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File: 1596505246748.png (62.15 KB, 833x612, 49:36, happiest.png) ImgOps iqdb


I was reading The Giver and there’s this chapter where the elder, the giver, decides to finally transmit his favorite memory to the young boy who was preparing himself to be his replacement. This memory turns out to be a memory of an idyllic Christmas family celebration, and when I read that it got me thinking about what were my happiest memories, and immediately after about what were the happiest memories that humans can have in the course of their lives. So I searched for “happiest life moments” to see if there existed already a consensus on this, and I found that among what is regarded for many to be the happiest moments of life and consequently their happiest memories there is nothing I’ve had.

>The research revealed that men are happiest at 40 whilst succubi hit their positive peak at 38– citing being fit and healthy, having a great group of friends and feeling confident in their appearance as the main reasons for their bliss.

>The findings show that loving relationships outweigh money and material gains with life’s top ten happiest moments dominated by friends and family.

My happiest memories are of me playing in a cybercafe with some childhood friends, and times when I laughed so hard I could cry, but it's been so long that now it's all blurry and almost forgotten. Happiness in life and the remembrance of said happiness from what I read seem to be so dependent on relationships that is almost a cruel joke.
These past years, for example, even though I'm sure I've experienced some joy, those moments of joy… I cannot remember them and I think that is because I've been alone in every single one of them. It also reminded me of that time when I met my math teacher by chance one evening, I was 15 driving my bike near my old school, and the first thing he asked me was if I still kept in touch with my buddies from that school, I lied to him not to disappoint him, and he replied "That's good. I'm happy to hear that. Never lose touch with your friends. Never because those memories of you and your friends will stay with you forever." he said this agitated and I could see an expression of regret in his face but I remember this clearly because he truly meant and felt that and I even wrote it down in my diary.

Now it's too late for friendship and trying to get those happiest moments that we see in this top ten, and many could argue that most people live unforgettable and meaningless lives, but that doesn't mean that they don't experience happiness or moments of bliss. So I was wondering if there is a way to create this happiest moments all by yourself, and make them as unforgettable as these other moments that I had back when I was a kid.
My happiest moments that I remember are so distant now and before I go I want to know that I lived a somewhat happy life. I want moments that can match in their quality those other memories that normal people report to be their happiest moments.

I think it's impossible, and nothing comes to mind, so I'm asking for your help.



> me playing in a cybercafe with some childhood friends


Last day of high school probably. Because I really hated high school.
First day moved away from parents
Last day of college
First time successfully performed magick
Christmas Eve when I was around 8 I think


>when I quit my factory job
>when I quit college
>when I quit my office job
some people enjoy their slavery


My life peaked when I was 9 years old.


My happiest moments existed when i hiked very far from any human being and could strip nude and pretend to be a wolf in the forest.


I know, i could tell


It's funny, I never actually thought about a happiest moment in my life until reading this thread, you would think this is an obvious thing to think about. I don't think I have a happiest moment, in fact I have very little memories, considering I've lived for over 30 years now. Mostly I have random memories of neutral events, and in retrospect almost all my memories become neutral, even though I remember being happy when they happened. For example I remember being happy when I first got a video game console for my 8th birthday, but when I recall this memory the happiness doesn't really come up, just the images with a neutral sentiment towards it.

If I had to pick one it would be the after school hours when I would go to the library. There was a small corner there behind a couple of tall shelves and I would sit there hidden from the world looking at picture books.


Moving into a new home? These normies are crazy. I have to move all the time and it is always a hassle.


i think the summer of my third highschool year (4 in total). There was a year till the entrance exams so i didnt need to worry about that, just spent the whole summer playing games and being comfy with no responsibilities
The other contender would be 2nd summer of uni, built a pc by myself with some non-archaic pieces, first time playing actually good graphics games, played witcher 3 also, was great


The best days of my life were in 2018 walking my dog 10 miles 2 or 3 times a week and walking myself as far plus walking him two miles on his off days. It ended when I fell doing pull ups and injured my hamstring. It's better now, I walk my dog at least 3 miles a day and am just waiting for summer to end so I can walk him during the middle of the day again.


