive.
the natural cycle is consumptions of start and carb heavy foods around end of summer where you conicidentally would also accumulate fat for the winter. thats mostly meat with some carbs during a short period of time in the year.
now with introduction of grains you always get health issues. it is evident in many populations throughout the world. whereever grain cultivation is introduced you see disease rising. rotten teeth, obesity, diabetes, artherosclerosis, reduces longevity, reduced height etc etc.



and by that I mean theres a direct link between carbs, insulin and accumulation of fat. it makes sense if you live a natural life, as the effects of carbs would be reversed throughout the rest of the year. now you switch to eating carbs every day and you get issues. its simply unnatural.


You've been quite the last few weeks, guess you realised you couldn't live off sheep semen and raw goats brains your whole life right?


File: 1601926375357.jpg (77.84 KB, 904x735, 904:735, 1589725727075.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

impressive to what lengths some people go to for those magic (you)s


Thanks for the laugh OP


Mine are much smaller than before, happens every day I think.

I'm still at it partly, though out of the laziness that has crippled me my whole life I have regressed back to eating junk food most days. I had to think about my diet all day to keep off the path of least resistance. I'll get back to it fully. I walked 5 miles for the first time in a while yesterday. Really have to pull myself away from games.

Nowadays I at least have kefir and/or cheese every day. I don't eat much rotting meat because kefir and cheese have the same nutrients and the kefir is easier to set up. I do let all my meat get old in the fridge and the fat gets mildly cheesy, aired out every few days to keep it aerobic - botulism can't thrive at refrigerator tempertures though so I don't care if I forget about it for a few days more. I can tell it would taste better older. I eat both brain and liver about once a week.

In the past I had my jar of kefir that I drank some from every day and added back milk to keep it constant - this was a mistake because the kefir wasn't fully mature. It takes more than one day for that milk to fully ferment. Now I have two jars of kefir: one that is fully mature that I drink; another that I add milk to make more kefir for 5 days or so. I taste the second jar and when it's fully mature I switch the jars' roles. Now I always have perfectly fermented kefir.

The last two new foods I've eaten are quail and iberico pork.

The quails are cute and little. I cooked it because it was better that way, though I'm not afraid to eat any good meat raw. My dog didn't even want it raw but loved it cooked. I ate the neck raw though, just chomped up the vertebrae no problem, not very much inside it though because the quails are small. There were kidneys inside the quails, I sauteed them for a second and they were delicious. It's very easy to cook, didn't have to use a knife I just ripped the limbs off and ripped the breast meat off and ripped any other morsels off. It's quite lean and not very substantial. I made a rudimentary soup with the bones and it tasted pretty good after I added vinegar, colatura di alici (fermented anchovy sauce, aka garum) and cayenne pepper.

Iberico pork is "the wagyu of pork". It's a special breed that hikes up hills into forests to eat acorns. I have the belly cut, which is the cut used to make bacon. Maybe I'll look up how to cure it and make bacon. It's very fatty, the pieces I've cut off have been 90% fat so far. A couple bites tasted like acorn but mostly it just tastes like delicious fat. This is perhaps the best tasting meat I've ever had. I definitely prefer it raw. I cut it with my meat slicer as thick as it goes. I wrapped some in parchment paper and tied it up and took it to eat with my dog on a long walk yesterday (I also had parmesan cheese and a cheesy lamb brain).


I pretty much just don't care about dieting anymore, I eat raw and rotten meat whenever I feel like it. I cook meat usually to make it go with a dish but it never really improves it. I've mostly been eating ground beef I leave out for a couple days or so. Had ground veal a week ago - it tastes very different and I prefer beef but I'll have veal sometimes. I deboned a chicken to marinate it last night. I ate some raw including all the parts that would be hard to scrape off the bone. It is my new favorite meat to eat raw. Drinking its juices tastes just like chicken noodle soup. Its meat tastes like that and more. It tastes utterly wholesome and salubrious. I ate several organs. I used my teeth to crush some bones in the deboning process, very convenient to be able to do that. It's good quality chicken from a company called Cooks Venture. I want to buy a chicken now and butcher it myself so they don't take any parts out.

