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I recently become convinced i'll live to be very old,like 80+ and im scared or starled about it.
loneliness,possible damage to vital functions,the surely dystopian future,etc.

how can I prepare?how can I stop my body from degenerating?I started a series of anti-aging measures such as cold therapy and caloric restriction. Im 25 now,still live with parents.So i guess i will live half my life alone.
Im also considering taking the vow of brahmacharya, 12 years. If it works as planned i would have some decades to enjoy the glory brought by brahmacharya.


>stop degeneration

Start some investigations by yourself: https://wizchan.org/dep/res/223376.html#224312


I feel like I've seen this same brainfart by the same poster at least a hundred times.


We are growing, then. Lulz


>how can I stop my body from degenerating?

I think my only option is dying before this



I am more afraid of growing old than dying. I have watched my mighty grandparents and now my beloved mum deteriorate into a shell of their former selves. I cannot understand why there is so much industry and government dedication to making people live as long as possible, as if quantity is better than quality. People can now live to 100 years old, but at least the last 10 years of that is going to be confused and drooling in a nappy and a wheelchair. That's not life.

And it honestly scares me that the last thing I will see would be some minimum-wage immigrant nurse rummaging through my personal drawer for valuables while I'm dying alone and unloved in a cold, sterile nursing home or hospital room. No. I am only alive for my mum's sake. As soon as she goes, I at least want to go on my own terms too.


> there is so much industry and government dedication to making people live as long as possible

oh, you bluepiller! What a harm are exposed to!

Official medicine is a mice trap. At its best


It's so weird that life is like this…you would think it would have exterminated itself given the burden of being aware that this outcome awaits all living things with enough time. I think religion must have given people the strength


If you’re gonna die anyway why hasten the process? Fear of death is a poor reason to end oneself.


Didn't mention suicide. I was thinking more of the spirit of Peter Wessel Zapffe's Last Messiah: life blowing itself up after as a result of overdeveloped consciousness. He lists some reasons why humanity hasn't gone nuts, but it's still hard to believe we all have sort of collectively taken it on the chin up to this point.



Welcome to wiz chan everything repeats here and i have no problem with that


>how can I stop my body from degenerating?
You need to look into anti-ageing peptides like pinealon or GHK-cu.


You were born, so you will die. It's unhealthy to fight it, and a waste of time. I guess looking after your body will help, but one day it will begin falling very I'll and there'll be nothing we can do about it. Enjoy your life.


Always continue learning new things that challenge your mind. It is linked to lowered risk of dementia.


>And it honestly scares me that the last thing I will see would be some minimum-wage immigrant nurse rummaging through my personal drawer for valuables while I'm dying alone and unloved in a cold, sterile nursing home or hospital room.

This is what I am absolutely horrified of, ending up like this. Lying in bed of some retirement home not being able to feed myself or going to the bathroom by myself anymore, having a nurse taking care of me. I hope I will never end up like this.


File: 1599478182136.jpg (82.07 KB, 790x571, 790:571, happiness level by age.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Old people are happier than babies. Who the fuck cares if you lay in your bed all day shitting yourself, there's no expectations, no worries. Everything is at peace. You no longer care about money or parents or bills or even whether you'll live or die. You can get away with being as much of a bastard as you want. My grandparents are the happiest people ever while their wageslave children strive to please their high expectations that don't even exist anymore.


Bitch please, we're all gonna burn around 2030.


>I have watched my mighty grandparents and now my beloved mum deteriorate into a shell of their former selves.
This is just anecdotal to me personally, but this doesn't seem to happen to succubi to nearly the same degree that it does to men. My dad started taking a big pile of pills every day before he was 50, my mum's almost 60 now and doesn't take a thing.
One of my grandmothers lived independently by herself until the day she died (including 6+ months with terminal cancer) and the other one is in her 80s and still moving around like she was at 50, while on the other hand both of my grandfathers completely fucking disintegrated into total vegetables before they died. Could hardly walk, couldn't stand without help, half-senile, depressed as fuck, constantly in and out of the hospital, organs failing, incontinent near the end, the whole works shut down gradually over years before they kicked it.
Maybe it's the succubi's revenge for the fact that we age so much better than them in the first half of life.


That chart starts at 16, not 0. Old people aren't happier than babies.


Yeah my mother is practically infirm whereas my dad still lifts weights regularly. I think it has to do with your mental state more than anything.


Just look at that Churchill dude, he made it to old age even after being a fat motherfucker that was addicted to tobacco throughout his whole life. He wasn't healthy or followed any diets and lived a very strenuous life too and yet he was capable of many fabulous things, and was a great intellectual.
So truth be told, it's all genes so check within your family, your relatives and how they are doing health related.
If you are doomed to be sick and die or get old to become a patient, there's little you can really do to prevent it.


I don't want to get old, that's why I smoke and consume so much processed junk. Fuck doing another 36 years of this shit, eat my cock.



How much do you smoke every day?
Do you also drink?


find a job that you can do in old age

most ppl die when they retire


Watch Rome TV series. Try to at least, die as a free man.
Longevity and capitalism is for dumb plebs. It is working yourself to death to buy drugs to live longer, nonsense.


I would expect this to be a more prominent view here but it always feels like the majority want to get super old for whatever reason. I don't really see that many 40+ people genuinely enjoying their lives.


It's just romanticization of Gandalf.


They idolize the bitter old man archetype. Depcrabs know that a 20 year old trying to convince people that life isn't worth living is a silly sight, they want to be old men for that sweet proof of experience ethos.


I've also seen it from the "Life is great and I'm enjoying it and anyone who disagrees is a crab" people here because it feels like they think their quality of life will continue to be good even if they get old.


