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I used to care a lot about politics. I specially enjoyed studying political ideologies and geopolitics. It all changed some years ago when I was going through a hard but enlightening time. I realized emotions are the only true guiders of morality (and ethics as well. Ethics being the tentative of rationalization of morality). When you think this way politics become quite ridiculous. Discussing it, in particular, is the most pathetic thing I can imagine someone losing their time with. There's nothing to discuss but the way people feel about something in particular, but they try rationalizing it to the core. I would only begin to care about politics, ideologies and geopolitics again if I ended up as the dictator of my country. Because then my emotions would truly matter. But otherwise, what's the point?


File: 1613431796312.jpg (180.23 KB, 1198x674, 599:337, u1290ij.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Confirmation bias is a real thing. Something that makes perfect sense and is freeing to one person can be seen as dangerous to another. So you're right that it is sorta pointless in discussing difficult, controversial issues like race and drugs because people have so much bias towards it. For example, confirmation bias is me talking about something like 'freudian slips,' for some people, the discussion might actually be enlightening, for others I might just sound like a delusional lunatic


People map their personal emotions on to the political landscape. People's lives are empty.


It seems like when I look at political parties in my country, it's mostly on the personal level that everything matters. Ideology doesn't really matter that much to them.


I'm really confused. On one hand you have this idea of emotions being the ontological root of morality that agrees with the construction of ideological castles, on the other hand you imply you have a rational view of it as being arbitrary. Yet the modern state and ideological politics specifically came out of the romantic revolution in reaction to rationalism. That's where the word ideology gained its current meaning. Now, we know this is specifically talking about today because if we apply the argument to other points in history it falls apart, e.g. under the pharaohship of Egypt these qualms are meaningless. So what is the point being made? Why do people act within a political system that you already accept the premises of, and even go further than most? Isn't the question for you to answer? That is, why is there a disconnect between your ontology of morals and a system where it's already playing out? I'm not even beginning to critique any of the claims made, I simply don't understand what the argument is.


What in the world are you talking about? It's easy to understand what I was trying to say. Morality is defined by emotions. Political opinions are also defined by emotions. People try to justify their emotions by rationalizing them, thus creating apologies to their moral/political beliefs as if they were based on reason, not emotions. You're making it much more complex then what I'm actually saying.


Because I hate niggers.


If the premise is emotions drive all decisions, then you have to explain why people wouldn't or shouldn't engage in a social system that reifies those emotions.


I think they should, though.


If you think they should then that's the reason why they would care about politics, by your own admission.


>I used to care about politics
>I don't understand how people care about politics

So you just forgot how it feels like? Don't bother us with this bullshit, just try to remember it yourself.


Basically this, I found that extreme right wingers were full of hate, and extreme left wingers were mentally ill and depressed. Then there's just people who don't care and want to get on in their lives.


Because your tribe bad, mine good.


I am Grog. Grog fucks wife and has kids and is glad to be an american.


Extreme right wingers aren't full of hate. They're full of love for things being destroyed and taken from them. If you're not angry that you're living in this dystopian hellhole then you're so fucked in the head you're beyond saving.


Grog mad that nigger is on radio. Grog want to bomb africa now and save wife from niggers.


Grog made of straw. Grog say anything I want Grog to!

Most right wingers couldn't give a fuck about Africa or the middle east. They just want to be left alone in their home lands without being invaded by violent outsiders and told they're bad people for stopping them raping children.


File: 1613503419016.gif (1.41 MB, 242x270, 121:135, losing amusement.gif) ImgOps iqdb

You guys do know which thread this is right? Or have we lost all self awareness.


File: 1613564818180.jpg (92.32 KB, 648x800, 81:100, 1529750954763.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

What's the point of getting angry over something I have no effect over? You say they aren't full of hate then say "if you're not angry that you're living in this dystopian hellhole". I'd rather have fun watching anime and getting on with my life then debating everyone or seeing everywhere I look as all exploitation or degeneracy.

