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I am in fucking army of r*ssia for 6 months already.
Imagine if you're forced to wake up by the same exact time, do the same exact bullshit, get screamed at for someone else's faults, hang around normalfags 24/7 without ANY opportunity to be alone, and everyone thinks you are the retard.
Fun facts: we dont have a store to buy shit, our cards are locked away from us so some cunt can just steal your money, normal phones and Internet are forbidden, and we MIGHT get access to 2000-s tier phone in the end of the week. And we also get paid (probably) 2000 in local currency (30-ish dollars) per month.


Just make sure you kill the best. Make sure they die by brutal headshot after you kill them.


lived 18 months in that conditions, the first months are the hardest, once you are past the 10th you enter in autopilot mode and stop being so sensitive to everything


It's called a job, especially a minimum wage job, and yes, I used to have one.


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