Basically I think a person who is afraid to eat raw meat is insane because if you get historical perspective you find most cultures have people eating raw and fermented meat, not even long ago it was pretty common in the west. I'm just as well at eating raw meat as a normal animal is. Your owners want you sick, weak and mentally ill and denying you meat (raw and in general) is the absolute best way to do that.


So in other words eat more processed meat


you guys are just as retarded as vegans, in fact you're even more retarder since you guys sometimes eat it raw. Human bodies have "evolved" to take in both plants and animals, you cant just eat only one and feel good


>you cant just eat only one and feel good
but people do, hence why vegans and meat-only guys aren't wallowing in despair 24/7


Based parasitewiz.


I eat food from the rubbish and even food I find on the street when I am outside but when it comes to raw mean I only eat raw beef and and raw sheep/lamb.
I do not think it is a good idea to be eating raw chicken though and I am not going to try it because it does taste nicer cooked I have tasted raw chicken before.

Do you have something wrong with your sense of taste?


>Human bodies have "evolved" to take in both plants and animals
then why do vegetables taste bad? we dont have to try to coax dogs into eating vegetables, they know what they need to eat. every other animal on the planet knows what to eat, yet children are repulsed by eating vegetables.


1. vegetables taste bad as a defense mechanism against predation, see: peppers
2. Vegetables tend to be few in calories, which humans need a lot of. Hence why sugar and fat taste good, they are calorie rich. However in the modern day humans can get far more calories than they need, hence why things we like aren't "good" for us.


Is OP still alive? Your meal updates are very wizardly.


this thread was started off in such a retarded way there is no way i am reading any of it.

meat is simply put the superior source of nutrition. no scurrying up and down some food pyramid, or strenuously counting micros for your 'RDI'.
also although we've started to grow more accustomed to an omnivorous way of eating, eating plants still comes at a taxing price to your physiology, waste management and such.
and the biggest point in eating your shit raw is the rate of digestibility.
i won't even put up with pointing anything out in OP's post.


doesn't cooked food digest faster?


applicable to plants in definite, up to debate with meat
but it would really be the only logical sense in eating meat raw


Return to us based parasitewiz


This is artificial man made environment. You see this only because of that. Nature has no mercy and it is brutal by default. You kill to live until you get killed and eaten by something else.


Do not tell me that parasites are not real, though. Is that what you are trying to tell?


File: 1612062735467.png (949.2 KB, 1029x720, 343:240, Screenshot_20210130-182422….png) ImgOps iqdb

I've been openly eating rotten meat the last few weeks. I'm leaving my meat out in the kitchen microwave now. The houses heating at night makes it ferment way faster than in my room. Steak tastes putrid after only 4 or 5 days. I prefer it while its fragrant and not putrid. I might experiment with salt and independently reinvent meat curing.

Been dabbling with tartare. I leave the ground meat out 1-3 days first then I mix in the spices and such and wait another day so that its not so moist. Garlic, capers, thyme, oregano, pepper, paprika, salt. Its pretty good however it loses the funkiness and fragrance, so it does not replace plain raw rotten meat. Its a downgrade actually but interesting. Maybe I should let it get older after salting and spicing it. I'll post pic of what it looks like tomorrow.

There are a couple of similar Ethiopian dishes I want to try (one with ground meat and one with cubed)

Btw beef's fat should be yellowish/beige instead of white or pink from beta carotene in the grass. There is fake grassfed beef in stores. My store is good though.

I'm still a degenerate eating tons of sugar and junk food but I'm thinking all the good bacteria I'm constantly consuming perfectly mitigates it. I'm always swirling kefir around in my mouth after eating sugary or carby food. I know it also takes food off my teeth and gums because it tastes nice and sweet whereas swirling water in mouth after eating those things has no taste. It tastes like sweetened yogurt.

I'm thinking preservatives are a tool to keep slaves from discovering this. Probably if ice cream had no preservatives and wasn't pasteurized it would transform into something healthy when you left it out.

