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File: 1611452382253.png (1.4 MB, 907x582, 907:582, outside.png) ImgOps iqdb


Any wizzard living the hermit life? I know of the thread about a cabin in the woods but I'm considering buying a small house and I wonder if any wizzards that live like that have any tips. The house has electricity, is in one piece. It's a bit dusty but that can be cleaned. Because it's on the outskirts of a small town it's both completely secluded but close enough to get to town to buy the food and stuff you cant grow/make. Because it's old, in the middle of nowhere and secluded from others normal people wouldnt want to live there because of the lonlelyness but I think that would be perfect for me so the top bid is only 25 thousand dollars and it's remained like that for a while so it doesnt look like anyone is willing to bid more. I have around 5k saved up and a passive income of around 500 dollars a month. If I take a loan I can pay back 230 dollars a month and then have money over for wifi and food. Any thoughts?


File: 1611452539843.png (1.04 MB, 910x607, 910:607, inside.png) ImgOps iqdb

Inside is, as I said, a bit dusty and the couch could use some repair. I think after the fireplace gets repainted, a good cleaning and a quick repair of the furniture (and some new pillows for the couch) the place could get pretty comfy. Get some computer stuff in there, blinds on the windows.


File: 1611452819375.png (319.47 KB, 1007x745, 1007:745, location.png) ImgOps iqdb

It's 15 minutes away from a small town/city with a post office, grocery store, general store and some other things like that.


File: 1611453093728.jpeg (58.56 KB, 736x736, 1:1, cadd.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Sounds like a plan Wiz. Hop on it now before the housing market does something gnarly. 5k might be enough for a down payment so check first to avoid having to pay interest or be hounded for loan payments. You can always take out a load later if you need quick cash and as you'll already own the house asset by then you could probably get more $/better rates


If I wasn't such a poorfag, I would have already bought some land with a tiny house on it and shut myself away from the world a long time ago.


it's too much work to keep a house clean by yourself it looks like there is way too much unneeded stuff and furniture left over in there which will need to be cleaned constantly…you'll have to sweep and clean weekly minimum or you'll get infested by rats and roaches
i would ideally just pick a trailer with a kitchen and bathroom


>it's too much work to keep a house clean by yourself
Please don't generalize. If you have a hard time cleaning your messes that's fine but do understand that cleaning up after oneself is second nature to most. For a more conscious and observant adult, making a mess is harder than cleaning one. And what if he only eats on the kitchen, and on the table too instead of the floor where rats can't get? An extra room to sweep the natural dust out of seems like a petty thing to throw away an ideal living situation over. Besides, trailers are just as prone to infestations as any other structure, if not easier for animals to penetrate given the thinner walls.


Good point. Im autistic about cleaning after me though so I never get much mess even when I were living in a crammed student corridor. There also is an RV on the property included in the price which you can see in the first picture. Could be a storage for food if anything.


File: 1611503847509.jpg (14.7 KB, 319x232, 11:8, 0c1c3ac175206c8643fd1d8fbe….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

living alone is seriously overrated, i imagine it's not just a one room house and you don't really know the scope of how extensive cleaning a house needs to be…it's not just getting up and wiping dust off a shelf you'll need to be cleaning the whole house instead of just what's in front of you in a trailer
also being alone in an empty house that's away from everyone will attract bums and looters, when normies find out it's a wiz that lives there you'll get your windows smashed and front door egged just for fun by dumb kids


I live alone in a smallish house and cleaning is no big deal. Leaf raking in fall, gutters twice a year, vacuum the whole thing every 2 weeks which takes under an hour, and clean the bathroom each month. Other than that I just clean up as I go or as I find things. It's not bad.


you're probably breathing in dust 24/7


>you'll have to sweep and clean weekly minimum or you'll get infested by rats and roaches
Only in the kitchen and any rooms that you eat in. Which is the same situation that you have with trailer liver. Dusting and vaccuming can be done monthly or even less depending on how clean you want your house. You aren't going to get roaches from dust or cobwebs.


it is one room (20 m²) and (1000 m² yard), but with an area divided for kitchen. Could clean it in 15 minutes. It's far from any big cities, but close enough to a town of a few 100 people. I doubt they would try to break in. Though, you have a point in that normgroids can sense when something is off and will pounce on it.


>Any wizzard living the hermit life?
I did it for a year.
It's a hard and uncomfortable life, that's what most people never tell you. But it can be fun and exciting. You just have to be mentally prepared to do without the conveniences of city living (aka being able to do almost nothing).
You'll be busy daily doing things like constantly repairing, building and coming up with solutions to how to unfuck your shit/survive. Basically just a lot of chores, ever day.
If you're okay with that it'll be everything you want, and more.


Get an air filter if you're worried about that.


After a few years living like that I developed a habit of talking to myself often.


