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(previous thread) https://wizchan.org/wiz/res/168642.html
Post tips and information for homeless or about to be homeless wizards


Rent a public storage so your stuff doesn't get stolen or lost. Get a gym membership to shower. Avoid other homeless people. Don't do drugs or alcohol.


Also, make sure that when you buy a sleeping bag, make sure it is a "mummy" sleeping bag so you can close the sleeping bag around your body for insulation purposes. Regular sleeping bags are too wide and leak heat like crazy, even if they are 0 degree rated. I have to stuff mine with a giant blanket just to insulate the heat and not freeze overnight.


What about safe places to sleep?


I sleep on my college campus in Boise which is very safe. If you are in LA or something, make sure to stay in the public eye so scavengers don't steal from you or hit you in the face overnight. L.A. is also incredibly segregated against popular though. Imagine a video game map with "popular" districts, and high-immigrant tweaker neighborhoods, so stay in places like West Hollywood, or Santa Monica to be safe


>"popular" districts
I meant to say wealthy/rich districts.


How do you accept the fact that you'll be homeless for the rest of your life? I'm autistic and only have SSI to live on for now.
>can't work or save enough money to rent an apartment
>can't drive so living in a car isn't possible
>don't go to college so staying on a campus isn't available
>have nobody to rely on like friends or family
Can it get any more fucked?


Start calling local autism organizations to see if they can offer advice and support. Good luck, wiz.


>How do you accept the fact that you'll be homeless for the rest of your life?
Preparedness helps. Once you become knowledgeable and materially equipped well enough to survive outdoors, all that will remain is the emotional attatchment to the comfy life. Letting go isn't easy. In a worst case scenario you may even be able to trick yourself into believing you've severed your ties only to get hit by homesickness hard when hoboism does come around. If you live a depressing life frequented by loss and physical hardship then eventually the thought of sleeping on top of a sewer grate to stay warm loses its fear factor. Don't push yourself to become hard-tempered by going out of your way to induce despair while you still live comfortably though. Instead, when bad things happen in your daily life, reflect on how being homeless might have made things different. Would you have experienced that particular bad thing if you were living outdoors? If not, then rejoice that you won't experience it again in the fiture.

The objective problems of homelessness vanish when if you prepare for them ahead of time. Shelter, heat, food, water, transportation, health+safety… All things that can be learned how to obtain on a zero budget, and all things that can be prepaired for ahead of time to give yourself a massive advantage on the streets. If you're certain that you will have no home in the future, then buy what you may need now to survive outdoors where you live. Look at 3-day pack setups from preppers and outdoor enthusiasts, create and fulfill a checklist of environment-specific essentials, then keep whatever gear you've manifested safe and at the ready. Watch videos of diy shelter, hobo living, and again outdoor survivalism and build up knowledge of basic out-of-house existence tips. If you do this, the thought of 'how to survive' won't interfere with the thoughts of 'why bother surviving' after you take that final step out the door.


Yes, the best advice I can give wizards is to NOT idealize homelessness. It isn't like a movie where it's fun and adventurous. Imagine walking 3 miles with remnants of stool irritating the inside of your anus from the chaffing back-and-forth. Imagine losing your wallet at a restaurants. Imagine getting arrested and going to jail with wizard-antithetical scum who talk nonstop about fucking succubus.


Great post, but why do all that when you could get yourself locked up instead? I often hear that "three hots and a cot" phrase thrown around by the homeless. If you have nothing to lose anyway, then going to jail or getting committed to a psych ward seem to be viable options. It beats wandering around all day outside doing nothing. I also heard you even get help like job placement or social services once you are released from jail, or am I missing something?


idiots enjoy the simplicity of jail, go figure. Some people enjoy their freedom


there's always lots of homeless when I get put in the hospital, it seems like a viable method of living, you get free food and water and television and movies and unscheduled drugs whenever you ask, but you gotta act crazy enough for them to not release you and if you act too crazy you get put with actual crazy people, it seems like a lot of work and social manipulation, also laws depend where you're from