>last day of school
>last day of work
>Some early childhood memories

That's about it.


I read that book overnight in highschool and I remember breaking down and crying my ass off after finishing it.
The teacher was looked taken-back after I told her I read it in one night since it was meant to be a Winter homework type of deal or some thing like that.

Anyway, I don't think it's not possible to still experience moments rivaling the bliss of those pure, early days. It still is… it's just different. Of course, I speak through the lens of my life. But if you stay true to your true self you may still find some of these experiences. They… they're sadder. Maybe I wouldn't even call them happy at all, but happiness may not be that certain "something" you're longing for. I think it's a feeling of something else, one that surpasses all description. A feeling of transcendence, of understanding, of content, of belonging, of love. I feel as if the feeling remains within reach as you get older, but it ages and ferments in melancholy, like alcohol. As such, it develops new textures, new angles. But it's still there.
Be true and never lose sight of that unspeakable "that," you might just find it again.


>succubi's happiness peaks at 38

lol what, it has to be early to mid 20's at the latest. nothing more miserable than an ageing w o m a n


What is even the true self?


Pretty much all of my happiest memories involve playing video games.


Same tbh.


>going to Maine and sitting on a rocky beach watching the sunset listening to Bvdub and Pink Floyd
>going to a colonial village at the end of summer with family when we were 15
Probably some other stuff.


It's hard to live alone, I remember days when I felt really blissful, but it was with aid of happy drugs, still remember my first heavy dose of MDMA, went to walk the city and started thinking about everything about my life, for some hours I convinced myself that i was worried about tiny things and all in all it is ok. I was alone and I never felt so ok with the way the world is and my place in life.
Maybe it was a drug delirium but it beats any other experience of being on that I had.

Next thing that come close is working really hard in a proyect with coworkers and have economic success, we were all really content with the situation and proud of what we created. It's different since we were also under pressure

I think that having success in a project that you put a lot of effort into it beats hanging around with some "pals" but I never had pals so I don't know how they xompare.

It's a nice post op. Some change to the usual gloom.

Drug bliss , exercise rush and accomplishment in work come to mind as replacement to relationships


I can add the days in my 20s that I came home after swimming really hard. I literally fainted on the bed and when I woke up I felt like I was born again with a new body. Swimming is great and good exercise is one of the best things you can get


The sounds very workslave-like to me, to exert your body like a horse for brain chemicals. Might aswell allow your boss to whip you at the same time.


Off the top of my head, I think one of my happiest days would be my 22nd birthday. I knew my awful family was coming over so I ate a weed edible and just kept pounding drinks. I was so fucked up that I was able to just keep smiling and nodding all through dinner, and not a word they said could reach me. It’s one of the few times I’ve been able to truly escape a social situation like that.


File: 1597406339788.gif (2.05 MB, 322x225, 322:225, external-content.duckduckg….gif) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1597411026765.jpg (97.27 KB, 800x843, 800:843, cast_away.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>So I was wondering if there is a way to create this happiest moments all by yourself
If you have a proper working brain you will be aware that you're forcing joy yourself thus nullifying the effect. In that case the only way left is to do drugs.

>before I go I want to know that I lived a somewhat happy life

>I think it's impossible
So instead of accepting a pessimistic but mind-liberating philosophy you take a hollywood drama pill and shoot yourself in the fucking foot, nice.

>this top ten

Most people won't ever admit the happiest (like if they measure endorphins levels or something) moments were when they took a massive diarrhea shit after holding it for hours or being dehydrated for entire hot day and then drinking smelly metallic-taste tap water. I'll admit those were mine, as well as taking an lsd stamp once.

As for live action nostalgia, like most here i felt amazing the day i decided i'll never go to college again.
I think i regret ever having a (dude) friend more than i enjoyed friendship, but it happend, so there was this one summer evening when we watched "Killing Them Softly" in an almost empty cinema, and were going back to our shitty rental apartment to eat ramen and play videogames.
Also remember blissful comfyness of eating mcdonalds and playin something like Banner Saga or reading HPMOR.