Possibly the only political action I do is not eat animals, mainly because of health reasons and also due to the unnecessary suffering in their produce, while my individual actions mean little it gives me a peace of mind and helps me stay healthy and mentally consistent but I could care less if a videogame had gays or blacks in it or if America became Hispanic, because I have no say in it? The baggage that comes with being really political is aids and not worth it in my mind. I guess people just find it entertainment like seeing their sports team win or something?


>I would rather live a shitty life where I end up miserable and killing myself than face the problems causing me to pick this over a good life
We know. Go back to jerking off to cartoons while you still have your dick. You will be asking to cut it off soon enough if you aren't already.


I guess you just summed up people who are into this stuff really well, "I would rather live a shitty life where I end up miserable and killing myself than face the problems causing me to pick this over a good life". :)


>America became Hispanic, because I have no say in it?

"Just chill out as we become an 89 IQ average country dude" "Race differences aren't real man" "The lights will stay on when everyone is a mulatto"

Execute 90% of anime fans, please.


>"The lights will stay on when everyone is a mulatto"
People actually think like this, lmao


The lights probably will stay on for a few decades. Mud people aren't entirely useless just crappy so over time it'll run out.


There's an old guy who's 81 at the local library studying plato. The guy is a genius and a polymath in a wide range of fields, and in his old age he just tries to keep himself sharp by reading at the library each day. His mind is a little past its best days, but he does well for his age. I've talked to him about a wide range of philosophers, from Schopenhauer to Aristotle to Max Stirner. Whenever it comes to politics or geo-politics he just can't bring himself to care anymore, he has his political opinions but as an 81 year old man, it just seems like pointless trivial shit to waste your time thinking about, he'd rather contemplate plato's forms or what have you.


Fuck you cultist, the sun will strike the face of a white man if you like it or not


While I agree with OP, threads like this only encourage the opposite by baiting them out into a 2nd politics thread with "politics is important because X" replies


narrow minded people adopt them because they're unable to develop a more nuanced and holistic view of the world


File: 1614235304463.webm (2.77 MB, 854x480, 427:240, 1614235212419.webm) ImgOps iqdb

>Why do people care about political ideologies?
Because politics have a far reaching effect on our lives.


Even if they can't articulate it, people know that their lives are meaningless and full of unnecessary suffering. They therefore look for a cause that will make them feel that the tortures of this life are for something, or which at least gives them an object on which to blame them. Most people don't genuinely believe in a God that has any interest in human affairs or in an afterlife (though many label themselves Christian, Muslim or some other belief system for cultural and family reasons), so they have to find a cause that it of this world yet all-encompassing. The only thing that fits the bill is grand political ideology. That is the only reason. It applies to all political ideologies, whether MAGA retards, woke BLM types, Communists, Nazis, or any other political system.


Being engaged in politics is endeless ragebait, for better or worse you only have ONE vote. Your vote, backed up by a hundred hours of thinking and researching, has just as much power as the succubus's who just voted for the party that people told her to on twitter. I only get really into politics like 2 weeks a year during election and the rest of the year I try to stop thinking about it completely. As long as youre not extreme enough to do terrorism or really high level activism your political power is just that; meaningless.
Either blow yourself up in a car or shut the fuck up about politics.


lets them feel like they are part of some group
they are convinced that serving the cause of ideology x is meaningful
because they mimic other people
they want to voice their opinions but they are empty and coward so they take up ideology x's beliefs as their own
they want to seem smart and relevant
my guesses


File: 1614643214609.jpg (98.02 KB, 613x771, 613:771, 6427427537375.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Max Stirner
based old ojisan


only the most loyal servants enter a trance on command. prone to get violent just like the rat experiment said it would, that environment is not safe for wizards.



While yes, political normgroids are insufferable and dumb and usually can't change a damn thing. I must warn against what you said about emotions and morality.