I did my time in the army so that's not an issue. Did you grow food or strictly buy? A bit of both seems like a good aproach. I'll be taking my hunting licence soon and theres a lot of big woods around with deer and elk


File: 1611590214205.jpg (172.76 KB, 866x1300, 433:650, 52605871-smashed-window.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>when normies find out it's a wiz that lives there you'll get your windows smashed and front door egged just for fun by dumb kids

Exact same thing happened to me when I lived for a couple of years in a small crumbling house, when neighbors sniffed that I'm a lonely wizard their shitty kids destroyed part of my old fence and occasionally played sport games leaving a big mess in my small garden when I was off to work, trampling my flowers and veggies, throwing bags of garbage, ending with all my widows smashed. They stopped doing that after their parents got spooked that police might be involved after smashing my windows. However those few years of living alone was the most comfiest I ever had.


Oh no! Dust!? Whatever shall I do


So many of you making excuses why it wouldn't work, I say do it and at least you are part of the 0.1% of wizzies in here who take any action. I Would read your updates and follow along your adventure if you decide to do it. Asking advice on here is generally a bad idea, just look at how many people here scared to spend 30 minutes a day cleaning like they have better things to do…


I didn't grow vegetables and crops because they were plenty cheap where I lived. There were also hundreds of fruit trees around that I used to make moonshine.
Spent a good bit of time pickling my own veggies and making dried products like salted and dried fish, smoked meat and such.
You gotta be really on the ball with your meat preserving skills if you lack a large freezer/have power outages and such. Specially if you plan on hunting large game for yourself.


oh i love this. Im also searching for a small cabin just like this on a daily basis. I find it daring to leave socity for a life in solitude, but i also crave for it. This in sweden?


Haha, you found it too didnt you. Another swedish wizzard? There are plenty other places im looking at in the sub 30k range though I just thought that one looked comfy. And new ones pop up all the time as people abandon their countryside houses to move to the city which drives prices down further.
I love brewing and totally not for legal reasons shining. May popcorn rest in peace. Ive smoked a lot of meat for flavor but never storage so thats probably a good start. There is a freezer there but as you said power outages are a risk. I've been spending a lot of time recently building a wood gas generator and I nearly got it working before the place with the equipment shut down due to covid. Forest in the countryside is ridicolusly cheap so with a wood gas generator you have a good backup electrical system that could last indefinitly meaning theoretically I could go completely off grid. It's based off this design. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AyTqo4mCUUY
The problem seems to be purification because whenever I tried it out there seemed to be too much smoke which in the long term would fuck a generator up. When the workshop gets up and running again Ill try out some of the filtration methods I see online.


File: 1611612645742.png (1.52 MB, 1518x791, 1518:791, outside2.png) ImgOps iqdb

a quick tip for finding nice small but well insulated cabins if youre swedish is to search for soldattorp
picturd is 32k usd and has 2 stories


File: 1611612706166.jpg (126.38 KB, 1207x828, 1207:828, map.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1611612762371.png (1.01 MB, 1257x651, 419:217, kitchen.png) ImgOps iqdb

Theres also a shitload of land included


File: 1611613282173.jpg (431.72 KB, 2000x900, 20:9, cabin.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

or this place for 30k


File: 1611613305646.jpg (220.06 KB, 1123x749, 1123:749, comfy90.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1611613342973.jpg (235.77 KB, 1123x749, 1123:749, bed.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1611613411705.jpg (221.37 KB, 1123x749, 1123:749, livingroom.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I think I like this place the most




Yeah, I even used to live in the north part of sweden, piteå. There shouldn't be any problem finding a cabin/house in the north parts at all, both of these looks exactly as i'm looking for. Yet, as much as its a dream to vanish from society it's a hard step to take, since i've a few loans on my name..

I've about 250 000 kr saved up atm, but its not nearly enough to be self sufficient. Are you thinking of doing a total act of disappearing or are you planning to keep a job?


With 250 000 saved up you're not far away from being able to afford a smaller cabin. After you have the cabin you probably wont have a lot of expenses. How much do you need/want to live? And no, I wont do a full disappear. I were a NEET for a while before getting a job and made enough from doing surveys and stuff for an hour to feed myself (its like 50-60kr an hour)


Just make sure you make tree planting a part of your lifestyle man, that's all I'm gonna say.
Burning wood is the easiest way out of all problems, especially when you're surrounded by forest. But one day those trees will be gone, because it takes many of them to get one person through a single winter. And they take a long, long time to grow. And when the trees die off the wildlife dies off too.
Make sure you plant or you'll end up in a barren wasteland like Eastern Europe.

Easier said than done when you spend all day every day worrying about your survival, but do not disregard.


Seconding this.


Yes, plant many native trees. You can even plant a few fruit trees too.