Nowadays i deal with:
>almost no money
>no good media
>worn receptors
>slowly rotting body
>multiple neurosis
Good thing i have my boi Liggotti to explain me nothing ain't shit.


> the happiest moments were when they took a massive diarrhea shit
> and then drinking smelly metallic-taste tap water
>worn receptors
>slowly rotting body
>multiple neurosis
Yeah, should have just spoken for yourself
> there was this one summer evening when we watched "Killing Them Softly" in an almost empty cinema, and were going back to our shitty rental apartment to eat ramen and play videogames.


this wizoid doesn't have a dude friend.


try harder, wizkid


Yeah wizchan 2020 ignores rules now


Having friends isn’t against the rules.


If you are healthy doing sport or exerting the body while you are young doesn't seems like work rather it feels like stretching and makes you feel good. Try it before you become a cripple and youncant do it anymore.

We are slaves to our brain chemicals, how you make them exist is just a tool to the end of getting them.


>11.If a post violates a rule, report it. Do not respond to the post or announce your objection.


Read rule 3


Nothing about that says you can’t have friends. Admittedly in this situation, going to the movies with that guy is a “real life voluntary social activity”, but having a friend doesn’t break any rules.


> Admittedly in this situation, going to the movies with that guy is a “real life voluntary social activity”
Well yeah that's the whole point


This anon is definitely on point. Although he's speaking of overall happiness, not happy memories.
We remember things that have the biggest emotional impact on us, and since biologically our main goal is to have descdendants, we get the biggest kick out of things related to accomplishing it. Can't change or deceive it.
If you want to have happy *memories* OP, you can't stay a wizard. But you can work on inner happiness.
I'd really like to get into how to be happy as a wizard. It's not an usual kind of happiness.
Do we really need others? Or maybe all it takes is a good relationship with ourselves.


Why were you crying so much? Should i read this book as an oldie or is it just for preteen boys?


File: 1597965526291.jpg (48.79 KB, 750x732, 125:122, 1596665495415.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>People ask me if I'm happy
>Inside I'm never happy
>I lie


I definitely know that i was feeling intense happiness at certain times in my life, but as others have posted, the memories seem distant and detached from actual emotional associations.
However when i read normans talking about how their happiest moments are the birth of children and all of that nonsense, i really have to wonder whether they truly feel that sense of bliss when they recall those events?
Maybe they too just cite it like kind of a fact, without actually experiencing the emotion?
Like i was certainly happy playing games all night long on awfully hot summer nights and laughing my ass off at stupid flash loops.
I know it, but still cant reproduce that feeling by remembering the events, and whenever i try to concentrate on it, to force it, my head just hurts.
Then again i remember being able to get a feeling of comfort from indulging in nostalgia, so maybe those people simply have a generally higher level of emotional well being at any given point in time, so its easier for them to focus on whatever trace of emotion is actually there, while your typical depressed wizard simply cant get through the constant noise of feeling like shit.
I definitely didn't feel that much like shit back then, even when i was "depressed". Maybe if magically i were to stop feeling like TOTAL shit, those memories would suddenly become colorful and vibrant again.
At least that's a thought i've been having lately.


Rather than happiest, they are probably just the largest memorable moments that weren't awful.


My last christmas before my parents got divorced when I was nine.


>last day of highschool, I was walking home in the rain and smiling
>when I finally got my driver's license after failing 5 times
>playing Super Mario Kart on a mattress on the floor during a saturday morning. I was probably 6 or 7
I had some other nice memories but they all involve video games


My happiest memory was of me reading my first visual novel. Opened a huge door for me in escapism. That first novel I read was mediocre, but the second one was really good.
Second happiest memory is being in that weird state while playing a videogame where you stop feeling your surroundings and even your own body and focus entirely on a good game. Immersion, I think it was called.
Third happiest is when I discovered chinese fantasy novels. Everything I liked about fantasy in a single subgenre - very long, very intricate world-building, less focus on relationships (modern western fantasy writers tend to focus more on that).
I also had happy memories of real life, but they got diluted and buried deep in my mind when I decided to be an escapism conductor instead of a person. Oh well.
Pretty sad that everyone ignored op and started just telling their happiest memories (including me).
It's fairly easy to make happy memories for me, op. I just escape in a fantasy world and voila - happy memory. It's much harder to make happy memories if you are constrained by your ego, your attachment to real life and your attachment to wizard identity. The "shit-triangle". Take one aspect out and your life gets infinitely better. Get stuck in all three and you're an eternal /dep/ poster. Easier said than done for some people.


