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File: 1605124104941.png (893.49 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Skærmbillede (252).png) ImgOps iqdb


how are you in real life anon? do you come off as a normal person?
i'm average weight
average height
i think im come off pretty normal in real life, other than i sometimes can't find the words when speaking and i apparently come off as insecure, and i don't groom myself too well but in the end i think im pretty normal.
What about you anon?


I come off however I decide.
If I wish to I can make those around me think highly of me by using the normalfag facade BS and social skills against them.
I usually just be myself though.

Does any other wiz ask random people philosophical questions when out in public to see their response?
I quite enjoy talking with schizophrenic homeless people.


philosophical questions as in what?


File: 1605130361854.jpeg (31.55 KB, 320x320, 1:1, 1604833206084.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Well I often ask people who are old fucks for any tips on life I mean actually old not boomers but most are too senile to use a brain anymore.

I ask people what do they think the purpose of life is or if it is meaningless or about the true nature of reality.
Wageslaves who are succesful and old tell me work is not important and relationships have greater value than earning more money.
Mostly the dregs of society seem the most aware that life is not worth worrying about and it is best to get fucked up to cope with it. I only give the homeless money if they promise to use it on drugs or drink because it would be wasted otherwise.

A week or two ago there was some people trying to get me to donate my organs and another guy near said I should donate my organs so I can help save someones life.
I mentioned anxieties over part of my consciousness being imbued within an organ and being trapped inside another's body in some form until they die etc and we had a discussion about lots of topics.

I have a desire to go out and smash the optimistic delusion with potent pessimism.
I often ask people their stance on antinatalism etc

People are interactive books.


Are you american


File: 1605131739036.jpg (85.98 KB, 997x757, 997:757, satania 1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>are you american
Why do you ask anon?
I am interested to know why is it from my phrasing.
I see myself as a netizen.
I actually may not be anything soon :^)
Wizanon can I get your opinion on something.
I am rational at times I do question everything and often critique my own position and try to overcome my own bias etc.
>the point I am trying to make is I do try to be rational
However I now my thinking is flawed I am quite mentally ill and choices I make personally are often regrettable I am a mess in this way.

How can I be sure of my own suicidal intention given that I am such a retard at thinking about anything that concerns myself?
Rational in theory kek not in action.


Only an american would do that, and i can't answer that


File: 1605133190929.jpg (55.41 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 1603518750454.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Only an american would do that
Wait other people don't do what?
Can you please explain.
I have been told I am eccentric though so maybe I do not fit into the geographic social norms.


File: 1605133488891.jpg (31.47 KB, 530x354, 265:177, 13715026365_0581b1dfc0_z-5….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

im sardinian


File: 1605133775561.gif (601.2 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 1603437342463.gif) ImgOps iqdb

How can you really point to behaviour of mine and say you sound like X Y or Z?
A wizard could be an eccentric I could be Finnish and still ask people questions about anything in life.


I'm short, a big fat, average face, the problem is my personality, I hate pretty much everyone including myself so I can't seem capable of forming proper relationships and because of that I don't have anything to live for besides vidya and anime and when those wear off, well it will be rope time for me.


*it was supposed to be a bit fat not a big fat LMAO.


File: 1605134589010.jpg (86.29 KB, 640x640, 1:1, society.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>when those wear off, well it will be rope time for me.
Only if you do not become so apathetic nothing fazes you as you are already dead inside in a non edgy real way.
>*it was supposed to be a bit fat not a big fat LMAO.
freudian shitpost


Only americans would be that outgoing to ask random people such questions


File: 1605137790510.jpg (20.44 KB, 500x281, 500:281, renge 3.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Only americans would be that outgoing to ask random people such questions
Not american I just have insane confidence or rather the illusion of confidence because
>I am so disassociated
>so numb
>do not care what normalfags think
is it actually autistic to ask random people all types of stuff?
Am I just autisic?
My social skills are fine if I turn them on but it is so draining though.
Random people used to give me free food and even alcohol at stores after conversations with them top kek.

I just hate myself so much that it does not matter what other people think of me. I try be respectful.

I do weird shit like I wrote this grocery store guy a letter thanking him for radiating positive energy and to know he has value as a human which rubs off on others.
I wrote it and handed it in to the staff I think I even greentexted some of it and I signed it as anon.
God I really feel autistic


>Am I just autisic?
You post anime succubi, so yes.


are you from central europe?


