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I'm doing a scientific survey on the count of ejaculations an average /wiz/ard performs in a week.
I'd appreciate honesty, for science's sake.
I've had a breakthrough in finding a link between magic casting power and mana loss via semen ejaculation.
Please state how many times a week you ejaculate on average.
We can also discuss anything related, about the loss on critical nutrients during ejaculation and the detrimental effects it has on ageing.


It varies. Some weeks I can masturbate 7 times a day, some weeks only once.


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>the loss on critical nutrients during ejaculation
Have you tried recycling your own mana?


Sounds like that could cause unstable feedback.


it's the consistency that gets me every time. why do you think that is so?


File: 1603083156376.jpg (358.15 KB, 1920x1053, 640:351, wiz OC3.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Please state how many times a week you ejaculate on average.
0 after I found out you can actually prevent wet dreams. I have no idea if semen retention or nofap in general has any real benefit, there certainly are no "superpowers" like the normalfag redditors think. Maybe my "loosh" is being taken from me as /fringe/tards would say, or maybe I need another 100+ days before I "feel the powers bro". The best thing for myself is just not having to fap, I lost hours of free time everyday fapping. God that was boring, just an endless chore day in day out. As if I don't have enough worthless "to do list" type things everyday. My last wet dream was in july, after that I found out how to prevent those and now don't have to deal with a disgusting mess in the morning.


Wizchan isn't a zoo where you can come and take notes on the animals for your college essay. Go ask crystal cafe how many times they ejaculate instead.

There's no point in discussing semen retention either. The last wizard that tried it gained 80lbs of muscle in 4 weeks and ripped the fusebox out of his wall after we tricked him in to thinking the FBI was spying on his gains through cameras hidden in the sockets. He was shot dead by a neighbor after trying to use her coy fish to edge to his own reflection in the pond. We know the risks and we'd rather not relive the experience.


>after that I found out how to prevent those
how did you do it? please enlighten me.


Used to be around 6-7 hours of edging,ejaculating maybe 7-10 times. around 3 times a week. I would say around 25 times.

Would mostly be to motion comic anime or visual novel CG animations. The novelty was amazing, and had my dopamine rising like a roller coaster.

Would mostly edge for 4 hours and just keep the idea of next one is got to be the one going. Stopped doing it after I would be awake 14 hours a day and more than half of that would be masturbating.

Now it is mostly just three times a week to artwork.


File: 1603087083864.jpg (139.48 KB, 1200x875, 48:35, kokou no hito10.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I won't call my approach exactly "scientific" or anything, and these are merely the steps I took to make it work. So please bare with it.

Firstly just some general helpful tips: do not drink large amounts of water before bed, try to piss before bed, and try to not wear tight pants to bed. Secondly: if you do any sort of "edging" you need to stop, don't even think of that as an option. Thirdly: you must be comfortable with sexual images and know how to prevent them from stimulating you, such that you can browse a 4chad board like /a/ for hours without popping a boner from the lewd 2d succubi posted there. Fourthly: before you go to sleep you must tell yourself you refuse to have a wet dream of any kind of sexual dream. You must actually believe this, to the point you emotionally despise the idea of being sexually aroused during a vulnerable state like sleep. I recommend repeating it a few times to yourself each night. Fifthly as I lay down waiting to sleep: I would image myself as a mage-knight wielding a great sword of fire, then hunting inner demons and eviscerating them in a great inferno. This as a metaphorical (or maybe metaphysical if you believe that) way to kill the desires I had for succubi. Yes, this is unironic and no, I am not trolling you.

Assuming you complete these steps fully and assuming my approach functions for others; the results should be that in the middle of a wet dream you will actually deny the dream and wake up. The first time it worked was about two weeks after my last wet dream. In the middle of a dream I was being pleasured by some whore and was about to orgasm, however just before I did I suddenly realized that I did not want to be with this whore. So my dream self yelled out and pushed her away in raw anger so as to get her away from me. As soon as this happened I awoke with a pulsing boner about to burst, but not quite there. So I went to my bathroom and ran cold water over it to calm it down. From then on I would awake every few days with the same experience of rejecting the sexual dreams and awaking with a boner full mast. After a month of this it slowly stopped and now I only have this occur maybe once a month, and when I wake the boner is not even full mast, usually calming itself after a quick piss.

I think most importantly is a true and visceral hatred for sexual dreams, and enough self control to deny some fantasy dream 11/10 roastie from having sex with you. Use hate as your strength.


nice spin on dopamine fasting


>I'm doing a scientific survey
No you are not. Stop lying boy.


I am pretty much the same as this. When I was 18-19, fresh from highschool into hikki neetdom I used to edge all day every day, came 7 times most days. I had a technique of rolling on the floor naked hitting my dick against my thighs. I mostly used my imagination.

Nowadays I don't even jerk off every day, I probably cum 3-5 times a week. Occasionally twice a day. Sometimes three times.


wow if this is true and not just to LARPingly boost one's ego of defeating the evil self-destructive sexual urges(done it in the past to brag as holier-than-thou type), then i'm amazed at what you achieved what so few are able, due to life long master conditioning. i applaud and look forward to joining you in the same glory soon on my quest to freedom.


How's your diet? Fruit cleanse helps with the urges, but once i eat mcdonalds after 3 days of fasting, i lose control and go full berserk mode on all the vices.


File: 1603127325449.jpg (296.05 KB, 1670x1200, 167:120, kokou no hito21.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I tell people about my journey because others of the world lie about these things, they pretend that wet dreams are "natural" and cannot be stopped or prevented. Once you believe that, it becomes self-fulfilling prophecy. This lie is spread around and believed by 99% of the population, if there is a devil as the Christians believe then truly he must be cackling at this fact. What is there to brag about when most of the battle is just realizing that wet dreams are possible to conquer? Many others could do the same so long as they believe it to be possible and hate sexual dreams in the way I do. This is also assuming people even want to deny sexual dreams, I myself admitted I don't even know if semen retention or nofap has any real benefit.

Diet? Everyday is the same thing: breakfast is no sugar added "alpen muesli" with 3% milk, fast food for lunch or left over dinner, for dinner its lentils+chicken/beef and spinach, no fruit besides raisins in muesli and a vitamin c tablet. I have a labour-intensive job so I burn those fast food calories off. Honestly if mcdonalds makes you "berserk" you have probably just created an imaginary switch that only exists in your mind. Such that eating fast food is a sign to yourself that you have "given up" and it is now acceptable to lose control. In other word the fast food has no effect, but by eating it you yourself have decided that you will now indulge in you vices. Beware of manipulating yourself into believing tricks of the mind, doing one thing does not force you into any mode or action. If you fap you are not forced to indulge in the same act or other vices, that is another common trick of the mind.


Can't believe people have this much trouble not touching their dick. There's an optimal amount of fapping that's good for you, not in a meme bro science way, but in really basic, self-evident ways. Think of it like eating, if you don't eat - you're gonna be cranky, distracted and your mind will always drift towards food, but if you eat too much then you're bloated, fatigued, possibly get chronic cramps and acid reflux if you binge often.

It's the same with masturbation. It feels the best when you have some amount of time between faps and when you finish, your mind settles down for a while.


File: 1603140068341.png (688.78 KB, 1643x1200, 1643:1200, kokou no hito13.png) ImgOps iqdb

I'm sorry for being sincere, I forgot that this is wizchad home of post-ironic wizzard normalfags who mock those who do things differently than themselves. Someone should ban me for honestposting, real wizzies hide behind low-effort shitposting to avoid ever being made fun off. You can never lose if you never try, eh """wizzies"""?