Yeah makes sense, I was hospitalized for mental illness multiple times before. It seems viable to me. Like you said, you have to act pretty insane, but it shouldn't be much of a problem for a seasoned wizard. And of course, stay away from the schizos if you can help it.
>t. never been homeless


I am a homeless student. Don't you dare patronize me. But go to jail please, maybe you'll enjoy that life :)


>it shouldn't be much of a problem for a seasoned wizard
it depends, if you are shywiz you might have trouble acting out, though I never tried staying longer than the minimum 4 days because I'm not homeless so it might be easy to get in there for a while


You're the one that called me an idiot. I'm just as fucked up as you are, probably even worse since I can't imagine having the privilege of being a student.


File: 1613874254180.jpeg (484.88 KB, 640x839, 640:839, B69ADC19-5484-48CA-8AE0-E….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

I’m semi homeless at this point (living in an avandoned Playhouse in the woods sometimes and when I have 10 bucks spare in a group house like right now), legally I am at least but Ive yet to get any money from state and its not sounding good. I think I hit the jackpot though. At the local grocery store they have these big boxes where they throw stuff out each month and in one of the crates they put bottles and stuff I think they take out from the recycling place but they don’t destroy them so I can put in the same bottles each time. It’s like a free money glitch irl. It’s only like 5 bucks every day but sometimes theres more
“Freedom”, having to spend hours looking for cans or finding a place to charge my phone (and my power bank which got stolen at the house, fucking gypsies)? Wagies are more free, tho being homeless in the countryside is better I had family pass away so I spent the last of my bank money on bus and train. And now I’m stuck in Stockholm again back where I started my journey, havent posted here in long because not as many places to charge phone and life being too hard to make me motivated enough to


File: 1613874546151.jpeg (556.78 KB, 640x824, 80:103, 476DFCDA-38A1-4812-BFAB-3….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Sorry that language was kind of fucked, Im very vrry tired gypsies are loud in the house but I have warm bed with disgusting blanket and 5 dollar from bottles stuffed in my underwear here are crates, sorry if I don’t make sense


its half 4 and i might sleep soon but post when i get up but maybe stay up a little longer


File: 1613878872698.png (2.64 MB, 1920x1882, 960:941, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH.png) ImgOps iqdb



Any homeless wizards have experience getting stalked by police? How do you handle this? Do you think it's fair that they do this to you?


They don't like wasting their time on homeless guys. If they don't like you being somewhere they generally just tell you to move along and wait to make sure you leave.


Who cares? If they want to stalk you, let them. You're not doing anything illegal, right?


This is a good idea for summer as well, as it keeps the mosquitoes out.


No one is truly free.


>local autism organizations
Those don't exist.


Im the Swedish homeless wiz and all the lights just shut off, my phone has 25% and all the stores are dark too so I can’t charge. Might be a huge outage but I’m not sure


Maybe in desert areas where the temp drops at night, but everywhere else you are better off using netting and not sweating through your cloths, soke the bag each night, and giving yourself heat stroke.
Instead use it as bedding and lay on top of it when it's hot.


I remember a few times when I was sent to a mental hospital at least in my state a few of the people there were homeless and the mental hospital offered them a long term facility for free temporarily and a social worker that would at least find them a group home or a place to stay and even NEETbux. Any homeless wizards need to do this and just LARP as a schizophrenic I'm not sure if every mental ward offers this though.


> I'm not sure if every mental ward offers this though
They don't.
It is a limited program that only is a thing in a few cities here and there. Usually with the qualifications to get it being wildly different from place to place.
It is something worth keeping a eye out for though.


>LARP as a schizophrenic
>not realizing they can take blood and DNA samples to check this
>not realizing they scan your brain and brain activity to check for this
Ok man, whatever you say


Schizoprehnia is not something you can test for by blood. It's not a genetic discord, it's a mental one which can be caused by biology or how you were raised.

Why are you so angry at everyone? Is it because your family hates you?