I'm looking into water kefir because the bacteria feeds on sugar so I think it's adapted to this purpose better.

Maybe fresh meat digests harder. I don't bother eating fresh because it's much better left out even just a day. Bacteria digests it for you. After some days steak tears apart so easily.

One animal eats parasites and doesn't get sick. Another eats parasites and dies. It's weakness.

In other news, I'm reviving my trading career. I keep remembering the small fortune I gambled away all at once, and I think I'll get over it by trading again. I've already multiplied my little money a bit. Once I get my next autismbux check monday I'm going to transfer all my money to RH and have enough to use margin again. With my debit card I can use some of the margin to spend on anything I need. I remember how much I loved debt when I was using loans to buy more money. Borrowing money to buy more money is the uncommon man's way to get rich. Hopefully I'll start a ranch this spring. Even if I lose all my money, my autismbux is enough that I can pay monthly installments for a quite small piece of land. I see a couple acres for sale, owner financed and no credit check. Ya gotta have a good imagination to discover ways to live better.


Eating too much meat causes colon cancer and raises your cholesterol to to the roof. This is what ketofags don't tell you. And if you eat the meat raw you run the risk of getting infected with all sorts of parasites and bacteria.



Mongols have one of the lowest life expectancies on the whole planet, both today and historically.


File: 1612119381377.png (1.45 MB, 1560x720, 13:6, Screenshot_20210131-105524.png) ImgOps iqdb


This is why I hate researching what to eat and not, because it is contradictions everywhere. And this thread is the epitome of it, carnivore fags and vegan fags both saying that their diet is best and the opposite diet is poison. Both have plausible arguments and sometimes back them up with seemingly trustworthy studies. All I know for sure is that humans are omnivores and over-processed food is unhealthy. So I'm just going to keep doing what I've been doing, eating a variety of things and trying to get them as close to source as possible.


File: 1612228371623.jpg (136.04 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 800px-Cuy_or_guinea_pig,_f….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

My dumb mom doesn't want me raising and butchering animals so I think I'll secretly raise guinea pigs in my room. I once found a free rabbit hutch and carried it home when she wasn't home and hid it behind a bend in the backyard but she found out because I left the little piece of paper that said free in the house.
I'll use a grow light to grow grass and plants for them. I want to maybe try milking them. Their milk is low in fat though because they are well developed out of the womb. I think the kefir made from their milk will be more alcoholic than a cows(2%).
Curious, their milk has plenty of vitamin C because like humans they cannot convert glucose into vitamin C.


Do keep us updated. This thread is a really fascinating read.


File: 1612264780980.webm (6.18 MB, 640x360, 16:9, cuymagico.webm) ImgOps iqdb

gringo loco leave the fuckin cuyes alone, you crazy americans are supposed to keep them as pets, not eat them. Roasted guinea pig is a traditional dish in my country but why would you go out of your way to kill one of this defenseless and cute animals when you don't have to? Just eat chicken, cow, and fish meat like everyone else. Some of you seriously have too much time for yourselves.


The ground beef I ate today was so dry it was black. It was nice that way. Don't know why it got drier than it has in the past.


This is why I love this website I am very interested in your project but I have to ask as someone who has bred rats why not just breed rats and eat them? are you planning to eat the guniea pigs raw beause if you are cooking them you could just raise rats they can live off the rubbish you have in your home and breed very fast I am surprised more people do not just breed rats for us to eat.


File: 1613565482316.jpg (74.94 KB, 435x628, 435:628, CesarVialpando-GTASA.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I read it in Cesar's voice


File: 1613593203504.png (132.42 KB, 622x413, 622:413, milking.png) ImgOps iqdb

Hmm haven't considered it cause I want animals that eat their ideal diet and omnivores seem complicated to feed. Guinea pigs graze grass + eat some veggies for vit C. I can make those easily with a grow light connected to a timer.
Now that you mention it and I look at pictures of them they look tasty though. It'd be cool to tie a ton of them together with their tails.