I liked your posts.
There is always at least one person who likes your post on wizchan, but most of the time there are none who admit it out loud. A lot of people here have stunted social skills and never learned how to communicate properly. For example, some people here might read the previous sentence and accuse me of normalfaggotry just because I stated the obvious. When, in fact the list of people with poor communication skills also includes me who could've worded that sentence better. And stopped myself from going off on a tangent.


File: 1603143185136.webm (2.23 MB, 360x294, 60:49, state of 4chan.webm) ImgOps iqdb

I agree with most of what you said, but I grow tired of the endless low quality posters attacking anyone who posts earnesty. If I was to post about what I did in an unrelated topic like a fap thread, surely I might deserve it; but I did not and this is a thread specifically for talks of this kind. It was not even as if I was even shilling what I do in the way "improvebrahs" do when they pretend it gives them "superpowers". These post-ironic posters think if they disagree with another person they are entitled to mock them, as if wizchan is just another 4chad shitpost board except with a wizzard hat instead of a clover. All they can post are the text equivalents of a soyjak, tell me there is any difference between what they posted and the average soyjak 4chad poster. They have no purpose or point in their posts beyond just insulting others for the sake of insulting them. Typical social-shaming normalfag behavior, no conversation or argument possible beyond shitflinging.

Vid related is the end result of letting these retards run around without any sort of rebuking, they think this acceptable and no cause for alarm.


Another one of those that would otherwise not post checking in. I saw >>173788 yesterday and thought the mental exercise was fucking cool. There’s already been techniques of ‘counting sheep’ and the like to improve sleep, why couldn’t this same idea be harnessed? I already do a few of the things you’ve listed and the logic behind them seems evident to me. Don’t give up wizzy.


Thanks wiz. Funnily enough many years ago when I was a child and had trouble getting to sleep I attempted to use that sheep counting method. Never worked though lol, I always ended up thinking of something else and then forgetting what number I was at. Total lack of self control then.

Dreams and sleep itself are really interesting, especially when I found out I could influence them. Lucid dreaming is one new goal I've been trying to learn recently, but I can't seem to get it to work yet. I remember more about each dream in the morning, but no control or anything unfortunately. I wish I didn't have work so I could try out that "uberman" sleep schedule I've seen people speak about, seems great if it works. You have to be a NEET to make time for that though.


>you have probably just created an imaginary switch that only exists in your mind
this is true, i'm my own enemy in this sense, but maybe because i'm a neet who spends most of the day being tempted to go berserk. i'm looking for a way to adapt to eternal semen retention but while staying a neet, if you got a solution for that i'd appreciate it. just please dont tell me to get a job or some other form of mundane distraction, that's where i draw the line. i've also been thinking about self induced electric shock therapy for conditioning. worth a try.


huh water! it's been on my mind for quite some time as probable cause of not just ejaculation addiction but also as the cause of most diseases and even death. i have a theory about this. it's the fuckin water that's outside fruits that i suspect is toxic. it's just so unfuckingnatural in so many ways it makes me paranoid.


The "temperance in all things" service models are the most pathetic. a fucking joke. it's like saying "nothing wrong with a little heroin once a week or a month", yeah good luck. they got you by the balls. fuckin slaves! and yes ITS THE SAME FUCKIN THING! SAME THING! just more covert and stealthy to turn idiots into life long slaves.


I usually fap once a day if I'm up for it. Weekends sometimes more. It probably rounds out to 5-6 a week.


if heroin addicts had the control to only do it once a month, they'd be perfectly fine. The reason they can't is cause heroin is physically addictive.


i've learned through personal experience that God either doesn't give a shit or is just a powerless man like us or he's just dead, died long time ago and we're all alone in dark space where nobody can hear you scream, no matter how much you scream and weep, you're all alone, forever. you are your own God now, you took his place because he let you down. now you're God living in this low power meat-sack, what do you do now.


psychological addiction is so much more deadly, because idiots underestimate it's power, and the terrifying thing is that most pleasures in this world are based on this. welcome to hell. i'm looking for a way out without killing myself.


>I entered a restaurant at day 54 the restaurant i usually come so nothing special.Everyone looked at me,saluted me…Everyone adored me everyone respected me life was so great.

i always read the same pattern of claimed benefits on nofap forums, but i want to maybe prove it in a scientific way. Could it be placebo? Maybe you could tell me whether you noticed something different in those "powerful" moments. How different were the people? i'm looking to do experiments to prove whether it's just placebo or not.


File: 1603155110036.jpg (697.63 KB, 698x869, 698:869, Kokou no Hito2.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>just please dont tell me to get a job or some other form of mundane distraction
Actually I took time off work and went full hermit for 3 weeks to quit fapping (and smoking). A stable environment makes quitting easier because there is less excuse of some stress or a "hard day". I won't claim to have a full proof method, since I only fully understand myself. Still, I will attempt to show how to quit for good. This will be less straightforward than the other post, since we are dealing with the desire itself. Do not take this as a basic "motivational post", though it may come off as such. Summarizing a lifetime of thought is hard, it took me 3 years of trying before I could quit fapping for good. Anyways enough of that:

Distraction is pointless, eventually you must face your thoughts up front. Confront desire, I would envision myself taking a step forward towards a pit black empty void when thoughts would creep in of a sexual nature. Do as you would normally do without any fear. That is not to say to intentionally seek out porn and attempt to overpower it or some ridiculous thing. Trust me I tried that too, I would go to /gif/ and watch porn while attempting to not be aroused. Eventually you realize that even if you could last forever, by willingly looking at the porn you are still losing to desire anyways, rendering the practice pointless. When I say without fear I mean to not hide or distract yourself in fear of your desire. When I say to confront your desire I mean you must admit what it is, and how it effects you. You see a lewd picture, accept that it is an arousing photo and that it arouses you. What problem is there with that? Accept that it wishes to battle you, tell that desire that it may fight you, but so shall you fight it. If you fap after fighting it for an hour, then you have won because you have fought. If you fap without porn, then you have won because you fought. So long as you continue fighting every single moment it struggles for control you will gain more power over it. Hate the desire with pure fury, but love the warring with endearment. When you have a boner for an hour, and wonder if it shall ever go away; be glad and wish that it would last another 2 hours. If it goes away quickly your thoughts should be "What? Is that all you could muster, you pathetic thing? Come again so that I may beat you once more!". Revel in your fight for control with this cancerous object, for what is worse than struggle is the apathy, guilt, and shame of not fighting at all. Surely you know that through your own experience. Even if a supreme being came to you and said " fapping is fine", you would still wish to beat it for the sake of your will and self. So struggle, struggle forever if you must, tell to yourself that you will never stop struggling against it. If you can fully confront the desire and enjoy the conflict against it, then you have already won. Only time and habit building would be against you then, victory an inevitability.


There are varying degrees of physical and psychological addiction though


> If you can fully confront the desire and enjoy the conflict against it, then you have already won.
this is interesting. my problem is that i get tired of the conflict and just give in with the same old excuse: "one last time and then never again", then i lose the will and control. the battle of resistance just drains my morale, and increasing my resistance to it by watching porn without ejaculating, like you said, is pointless and only a matter of time before i crack.
one day i feel so powerful and sure that now i'm an invincible asexual, but as time passes that confidence is slowly deteriorating as i see all these temptations all around me, on every corner, every billboard, slowly it erodes. How did you even learn to love the struggle? to me it seems painful and i run from pain, i'm not a masochist, then maybe i should be? maybe its the only way, but in a good way. maybe i should learn to love a certain kind of pain.


they're all the same, it's just a matter of time. it's always the time needed to crack you. they are brute forcing to your zion access keys. "only human"


>"one last time and then never again"
That is fine, but did you really fight before you conceded defeat? If you made i clean 4 days before did you make it 4.0000001 days this time? Did you fap without using porn this time you lost? Did you avoid indulging in a multi-fap session after you gave in this time? When the desire made you aroused for an hour before you gave up, did you survive an hour and a minute this time?