File: 1605139338258.gif (3.48 MB, 498x275, 498:275, an hero to waifu.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Posting animoo gurls seems fine on wiz now.
Sorry anon I know years ago we could not and this place is slowly getting slower whilst also shitter… sorry I should respect true wiz culture more.
>are you from central europe?
I will not say my location I am just so fucked.
Can I vent post please? I never mention my feelings online and always try be there for others so rare vent.

I hate thinking about how I went from hoping so much for a future to hoping so much for an end, the courage to kill myself.
I am scared to die but feel I have to die and not because the world has been unkind to me but I have been unkind to myself.
I do not even plan to use a noose as my method but still do mock hangings and cut myself in bad ways.
I do this to desensitize myself to death but it won't work and maybe I it is because I have some hope and I had hoped I would not have hope.
I do not think anything could push me to kill myself because if it could I would be dead already.. am I destined to slowly rot till death?
I do not even want what a lot of depressed people want.
I see no value in socializing IRL and it is not because I cannot do it as I can fine, but human interactions just seem so hollow and fabricated because they are.
The fact that I can be social but do not enjoy it makes me feel bad for all the autist anons who wish they could talk to someone and make a friend.

Messed up anons and those without hope on here are all I have to talk to or rather all I want to talk to.
I know that even if somehow life became enjoyable I would ruin it and I am scared of hope because feeling good has only ever primed me to feel worse.

I tried meds and therapy even fitness but I left it too late my mind is too full of negativity.

The only good things in life IMO are
>anons you click with
>anime succubi
I want to be sure I will be with mai waifu if I kill myself..

Sorry for sperg post. I usually lurk.


File: 1605141882247.jpg (139.5 KB, 700x674, 350:337, b9029734981669.5ac683efa0e….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I'm tall and underweight and people tell me i look tired and say strange things. one of my coworkers randomly said to me "you look like a traumatized soldier" when i was just sitting down doing nothing.


Normal looking skinny guy, above average in height. Usually shaved and wear normal (if boring) clothes.
Can pass as a normal until I open my mouth and people start to notice my weird mannerisms. The older I get the more I start noticing the exact moments other realize im not like them, it still stings a little.


we all want to die but most of us are too scared to do it. Atleast we aren't succubi who just take pills and try to overdose for attention


File: 1605290807889.png (793.8 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Skærmbillede (260).png) ImgOps iqdb

Traumatized soldier of life


It blows my mind the shit normie coworkers will just say to people, thank god for wfh


Kawaii image wizard-kun!


I might as well put a sign on myself saying "male virgin".
I wear glasses, I'm kind of fat, I don't like to shave generally so I have homeless-tier red beard, my hair is brown/dark blond mix by the way and my eyes are blue. I usually have my hair cut down to minimum or let it grow freely like I did in high school, my hair reached the middle of my back back then. Plus I didn't care about it either like shaving my beard so my hair was all over my face like, I looked like a male version of those creepy ghost succubi you see in japanese movies. I'm average height.

In short, I pretty much look like your average homeless guy or some drug addict bottom of the barrel metal fan. Normals always notice me, not that I blame them but I'm way past the stage where I care about the opinions or bullying of normals. Back in high school I was constantly called Tarzan, Jesus or some other name by others. But the funniest thing happened to me when a guy said to his friend about me something along the lines of "he looks like a 40 years old virgin" - let me remind you I was only 17 or so at the time. Quite funny considering how right he was, I'm not 40 yet or even 30 but shit is funny. Another time a Chad said to his buddy "I swear I'm going to give him a razor to shave for his birthday".

Socially - depends on the situation. Usually I don't speak to people at all, I ignore them. However if I'm forced to speak to people or can't avoid it then I impress them usually in some way. I'm quite good with words. Some of my teachers back in hs told me I should become a lawyer because I can bullshit around so much.
Another funny moment happened when in hs a PE teacher gave us students a little lecture or rather to the succubi about avoiding dangerous men who want to rape them. He said things like these people are usually very smooth, persuasive and can charm people with their words. Afterwards a succubus from my class said to me in front of others "The type the teacher described is just like you, wiz! Haha!" She said it half-jokingly but I knew she meant it kind of seriously.

