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File: 1603607099443.png (902.81 KB, 709x687, 709:687, 1493235792960.png) ImgOps iqdb


What do you think of this? Do you believe there exists a plot centered around preventing supposed outcasts from causing havok in a social sense?


Wizkid it's called law


On the off chance you're not joking: I believe the OP is referring to PsyOps designed to steer targets away from breaking said laws, i.e., "deradicalisation."


Exactly, although I would say more about preventing attitudes that they feel lead to law and or social convention breaking.


>education and socialization effort that encourage people to obey the law is a plot now


File: 1603610306638.jpg (23.46 KB, 320x399, 320:399, 1536491193598.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

What the fuck do you think the entirety of psychology is for? To "help" people? Don't tell me you fell for their obvious propaganda wiz.


I don’t understand what you mean by ‘deradicalization’. In what way are these supposed outcasts radical? Are you implying that wizards are somehow a radically minded group of people? I don’t really understand because most of us are just neets who sit around playing video games and watching anime all day.


Secular education.
Mainstream culture - whether it is in intellectual circles or in lower classes.

Why do you think virgin-shaming, NEET-shaming, loner-shaming is so common? It is because society defends itself this way against us, even though most of us don't want to do anything but enjoy life as >>173927 said. We are harmless mostly, it is mainly weird normals and failed normals who become mass-shooters, terrorists, criminals and serial killers.


File: 1603742566131-0.gif (315.39 KB, 400x250, 8:5, tedgif.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Told ya


social havoc caused by young men… what would that even be?

social havoc in general is caused by populist ideology, it doesn't seem specific to young men.


File: 1603743264012.jpeg (1.11 MB, 3365x2077, 3365:2077, 1.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


The reason that isn't being stopped is because law enforcement supports it.


The "elites" learned from history, violently oppressing people through a police state doesnt work, just like enforcing an ideology doesnt work because power hungry people will twist it against you just like heretic preachers caused havoc throughout medieval Europe.
The best and the only way to control a large population is to let them have their share, dont bother them with mental crimes and let them live out their perversions and vices.
A full belly, a heated flat, electricity, the internet and money to spend; such a people will never revolt or cause havoc no matter how unjust and perverse the system in place is.


You mean normal socialization that all functional societies have because otherwise people devolve into barbaric tribalism?
If anything the normal socialization methods have been corrupted to cause problems.

Trying to get people to not be violent little shits isn't some plot or conspericy. There have always have been violent little shit and most people don't feel like dealing with them. At first they just killed them, then they tried reforming them after the fact, then it was found that parenting and education stopped most people from becoming violent little shits in the first place.
Then the socialist came in and decided that in order to reform society with them on the top they must destroy the family and co-opt every level of education.

Granted no solution so far completely stops violent little shits from being a problem, but we were at least making progress.

Anyway, radicalization is pretty stupid and "deradicalization" isn't a bad thing. I don't feel like dealing with radical violent little shits who think that they have the right to hurt people and destroy property just because they werent hugged enough as a child or something.
Want to take away the methods or preventing them, or reforming them, I am totally fine with going back to just killing violent little shits that make trouble.


>If anything the normal socialization methods have been corrupted to cause problems.
>Then the socialist came in and decided that in order to reform society with them on the top they must destroy the family and co-opt every level of education.
You're basically right. Natural socialization is fine, but I think OP is referring to planned oversocialization through propaganda(movies, TV, news, books, school, university, etc) by governments, NGOs, and of course "society". That part does include "conspiratorial elements", although not ENTIRELY.
Radicalization is a result of the unnatural societies that people tend to live in today. In the past people were able to be socialized normally(generally speaking), but as society has been pushed into such an obscenely unnatural state those who fail to become socialized go crazy at the sight of such a ridiculous thing as modern society.


its called "anarcho-tyranny." Laws are selectively enforced that threaten the managerial class, but actual crime against citizens is de-facto permitted. That's why occupy wallstreet was crushed so quickly, and then suddenly all you hear about is racial injustice


this socialization only encourages the "correct" kind of people to be violent while disempowering and making it out to be much worse when the "wrong" people are the potential violent ones.

Young men are less likely to just go with the herd, look at wizards for example.


I want to become as radical as possible. I want my tribalistic tendencies to be reintroduced and rule as a supreme God at the top.


Tengrism, Rodnovery, Habze, Buddhism, and Kabbalah all share the same neolithic root. Find the hidden truth and destroy/replace the Sabbateans. Or don't.


It isn't that violence is dependent on who for if it is right or wrong.
It is about the context of the violence and if it is a productive or destructive kind of violence.


Don't shame faggots. Don't shame whores. Don't shame fatasses. Don't shame retards.