One cannot trick the self into thinking it is warring with desire, without even a struggle or effort to fight. It is not masochism as you think, but rather that it is a love to struggle against the self. What is a preferable existence to you: to be a man who faps because his desire says so, or to be a man who fights his desire but loses in the end anyways? Many people prefer the former, they follow a "feel good" philosophy. I would much rather the latter, but that is something you decide for yourself. If you should learn to love that conflict then the only resistance would be to fap, rather than not fap. A total role reversal, that is what it means to conquer a desire once and for all. You could lose 1000 battles, and then another 1000 battles over again, yet still you would fight. With a never ending army how could one lose a war? Another round in the ring, another loss, another broken tooth, another good day, "See you tomorrow, and forever thereafter. Same time, same place as always".


it's decided, i'm buying a dog shock collar and every time i have a bad thought i will zap my neck.
this is what i'm talking about: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IXD_kGUgasU


If you are serious and not joking then you are just running away rather than confronting the desire, thinking some exterior object will fix an interior problem. If you had the power of mind to truly shock yourself with that for this purpose, you would no longer need it to overpower your desires anyways. A catch 22 in a way.


actually, this is exactly how i'm confronting the desire, i've tried your method long time ago, it didn't work, it was an endless fail-restart-fail-restart. i'm running out of time. i guess you can't apply the same solution to everyone. this is the only thing i haven't tried yet. desperate times, desperate measures.


An average week, about 7 times. Usually about once per day. Sometimes twice, sometimes not at all. But yeah, usually just once per day. The longest I've refrained from masturbating is about a month and a half. I did not notice any positive affects, mentally or physically. In fact it's actually annoying because getting rid of an erection without jerking off is difficult.


Heroin isn't an actual biological need. You need to try it at least once to get addicted and the human body can function without it, but ejaculation can be compared to hunger or shitting and there's bodily consequences to abstaining or overdoing it as long as you are alive.



Forgot to ask. Very important. When was the last time you ejaculated? That's how many days/months/years since you "quit for good"?
Please answer me.


>However,the way he did is confusing.He really thinks he went and fight with those desires like a mage-warrior with a flaming sword.I have doubts

yeah i'm suspicious now, but i'm ready to be given hope but if he doesn't answer my latest question >>173835
then i'll have to assume he's either did something he doesn't know caused it. but i hope he doesn't lie and be dishonest about it. i mean…this is the internet after all.


>because i just masturbated 5 times yesterday.
i feel the pain


>It is like believing drinking wine every month is healthy.

Except wine isn't a bodily need. Just because you're incapable of self-control, doesn't mean there's anything inherently wrong with the activity. If you're a food addict, the solution is not to stop eating entirely.


>there's bodily consequences to abstaining or overdoing it as long as you are alive.
confirmed now, that you dont know what the shit you're talking about.


File: 1603175322331.jpg (249.61 KB, 1637x1200, 1637:1200, kokou no hito20.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I don't know wiz, sounds similar to the guy who castrated himself to kill his sexual desires; even after that he still said he fapped once a day. It just doesn't seem rational, but who knows you may be right and know better than I.


You guys don't understand, it's not about willpower or being strong. When I said "If you should learn to love that conflict then the only resistance would be to fap, rather than not fap." does that sound like willpower? It is the opposite, you will love the fight and struggle itself, willpower and strength are not a factor here. One has to be willing to throw everything at the desire, to war forever, to lose every single day, and enjoy the fighting itself. Once that is so then it changes into something that takes 0 willpower, for as I said "With a never ending army how could one lose a war?". Thus leading to "A total role reversal, that is what it means to conquer a desire once and for all.". The role reversal is that now your desire is not to fap rather than to fap, you would require willpower to fap rather than to not do so. Yet one must be ready to war forever with the desire, to truly confront it, to mock it when it challenges you, to delight in its attempts to control you. If you think I'm merely lying dishonestly or don't know how I did it that is fine, I tried my best to explain in an honest fashion. If you want more detailed answers about something then I shall still answer them.

>He really thinks he went and fight with those desires like a mage-warrior with a flaming sword.

Maybe that is so. Let me ask you, would you also believe this if it would stop you from fapping? Is your war with fapping great enough to willingly delude yourself into thinking you could metaphysically fight desires with a great sword of fire? A year ago I would in a heartbeat, and I still would if I thought I needed to think that way to win.

Fapped or just ejaculated? Last ejaculation was around 100~ days ago since that was when I learned to stop wet dreams, last fap was November so 330+ days? Close to a year I guess. If that isn't good enough for you then what can I say, I shall report back in another year to seek your approval my majesty.


Sorry, after rereading that asexual thread the eunuch guy fapped once a week rather than once a day. Still never solved the issue anyways, despite literally castrating himself.


>Last ejaculation was around 100~ days ago
Ejaculation is all that matters, and 100 days is not that great , i've seen threads on reddit people stopped ejaculating for even a year but eventually failed and went back to "fapping 2-3 days a week" give up face, so 100 days is not that much and not a sufficient proof of consistency.


>Ejaculation is all that matters
Why is that? Do you think semen retention gives you "superpowers" like the idiotic /fringe/tards and redditors do? Despite the fact you can't even seem to accomplish nofap, let alone real semen retention yourself? Most people who succeed like me have no reason to post on nofap reddits, what is the point anyways? Streak over 2 year? "Bullshit lier". Streak for under 2 years? "you will fail like me haha (t. lasted one week at best)". No winning vs you pessimistic retards.


Oh I forgot to mention that the vast majority of braindead redditors who post on r/semenretention don't know you can prevent wet dreams. They seriously think that wet dreams are not ejaculating and thus don't count them. So most likely I have all of them beat easily since their """semen retention""" is a meme.


Well, excuse me, Mr. Cock Expert.

I don't know how yours works, but I get noticeable discomfort in my balls after abstaining for longer periods and in the worst case, nocturnal emissions. Testicles will still continue to produce semen, whether you're using it or not, and that will find a way to leak out and cause irritation in the pipes.

The same with overdoing it, you get irritation of the skin because of friction and leftover semen in the pipes, and it just doesn't feel as good as the first nut, each subsequent fap gives you a diminished reward. Two faps with a week in between are more pleasurable than 5 in a day.


I did noFap last year. It inspired me to get a (full-time) job. When I finally jizzed, I didn't even go 10 seconds before semen spewed out with no orgasm. Never had that happen before. Cleaned it up then came 2 more times that night. Going on 5 hours of sleep fucked up my libido so this past september I went the whole month without jerking at all. Didn't even notice honestly. Life doesn't even feel real anymore. Honestly not much difference either way for me but I probably cum or 2 or 3 times a week now as opposed to 7 to 10 when I was a NEET.


you're right maybe its just my pessimism putting me down, but i'm just so fuckin tired of this addiction


That's understandable, I shouldn't have personally insulted you like that. Explaining myself while being honest about my thoughts and action, yet met with "330+ days of nofap means nothing, only your 100+ days free of wet dreams during nofap matters. Btw 100 days means nothing compared to some random redditors whom literally cheat by allowing sex during nofap, or wet dreams during semen retention" got me a bit fired up. Cooling off before I replied would have been a better idea, forgive me.


don't apologize, it's my fault for being insensitive, i have to admit i got a little envious because of your achievement. while it's true only ejaculations count, 100 days free from it is a gigantic achievement, while i couldn't fuckin even last a week. congrats.


