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(previous thread) https://wizchan.org/wiz/res/168642.html
Post tips and information for homeless or about to be homeless wizards
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Not to mention if you are capable of writing rational text here and have even a modicum of physical health left, it's simply the wrong place to be in.

You wont fit in. I've been forced to spend nights in various shelters and 99% of them barely have the strength to walk, and all of them use some kind of hard drugs.

It's not some kind of a 30's recession movie where some unfortunate family man with integrity falls on hard times.
It's like you said a hellhole filled with people who are completely detached from this world.

If your only problem is not having enough money for rent, you don't belong in these places and will be ousted by the other residents very fast.


Food boxes suck ass in the USA most of the time. It's nice for people who just are basic bitches and want only lentils/beans/potatoes/cabbage+lettuce.

You usually have to get your own protein and they don't cater to homeless


I agree. Have fun living on potatoes and cabbage for 30 days.

Guess you could roleplay a starvation-era Holodomor ukrainian that way. Spice it with some grass and evaporated sea salt.


>Food boxes suck ass in the USA most of the time. It's nice for people who just are basic bitches and want only lentils/beans/potatoes/cabbage+lettuce.

You usually have to get your own protein and they don't cater to homeless


>Food boxes suck ass in the USA most of the time. It's nice for people who just are basic bitches and want only lentils/beans/potatoes/cabbage+lettuce.

You usually have to get your own protein and they don't cater to homeless


lol i see multiple wojaks in threads across the site and they've been up for days


if the soyjak discords have found this site, we are already dead

the cancer is metastatic


Not every country is blessed with neetbux, where it's literally impossible to be homeless as the state showers you with money if you have none.

Not disagreeing with your second point, just that it's not a choice for 99.9% of homeless folk.


it's STILL up! LOL!


LMAO it's still up I love this!


Hey Shitcordnigger, fuck off.


everyone who doesn't want wojaks on wizchan is a shitcord uSer Haha!


the tranny vs /pol/tard war claimed this site long ago

wojaks are just a symptom

it is a disease which turns all imageboards into homogeneized garbage


I can't fucking escape it, no matter how hard I try. Sorry homeless wizards: it looks like even this place has been churned into gristle for the /pol/acks.


Just because one dumbass shitpost doesn't mean you all need to start shitposting.

Calm down and report.
Don't engage with the garbage.


>If your only problem is not having enough money for rent, you don't belong in these places and will be ousted by the other residents very fast.
Are you the gatekeeper for homeless shelters? That's why anyone is forced to stay in one. It's called being poor. Fuck out of here with that shit.


Reading comprehension isn't your strong suit.
Read the whole post and try to pick up on context clues what was actually meant. Because your current interpretation isn't what was meant.


I don't know about your country but I don't think I've ever seen a place with a shower where you didn't have to pay somehow.
In Sweden, the closest thing to public pools are indoor pools where you have to pay to go in.


Did you even read the post? Those other people with a billion problems are the gatekeepers.

They will literally throw out a sober, goodie two-shoes who just happened to lose his job and needs a place to stay for the night.

For those chronic drug addicts with ten diseases the place is their home. They are the gatekeepers. They wont deal with some wizard going there asking for shelter, whose only problem is his bank account balance.

How do I know. Because I spent two years in Oklahoma shelters. Hell on Earth. Grace Rescue mission was the best out of them though still full of violent druggies. I was an alcoholic.


I live in a terrible place that I've hated my whole life in Canada. Although I've worked countless odd jobs over my life, I'm not sure I have any real skills, and certainly no qualifications since I dropped out of HS.
I gotta get out of where I am because I'm in a really nasty situation that's heading for a seemingly inevitable self-necking. But I don't know where to go. There is nowhere within my abilities to go to that isn't just another version of hell. Only place I can think of is Montreal because it's the only place in North America.. that isn't like North America. But I know barely any French and I don't have any money save for a credit card.
I've been going over my options for years but it seems that any which way I'm bound to go it will lead to ruin.
I don't know what to do. But homelessness seems a very real possibility, and I'm pretty sure that's just guaranteed death.


