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My mom forced a smartphone on me, even though i told her i didnt need it.

Any advice on how a friendless asocial wiz could have fun with it? Cool apps to kill time with?

I dont mind anon communication in places like discord, so that level is OK


you can download google authenticator and use that for many accounts, you can set up online banking with it to keep track of your funds, you can also set up your email on it I guess, oh yeah and various mapping apps can help you find your way to places

I don't really know too much tbh, I mostly just use mine to look at wizchan in bed, there's no real downside to having one, just minor conveniences


How old are you?


A smartphone can be, for all intents and purposes be used as a shitty computer(as in it can do almost everything you can do on a PC but poorly) provided it's not iOS. To give you some examples: You can torrent films and music, use a VPN, view, edit and sign documents, read books,open and make compressed files, go on IRC, emulate gaymes, run a lot of educational programs of your choice, rice out your phone if you want to make it look kool etc. You can do quite a bit with one, and you might as well do if you're going to be walking around with a portable spying device anyway.
Here are some app recs:

The first thing you want to do is a get a good file manager, you will use it extensively and effectively turn your phone into a PC. I think Solid Explorer is the best but it costs $. One of the only 2 apps I would ever pay for. There's probably free alternatives that are equally as good though.
Hacker's Keyboard for a non-shit keyboard (works with PC kb shortcuts like ctrl-c etc)
Get f-droid (alt app store).
Bromite and Fennec Fdroid web browsers
Libretorrent if you want to torrent on your phone.
Tachiyomi if you want to read manga.
Radiodroid for radiostations
Torbrowser for tor proxy/onion service
Lucky Patcher if you want to fuck around trying to unlock apps for free
MPV player for videos, Simple Gallery for images.
New Pipe for youtube videos.
foobar2000 or blackplayer for music


Oh yeah, and basically all the stock apps that your phone comes with have better alternatives and you should not use them/delete them if you can.


Use it to browse wizchan while on the toilet or taking a bath.


You can do pretty much the same you can do with a computer, I use it mostly to watch youtube vids, listen to podcasts and watch porn. It's also a good way to keep normies from talking to you.


depends what you want to do with your phone. ive never had a smartphone with phone service, just wifi. smartphone for me is 90% just for browsing the web and reading articles while on the couch/toilet, 10% watching anime or hentai at night. prior to anyme x, probably 3 years have passed since i even installed a new app. i dont use it for games. i have a really old android phone. these are the only apps i have installed

AnYme X - for watching anime, updating MAL
transmission BTC - for torrenting
jota+ - just a nice simple notepad thing, i believe it isnt free but it's nice enough ill recommend it
vlc - play videos
screen filter - lets you make a one-tap darkness setting, can go super dark
lucid waker - lucid dreaming tool
fshred - overwrites deleted data
EhViewer - decent exhentai viewer
f-droid - alternative app store filled with free software, most is open source
brave - was a decent browser for my old phone and worked with all sites. i switched to some FOSS garbage browser that is much simpler however
talkaton - horrible phone app. but they provide a phone number so you can use that for websites/services that require one for registration or whatever


EMULATORS. You can play the YS saga while taking a long bus ride without destination.


its nice to be able to keep track of time when you're going for a walk.

Extra bonus for being able to take pictures of nature or something interesting.


It's just a convenient portable computer that runs Android as the os and has a touch screen instead of mouse.

Conect to the net. Get a adblocking browser and then do normal low power computer shit like use image boards or emulate old games from the 90s.


Are there any APPs that put the GPS ability to fun use?


Emulators I'd say. I recommend MyOldBoy and retroarch. Watching movies can be cool too, grab libretorrent from f-droid. Recently I have been playing a fuckton of Dragon Quest IV, it's on android and iOS, ask /vg/ if you're interested as they have a link. A smartphone is also great for reading PDFs and books. I read a lot of scientific publications from biorxiv and books I download from libgen.


you'd need a gamepad for that


I like to read wikipedia when on the toilet. Google maps is useful for navigating around town.


hmmm, maybe star-viewing apps? They're kinda cool.
Or if you're riding your bicycle you can use a fitness app that tracks your course and speed, and that's kinda cool too.


You don't need one for that. The touch screen controls are serviceable for most emulators.


for something slow or turn-based maybe but definitely not for Ys


osmand~ is a nice map app, it uses openstreetmap database. you can download it on f-droid. if you are interested in music musescore, it has music sheets. also I want to mention that musescore is a nice program on desktop you can compose pieces with it, it's free.


I have played plenty of fast pace games that require accurate button presses, Including fighting games, using touch controls.

Learn the difference between want/prefer and need. I have yet to come across a game I have tried that is totally unable to be played with touch controls.
Though I have played games that are impossible to play on the small screen of a phone. Mainly pc emulation has this problem.


Had a professor that loved the shit out of that program and would shill it any chance he could.
Haven't thought about him in years, lol.


I managed to get an actual copy of diablo 2 to run almost flawlessly on Android with a bit of work.
However it does require a bluetooth keyboard+mouse connected. But still, it's pretty amazing to me to have that in my pocket.


