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(I know tyler didnt want to die but stil relevant.holyland is very well written)
Anyways Im looking for books about a guy whose life is bad,mainly due to modern society,he fails suicide and then finds a whole new meaning in life.
I survived suicide myself and want to write my own memoir about it and the new life i built and im building now.
This image was compiled by me to quickly give examples of such works.
>manga is fine too,in lesser priority. The works by kaiji's author for example


You have good taste. Nothing more I can add


>I survived suicide myself and want to write my own memoir about it and the new life i built and im building now.

Can you tell us more about this?


What suicide method did you use?


More like deluded themselves or worse were brocken.


I attempted hypothermia(dousing with coldest water in the shower and then roaming around in a t-shirt in crude winter),but nothing happened.
Now Im attempting to reach peak shape doing copious amounts of pushups every day.
Im also learning music.


daily reminder:
no longer human is about turbo normgroids
book of disquiet is about a failed normgroid



lol hypothermia suicideposters BTFO


There is no way you can survive suicide unless you really don't want to die and are just whoring for attention
That's all there is to "" suicide attempts""


File: 1596484420948.jpg (267.38 KB, 1088x1600, 17:25, steppenwolf-001.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

It's about the "modern society" of 1920s, but effectively nothing changed since then.
>no longer human is about turbo normgroids
It's about an alcoholic losing his personality/identity/humanity to the neurotoxic poison, written from the viewpoint of the alcoholic himself. His only issue was alcoholism, everything else was caused by it.


Yet to read this- but i did read siddhartha by same author. Its one of the few books i keep reflecting back upon. It has nothing to do about suicide, but its about finding ones own path.

On a side note, why am i so drawn to books or media focused on suicide? I find pleasure in them as much as i get "pleasure" from reading wizards post about same subject.


Misery loves company


Are you illiterate? He's depicted at the very beginning as a weird, different child and doesn't understand humanity or have an identity either, he doesn't even feel familiar with his own family, not because of some alcohol


I like Hesse as an author. I highly recommend you check out Narcissus and Goldmund, and The Glass Bead Game if you haven't. Not really about suicide either (hence sage for slight offtopic) but they are wizardly contemplative reading, commentaries about kinds of self-discovery and society also. I got things from Steppenwolf and I think will re-read it soon, it has relatable elements surely, though some would doubtless think it "crabcore", or a book about a "failed normie".


Steppenwolf deals with the suicide and has same transcendence motifs as Siddhartha. Hesse loved the idea of transcendence and healing. Everything from him is worth checking out, great author.
Don't forget that it's a diary, firsthand experience of personality decay. Those are typical alcoholic rationalizations of what's happening to them, they seek answers in the past, up to creating false memories, to avoid dealing with the present. In reality, everyone was a weird kid, was manipulative in one way or another and had strange approaches to integrating into society, it's not a big deal for the "healthy" mind but, when these childhood quirks are perceived through a broken alcoholic mind, they are seen in over-exaggerated ways and become a good reason to continue drinking, which reinforces the loop of degradation.


Uhm no, the very first part is from the narrative of another person not the main character, not part of a diary


You sure? What was the version that you were reading? I was reading this one: https://archive.org/details/in.ernet.dli.2015.148752/page/n7/mode/2up
Only the prologue and epilogue are written by the author, everything else comes from the main character, already severely damaged by alcohol. Society sees him as an alcoholic sinner and leaves him no ways to redeem himself, it's the end of the line for him. He really is no longer human by the end of the novel, but because this human was dissolved in neurotoxin, not because he was a special child, purposely alienated by society and set on a path to losing humanity, though it seemed so through his damaged lens. It's an autobiography of an alcoholic, full of very typical self-deprecating rationalizations. I don't want to say that he imagined all his childhood, I want to say that the way he portrays his childhood quirks in such a negative light is due to the fact that he is an alcoholic and that's what they typically do.


Yes i mean the prologue, it's full of descriptions about inhumanity in his childhood such as "I think that even a death mask would hold more of an expression"
You know he was depressed and attempted suicide way before becoming an alcoholic which only happens toward the end right?
> the way he portrays his childhood quirks in such a negative light is due to the fact that he is an alcoholic
You know we have weekly let's blame the parents, circumcision threads here right?
> Waa waa my parents are cold blooded murderers for birthing me

Let's make it clear, a normal to you means someone who had had sex right? If so i rest my case


>Yes i mean the prologue, it's full of descriptions about inhumanity in his childhood
It was my least favorite part of the book and soured my initial impression. Judging a character only by photograph is as efficient as fortune-telling.
>such as "I think that even a death mask would hold more of an expression"
It was said about his late photograph, when he already was an established alcoholic. As a child he passed as "adorable".
>You know he was depressed and attempted lamented about theme way before becoming an alcoholic which only happens toward the end right?
Depends on who you call an alcoholic, but from my point of view he already was an alcoholic by the time of his suicide attempt.
>Let's make it clear, a normal to you means someone who had had sex right? If so i rest my case
Being a class clown and seeking attention in "inhuman ways" is not catastrophically abnormal, nothing about him made him too strange to live "as a human". He identified his early life quirks and lamented about them, tracing his path to "no longer being human", but what truly made him lose humanity is alcohol and his experiences under the influence, which completely detached him from the rest of the "normal society". It's a great insight into how alcohol-induced decay of personality looks from the perspective of an alcoholic, a masterpiece of literature, but his character is far from a model wizard. If he was born into a less rigid society and had less interest in alcohol, I would imagine him becoming one of those eccentric assholes driving bright-colored dodge challengers.