Sorry for the many HS examples but I pretty much became a full NEET-hermit after HS so that was the last time I was around others much.


yeah it is.


How do you sustain your NEET lifestyle?
Still living with parents?


I've been working recently in the same place as my mom and she says the people tell her I constantly look scared and terrified, she said when she told them I was really shy they never imagined I was as shy as I am, I don't think anyone even thinks about whether I'm a virgin or not they just treat me like a child


Yep, living with my parents. I get some absolutely ridiculous amount of money every month from the government as welfare but it would be enough only to starve to death in a single week if I didn't have my family.


Are you on disability?


I get bux so I only leave my lair whenever I need groceries. I try to blend in, nike shoes, blue jeans, polo shirts, etc. I think that I do blend in well but people treat me like a child or like im retarded. You can mask it physically but humans are social animals, keyword animals, and they sniff out outcast males for sport… But i'm having the last laugh over the normcattle!!! Watching anime and pissing in jugs living on bux and having fun!! Let them laugh at me in public, I'll go as hikki as I can


I'm an extreme fatass. Everyone where I go I get the "I am in awe at the absolute size of this lad" look.


i’m below average height 162cm, average weight, i come off as creepy sometimes i think, i like to wear sweaters at all times, when i tried selling something and met the guy in person i tried making conversation about the item i was selling and he just seemed weirded out, maybe it’s because i have no awareness of my surroundings or because i rarely converse with others. I stopped caring and it’s not like it matters anyway.


cannot pass a single stranger in public without being glared at with hatred


Have you considered that you are simply projecting your own self-hatred and feelings of inadequacy?


I am short and chubby and usually scruffy/unkempt. Since I only leave the house to buy food, I barely interact with anyone and haven’t done for a long time. I definitely give off weird vibes and I’m self-aware enough to know it, but at the sane time, I don’t really care or try to mitigate it.

I’ll be 30 next year and I think I’m starting to show my age now, with years of stress, anxiety and lack of sleep prematurely ageing me. The panda eyes and unshaven face don’t help either.


Are you wearing pants?
Last time that happened to me it was because I forgot my pants.
Apparently being without pants upsets the children or something.


Nope, I get unemployment money. Of course even for this crap amount of money you have to go through lots of fucking procedures where I live. Including the fact you gotta have some kind of proof that you worked at least 30 days a year in order to get the money. Luckily my family has an old lady friend who verifies every year that I was employed by her. If it weren't for her lying then I wouldn't get nothing. I live in a pseudo-fascist shithole which only gives money to breeders and those who contribute to society ergo those who don't even need any money at all.


No one here finds your retarded, cringeworthy soy "humor" funny.
Go back to whatever shithole you crawled from.


I’m a giant obese ogre but I try to pass for Norman as much as possible by lying and pretending to be Norman. I’m a suicidal depressed person so I have to pretend on that front too. Throughout my life when I was younger I’ve found some people have treated me ok, I get the sense people either hate me or think I’m ok. Definitely get people who insult me or try to abuse me. I try to keep as clean as I can and dress cleanly.

People think I’m stupid because I’m so fat, don’t really talk much because I don’t enjoy much, and I’m socially slow. I sometimes demonstrate I’m not stupid though action or a conversation and people literally say they’re shocked. There are friendless wizards who have never had positive contract with others, I’m closer to a normalfag than them but I’ve also been a neet for many years who barely leaves the house so I’m largely speaking about the past. Sometimes men will talk to me or make a joke standing in a queue kind of thing, I think I pass. I spent a lot of time working on social anxiety and shit as I used to start sweating uncontrollably talking to cashiers and stuff.

I find it hard talking about the truth that I’ve done nothing but struggle with depression for years to people, so it’s uncomfortable thinking up lies. That’s probably the biggest barrier to seeming normal now since my lies are probably obvious. Oh well.


File: 1605578188711.jpg (48.89 KB, 773x1000, 773:1000, bs2bmkfldzz21.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

how much do you weight?


Around 400lbs


you sound a lot like casketking


File: 1605591701520.jpg (1.58 MB, 969x2980, 969:2980, fatsad1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

also in the 400 club. the root of all my unhappiness in life is my inability to stop eating.


