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File: 1610422101139.jpg (182.98 KB, 1659x672, 79:32, virgin.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Any advice from wizards who have passed the trial? Did you do or feel anything different months before turning 30? Did you celebrate? What magic powers did you acquire in the end? Has anything changed for you since turning 30?

It suddenly occured to me that I'll actually be joining your ranks this year. I had almost forgotten about it. Now I'm a little stumped. I'm not sure if it should feel like a big thing or not.


I totally understand where you are coming from. When I first heard about the wizard meme (early/mid 20s on /v/, I think)I wasn't sure if I was actually going to become a wizard or not. It was an exciting idea to me at the time. But, by the time I approached thirty, I was so accustomed to the wizardly lifestyle that it did not feel like a big deal at all. I didn't celebrate, but I started using wizardchan more frequently because I felt like a more authentic wizard. The main magical power that I have gained is that I am basically immune to succubus powers. Ignoring or avoiding sexual/romantic temptation is basically a reflex at this point.

Anyway, props on making it this far! Though it might seem kind of arbitrary, becoming a wizard is a distinction. Post again when you make it.


I'll be having my 5-year wizard anniversary next February…

>Did you do or feel anything different months before turning 30?

I won't lie, I was a little anxious. It wasn't really a bit deal - but it was a lot like what you're saying here. I had almost forgotten about it, and when I remembered, I was kinda stumped.

In the end, it was a little anticlimactic. "So this is it, huh? Guess I'm a wizard now"

>Did you celebrate?

I played a little dress-up in the middle of the night. Blue bathrobe and a white towel for a makeshift turban. I was just having a laugh, but it looked better than I expected.

>What magic powers did you acquire in the end?

I gradually stopped being tired of life. My life is kinda bland and pointless right now, but I no longer want to die like I did back in 2015.

Over the past years, I realized just how much people are influenced by the stuff they see/hear/think about. So I decided to tune out social media, news outlets, and even most stuff in nerd hobbies - and I went back to stuff like nature photography.

Watch blue skies. Watch clouds. Watch sunlight. Watch forests. Watch the starry skies at night. Feel the fresh, cold air as you're taking a night walk. Feel and smell the rain, as the rainwater drips along the branches. Frex, look at life in the undergrowth, and get a good look at a random snail or beetle. Stuff like that will make you feel so much better than anything that normie society has to offer.


File: 1610508908375.jpg (276.16 KB, 1184x810, 592:405, 1520676646051.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I didn't know about the wizard meme when I turned 30. I did however feel like 30 was momentous in the sense that I had reached full adulthood and could now be more confident in my feeling that this world offered me nothing of interest. As far as virginity goes, I never cared. The idea of letting someone actually touch me is repulsive on a visceral level.


I'm happy for you.


wew so you became a tree-hugging hippy? what happened mate?


>Did you do or feel anything different months before turning 30?

No I didn't. Age is just a number. 30 is just a number. My life wasn't any different a month before turning 30 and a month after that. All meme aside, why do people attach importance to a day in their life that practically is just like any other day? Is that an American thing?


I think birthdays are a pretty widespread thing, wiz.


>what happened mate?

He became a druid I guess.


It isn't the 30th birthday, but every year after 30 that gets bad. The realization that you are getting old sets in harder every year that you age.

If you are a crab you probably think that your years of being able to attract a mate are over. If you are a scholar you start thinking about how sharp your brain is as it was. If you are a fitness junkie you start thinking about how your body isn't as quick to change as it used to be. Things certainly aren't over as you age, but your best years, physically, are behind you at this point.


>wew so you became a tree-hugging hippy?
Hey now - actual hippies have sex, herpes and shit-tier hygiene. I'm not *that* far gone.
>what happened mate?
I guess I just wanted something different to distract myself with. Something that doesn't remind me of sexuality or normie society.

>He became a druid I guess.
Eh, I wouldn't go that far. I don't really care for ancient Celtic religion (there very little surviving information about it, anyway), and I'm not some holistic nature/harmony kook, either.

I mean, 'nature' is just a term that humans came up with to lump together everything that humans didn't change/create. That wolf out there in the forest isn't any more connected to the trees around him than that you or I are.

But the world out there can still be beautiful. Does that beauty have any kind of deeper meaning? Is beauty even anything more than one of those weird side-effects of how our brains process things? Probably not. But why even care about that? Watching beautiful stuff is soothing - and as far as I'm concerned, that's all that matters. It doesn't even have to be anything 'natural'. A cityscape at night, or an oil refinery after sunset - that works just as well as the sight of a forest or a mountain.

That, and the less time you spend watching words or a screen or other people's faces, the more you'll disconnect from society. And part of me just wanted to disconnect from everything.


