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How much of peoples lives do you think are determined by outside forces in their life that are above their own will and that largely affect their subconscious? I'm talking for example about people making major life decisions not because of, or even in spite of, their plans and ideology, but because their body or world was moving a certainy
direction and they ended up succumbing to these forces? I do, I think the subconscious drives control peoples behaviors more than anything else, I think most people don't expect or realize it and never do realize that their actions were definately predetermined and not by any decision of their own waking intellectual mind. People probably get married, have kids, work or dont, stay virgins or dont, espouse certain political beliefs, because of the general movement of the machine of the world. You didnt choose to be here, your family didnt choose to have that number of children, even if they think they did. Their religion did, or their parents did, or the economic state did. They never had a choice. I think many people who post here, maybe ~40%, will end up having kids. I genuinely believe they think they won't, but I think life doesn't give people a choice. This is maybe all the more reason to want to control your own celibacy, and I know most people will think "surely though, I know I at least direct my will" but all the same I think the world influences our actions more than our personal thoughts do. This isn't about sex per say, although it is relevant to this board in particular, and I'm not trying to accuse people of not being wizardly. But I do genuinely believe some posters are too normal to prevent the inevitable. I think even things like revolution are just because the economy influenced the populace in the same way a natiral disaster influences a river. They didn't choose to revolt, their country simply went through a natural cycle. One which they could not have prevented either.


We are animals, we just believe we are in control but in fact we are hardwire to act in certain ways by our brain configuration (and our hormones, which produce emotions to which we react without our "reason" having a say in the matter).
Our "ideology" and all that shit are just a model hatched in our mind to try and make sense of the world. The social narratives guiding our actions are also on the surface level and guided by fundamental patterns in our individual and collective minds.

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