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My parents are very wealthy (for the country i live in) and im a 27 neet.
Naturally the vast majority of threads and posts are from people that are from average or poor backgrounds since thats the majority of people but how do people deal with living with well off parents?
For some background both my parents come from extremely poor upbringings but managed to come out on top in the end mainly from my father, i was lucky enough that he isnt the type to think his son should become extremely successful like him, he only wants me to become 'well off' (basically middle class)

But i remember in school (was your average school) the other rich kids all had parents who wanted their children to become somewhat wealthy like them which if you quickly think about it isnt a completely wrong train of thought since you "should" have more opportunity and time than the parents had (who were all poor when young). These kids suffered quite a lot from the pressure and only a few that i've ever followed up on have done somewhat decently since.
Back to the point, what are parents expectations with you, your relationship with them and how they handle their child being a neet and/or societal failure when in their eyes you got many more chances at a successful life than they most likely had.


To add on the point of rich parents thinking their kids should turn out wealthy that i didnt want to include in the OP.
it is actually a retarded way of thinking even if in their eyes you can understand why they would think that way. The situation on society in general is completely different compared to what they had, it was far easier to make a living in the booming economies of the 50s onward than in the stagnated economy now.
The poorer upbringing they had meant they had to work from a young age and could work from a young age and earn a somewhat decent amount all things considering plus you could get by completely fine without even finishing high school.
Now if you look at what me and other rich kids around me grew up as we had comfy lifestyles of 0 financial stress, though my parents werent quick to give me whatever i wanted the other kids sure got it 99% of the time, very little value of money for them, though i like to believe i do value it and live very frugally with what little money i personally have. This plus the fact the parents worked most of the day meant the kids were left to their own devices, during their teen years my parents were working or selling flowers they found for extra money while the parents worked all day out of pure necessity.
I can't string my thoughts together in a decent way so forgive me if this all seems incoherent.

Anyway to answer my own questions i put forward first
Like i mentioned i'm lucky in the fact my parents have much lower expectations of me than other rich parents do for their kids, which im very grateful for.
They do understand that a child not only doesnt have to be like them but also doesnt want to be like them, which for me is im completely incapable of any entrepreneurial skill which comes very natural to my father plus the fact im incapable of normal social interactions. They mainly leave me alone to do what i want but i basically never ask for anything and also became quite the push-over in the effort to keep the status quo in the house. I have a good relationship with them and love them even if i know their methods of raising me put me in this position, but they didnt know any better. The "when are you getting a job" talk is becoming more frequent though since i am getting closer to 30 and surprisingly they never ask me about friends or a girlfriend, though is suspect its because they know im unable to make any friends.
I ask this as , at least from other rich kids around me my parents treatment of me is quite a bit different, i wanted to know what other rich parents do with their children as neets/wizards


Waaaaaah im rich waaaaaah life sucks gits tae fuck!!!!!! I've NEET'd for a DECADE now and my family is low middle class you dont even know real stress or angst


Oh you poor wiz! Would you like some hot chocolate? Don't worry, we have that organic expensive stuff you like


>Loving parents start bringing up job acquirement more frequently as you approach 30
That's not a rich parent thing, that's just a loving parent thing. Only mentally ill/dependant/co-dependant parents want you to stay at home all the time. 'Cuz it's not healthy, not physically, not mentally.
And yeah, other people have much shittier lives than you. Poor people especially, but even rich kids you mentioned that are forced by their parents to work/continue their legacy. Very few people have the privilege to afford anything they want while not working well into their 30's. Maybe you have a hormonal imbalance which makes you depressed, or you are just a self-absorbed prick who hasn't seen the wider world and thinks his problems are worth posting a sad lain picture.


What the hell is this? what kind of wizard would post this kind of shit? Is like when you go into some anime or videogames forum and say "well yeah but me and my girlfriend…" why even mention that you have rich parents? how is this nothing but stupid wizard bait?


because they have a specific issue related to the intersection of NEETdom and having rich parents, he's still a virgin and can't make it on his own which is bad enough, i'm a NEET tittering towards homelessness and even I can see OP's question is fair enough


Sounds to me like it's a self-acceptance problem. Remember that there is no meaning to life and it doesnt matter at all if you're 'successful' or not. You're an insignificant nothing. Stand up for yourself and own who you are, ignore any pressure. Just keep exploring interests and learning. Stop caring about expectations and what other people think of you

>if you dont have sex you should be poor
why? fucking crabs


Daily reminder that males who suffer from BPD can't be wizards. They can't even make sense when they write their posts, here is a perfect example >>172895


lol. I don't relate to the description of BPD at all


I had rich parents. I also didn't really get much benefit from them being rich in terms of them buying me stuff.

I know for sure that my father would hate it if I was a NEET, which I'm thankfully not. He's quite insane and believes me to be some sort of a genius - he would be furious if his world-view of me was shattered.


That post makes sense to me


>if you dont have sex you should be poor

I never said that you absolute retard go back to reddit if humblebragging is your fetish.


>That is the main point of this forum, no matter what the beginnings of this forum was or the idea behind it today.