It was just another year that passed me by


I agree. There's a lot of coping over this. People point at extremes or exceptions to show that "age is just a number", but generally knowing that your peak days are behind you and it's generally on the way down is sobering, if you're not delusional about it. Especially if you wasted your prime in some way and you care about a certain activity now. I think up until around 50 things aren't considerably different if you're just an average Joe going through life, but after that the decline starts speeding up.


As I approach 30 I've also stopped caring about any mainstream media and I've begun focusing more on one of my productive hobbies, which is composing classical music from the baroque era. Listening to/playing Handel on the piano and then working on my own sheet music is much more fulfilling than being outraged at a clickbait article and then fapping before drinking myself to sleep.


can you post your works?


>What magic powers did you acquire in the end?
Nasal hair grows so long i can just pull it with my fingers.


expectations from the enviroment are much lower and am treated more like an adult.
downside is that i have 0 interest in videogames or other escapisms that in the past entretained me, also real things to worry about so i really dont think about succubi at all

started to fap out of biological necesitty without thinking about ass so there are changes


Don't call it that. It's autism. I've never understood why people use the term "aspergers" when it's all on the same exact spectrum. It's like calling someone who is only slightly schizophrenic a different term altogether.


I was just using "aspergers" as a tentative term in allusion to a socially-stunted person. I honestly really wonder if psychology is a real science or just a platform for a bunch of abusive, wanna-be scientists to formalize name-calling.


I'm 32
I still feel like I'm in 20s, just as I felt like teenager when I was 20-21. I guess it will take a while for 30s to really settle.

>fuck hipsters
>sticky deisgn
peak early 2010s image right there OP


I don't feel any different at 30 than 20. I have the exact same intrusive thoughts, anxieties, and tendencies. The only difference is that my mental problems got worse.


The only good thing about being 30 is that you don't feel like you're on the spotlight anymore. Back when I was in my late teens early 20s my family used to judge everything I did and everyone used to constantly pester me about what I was gonna do with my life. Now people don't seem to give a shit anymore.


I hope I don't become like you. I like giving a shit in a world full of people that seem like they don't.


If anything too many people are happy to tell you how much they care about this and that


Geez dude, reminded me instantly of this House episode I watched just a week ago :D Found the transcript for you, should answer your question:

HOUSE: Well, normally I’d put on a festive hat and celebrate the fact that the earth has circled the sun one more time. I really didn’t think it was gonna make it this year, but darnit, if it wasn’t the Little Planet That Could all over again.

CAMERON: It’s a birthday. It’s an excuse to be happy. You think that’s lame?


>less time you spend watching words or a screen or other people's faces, the more you'll disconnect from society

But usually it's the other way? Less time online = more connected to society


From what I see within popular culture and how normalfags around me operate, not "giving a fuck" is the cool thing to do. Being self-congratulatory and morally empty is what all the cool kids are doing today


Not really you become more disconnected from conventional society and more connected to the influences you have.
best to read and also take time to think without talking to people at all but it can be boring when you run out of things to read.

Normalfags very much indeed DO give a fuck what others think they just do not give a fuck within a narrrow perimeter.


Animals gonna animal, I guess.


Then that only means in conventional society people are disconnected from society in the classical sense. Online world is a substitute.

Depends on the person but I'd say more than 50 % of the time when people spend less time online it follows somethign like this: words on screen don't subsitute your Maslow needs anymore - gets boring - you start to fill the needs in real life. Last one brings getting more connected to the society.


No but my health went into full decline and I went bald not long after turning 30.


I'll be 31 this year.
Memes aside it more or less just stays the same. Most important thing you should aim for is to get comfortable with being alive.


1 more year until I achieve this legendary rank


Turned 28 a couple of weeks ago, I wonder if I'll make it.


>has anything changed for you since turning 30
It is subtle but all encompassing. It may very well be "getting old" in general. Videogames no longer work. 99% of television and film no longer work. None of it is interesting or entertaining. I read old books now almost exclusively and have a few other fringe hobbies. In a way I am like a wizard now. The older you get, the fewer things you care about, and you increasingly believe in nothing. It is strange and hard to describe but for me this all only started after 30. Then again, I was on a SSRI for the last 5 years of my 20s, so maybe I am a bit late since SSRIs essentially stop time.


File: 1614596936527.jpg (39.13 KB, 680x680, 1:1, 145.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I would say hentai and porn is no longer working. It all starts to look lame and few good ole days artists stop making new shite
Probably just a natural part of getting older, though
It may be looked upon as good or bad thing, depending on perspective


I was big into collecting quality art and ecchi/hentai and never got onto sad panda was it that much better than everywhere else why were they so selctive in who could join and was it just because they had loli and guro content?


didn't know about any restrictions, back in the day there was not a problem


File: 1614627140373.jpg (114.39 KB, 1260x1008, 5:4, 755373864635.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I'll be 30 in 10 days, shit feels so surreal because I remember reading memes about this a decade ago.