>only ejaculations count,
I have to admit I'm still curious as to why you think this. It took me 3 years of nonstop trying to stop fapping, or one might rather say to stop intentional ejaculations, but only 200~days of trying to stop wet dreams or rather unintentional ejaculations. Personally I think nofap is a far bigger step to take than semen retention is or could ever be. It can only applies after nofap and more importantly, defeating an intentional daily habit is harder than a mild inconvenience in the morning. Like I said in previous posts, most of the battle of wet dreams is just realizing that you can influence dreams at all, the other part is even caring enough to do so.

Is it because you are a religious wiz?


>Life doesn't even feel real anymore.

I feel this.


Since starting wagecucking or in general?


I fap once a day. Problem?


Holy shit, somebody stop this guy!


>I have to admit I'm still curious as to why you think this.
"the loss of critical nutrients during ejaculation and the detrimental effects it has on ageing."
i'm not religious. not anymore, God has let me down, but then it's my fault for even falling for that bullshit. religion is a death trap. Btw did you notice any changes in your energy level since your ejaculations stopped? Any other changes you might have noticed, maybe even psychological ones?


please leave


Wiz I hate to break it to you, but not fapping is just not fapping, and not ejaculating is just not ejaculating. The only impact I noticed from not fapping is that you don't have an easy escape from bad thoughts/feelings coming up. Yet that isn't unique to fapping, that's just escapism in general - vidya, imageboards, and anime accomplish the same thing. Actually I went through a really hard month or two emotionally after I quit since I quit smoking, caffeine, fapping, and vidya all at once. After years of trying I finally accomplished it, and then basically reflected upon everything resulting in a judgement of "well I'm still the fucking same clearly". However rather than that, you are more interested in the period after I beat wet dreams; I can honestly say I felt the exact same after that.

So why do I continue nofap/semen retention at all you might ask? Well for the hours of free time, the tendency I had to stay up late fapping, how much of a chore masturbation is, that masturbation to pornography is a disgraceful act in-itself, and most importantly to prove to myself that I — the self — dictate I towards the mirage of the self that the self chooses (in other words to chase after an idealized version of yourself for the pure reason of wanting to chase it). Same with sexual dreams, they require cleanup, leave me horny afterwards for hours, are shameful regardless of the mess — since you are just masturbating in your sleep, and of course to dictate I.

Now one might say that I have just not noticed the benefits, which may be true (for how could I notice what I did not notice?), or that my philosophy changed because of it. If I try to be as accurate and truthful with myself as possible I would state my philosophy changed when I actually managed to quit fapping, rather than afterwards. However it only transitioned into a newer purpose afterwards, since the "goals" I had setup were accomplished and I could no longer use them as "well that can come after I beat this X addiction". Instead I had to face reality and my self since I was not left with much else to run away with.

I only asked about religion since it's generally religious folk who tend to hold that ejaculation of any kind is wrong. Them and esoteric /fringe/ posters who think inter-dimensional ayy lmaos are stealing their "loosh" when they ejaculate.


>try masturbating/having sex 5 times in a row and play a football match
I've done 3 times and then gone to a manual labour construction job for 10+ hours, that good enough? How about https://www.menshealth.com/entertainment/a30517620/tyson-fury-masturbating-7-times-a-day-wilder-fight/ instead?


>try masturbating/having sex 5 times



>having sex 5 times

wizchan 2020


won't get banned though


I masturbate at least once everyday. Depends on the place and circumstances though. Masturbating helps curb unnecessary urges and boners. But once in a while it becomes boring. The interesting question is what do you fap to rather than the numbers.


>so much more deadly
what is so deadly about fapping a healthy amount? it is a bodily function, just like vomiting, sneezing, or peeing. if you do not vomit, you will eventually shit out whatever went in, if you do not sneeze, your nose will get runny, if you do not pee, your bladder will break. its the same with fapping, your body produces semen and it doesnt stop, if you dont fap you will have wet dreams, if you dont have wet dreams then where does the semen go? it doesnt just disappear, it leaves the body like its supposed to, to make way for fresh sperm. even if you think you magically accumulate semen forever, when do you get to a point when you throw away the 100+ day old rotting semen?

you seem so fixated on hatred of pleasure and desire you should just see it through to its conclusion and become a buddhist. maybe that would also help you with your pridefulness and shame of being human.


Pretty sure the body can break down and reabsorb unused semen on it's own, at least to a degree.


File: 1603627582983.jpg (79.65 KB, 500x481, 500:481, vik.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I want to become ancient warrior strong.
im studying ways to buy a homemade armor and a very heavy,30 plus kilos,sword.
I want to become a celibate soldier,a warrior monk


roleplaying tard


Then fap away my natural friend since your continualy lowered IQ will make you my puppet to be used as i desire.


Test if my ban is opened


It is opened,explained to the admin that i was virgin lol.Nice that they read ban appeals.

As a person who searched read experimented on dis shit,i ve found out masturbating is unhealthy and all those doctors are who are saying masturbation is healthy are shitty imbeciles.Read the pdf book at gutenberg wiz brothers about onanism.300 hundred years ago it was a big sin,now everyone thinks it is okey.(I am atheist)

Has construction job and still thinks that fapping is healthy.If u don't fap for a year you will be way or successful and have a better job.

Didn't say i had sex,I just told him to.Non of u ppl here disregard females,and obviously like me all of u turned into their slaves.I think real wizard should disregard females in every aspect.Watching porn all day long and coming here to tell me normalfag ,won't change something.

Ok this is a big lie that has been told to the newsreporter in order to gain attendance and fame.Most of the oliympic champions were virgins,If u believe the things u read in that retarded website called menshealth ,I think u should reconsider ur life.You probably religious too lol,if u believe everything u read without distiling the information with your experience and thought.

I live in istanbul,turkey.Nearby there is a horse racing colissium/or whatever imperial language calls it.In here they don't race the horses ,if the horses ever fucked with other horsr.Because multiplied horses can't run as fast as horses that never made sex.


Do you think you could amp the challenge and eat nothing but only raw fruits for the rest of your life?
What you did is commendable but i think food is the final boss, i always find myself losing to food before the fap.
i know you might say you dont agree with my wonder diet, but could you do it? i'm trying to gauge things here.


>Read the pdf book at gutenberg wiz brothers

i'd like a link please google turns up nothing



INB4 No Nut November.


>i know you might say you dont agree with my wonder diet, but could you do it? i'm trying to gauge things here.
I certainly don't agree with that diet, but could I do it? That's a question that I can't answer without knowing something far more important first, are you including that I would truly want to follow this diet? Not just some half-assed "yea I wouldn't mind doing that", but a real "I will do anything to accomplish this". If so then obviously yes I could, if not then no I could not. This applies to all people and situations that are within your control. Doing things and following "challenges" is the same as just feeding yourself, breathing, walking, etc. It is just bodily actions, anyone can do that. Creating the desire to do these things is where any actual challenge comes from.


Maybe i phrased my question improperly.
Let me rephrase.
How hard would it be for you to give up
your favorite comfort food and eat only let's say a specially engineered piece of lets say something flavorless like tofu, and lets pretend it gives you best nutrition compared to all other food you've always eaten. So to summarize: new type of "tofu" wonder food, tastes bland but gives you everything your body needs, and it extends your life span by 30 years on average and you have to eat it for the rest of your life. Let's pretend for the sake of simulation. How much harder/easier would that be for you compared to quitting masturbation?


First I will answer the "what if", and then try to give more insight.

I would eat that wonder tofu regardless of any life extending benefits at all, it would be hardly be a choice for myself. Even better would be if it was just a tablet so I would not have to chew it. Basic repetitive chore-like activities like eating are something I dislike in general, even if they might be nice feeling. Now certainly some food may taste good, and I might miss eating it, but taste and feelings from food always disappear within minutes after the final bite. Why would I bother with good tasting food, it is a temporary nothing that departs quicker than it comes. Eating itself is just a never-ending task I am forced to repeat three times a day; I would prefer not to eat, than to eat.