Who TF said I was homeless? I have an 8 rack rib roast in my freezer


>two years in OK shelters
My heart goes out to you, man. I cannot even imagine.


Any tips on panhandling?

Also: For winter, wear wool! Wool hat, gloves and socks.


Passive panhandling>active panhandling
You might not make as much or as quickly but you will be tolerated more and kicked from good spots less.

Also being presentable, happy, appreciative, and harmless looking gets far better results then looking hard up and weathered.
It's dumb but normies rather give money to people who don't look like they desperately need it then someone who looks like they are having a hard time of things.
Its a sells job where the only product you are offering is making the person giving you money feel good about themselves.


Seems that the homeless are just political tools to get rich off in LA.


I've been off my meds for awhile now and I feel like my skin is crawling. I have difficulty sleeping at night because of it. Got a cheap backpack and $20 phone from Walmart. You don't need a residence to register trac phones, but you do need an internet connection or someone elses phone to activate. Base $20 was 120 minutes text and MB data. I've realized many places that advertise free WIFI don't or nobody knows the passphrase. I thought for sure a local library or McDonlads would offer it. Instead I had to go back to the place that killed my mom.


Should have gotten a tablet instead.


File: 1630362567563.jpg (16.13 KB, 500x368, 125:92, 5515aa9367097b109a0890b303….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

The government is probably going to round up the homeless and forcibly vax them, killing all of them in the process.


i got the vaxx when do i get to die


na their not in the agenda. neither are inmates. only t he working class is targeted.


I have only got half, Will I still die?


Who's to say, but it is inevitable for you now
The government hates everyone, they're attacking young children for Christ's sake, they're monsters.
Do not take the second one, or go ahead, I'm not the boss of you.


half? more like a fifth, enjoy your booster shots


File: 1630579112695.png (58.27 KB, 581x596, 581:596, not even made by me but th….png) ImgOps iqdb

>it's not rock bottom unless I say it is
>you don't know what pain is
This shit again. It's an obvious mind-game meant to underplay those in pain. Due to the slippery slope no matter how much in pain you are an ass can point at someone even worse off so as to pretend he's negating negative emotions when in reality he just does not want to hear a complaint regardless of suffering. It goes hand in hand with that 'sink or swim' stuff in regards to the bum situation. Don't complain, just die or make it so I won't have to hear it anymore. When you do make it don't forget that faux smile when at 'work'.

If you live in the USA you should probably pay attention to county laws and nothing else. In my area in FL you get like 3 days in jail and owe the jail on top of it if found sleeping outside. Also parks are closed at dusk automatically. Every year that goes buy you see more trees chopped down and other plants so as to try to drive the bums out and also more and more signs brought to you by the sheriff about how you cannot trespass anymore.

Honestly FL is gray, now red, if you want to be treated nice one would go a blue state, that's where all the national reserves are anyway, especially the left hand side. The upper left of the USA. The upper right is too developed of course.


Learn a musical instrument. Tell jokes, appear sober. Do not be rude. Make a good sign and greet people. Do not be afraid to socialize. Also appearing clean helps but being dirty can be beneficial too.
I did the homeless thing on and off cause I got bored of wageslaving, so I'd just smoke weed and read at the library, heckle people on the streets and enjoy the shenanigans of other homeless people.
The worst is being followed by undercover cops or having cops recognize you or becoming a regular at a soup kitchen. 10/10 food but don't make it a habit.
Don't mingle too much with the homeless or you'll either get stuck into their dirty junky schemes or fall victim to a predator who hurts you.
Learn to minimize what you own. This means you'll have to learn how to sacrifice, which is hard at first but rewarding.
The less you own, the better life is.
This, as for anyone else who knows, is a life changing opportunity to move around your country either by foot, train or hitchhike.
Trust your instincts. Don't suck dick. Accept work whenever possible. Don't sleep rough as your body will hurt relatively soon.


How did you afford weed?


>first chunk of the post is about panhandling
>but how did you afford weed?