File: 1613593429088.jpg (149.4 KB, 800x925, 32:37, 800px-Strasbourg,_Rat_King….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I'll probably eat guinea pigs raw and cooked and fermented like sausages. I like meat all ways. Have a veal tail and tendons to make soup with soon.


File: 1613699394802.jpg (337.49 KB, 1000x1500, 2:3, pythagoras.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>meat good
>why do you kill the cute animal!???
Can't have it both ways. I don't eat meat for religious reasons, but I was at one point intrigued by the raw meat diet. OP's diet reminds me of Sv3rige on youtube. That path leads to cannibalism, and if you want to get metaphysical, delusions of grandeur.


Not quite, my main point was that guinea pigs are pets for the americans. So it's like if OP killed dogs for their meat like the chinese do, it'd be crazy and completely unnecessary.


File: 1614232953793.png (1.15 MB, 720x1560, 6:13, Screenshot_20210224-172658.png) ImgOps iqdb

Hard to beat, it smells so good left out just one day.


Don’t know if you’ve seen this guy OP. This is an old video I saw on TV many years ago about a dude who ate rotten meat. I think he died falling off a balcony.


Off topic but I'd be interested to hear more about your religion, Wiz


A cannibal is unequivocally more grand than the sheep who make up this decaying society.


The Vanishing refrence?


File: 1614361497621.jpeg (1.25 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, 9BD8476E-409B-4E40-849D-9….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

>11 bucks
Say I’m not lucky, the “expires soon” shelf is fucking heaven on earth. Luxury meat that’s in reality far far from going bad but they’re following guidelines and want a long margin


pork backstrap/tender loin/ eye fillet?


Get that disgusting shit off my board, faggot.

We do not welcome animal cruelty on this board.


What recipe do you use to prepare that?


Tender loin
Not sure if bait or retarded
https://keto-mojo.com/sv/recipes/keto-butter-basted-beef-tenderloin/ in swedish but if you want you can translate


File: 1618279728987.png (199.76 KB, 620x465, 4:3, vegrace.png) ImgOps iqdb

Eating meat is a mental illness and this thread is the proof.



Vegan kang should be skinnier, more hairless, and with horrible skin.


vegan is one of the most fattening diets it's all grains and starches


wasn't the aristocracy much taller and healthier because they hunted and ate meat?



Imagine an alternative timeline where OP is from a tribalistic age of people who eat raw meat and blame their sickness and disease on the gods, and he's experimenting with salting, frying, and drying meat while everyone is telling him he's crazy


Yesterday my ground beef tasted specially good. Today it was covered with fuzzy mold. That's never happened before so I threw it out. But I think maybe the mold was good and was why it tasted so good yesterday. It also had another type of mold, small white chunks, that I know are ok to eat. Gonna look into whether the fuzzy mold is ok to eat. Maybe it's cause its summer and I'll start adding some salt when it gets the fragrance and funkiness it had yesterday.


File: 1622844858586.png (1.27 MB, 720x957, 240:319, Screenshot_20210604-144828….png) ImgOps iqdb


OP is a masochist who gets sexual pleasure from eating rotten meat. Or he is suicidal. Either way this is kind of cool OP. You should convince all the normies you know this diet is healthy.


File: 1624644149048.png (1.1 MB, 720x1560, 6:13, Screenshot_20210625-105520.png) ImgOps iqdb

Big clump of fly caviar.

It is healthy. I only ever got sick from adjusting to raw milk, think the new bacteria had to fight to replace the old.


>eating raw bugs that have yet to pass FDA food approval
Don't get a brain parasite wiz


>>eating raw bugs
>Don't get a brain parasite wiz
Gee, it's almost like natural selection is a thing.


you gonna die if you keep eating like this, no joke.


After reading every single post in the thread, OP is absolutely deranged and mentally ill, but it was an entertaining read.

For that alone I would donate to OP. A rare and good read for this board.


