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(previous thread) https://wizchan.org/wiz/res/168642.html
Post tips and information for homeless or about to be homeless wizards
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Your pretense was defending the law, as those laws existed for good reason (>>177257). So when you admit the police, who enforce the law, act outside those bounds you've massively undermined your own position.

You attack a homeless wizard for perhaps violating a civil fire statute, but implicitly support systemic criminality and violence against said wizard. That makes you a hypocrite.


you absolutely can, why wouldnt you? The fire rises up and you can easily place a crucible to boil the water in on the top


That isn't what the word crucible means.
Please don't use words you don't know what they mean.

You are really stretching to create a strawman just to call me a hypocrite like that is even remotely a argument while intentionally missing the point I am making.
I will say it again.
If you want to do dumb shit and learn the hard way what the consequences is then go and do it.


behold, the biggest crab on the entire website. viciously trying to drag everyone else to the bottom of the bucket. maybe its because he requires the public babysitters and is enraged to see those competent enough to transcend the need for them. on one hand, society is at a point where people are too retarded to function without the threat of violence upon them. on the other hand, making threats of violence has never been okay to do, the police and government have always been wrong. my dear retard here can only see one side of the story and religiously defends it as the only truth.


>hey don't do this thing because bad things could happen
how dare you drag down and attack people for telling them not to do something that has bad results
>fine do the thing then, it's your ass
How Dare You Want Homeless Wizards Getting Their Ass Beat

Your stupidity knows no limits.


His videos are oddly comfy to watch.


Being homeless is probably a step up from frying your brain on porn and video games 24/7 like a lot of NEETs with homes, it can force (some) failed normies to get their shit relatively together.


whats the opposite of a straw man because thats whats going on right now, but as long as you dont think the way you started out thinking im fine. you obviously were not trying to warn someone about the dangers of starting a fire, or the dangers of corrupt police. you were berating someone because they didnt share your slave mentality.


Because jacking off 8 times a day is worse than getting stabbed by a lunatic.


Bootstraps bullshit. You say 'some' but realistically it's only a few, if that. The rest is vulnerable to picking up other, more dangerous addictions such as alcoholism and drugs and frying their brain and their body out in the street. But I guess it's fine if like five percent (pulling that number out of my ass here) 'get their shit together', by which you probably mean seeing some annoying councellor and wageslaving to get a room in one of these modern workhouses.
Not only is your post retarded it is also close to breaking the rules.


File: 1614866315261.jpg (85.11 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, terryadavis.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

an interesting case is Terry A. Davis. He basically documented his descent into oblivion, but if you look at his homeless saga videos, I would say it's very clear he found more purpose in this "lifestyle" then just rotting at his parents home, where going to buy soda was a highlight of his day


If some people enjoy the lifestyle it's up to them and I am not disparaging it on principle, what I find stupid is thinking of it as a potential 'rite of passage' like this moron >>177313 to eventually become a good normie drone. The reality of the sink or swim mindset is to get the 'unfit' to sink, plain and simple, not to help them in any way.


Yeah frying your brain with alcohol and cheap drugs on the cold is better. You stupid fuck.


He's an obvious troll. Being homeless is like a nightmare that you can't wake up from. I'd rather be dead, but that pesky survival instinct gets in the way far too often.


>He's an obvious troll
I'm not so sure about that, this site has been crawling with improvebrahs and idiots who keep repeating stuff from people like Peterson.


where did these idiots come from do they have some website or chat app that targeted us?




They are trolling then right I thought maybe improvbrahs were crabs that stumbled upon wichan and as they are normalfags fixed themselves with normie tier memes and try preach to wizards.


For those struggling with food try mixing nut powder, almond powder, honey and olive oil. A spoon of this paste will keep the hunger away + its healthy and gives you energy (it will weaken you the first days tho). A pot of this mixture can last a month or two (depends on how often you eat and the size of the container of course).
Almond powder, olive oil and honey can be found in groceries for peanuts. Not sure about nut powder tho, if not then you should invest in a manual mixer and make the powder yourself with nuts you've bought or found (if your lucky to live in an area with lots of nut trees or wathever you call them lol).
This is the perfect ration for vagabonds
-has everything you need dietwise (1-2 spoons a day is sufficient)
-gives you energy ( you'll want to beat a horse and i'm not even kidding)
-cheap ingredients
-can easely fit in your bag
-lasts long (olive oil keeps it from rotting)

This is all for me, hope it helps.
Good Luck


just trolling. lets all try and stop feeding them


>don't do drugs or alcohol

then why live? give me one reason tbh, these personally are my last cope in this absolute cruel life.


I hate the fact im homeless in a 3rd world shithole, I can't even escape or run through borders to another country, I've been doomed to die alone, sleep in cold, starve ev3r since i got disowned by "father" for failing dentistry school. I have my suicide pills ready in my backpack but I'm saving them when im ready, which i wonder why I haven't pulled the trigger yet..

gladly i got a job recently so I spend my time making money doing construction in the day,no trouble with cops as well cuz 3rd world shithole.


