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It's the tenth time i hear this song today.
I thought i'd never feel bad like this again. I can feel shivers down my spine and senseless fear just for being alive. Immense will to cry but seems like i've no tears.
Yet i look in the mirror and see a nice body and have a nice job still another year alone at home. But that's not what concerns me, actually, i don't know what it is.
Just wanted to talk to someone. Already grabbed my pistol with deep breaths a lot of times too.
I used to feel like this like 10 years ago. Thought getting a job i'd get friends, a girlfriend which would change my life, thought getting more and more active on sports would give me enough serotonin to carry on, a car to ride away… The years pass by but nothing seems to change.
Seems like everything i do different it's a way to run away from my ghosts but they always find me back.




I actually appreciate suicidal depressive black metal, but seems like this Alice's sadness is even more true and makes me wanna cry even more.


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