File: 1624827621211.gif (9.06 MB, 853x480, 853:480, maggots.gif) ImgOps iqdb

These will get bigger but I ate a handful just now. Yesterday they were too small to even taste or feel get crushed. They have a delicious texture and flavor. Not offensive at all. The froth even tastes good.

venmo: @orangutan72
bitcoin: bc1qqupl979fv8zrlgg44sagm7s3nedxfu947fnh76


File: 1624832616089.jpg (53.85 KB, 259x282, 259:282, 1445147681310.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

. . . . .


Well, reverse image search finds nothing. Godspeed I guess

Life feeds on life


where did those flies come from

as far as im aware, the danger is that flies were previously in contact with literal shit before laying eggs on the meat, and so you have weird bacteria


No proof of him putting those things into his mouth?


I posted a video once but it got deleted


Can confirm, I remember that.
was fucking gross and didn't appreciate it and I am not sure why other guy wants to see it


File: 1624979135132.png (1.19 MB, 1560x720, 13:6, Screenshot_20210629-080341.png) ImgOps iqdb

Pretty gross at this point so I tossed it.


>pretty gross
havent you been eating maggots and shit?


>Screenshot 20200902-175300.png
You didn't actually eat sheep nuts, you fucking liar.


File: 1625172954424.png (1.36 MB, 1560x720, 13:6, Screenshot_20210701-135145.png) ImgOps iqdb

I screenshot to remove exif data.

Here are some goat nuts I've had in the freezer, they are bigger. Even a single sheep nut was pretty filling.


This site scrubs that by default as a feature.
Also you could just as easily use a program to scrub the data.


screenshot technique is fullproof
many of the normalfag psychos here would jump at the chance to doxx a wizard, it pays to be careful.


I doubt you care more about opsec then your own personal health.
You are just justfying something you didn't know after the fact rather then admit not knowing everything.
It's ok not to know things and to learn. Don't double down on ignorance.


File: 1626289692390.png (1.68 MB, 720x1560, 6:13, Screenshot_20210714-115720.png) ImgOps iqdb

I put salsa and guacamole that I made on this 2 days ago, it tastes so good now.


Since it's so hot lately and I have a meat slicer I'm gonna make jerky like this in the sun next time I go out and buy some meat. I think I'll use cheap meat for this cause most of the pollutants are stored in the fat and I will use lean meat. All of my beef is over $10/lb right now. I can probably save money buying meat right from a farm instead of from the grocery store.


waitin for the guinea pigs, wiz. maybe ill teach how it's done


File: 1626682519557.png (1.32 MB, 1560x720, 13:6, Screenshot_20210719-010756.png) ImgOps iqdb

Good mold, so fragrant. You would like this I'm pretty sure. This is some of the best.


Thinking about it again, the first step will be getting used to growing grass and veggies for them. I could just harvest grass but I'm gonna try growing it indoors on bucket lids. They need vitamin c like humans. I decided the other day to start growing peppers and some other veggies for separate reasons (I pickled some a few days ago to put on my burgers, very good - only took 30 hours in a small cardboard box with a heater), so I can use peppers and such for their vit c.


File: 1627143206970.jpg (41.53 KB, 327x493, 327:493, 2009-g_force-2.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

hope you do it wiz and post some cute photos of them. they're cute animals.


>be me
>dormmate asks to kill spider
>bring spider friend outside
>watch him instantly get eaten by bigger spider


File: 1634747157300.png (67.66 KB, 447x581, 447:581, ImgOps iqdb

Buying grassfed meat for less than $8 /lb on average. This is 10lbs of meat, 1 lb of fat (making tallow), 1 lb of liver. I'd be paying $12+ /lb at a store.


this seems incredibly overpriced.


File: 1635707186062.png (481.25 KB, 1381x637, 1381:637, T-molitor-profile.png) ImgOps iqdb

I'm farming mealworms now.


File: 1635707211410.png (481.75 KB, 1290x595, 258:119, T-molitor.png) ImgOps iqdb


keep us updated please. more details on what you are doing with them?


