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Why do most people(normalfags) look at voluntary celibacy as something bad? Why do they think like this?


Voluntary celibacy is not known to reduce the performance of battle mechs.


How would we know or care about what normies think?

How did you even reach the conclusion that anyone cares about people who are voluntarily celibate?

Are you just asking a bait question just to get your victim complex validated?
In real life no one cares and it never comes up.


>Why do most people(normalfags) look at voluntary celibacy as something bad?
>Why do they think like this?
Because of posts like these


You shouldn't care because as an individual, you shouldn't be basing the legitimacy of your mentality on the approval of normalfags. Either way, they see it as something bad because it not only subverts their ingrained low-inhibition animalistic impulse to "breed" (a popular term that's been forced over the last few years), so as all wastes of intellect do, they get uppity and adopt a tribal approach. It's especially pathetic that they see something as base as reproduction as an achievement and a "milestone" they have to gaslight other people into pursuing it.


Man, this reminds me when I said I didn't want to marry and have kids in class once. Everyone acted in disbelief as if I said nigger. Their tribal brain kicked in hard


That's better than the tired old
>ohoho you'll change your mind
replies one usually gets in real life. Then when you tell them how bad it is from an investing standpoint, their brains just turn off.
>a kid has an 18 year maturity date and you get a $240k net loss
No one's even come close to refuting that statement.


Add all the things you spend on non essential things and you're at a net loss. Video games? Net loss. Movies? Net loss. Food besides the minimal healthiest choice? Net loss.
Children aren't an investment with an expected return in capital.


they kinda are but that doesn't make his post any less ridiculous


primary celibacy will however greatly increase the combat and mobile abilities of battle mechs, increasing their range and fire power.


The Battle-Crab MkIV is still an outdated model even if it can outrange other mechs of its class.



Our minimal labour is to know how to get rid of such sick ways of feeling/thinking.


It is honored if they truly believe you're a sincere volcel and not a coping crab


No, it really isn't. I don't know what kind of interactions you've had with normalfags but I can safely tell you that, in general, most don't have the thought capability of accepting such "fringe" lifestyles.
Maybe somewhere that's not American though…


They probably don't say anything in return because they're paralyzed with shock at the sheer extent of materialism you're exhibiting


it's different, AKA degenerate. they always rage about the fundamental rejection of their core reason to exist.


I don't think anyone would say that celibacy is degenerate.


right wingers do. just look at /sig/


What's /sig/?


the Self-Improvement General. the really hardcore ones, basically - video games degernate, virginity degenerate, anime degenerate, they say all of that. plus they actually support policies from back then like Aktion T4 and Arbeitsscheu.


I mean that's only cause they think starting a family is the cornerstone of success. It's not like they'd advocate orgies and stuff.


>normalfags say volcels are bad
>volcels say normalfags are bad

It's just easier to disregard anything you don't understand than trying to understand it and sympathize with it. Blind disregard spares you time and effort. More importantly it's more convenient. Looking down on something feels good. It confirms the own way of living by making another way look bad.


They perceive their multiplicative efforts to be some kind of holy quest for the continuation of the human race. It also gives them meaning and purpose.


Normgroids are materialist
And you are confusing your nonsensical, idealogical zeal with spirituality.


It's not that most of them think voluntary celibacy is bad, they just think it isn't a thing, and you're just making excuses for the fact that you're over 20 you haven't had sex. They can't wrap their heads around the fact that some people just don't want to do it, they figure there must be something wrong with them.


I recently concluded that in school I've probably been asexual as I've never had a direct sexual interest in a succubus. I cannot remember once in my life where I looked at a succubus and thought to myself I want to fuck her. Now, I did have interest in females sometimes and I masturbated since the age of 13 or something, not sure, I even fell in love once, but that was all in my head and nothing ever happened. It's simply that seeing females in real life never triggers sexual impulses in me, only on a screen. So I cannot imagine how the mind of a person works for whom it's the other way around. But when they get this immediate sexual interest they probably should go for it. I mean it would be unnatural not to. Then again, I've tried to achieve voluntary no fap for a year now and didn't make it longer than 21 days. Sexual nature is strong. I'm not even sure if there is a point to no fap. But after like 5 days my interest in the world around me in creases, concentration rises and some things become more fun again so it's worth it.


>seeing females in real life never triggers sexual impulses in me
have you considered that you are a homosexual? and i don't mean it as an insult, since you are asexual but still have desire to fap


If they're saying that then they're breaking integral rules and would warrant a ban, an exaggeration or are the mods not sifting through their posts?


I have considered it and it's the same. No trigger at all. Other than with succubi I've been in numerous occasions where I was alone with a male person and never have I once felt any sexual impulse towards them and they not for me as far as I can tell. I also tried to look at a male body on the internet and while I think that the male body can be aesthetically pleasing, like that athletic Achilles type or refined facial features of an old man that went through hardship and struggle in his life, I can't get any erotical vibes from that.

When I said I've been interested to succubi before I meant basically that I just wanted someone around to not feel so alone all the time. Nowadays I have my cat and after college being NEET at my parents home I have a decent connection to my parents. They kind of serve the function of not feeling alone all the time but I would like to know a person that is mentally engaging and my age. Well, today I know that the mentally engaging part probably is lacking in a succubus anyway, so that's that.


I don't think /sig/ is a board here.




Doesn't matter if it's a board or a general, it's still breaking global rules. If it's on another imageboard, who cares?

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