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File: 1600607975510.jpg (49.64 KB, 734x960, 367:480, wegguck.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


How do you feel about the current re-education of the gerneral population into isolated social retards? Clubs and bars will all die and human connection is on the verge of basically being criminalized. When this conmtinues for year, which many "experts" are predicting, what you are left with is a complete numb population who is even less likely to repoduce and more likely to be manipulated and controlled. I find it very ironic that the likes of me who never fitted into society have always been living the life of the absolute poster-child of the NWO. Now society is adapting to me by force and I find myself in the weird position of trying to rebel against my own lifestyle.


Yeah, you wish. They're gonna fix this shit and the wheels will turn again.
>trying to rebel against my own lifestyle


File: 1600609290525.gif (445.27 KB, 400x267, 400:267, 1600580797771.gif) ImgOps iqdb

its all very surreal and reactionary at the same time
at first people reacted like it's ebola manifested into a giant monster that walks around spreading plague and instant killing anyone…everyone was buying out toilet paper
and now it's like that never happened, kind of like when you see someone who's walking trip and then play it off like they're fixing their pants or something

>Now society is adapting to me by force and I find myself in the weird position of trying to rebel against my own lifestyle.

this bothers me as well because i was setting up my whole life to be a neet, i was thinking if I could work at home then i would do that but now that it's happening so suddenly it all feels so surreal like it's not actually happening and im scared go even look at the job listings now if even groids are leaving their jobs and cities to hide out through the virus, it'll be just my luck if i get a job step outside and suddenly catch it and die


> Clubs and bars will all die
> Less breeding
> Normalfags more controlled.
> NEET lifestyle vindicated.

That sounds good to me. If that is the NWO, I would welcome it with joy.


I wish this was actually happening man, but it isn't. In a lot of places, bars and nightclubs didn't close for long. I always see people walking together outside and the only change is the masks. I would be thrilled if what you described was actually happening. Even if regulations were in place, normalfags would still continue to hold house parties as a substitute and become de facto bars/clubs and only the less careful ones will get busted.


havent left the house, since maybe january, so all this corona social isolation shit sounds fake. i still see people outside having parties and grills and fires and running and playing outside, going for walks. it's as though nothing changed here. this is only a thing, i believe, in cities, everywhere else has been spared, so i don't think the effect will be huge.


I think the next generation of wizards or what have you will be much more inclined to live in what's left of the real world. Normalfags becoming NEET and clamoring for UBI does not make my life better.


I don't know where you live but there are all these new "laws" and stuff but no one is actually following them lol, it's all so passe now, gone on for too long, no one cares anymore but they have to pretend to care to keep up image, you bet as soon as there's some vaccine or whatever people will dump all this new shit and forget about it real quick, some old shits died, boohoo, but that's life


It's not really happening. People still go out all the time. Even if everyone stayed inside and posted on socmed all day, most people would still brag about their life and try to make it seem great. If hikkidom became normal then maybe everyone would be absolute retards but it would take a couple generations to even get there. The internet is still fairly new.


Do your part, go out and accuse anyone who doesn't wear a mask. Well you would find any excuse not to do it, as always.


People going to bars and restaurants and shit don't bother me. Why so judgemental? Let them do their thing and let me do mine.
…Now I would not mind seeing these filthy suburban bars and fast food restaurants with terraces closed forever. They tend to draw in the worst, most annoying pieces of shit in the neighbourhoods in the vicinity and beyond. They hog the whole sidewalk, are loud, park their vehicles in the worst possible manner, litter, and are just a nuisance in general. Best thing about lockdowns, besides normalshits not driving their cars so much, was seeing these places closed. I hope they don't recover and disappear forever.


>I hope the don't recover and disappear forever.
We may just get that considering there's going to be increasingly consolidated megacorporations everywhere instead of small business over the next years starting with this grand lockdown. I never ever go to these sort of places so I wouldn't care if they died forever


What kind of hell hole has signs like that posted up? The most the stores in my area have are signs saying put on a mask when you come in.


tbh I would love if we had signs saying to look away from people because I do that instinctively and it really fucks me over but I hate making eye contact.


