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File: 1595945397926.jpg (44.24 KB, 564x423, 4:3, li.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Anyone else want to get rid of material possesions,reject them in principle and not only in fact,and live as frugally as possible?
Im considering pulling it off,but combining it with travel,it will be hard,a lot of areas to work on,but I think its the right path for me


neets are good at this. i can fit all my physical possessions into a closet space

water bottle, jean, shirts, sandal, boxfan, computer, monitor, headset, mouse, desk, stool, blankets, pillow

those are the core things i need to survive comfortably. the rest is just vaeious crap ive accumulated


Yeah, sometimes I fantasize about just burning or giving away everything I own and being homeless. To just let go of it all.


one day i'll cut it down to:
- 2 sets of clothes
- backpack
- smartphone with charger and headphones
- passport
- debit card
- rope


No, I do not have this impulse. I could however endure it in certain non-urban forms, but as some kind of social planning principal and styling I am not for it, I am deeply unsettled by this modern minimalist techo urban box-living in towering concrete and metal like advanced insects.


I understand what you mean. Its almost like they want to be trendy for preparing for their pod-living, bug munching gaypolis dystopia.

I see it as means of being practical and frugal, I always thought spending an assload of money on new furniture and clothes and car every year was vapid and foolish. A lot of people in my old town were like that. Just get something that is simple and reliable and you're most likely going to be good. Your possessions are tools for you to use and nothing else. Consumerism is the biggay.


I don’t understand how anyone could interpret OP as being anything remotely consumerist. He’s talking about buying as little as possible. Goddamn learn to read.



why let your larps be larps?


normies ruined minimalism already if you're not in a bunker by now with full prep then you are just going with the recent trend where normies think cyberpunk is minalism


I have OCD and this will make things easier for me.


you misunderstand, but thats okay


I wish you the best on your minimalist journey. If you feel like it is the right thing for you, definitely give it a try. I have been a minimalist for a couple years now, and it has improved my life in many ways. I hope it does for you as well.


File: 1596039467442.jpg (64.28 KB, 720x720, 1:1, 1595624519627.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I am bored and buy random crap of ebay or Chink shit sites I don't really need in the end but my autism somehow manages to convince me that those are essential items
I also have thought often that just getting rid of all the crap and stop consooming would help me clear up my mind and develop spiritually and recently experienced the joy of just getting rid of things, but I acquired new trash in the end
It's like a never ending circle


Can you tell me what kind of things you buy? I'm trying to exploit these kind of behaviours for my own profit motives


computer parts like keyboards and stuff for example


this is what I strife for


He says some smart things but all things considered he is still a shizo
No wonder he needed 40 bugs a day considering he lived off vending machines and coca cola…


File: 1596054958984.jpg (104.11 KB, 794x979, 794:979, il_794xN.1568747433_562w.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

??? (reading comprehension, you lack)
Thank you. You get it my dude.
Amen wiz.


>Im considering pulling it off,but combining it with travel
le digital nomad, such an original and non-normified idea.


Very interesting thread because I am exactly in this type of process.
I listed all my material crap on ebay and I am trying to get rid of it all and make some money off of it. When you think about it, why have a video game collection when you can pirate everything up to ps2 easily and run on emulator for free.

I remember one time that Shadow of Colossus was worse on PS2 compared to on my emulator. Anyways, the stuff I cannot get rid of, I will pack this in cardboard stuff and put it in my parent's attic. Mostly stuff from my childhood with emotional value to me.

>those are the core things i need to survive comfortably. the rest is just vaeious crap ive accumulated
when you think of it, what is even worse is that the money you waste on crap is money that is locked away in those things and you could invest it in stocks or bonds or whatever and earn a small yearly income to supplement your simple life with

>To just let go of it all.
"All the things you own end up owning you one day"
the phrase is really true

my goal is to reduce everything to
>futon, pillow, blanket
>luggage trunk for my clothes
>backpack with useful things only

why buy chairs when japanese sit on floor
I really like the japanese approach to optimizing living space and furniture

this is exactly what I did for years
now I am offloading this same ebay crap to other people who are probably where I was 10 years ago
I think I did it because I wanted to have all those things when I was a kid but being a poorfag kid we could never afford this stuff
so you chase dreams of your past and when you fulfill them you find out they were useless anyways and feel stupid for doing so

Just because normies do it it is not automatically bad
For example one guy from trade school told me the most expensive thing of his thailand vacation was the flight and everything else was so cheap there. good food and does not cost much, living too
I can only imagine how much less expensive it is in places like malaysia or indonesia
Bali (on indonesia) for example is a popular destination for digital nomads. I saw one lady who did online marketing or some crap. She lived there entire year, warm climate, can bathe in the ocean whenever she wants, sunshine for gardening entire year and it is cheap as fuck.

