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So I heard my little cousins talking about some YouTuber who was a total recluse but apparently he's famous for playing some normie game and makes music.
This YouTuber is described as hot and whatnot but apparently has a slew of disorders and doesn't leave the house.
So it made me think. Any wizards out there who are attractive but just very badly adjusted?


Post the videos so we can see this guy. I was considered attractive by a few succubi in high school but lived my entire life as a outcast mentally ill loner.


>This YouTuber is described as hot and whatnot but apparently has a slew of disorders and doesn't leave the house.
It's bullshit. If a person is too anxious to leave their house they will also be too anxious to post themselves all over social media.

E-celebs are liars, grifters and fakes. They pretend to be anti-social because a lot of their audience is.


I have been told from strangers that I look very pretty and like a male model, but I am a 25 year old virgin, don't even care about sex or relationships


I think I am kind of handsome and my mother agrees with me.


You can have social anxiety offline but not online strangely enough.
OP post the person you are talking about and no I see myself as fat and ugly.


Op here
The YouTuber is corpse husband and the only thing people know is his body and height and his voice. People love his voice


you got it wrong, OP. He got famous because normalfag streamers love his "sexy" deep voice.
I don't know why you would think he is a recluse, nothing about him says recluse.


lmao, it's fascinating how every anon on the internet claims to be a supermodel


Search up "corpse husband draw my life"


I believe it when people here say they're attractive because the world is unfair


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I'm not a nerd, nerds are smart and bookish and get jobs that make lots of money, I'm a mentally ill loser, there is a difference


File: 1611345954436.jpg (1.79 MB, 3601x2469, 3601:2469, republicofriogrande.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I hadn't check this thread in a while so when I saw your comment I thought I myself typed it out. I related to it that much.


When I was in my early 20s I wouldn't wear anime and game shirts exactly because of pic related. Now I wear them and can't give a shit anymore. I guess you do get wiz powers at 30.


that reminds me of the Milhouse quote


only nerds can be wizards



If you aren't earning upwards of 100k a year, exercising regularly and rejecting foolish succubi who are drawn to your good looks (which proves that you can live normally but choose not to because you are an enlightened being), then you aren't a wizard. I know this because /sig/ told me so.




replace nerds with wizard and the bottom with larpers, you saying you're not a nerd means youre a larper


improvebrah colony



Well it was smooth sailing to wizardhood so no I do not think I am considered good looking.


File: 1612226708638.jpg (124.92 KB, 900x675, 4:3, ball_of_gerbils_by_gerbily….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

A succubus who was in love with me and some of her friends tied me to a lamp post when I was like 9, and another succubus hit hard on me during a vacation when I was 13. Also found some graffiti with my name and a heart in junior HS, but maybe someone was messing with me.

Nothing after that. Either I got ugly, or older succubi have higher standards re. social fucked-upness.

Must've looked decent at some point though.


A female pedophile lusted after me when I was 13. She explained 'beating the meat' to me but my innocent mind did not retain it.




Ugly succubi and old succubi say I'm attractive…

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