I wanted to wait until I raise a new generation raised on my feed so their essence is purely wholesome, but it's taking a really long time for them to pupate. They've gotten quite big. They probably have chemicals to inhibit pupation. They've eaten quite a bit of the oats I've given them and have gotten bigger, so I decided to try them tonight finally. They're pretty good. They're not as good as maggots, but not far off. They taste like what the oats they eat, maybe more sweet. Way better than crickets, which taste planty. They burst more than maggots, but probably because these are huge.

In other news, lamb liver is now my favorite liver. I've made lamb liver jerky with a dehydrator my mom bought and it is delicious. My dogs all want it desperately when they smell it. I eat a little bit every day.


Absolutely wild!


moms thoughts on your diet?


info on your growing setup, size of yields, etc? i like the idea of farming insects for food. you should make a blog or something and collect data and share it if you're gonna be doing this for any length of time


File: 1639378769438.png (1.27 MB, 1560x720, 13:6, Screenshot_20211212-211833.png) ImgOps iqdb

Good mold on this ground bison. The fuzz itself doesn't taste much but the meat tastes special starting the day before the fuzz is visible. Torn up for more dry surface area. The microwave is dirty because I spilled liver juice in it. Was drinking liver juice in milk, really good. About ready to make cinnamon-ginger liver jerky.

>"You're going to eat THAT?"
I've eaten this kind of stuff openly for more than a year now, so it's just expected now and she is surprised when I do cook meat. When I started she was calling family members about it and saying "his autism is getting worse" and tried to shame me about taking meat with me on walks. She's stopped trying to tell me it's dangerous because I never get sick. She gets a little mad when it smells in the kitchen, but it smells good to me.

I'm just dabbling right now, eating some every once in a while. I blundered by only giving them oats at first and neglecting carrots for water. After a while of no pupae I added a carrot but I guess it was too dry cause some of them turned black from dehydration. I added a little water and they all look fine now.

I have them in a big bucket right now with oats and a carrot, but I have several small containers to separate pupae and beetles into soon. I want to experiment with different veggies to feed them for taste, particularly peppers. Maybe lemongrass.


As a vegetarian I view this as a kaleidoscopic light show of cretinism. When I see this thread I feel physically sick. And angry; at nature for permitting this, and at people like OP for having a grotesque lack of empathy.


If you were just eating plants and not virtue signaling or spouting moralist nonsense like
>at nature for permitting this
i would would see you in a same light as him only on the different end of spectrum


Why would I care about what you think of me?


And why would the people ITT that make you feel sick care about what you think about them?


I still think this thread is just someone trying to lolcow and play a character for attention.
It's a direct counterpart to the vegan troll that was also a rp for attention.


Human beings commit countless atrocities for their own personal gain. Why draw the line at eating?


Chewing raw meat can cause superficial damage in your teeth, can't remember where did i read that tho.


File: 1642443774488.jpg (108.18 KB, 1024x665, 1024:665, 1639326220721.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


and yet the nomadic lifestyle has mostly disappeared from the earth. sure did wonders for the mongols though


I pretend as well, but cooking it for safe reasons. The lost of nutrients is worth.


>A post made by an NPC who doesn't know anything about microbiology. Delete this post, please. Just listen and stop sharing misleading information.
My kid aunt died because paradises. Maybe in meat and dairy diet they don't reproduce too much to be a concern, but I don't care.


Yes, raw meat takes longer to digest.


>Eating too much meat causes colon cancer and raises your cholesterol to to the roof


>Say I’m not lucky, the “expires soon” shelf is fucking heaven on earth
For safe reasons you should eat raw meat fresh as possible, principally organs.


File: 1642482314580.png (706.59 KB, 1659x933, 553:311, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

Based. This is how true kings peak performance looks like. Egyptian diet was only carbs and fruits except in celebrations.


wageslaves kneel


They were also horribly inbred but yeah it was the fruit that caused it.