File: 1615815102302.png (155.01 KB, 224x459, 224:459, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

>haha bro i have never felt the touch of a w0man i'm gonna become a dark magical being lmao
>dude only 6 more years until i can shoot lighting bolts haha

Daily reminder that the wizard "meme" was created as an insult to make fun of celibates. Stop celebrating this cringy joke.


File: 1615815792410.jpg (143.26 KB, 854x1280, 427:640, wizard.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Well it's one of those things that start out as an insult but it gets its own, more endearing meaning along the way.


we are laughing at you in voice chat virgin 🤣🤣🤣


It never stopped being an insult, you just got Stockholm syndrome'd into appropriating it as an identity.

It's not even tied to any life empowering beliefs or values, it's literally a fucking normalfag joke that someone thought would be a good idea for a website.

Oh no! All those flashbacks to highschool…please stop discord chads. I'll give you my lunch money! 💰


You know this is the /wiz/ board of the website wizchan, right?



That is your opinion man.

I find that joke very funny lol

Life is not to be taken too seriously :)


I'm also part of the offsite discord clique, just adding my response to the pile don't mind me


Wow, they made a whole board for it? What is there to discuss about a joke/insult?

Remember not to cross wands hahahaha oh man hahahahahaha get it? it's like their hahahahahah oh god i'm dying lmao

Sorry about interrupting your wizfap stream, lads. Oh, don't worry about me, just breaking down any doubt about this place being a lolcow factory.


> Remember not to cross wands hahahaha oh man hahahahahaha get it? it's like their hahahahahah oh god i'm dying lmao

lol, well sense of humour is subjective :)


this place is obviously for people who embrace the meme in their own way, why are you even here if you don't like it. Stop this crusader attitude dude, like chiiillll maaan


who cares, it's funny


File: 1615936553796.jpg (58.45 KB, 1024x647, 1024:647, kronk-bait.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


>visit board inspired by a meme I dislike
>see the meme I dislike
how could this have happened??




Turned 30 a week ago, nothing is different, besides that I am now a pile of miserable shit in its 30's. The ride goes on, no end in sight.

Mum made me a cake though which was nice and grandma gave me some cash.


As an ironic joke, it's fine, but I hate the retards that take it seriously.


I like identifying as a wizard though, its better than the crab mentality of competing to see who the biggest loser is and whining about how subhuman they are. Nothing wrong with embracing opposition to normalfag social norms.


its amazing how bullies are ones who get more succubus that is why morality in this world is a joke nice guys finish last is not a meme


there is not difference between crab and wizards for normies the difference is that wizard have hope to be normal crab accept their fate but with nihilism and wizard tend more to cope


what the fuck are you talking about? You are clueless. The defining characteristic of a wizard is that he does not want to socialize, nore does he care. All other aspects and traits of a wizard come from that. An Inc*l WANTs, desparately wants to socialize and wants a gf even more. This is precisely why they are such insufferable faggots because all they can do is talk about sex sex sex and themselves with their pathetic insecurities. They are cancer.


File: 1621569500934.png (67 KB, 1400x982, 700:491, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb





this. if you think about it socializing outside of business purposes is just for the soul purpose of exploiting another person for some vain and/or petty gain.


i dont see how you can rank someone that actively wants sex and relationships as more wizardly than someone that doesn't. if it were a scale of normalfagdom i could see that, but it's not


I turn 30 tomorrow. What should I expect?


a phone call from your mom


I'm a 34 year old wizard.

> Did you celebrate?

For my 30th birthday, I got a few friends to play board games with. I don't even have their contact info anymore. I doubt they give a rats ass about me.

> What magic powers did you acquire in the end?

A deteriorating body. I realized just how difficult it is being a hapa male in the US. Most people just prefer being around their own race and culture- and that isn't me.


The only thing that changes is you stop dreading turning 30 and begin to dread 40.


30 is when your life as a male starts these days tbh
>stop being emo/edgy
>stop being a coomer due to lowered libido
>stop being a troll/shitposter
>stop being into games,anime, and imageboards as much

on the upside
>even the most delusional narcissists accept being a genetic failure mentally ill loser
>learn to live with depression
>find copes for your mental illness
>lower need and want for social interaction due to years of bad experience
>parents finally accept you're hopeless and stop asking to get married or find a job
>getting over fear of old age and dying
>ability to minmax your neetbux or wagebux due to being single


when you are +20 and still virgin you lost your humanity you become something else you cant interact with other humans anyomre


all the things you listed that happen when 30 make sense but it does not mean it is good. It only makes life even more depressing.