Dude, are you serious right now?


Weed’s not that cheap. Evidently he made good money panhandling.



May you please share some of your stories? Any tips for aspiring vagrants?


>Weed’s not that cheap
It is the cheapest of all the drugs.
It is a cheaper then a tobacco or alcohol habit.
There are homeless that use heron, meth, and/or cocaine every day.
Weed is in no way shape or form expensive by comparison.


>Any tips for aspiring vagrants?


Fuck you, let him do what he wants.
There are some reddits about it. People love to make it seem all real horrible because yeah it is if you get in the wrong crowds. Would rather talk to a vagabond instead of some chucklefuck wagie though


Sometimes I'd mooch it from people by asking politely if they had any spare weed.
I was outside a pub once where I'd heckle people and a succubus passed by. I asked her if she'd be so kind as to give a bum down on his luck a bit of weed. She gave me a joint and smoked one with me on the spot.
I also worked odd jobs from time to time. Growing your own is your best bet. Finding good seeds is good but if you're on the streets, don't share your weed with others, unless you're making connections. I've found it better to learn as you go, so take my advice lightly.
What works for one man will lead another to destitution.
Ideally don't unless you're prepared to get knocked around mentally by sleep deprivation and the other homeless. I'm not like the others teehee, I kept my hands clean of hard drugs and kept to myself, which either paints you as a lone wolf or an easy target.
My worst encounter was probably when I was going to go pick up a six pack of piss, and greeted some meth heads on a nearby set of stairs. One of them jumped me, pulled me by the collar and asked me what I meant by having a good day. I looked at him and said I just want you to have a good day and this schizo I had befriended came by and smacked the meth head and told me to leave.
Don't befriend schizos. That guy carried a machete in his backpack around town and stole drugs off people. He gave me some dirty acid he had robbed off some beach bums earlier in the day and revealed it all later. I think he was trying to root me but I always just talked to him out of pity and slipped into an alley whenever I saw a chance.
Another nice memory was at a beach rave. A homosexual was handing out ketamine, so I figured I'd indulge. Rubbish ketamine really. My alcoholic acquaintance showed up and we smoked ciggies as the party died down. A colourful slut started shaking her ass in front of her and I told my friend he's next on her long list of kills. We laughed and I said, every succubus has their place to shine regardless of their looks when there isn't any other available. What happened next was vile. A manipulative man I had met earlier tried his schtick on me by using a feminine voice and drowning out my thoughts with gab. It's a really good tactic if you're capable to spew shit you don't believed in while slipping in suggestive tones to make yourself look like a victim when you're really getting set up into a trap. Always avoid these types. Do not give them the time of day. I flattered him for ten seconds until I walked off. Anyway, that peacock looking succubus caught his eye and another man of lower worth tried his luck with her. I saw all three of them cuddling on the rocks while the manipulator was getting kisses and the lower man was looking lost yet content feeling some physical contact.
Then I walked to a can depot to hand in $50 worth of bottles, cans, etc while on acid and cried how broken everyone else was as they were picking rubbish to support themselves and possibly their family or as a hobby.

Either you become one of them or you forge your own path as a vagabond. I ended up going international and working again to avoid this. It's better to take small steps than to plunge entirely into the deep end or you get really fucked up. A work friend I had got trapped into an abusive relationship with a junky. He started smoking crack and panhandling for both of them and probably taking it up the pooper. I tried to save him but he was too far gone.