>How do you feel about the current re-education of the gerneral population into isolated social retards
>what you are left with is a complete numb population who is even less likely to repoduce and more likely to be manipulated and controlled
Alright, lay off the /pol/conspiracies.

No such thing is happening, unfortunately. It would be cool if the jews or illuminati or those who rule the world would bother to turn everyone into wizards and such but as things are standing I don't see it happening…ever.


You're missing OP's point. Yes there will always be people breaking the rules and socializing but this pandemic has created a real shift towards hermit lifestyles becoming more socially acceptable


No, hermit lifestyles will never be socially acceptable. Even now normals push cheap crap like "Together in solitude" and all that. Plus, normals can still communicate with each other even if they don't want to break the law, all they have to do is use their smartphones or facebook or other social media platforms.

Covid-madness won't make society into wiz-friendly at all. Nothing will change regarding wizards and outcasts.


>Plus, normals can still communicate with each other even if they don't want to break the law, all they have to do is use their smartphones or facebook or other social media platforms.
You mean the same thing you're doing on wizchan? Stop acting as if normalfags are a different species to us, it's embarrassing


File: 1600917948459.gif (143.48 KB, 220x230, 22:23, gab_yawn.gif) ImgOps iqdb

>you can't just work from home
>the government can't afford that
>you can't just close the borders
>you can't just stop using cars
>you're insane to prep
Turns out all this was just a bunch of normalfag lies.


Stop pretending that wizchan is the same as instagram, facebook, twitter or whatever crap is out there.
Discussing various topics with anonymous strangers and socializing with your friends on the net are two very different things.


> I find myself in the weird position of trying to rebel against my own lifestyle.

That seems to sum up a lot of politicized Wizards who are so ingrained in us vs them, that if Them wanted to make Wizchan King of the World, you'd still be fighting.


Still the same need for socialization, just on a different spectrum. You're here because you have no irl friends.


i had irl friends and still ended up better fulfilling my social needs on anonymous message boards, for me real life socializing is sort of like a mirage in that when i actually find myself around people, no matter how similar to me they may be i typically feel painfully empty at some point and wish i could be back in my room again, even if i haven't done irl socializing in months. action at a distance, like nietzsche said with succubi. I dunno. People like me are very different from those who flock to facebook and instagram, as they would prefer the meatspace interaction 99% of the time.


are you the 'imageboards = socialization' wizard who mentions every single chance he can


He isn't necessarily wrong, humans can't fully escape the herd instinct no matter how recluse.

Even Ted Kaczynski couldn't despite being a hermit in a forest, and wrote to newspapers, pen pals and visited local shops and libraries just to talk to people.

So yes, writing here is no different than talking to someone in a pub, in a sense (you can't see their expressions or microexpressions but the idea is no different).

You and me post here because that need is just as profound as breathing or drinking if you happen to be a human.


the next generation of children wont know what its like to look each other in the eyes, to touch each other or to fight with each other. they will view everyone as a stranger, too afraid to talk to people because they might breathe on them. this is only if people keep up this shit, but still i cant see how you think any of that is good for anyone.


How about you guys fuck off back to the realm of normals if you want friends so much and stop projecting your failed normal anxieties onto everything and everyone?

1.) Yes, it is socialization to post here but to draw parallels between posting on wizchan and using social media platforms is fucking stupid, it is like saying that an apple is the same as an orange just because they are both fruits. There is a very big difference between wizchan and facebook and if you can't see it then kindly fuck off, again.
2.) I couldn't give a shit about friends, I'm not here to find friends, I'm here to discuss things with other outcasts and outsiders. I don't consider anyone here my buddy just because we talk about shit now and then.
3.) I don't exactly come for the purpose of socialization either, I come here because sometimes I need a break from reading and media consumption and I pass that time usually listening to music and browsing wizchan. I come here because I'm bored first of all things, not because I'm lonely.
I've only just recently come back to wizchan too, I haven't been here for months before that and guess what? I didn't communicate with anyone except my family (who live with me, by the way) during that time and I was just fine. But I'll go even further: if you gave me a place to live where my basic needs would be fulfilled for eternity without me having to leave the place and to interact with others, and if I had a laptop that would always work and good internet connection then I would be happy. I wouldn't need human interaction and communication, whether it is irl or online, I would be fine consuming media and living for my hobbies for all eternity in solitude. So much for your shitty failed normalfag complexes.


