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(previous thread) https://wizchan.org/wiz/res/168642.html
Post tips and information for homeless or about to be homeless wizards


Rent a public storage so your stuff doesn't get stolen or lost. Get a gym membership to shower. Avoid other homeless people. Don't do drugs or alcohol.


Also, make sure that when you buy a sleeping bag, make sure it is a "mummy" sleeping bag so you can close the sleeping bag around your body for insulation purposes. Regular sleeping bags are too wide and leak heat like crazy, even if they are 0 degree rated. I have to stuff mine with a giant blanket just to insulate the heat and not freeze overnight.


What about safe places to sleep?


I sleep on my college campus in Boise which is very safe. If you are in LA or something, make sure to stay in the public eye so scavengers don't steal from you or hit you in the face overnight. L.A. is also incredibly segregated against popular though. Imagine a video game map with "popular" districts, and high-immigrant tweaker neighborhoods, so stay in places like West Hollywood, or Santa Monica to be safe


>"popular" districts
I meant to say wealthy/rich districts.


How do you accept the fact that you'll be homeless for the rest of your life? I'm autistic and only have SSI to live on for now.
>can't work or save enough money to rent an apartment
>can't drive so living in a car isn't possible
>don't go to college so staying on a campus isn't available
>have nobody to rely on like friends or family
Can it get any more fucked?


Start calling local autism organizations to see if they can offer advice and support. Good luck, wiz.


>How do you accept the fact that you'll be homeless for the rest of your life?
Preparedness helps. Once you become knowledgeable and materially equipped well enough to survive outdoors, all that will remain is the emotional attatchment to the comfy life. Letting go isn't easy. In a worst case scenario you may even be able to trick yourself into believing you've severed your ties only to get hit by homesickness hard when hoboism does come around. If you live a depressing life frequented by loss and physical hardship then eventually the thought of sleeping on top of a sewer grate to stay warm loses its fear factor. Don't push yourself to become hard-tempered by going out of your way to induce despair while you still live comfortably though. Instead, when bad things happen in your daily life, reflect on how being homeless might have made things different. Would you have experienced that particular bad thing if you were living outdoors? If not, then rejoice that you won't experience it again in the fiture.

The objective problems of homelessness vanish when if you prepare for them ahead of time. Shelter, heat, food, water, transportation, health+safety… All things that can be learned how to obtain on a zero budget, and all things that can be prepaired for ahead of time to give yourself a massive advantage on the streets. If you're certain that you will have no home in the future, then buy what you may need now to survive outdoors where you live. Look at 3-day pack setups from preppers and outdoor enthusiasts, create and fulfill a checklist of environment-specific essentials, then keep whatever gear you've manifested safe and at the ready. Watch videos of diy shelter, hobo living, and again outdoor survivalism and build up knowledge of basic out-of-house existence tips. If you do this, the thought of 'how to survive' won't interfere with the thoughts of 'why bother surviving' after you take that final step out the door.


Yes, the best advice I can give wizards is to NOT idealize homelessness. It isn't like a movie where it's fun and adventurous. Imagine walking 3 miles with remnants of stool irritating the inside of your anus from the chaffing back-and-forth. Imagine losing your wallet at a restaurants. Imagine getting arrested and going to jail with wizard-antithetical scum who talk nonstop about fucking succubus.


Great post, but why do all that when you could get yourself locked up instead? I often hear that "three hots and a cot" phrase thrown around by the homeless. If you have nothing to lose anyway, then going to jail or getting committed to a psych ward seem to be viable options. It beats wandering around all day outside doing nothing. I also heard you even get help like job placement or social services once you are released from jail, or am I missing something?


idiots enjoy the simplicity of jail, go figure. Some people enjoy their freedom


there's always lots of homeless when I get put in the hospital, it seems like a viable method of living, you get free food and water and television and movies and unscheduled drugs whenever you ask, but you gotta act crazy enough for them to not release you and if you act too crazy you get put with actual crazy people, it seems like a lot of work and social manipulation, also laws depend where you're from


Yeah makes sense, I was hospitalized for mental illness multiple times before. It seems viable to me. Like you said, you have to act pretty insane, but it shouldn't be much of a problem for a seasoned wizard. And of course, stay away from the schizos if you can help it.
>t. never been homeless


I am a homeless student. Don't you dare patronize me. But go to jail please, maybe you'll enjoy that life :)


>it shouldn't be much of a problem for a seasoned wizard
it depends, if you are shywiz you might have trouble acting out, though I never tried staying longer than the minimum 4 days because I'm not homeless so it might be easy to get in there for a while


You're the one that called me an idiot. I'm just as fucked up as you are, probably even worse since I can't imagine having the privilege of being a student.