File: 1643732708434.png (1.12 MB, 720x1560, 6:13, Screenshot_20220201-081604.png) ImgOps iqdb

He's not taking the whole heart from me like he did yesterday. He pulled harder than I thought he could. He's only 12 lbs. It's happened twice.


this is not a full diet of the mongols. this is a wartime diet that is very different from the normal one. mongols used to trade for flour. traditional mongolian diet is filled with carbohydrates as much as meat


the royalty could enjoy all the meat they wanted


you dont even know what nonsense you're parroting. your body is literally made of cholesterol especially your brain


wrong. its all antinutrients and sugar. no protein = body wasting disease


Yes, pretty much this, but raw meat if you don't raise it yourself, it's suicide and it's not only meat, you are supposed to eat the whole animal. He's just eating rotten meat with fucking maggots.


Yes, that's because meat speed up the metabolism to digest the meat and produce testosterone, thus forcing the cells to split more. The reason why vegan people lives more its because the lack of meat slow down the metabolism, like hibernation, which slow down the cell splitting. Anyway, if you want to live longer, just eat one time a day, avoid animal based food, take testosterone blockers and avoid exercise.


>avoid exercise to live longer
>eating once a day and not caring about macronutrients leading to overfat/skinny-fat
https://www.dovepress.com/sarcopenic-obesity-and-cognitive-performance-peer-reviewed-fulltext-article-CIA (Tldr-skinny-fat people have just as low health as obese people).
If you want to live long you have to do resistance and endurance exercise, have your diet consist of 80% vegetables, nuts, fruits, beans etc and 20% be meat and fish, dont eat processed food and avoid PFSAs, BPA and such


Eat the dog, pussy.


caring too much about diet and lifestyle lowers your testosterone levels to that of a middle aged suburban yoga succubus

source: science(c)(pbui)


If that is how I'm supposed to eat naturally then why do I find it so disgusting? Why does every fiber of my being tell me to stay away from it? This thread feels like vegan propaganda more than anything. I'll probably no longer crave meat for the next couple of days.


That’s an entirely cultural reaction. Brains of various animals are eaten around the world (admittedly not raw AFAIK). But raw foods too are eaten around the world. It’s the same thing if you saw someone eating live insects.

OP is definitely doing all of this just to be Le epic internet disgust troll, I don’t think he truly enjoys it or believes it is any healthier than just eating some vegetables. I don’t know if he’s even eating any of this and isn’t just feeding butcher scraps to his pets while trolling us.


ever seen how bears and big cats hunt? pussy slave.


Meat is generally cooked because of the risk of parasites and disease.

There aren't any human populations who live on raw chicken for example, simply because most of these communities would have died of mass salmonella poisoning thousands of years ago.

Just because a few mentally ill imageboard people online say raw meat is good for you, doesn't make it so.

There are ways to prepare raw meat so that it's safe and tasty, for example tartar beef. There are outliers for sure.

But in general it's a very bad idea to eat raw meat, especially raw pork.



>There aren't any human populations who live on raw chicken for example



>human populations

and you post some eceleb lifestyle freak. come on now



File: 1658064407013.jpg (114.03 KB, 395x395, 1:1, classy adolph with dogwhip.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

hey OP, have you tried the rest of stuff aajonus say,besides the raw primal diet?
hot baths to detox the toxins, getting yourself fat for a while to recycle and get rid of toxins,etc.


File: 1658073238048.jpg (14.56 KB, 299x169, 23:13, aztec priest-.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I think I want to achieve the ultimate high:the more fermented the meat,the more high the high it will be.
Will 1 year be enough? the same chunks of meat mixed with eggs ,let to ferment and evolve every day,for a year.


hey OP you still alive?
Im planning/prepping everything to start raw primal diet myself


lol, lmao even


i really like the texture of raw chicken


Yeah, I don't really eat carnivore or paleo though. I make my own sourdough bread, for magnesium mostly. I still eat raw and rotten meat though. Eating goat hearts the last few days. Also got the best sausages I've ever had, the best pork I've ever had even better than iberico. Pastured pork. I cook them until they're pink inside. After that they lose their flavor.

Think I'll start making money somehow so I can afford more raw milk.


it's impossible to get enough protein with only 20% meat in your diet you dumb fucking nigger, a man needs at least 150g and plant protein is fucking trash that doesn't count as much as animal protein



roids and lies

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