Only thing you need to do is travel to your homeland back once per year to fill out the tax report and renew your visa for your new expat home.

I think in general it is a genius sort of system. You sell your product online to the highest bidder and because your work is digital anyways, you can relocate to the most pleasant place that has broadband internet available for you to use. Why pay 800$ of rent per month when you can live in a bamboo cottage on Bali for 100$ or something


File: 1596575632340.jpeg (11.05 KB, 240x240, 1:1, 1595495062530.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

poorfag consumerism is the worst for autistic fucks like me
those chink niggers will rob you of every penny


I feel bad for spending money on anything except food
I always have the feeling that I was taken advantage of. For food you have standard prices but for anything else I always feel like if I researched infinitely I would find alternatives that are less expensive or different solutions that are less expensive so I say fuck that completely

>they will robb you blind

this is why you have to reduce your spending habits to food only
if you never buy anything, you can never be taken advantage of


I'm quite frugal in that i own very little, i didn't decorate my rooms or walls until recently, always deleted all my files off the computer and had no real past. I have recently purchased books and have 1 shelf of gifts my mother purchased for me.

I think if you are addicted to collecting things then that is beneficial. I however do value the memories in objects, it is easier to remember what you read when it is tied to an object. I think if you are a happy person who can enjoy life without that then it's fine, as i get older and my memory is worse I like being reminded by objects.


Lived without possessions for 2 years, it's hard at first but you get used to fast. Vital things like a good kitchen are essential to have a good quality of life. That was the hardest thing to live without since it's equally expensive a trash meal on the outsides to a really nutritious meal you can cook yourself. The less you have the freer you are if you don't have to wageslave


I need my vidya,anime and books at the least. Everything else I don't need all that much other than basic shit like a bed or furniture that I actually use.


good news sonny,
they all fit on a 5TB disk for 150$ in digital format
or if your parents intend to keep the family home forever you can just dump the stuff in the attic even after you fly out


Someone should sell a 5TB disk that contains the best vidya, anime, documentaries and books of all time


I got a 14tb hard drive recently and still don't know what to put on it.


>Imagine having more resources in the palm of your hand than were in the library of alexandria.
>Imagine having all the potential to do the greatest works mankind has ever seen, and instead have twerking succubus on social media.
This is why i'm depressed and none of you can tell me any different!


youngfags detected haha
ooooh boy, you should have lived in the golden era of internet piracy 2003-2007

You could find everything on internet. From PS2 ISOs of games that weren't even released in the west the Naruto Accel 1+2 to all kinds of music openly available on bittorrent and kazaa, emule, lime, edonkey and how they were all called. This was the golden era of warez. So many sites so many sources to pick up from. Yes the quality was usually utter crap divx format but I never cared. As long as the audio was allright I did not mind the video being trash.

Some time after 2007 the hollywood mafia started policing the internet with lawyers, drying up our oasis of freedom site by site. Also fishing online for IPs to sue because kids downloaded a music album and suing their parents for 30K USD.
This is when torrent networks started to die out and were replaced by OCH networks.

Those were viable from 2009 until maybe 2013 until they started tracking them down too.
One by one they destroyed megaupload, rapidshare, mediafire and the likes.
Share Online was the last oasis to be dried out.

Sometimes I think about the good old times and regret not having downloaded more stuff back then when it was easily available. Shows like Prince of Bel Air or the Hercules/Xena live action shows. I grew up with so many good tv shows and took them for granted, didn't understand what pile of crap the mordern day tv shows are.
I want my childhood back

Personally I have
one disk for music, manga and software
one disk for movies
one disk for tv shows
one disk for games

The problem is today that you cannot find reliable sources to pirate anymore
torrents are dead after a few weeks post release and filehosters have their files offline all the time

while I share your views on pornography the biggest waste of file space ever I don't see the need for creating something great or lasting or whatever for the world. There are much smarter people already working on it


Someday I plan on reducing my posessions to my


I am considering moving to a single bedroom with attached toilet room. Possibly the toilet would be Asian type and bath and toilet would be combined. It would be absolutely third world tier but I guess its a small price to pay. Possibly the only other things in the room would be a mattress, a cupboard for keeping clothes, a floor desk, some weights, a small refrigerator and a washing machine. There would be additional materials too but that would added as needed.