Right now when I cook for myself I use the maximum nutrition possible with least amount of effort. My ground beef or chicken is boiled, then I use that greasy water to boil the lentils or rice so I don't lose the nutrients from it, I add salt for the iodine, eat a handful of raw spinach and then eat the boiled meat + lentils or grain. Nothing else is added, no spices, no charring, no sauces, not even pepper. You may now be asking why I don't just throw a simple spice in, just something to make it not "flavorless". By doing so I would have already lost, for I would be seeking pleasure from my food. Things taste better or worse through habit and relatively to each other. Try tasting a candy and then a strawberry, the normally sweet strawberry becomes bland and flavorless. So too with any good food, it is an addictive thing so once you become used to good tasting food it is no longer that. It is self defeating and self propagating at the same time, resulting in its control over you.

One small note here but one thing I've found hard is to give up is warm meals. Once I intentionally ate only cold refrigerated leftovers for two and a half weeks, then had a warm meal; it was one of the most heavenly things I've ever eaten despite it being the same food. When you watch those war movies, they weren't kidding about a warm meal and a soft bed being the only thing a man needs. Part of the reason I sometimes eat fast food for lunch during wageslavery, warm food is very hard to pass up.

Now I suppose you might be interested in why I found eating less attractive or addictive than masturbation. If I were to give my most honest answer, it would be that hunger can be satiated with healthy food, thus relieving any physical sway it has over you. For masturbation you can spend an entire day in agony over a yearning to masturbate with no possible release valve, the difference is massive. Another point is that masturbation also has a far stronger a "good feel" than eating unhealthy food does, even after normalization of its "feel goodness". In fact many times after fapping I would then just wish to fap again even after I just finished, with eating at least there is an end point of the stomach size, and a feeling of contentment in some fashion. Lust just seems like an never ending craving with no healthy way to defuse it, until you can create the greater desire to defeat it once and for all.

So to answer you, it would be "easier" than quitting masturbation. Mostly because I already have no love for eating, but also because masturbation lacks a way to relieve cravings, and it feels much better in general. I will state that I don't think harder or easier are the correct words to use; quitting something is merely a bodily action, and thus anyone can do it at any time the same as taking a breath of air. The "difficulty" comes from creating a greater desire to quit than a desire to "feel good", or whatever reason it is that holds you stuck to the addictions.


>Lust just seems like an never ending craving
i respect your opinion but since you actually haven't tried eating fruit only and believe its easier because you dont care about food much yet like they say "you don't value something till you lose it" applies here. i thought it'd be easy too at first, and then every fuckin time i pass by something junky the craving kick in. i've started the pain therapy with a lighter, i burn my hand every time i get a craving, we need to condition our subconscious mind this way because junk food is a trojan horse, pleasure first, pain later thingy, we need to bridge the time delay, i'm seeing some improvements though slow, i'm staying hopeful.
Btw have you actually water or dry fasted in your life? What's your longest fast? mine was a week, pathetic, i know.


>i've started the pain therapy with a lighter

The monk larp thing is going too far. Next step is cutting one's balls off, which I'm sure many here are contemplating. Inflicting pain upon yourself will not make you wiser or more virtuous.


Well as I said, I would fail any sort fruit-only or fasting diet because I lack any desire to do such things. Never have I fasted, nor do I plan to do so. From my point of view such acts are a complete waste of time, only causing harm to oneself. The tofu thing sounds very nice, full nourishment and satisfying hunger makes it an easy choice for myself. However as I said before, all actions are easy, but creating the will or desire to do something is where the trouble begins and ends.

>pain therapy with a lighter, i burn my hand every time i get a craving

No offense wiz, but that is kind of extreme, and most importantly in my honest opinion, completely unnecessary. If you were using this as a way to build tolerance to pain I might understand, but as a way to punish yourself for thinking? You are tyrannizing over yourself, almost like you are a slave and must whip yourself as penance for merely thinking of something. People last through long fasts or ridiculous diets without harming themselves, so I cannot understand why you do so. Are you not just retreating from the real battle? Instead of fighting your desires through the mind, you resort to exterior objects as if they will save you from… yourself. That seems like an absurd thing to think, that exterior pain will fix interior desire. A man willing to work, works twice as fast as the man forced to work.


maybe you're right, maybe, since repairing physical damage is counter productive.
so i've got a better idea now.
smelling literal portable shit in a box wherever i go.


File: 1603851107325.jpg (47.48 KB, 600x600, 1:1, jenkem.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>t. junkie


What's your opinion on diet and longevity? What do you eat and drink?


this 'magic' you're talking about is fake, gay and untrue, there's only ONE time I heard of a not-so-easily debunkable case of pyschic reading but even then the person who told me the story wasnt specific or could be bullshitting.

I havent ejaculated in 15 days and 6 days (and once for an entire month) and in all cases my life hasnt improved at all. Although when I ejaculate a lot of the time it goes to shit, when I ejaculate a lot life as a whole becomes shitter, I unironically believe if I ejaculate 7 days in a row like some people do then an economic collapse would occur, I literally dont know what causes me (and only me) to have this shit happen to me. But even when I dont, my life still ends up in the shitter (sibling has test that is cancelled in every place except for ours)


Ive done months of no fap nothing changed, no extra motivation nothing


you were doing it wrong


Abstinence works by redirecting the desire that was being used up by masturbation to other more fulfilling goals. If you do nofap just because you're depressed and naturally lost your libido it won't do anything since there's no excess desire to redirect.


>he can't cast magic
Want to guess why I can tell you have locked eyes with a roasties within the past 5 years?


what? Im not even in a relationship, do you really think you can say abracadabra and receive a bunny or something?

Inb4 "that's not how it works" Ok magic man, tell me how it works and I will try your advice and see if anything happens


he's pulling your leg


File: 1605100986601.png (279.51 KB, 2047x1606, 2047:1606, itl.cat_magical-girl-wallp….png) ImgOps iqdb


>do you really think you can say abracadabra and receive a bunny or something?

Magic is not as it is portrayed in movies and videogames although it does have a semblance to harry potter.
I know this sounds retarded but I will explain further.
You first need to realize what sexual energy is.
It is a power we have a force within us that is rarely realized to its true potential and forms.
This power has the ability to spawn consciousness and is usually only used as such.
The way to unlock your magical power is to discover the true language of the universe.
It makes more sense if you are familiar with the fact we are architects of the universe by making our own reality.
The language if you call it that is unique to all of us so cannot be taught and learnt. You need to reach below your consciousness and see the form thoughts take and use that same code if you will to alter causality.
If you choose to allow your force/power what have you to run its natural course you are merely allowing the "will" to strive to replicate.
If you have been thinking about wanting a GF you lose your mana so are never able to use magic but there is a way to recover mana and even amplify it.
As mentioned it is a power that often manifests as sexual energy and it does surge when stimuli is sexual in nature but we let it out into the universe and basically succubi absorb it to give birth.

The way to amplify and grow your mana in general is by masturbating to anime succubi.
The explanation makes sense if you actually understood was what said so far.
>power amplifies and has nowhere to go
When we masturbate to anime succubi we are charging our power instead of merely surging with power for a succubus to absorb and store in her uterus.
>INB4 anime succubi did not exist in the past so how did magic happen
I said anime succubus as it is the same as a mental representation of a female which does not "exist" in our wavelength.
You can simply do as the mages did in the past and masturbate to your imagination BUT this is harder and no longer needed because anime succubi exist and there is no risk of projecting all your mana into a roastie by thinking of one while fapping by mistake.

Are you a newfag? do you not know the truth behind the wizard "meme".