Your emotions are worthless, they are not an existential reality, they are a delusion. Every abusive person you see believes they have the right to act that way, their emotions tell them so. Morality is 100% subjective, there aren't even universal moralities like don't kill. They say don't kill but if you are gay or kill someone else or are a pagan then its automatically ok to kill you. Even western philosophers who don't really know a damn thing have come to this conclusion. All moral people are insane. If you are morally correct you are entitled to destroy the bad. The bad can be literally anything based on your morality. Morality is a total circus. When I hurt someone in self defense its never because i believe I was in the right they were in the wrong, no. Its a shame if they force my hand to maintain the peace, i sacrifice some good in myself to do it. Moral people want to eat their cake and retain it in their hand. They want to do something negative like kill someone but have the benefit of still being pure.


I don't care for Ethics, morality and all that philosophical talk either.


File: 1621227354616.png (13.47 KB, 495x297, 5:3, main-qimg-5d3751dd92d8c731….png) ImgOps iqdb

nah ugly succubi can rot never get anything , niggers on the other hand always want superior beauty to their own sheeboons white succubi are the best thing that can happen to these treacherous descendants of black love


No it's about resources and principalities, people are resources see>>177071


i ask you this because you seem to have more first hand experience than me: what is the most common catalyst for race based tribalism (for wizards in this community)?

there also seems to be some sex/gender tribalism in your post along with the racial tribalism. in your case, was there some kind of incident between a female family member/peer and a dark skinned man? if not, have you ever grappled with homosexual ideation (with particular attraction to dark skinned men)? maybe my hypothesis that your various forms of tribalism stem from a single source is mistaken.


sorry im schizophrenic


I see you


Remember when you saw those long lines of Arabs walking through your town on their way to Germany in 2015? This wizard's hypothesis is you were grappling with your sexual attraction to them. In the sober pursuit of science we've discovered your political position is a sexual pathology, and now we're talking about your sexual identity rather than the 2 million guys who marched past your house that year.


Because one of them is objectively evil and very dangerous for wizards


File: 1621261206828.jpg (23.21 KB, 450x338, 225:169, OhYou.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>He thinks it's only one of them
Oh you.


Most people here are just mad to see succubi of their race/tribe getting fucked by outsiders. They're crabs and failed normalfags larping as true wizards. A real wizard would give zero fucks about succubi and who do they fuck.


This is projecting and a total strawman that no one has ever made in the whole history of this site.
Fuck off.


he's the typical volcel angry at crabs and anime wizzies from what i'm seeing



And now you are projecting this dumbass off topic antagonism.
You are just a shit stirrer and you need to fuck all the way off.


What if I support some politics since they make me feel better and seem awesome? And I admit the choices are emotional

If I discuss it with someone I can make them feel the same way and thus raise the probability that the changes will come


People vastly overestimate how much influence they have over the political process. They also consume a lot of propaganda online and are probably being manipulated by groups or individuals into supporting and giving money or attention to them.

On the positive side, people vastly underestimate how much influence they have over their own lives, and how beneficial putting energy towards learning to do things and finding or creating systems they have influence in can be.


people are too proud to submit to God so they instead submit to trendy political ideologies that change with the wind because nothing in the modern world is consistent


God is the biggest lie ever invented. You might as well submit to the flowers and trees while you're at it.


Says the bugman who submits to the whims of his political ringleader


What does that even mean?


Men are mortal and fallible, God is not.


Taken as two separate statements:
>Men are mortal and fallible
>God is not


ive gone in and out of politics in terms of interest. imo it adds a sense of purpose to the purposelessness of modern life.

i think a lot of people engage in dishonesty/conf bias when it comes to political ideology. this bias comes from identity and thinking patterns (empathetic vs rational vs fear based).
in my experience, few people break from the pattern of identity, where the closer you are to white/male/straight/rich/religious, the more conservative you are.

realistically speaking, politics comes downstream from ethics. natural rights approaches favor libertarians, consequentialist/contractarian approaches are a bit more complicated and i've seen justifications for all ideologies.


mostly this
most people just justify their political beliefs based on their emotions, their personal experience and what benefits their lives and they try to rationalize it
philosophy is the ultimate pleb filter. it forces people to think about truth/ethics rather than base it on what i explained previously.