File: 1605597055639.jpg (179.24 KB, 1280x1707, 1280:1707, fat_wizard_by_ninorabbi_da….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

still an apprentice i see
one day you will join the 600lb truwiz club


stop eating



If you mean by that that I am actually looking at all of them like that, I have. Otherwise I would have to literally be hallucinating for it to not be sn accurate perception. Nobody likes me and alot of people hate me without provocation so it's not much of a stretch for most people to hate me on sight.


Slightly above average height, lean. Don't think I stand out from my looks but I tend to mumble and blurt out verbal spaghetti as soon as I have to talk. Not always, but often enough that it makes me avoid interaction, which obviously only makes it worse.


5'7", 105 lbs, still skinnyfat because I drink like a fucking sailor and I'm not 20 anymore. I suffer from debilitating anxiety, so my interactions with others tend to be stilted and awkward. Though in recent years I've learned to mimic social cues so well it feels convincing, even to myself. Only problem is that my repertoire of fake social skills is a carbon copy of my mom's behavior - I subconsciously mimic her mannerisms, her standard responses, her way of talking, even her pitch. I think that makes my demeanor very feminine, which generally tends to have a dissarming effect when talking to succubi, but I get the feeling that men - especially older men and otherwise traditionally masculine men - think I'm a fucking fruit cake.


I'm short, balding and a bit fat.
I began to realize how this effected my youth. I was constantly disrespected, berated, pushed over et cetera most due to my height and ugly face. I was even mugged far too often probably because robbers thought I was an easy target.

Now that I'm in my 30s I can just blend into the average working male. But I feel sad for the younglings


>somehow thinks that they are fat despite being anorexic
>acts like a succubus
>talks like a succubus
>self medicates with alcoholism

Gee I wonder why anyone would ever think you are a fruit cake. By both slang meanings of the word.


I get that feeling too, actually I get really embarrassed in mens areas like when I've had to go to the junkyard or mechanic shop for car business, you can just feel you're severely out-testosteroned and its intimidating and embarrassing


Relatively tall and fat (6'2, 220-225lbs). I think I'm likeable, if painfully shy and socially awkward.


Anorexia would imply that I'm engaging in self-statvation out of a pathlogical fear of gaining weight.

I eat whatever I feel like (but generally make an effort to consume plenty of vitamins and proteins) and drink copious amounts of booze on top. Alcohol - especially beer - is like a runaway train of empty calories, and it seems to all accumulate on my torso. I have so little fat on my ass it hurts to sit, and my upper arms are as thin as most guys' wrists. But I have a pot belly and man boobs. It's not bad, but it does give me a super weird physique in which my stomach is as wide front-to-back as side-to-side. I'm shaped like a barrel. My wonky proportions are reflected by my pant size too: 28 inches long and 28 inches wide. (This would seem to be an common size; usually the only way I can get a pair of jeans that fit is to settle for a pair that are wide enough to fit my waist and then take them to a tailor to have them taken up a couple of of inches to make them short enough in length).

I went to look at a car last summer. I booked a test drive over the phone, but when I showed up at the dealer and came across as a pathetic child, the salesman wouldn't let me test drive it after all. I did my best to try to show that I was genuinely interested by asking a ton of questions about the car. I felt like I was performing an act of adulthood, of masculinity, but I failed miserably and he probably pegged me as being closer to 18 than 30 and wrote me off as a sniveling kid who thought taking a fancy car for a spin was just a fun way to blow off a Saturday. He sent me off on the note that I could come back when I had the money. I did have the money… in the bank. What was I supposed to do, show up with a briefcase full of cash?


average height/weight, really gross hair and ugly face. i always look tired. i don't think i come across as insecure, but i think people can definitely tell something is wrong with me quickly, especially if i open my mouth


5'4 midget
Don't think anyone actually has an opinion of me honestly. I never leave my house unless I'm buying food or something. I've maybe clocked a total of a few hours outside my house in the last 6 months.


I've given up 100% on playing the social game many years ago and could care less how strangers perceive me. Based on physical appearance I'd be fine since I keep fit for fun and stay clean, but I just can't be bothered to join the circus man. Not unless there's something that I *have* to attain (like a job). So I suspect normalfags are really put off by me.
My old friends started passive-aggressively 'joking' about how I'm a lunatic that's going to murder people so I stopped talking to those faggots years ago when I realized that they were being malicious. That ain't me, baby; I just want to see this insane existence through in peace and quiet.
>you look like a traumatized soldier
Heh, that's a good one.

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