Virgins. Shame virgins.


From what I've noticed in far-right places the focus is on demoralizing people into believing they are helpless to affect the world around them, make them infight amongst themselves by focusing on certain irreconcilable differences, and make it impossible to organize while making them too paranoid to want to. All these things work well enough for most people, but it causes a small section of the most motivated young men to commit lone wolf terrorism out of despair.


>From what I've noticed in far-right places
Such as?


I'd like to know moar plz




Wizchan is not far right, its apolitical website


Club penguin



File: 1604849846052.png (385.48 KB, 720x778, 360:389, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

There is no "plot." There's no shadowy organisation plotting this. There doesn't NEED to be. Virtually everyone underestimates the capacity for people to self-organise along ideological lines.
If a large number of people all believe the same thing very strongly, they'll work together WITHOUT needing big organisation.

A great example is the response to no-fap November every year. They don't organise this. The ideology just automatically generates this response organically.
>populist ideology causes social havoc
Little bit of cart before the horse here. large groups of discontent people become 'populist' pretty quick. It's just a buzzword to label any movement that gives a shit about common people regardless of ideology.


Doesn't CIA want to MKultra all outcasts?


Why (((they))) got mad at some fratboys' internet joke? And why some other people took it seriously too?
What a mess.


Not really. They are all about information control over trying mind control again. MKUltra was a real shit show. One they really don't want to repeat.

Hell, now days they just pay, blackmail, and threaten people to get them to do what they want. Usually all at the same time.


I think several things, they are rambling and in no particular order because I can't think straight any more:
>There are more men of breeding age than there are succubi in almost every country in the world, including in the West. This means the rose-tinted "promise" that many men seek of a wife, home and family will not be available to them, especially in the modern world of promiscuity, hypergamy and divorce. So another means of control is needed.
<succubi are definitely given multiple advantages in life. This can in part lead to succubi holding key positions of power which will make them less reliant on men.
>I think feminism has definitely has an effect on men, the constant bombardment that everything wrong in the world is men's fault and succubi getting education, career, social and relationship advantages is demoralizing in a world where "equality" has been hammered into you. In education, politics, courts, media, etc, you are screamed at about "toxic" masculinity, you will be blamed and convicted, while succubi are praised and encouraged to their best potential.
<There is definitely a trend to feminise men and make them look like fools to make them more meek and less authoritative, in everything from how they are portrayed as oafs on TV to banning "brutal" sports like rugby and wearing skirts in schools.
>The fact that half of all men are now brought up without a single male role model in their lives does encourage this. succubi get custody the majority of the time, most teachers in schools are succubi. It makes them not only easier to control by succubi, but also removes any guide to help them in more masculine matters, making boys growing up feeling more lost and confused. Another point to add to this is young boys are now often given drugs to "calm" them down, as if the natural active and energetic state of a boy is shamed and somehow bad.
<I think much of the harassment men get is just pure bullying from normalfags. Same way they bullied "losers" and people who are different in school, they find it acceptable to demean men who dare to not follow society's norm and do something like going their own way. "You MUST consume, you MUST pursue succubi, you MUST put succubi on a pedestal, you must NOT criticize succubi, or else you are an inc*l." Sad thing is other men, especially normalfag men, would encourage or ignore this bullying this for reasons such as "not my problem", simping, or crabs in a bucket mentality.
>I think media and the internet is being used very effectively to placate single men and keep them zombies. Everything from anime to vidya to porn is useful in distracting men from their depressing lives and miserable enslavement to the system. Escapism is a powerful tool.
<Men are still the net contributors to the State in taxes, despite there being more female college graduates since the 1980s and college-educated succubi earning more than men, succubi still take more than what they contribute. succubi need men to just shut up and work to pay for their increasingly massive welfare state.

I don't think there is any central plot to do all this, this is just the way society has natural evolved to cope with an excess of men, and dampen the natural drive of men in an increasingly soft and matriarchal society. There is definitely a desire from all in power to make sure men just work, pay taxes, and do what they are told; but it seems too mismatched and chaotic to be any plan and more like they are making up this slippery slope as they go along.

I think more men are beginning to realize playing by society's rules is not worth it. But I think more men are just wanting to do their own thing and be left alone.




Yes, same thing as controlling the population of stray dogs or preventing disease outbreaks. Wizards are a net zero at best and dangerous at worst.


Going against the plan of being a mindless consuming breeder. I guess I'm dangerous like a disease.


Yes, like a flu. When its just a small bunch of people that have it - it's fine, when it's half the population - there is a problem.


it is called law enforcement.
and prison.
Never trust anyone. "Society" is a trap.