>I would expect this to be a more prominent view here but it always feels like the majority want to get super old for whatever reason. I don't really see that many 40+ people genuinely enjoying their lives.
The only reason I want to live many more years is because I have (admittedly naive) fantasies about life becoming much easier due the advancement of technology. I am actually quite optimistic about the future of the world in general, and considering that I have a fairly good life in a first-world country, I think I will get to benefit from much of that.

There's a very good chance I'll look back on myself in 30 years time and call myself a fucking retard for believing that though.


Yeah, me too. I thought everyone on wizchan had a plan to kill himself when they hit 30/35/40. It gets harder and harder to live as life goes on with chronic illnesses and shit. Especially if you made poor decisions concerning your health in your teens/20's(i.e. not brushing your teeth, not working out, fucking up your eyesight etc. like me).
Media isn't infinite. You'll eventually run out of good books to read, good games to play, good movies to watch etc. Then you either start consuming garbage or you find a new hobby you're interested in (which gets more difficult with age).
…Why do people here want to live 'til their 80's again? If someone reading this is one of those people, please explain your position. Especially since it's 10 times harder to live alone when you're older than 70.


i havent run out of entertaining and interesting things to consume, not even close. i predict the production of such things will explode in the future also. my curiosity and sense of discovery compels me to look for new and interesting things. i just go from one thing to the next. i like the ideas from stuff, how people combine all these ideas together to create stuff, the ideas that fill my head when i look at it. i look forward to getting older because i wont have to eat as much food. i have blind hope in a UBI future. i want to see new technology in the future. i just want to observe and learn and consume forever


i rather die future is metal


the joke being he is younger than joe while looking older than him.


There'll never be a UBI lol. Wish I could be that optimistic.


Look anon, I don´t see the loneliness in old age like something bad, I wan´t to have my ultimate moment in this life alone and having an ultimate reflection but if you´re scared of that I don´t know how to help you


i understand what you say, 5 years back when i was 22 i thought wathching movies and playing games would be the best time of my life, it was back then…. but now i hate games pretty much, and movies ? how many movies can you watch one day i have days i lay in bed and watch like 8 movies a day but how long will that work, how many repeats do you want to watch of sergio leone alfred hitchcock or other regisseurs? i saw them all and i love them all but back when i was 22 i could watch movies everytime now it gets hard it has to be a movie i didnt see from a good director how much is left ?


>stop degeneration

Well, knowing your dosha and the habits need towards it could help.

Temazcalli cleanses the body, too.
And fasting every month at least, some days…

The vow of brahmacharya should not be taken unless with a plain perspective of it, with healthy libido. Not being a mummy like you must be right now.

Things change like crazy.


>You no longer care about money or parents or bills

But what if you don't have enough to live on other than state pension after a typical norman retirement age. Being 80 years and still working a job to pay the rent on a apartment seems like hell. That's even if you have a job. If you couldn't get into some hostel, might even be homeless. What are the criteria to be able to get into a state nursing home?


retarded chart. of course boomers are going to be more happy, they took the entire world's resources for themselves and are sitting on it waiting to die with no responsibilities or cares. meanwhile millennials and gen x are depressed as fuck because they have nothing, and gen z is still too young to realize how terrible things are going to be for them and are simply content playing fortnite and jacking off to e-succubi. literally has nothing to do with age in itself. seriously, have things ever gotten better in your life? have you ever in your life lived through a period where things improved generally in society? we're on a one way ticket to hell and i'm getting off early.


Gen z knows they're fucked most have had a mindbreak and just live for pleasure.


I was hoping to see a response like this when I looked at that image.


Caloric restriction is just going to make you miserable. Do intermittent fasting, have 2-3 meals a day and a small snack. Don't eat outside of that to keep your blood sugar from fluctiating wildly. As for nutrition, keep your protein relatively low, around 0.8g per kg of bodyweight, red meat only rarely, fatty fish twice a day. Your carb sources should be veggies and whole grain for the most part, skip the simple sugars. As for fats, 1 - 2 tablespoons of good quality olive oil per day, nuts and seeds. Do at least 30 minutes of cardio every second day, some strength training (fuck gyms, just use your bodyweight) to keep your cardiovascular system healthy and your muscles and joints from deteriorating. Eat whatever your ancestors have eaten (roughly), since that's what your body is optimized to eat. Do a 24-48h water fast twice a year.
Source for all of this is "The Longevity Diet" from Dr. Valter Longo. It's been a bit since I read it but that's the gist of it.


This is reasonable and sound advice, way too reasonable for the monk larpers who crave suffering and making themselves feel miserable with all sorts of meme diets and weird practices.


I'd suggest to read the book for yourself if anyone is interested, I probably missed some stuff. Also, I meant to say fish twice a week, not day.


Let's pray for drug liberalization and cheap opioids my dudes


Why do you think you will be alone? In 10-20 years there will be many more people who are single and don't care and other kinds of relationships will form. Basically you'll have friends who are like family. Even now you can have online friends. I don't even care about meeting people in real life, except for a hobby but that is only for the past few years (I am 34). Before that I didn't speak to anyone. As you grow, the less you care about what other people think and if you have company. You will be also less afraid to talk to people. Of course, social anxiety may remain but not to that extent because your brain grows up. Teenage brains (up to 25-30) are very emotional and easily depressed.

Btw, I think a person your age can live to 120 or you can even reverse aging.


reseach autophagy from fasting I find it helps I look very very young despite treating my body like shit and probably because I fast quite a lot.


Over my 20s and now in my 30s I convinced myself little by little that I will commit sudoku, probably in my 50s, if I get there and don't die from disease/accident before. After years of thinking about it from every angle, I'm totally ok with it.

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