I read it many years ago and the full text displays weirdly, I'll just dump it here
Indeed, the more carefully you examine the
child’s smiling face the more you feel an indescribable,
unspeakable horror creeping over you. You see that
it is actually not a smiling face at all. The boy has
not a suggestion of a smile. Look at his tightly
clenched fists if you want proof. No human being can
smile with his fists doubled like that. It is a monkey.
A grinning monkey-face. The smile is nothing more
than a puckering of ugly wrinkles. The photograph
reproduces an expression so freakish, and at the same
time so unclean and even nauseating, that your im-
pulse is to say, “What a wizened, hideous little boy!”
I have never seen a child with such an unaccountable


college days. At any rate, lie is now extraordinarily
handsome. But here again the face fails inexplicably
to give the impression of belonging to a living human
being. He wears a student's uniform and a white
handkerchief peeps from his breast pocket. He sits
in a wicker chair with his legs crossed. Again he is
smijing, this time not the wizened monkey’s grin but
a rather adroit little smile. And yet somehow it is not
the smile of a human being: it utterly lacks substance,
all of what we might call the ‘‘heaviness of blood”
or perhaps the “solidity of human life” — it has not
even a bird ’a ’»'"eight. It is merely a blank sheet of
paper, light as a feather, and it is smiling. The picture
produces, in short, a sensation of complete artificiality.
Pretense, insincerity, f atuousness — none of these words
quite covers it. And of course you couldn’t dismiss it
simply as dandyism. In fact, if you look carefully
you will begin to feel that there is something strangely
unpleasant about this handsome young man. I have
never seen a young man whose good looks were so


And i have never said he was a model for wizard, just that he's not normal


For it is functionally effective but too narrow of a label


I got so annoyed with Steppenwolf's main character being such a simp and idealizing that succubus so much, that I ended almost disliking the book.


this is precisely how I felt reading siddhartha. keep in mind that hermann hesse was worshiped by hippie boomer scum


That was for going against the norm, which ironically created a new norm culture of being counter.


>book of disquiet is about a failed normgroid
(not true btw)


The Fight Club book is way more cynical than the movie and is more easy to grasp the central theme who is the interpretation of self destruction Jack took from Marla.
The little trivia about things is also more annoying on the book, the movie didn't stretch out the idea before it get to old.


File: 1600797436643.jpeg (47.51 KB, 448x684, 112:171, images - 2020-09-22T12561….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Not exactly suicide but I recommend you to read this, Ferdinand Bardamu really was a reject of the world


Dropped it at the point when he was in the third or something hospital and there was like 20 bitches' biographies he was goin on and on about.


>no longer human
protagonists are rich chads with females flocking to them. where are the wizards who overcome suicidal tendencies?


Lord of the Barnyard


Average wizcel, associating wizards with losers.


I would recommend Oblamov, as one wizzie did to me early this year, but he turned into a gigasimp halfway through the book, which made me ragequit


oh yeah I remember being frustrated with this novel. the beginning is pretty fun and promising then it gets very moralistic (seems almost par for the course with russian litterature of that period) and there's this overdrawn romance crap


Really made me rage, i was enjoyed the book immensely, then he gets married to that foid, i don't know if he went though it because i nearly broke my kindle and deleted the book from it.
It was a cruel wiz who recommended me that


File: 1609438087733.jpg (598.62 KB, 1526x2341, 1526:2341, 91aWrryfkIL.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I'm surprised that pic related hasn't been mentioned. The author didn't overcome suicide but the protagonist is very relatable in certain ways.


>>manga is fine too
Well, you asked for this: Oyasumi Punpun.


That's a very fun book, I really enjoyed reading it.


>Survived suicide…
This tells me you were too weak to do it right way.
Anyway. There is a movie called "Into the wild" .It is based on a true story and I think there is a book too.


I love this book


A painless suicide is the best option at any given moment. Overcoming suicide is lying to yourself about the value of life/existence over death/non-existence.


if you want to die use a gun there is not excuse


It's hard to get a gun in many countries.


False. Hanging is an equally effective and much more accessible option.
As are many other things, like train tracks, jumping off high places and perilous waters. Pull your head out of your ass, American.


Hanging can be fucked up I have met people irl that have become braindead or damaged by hanging.


Sorry wiz mod for mentioning irl I thought it was relevant.

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