>Why do people care about political ideologies?
>I realized emotions are the only true guiders of morality
You just answered your own question O mighty disaffected rational being. I also recognize that politics is based mostly on emotion but that I don't see how that immediately leads to politics being invalid. People are emotional creatures after all. Emotions won't go away because you recognize it as emotions.


This is the only sensible position to take in the current political landscape. As Plato says in the republic, the state of men's souls can be revealed by the soul of the state that they inhabit, and the soul of contemporary liberal democracies can be seen to be deeply disordered even by a cursory glance. The only thing that the individual can do in response is to improve the state of his own soul. Only then will the soul of the state be improved.


File: 1630321783803.jpeg (60.23 KB, 717x477, 239:159, 5ED9E821-C593-4192-98D1-B….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

the only sane person here :')


File: 1630323665425.mp4 (3.29 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Sperm Donor Application Is….mp4) ImgOps iqdb

>I'm literally the same species as chad
cope lol so many wizards out of their mind. several places won't let you in, people will go out of their way to avoid if you when you do go outside.
>muh elites are genociding me
cope, natural selection is built into crabs, survival mechenism takes over = wizards eliminated from the pool gene one way or the other


shouldn't judge people by the way they look but even the baby has more self awareness and knows it's over


File: 1630325257516.mp4 (1.84 MB, 162x360, 9:20, I've Got A Feeling Dating ….mp4) ImgOps iqdb

failed upload#1 probably will be deleted


why bring a baby to this cold heartless world?


My mother's answer is "you need someone to take care of you when you're old". So it's like manufacturing a useful tool as an investment I think


It is a sound reason, probably the best if we are honest.


so it has nothing to do with passing on genes? making a copy of themselves or be a genetic dead end. smart succubi think long term, perhaps even on a generation scale so now they choose the best genes for the offspring
in biological terms it makes sense but most men are in denial, like /pol/crabs want all whites to breed and come here asking 'what about your legacy?' but it's not up to them. succubi hold the keys not men, all the men dropping out of society is just nature doing it's thing (elimination of unfit) and would of happened regardless of politics. 99% of us (by choice or not) were never going to make it to the water anyway and be eaten by a crab or seagull


where did this impression of succubi being master selectors of genes come from. succubi pick Low IQ mulattos with poofy haircuts if given the choice, it was fathers and hierarchical sorting systems which forced succubi to choose competent, intelligent men. jeremy meeks is not going to invent the transistor, even through infinite time

men dropping out of society just crashes it period, you know that succubi are weaker across the board, right? physically and intellectually they can't maintain it, the brass tacks of things requires a huge mass of stronger, smarter men doing the actual work to maintain it.

seriously imagine thinking succubi have enough taste in things to accurately prune the "unfit" 0_o


Just confirms that the nature of life is no different than a Ponzi scheme.


And so, religious systems remain linked to the past, rotting with dogma which gets more and more dark, lost and dizzy while the rest of the world works with more or less naturality


It's such a wild gamble might as well put all your money in crypto now in hopes you have enough to hire help in 50 years.


If you call yourself "apolitical" or say that "i just don't care to be angry all the time" you are not a wizard you are a LARPing nigger loving kikecucked faggot normie


This really. "Not caring about politics" just means that your views align with the status quo. Probably because you're passive enough to just adopt the "centrist" position with no thought.


Speak English, not buzzwords, faggot.


says the blue-pilled NPC


I have my political stances, but I'm functionally no different than an apolitical person besides arguing about politics online sometimes. There's no point in worrying about fantastic ideals too much when the reality is none of them would ever be allowed to come to fruition regardless of how positive they would be for society and the world overall. It's also just not worth it to me to care if normalfags' quality of life deteriorates, and mine doesn't matter since I'm not going to have kids whose futures I have to worry about. They're dumb, over socialized monkey people who act like cattle because it's easier for them, while also throwing easy targets like wizards and other antisocial types under the bus to climb the neverending social ladder a couple more rungs.


