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File: 1612464987367.jpg (231.26 KB, 840x599, 840:599, 190911_country-city.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Do you think wizards are more suited to living in a medium/big city or the countryside?
I was more of a country guy but recently I began to wonder if living in a city wouldn't be better and would like to hear your opinion


wherever your parents chose to live


I like cities. I dont enjoy nature for some reason, but i love to take long walks and look at architecture.


if u like living around niggers live in the city.


I have lived in both and the countryside is 1000x better. Friendlier people, an actual community that cares about you, people have an actual culture and not just CONSOOOOM, you don't met mugged by niggers or stabbed by muslims. I used to live in Paris so… yeah. I guess it's different if you don't live in France.


>guess it's different if you don't live in France
yeah no shit, Poirot


Niggers don't like the countryside which makes it the best place to be.


I do live in France and live in the country actually cities just seem more practical. I don't necessarily mean giant metropolis like Paris or Marseilles but a medium sized city with public transportation, jobs, a train station and shop in walking distance sounds better than what I have


I've only lived in medium and small cities.
Small is way better. Bigger cities are louder and of course more crowded. People here complain about stupid bullshit like "we don't even have mcdonalds" or "there aren't any big discos here"… But we get local produce way better than you'd get on a supermarket, you can go on a walk at night without niggers stabbing you, there's a forest like five minutes away on foot, businesses are rarely full of people, people are decent and help you if you're in trouble.
Why did I laugh


City would be easier to live in if you don't have a car, but rural will have cheaper property.


they used to all live on farms


if you have the choice, always go to the countryside. i wanted to cry the first time i slept in the countryside, everything is quiet, there are no trains, no inexplicable high pitched noises, no neighbors smoking weed at 2am that make you get up and close the window. just being in the countryside is like taking a huge weight off your shoulders. its like living your life with blurry vision then putting on glasses. i cannot stress how retarded it would be to live in an urban area over a rural area.


Moving to a small town in Sweden, spell yeah!


It's relative and everything you listed comes down to personal preference.
Both have major disadvantages as well as advantages.

In the countryside you get to enjoy bydlo peasant mentality (have fun being alienated by the community for being a weird fuck) and constant gossip. You accidentally did something embarrassing and one person saw you? Well, tomorrow everyone knows about it. At least in the city you can be a no body.
There's also the matter of practicality. Usually you need to drive long distances once a month to a city in order to do your shopping because it's difficult to find anything locally. And if things break and you are in trouble you better be a handyman and learn how to sort out your own problems, whatever they may be.


What if there are no niggers in my city? Although we do have a couple dozens of негры.


Зато полно типичного русского быдла.


Hope it's on the outskirts at least


Wierd, I live in rural Australia, and there's tons of niggers and non white thugs in general where I live. Horrible place.


Cities are better. No people trying to force you into some fallacious, manufactured "community" like in a small settlement, you're completely ignored on the street so you if you left your apartment to get food/drink or something you wouldn't be accosted by everyone you see. In addition, the aesthetic is better, the steel and glass portrays a high-tech environment fitting of an introverted lifestyle. I live in the suburbs and would give anything to be able to be a NEET shut-in in a personalised apartment.


The cost of living is insane, though. Cities are for normgroids with careers, not penniless NEETs.


Oh no, I'm such an autistic virgin wizard NEET I'm mortally wounded by people saying good morning to me when I go for a walk. Fucking normalgroids shouldn't be polite to me, they should treat me like dirt instead.

Stay in the city. We don't want you here.


File: 1613683174887.jpg (2.83 MB, 4000x1846, 2000:923, IMG_20210217_103201.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

rural wizard here. ask me anything about the place I live in.

>pic related

my dogs hut.


You have a point. For me though nothing could ever compete with the access to nature I have where I live (not quite countryside but the edge of a small town). Just being in the city for a few days gives me an existential crisis and makes me want to kill myself. The hustle and bustle, endless crowds of normgroids, ever-present cheap consumerism and absolutely degenerate culture is literally nightmarish and extremely oppressive to my every sensibility. The only appealing thing about cities to me is having access to every kind of store you could want and having some great architecture to photograph right on the spot, but there are alternatives to both and they're way not worth it. There's no gossip in a small town like there is in the neighbouring even smaller villages, and I have access to all the stores I need as a wizard NEET. The only thing I'm missing is a cinema – the nearest decent theatre is about 40 minutes away, but then again, there's rarely a movie coming out that I want to see.