Remember to download Youtube Vanced so you don't have to see Jewtube shitty ads on mobile.

And download blokada too to block all ads.


dont know how normies deal with the stress and drama with social media i only use phones for music


If you only use phones for music you're better off buying a DAP (digital audio player) in the future tbh. Top shelf sound quality/storage/battery life.


I used to deal with work via email, they decided to make whatsapp groups and now I have to deal with that shit, constant chit chat, people ignore me half of the time. It sucks.


Internet browsing in bed and gps directions is pretty much all its good for imo


Agree with this, fiio, xduoo, and hiby all have good offerings in this category.


I've had it for 2 months, paying a sub, and have never touched it


Foobar on mobile sucked last time I checked. Musicolet is much better.

Also you can get many paid apps for free on Musicolet if you are willing to register an account and stand the link shorteners.

Don't bother downloading or buying games, they all suck. Except for Pixel Dungeon on Android, its probably the only good game in the entire Play Store


>Also you can get many paid apps for free on Mobilism
is what I meant


Pokemon Go


File: 1615665682011.jpg (834.04 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ss_b4d073e1460cf2400b7c5c5….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Try downloading pixel starships. Its a great game wizzy. Its a bit p2w but its just so good.Its like ftl. You have to select enemy rooms to target and crew to kill. Once you hit a certain level you get to have an ai that you can program to your weapons and crew



Are you rarted or just underage? You can listen to audiobooks, music, masturbate to wizporn, posting on wizchan while outside, talk to your mom using phone and so on


File: 1615675498885.jpg (90.94 KB, 600x900, 2:3, bigstock-fat-rat-9862247.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Are you rarted?


Where did you get this photo of me?


I use mine mostly for banking/email/some porn

It's also a lot more useful to use a dictionary on the phone when reading stuff in japanese than on the PC (from a paper book)


there good for avoiding conversation and listening to music


install samurai wallet on it


you've been spared until now. through it away or lie about using it until its to late.


My parents did the same. I used to be jealous of people who had phones to kill time on in waiting rooms and stuff but the only thing I really do on mine is browse Wizchan and read.


What is this fag thread filled with trash?
Download audiobooks, books, manga and Chinese listening exercises.
Offline maps.
Morse code trainer.


I'm gonna buy a second hand phone with at least 4GB ram and a decent processor and I'm gonna install a bunch of games and emulators, probably gonna buy a controller too since playing with a touch screen is a fucking torture.


dude just get a switch or a psp if you want to do that. Not only is it much more expensive, it demolishes a phone's battery life.


I'm such a good goy consummerist retard, I usually get the best smartphone I can buy (usually around $700) and I only use it to browse wizchan, watch anime on the bus or play stupid mobage.



I just use mine for Game Boy Advance emulator and solitaire. Reading books in bed on them can be comfy but I prefer actual books


Just buy a cheaper phone.
I mean it's your money so you have to learn how to be a adult and budget responsibly.


>downloading Reddit to your iPhone

Hello Reddit



-Vario Grounds Game
-Power Rangers Legacy Wars
-YuGiOh Duel Links
-Grim Quest


Pulsar is the best music player app I tried.


There was a good TBS like FFT on mobile called The Alchemist Code, but it slowly became scummier with new units having ridiculous RMT costs to max out. Then the same developer put a new coat of paint on it and called it War of the Visions, which was even more cancerous with RMT from the get-go since they had strong brand power in Final Fantasy.
Besides that game, the only fun stuff I've played on phone are emulators, Pokemon Showdown and RunEscape.


A lot of people on here have said emulators, I agree.

RetroArch will set you up for life, has an Android version that works very well if you're willing to set it up properly initially. It has dozens of "cores" that emulate every retro console imaginable.

ScummVM is the definitive choice if you like point-and-click adventure games. Plus, it has an actual mouse cursor so you won't feel like an idiot when using the touchscreen.


I find retroarch very convenient on PC for use with steam big picture mode, but on android what a pain it is to set up and it's always acting up in weird ways. It's also a chore on Windows of course but I can deal with that for the sake of convenience. On android I'd rather get emulators from the playstore, even if they are not free.


by the way, if you know of solid gba, gbc, nes, and megadrive/genesis emulators, I'm all ears. Free or not does not matter.
I've got duckstation for psx, drastic for nds, ppsspp for psp, snes9x ex+ for snes, if anyone cares.


Let's not dorget that PPSSPP, Dolphin, Snes9x EX are free. I might be forgetting others.


I only use my phone for car GPS, alarm clock, and to browse image boards when I am not home. I also use it to listen to podcasts while I go on walks.

If you aren't a super social normie you probably won't find more use out of the smart phone other than that. People are saying emulators, but you seem to already have a computer. Game emulation is far better on a home computer.


I don't see any problems with having a smartphone, they are quite useful actually. I can listen to music while jogging, watch videos when too depressed to live the bed or when I'm out of my house and get bored.


They used to be just computers for retards but like you said the usefulness of having so many functions on your person all the time is worth it.

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