Brother you have no idea, without consoomers this entire civilization literally will fall apart. Look at how society treats the homeless vs extremely violent criminals. The latter are useful "jobs creators" for cops and such but the latter, especilly when nonviolent, are literally an existential threat towards capitalism as we know it.


Capitalism can suck my ass. And no, I'm not some libtard. This system seems functional and all, but this whole "survival of the fittest" mentality is turning humans into manufactured fucking assholes who "just do a job". People are so fucking busy they never get the chance to think. I have no clue how people can be so consumed like that


I know people who are balancing kids, relationships, jobs, school, etcetera and all of that noise is suffocating their 'self'.


>wants to produce porn
I'm shocked.


>If a large number of people all believe the same thing very strongly, they'll work together WITHOUT needing big organisation.
the latter part of that is true, but the former is debatable: do people start believing (in) things "organically"?


I don't get this. So jerking off prevents people from shooting up schools? Is he saying that a school shooter would be prevented from wasting the normalfags at his school because he's too busy fapping? I don't know about you jewcocks, but it takes me like three minutes to bust a nut, a minute if I'm in public. I don't think fapping would dent a school shooter's schedule too much for him to not fit the massacre in.


It's not that it prevents people from shooting up schools.
It's just that there would be many more crab shooters if it wasn't for porn to pacify them.

>but it takes me like three minutes to bust a nut

Yes, but nutting constantly leaves you more sluggish and passive overall. That's why most wouldn't take murder seriously in the first place.

I just can't see how would that be a bad thing. Of course, innocents being killed it's a sad thing. But at least society would be forced to take a step back into its march to matriarchalism


OP, you do realize that “school” is actually a screen to identify and remove disobedient outcast males, correct?

The USSR developed and pioneered this idea. Get all the kids out of their natural habitats and corral them into large classrooms for most of the day. They realized this system could allow them to predict and identify all potential future enemies of their regime, and remove them decades before they become a problem.

Notice how all boys which act like boys are put on ritalin and adderall? Well, for young outcast males who are High-T, or have the warrior gene, or who disobey authority, or whatever, much worse happens. The schools report on them as “mentally ill” or “dangerous” and the kids get hauled off to either juvee, mental hospitals, group homes, or “lost” (sold into human trafficking by the social workers).

The school system is efficient in this because normie kids do the identifying FOR them. Once all sub5 male kids , or burn victim kids , or whatever are outcasted, whichever one of then has the warrior-gene will (naturally, instinctively and predictably) begin to take things into his own hands to survive. He will begin to chase after his bullies, fighting them, he will begin to demand fair treatment from the faculty, he will try and run out of school, he will disobey commands from faculty he considers unfair. You see, “bullying” or in this case “school mobbing” activates something within the warrior-gene-carrying children that causes these instinctive reactions.

8-3, nonday through friday, for 15 years. They pretty much catch every rebellious outcast up into their net. Time plus intensity garuntees them this result.

Back when kids grew up without mass schooling, none of this was possible. Kids spent the majority of time around their natural peers; their siblings, extended family’s cousins, neighborhood children, etc, there were REAL bonds and relationships which prevented horrid bullying and outcasting en masse we see today. Kids spent hardly any time “learning”, and much time in nature with eachother. Direct parental or family supervision, from people that actually loved the children and who were not putting them into a defacto prison to study them, and the completely deregulated and disconnected isolated character of this schhooling lifestyle meant that screening out society’s warrior gene was impossible.


People (not just cops, ive witnessed teenagers stomping on the homeless multiple times) dont attack the homeless because of capitalism, they attack the homeless because they are ferocious psychopaths and have an instinctive need to be violent towards someone (and who bettee than those who are weakest?). Psychopaths’ other need is to be appliaded and agreed with by their peers, and their peers all agree that they hate homeless people. So that who they attack.

People arent bad because of money, or system, or nurture, or material. They’re bad because their born evil, and no matter what they do, they cant stop doing evil.

Not everyone is evil or born evil, however.



good poast


Try to step beyond the pale and see what happens
In my experience-
>Your mother will insist that you bring a radio transmitter, i.e phone for your own safety
>Your mother will insist that you call her everyday.
>Your mother will notify everyone in the community
>If you come back, your mother and social pressures will push you to institutionalize yourself, putting yourself in debt to society which you will be stuck working for.

If you remain institutionalized beyond the age of 25 I seriously think you´ll suffer for it.


yeah, what this guy said (test)


Not everyone has horrible mother, its not normal at all


no this >>178003 is exactly what my mom would do. I just stopped caring about family and telling them things. The final and ultimate ghosting is coming, and they will not get prior notice. I'm just gonna leave a note that says "I'm not missing, I just hate you" so they don't file a missing persons.