>There's also the matter of practicality. Usually you need to drive long distances once a month to a city in order to do your shopping because it's difficult to find anything locally

Covid has pretty much killed the few benefits of the city with the constant lockdowns. I will say in the age of amazon even the argument of unique stores ring hollow because brick and mortar has been forced to streamline so much that only the major things survive like groceries and auto parts stores and anything that is a niche thing you pretty much have to have it mailed to you.

However a huge HUGE downside to living rural is the traveling if you have to drive anywhere. I used to not care about driving but the older I get the more I hate it and the more I don't want to commute the 2 hours a day. The only thing that stops me is that I know city life and how dangerous, annoying and all of the bad it can be since I grew up there.


Online food delivery is easier and faster. Get it dropped at your door instead of driving to town.

>2 hour commute

Where the hell do you live where you drive that far each day? You're in a job too far from your home if that's the case.


Do the water people in your area freeze over during the winter?


Penniless NEETs can't live anywhere by that logic.
Take your strawman garbage back to 4chad. I'd love to stay in the city, unfortunately "trad" fetishists and other cottagecore roleplaying regressionists would prefer to force everyone to live in their dessicated rotten wood shacks.


no, i live in some french island and its just like in any other countries. people are kind to you but nobody will make you advances or shit like that


Nature gives chance to grow food if you have the land. But you can also do that in a house in the city.

The city also gives more chances to shoplift and steal so that's also a pro

I guess it depends on your lifestyle but in the city at least you are a number and can disappear in the multitude


There’s no thread on „resting places“


You rest at home.


tbh i find islands to be quite comfy in that regards just because if the isolation but i guess any suburban/rural place does the job


How about something in the middle, whenever people talk about cities they usually mean like the MASSIVE megalopolis' of the world like newyork and such. How about a small to medium sized city? One where the suburban sprawl hasn't touched it yet.


>countryside is 1000x better. Friendlier people, an actual community that cares about you

Are you lost?


ever country queer on this site says that same shit.


living in a large city is hell. Extreme shortage on cheap rent house means I live in a single room house where i can hear every sound my neighbours make. The kids upstairs walking, the neighbours on one side having sex, fights, watching their shitty movies after they come home from wageslaving. There is nowhere you can go to be alone without traveling 3+ hrs. One gaze on a random street and I count 20+ people at least. they stink, make noise and stare at you. Fuck cities. I would leave if I could.


I understand. There's no escape but cope.


File: 1618798065288.jpg (94.54 KB, 500x380, 25:19, 1521398103538.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I moved out of a very small country town a couple of years ago to move to the big city for work. Now I'm trying very hard to get back out of the city and into the country again. I'd rather work the counter in a gas station in the country than get paid good money to live in this hellhole. At this very moment, 10:06 at night I can hear some asshole revving his car up for no reason. Maybe it's one of the kids who races sportscars every Saturday night 100 feet from the house I rent


i live rurally but my next door neighbor is a car fixing guy and there is engine noises and revving and banging and welding nonstop

he sounds like a swamp monster and always has a million relatives over hooting and hollering

add in their dogs, and my other neighbors dogs, which both bark at anything all day and the coyotes screeching and the redneck kids on loud ass dirtbikes

jesua christ


The less people around you the better.


Used to live near a "unofficial gun range" for a few months in the country.

Being dead serious it reminded me of growing up in the inner city in the 90s.
Like it was actually nostalgic and shit heating gunshots.

Now I live in a small town where people actually mind their own business, which is really nice both personally and as a wizard who enjoys solitude.


Isn’t it funny how normgroids lie and flip it to the opposite? They say
>in big cities everyone minds their own business and is tolerant!
>in small towns everyone is super mean and gets in your business!
Yet reality is literally the opposite. Big cities are hellish and people there seem to constantly want to be in your business.


Thing is they aren't necessarily lying.