>I can't even escape or run through borders to another country

Why not?


Is there any cheaper way to live than a rented apartment? I don't like the idea of spending a couple hundred bucks every month on a place to sleep. I don't really need a bathroom or a kitchen. The obvious problem is of course security, not getting mugged etc. And I don't mean sleeping in a car or buying a house.


Stay in a trailer?


Just living in a car will do if you can hack it.


Trailer, caravans and housebuses are the cheapest, you can go live in a small town in the middle of nowhere too, a lot of areas are rapidly depopulating and the boomers would love a wizard guy to move in for cheap.

Seriously, if you lucked out some old guy in the middle of a small town would happily charge you $50 to $100 a week due to being lonely himself.


>crucible isnt the right word''
well im not an english speaker I mean something that holds warm liquid I thought crucible was the right word


File: 1615159634040.jpg (1.14 MB, 2995x2455, 599:491, media.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Why did you cut your family out of your life and how long has it been?


File: 1615160589495.png (416.59 KB, 860x400, 43:20, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

Crucible is a extremely high temp vessel usually used to melt metal.
You don't cook with them in the fire. You use them to liquefy gold or iron in a blast furnace.


Other way around. Family cut me out of their life for being too wizardly. Wish I was born in an Asian family. They don't kick their own children out to die on the street and will stay together no matter what.


They're delusional people who have no compassion for mental illness.


Still sleeping in this torn up shop / garage and some teens came around and started wrecking things in the house on the property. They came down all giggly to the room I was in and pointed their lights at me. I said yo and they fled like rabbits. Weird


They probably didn't think you'd respond. Lucky they didn't beat you up.


I obviously dont know your situation but, how do you manage to be homeless in sweden?
I know our safety nets fucking suck ass but as long as you truly dont have any assets to your name you will get help.
from a quick google I found this https://socialtstod.stockholm/stod-till-hemlosa/
there are places for housing, getting free food and somewhere to wash. please get your ass over there.


thanks anon


So the waiting list for low income housing where I live is only 6 months, but it's in the worst part of the city and is unimaginably ghetto. I don't want to be afraid of getting shot or robbed by thugs every day, but I feel like I don't have a choice. What should I do?


Estimate if the chances of getting shanked while living in the ghetto are higher than those while living on the streets and then make your choice.


Being holed up in a nigger den is probably more dangerous than not. If I had to make the choice, I would definitely stay homeless.


havent been able to post in a while but I've been using all of them getting food and stuff. I just need money to live not in their housing (they test you for drugs and shit which I would fail). I've been able to get a slightly better place and things are looking better. I'm indoors now and on a real computer thanks to my mom. I guess that settles me as a loser once and for all. I've lost the game of life and am back to living at my mom's. I had to lie and tell her I owed people money and they would find me in those other places. I am walking trash, if you are swedish and in stockholm if you find someone with a black jacket and yellow hat laying passed out drunk in some park (the warm kind, dont know english word for it mössa in swedish) just stab or kick me to death so I don't have to wake up


Fuck America this country sucks. Everything is overpriced can't even find a shitty apartment because you need so much money. I fucking HATE this piece of shit country to no end. That is all.


This might be unpopular here but fuck it. Dude you are not going to find anything cheaper than government housing. Yes there are nigs but just keep your head down and stay away from them. We are all hikkis mostly so its not that hard.


Idk where you're from, but where I'm from niggers in government housing will literally break into your apartment, steal all your stuff, rape you in the ass then leave. It's no better than sleeping in a tent. I just wish there was a place where wizzies can live in peace.


1. Already did
I sublet and it is by far cheaper then government housing
2. such housing prioritizes single mothers above all else and succubi in general
You are not getting in such housing as a single male.
3. they are hell in every possible way
I struggle to think of a worse place for a wizard to live.


That's pretty rough. They can be bad everywhere so yeah

Glad you found something cheaper. I could not find anything cheaper than this in my area. It is hard to get as a man but not impossible. And yeah I mean it's not ideal but it's a place to yourself. If you can NEET with family that is always good


I've seen that Japan is full of abandoned places. Hospitals, schools, entire neighbourhoods and buildings, etc. Has ever any foreigner try to be homeless approaching those places?


If you establish basic limits and deterrence niggers won't fuck with you. If worst comes to worst and the cops come and take the nogs side, you go and be homeless for a bit and then get back into government housing.

It's only if you're a faggot that starts shit or you're unwilling to assert yourself that you'll get walked upon.


Is this from your personal experience?


It is

They start by testing the waters with light bullying and then escalate. If you don't play their games and just say "leave me the fuck alone, I just want to do my own thing" you can nip the problem right in the bud.


They would go to Japanese jail for trespassing.

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