By the way. If you're going to vagabond, buy good light gear. Most of my earliest wages doing seasonal work was devoted to understanding gear and doing my best to be efficient with it. Having little is a godsend. Don't splurge on fancy stuff you're going to get stolen or break. Yes it may happen but those are valuable skills.
I nearly had an older dreg rob me when I was hitchhiking for fun. We smoked a joint and in through the psychedelic haze, he spoke his true intentions out loud. "He must have at least 1k in that bag." It clicked in my head it was time to exit the ride, so I asked him to pull over at a rest stop and ran to my gear in the trunk, pulled it out and slept in peace knowing my worthless smelly gear was at least safe. At the time my most valuable items were a harmonica, a journal, my sleeping pad and my down sleeping bag but they're essentials to live at least sensibly.
Learning about yourself to develop skills you've sluggishly failed to find or catch onto is anyone's first step. Your first year is always your best as its new and fresh. Don't lose those valuable lessons and don't waste time.
I used to be a neet with nothing in the world but an internet connection, a drug addiction and a porn habit that messed up my sexuality. By browsing imageboards you're absorbing the negativity that's bred in these crab buckets. You'll see how life changes when you're not here 24/7 chasing the next dopamine rush.
I had no skills, no friends, nothing but all the time in the world. So I thought, why not just wander? Its better than sitting here letting my muscles atrophy. By the way, be careful at the start. Don't over exert yourself if you've been sedentary. Learn what to eat. Be mindful how often your body is telling you what you need to eat, when you need to piss, what needs to be done. Horny? Rub one out. Hungry, no food? Beg, soup kitchen, go work, dumpster dive. Thirsty? Learn how to make a fire. Cold? Deal with it until you get better clothing. Avoid cottons unless they're your last layer. They don't breathe. Wool is ideal and will keep you warm even while wet. Lonely? Go talk to someone. Anxious about talking to someone? Don't be a fag, they're likely not to hurt you unless you're into that. Bored? Make up your own fun. Feeling lost? You're never lost unless you've been kidnapped or really walked too far into the woods. Need new gear? Get a job. Hate your life? Work towards improving it even if you have to wage. Hate your job? Go find another. I've quit so many times it's gotten more amusing that I do so because its boring.
I'm not someone you should look up to or emulate. Don't believe I've been happy the entire time but its been far better than being a neet. I've met great people but I'm still not at my goal yet.
Also socks, don't forget good socks and shoes. Never walk in another man's shoes. You're going to damage your feet, cause blisters and hurt your posture.
If you have anymore questions, please ask.


Thank you, friend. Consider writing a guide like that "How to Be Alone Forever" guy. Could share a few more stories? You were right to break down after that rainbow succubus story. How has your view of human nature changed over the years?


Fuck you, he asked for tips.
It is a legit tip not to put yourself through pointless suffering for no good reason when you don't have to.
Life on the streets fucking sucks. Only roleplaying asswipes lie and say otherwise.


What is your goal?

Also, how old are you? If you don't mind sharing.



I'm going to write a collection of stories one day. I just need a better environment away from the internet to separate from my addictive personality.
I did drift a while through South East Asia. Nothing too interesting happened except being a smelly tramp ignoring my true possibilities.
Through the years I've grown to see people as beneficial to my mental health and output. I've been pretty alone the past few months due to work and though I try to avoid being a devil, I'm compelled to struggle between being kind and manipulating people to benefit my workplace's productivity and my desire to be proud of something. Also note that I don't manipulate to gain sexual desires. Overall had I not continued drifting I would have continued down the dark path of hating people for no good reason other than what imageboards had fed me. There's a good amount of information here that's very venomous to the soul and the times I've had extensive breaks I've felt relieved and yet yearning to relive those decadent moments of dark humour.

Goals? Own some land, grow some food, write music, write some stories, and maybe body build.
I do have a desire to enter politics but I'm still too uneducated at the moment to gain any real traction in my home country. I think my lust to gain power may get a bit cumbersome at times so I feel its better to devote that energy towards creative pursuits.
I won't share my age but I'm a millennial.


are there tips to survive as a homeless wiz in brazil? i live in the northeast if that helps, so i imagine that cold definitely isn't an issue here, asking just in case i need to get out of home as my my mom is getting really crazy lately, with my father threatening to divorce her; and im not sure if i can afford a place to live with a minimum monthly wage

you can have some sips, but nothing that gets you drunk, that means you should never go over a quarter bottle for the day (remember to give your liver a one week rest before you drink again), assuming you don't chug
then again you are homeless and you really shouldn't be throwing money away like that.

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