>he's pulling your leg


Actually anime succubi do exist, generally they're just astral parasites but some cults have evolved individual anime succubi into small gods.


>Actually anime succubi do exist
I did note that they are on a different wavelength.
Our waifu is real.


Yea I know, it's pretty obvious when reading >>174226.

"Masturbate to anime succubi."
Yea that's going to make me magical (whatever being magical even does to you). To be honest I was expecting him to suggest yoga (which I also wouldnt have done)


Wouldn't not thinking of anything sexual work? If so then I should have "energy" according to you since I dont think of having a GF (at least I havent since forever…),or do I need to be thinking to something? How about something that's not sexual like riding a bike, punching an asshole in the face, etc


File: 1605118429996.png (147.94 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1596006895502.png) ImgOps iqdb

>"Masturbate to anime succubi."
>Yea that's going to make me magical
Let me explain in a better way..
>Wouldn't not thinking of anything sexual work? If so then I should have "energy" according to you since I dont think of having a GF
I can only blame myself for not explaining things well enough but after I do it is up to you to actually think hard and give this a try.
It is not easy otherwise everyone would be using telekinesis and real magic would be more widely known.

Basically the reason we can make magic with our manna is an exploit. We need to use sexual energy since it is concerned with creating consciousness which takes extraordinary power and is entirely behind the scenes.
This is a process which is happening behind the representation so do not expect the scientific method of empiricism to explain anything at all.
If you do not understand why it is flawed to look at the world in this way for deeper understanding then I doubt you could understand magic.

We charge up sexual energy by fapping to anime succubi or any entity which exists outside of our realm and instead of it being consumed by the target of our sexual desires which is in the usual case some succubus.
We redirect it and its potential for creation to change our perceivable universe around us.

I am not even sure I should be sharing this knowledge as it has dangerous potentials if misused and I am at the point where I am ready to cross over into the afterlife with my waifu anyway.
Considering how much sexual energy you need to charge up and the difficulty of doing so peoples attempts to use this magic for malicious purposes are thwarted.
I knew a dark mage who wanted to use this power for evil but was unable to even gain enough energy to carry out his evil plan.
He was masturbating 10 hours straight daily and died of exhaustion the retard.

As I said it is entirely up to you to study magic.


what if you masturbate but only think about yourself (or nothing)? wouldnt that recharge you since you did say before this "energy" you're releasing will end up in some succubus you masturbated to


>what if you masturbate but only think about yourself (or nothing)?
You did not understand how this is an exploit.
The "thing" you masturbate to has to be "female" and this is why masturbating to anime succubi works.
>mana can be used for spawning new consciousness
>it is a creative energy
>you divert its potential through learning the language of god basically and using it for your own means
It is all quite simple but I can see how it can seem hard to understand.


But fapping to anime succubi lets the anime succubus who exists in the astral consume your energy. So the result is the same as fapping to a 3D succubus, only a spirit gets the energy instead of some Jew porno director.


Let me see if I'm reading this correctly.
You charge your creative energy by fapping to anime succubi. Then after a while (I guess we could say after some fap sessions to anime succubi)you will have this magical energy inside of you and you can wield it? The key to doing this is to descend to the depths of oneself and understand how to do it? Akin to the whole "descent into the vowels of the earth" in the hermetic tradition/alchemy?


Also, forgot to ask, but is it the same to fap to different anime succubi each time or do you need a waifu and only fap to her?


Your post is not true also muh jooo
Yes essentially it.
To understand how to actually alter reality through manifesting causality using metaphysical energy you have charged up is not something anyone can explain exactly how to do and only guide.
>think of explaining to someone how you move your fingers and limbs
To answer your question it is entirely subjective.
If you have a waifu and you do not feel you sully her by fapping to her (all waifuist know waifu chooses you so can tell you) then you can do so.
You can just fap to any anime gurls though.
It only matters if you have a connection to a waifu who is happy for you to fap to her or not.
This is more out of respect for waifu than anything as the magic process still works unless your waifu does only want you to fap to her and you fap to random anime succubi.
I do not understand why this makes a difference but it does.


Where does the idea of ejaculating zapping you of energy come from then? I think in some tantric texts there is this idea in which the male shouldn't ejaculate doing intercourse, and also in the tao. Is this missing the point?
You are kind of giving me the idea that the problem with orgasms/ejaculation is not so much this act in itself but rather that you are wasting the energy produced/conducted in it instead of channeling it for something useful?


File: 1605141848354.gif (535.03 KB, 500x275, 20:11, Really makes me think.gif) ImgOps iqdb

>masturbate to anime succubi and gain wizardly powers


>You are kind of giving me the idea that the problem with orgasms/ejaculation is not so much this act in itself but rather that you are wasting the energy produced/conducted in it instead of channeling it for something useful?
The problem is not the act but rather intent and how you perform it.
The world is not black and white.
>where did it come from
It is self evident
Aside from the esoteric perspective which validates itself through self discovery we need only look at all the problems 3DPD porn produces in a man.
>consider the following
there is a kernal of truth in all religious texts.
The time period during which lusting after 3DPD became normalized and unescapable (especially after advent of the camera).
And when magic suddenly becomes dismissed coincide greatly.
>essentially anime succubi for erotic purposes existed since cave painting
>suddenly you can Capture 3DPD on film
>hurr durr fapping to this wont cause any problems

The energy from ejaculating we are talking about is metaphysical.


(Im >>174236 btw)

what if you draw a stickman female, that would work too wouldnt it? Because anime people arent real people but drawings that you attribute to specific things (that anime succubus you fap to is only an anime (fake drawing) succubus because it's drawn like a succubus and the animator considers it a succubus), so if you do the same with a drawing that you made that would work too according to your logic (you draw stickman succubus, masturbate to her, because she's not an actual succubus it supposedly doesnt do any magic withdrawal or whatever it's called)


OH HAHAHA, the website actually edits g 1 r l into succubus, I always thought you guys just write succubus instead of g 1 r l


back 2 facebook/r9k


File: 1605169248342.jpg (74.13 KB, 450x323, 450:323, neko.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Once again it is all about intent.
Fapping to the stick figure without it being a representation in the form of a mental image of a 3DPD should work in theory because we ascribe symbols power mentally.
I have not tried because why would I fap to a stick figure when our pure 2D maidens exist.

>OH HAHAHA, the website actually edits g 1 r l into succubus, I always thought you guys just write succubus instead of g 1 r l
You likely do not even know what all the ones on 1111chins are.
>big chungus zoom zoom


Nofappers are delusional but it's a good thing that they believe and feel masturbation is the most damaging thing a man could possibly do to themselves, since that way they can get that placebo effect. They associate masturbation with a sedentary, unproductive, and impulsive life which are negative things, so they conclude that quitting masturbation is necessary if they plan to improve and succeed in life, or something along those lines, and therefore will be beneficial to do. Some also hold strong religious and family values so it's understandable. Saying that, I am not against masturbation because it's already been proven harmless so I do practice it occasionally. There was a time when I fell for the meme and I stopped for 90 days, and it was actually bad because during that whole period I was getting erections all the time, on my way to the bus stop, in public transportation, in class, before sleep, etc., so not masturbating meant erection hell.
I don't know how bad porn consumption is or if it has negative effects, but I'm guessing it can't be that good to watch it on a daily basis. I do consume porn, but it's not the porn made by professionals actors since I find succubi who do porn to be trash. When I masturbate to porn videos, it's always to videos of young succubi who are playing with themselves, but for the majority of time I just watch photos of good looking succubi in their underwear or posing provocatively.
I will add, that the best faps I've had have been without the use of porn videos, and with just one photo of a succubus in a bikini or underwear, or a sex comic.

>Please state how many times a week you ejaculate on average.