Different towns and cities have vastly different cultures.
Some small towns really are as gossipy as people complain about, but there are plenty of others where its standard to mind your business and it's seen as super rude to gossip or get involved with stuff that ain't any of your business.

It's why if you have the option when looking for a place to live, you really should scope things out and maybe spend a month or so there to get the vibe and culture of the place before committing.


here in Brazil small towns tend to be whiter and safer
as the other anon said there is lots of gossip though, and everyone knows everyone
I'm kind of a shutin and a few days ago I went to the bigger supermarket around, the cashier said to me "are you X's brother?" and she was right. Sometimes older people will look at you and say "are you Y's son?". It seens people can recognize who is related just by the way they look similar.
Small towns also probably have better education (again, because it's whiter and safer here). My town of 15k people is ranked around 30th for best schools in the country (we only have 2 high schools)
My worst fear of small towns is running into former bullies but so far it only happened a once or twice.


File: 1620034089217.jpg (225.26 KB, 800x1182, 400:591, ahet.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Cities are convenient, but I want to get out ASAP


An interesting question and I can see good arguments for both sides. I grew up and have lived in a city of 10m+ people all my life, so I'm used to the amenities that the city offers and I'm not sure I'd be able to live in a rural location, where I'd be forced to drive frequently, perform upkeep on a vehicle and in general just be more self-reliant. I also don't particularly enjoy nature and prefer to stay in my room, but I think that's probably just because I've spent my entire life living in an apartment building in a concrete jungle.

I like feeling like a nobody in a big city.


i dont like seeing people
cities have more people


Small cities or large towns. I have no compelling reason to move from the one I'm currently in. Here's a few reasons
>enough shops to keep me happy (including a couple dude weed lmao stores and a couple video game stores)
>close to nature
>most stuff is within walking distance
>job that pays enough for my needs/comforts
>not a huge amount of people, so I don't feel overwhelmed even going down my town's main drags
>big enough that I don't know literally everyone
>high speed Internet, so I can buy books or games online if I want, and stream music


If you wanna be the town's weirdo that everyone gossips about and get grins and disgusted looks all the time, then by all means go live in a small town.


I've lived in small towns and big cities. You'll get that in both places.


the less people near you the better.


Where? There are a lot of small town and cities but not a lot of jobs there. Born in Dalarna and that’s where I intend to die. I miss it so badly, Stockholm is hell on earth.
No one gives a shit about each other, you can’t even use a public restroom because the druggies have occupied them and the cops do nothing because they’re “refugees”. And when they are cought they only get a month of probation effectively for things like mugging people because legally they’re 16-17 years old (actually more like 22-24). If you try to take the subway in central Stockholm there are most likely going to be homeless people asking for money by walking up to you. If you are assaulted you can’t even really legally defend yourself. You can’t even carry pepperspray. If someone breaks into your home you can’t use more violence than they are going to do towards you and the burden of proof will be on you if you defend yourself. Some granny had to pay a large chunk of her pension money to a burglar who slipped on his way out of her house.


That happens even more in big cities, retard


Fucking how? The chance you will see any random guy on the street ever again is basically 0.


I'd prefer countryside. If i was some big consoomer who wants the latest funko pops and "Nuuu shooos" I would choose the city.



I like both. Sometimes i need absolute quiet. Sometimes i want to dance to edm and see what trends normies are blabbing on about, then retreat back to my wizard tower.

Cities are all shit. But they also make all the shit.

Country people are kind of retarded, but they have the best food and values.



I like both. Sometimes i need absolute quiet. Sometimes i want to dance to edm and see what trends normies are blabbing on about, then retreat back to my wizard tower.

Cities are all shit. But they also make all the shit.

Country people are kind of retarded, but they have the best food and values.



yeah you're not a consoomer you're a cool genuine guy just like the other 4chan retards


Living out in the countryside is comfy because low population density, less noise, more privacy etc. However depending on how rural you really are you're gonna have to compromise on shit like internet, daily conveniences like groceries, work opportunities (if you're not a neet anyways) etc. That being said I still prefer the countryside.


