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How do I become a psychopath and lose empathy? I hate those times, when I all I had to do to make a logical and right decision is to not listen to some whiny bitch shitting his pants while simultaneously screaming
Fuck all of them. The flock of sheep was only holding me back from becoming their shepherd. Fuck them.


Meet for sex?


You sound like you've gone a bit too far into yourself, mate.


Being a psychopath isn't as fun as you think it is, OP.


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Realize the innate competitive nature of life on Earth and simply do as the animals do… Be selfish and exploit your environment and those around you, BUT remember that this alleged "psychopath" character inhabits the brains of the most ordinary people. Entertainment has sensationalized man's innate darker qualities. And look at society… How they worship all things narcissism.. The music they listen to and the movies they watch. Trust me, OP.. You are already a "psychopath"


Just torture animals until you get used to it. If you live in a rural area you can catch a raccoon or possum with a box trap pretty easily. If you live in town use a live/glue mouse trap, or if you really have to buy a feeder mouse from a pet store.


File: 1609763055520.jpg (901.57 KB, 2130x2971, 2130:2971, aleister-crowley-152412634….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I think OP wants to be a High-Functioning Sociopath not a delusional depressive shizo.
>The flock of sheep was only holding me back from becoming their shepherd
So you want to control & manipulate people.
I think the psychology of being a High-Functioning Sociopath & wizards are not compatible, some of the traits of being a wizard are the exact opposite of the personality traits required for being a cunning manipulative Sociopath.You need to be dominant,assertive, have inflated sense of self worth & you need to be charismatic & have very high social skills in order to be a successful Sociopath.Just look at any cult leader for inspiration.And you also have to master of human emotion & speech(rhetoric) to be a Psycho-shepherd because no one is going to follow an autistic wizard with no social skills.

The only psycho-wizards I can think of are Anton LaVey & Aleister Crowley both have some connection to intelligence agencies & military so they received training in psychological manipulation.I don't know of any self taught sociopaths so my recommendation to you is take acting classes & read about human psychology.And I hope you succeed in manipulating & exploiting normalfags


You cant really unless you're willing to numb yourself most likely with drugs. Just accept that you'll always feel a certain way and do what needs to be done.


>Anton LaVey & Aleister Crowley both have some connection to intelligence agencies & military
not to mention that they both worship the devil, although crowley doesnt outright admit it.


It sounds like you're already there. It's really not as edgy as normalfags say it is. You just stop caring and don't assent to being pulled around by emotional issues or things that have literally no bearing on your own life and interests. It actually astounds me that there are people who swayed by empathy in the first place.


Nether actually worshiped the devil.
They both worshiped themselves.
That was the point of both of their philosophies when you got past the theatrics.


You can try using drugs. Stimulants and dissociatives tend to kill shame and empathy.


So true


Sometimes we are being nagged and self-sabotaged by undeserved pities about egoist people. Some other times we do just crunch down our very soul senses wronging ourselves in the process for some reasons that were not so worthy after all. Choose wisely.


The more belittling, bulling and injustice one experience throughout his life, especially in his youth the more and faster he becomes psychopath. It eventually happens to everybody, to lose empathy because we live in a cruel unjust world. It happens slowly over time depending on their life experience. But it gets to most of the people. That's why young people are more kind than the older ones.

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