NTA but schizophrenia does seem to be biological in some unknown sense but that wizzie was wrong because depression can be "tested" for via blood but that does not mean anything I have been tested and seen it did not come up with anything but am diagnosed anyway


There's a higher risk if you have the right biology but people without that biology also risk it. Even if they do a full DNA test on you they can't tell if those risk genes have been activated or not.


That it's even remotely how it works.
Where the hell are you getting your bad info from?


One of the positive things about being homeless is knowing that things can't possibly get any worse for me. I find it easier to accept death this way.


You could be raped and tortured by a gang of niggers. Do you think being burned alive isn't worse?


File: 1614035504259.jpeg (67.64 KB, 654x485, 654:485, 9B1CD10C-1F54-441F-A507-2….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

If I had my drivers license, I could just live in a car or van and embrace the vagabond lifestyle. But, by a cruel twist of fate, my autistic tendencies prevent me from driving safely. Is there anything that autism doesn't do to completely fuck up my life?
I have to figure out a way to get shelter without exposing myself to the criminally insane. I know they'd try to kill me in my sleep. This is why I stay away from homeless shelters. Nobody there can be trusted, not even the staff. They don't want to help, only further the suffering that the drug addicts and felons provide.
I've thought about going back to school and using the student loans to help with the cost of shelter while I'm studying, but I will have to wait until the fall to do that. Maybe a cheap motel will allow me to stay there for an extended period of time as I try to prepare for my future.


What does autism have to do with driving.
I know quite a few autistic people including ones that are intellectually disabled that can still drive and get their license.
That said, if you have money for a car/van you probably got enough money to rent a room somewhere.
Ether way it is better then staying on the streets.


I was destined to sleep on a park bench, I'm too retarded and incompetent to know what to do on a job site.


>rent a public storage so your stuff doesn't get stolen or lost
That costs money
>Get a gym membership to shower
That also costs money, not to mention getting a locker too
>Avoid other homeless people
Impossible, you'll run into some, or they'll run into you eventually
>Don't do drugs or alcohol
Easier said than done, but easily the best advice


What should you pack and bring along I'm preparation of homelessness? Any specifics?


Depends where and how long you'll be homeless. Basics include a backpack with sleeping bag and small tent if possible. Different places require specialized gear, for example if you're somewhere more tropical you might want a bug net and thin sleeping bag while if youre in the north you might want a thicker sleeping bag


Canada, and for the long haul.


From the few days I've spent sleeping outdoors so far I'd say the essentials for snowy weather are:
-Thin, one-size-up, moisture wicking thermal insulating long underwear set.
-Sleeping pad dedigned to reflect ground heat, inflatable kinds are great
-Sleeping bag rated for subzero safety
-Any tarps you can carry.
-Fluffy hat and gloves, even dollar store ones.

Sleeping on frozen ground and concrete felt as warm as an indoor bed once the air inside the bag and mat matched my body heat. On a -9c night I had to strip down to just the underwear, and if you get a bag big enough to sit up in, the tempurture inside when just idling on your phone can become unbearably hot

Wearing a covidmask to sleep helps to reduce moisture buildup in front of your face, which can ice up your bag.

Laying atop and under tarps will keep the snow off the bag which is vital unless you're urban and near a laundromat.

There are other neccesities but a bad sleep makes for a bad day, so if you're able to regularly score ample hours of cozy sleep, your mind will be in the right place to improve things further. I have more to say but frankly it's time I hit the hay myself, will post more later


Why is there so much homeless obsession here?


Because we're outcasts from society and not all of us are cut out for programming. Sage yourself out of the universe.


The bum lifestyle and outcasts tend to go hand in hand.


More then a handful of us have ether been homeless or are at the risk of being homeless in the near future and there are a few who are currently homeless that post in these threads.

You would know that if you bothered to read any of the homeless threads or lurk more but instead you want to be rude and out yourself as a low attention newfag.


If all you do is watch cartoons and play games all day eventually you end up homeless. It's why it's dangerous to encourage people to dwell in their misery instead of taking steps to avoid being homeless during winter.