you come to wizchan for the same reasons normies go to other social media websites, denying this is lying to yourself


I wish you stopped coming here and not those guys you are replying to, or rather just lurk. At least they are decent wizards who don't attack and insult everybody with a different opinion. You appear as an insufferable guy who is a poser that is dying to fit in, so it must be true that you have no friends, and that may be because you strongly care about not damaging your image as a loner rather than anything else. I don't know what makes you come here and boast about not needing friends or human interaction and communication when just by sharing your feelings and thoughts about your perfect loner life to make a point you are acting exactly like a normalfag would. Please, just leave and never share your hateful and nasty angry posts with the rest of us, and if you respect Wizchan then to get off your high horse before you post. Nobody likes people who act like they are superior.


well ive been coming here less and less, so maybe im on the road to true true wiz


Good. I hope every human being learns to live as I do, if only for a second.


watch out guys, he only uses the internet for srs bsns


Clubs and bars have been dead since 2008, people go to them but only with friends and p pole they already know and they stick tightly with them for the entire time they're there


They hated you because you spoke the truth


There's no such thing as a true true wiz, stop memeing!


Are you over 30 and white?


Why the mania of being white? Doesn't the meme come from Japan?


>That seems to sum up a lot of politicized Wizards who are so ingrained in us vs them
they're dangerous and want to turn wizchan into a cult rather than just an imageboard for male virgins


It's all obvious social engineering to keep control down the line when things really get bad, but the one good thing that came out of this year is that niggers learned how to stand in lines and to stay the fuck away from me.


Then tell me those reasons, you insufferable faggot. Because you sound like you are just projecting again. And again, you are free to fuck off to social media platforms (assuming you aren't already present there).

Whine some more about about me hurting your fellow failed normals. For real, people like you are the reason this place has been sucking so much lately. Dumb little puppies like you confuse this place with tumblr and god knows what other horrible sites or forums you most likely use. Did I trigger you or something? Somehow you will get over the fact that an anonymous stranger talked rudely to you on the net, hopefully.
And don't be surprised that I am hostile to failed normals. This place isn't for everyone. If we had decent moderation then those 'wizards' who desire friends and social experiences would be long permabanned.
>I don't know what makes you come here and boast about not needing friends or human interaction and communication
God, I don't know! Maybe because this is a site for fucking outsiders and hermits and not another r9k-clone? If you want friends then you are on the wrong fucking chan, scum.


File: 1601366734962.png (548.77 KB, 1023x424, 1023:424, teeteekyu.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

not one of the others, but what are you even trying to prove here, posting and replying is social interaction, even with outsiders and hermits, and just because you're a jerk doesn't mean you're above that.
Your comparison with r9k is funny, this here is the nicer place by far (ignoring your insulting posts) and I wouldn't go there to make friends lol


Everything changes. The wizchan you used to know is different. Most of the oldfags have become complete hermits, committed pooicide or left. The new generation is coming in, even more depressed and with slightly different beliefs. You seem really hostile towards new wizzies and maybe others online. Clearly, this site isn't what you thought it was and wanted to be. Maybe it'll make you happier if you surfed the web by yourself?


It isn't about social interaction at all, this is about saying wizchan=facebook, twitter, instagram, etc. There is a huge fucking difference between social media platforms and anonymous image boards that cater to people who are outsiders. Those sites are for attention-whoring and for normals to feel like they are part of the herd. While wizchan is more like about discussing things that you usually can't discuss elsewhere, not about making fucking friends. Wizchan 2020, indeed. Fuckers.
The comparison to r9k isn't so that funny because most people who post here currently would fit right into r9k. Let's see: they want friends. CHECK. They want to fit in somewhere desperately. CHECK. They don't like being wizards and apprentices. Motherfucking check. They cry about being lonely and not getting love from others (normals). Check.
This site has become a sick joke.