Eh, I still pirate anime and movies. Though PC gaymes are harder to pirate these days. Soybile gaymes are much earsier to pirate though.


>Anyone else want to get rid of material possesions,reject them in principle and not only in fact,and live as frugally as possible
I wish I did because I fucking hate wageslaving but I am an absolute slave to buying things. Even things like food, I can't do the whole pot noodle thing. For me nothing beats going to a small, quiet place to eat and buying some nice high calorie meal and browsing wizchan on a laptop for a couple of hours, there's a place near my house where almost no one is there on weekdays during working hours with really comfy furniture. I also like buying material goods like headphones, consoles etc.

I envy people who can be minimalists, I can't imagine not purchasing stuff. I know it's normally a normie trait, but in reality they're just morons who will buy a phone just because it's new. That is completely retarded, but I still find there are so many cool products out there which I genuinely enjoy using. I used to have a shit pair of speakers but I bought some good ones and a nice subwoofer and the difference is night and day, I'd never be able to go back. People say it's all in your head and that it doesn't really matter but I just think that's not true.

I don't want to derail your thread just by disagreeing OP, just thought I'd give my opinion.


Normalfags buy for status. Wizards buy to try and ease the pain of existence with material goods.



>I am bored and buy random crap of ebay or Chink shit sites I don't really need in the end but my autism somehow manages to convince me that those are essential items

This has been me for the past 7 years. Bought it all, the mechanical keyboard, the gaming mouse, the headphones, even bought a fucking boiler suit at one point. The other day an ad for a shitty jheri curl wig popped up for the equivalent of like $10, I laughed when I saw it and the next minute I decided to buy it. I have absolutely no idea why but it made me laugh like a maniac when it arrived. I think i'm going slightly mad.

Still I don't actually regret any of it, it's not like I have anyone to impress or anything better to do. The computer parts/accessories were largely good purchases anyway.

One of the best things I ever bought was a projector, it cost about $500 but all I needed was a white wall and I could instantly watch anything off my PC on a 150 inch screen. I never bought an actual projector screen and I just put the projector on a desk or on the floor. I didn't do any real setup but the quality is fantastic. Still haven't had to change the bulb after 5 years of moderate use. Nothing beats an evening where I can just sit down, get tipsy or drunk and eat some food while watching a nice long film or play some games.

People will spend colossal amounts of money on a "home cinema" which is cool if you can afford it, but just a sofa + projector + speakers is probably 80% as good and costs about 5-10% of the price. The most important thing is a large image and a comfortable sitting position, everything else is secondary. Definitely a good investment for any wageslaving wizard looking for something to buy to cure the boredom.


File: 1597339039666.jpg (7.28 KB, 280x224, 5:4, 4f9790ecb28a174971ad.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I was a fan of Hercules/Xena but i'm sure it would be a miserable shitshow watching them now.
I can understand wasting money on delicious food, but going through hell of wageslaving for electronics which will inavitably break or stop being entertaining - nope.

Speaking of media collecting, the most i had was 500gb harddrive and after years of selection and increasing anhedonia its now reduced to a 64gb flash drive with fantasy fiction, comics, drawing books, music and some software. And all that was reduced to "essential" 15gb to fit on a google drive.
If one day i won't be able to torrent stuff or even completely cut off the internet - well, not a big deal, i have my basic stuff.


>I was a fan of Hercules/Xena but i'm sure it would be a miserable shitshow watching them now.
They are pretty fun in a campy sort of way.


I live furgully but have a hard time ever getting rid of things even if I don't/never use them.
I blame my mom being a borderline hoarder as the root of this.

Sometimes I fantasize about being a person able to condense my stuff down to just exactly what I need and nothing more, but realistically that will never happen.

I really should build the habit of throwing away, or giving away, or something everything I don't use at least once a month.
What is worse is I am lazy when it comes to keeping things tidy and organized too. So I end up with miscellaneous bins of junk.


I've been tryharding lately but I think (((they))) have nested too deep in my psyche.
God I'd give a lot for a can of coke right now


I've lived a good chunk of my life minimally. I left my parents house at 16 with only a duffel bag of clothes, now 23 I sleep on a piece of foam on the floor in my shitty apartment, I have a night stand, rudimentary kitchen supplies, a folding table and chair, laptop, and clothes, no decorations or art or burdensome possession. I learned to only have what you can move by yourself and fit in a trunk


> I learned to only have what you can move by yourself and fit in a trunk

if everything you own can be put in a truck and moved away in 2 hours you are free.