Not sure if you're American or not, but I can only give my opinion from the American perspective. Politics, to the most vocal, is completely about projecting your personal identity on to a set of beliefs that you think are correct. This seems to be a more recent thing, and as you can imagine, this has caused a divide between people because they think the other "side" is fundamentally wrong. Of course you have politically backed media, companies, and public personalities that exacerbate and accelerate the situatuon, but at the end of the day, this is everything that politics is in its current state. Right and left, red and blue, correct and incorrect. Also if you'd like to entertain food for thought (nothing /pol/ I promise): despite all of this, politicians are unaffected. Their salaries don't change, they remain protected among the social chaos, and most if not all of their work is done by executives and staff that they themselves hire. How could this be?


Because people need governance and ruling. Not on a physical level but on the mental.


I believe that normalfags MUST be educated to grow our numbers, thus i believe in one and only one ideology which shall propel us into the great future full of high quality memes.
It's time to start another age of enlightment and this time let's try not to fuck it up shall we?


True. The majority of people are incapable of making decisions for themselves. Not in a "oh look at how stupid normies are" kind of way, but as a fundamental of human nature. Humans are social animals. If a person of a certain beleif is in a room full of people with the polar opposite belief, chances are that the person won't even mention it. This is a survival tactic to avoid conflict and being ousted from the social situation. In other words, if everyone else was jumping off of a building, most others would follow out of that very instinct. For that, yes, there must be leaders in society. However, let's look deeper. Politicians realize this, but even when they are exposed, they still remain, still in control of many things, even if they are public enemy Numero Uno. How and why could this be?


Normalfags are literally animals.
Its not possible.


Wizards are literally animals.
Humans are literally animals.
Your statements lack sustenance or meaning.


I'm a god inhabiting a vessel of flesh.


They should have specified
between the limbic system and the prefrontal cortex. Being a hyper-aware animal is the worst.


…Are you feeling alright?


Read David Benatar


He is a meme philosopher and there are far better authors for the position he takes.


You have said nothing of value with your post.


File: 1631106831754.pdf (3.35 MB, Julio Cabera CritiqueAffir….pdf)

better book on same topic.
if you want light reading which is what memetar amounts to you are better off reading Every cradle is a grave.


I don't feel like I belong anywhere, people talk about how religion has been replaced by political parties but as an atheist I feel just as alienated by politics as religion.


Religion has always been in bed with politics so I don’t really how that’s changed at all.


It's a dream to immerse yourself in that shuts you off from being too present. It doesn't have to be politics, but it's one of the more attention-demanding concepts. It's always there, always changing, always challenging the status quo. You'd go insane if you spent your life on it as many have. But that just goes to show how effective it is at being your windmill.
If you don't get, it's just not for you. But you probably put the same futile energy into something else.


It is light reading because he is one of the few capable of writing in such concise clarity.


Everything that happens when your eyes are open is to keep you busy until they permanently close.


It has but economic and national interests has largely superceded it's relevance.


Naive platitudes. The structure of politics is determined by normalfags, so if you aren't a normalfag there is no chance that you will have any political influence. If you still care to influence something that you cannot have any influence over that makes you a fucking retard.


I don't have the image on hand, but pretend that I posted a strawmanned image of a "centrist" with no text to accompany this worthless post.


As I thought, your brain is completly occupied by the left-right divide that's been handed to you from the media. If someone isn't a passionate leftist or rightist the only conclusion you can draw is that they are an passive, unthinking centrist. If someone doesn't want to participate in your stunted political concepts and scripted performances then you have to proselytize in order to draw them back into the world of mass media propaganda. Not everyone is interested in joining your demented cult, fag. Go back to /pol/ (or /leftypol/ if you are so inclined) so you can continue playing your role as false opposition.


not him but didn't read and buying overwatch fyi


Is it any good?


Take the Lacanpill.