>Most of the oldfags have become complete hermits, committed pooicide or left
Seems accurate to me. Still though, then don't keep calling it wizards and wizchan. Rename it as another r9k and let the normals in fully, by this point it wouldn't make much difference-
>Maybe it'll make you happier if you surfed the web by yourself?
Probably, the only reasons I'm still here from time to time are: nostalgia, boredom and discovering new forms of escapism(movies, books, etc. I didn't know about). That is all. Well, maybe bullying the failed normals and other "wizards" who piss me off here can be fun as well at times.


File: 1601386485907.png (137.96 KB, 1376x1124, 344:281, 1475279333649.png) ImgOps iqdb

i dont think societal trends like people becoming worse at socialization or even the internet or pandemics influence society that profoundly, atleast compared to ai

i think corona is a temporary issue. theres always been virus outbreaks, and eventually they die down. things will return to "normal" with socializations and parties and stuff, once corona dies

i think the only thing that will cause actual mass NEETs is technological automation. soon (tm) ai will literally take over all jobs. ive been talking about this non-stop since 2016

the biggest wave will be self-driving cars. i believe mobileeye (a indutsry leader in self-driving), will be starting a fulyl self-driving car taxi operation in early 2022 in israel, and later in other countries

mobile-eye is the self-driving system thats installed in may european cars, like audi and other top car brands, i forgot the brands, but they compete with the likes of BMW and mercedes and volkwagon, etc

self driving cars are going to cause HUGE WAVES of unemployment, and consequently people becoming NEETS

and after that, it will only get worse and worse. i reject the idea that there will be new kinds of jobs that we havent thought of becoming available

its actually a very exiting time to be alive, and witnessing strong ai being born is one of my strong reasons for staying alive and being opimistic of the future

it will either be a utopia or a dystopia, but it will radically change society, in many orders of magnitude compared to corona. corona is chump change, really


I thought you were banned.


this is embarassing to read, your view of ai is straight out of science fiction. the infamous singularity meme is wishful thinking for credulous fools.


Your dismissal is lazy. It’s entirely feasible such AI could be made. However I don’t think it will because at current we lack both a firm understanding of cognition and we are reaching a plateau for silicon based computing. Until we know how to recreate a brain, and have computers strong enough to do so, true AI can’t happen.


There is also a bottleneck in processing. Even if there is a perfectly optimized AI with the most efficient algorithms mathematically possible for every task, its intelligence will be bottlenecked by its physical parts. No matter how good the AI is, its emergent virtual brain will only be able to grow as powerful as the machines it's installed on can be.
AI "singularity" is absurd but still hypothetically possible.


Good post, don't let the low IQ wizzies put you off


There is no way to quantify how physical parts can be a bottleneck. We barely understand anything. Tiny crow brains achieve amazing things somehow


AI will serve the (((plutocracies))) and mess with us. You have a PC, what else may you want?


That is entirely unrelated.


you only hear about the good ai experiments it's mostly trial and error until it seems to work using large amounts of data to make it a bit less bad
self drivings cars are nowhere near close


i fucking hate it. i still live with my "family" and now they're all home 24/7 and go to bed at 4AM making tons of noise so i can't sleep. they have made my life miserable since day 1 and now its just worse.


clubs and bars are already dead, and were already dead even before COVID. You will only see gen x or boomers there, the only young people who go to clubs are backpackers


File: 1603368296221.jpg (34.48 KB, 960x540, 16:9, 121673731_3190643567731527….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

not true where I am from, last few weeks police raided nightclubs because people couldn't stop partying.


Guess they're not sorry for party rocking




germany? thats the only place I know of where night life is still a thing, in UK, AUS and US night clubs have been passe long before covid


"night clubs" perhaps but bars in major cities were certainly not in want of rich, high status customers before covid…


>I personally haven't been to nightclubs or bars forever
When's the last time you went to a night club or bar?


File: 1605839394763.png (1.01 MB, 1500x1125, 4:3, donald_trump_PNG55.png) ImgOps iqdb

nothing will happen because the vax is coming out soon, so everything will go back to normal.


i'm going to guess if he is on this site he never has.


here we are months later. unfortunately world hasn't collapsed


In a perfect world it wouldn't collapse but all the normals would kill each other with the wu flu while we remain.
Let the wizards inherit the earth!


most wizards just wanna die


collapse is a PROCESS that can take a long time

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