As a wizard, my great fear was being homeless and completely destitute. For that reason, the big expensive cities were no goes for me. I would say mid sized or even comparably big cities in a rural area offer the benefits of a large city with the rural benefits of being able to afford to own a house.


Aus is the exception. Chinks live inland and abbos live out


File: 1630593751517.jpeg (50.38 KB, 600x600, 1:1, ole.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Any wizards from Latin America here? What would be the best place to move be in terms of exchange rate, cost of living and safety? Have family in Colombia… considering jumping ship from Burgerland…


The countryside definitely, if they can manage financially without waging.
Living in a city is just intolerable for wizard types. I live in an apartment building in a large city and at least once a month there’s some kind of city official, plumber/electrician/laborers, or police stomping around the building scaring the shit out of me and ruining the peace. I might just be oversensitive though — for some reason whenever I hear walkie talkies I go into a blind panic and can’t think about anything else until they all leave. Just now I had my work ruined by some people with walkie-talkies here to do something in another unit.


Argie here, hermano. In terms of economy, I heard Costa Rica offers quite good salaries in relation to South America; don't know about the government and the insecurity, though. In the safety aspect, smaller cities tend to have smaller amount of burglars; given the fact every Latino shithole is infested with burglar niggers, any small town anywhere might suit well.
However, I'd strongly consider how comfortable you feel where you currently are. Don't expect a huge increase in social factors when moving inside Latin America; keep your expectatives really, really low.


small cities in Sweden are basically dumping grounds for refugees since it is the only place that have housing


what about uruguay? they say it's the switzerland of south america or something


Thanks. But what do you mean by social factors? Do you mean all of Latin America is not conducive to the wizard's life?

I've heard that as well.


File: 1634208607068.jpg (520.24 KB, 1440x1800, 4:5, 564343.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Be me
>Live in a small commuter town within the metro area of a large tech city
>Decide to go to the city to get a feel of being there and to mainly ride the light rail
>City is only a bus and ferry ride away
>Arrive to the city
>Being there feels soulless and shallow with all the skyscrapers and consumerism
>Have a hard time tolerating the noise pollution coming from the roar of vechicles and construction work
>Take the light rail down to the outskirts
>Enjoy the anonymity of blending into a crowd and not having to worry about someone approaching you either because they recognize you or are just trying to make small talk with you, when you just want to be left alone
>See trash on some sidewalks, under guardrails on the highway and a couple homeless people panhandling in some parts of the neighborhood
>Spend most of the day just exploring neighborhoods, parks, stores, etc.
>Arrive home and feel the bliss
For me just being in the outskirts of the city, the cons outweigh the pros and it has made me value the smallness of my hometown with how small stuff like noise pollution, the hustle bustle, the consumerism, etc.
Convenience is nice and all but at what cost? the chances of having noisy neighbors and hearing everything they do or say but tenfold, the possilbility of waking up or being unable to sleep because of a protest or a riot happening near you.
If a revolution or apocalypse happens tommorrow, I definitely don't wanna be in a city in the midst of it or when it happens.
Being a night owl I enjoy the almost complete dead silence of the neighborhood I live in, apart from daredevils wanting to let everyone know within the vicinity how loud and fast their car is from time to time.
I'm lucky to live in a town where it has some city amenities like public transit which if you're an NEET with no plans on getting a driver's license but wanna take a 30 minute to an hour commute to the city that's pretty good, unless your an night owl and don't have a bike or car you're basically fucked in terms of transit options.
Some folks here may prefer cities over towns and more power to them, but I just prefer the smallness, quiet, uneventful small town that I live in. I think cities are just fine to explore and see what it has to offer for a few days to a week before retreating back to a small town when you had your fill, I think one wiz sums it when he says "Sometimes i want to dance to edm and see what trends normies are blabbing on about, then retreat back to my wizard tower", but hey that's just my opinion.


Hobby wiz would benefit from countryside but I personally enjoy the city. it is very convenient to be able to get everything ordered to your apartment and not have to go outside or have public transport instead of owning a car.

If you had to work maybe countryside but if you get NEETbux just live in city and rot in your room.