I keep seeing normgroids shill this kike at crabs/wizzies for "Self improvement", yet he's really just controlled opposition meant to whiteknight for evil modern succubi and gaslight/crab single men that don't want to, or can't, contribute to society in a meaningful way.
Plus he has normgroid moral views, like rich=good, poor=evil.


I can't find the image to go with this post but basically Uncle Ted was talking about dudes like JBP when he went on about how the college educated academics lead these pseudo-rebellions as controlled opposition. JBP probably in his head really does think he makes an impact and makes a difference. But he is just another arm of the very "neoliberal/neomarxist" (whatever that gay word he loves is) Establishment that he nails against. Total fraud. Pushes feminist shit on young men under the guise of some Numale masculinity bullshit.


File: 1616560389216.jpg (128.05 KB, 1195x960, 239:192, JBP.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

found the pic


I wonder how much potential, creative or otherwise, has been lost as a result of this modern epidemic of drugging and institutionalizing various types of kids? In the past, many times it was the zanier types of men who made considerable contributions to their society, community, or whatever they put their minds to.


He also bitches about how individualism is the best ideology and identity politics is evil, yet he said Asians should group up based on identity politics because they think Harvard discriminated against them, which seems unlikely since they make up about 25% of students there, while being 5% of population. He's only against identity politics for white males, I think it's very obvious why his ideology s being promoted, the idea that he is some kind of anti-SJW/liberal is laughable.


Yep, it's always individualism for white men to keep them isolated, but every other group gets to gang up together.


the worst enemy for all power structures is the normalisation and acceptance of suicide aka exit from any situation/state of being/work/etc. If it becomes morally acceptable for someone to exit any situation and every condition, there would be a huge loss of control and manipulation from the hands of those that profit from people being enslaved and enprisoned in life. Being in life is being a slave to all the powers that control your being. Ranging from your parents who raped you into existence and brainwashed you to accept their authority since you are in a vulnerable position of needing food, shelter, protection, all sorts of mental, physical, psychological needs/wants created along the way. Every system created is a trap that creates more necessity and therefore more problems and more enslavement. Then you have other systems in place such as school and university whose purpose is to make you a happy wageslave. Etc etc. But if we get to the point of legalization of suicide we might as well ban procreation at the same time and cut from the root all the problems by cutting the root of problems: sentience. But this requires deprogramming on a deeper level than most people are willing to accept since what this would prove is how malevolent most people and society is FUNDAMENTALLY. And there is no way for a system to not be as such. Since all systems are traps that enslave/rape/enprison. So the solution is no systems. And to reach that solution there are steps needed to be taken away from prolife sentiments to prodeath. Meaning disvaluing existence and going towards non-existence. Anyway, if you're interested to read more on this philosophy, read ever deep honesty, Better Never to have been by David Benatar and the promortalist paper by Jiwoon Hwang


Anon. The next time you hear someone say "Don't do it" someone, I want to hear:
>the worst enemy for all power structures is the normalisation and acceptance of suicide aka exit
Great text. denouddaden.

I've never heard of Jiwoon Hwang, btw.


I think there is definitely a push to emasculate men, to make them less threatening and less competitive for succubi. At the same time, these feminine men are easier to control, not just by succubi but also by governments , employers and corporations.


I'd say it's men as a group as well, and even subsets of men like us who are discouraged from advocating for ourselves.


It's just natural evolution that has been progressing since forever, your hunter gatherer ape ancestor would break you self domesticated sissy in half in a heartbeat


Because hunter-gatherer ancestor hunted and had a good diet from a young age, not because he was some stupid overly violent brute.


They are overly violent compared to today sissies


Only because they grew up in a tougher world.


Deradicalization just means banning people like sargon and getting them to watch destiny


In English please zoomer


stop watching rightwing nazas ecelebs and watch starbucks marxist ecelebs


destiny is a capitalist you dumb fuck


Absolutely, but it's not just for outcasts, the plot is aimed at the every individual. Any major havoc is allowed and controlled by the same powers that be. In order to prevent any spontaneous action led by free thinking individuals, all kinds of shills are placed over the internet to passify the users.
I think imageboards are a part of the psyop on outcasts. The majority of posts are spam carrying messages of extreme radicalism and violence to control nonconformists and outcasts alike. I see it kind of like a rage porn to destroy the minds of youth.


I highly recommend Adam Curtis documentaries for people interested in this.

For example, in The Trap it discusses how psychiatry is a scam to manipulate the masses. By defining illnesses with a checklist that you can use on yourself, people were given an image in their mind of the normal "correct" human. Before this was done, experiments shows that psychiatrists were completely incapable of diagnosing people - this was testing with methods like sending fake patients, which were incorrectly identified as mentally ill


Outcast like us either commit suicide or conform very few fight

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