I was aware of some of that. Read some of the stuff. That's why I noticed the trend. It's kind of interesting, but it would be more interesting to get into the finer points and causes why people go homeless so much here. (I thought.)


This is why I wish I had killed myself.


Social outcasts have a knack for getting ostracized from the normalfag's love and kindness


It's actually really simple to understand. Homeless people are the way they are because they can't afford to live in conventional housing, like an apartment or house. But, you must be thinking, they can just get a job, right? That would be a great solution, however it's not easy to find work anymore, especially the kind that pays enough to have a roof over one's head. Zero (or insufficient) income equals no shelter.
A lot of homeless people also have substance use disorders and/or severe mental illness, which makes it really difficult to find work because nobody wants to hire someone like that. So they are basically left with few options unless they stop using drugs or being mentally ill long enough to make enough money to get off the streets.
It seems like wizards in general suffer from social ostracism, which would make it much harder to fit in with society and be productive members of society (myself included).


Most homeless people are mentally ill or drug addicts of some fashion. Functional people can always get benefits in western nations. It might not be a lot but it's enough to survive and get a shed to sleep in some where.

Most the homeless people here I've noticed have really bad attitude problems. They're abusive constantly and have no interest in fixing their own problems. They're too passive to apply for autism bucks and end up homeless.


File: 1614124624391.jpg (51.99 KB, 600x900, 2:3, young-male-college-student….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>it's the homeless' fault


>They're too passive to apply for autism bucks and end up homeless.
I have autism bucks and I'm still homeless.


Do you have anything productive to add to the the discussion or are you just going to be passive aggressive?


Oh great, another homeless thread.
Can't wait for about 99% of the wizards ITT to talk about how they can't wait to be homeless, and how it'll be fun and they get to live their dreams of being a vagabond, only for them to not realize you don't get your computer, or your anime, or your chicken fingers served to you hot and on a plate. You wouldn't last a week on your own, and to the actual homeless wizards, my condolences and best of luck to your health.


>99% of the wizards ITT to talk about how they can't wait to be homeless, and how it'll be fun and they get to live their dreams of being a vagabond, only for them to not realize you don't get your computer, or your anime, or your chicken fingers

When has that ever happened before? The previous thread is still up if you could link some examples of this happening.


Ignore the retard.


wiz tell me, what do you want to do?


Wiz are you speaking from personal experience?


Being homeless is actually a blessing in disguise. It's the ultimate motivator. If you were already unmotivated to commit suicide, then not being comfy ever again will definitely light the fire under you to jump off a skyscraper. Or if you're still too afraid to do that, you could just die of natural causes like illness after not going to the hospital for treatment. The possibilities are truly endless.


Selling or giving away most of my possessions. Living in a decent space feels somewhat uncomfortable. But homelessness in one's actual thirties is not appealing.

Think I need a tiny hermit cabin or cave I can keep super clean.


File: 1614429826917.jpg (1.69 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 20210227_065834.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

current setup off the trail of a county forest. It's two tarps held together and supported to the trees with document clips. Cheap and effective, I sat through about 1½ inches of wet snowfall and none got in. They're calling for rain though and the bucket shape of the floor will fill up then so I won't be sleeping this day away. I got some snacks and battery packs to spend the weekend watching anime on my tablet. Next neetbux payment due this upcomming Thursday. I will be researching coach bus and train fairs to see how far from here I can get on $600.


File: 1614430908962.jpeg (29.52 KB, 476x298, 238:149, 4FA0C0C8-AF3A-419B-B2EA-6….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Why not save enough money to buy a collapsible shelter? Put it somewhere deep in the woods where nobody can find you. That's what I plan on doing.


whats your lan stay homeless and just get a comfy set up? keep us updated


I think if he had income to save up several thousand dollars he wouldn't be living in a tarp.
Odds are he wouldn't be homeless to begin with.
Homelessness isn't happy fun adventure fort time. It's use what very few resources you have to not die time.



Warmer weather will be ahead, don't lose hope!

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