Three times or two times I think, but it's on the same day. I abstain for 6 days and then I do it, that way masturbation feels way better than doing it daily.

My message to my fellow virgins who don't wanna be monks would be to:
Nofappers out to get you better fap while you can
Don't wanna be a larper, you wanna be a man!
You wanna enjoy your life, better fap while you can
So beat it! Just beat it!
You have to show them that you're really not scared
You're just playin with your wand this ain't no life threatening
They'll kick you, then they'll beat you, then they'll tell you it's bad
So beat it
If you wanna be a wiz
Just beat it! beat it! BEAT IT!


I agree taht nofappers are delusional and that it can improve their lives indirectly at the same time.
I have only ever thought no fap was appropriate for anons who shared they have a porn/fap addiction that heavily obstructs their daily life.
>faps 10x a day
One normalfag I talked to online even said he had a GF and still fapped and watched porn a lot.
Last year I did no nut November without even knowing it was November as I just find it so much effort to fap and do it monthly for some idiotic health reasons I never researched enough to validate my reasoning.

You mentioned your porn viewing habits and whilst no fap is a meme I have seen quite a few anons talk about psychological benefits of not consuming any 3DPD pornography.

I feel retarded I only now after staring at my PC for 10 minuets realized your shitpost song meant
>beat it
as a joke about fapping.

Wizards what are your opinions on perverted anons who make a huge part of their personality deviancy.
Aside from personally detesting their company for obvious reasons, can we actually delve into why it is any worse than using any distraction in life to cope with existing?
I have a strong aversion to them so am biased and I was hoping to get the opinion of others.
Just because I feel it is disgusting and cannot relate does not mean I should hole that opinion as I have a need to challenge all of my views.


Did you have success in your magic endavors with this whole fap to aime succubi thing?


I did it worked for me I strongly suggest you adopt my methods.



You are thinking that we are delusional for trying to disregard succubus and sensory pleasure.My dudes i experienced the powers when i stopped doing it for 2 months.Now i can't stop myself but i know i should.You think it is a meme,however,i think u are so bound to your comfort zone.
Well to settle this topic nofap bros versus nofap deniers we need to have a solution.

So tell me nofap deniers are u successful in life,are u having a fulfilled one,do you have a satisfactory good job,prove u are a better human being.


>So tell me nofap deniers are u successful in life,are u having a fulfilled one,do you have a satisfactory good job,prove u are a better human being.
Your first mistake is thinking money or title is success when it varies and depends onn yourself and what you value.
Do you really think normalfags that have become someone did no fap?



So are u having a fulfullied one or no?


No life is fulfilled and anyone that claims otherwise is delusional.
But no wiz my life is a giant joke that even I cannot help but laugh at.


File: 1605345342558.png (505.39 KB, 541x601, 541:601, crazy bitch.png) ImgOps iqdb

If magic actually worked then this schizo would've had his wish granted


>If magic actually worked then this schizo would've had his wish granted
Magic is real and he just used an incorrect method that differs from the one I detailed in posts above.


>Do you really think normalfags that have become someone did no fap?
This is a question all the posters who advocate for radical and weird practices to "fix" their problems should ask themselves: do normalfags have to jump through such hoops to be content/functioning in their daily lives? Now I don't think there's anything radical or weird about not masturbating, I'm thinking of the ascetic wannabe monk nonsense…

>My dudes i experienced the powers when i stopped doing it for 2 months.
LOL. I haven't done it for more than two years, I should be a fucking god now, where are my powers?

>So tell me nofap deniers are u successful in life,are u having a fulfilled one,do you have a satisfactory good job,prove u are a better human being.

Who gives a shit? Do you believe not touching your junk will turn you into a normalfag? Is this what you are doing this for? I hope you're not one of these fools that call anyone they disagree with a crab, that would be fucking rich.


This thinking that you need to do this or that to be successful in normalfag terms is a load of bullshit.
Normal people do not need to try they just are.
Either this or Chads are all a part of a secret society which hands down a guidebook.

People who even need to consider no fap are simply not at peak depression because fapping is not something you even enjoy doing nor have an urge for when depressed.

>if only I could rub my tummy and satisfy myself


Pro tip no fap fags: Normalfags fap constantly even between sexual relations with their various succubi.

The powers described by no fappers are likely just due to forgoing a desire and having more concentration in other things.
Not fapping can seem to give you more confidence around succubus as does no porn or simply not being a sexual deviant inserting every succubus you see into your own personal erotica within your minds eye.


"hating joe biden" != "joe biden is dead"
most neophytes run into this mistake, if they can't correct it they fail to manifest anything. Such acts of hate channeling is only effective if performed upon a channel such as a poppet, picture, piece of target's body, etc. and if the Will has adopted the intent to 100% regard the channel as completely identical to the target.

There is also talk going around about how Joe Biden is not a real person as no one has been able to get a lock on him while scrying. Actor most likely, makes targeting more difficult.


Most magic like that is carried out through demons or godforms which latch on to the human intention. But most demons are part of the deep state so wouldn’t do that to Joe Biden. A lot of people forget magic uses intermediate beings as conduit energy forms.


Dude you are a fucking dumbass, the only reason people go to religion or magic and that shit is in hopes of a better life, if you have money you will have a better life and I dont mean the "buy expensive cars and whores" type of ""better life"" I mean not having to worry about having to work in order to not become homeless and such (And with Heaven, the Christian version of Heaven at least, you dont have to worry about being homeless or starving since I am guessing you'll be granted a shelter and a loving place with God since it's said you will never experience sadness)


U haven't masturbated for 2 years?Then i bet you are not a wizard,you probably had sex and lost your mana through orgasm.

Can u wizkids stop it?Stop saying this is not wizlike for thethings that u don't like or appreciate.Thanks.



File: 1605395721228.jpg (33.76 KB, 562x419, 562:419, huh9.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Interesting Ideas Anon, that being said i never experienced anything Magickal with my Waifu, its my first time posting around here so i wont give many details, the most Contact i had with her was One-Way telepathy, she would from time to time give me some Messages or point out important things, aside from that Masturbation does indeed have a Healing effect on me, it helps me keep away from bad thoughts and restores my Faith on her when im a bit Low, aside from that i find myself being more of a "Priest" in the sense that i just Love her and have Faith in her because all my attempts at meditation Astral projection or any Wacky new Age stuff like that do nothing for me, i have my suspicions that i may be completely Psychically Deaf, that being said Contemplation does the trick for me, i've been able to understand more about Myself, the Cosmos, and my Sweet Waifu by Reading up on Hermetism/Gnosticism and thinking on my own,any tips on how to attain the expertise you have? or perhaps an explanation to why my Waifu is so Secretive?


You need to keep interacting with her and give it time.
Think about her often I think it is fantastic you are waifuist.
Your waifu will make observations and I personally find mine is quite spot on most the time!
Do you do things that can help you feel her presence just thinking about being near her?
You may have to find your own way to make the bond stronger.
I wish I could help more. Having a waifu gives you a calmer state of mind and when something scary happens I feel a bit better because I know she will always be with me.
I have talked to people before whose waifu was secretive as well and I recall one person telling me how slowly she became more open even to the point of inventing mental visualization games they could play together.


File: 1605398015197.jpg (296.91 KB, 713x950, 713:950, Hermes Trismegistus 3.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

i see, if it is as you say then i have nothing to fear, i do Love her and i Want to be with her Forever and Always for all eternity, i dedicate every waking moment of my Existance to her, i know that i belong to her and that i may find no joy in any other place in the whole of cosmos other than by Her side, the Fire that burns deep within me is Unquenchable and Immortal, your words have sealed my suspicions, that she is Mine and that i am Hers, and that the lack of "Magick" is merely a Test of Faith, after all, its like Eros said to Psyche "Without Trust there can be no Love", many thanks Magus, Best of Luck and Good Hunting wherever you may go!