Thank god you don't post here anymore you don't even fully understand what this place is.


bro i have rich parents i am rich neet plss i need your wizhelp


How can you explain excluding any discussions for wizards that arent poor? What does it have to do with virginity? It's clear that you interlink being a virgin with being a failure in other ways, which is crab mentality. It's possible to be a virgin by choice while being happy and capable. Stop dragging down the quality of the board


So much judgement here, the exactly issue OP has.

Talking chimps criticising each other over things they cant even control; characteristics they were born and raised with. So silly.




They should make a rule about not mentioning your wealth or desire to be wealthy. Hell, just ban mentioning anything good about one's life so the crabs can finally stop seething.


Ok retard you made me reply,I never said that if you don't have sex you should be poor or that we should exclude wizards that aren't poor,I said that I can't understand why a wizard would post something that looks like shameless humblebragging when he could expose his problems or the point he wants to make without resorting to such tactics.

As I said in my previous post >>172883 it's like when you go on a forum and you start talking about your girlfriend even if it's just completely tangential to the topic at hand,why we should care if your parents are rich? OP even goes out of his way to acknowledge that the vast majority of people here won't understand his situation so why even mention it? It's like going to a cancer support forum and talk about how happy you are because you don't have cancer


>Implying that having a job makes you smarter.


If I were you, I'd ask my parents to lend me some money so I can invest it and from then start to become as rich as them. Maybe start a business.

What are your plans, OP? Have anything in mind? You really have little to lose if you have money and can rely on your parents, because in the end, as long as you do something, they will be happy and you will inherit everything.
You should not worry because you have plenty of time and your parents want to help you.
The stress that can come from being an outcast or different from your parents and relatives and the rest is something that will go with time and you should not worry about it. See yourself as a king that has nothing to lose because that's what you are, and from what I read you've already lived a better life than most people who had so many responsibilities and are forced to lead stressful lives with little to no rest.
You can do anything, you have most of the pieces, so even if you fail you can only learn from that experience and get better. Get rich and build the first wizmonastery or wizpalace. Do it for us.


My parents make pretty good money. They never bothered me to get a job but wanted me to go to college. I didn't want to take their money to go. Now I've worked fulltime for a year and literally feel half-alive from fucked up sleep schedule. Fulltime wagefucking is a nightmare, even 40 hrs a week just ruins everything. I could probably go back to being a NEET but I am trying to save as much as possible for when I do get kicked out.


I wouldn't say rich, but I'm comfortable. I'm 25 and have a good job, so no pressure there. The pressure to leave the house more often and get laid (aka gimme grandkids) is coming to the forefront now. I doh't think either of us have a right to complain, since all of our basic needs are being met. What's the alternative? You get kicked out and pressure becomes the least of your worries. Just look for a job you can do from home. WFH opportunities are only going up.

>world-view of me
That doesn't make any sense. A world-view and a perception of someone are 2 very different things.


Some of these guys are hypocritical.
Like, wtf is this post? He’s legit flexing that he has the same options as you in a lower middle class family.


I'm a third world NEET and I can only be one because my parents are well off. My mother is retired and my dad will retire soon though, and their pension will be lower than his salary so I'll probably start to work soon.
To people who hate on richfags: fuck you. It's not ok to be prejudiced against other people, even if those people had a slightly better life than you. I went to public school and was really shy (typical wiz), and some poor shitheads thought I was being snob or acting like I was better than them, when the truth I just wanted to be fucking alone. Poor people have this problem of projecting their ressentment into rich people, you fags should really stop this shit.


you aren't that rich if your parents sent you to a public school in the third world.


> It's not ok to be prejudiced against other people



wealth is relative. Compared to Jeff Bezos we're all poor, but compared to the people in my small town my parents were rich. And I went to middle school in public because it was municipal and good, but highschool was a state school and didn't have a very good reputation. My mother gave me the choice between public or private, and my dumbass choose public because it's were my few friends from middle school went. Bad decision.


>> It's not ok to be prejudiced against other people*
*except niggers and gypsies


Are the BPD fakewiz's the ones always bitching about crabs? It doesn't make sense too me that a wizard would be so obsessed with social hierarchy like a typical normalfag.


First of all no losers have rich parents. They all come from poor families usually middle to bottom of the middle class.
The most important thing is how wealthy your parents and family is compared to the others from their social circle, neighbours and so on. If their position is at the bottom of the class they are supposed to be in, it is over for you and them. So it does not matter how rich your parents are. What matters is how rich and powerful are their competitors, so called friends from their social class.
The happiest people come from ghettos. Because they are all equal or relatively equal with their wealth and way of living to the others who belong to the same group.


>poor families usually middle to bottom of the middle class
huh what? middle class means not poor not rich that's why it's called "middle"


they got me an apartment and pay my rent lol


Middle class was created by Kensian capitalism after ww2 to be an ideological real proof to fight with communism at the east. When communism , socialist block was destroyed and and USSR lost the Cold war, thus it was dismantled ( this is what happens when a state lose a war, it gets destroyed by its rival, the winner of the war ), the middle class is no longer needed. No need to brag how western capitalism is superior to the communism, look how well , wealthy and happy are our working people.
Now when it is the golden times for the capitalist class, neoliberal capitalism, they slowly segregating and destroying the middle class. So now there are many subclasses of the middle class.


im renting a place they own with neetbux.
hated living with them.

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