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I don't have an account on any site. Youtube, reddit, facebook, random video game forums, etc. I just lurk. Anyone else the same?
I had a youtube account around 2008 but I forgot the password a long time already. I also had an account on a forum for a RTS game (Age of Mythology) but I also forgot the password 10 years ago already.
So now I have nothing and I don't really miss it.


They can be served as a save file, unnecessarily inconvenient not to have them.


And i noticed you mentioned only social media, why do make not having an account such a big deal out of those sites? It's not like you're forced to do anything.


Or an erase .exe
Nothing can be saved when all belongs to the web.


What If you’re forced to feed the matrix?


Well you're already feeding it.


of those sites I mentioned, I only consider facebook to be social media (where you post your real name)
what kind of sites that you need an account but are not those I mentioned anyway? Specially forums seen the most obvious place to have an account and I mentioned that


I have a Youtube account to keep subscribed to some channels and a My Anime List account to log my anime. I don't use them for chatting, I find social media overwhelming and disorienting outside of Forums and slower imageboards.


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A fraccion would not be amiss to stop playing minesweeper with an ally. We'll discuss quantum uncertainty a length.


I was the same until I made a YT FB and Reddit account last year.


I had a Minds account for a couple years. Other than that, I've had no social media for >10 years. I do not use any accounts for posting or sharing content.


I have a few accounts but I only use them to bookmark things, I never actually post anything or interact with people. No Google accounts of any kind though.


people with no social media seem like they'd be the most human out of all of us. does everyone else seem like npc's to you guys?


I used to create a new account any time I commented somewhere because it was normally months in-between. That's harder now since many places either lock your out or demand phone verification.


I have accounts, though I made most ages ago. I have an "all or nothing approach" because the moment I made the first account on a website (particularly a larger one like Youtube), I already compromised my privacy. Now I figure I can't place myself in any worse a position through other accounts. Granted most of them are for utility purposes like archiving music I like or downloading mods. As far as conventional social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) I have no accounts, they don't seem to have any utility.


Maybe not most human but certainly more unique not so mainstream or easily swayed by trends/fads.


I have gmail and youtube thats it. Only use it to watch dumb shit to pass the time. Dont really use the email for nothing but too lazy to delete


You don't need an account to watch youtube and you certainly don't need a gmail e-mail. I strongly recommend you distance yourself from the google botnet.
There are other reasons why having a google account might be beneficial - such as needing to upload things on Google Drive, or using it to sign up for Twitter to follow obscure artists that don't post anywhere else, etc - but the two things you mentioned really, really don't warrant selling your soul to those cocksuckers.


WHy would you use a youtube account when you can save all channes and videos you like into a text file?


Better yet you can use youtube-dl to download them on your computer. And, if you have a smartie phone, the New Pipe app gives you the same conveniences as a google account (playlists, subscriptions, bypass age limits) without the botnet/ads. It also lets you download video/audio straight to your phone.
Only thing you can't do is post comments but I trust no wiz engages in that sort of disgusting interaction.


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I need them to play my gachas and playstation store.


Was the Age of Mythology forum called Heavengames by any chance?



>>175933 what a coincidence. I had an account there too. I was most active from around 2004 to 2007 and if you were at that time too, and active, you'd definitely recognise my username.



I dont have any re uttals to your posts i'm just really lazy and i like how it organizes my stuff on youtube for me thats it

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