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Any advice from wizards who have passed the trial? Did you do or feel anything different months before turning 30? Did you celebrate? What magic powers did you acquire in the end? Has anything changed for you since turning 30?

It suddenly occured to me that I'll actually be joining your ranks this year. I had almost forgotten about it. Now I'm a little stumped. I'm not sure if it should feel like a big thing or not.


I totally understand where you are coming from. When I first heard about the wizard meme (early/mid 20s on /v/, I think)I wasn't sure if I was actually going to become a wizard or not. It was an exciting idea to me at the time. But, by the time I approached thirty, I was so accustomed to the wizardly lifestyle that it did not feel like a big deal at all. I didn't celebrate, but I started using wizardchan more frequently because I felt like a more authentic wizard. The main magical power that I have gained is that I am basically immune to succubus powers. Ignoring or avoiding sexual/romantic temptation is basically a reflex at this point.

Anyway, props on making it this far! Though it might seem kind of arbitrary, becoming a wizard is a distinction. Post again when you make it.


I'll be having my 5-year wizard anniversary next February…

>Did you do or feel anything different months before turning 30?

I won't lie, I was a little anxious. It wasn't really a bit deal - but it was a lot like what you're saying here. I had almost forgotten about it, and when I remembered, I was kinda stumped.

In the end, it was a little anticlimactic. "So this is it, huh? Guess I'm a wizard now"

>Did you celebrate?

I played a little dress-up in the middle of the night. Blue bathrobe and a white towel for a makeshift turban. I was just having a laugh, but it looked better than I expected.

>What magic powers did you acquire in the end?

I gradually stopped being tired of life. My life is kinda bland and pointless right now, but I no longer want to die like I did back in 2015.

Over the past years, I realized just how much people are influenced by the stuff they see/hear/think about. So I decided to tune out social media, news outlets, and even most stuff in nerd hobbies - and I went back to stuff like nature photography.

Watch blue skies. Watch clouds. Watch sunlight. Watch forests. Watch the starry skies at night. Feel the fresh, cold air as you're taking a night walk. Feel and smell the rain, as the rainwater drips along the branches. Frex, look at life in the undergrowth, and get a good look at a random snail or beetle. Stuff like that will make you feel so much better than anything that normie society has to offer.


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I didn't know about the wizard meme when I turned 30. I did however feel like 30 was momentous in the sense that I had reached full adulthood and could now be more confident in my feeling that this world offered me nothing of interest. As far as virginity goes, I never cared. The idea of letting someone actually touch me is repulsive on a visceral level.


I'm happy for you.


wew so you became a tree-hugging hippy? what happened mate?


>Did you do or feel anything different months before turning 30?

No I didn't. Age is just a number. 30 is just a number. My life wasn't any different a month before turning 30 and a month after that. All meme aside, why do people attach importance to a day in their life that practically is just like any other day? Is that an American thing?


I think birthdays are a pretty widespread thing, wiz.


>what happened mate?

He became a druid I guess.


It isn't the 30th birthday, but every year after 30 that gets bad. The realization that you are getting old sets in harder every year that you age.

If you are a crab you probably think that your years of being able to attract a mate are over. If you are a scholar you start thinking about how sharp your brain is as it was. If you are a fitness junkie you start thinking about how your body isn't as quick to change as it used to be. Things certainly aren't over as you age, but your best years, physically, are behind you at this point.


>wew so you became a tree-hugging hippy?
Hey now - actual hippies have sex, herpes and shit-tier hygiene. I'm not *that* far gone.
>what happened mate?
I guess I just wanted something different to distract myself with. Something that doesn't remind me of sexuality or normie society.

>He became a druid I guess.
Eh, I wouldn't go that far. I don't really care for ancient Celtic religion (there very little surviving information about it, anyway), and I'm not some holistic nature/harmony kook, either.

I mean, 'nature' is just a term that humans came up with to lump together everything that humans didn't change/create. That wolf out there in the forest isn't any more connected to the trees around him than that you or I are.

But the world out there can still be beautiful. Does that beauty have any kind of deeper meaning? Is beauty even anything more than one of those weird side-effects of how our brains process things? Probably not. But why even care about that? Watching beautiful stuff is soothing - and as far as I'm concerned, that's all that matters. It doesn't even have to be anything 'natural'. A cityscape at night, or an oil refinery after sunset - that works just as well as the sight of a forest or a mountain.

That, and the less time you spend watching words or a screen or other people's faces, the more you'll disconnect from society. And part of me just wanted to disconnect from everything.

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