File: 1634221199144.gif (1.92 MB, 798x788, 399:394, 1633428558979.gif) ImgOps iqdb


Enjoy poverty, no jobs, nosey neighbors, no stores, people you recognize daily and shit internet.


>Enjoy poverty
More like enjoy not being homeless or living in a rat-infested shithole because urban housing is expensive as hell
>no jobs
Have fun competing with thousands of other people for those fancy jobs of yours
The only thing city life has going for it is the public transportation. Everything else is shit especially the hordes of sheeple. The crime rates are exponentially higher because more niggers = more opportunities to get mugged or killed. There is no comparison when you're talking about conserving your own well-being. Sure you'll have more people recognize you in the middle of nowhere but I'd take that over the fuckery going on in major population centers.


>no jobs
Have you ever been in the country? It's the CITY where you can't find employment anymore. There might be a lot of 'openings' on paper, but none of them are actually hiring.


I live in the country and these people act like animals and treat me like shit. At least in the city they just ignored me. Country folk being nice or giving a shit is a meme. At most you get polite or fake nice but in the end they are still selfish greedy animals who have nothing but disdain for ugly mentally ill folks like us


More of this pro-city psyop posting bullshit.


How are these cities so full of poor people when the price of living is so high? Does the government just pay for their rent?


The better question is why they're still in the cities.


Most of these people aren't poor by rural definition. They just spend 80% of their income on housing. If they left, they could probably afford a house, or an apartment that is much better than the shithole they occupy in the city. They don't leave usually because 1. it's their home town and they don't want to or 2. whatever job that barely permits their existence in the city likely doesn't exist or pays too low in rural areas.


I'm a NEET and live in the suburbs next to main road countless trucks loaded full and cars fly by each day the main road is little more than 15 metres away. I'm absolutely miserable I dread each time I hear a truck in the distance I must wear headphones constantly. I have a autism diagnosis and I'm very sensitive to noise I had a breakdown and started slapping my ears repeatedly and hard which lead to a perforated eardrum and catatonic state. Even at night I hear trucks frequently enough to be an issue and noise travels though the road and to my house and vacuum like seduction noise in the distance. My Pakistani neighbous squeal and kick the soccer ball at my tin fence in their puny backyard and I've a neighbour further up the road who revs his motorcycle. My mother and father brought surround speakers which shake the house with shitty explosions in movies. I resent urbanplaners and have developed hatred towards my mother for this hellscape. I feel sorry for my two dogs one which is aging and near death whose overworked ears must tolerate noise and the younger dog with sensitive ears who reacts to everything runing around frantically, paranoid. And the bird who is right next to the fence and screechs and plucks all it's feathers out the poor thing has gone insane. Logically I want to kill myself and will if we don't move out soon since I complain endlessly to my mother she has started looking for rural housing for her retirement and my well-being we found a nice one which was quiet save for wind blowing and a few birds singing I felt solisic here. Unfortunately we were out bidded the only reason I keep living is the small hope I might find solitude elsewhere but even so I am unfortunate to have these years robbed from me.

Sorry to rant with a depressing tale.
I watched a french movie called 'home' the premise being a highway opens near a rural house and the family goes insane it was a decent movie albeit melodramatic


I'd say that towns are the locations wizards dwell. Has a little of both city and village. By that I mean, small community (village trait) but barely anyone talks to eachother except for neighbors (city trait). It's easy to get from A to B (city) but there's little to nothing to do (social activities are basically not really a thing)(village). I'd go more in depth but I don't really know what else could be mentioned.


I think "suburban" could be an applicable term.


The ideal living condition is far away from any neighbors that you can't hear their loudest leafblowers but within 30min of a Wal-Mart type supplier


I like the "phony hermit" life of Walden. Where he lives like a hermit in his shack, but he's also just a short walk from the town.

As long as you can't hear or see people in your immediate vicinity that is hermit enough. And needing to be 100 miles from the nearest human is just symbolism.


Those are hard to get anywhere unless you have a car because they are built totally around cars.
I can do city or country, and small towns are pretty comfy, but suburbs are pretty shit imo.
As you can probably tell I don't have a car and even when I did I don't like to drive. Which is part of the reason I hate suburbs so much. Such dreadful places.

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