I can confirm on most of this. By your late 20s/early 30s you have the opposite of a midlife crisis. If you never bothered listening to normalfags and their empty way of life, rather than being upset by how 'little' you 'accomplished' you will be at peace with your life choices. Your libido is either decreasing or just about gone and any juvenile hobbies you have you have either completed by this point or have moved on to something else. It's quite nice really, it's the closest thing you'll experience to a light at the end of the tunnel. However, if you've been mentally ill or depressed, there's a great chance that you'll just give in and kill yourself by this point as well.


File: 1625784935678.jpg (18.7 KB, 240x255, 16:17, 1580637428515.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

OP here. Sorry for bumping but I am a wizard as of today.

It's been an uneventful day. I do feel a little different though. Maybe it's a slight sense of accomplishment creeping up on me, maybe it's my magical powers tingling, reaching a new apex. I have a very good feeling about the immediate future for some reason.

Thanks for this fairly engaging discussion in this thread. I wish all you wizards and apprentices the best on your journey.


That theory doesn't make sense, Hugh Hefner said his first time was at 22.

What's more likely is people on the autism or aspergers scale were "broken" to begin with (I don't like this term to describe people who aren't normals or NT's).

They might have been able to socialize in school, because school forces people to sit next to each other and spend time together, but it ends soon after that.

This world isn't built for nonneurotypicals. Period.
I knew since age ~9-10 something is very wrong. I did not connect and click naturally with other kids to burn ants and pick on physically disabled kids.

I also hated most adults for behaving like kids my age since I was around 8. I could not believe the childishness of most adults. That not only lead to deeply seated resentment, but depression.


The worst I did to bugs was when I saw ants and sweat bees having a little war. I tore off the wings of the bees thinking I was making it more fair (despite the fact the bees were outnumbered something like a dozen to one).


The vast majority of american adults I've met *are* 8 year olds in a very grown up body.

I have also met people who feel like 500 year old souls but those are very rare. They can be of both genders and of any physical age.


Happy Birthday and welcome to wizardry, OP. I reached it 2,5 years ago and as expected it was a completely uneventful day as usual, Hagrid must have missed the memo or something.


>leaving dairies, grains and reducing meat in thy diet
>eating once or twice a day
>colon cleansing
>repeat it all. A lot.

You won't probably reach better unless. This is how I've been crawling away from my past insanity, slowly, very slowly.


Does this really help with anxiety?


At least in my case cutting sugar and eating less in general has helped me stay way less tired. I had to regularly take naps after eating crap but now I have the energy to stay awake until the standard sleeping time.


it does help but as with anything it only helps you manage it unless your anxiety is linked only to being fat losing weight for example won't help. My anxiety was still terrible when I followed this diet albeit my own form.
Sugar is awful you should listen to us that eating sugar is bad there is never any reason to consume sugar or snacks with carbs.

If you want better results for anxiety you need to confront it and only with exposure will you handle it better. Once again it depends how bad your anxiety is, try to learn grounding and mindfulness to manage it also.


If your anxiety is provided by brain weird status, It really should. Yet detox effects must reach the exact zones of it


>It isn't the 30th birthday, but every year after 30 that gets bad.

You start feeling your body slowly breaking down, and it gets worse year after year. You don't have the invincibility of youth anymore.


>It all starts to look lame and few good ole days artists stop making new shite

You can just look for new artists. It'll be more exciting when you find someone who mostly draws your kink, or draws something consistently that then becomes your kink.

Although with that said, the last time I found an artist like that, he died.


Life ends at 18.


I have 26y and I virgin, but i'm ok really. I have peace.


Would one be a wizchad if he were solitary yet sociable? Sociable doesn't necessarily mean that yoo want to be in social situations, it's more so that you can be in social situations and not piss yourself and cry. I guess not doing that wouldn't make me a "real" wizard then


>However, if you've been mentally ill or depressed, there's a great chance that you'll just give in and kill yourself by this point as well
>However, if you've been mentally ill or depressed, there's a great chance that you'll just give in and kill yourself by this point as well
>However, if you've been mentally ill or depressed, there's a great chance that you'll just give in and kill yourself by this point as well
Damn, it's not like I asked to be born with this bullshit.


what the fuck is up with this software?



I'm 32, almost 33 and my knees hurt. Life doesn't get any better, don't believe the lies.


You new to GNU/ctrl+v?


No advice here, could use that myself and in no position to give it, anyway, I didn’t feel anything different in the preceding months before I dinged lvl 30 as I had been preparing and totally expecting it since I was about 27 or 28. Those levels fucked with me worse because thats when I was actually coming to terms with my reality. Like, every lvl I got closer I lost more and more hope until I completely detached from any remaining hope or blue pills from childhood. By the time I dinged 30, which actually wasnt that long ago, I already came to accept my situation and what will be a short, lonely, and miserable life. Soon enough i’ll just delete and switch mains. Hopefully I get better life rng on my next reroll.

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