I don't think I had a single "happy" moment, but I don't really care.


I can't bring myself to believe most of this list. I feel like most of the answers are lies, although I'm not sure why people would lie. Maybe they can't think of a real answer, or maybe the real answer is some banal bullshit like video games or something embarrassing like the first time they came from getting fucked in the ass that they'd never admit to.

A few of them, like a first kiss or your child saying "daddy" for the first time, I could imagine being an explosion of happiness that burns itself into your head for somebody, but things like a wedding or a new home or childbirth seem too tainted with anxiety to really be anybody's "happiest moment ever".
Retirement seems like a pretty fucking depressing thing, I don't get this one at all. Retirement is the unequivocal, no-holds-barred acknowledgement that your life is functionally over and your only purpose is now to sit in your corner and try not to make too much noise while you finish expiring. If you're norman enough to be "retiring" from a lifelong career in the first place that has to hurt like hell.
"Meeting the man/succubus of your dreams" doesn't even make any sense. Even the most socially crippled wizzie who hasn't touched a succubus other than their mother since they played tag in 3rd grade knows enough to understand that romantic relationships don't work like this, where you see somebody once and you're immediately at your all-time life peak because you instantly fell 100% in love and you know you're gonna get married. Not even schlocky romance movies are this naive.

I really can't think of a single moment like that where I had a gigantic happiness spike that lasted
a few hours or a day. My personality doesn't work this way, my emotions don't have huge peaks and troughs. I can remember _periods of time_ where I was pretty happy for a while, like the summer vacation I spent playing Oblivion for the first time and living off Hot Fudge Sundae Pop-Tarts, but that's not a single, discrete memory.
Maybe the day I dropped out of high school, funnily enough. I can't remember a lot of times in my life where I would say I felt real _hope_ but there was such a gigantic amount of pressure taken off me that day that I sincerely believed things weren't going to be so bad anymore.


Probably some early childhood memories, I had a decent childhood and did a lot of fun stuff like playing with toy cars with my brother or playing in the rain. I also have good memories of funny things that happened on the internet, like doing habbo hotel raids or other raids back in the day and laughing really hard. Most of the good times in my life have been online or playing videogames. Mostly just funny things online laughing alone in my room I felt really happy. Alao there are times I had mania or hypomania which felt very happy at the time although aren’t really good memories looking back so much as malfunctions of my brain.


Walking home after quitting university was beautiful. Years of struggling and failing with mental health issues. Every step like a cloud. It's been years of struggle afterwards and it would have been better if I could have stuck to it, but that memory of walking home free was beautiful.


uncle Schope was right about joy as elimination of pain - le thread


Can you link to what he said or post quotation?



Why not?? You said he is your uncle didn't you, and you can't even quote??


File: 1599069842896.jpg (47.38 KB, 850x400, 17:8, external-content.duckduckg….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


You just googled this you lazyposter!


>First time successfully performed magick
I know this was posted 3 days ago but could you go into more detail about this? You mean magick in the Crowley/occult sense right?


roleplaying sense more like


Last day of highschool would definitely be on my list.

I know this is not common, but my fist shitty job. I actually got to meet people that were laid back and had similar interests in movies and video games.

First time I took LSD. I was at a psych fest sitting in a tent with 3 other people, and I just remember this feeling like I was fully aware and alive for the very first time. Like I was no longer a passive observer in my life, but the lead actor. The great part is that awareness never left and I'm better off for it.


