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I want to let you know that it's not hopeless. We are making a difference. Our wizard movement. This antisex movement is in its infancy, we can expect big changes to happen anytime soon. What we need to do though is focus on growing in number. We need to establish a stronger presence both online and in real life

We do not need to fight amongst ourselves, that's the last thing we need to do. We need to focus on the reasons to why we've come together on this imageboard and just focus on what we have in common.
We need to grow in number. We need to open people's eyes by teaching them the wizard path, we need to encourage others males to speak out. And we can do that by speaking out ourselves.
When you speak out when you share something antisex on imageboards, for example, or even when you state your opinion in your own personal life, with your family or that cashier in the bakery shop, you are giving people courage to do the same.

This has happened to me numerous times, people have told me that I have given them the courage to go ahead and speak out and be honest about how they truly feel about celibacy and this promiscuous prolife society.
So by just expressing yourself and be honest with people, finding that courage to say no please keep your sex, drugs, and parties away from me I don't like promiscuity. They will look at you like you're crazy, but then you can direct them to this page wizchan.org and to the many groups out there and pages that are against sex and life. You're not alone and you can let them know that you're not alone, that we are growing in number, people are coming out of their woodwork.
Just by doing that we are normalizing our stance, our opinion is becoming more normal and less crazy.
We are planting seeds in people’s minds that might not sprout today or next week. It might take a couple of years as it did with me. I used to be an apprehensive virgin, now I’m a virgin who isn’t afraid to say that I will never have sex, I used to actually say and believe that I love society until someone put the idea in my head that society is wrong and isn’t great at all. It took a while but after a couple of years, it’s as if a veil was lifted and I saw that the wizard life was absolutely right and I thank other wizards so much for sharing their antisex antilife vision of the world with me. I didn’t appreciate it so much at the time but now I do.


I absolutely support your message. I am also not trying to hide anything anymore IRL and behave much more authentic now. Stand proud.


Absolutely go fuck yourself.


Your anti-zeal towards our movement is quite unnerving. I suggest you start running, norman.


Correction, as soon as there is a ""movement"" normals and chads will seek to be the forefront of it.
Thanks for calling it to my attention that in less than 5 years there will be Chad virgins unironcally who have succubus paying them to reach wizardhood.
You just broke my brain with this


Didn't even need to read all this to realise it's bait to get us to expose ourselves. Screw you outsider for trying to check advantage


We ain't your personal army nor are we anything resembling a movement.
We are a loose cohort of vastly different individuals who just so happen to share a few usually superficial things in common that also make a good normalfag screen.

You can take your agenda and shove it.
I am my own man going my own way and doing my own thing.


But didn't we had mgtow already?
I mean, the point of giving a breath to our collective psyche would be to load succubi with the weight of every responsibility in regards to any relationship.

Like tearing apart that thing about "a succubus is, a man has to become"


Then it is perfect, normans working for us, lol-

Why should we expose?


>how wizchan died


>implying it's currently alive




>We are making a difference. Our wizard movement. This antisex movement is in its infancy,
like I care about sex or whatever normalfags care about
politics all the shit

I just want it all to end finally
I feel so tired of everything


your movement can suck a big one. i don't give a shit about other people. your focus is on other people, you want to change other people. disgusting. i would rather ignore everyone and continue living in my digital world. your ideology is aids, shame on you for trying to rope in wizards to serve it. being a loud annoying anti-sex jackass doesn't help you or any wizard out. you will become like a vegan, everyone fucking hates them and finds them annoying. i would rather not bring any attention to myself. my wellbeing is greater than some gay fucking movement with a sole purpose of convincing literal cattle to stop being cattle


Only good thing in this thread is that image in the OP.

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