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anyone of you are 30s and stably employed doing designs art and shits(or whatever really)and able to support yourself and live an idly nice life in metropolitan?

what do you do to get to your current life standard? how did you achieve what you achieve and managed to say, hit your target?


You're the guy from the other thread that got deleted right? Look, there's no hope for you. You can't do a basic online search. I'll help you out, but after this link you're on your own.


Why was the thread deleted anyway?


>>171688 i dunno which one you are talking about

and your life stories isnt exactly on google dude
but then again maybe its tru lots more people made it into nothing

maybe the kind like you


Because OP is obviously 11 and his thread is just him begging people to google stuff for him? It's a /b/ thread, at most.


>>171691 wtf

if there s like worldwide skill on making a reliable research you should point that out then instead of telling me google shit up

if im so fucking good at it i wont be asking people here
wtf, genius

pardon you for not having any self confidence, i thought i could find some enlightment here


Makes sense.
I was the dude that asked him all the questions, but he couldn't answer even basic stuff that was relevant to the career that he was allegedly wanting to get in to.

Now I suspect he is asking others so that he can just steal their answers if he is asked again.

What OP needs to do is work on his English and writing skills by actually doing writing projects and finish school because I don't think he is even 18.


If you lurked the site long enough you would know that their are no users here that do graphic design professionally.

You are not going to get the answers you seek here.

Go study English, your writing/communication skills are abysmal.


Moved to >>>/b/507756.

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