File: 1603645465257.png (667.93 KB, 1115x621, 1115:621, 1598705010873.png) ImgOps iqdb

anybody else likes to get rid off things you recently obtained just for the pleasure of getting rid off it
it brings double joy, buying useless crap and selling, giving away or whatever it afterwards
in the end it feels all useless and empty
I'm always switching between full minimalism with owning nothing I don't have any real need for and gayass consumerism.
It's like my burned out autism brain can't find the balance in between and I can't really focus on anything
I just want to get rid of all the crap


there are still plenty of torrents up.
you can get almost everything no problem.
You just need to know where to look for it


also mega is back up if you haven't noticed


You willingly choose to leave home wiz? I left home at 15 but not by choice I'll admit. Basically the same as you, except someone gave me a proper bed and two chairs for free. I've been thinking of using those inflatable air mattresses instead, but I sleep on my side and those are only good for back rest. So I came up with the idea to use a hammock, which I might test out next week. Should that work I'm trashing my bed.

Also what you do for income? Leaving home so early fucks up a lot of your life, did you have to stay at any of those """"safe"""" houses or hostels for the poor?


File: 1603686299414.png (88.45 KB, 750x805, 150:161, funnyblackpeople.png) ImgOps iqdb

>The problem is today that you cannot find reliable sources to pirate anymore
>torrents are dead after a few weeks post release and filehosters have their files offline all the time

While the history you presented is true, these lines stretch the facts. The number of torrent trackers and lookup sites is always increasing (the larger of which offering users to rate and comment,) VPNs are getting faster and more available, TV shows and films now have official web sources that can be ripped from, new compressions standards make for a faster download, and p2p chat applications that allow filesharing can even be used to transmit files of any variety without any overlord's approval.


no, I love filling my life with stupid garbage. i crave products


File: 1604432860711.jpeg (85.96 KB, 849x566, 3:2, futon.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

anybody here sleeping on the floor/using a futon?
I'm already taking cold showers, so I want to remove as much unnecassary comfort from my way too comfy life as possible.
Or is it just a digital nomad startup normalfag bugliving meme?


yeah i've got like 4 layers of blankets on the floor. i just dont like beds though, i'm not a minimalist


thank you. might try that before selling off my bed


Yes, I sleep like a nip with a futon on top of a tatami. It's good for bone density and helps with not waking up with muscle pulls every morning because you don't sink into the bed. Plus I can fold up during the day which is very important because I only have 10x10 ft to live in.


how much did you pay for it, how thick is it?
Also tatami mats are pretty expensive… You think the normal floor is too hard ?


Isn't it worse for the back if you sleep sideways?


File: 1604588023615.png (3.67 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ia_3400003192.png) ImgOps iqdb

please tell me, wiz. what's the best way to sleep on the floor. wanna try it today


I slept on the floor for a long time anon.
Learn to sleep on your back. A lot of people have no issues sleeping on their sides on the floor, but me personally I wake up and my shoulders/hips hurt if I do that.
Lay down some blankets to help you get comfortable and add warmth.


Thanks for your wisdom. For me it's quite hard to get used to it. Tried it today, just lying on a soft carpet. Went back into my comfy bed after not being able to sleep.


had a weird episode 2 weeks ago with something similar. I was having bad insomnia and thought one reason could be because I have too much stuff and thought I needed to get rid of it. Ended with me destroying my ps3 and ps2 and throwing them in the garbage


lol. you could've gotten some money for them at least. such a waste.


just broke two of my controllers (ps3 controller and a ps4 one). It just felt weird having them there and wanted to get rid of them since i don’t have the consoles. More of an OCD thing because it was making me uncomfortable. Clipped the wires with scissors and threw them in the garbage.


Don't know if it's ocd. I know I can't control my thoughts which really unnerves me. I guess I have some mild case of compulsive thoughts. But there are weird thing which freak me out. Sometimes I just want to get rid of things, I think I get what you mean, wouldn't do something as extreme as destroy expensive electronics or something like that though.


Yes that would be ideal if I learn how to trade stocks for profit consistently. Just living in a small living space, maybe even an RV, with a computer, only working a few hours a week from home and spending the rest doing whatever I wanted. There are several people that I know of that do just that.


I just feel like that the more things you own, the more problems it creats especially if you're poor.


??? What if we want a minimalist lifestyle but we have one expensive thing every few years or so, like an expensive gaming PC every once in a while or an OLED tv?


Yes indeed. Selling all my retro games for big bucks to hipsters and just live as frugally as possible. It's a smart move.

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