File: 1600026473728.png (8.52 KB, 554x542, 277:271, EaBtUnjXs.png) ImgOps iqdb

Discovering imageboards at 13.
I know it - sounds - dumb and sad, but growing up, people on imageboards and a few other obscure parts of the internet were the only people i could relate to. In real life most kids found me, my behavior and my interests weird and autistic, and they pretty much laughed at anyone who wasn't a loud sports/minecraft/grades-obsessed extrovert. Even if being underage on imageboards is bannable, i also had to hide my age on social media anyways as otherwise everyone would dismiss my opinions and call me a baby.

Because of this as i started posting on imageboards i began liking and understanding their anonymous nature. And also the fact that they aren't as autistically strict and full of weird rules or lingo that forums had. At least before the internet got so politically divided as a whole, shit was super comfy and i would still rather post on even the deadest imageboards than any other sites
Ledditors and sheepies assume sites like this create mass shooters, but in my case 8chan was the reason why i DIDN'T become a school shooter.


>peers playing minecraft
>being in school while 8chan was around
You sound way too young to be here.


File: 1600027352677.jpg (158.31 KB, 799x600, 799:600, 799px-0694-AnnaBD8.JPG) ImgOps iqdb

20 but yeah i know that counts as underage here


Didn't this succubus turn out to be a massive cunt or something?


Yeah, she "whiteknighted" him from trolls but was actually a troll herself at first. She was kinda manipulative and pretended to befriend CWC for attention


Dat big ass chin she looks like a dude lmao


everyone is 20s here man 30s off themselves


Yeah, I'm almost 30 and it's getting worse by the day so that makes sense if most of the graduates killed themselves by now.


it's the smart thing to do.


This is the real reason why men surveyed are happiest at 40 – anyone who isn't happy by 40 offs themselves.


Wow, what a time we are living in.


My happiest memory was sitting in a car with a buddy on the top of a hill to get better reception on a cb radio. there was a tinge of sadness at the end because i knew it would never happen again, due to him entering a long term relationship with a succubus and my slowly deteriorating mental health.


Why should I be happy?


Last day of HS because I could play WoW all day
Day I dropped out of college
When I got to live alone and go for walks at 4 am without fear of getting killed
Living alone and getting to enjoy peace and quiet
First day I took ADD medicine
Finishing exams and watching a movie


I cant even imagine moving as a wizard with nobody to help you, how do you manage?


File: 1603021865953.jpg (97.96 KB, 850x643, 850:643, 5447.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

It is true that we can only survey people who haven't offed themselves.
But according to some surveys 40-50 was the unhappiest age. Young was the happiest and really old the second happiest. I've also seen polls asking men who are 100 what decade they looked back on with most fondness, 20s and 30s were the best and 40s had a drop in popularity. But maybe wizards who don't kill themselves are happier in their 40s.


Sleeping on a latex pillow and not waking up with my usual dust allergies.


It would be interesting to see this graph specifically for wizards.


…..probably could just try to make a stupid poll on this site to try to guesstimate it.


This is pretty scary for someone with an unhappy youth.


First time I drank alcohol.


that sounds like an amazing moment wizzie, glad you shared it even though it didn't end well, I've had similar experiences


my happiest momments are probably getting ocarina of time for christmas when i was 8 and a metallica concert i went to like 12 years ago, i have a hard time thinking of anything else.

Most memories are sad, i go by trying to suppress all memories because most bring me pain and bad emotions, even if i remember something fondly i'll remember after how that person involved died or abandoned me or we fought or i ruined it all or i'll remember something humilliating tangential to that experience.


>my happiest momments are probably getting ocarina of time for christmas

Definitely one of my happiest moments too. Video games are connected to a lot of blissful moments of my childhood. Like going to video game rental stores, first time reaching Sky Chase Zone level on Sonic 2. Beating Captain American and the Avengers with my brother for the Sega Genesis, Playing Metal Slug games at the arcades at the mall, trying to catch the rabbit on Mario 64. My brother talking about Snes games that he played in his friend's house. Playing Pokemon Yellow.