>barren wasteland like Eastern Europe.
What planet are you living on?
Eastern Europe is still one of the most fertile regions on the planet and continues to be the breadbasket of Europe


>What planet are you living on?
Eastern Europe.
>he breadbasket of Europe
Yes, literally wheat fields as far as the eye can see with a flourishing black market for lumber because it has become a rare commodity.


Do it. Keep us posted


Unironically live like a church rate for a while, if you really try you can live of very little money especially when you're a wizzard and don't have to pay for nights out with a gf, going to the pub with friends e.t.c. and such things that normgroids do all the time. Now is a hard time to start though, with covid and all


i am gonna live in some cheap 20k house in the south
i have to wait for my crypto


File: 1613719323086.jpg (84.65 KB, 453x439, 453:439, 1528872471605.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>occasionally played sport games leaving a big mess in my small garden when I was off to work, trampling my flowers and veggies, throwing bags of garbage, ending with all my widows smashed.
why can't normalshits just keep to themselves


>made enough from doing surveys and stuff for an hour to feed myself
I know it's late but I'm interested in this


Dry south or wet south?


I've posted on here about it earlier but the TL;DR guide is as follows;
Make up a person, the ideal consumerist. Have it be a 23 or 24 year old single mother who loves to go shopping, always looking to buy things, looking for a partner e.t.c.. Not only do you get more surveys but you also don't have to leak information about yourself if you feel uncomfortable with that. Second tip is to prioritize a handful of survey providers instead of spread them out. This makes you eligible for more of them after you've completed a few and you get disqualified way less. I might write a longer guide on this but I'm not sure about how the situation is in other countries, especially poorer ones. I heard they don't get as many but still at peak performance actually focusing on doing them fast I'd still only make 6 , 7 if I were lucky, dollars an hour which if you have to pay rent won't leave you with a lot of money left. Any site claiming you're going to make insane figures is lying, as any pajeet with some technical knowledge could do the same job for half the money which I think is why they're paid even less in other places. I've been doing them on and off but I got a new job recently which I actually somewhat enjoy so I havent had to bother with them for anything other than getting money to gamble. The site I use is Cointiply because they have low withdrawal limit and pay out in crypto so I can get around gambling laws. I were lucky enough that a food delivery company here took payment in bitcoin so I could use it for food when NEETing too.
Good tier:
>Yuno Surveys
Decent to low decent tier:
Theorem reach
Trash tier:
>The gambling function
>Game offers


well, I fucked that post up in the format but still I hope you understand somewhat how I mean


File: 1614037387667.jpg (143.69 KB, 649x433, 649:433, trailer.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

These look extremely comfy to live in. We have little cabins like this in the Northern part of my state where the weather is similar to Sweden. I make enough money to where I could buy a small cabin like that here. The only problem is that many people here opt out for trailers which often house very unpleasant people who will try to steal from you.


We're lucky here in seden because of an old tradition where the government would grant a hose and some farm animals to all soldiers as long as at least one person in the house was a soldier so usually one boy would be taken to go fight the D*nes so generation after generation could live there. The houses are very useful, insulated, roomy but still cozy.


File: 1614203103693.jpg (176.5 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, rio-amazonas-20060602-031.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I was going to create a new thread for this, but this one seems sufficient and on topic:
Any wiz thought about buying some land in the middle of nowhere in the Amazon region or close to it? I can only afford land far away from towns I suppose, needless to say I don't feel safe to simply do that, but I would be able to grow my own food and have my own water reserves, knives and producing fire are my only concerns for now.


25k USD for that, the housing market truly is a big fat joke


I'm pretty sure when you get that far out there in the jungle, money loses value as the peoples become less and less exposed to modern money. I would assume that the land is owned by the government, and the tribe just lives without permission.



The hermit meme is a joke. You need to be wealthy to enjoy a lifestyle like that. Even if you plan on living off the grid, the supplies and upkeep alone would cost many thousands of dollars. You might as well buy an RV and embrace vagrancy.


>upkeep for small cabin too high
>neglect RV upkeep costs
Such a house can’t cost much in upkeep compared to an RV


Cheaply built houses will eventually fall apart, then what? You'd have to replace the roof, or walls, or the whole thing and start over again. I'd say the added benefit of having wheels on your home is worth it. You could go anywhere and not have to stay in one place.


Lived alone in a singlewide trailer for a while
If you're a lazy NEET you might let things fall apart some, since I don't mind cobwebs they start building up on the walls and ceiling to the point that it starts looking like a haunted house.

Also when 98% of your time is spent in your tiny room it feels weird when you're in the kitchen or something. When you've been alone long enough you start seeing or hearing things. You have to learn to ignore it.


>cheaply built houses will eventually fall apart
The houses were built with functionality in mind, they're not low quality considering the good state of ones, like the one in the pic, from the 19th century

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