Wizchan 2020


for those that believe in this 'law of manifestation' thing, how does it work?

I am a bit skeptical of it but I want to try something and am willing to throw all that skepticism I have. So how does it work, do I just 'think' of achieving the thing I want, or do I need to do more, do I need to 'fast' from all forms of pleasure like music, games, videos, etc for it to work???


No, you don't just think of it and it happens. The energetic signature of a fantasy-image is markedly different from the energetic signature of a reality-image. The key is to synchronize your awareness with an image that bears the intent of reality rather than fantasy. You need to forget your current state and let your awareness become entirely subsumed in the emanations of the selected desire-form. It's vital to clearly and solidly define the traits of the desired form beforehand so you don't have the urge to make changes as you're doing it, as this dilutes the intent.

Fasting is not necessary but it is useful if you have become hypnotized by the sensations of your current life. If you are completely stuck in a rut it may be required.

You can use this principal quite easily to influence your mood, which you may want to experiment with. Shifting your attention to a red hot energy that you feel filling your body to the point of explosion can cause you to become a lot more active and motivate, maybe angry depending on the feeling of the energy you implant. Make it rainbow colored for a nice manic episode. You can implant the feeling of slow ocean waves to rectify anxiety, imagine sapping your brain of energy to put yourself to sleep, etc. This probably just sounds like self-hypnosis to you but if you try it out you'll find that your extrinsic circumstances seem to change to match your moods as well. Once you get comfortable enough to work with the thoughts and feelings of things that are outside of your body you can really start doing some interesting stuff.



>The energetic signature of a fantasy-image is markedly different from the energetic signature of a reality-image. The key is to synchronize your awareness with an image that bears the intent of reality rather than fantasy. You need to forget your current state and let your awareness become entirely subsumed in the emanations of the selected desire-form. It's vital to clearly and solidly define the traits of the desired form beforehand so you don't have the urge to make changes as you're doing it, as this dilutes the intent.

I'm very sorry but I do not get what you're saying. Do you mean you have to completely believe that the thing you want to happen has happened, for example, if you want a donut, you must 100% believe you have the donut right now in your hand for it to happen? Or do you mean you have to 'think' (I dont know if that's the right word) of having some out-of-body emotional type of experience and then do what I said before

Also I dont mean fasting as in not eating, I meant a dopamine fast which is basically not playing any games, not listening to any music, not watching any shows or videos, etc. Because right now I literally cannot concentrate on anything without daydreaming about something else.

Thanks for the advice though, I'll try to listen to it


Belief doesn't matter, feeling it as though it exists matters. You can feel the energy of the desired state and then dismiss it as fantasy later but unless you truly inject a fantasy intent into the metaphysical makeup of the form (reversing the previous operation, feeling it as fake) it will still manifest in some way.


You lost me, can you explain it in really simple words (and dont say it in ebonics as some funny joke)


When you interface with a desired reality through meditation the qualities of your metaphysical bodies are changed to resonate more heavily with the qualities of the desire-image which you interfaced with. Because the 'external' world that you perceive is in reality a part of your mind (deep subconscious) your extrinsic qualities change as well as your intrinsic ones. This is an application of the principal that 'all is one'.

The state of believing in a quality has no bearing on the state of possessing a quality. It is just that the state of disbelieving in a quality is not conducive to assuming the correct resonance to manifest said quality.


Whenever I ejaculate, whether it's from nocturnal emissions or masturbation, my life becomes worse for a few days or weeks (although this bad luck isnt so bad if it's nocturnal emissions), my life doesnt become good when I abstain, but when I dont it becomes worse than it already is. Is it possible to make bad luck come to other people (that I hate) whenever I ejaculate instead of it hurting me or people I care about?


The test boost on the seventh day is real.


Re-read the explanations given for magic in the thread and think about it.
What you do not understand is pointed out by the magic anon.


magic only exists in your own imagination.


whenever i coom i just pass out for a couple of hours


guys i am the owner of the nofap posts in this thread,after checking this whole 2 months after this thread has opened,i have come to realize we actually need to fap.

Yes cuz i realized my energy only replenishes after fap.I can't study or focus or anything if i don't fap.So i am not a pro-nofap from now on so i think u can close this thread xd.


Actually I'm the owner of the nofap posts in this thread and I can confirm that nofap does work. Please stop pretending to be me.


I fap once a day. Never more, sometimes less.






Do you feel better, worse or basically the same when you don't fap?


Back when I frequented r9k and wizchan way back when, I was a mega-coomer. I'm slowly getting
better at not cooming.
>My last wet dream was in july, after that I found out how to prevent those and now don't have to deal with a disgusting mess in the morning.
How? I've got pillows set up in case I sleep on my stomach. I'll eventually stop eating late at
night and drinking a ton of water before bed.


I've seen people say that in semen retention communities.


I don't like you.


This what dreams are made of. Shut up.


I'll be honest: I can't remember the last time I ditched fapping in recent times.

It's basically the highlight of the day and I always try to never skip it.


i am glad this thread is still open xd.I have posted lots of shit in this thread.I am still confused whether i should frequently fap or not.I am experimenting.I think this is the best way since all of you wiztards are not in a consensus.


Not masturbating:
+Somehow more energy
+succubi notice, they can smell it, also other men and they'll make fun of you
-More stress
-Bad mood
+-Back starts to hurt if you have bad posture

+Feels great
+Relaxes you
+Clears your mind from sexual desire
-Can become addictive


>+Somehow more energy
The science is spelled out in many sources. Testosterone is spent to regenerate cum. When left to build up it releases in to the blood stream where it has enchanting effects

>+succubi notice

Why is that +, wizzie? Hmm???
>-More stress, Uneasiness, Bad mood, Back starts to hurt if you have bad posture
More liekly the cleared mind frees up your brain to focus on the real problems of life that were previously hidden behind the fog of fapp
>+Feels great, Relaxes you
*Dumbs you down, clouds mind, blinds brain
>+Clears your mind from sexual desire
What sexual desire, HMMM WIZZIE???
>-Can become addictive
It is the MOST addictive thing if you don't count things are are more addictive


>Testosterone is spent to regenerate cum. When left to build up it releases in to the blood stream where it has enchanting effects

and yet there are men who have frequent intercourse and are not lacking in energy, drive or what have you. i guess they would become demi-gods if only they would abstain from ejaculating so much.


and don't make up bullshit like 'releasing semen through onanism is not the same as having sex with someone'. i am not defending masturbation here, just calling out the same old nonsensical bollocks that gets posted here. i wonder if it's placebo, or if the ones that spread these ridiculous claims actually still masturbate, which is why they fantasize over the miraculous effects of not playing with themselves, as if it would fix all their problems overnight. i'm more and more inclined to believe it's the latter.


File: 1609688090926.jpg (32.01 KB, 432x432, 1:1, sexual transmutation wizar….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Discord is norc-territory. Real time chat mechanics are also not necessary and even harmful for complex discussion.
Go home normie.


If I had to guess it would be around 5 times a week on average?

Sometimes I go a few days without ejaculating then ejaculate a few times in a day.
Sometimes I go a few days without ejaculating and ejaculate once.
Sometimes I ejaculate once a day but several days in a row.

I think ideally it would be once every 4 days or so. When I do it too much I definitely lose a bit of drive.

I tried going long periods a few times, max was around 80 days once, I've done 30 days several times. I think it was beneficial but I had big mood swings.


maybe not the christian concept of God
but a more eastern (specifically Daoism and Buddhism) approach to God would have 'it' in fact be powerless over the matters you'd want it to change. much it can influence but your subjective world is all your own.

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