File: 1637768761963.gif (2.44 MB, 200x145, 40:29, 1545496142059.gif) ImgOps iqdb

If you are a wizard, you are basically a ghost for the average person. Your existence or opinions about anything doesn't matter at all. To see anyone here caring about any political aspect is so insane.


also that none of it really amtters anyway.. all a cope or way to feed your ego if you are into politics.


I think most politics is a cope for the fact that the individual is powerless. People just like to dream that if their particular guy, or their particular brand of bullshit came into power, then it would all be okay.
I'm done with politics. I'm so bored of it. I care about what happens to me in the here and now, and what I can physically touch and influence with my own hands, and I try to block out anything larger than that.


Honestly, that applies to pretty much everybody. Even most mega-charismatic ultranormos would at most convince a few people to vote differently in an election or to act in any other politically meaningful way.
Politics is mostly tribalistic entertainment (similar to watching sports) and, at best, an intellectual exercise. One can discuss whether the Federal Reserve is bad or how much immigration would be ideal just like one discusses whether they think there will manned bases on Mars by 2070, regardless of the fact that one's opinion on the matter would have no actual impact on it.


I don't have the image on hand, but pretend that I posted a strawmanned image of a "centrist" with no text to accompany this worthless post.

Get epically pwned, centristard!!


There's a distinction between being a "centrist", and being apolitical.
Centrist: Well, I think the fart party and the shart party are both flawed, but both have legitimate ideas
Apolitical: I don't know what their policies are, I don't know their names, and I don't care


>get epically pwned, centristard!!
Thank you for making my point, young crab. You could be right about 100% of the things that you believe. It wouldn't matter. Who will you convince? You are not Diogenes. As a wizard your "tribe" at best doesn't know about your existence.

Normies can at least delude themselves into thinking that it matters. Even if they are dirty poor. They can extract some meaning from politics, considering that politics are basically religion nowadays. A wizard doesn't have that. He can at best congregate online on boards like /pol/ to share his opinions. He doesn't get the in real life benefits of being part of a group.


People who get really involved into politics always struck me as midwits that just want to be a part of something bigger.


Politics is meaningless noise only matters of the heart are important, matters of Spirit.


Maybe I should have added an extra exclamation mark to highlight the sarcasm.


You're not wrong about that. I can kind of appreciate the whole intellectual side of political discussion. Meta politics are very interesting. But when it comes to actually "picking a team", all I can think is that no one really represents me, so the incentive to nail my flags to a certain mast just isn't there.


Because some people don't want kikes to ruin their countries? Jeez i wonder why OP



File: 1637950447077.jpg (11.54 KB, 200x202, 100:101, president johnson.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Even politicians themselves don't care about ideology.

They are just narcissistic sociopaths who entertain themselves by doing whatever they feel like doing just like Lyndon Johnson did.

Keep in mind this guy was president of the US and he had no trouble scaring his guests and friends to death just for his own entertainment.


maybe dont save the thumbnail next time retard


And yet he did more for NEETs than any other US President, I only get to see my doctor and dentist thanks to LBJ


>But otherwise, what's the point?
Especially in a democracy, politics concerns us all. Nobody really has, or should have, the privilege of being politically disconnected.

But then again, especially in a country like America the common guy has next to zero say what's going on.


politics is basically one big tragedy of the commons where the perception that the individual is powerless is what keeps them so.


File: 1638769611475.jpg (507.52 KB, 1131x1600, 1131:1600, fried-barry-poster.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Politics and ideologies don't matter, different flavors of the same thing. The entirety of human history was defined by geography and logistics.


That is simply clownish in how wrong it is.


Yet you live in a world, where crime and logistics are everything, and deny it, preferring the masquerade of false appearances and opinions forcefed to cattle. Ignorance is bliss, I would certainly agree.


The US is already a 89IQ country, even with all the whites and shit.

Chinks are the world champions at IQ olympics.


I think unless you're legitimately willing to put your life and freedom on the line, you are powerless. The modern world has made everyone so comfortable, no one wants to risk losing that comfort, so we're all defacto slaves now.

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