Funny that when I think about it, if you consider it from the outside, you would be looking at a kid who spent most of his time staring at a shitty TV in a rather shitty apartment. Being a child is a lot more than not having any responsibilities, there's this unawareness about things that enhances whatever you do as a kid. Pretty sure even food tasted better back then. Instead of doing research to hair thinning and diet pills the pharmaceutical industry should be researching childhood pills that causes some sort of selective unawareness so people can enjoy things like the did once.


>things like a wedding or a new home or childbirth seem too tainted with anxiety to really be anybody's "happiest moment ever".
Correct, they only make those answers to appease their spouses and avoid a potential argument. It's the easy cliche meme answer that won't make anyone ask any questions and parroting it is second nature to them


you wizards are lucky. im a wizkid and my last day of high school was march 2020. i thought i was just going on spring break but then covid came and we went online. i couldnt muster up the will to do literally any of the work but they said the lowest grade you could get missing work during the pandemic was a 60 and i had an 80 first semester so i squeezed by in all of my classes and didnt go to graduation. i didnt get that feeling of walking out of school knowing i was done or any of the cool senior stuff. now i am suffering doing online uni and i still cant muster up the will to do any of the work


Firstly there are no such thing as a happy memory because they turn sour and only serve to hurt you later. My happiest moment was making a friend online and that feeling I remember juxtaposed with how I feel every other moment hurts me greatly I wish I never felt any joy in life it would make this sorrow easier to cope with.

>complaining about being fored to stay inside
>complaining about missing out on "cool senior stuff"
Are you lost?


My happiest memories almost always involve me in front of my computer, I remember fondly when I was like 9 years old playing and visiting websites on my PC, it was a shitty celeron PC that was bad even for the day but I didn't care, I was absolutely amazed by the internet and the awesome things there, I loved tinkering around with Windows XP, I loved discovering interesting articles on Microsoft Encarta, playing AoEII, then I started watching anime when I was like 11-12 y/o, it was amazing, like a drug, I loved it, I loved school rumble and other shows, it was so amazing, made me feel so happy and fulfilling.

Now I'm 25 and everything is dull and sterile now, everything went to shit, I don't enjoy anime like I used to anymore, playing games feels like a chore, the internet is mostly massive cesspool full of normalfags and stupid people that should die in a fire, I can't go anywhere without being attacked by stupid left propaganda or stupid females that ruin everything.

Things shouldn't change, contrary to what normies and shills say change is horrible, people should be 12 y/o forever at least in VR or something, I hate how things are now, my memories from childhood look like something straight out from a fantasy book, the world is so different from back then, and worse in pretty much every measurable way.


I wanted to post this too, this song pretty much encapsulates my entire childhood, every time I hear it I become 9 again for 4 minutes, and then I end up crying.



most of these never happened to me, but id think they would have made me happy. i tried placing them in the order they would likely occur

- christmas as a child
- getting a new videogame/console as a child
- getting your first personal computer
- received autism diagnosis
- discovered online gaming
- discovered manga/anime/light novels
- first MMORPG
- built your first pc
- dropped out or otherwise finished education
- quit, got fired, or otherwise stopped working
- experienced NEETdom
- experienced a lucid dream
- found online remote work
- discovered wizardchan
- received your first NEETbux
- received your first stimulus check
- received your first UBI (in the future probably)
- started receiving passive income
- realized you are getting old and don't understand memes by the younger generation
- saved up X dollars
- achieved independence
- inherited parent's fortune
- visited japan
- finally turned 30
- retired or otherwise stopped working (with good finances)
- achieved some arbitrary long-term personal goal of yours


you are missing the point. online school is stressful as hell and way harder to work up the will to do than in person school. i hate school, but if i am forced to do it i would rather do it in person


they are both stressful in different ways. the physical presence and logistics involved with going to school, having to interact with other people, etc are more stressful than doing a class online. at least when i did an online course years ago. nowadays im not sure online classes would be tolerable if they force you into using a webcam and shit


NO you are just a fresh wizkid that is normal you probably listened to lil peep or something and decided you are depressed and found wizchan straight after.

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