File: 1613874254180.jpeg (484.88 KB, 640x839, 640:839, B69ADC19-5484-48CA-8AE0-E….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

I’m semi homeless at this point (living in an avandoned Playhouse in the woods sometimes and when I have 10 bucks spare in a group house like right now), legally I am at least but Ive yet to get any money from state and its not sounding good. I think I hit the jackpot though. At the local grocery store they have these big boxes where they throw stuff out each month and in one of the crates they put bottles and stuff I think they take out from the recycling place but they don’t destroy them so I can put in the same bottles each time. It’s like a free money glitch irl. It’s only like 5 bucks every day but sometimes theres more
“Freedom”, having to spend hours looking for cans or finding a place to charge my phone (and my power bank which got stolen at the house, fucking gypsies)? Wagies are more free, tho being homeless in the countryside is better I had family pass away so I spent the last of my bank money on bus and train. And now I’m stuck in Stockholm again back where I started my journey, havent posted here in long because not as many places to charge phone and life being too hard to make me motivated enough to


File: 1613874546151.jpeg (556.78 KB, 640x824, 80:103, 476DFCDA-38A1-4812-BFAB-3….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Sorry that language was kind of fucked, Im very vrry tired gypsies are loud in the house but I have warm bed with disgusting blanket and 5 dollar from bottles stuffed in my underwear here are crates, sorry if I don’t make sense


its half 4 and i might sleep soon but post when i get up but maybe stay up a little longer


File: 1613878872698.png (2.64 MB, 1920x1882, 960:941, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH.png) ImgOps iqdb



Any homeless wizards have experience getting stalked by police? How do you handle this? Do you think it's fair that they do this to you?


They don't like wasting their time on homeless guys. If they don't like you being somewhere they generally just tell you to move along and wait to make sure you leave.


Who cares? If they want to stalk you, let them. You're not doing anything illegal, right?


This is a good idea for summer as well, as it keeps the mosquitoes out.


No one is truly free.


>local autism organizations
Those don't exist.


Im the Swedish homeless wiz and all the lights just shut off, my phone has 25% and all the stores are dark too so I can’t charge. Might be a huge outage but I’m not sure


Maybe in desert areas where the temp drops at night, but everywhere else you are better off using netting and not sweating through your cloths, soke the bag each night, and giving yourself heat stroke.
Instead use it as bedding and lay on top of it when it's hot.


I remember a few times when I was sent to a mental hospital at least in my state a few of the people there were homeless and the mental hospital offered them a long term facility for free temporarily and a social worker that would at least find them a group home or a place to stay and even NEETbux. Any homeless wizards need to do this and just LARP as a schizophrenic I'm not sure if every mental ward offers this though.


> I'm not sure if every mental ward offers this though
They don't.
It is a limited program that only is a thing in a few cities here and there. Usually with the qualifications to get it being wildly different from place to place.
It is something worth keeping a eye out for though.


>LARP as a schizophrenic
>not realizing they can take blood and DNA samples to check this
>not realizing they scan your brain and brain activity to check for this
Ok man, whatever you say


Schizoprehnia is not something you can test for by blood. It's not a genetic discord, it's a mental one which can be caused by biology or how you were raised.

Why are you so angry at everyone? Is it because your family hates you?


NTA but schizophrenia does seem to be biological in some unknown sense but that wizzie was wrong because depression can be "tested" for via blood but that does not mean anything I have been tested and seen it did not come up with anything but am diagnosed anyway


There's a higher risk if you have the right biology but people without that biology also risk it. Even if they do a full DNA test on you they can't tell if those risk genes have been activated or not.


That it's even remotely how it works.
Where the hell are you getting your bad info from?


One of the positive things about being homeless is knowing that things can't possibly get any worse for me. I find it easier to accept death this way.


You could be raped and tortured by a gang of niggers. Do you think being burned alive isn't worse?


File: 1614035504259.jpeg (67.64 KB, 654x485, 654:485, 9B1CD10C-1F54-441F-A507-2….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

If I had my drivers license, I could just live in a car or van and embrace the vagabond lifestyle. But, by a cruel twist of fate, my autistic tendencies prevent me from driving safely. Is there anything that autism doesn't do to completely fuck up my life?
I have to figure out a way to get shelter without exposing myself to the criminally insane. I know they'd try to kill me in my sleep. This is why I stay away from homeless shelters. Nobody there can be trusted, not even the staff. They don't want to help, only further the suffering that the drug addicts and felons provide.
I've thought about going back to school and using the student loans to help with the cost of shelter while I'm studying, but I will have to wait until the fall to do that. Maybe a cheap motel will allow me to stay there for an extended period of time as I try to prepare for my future.


What does autism have to do with driving.
I know quite a few autistic people including ones that are intellectually disabled that can still drive and get their license.
That said, if you have money for a car/van you probably got enough money to rent a room somewhere.
Ether way it is better then staying on the streets.


I was destined to sleep on a park bench, I'm too retarded and incompetent to know what to do on a job site.


>rent a public storage so your stuff doesn't get stolen or lost
That costs money
>Get a gym membership to shower
That also costs money, not to mention getting a locker too
>Avoid other homeless people
Impossible, you'll run into some, or they'll run into you eventually
>Don't do drugs or alcohol
Easier said than done, but easily the best advice


What should you pack and bring along I'm preparation of homelessness? Any specifics?


Depends where and how long you'll be homeless. Basics include a backpack with sleeping bag and small tent if possible. Different places require specialized gear, for example if you're somewhere more tropical you might want a bug net and thin sleeping bag while if youre in the north you might want a thicker sleeping bag


Canada, and for the long haul.


From the few days I've spent sleeping outdoors so far I'd say the essentials for snowy weather are:
-Thin, one-size-up, moisture wicking thermal insulating long underwear set.
-Sleeping pad dedigned to reflect ground heat, inflatable kinds are great
-Sleeping bag rated for subzero safety
-Any tarps you can carry.
-Fluffy hat and gloves, even dollar store ones.

Sleeping on frozen ground and concrete felt as warm as an indoor bed once the air inside the bag and mat matched my body heat. On a -9c night I had to strip down to just the underwear, and if you get a bag big enough to sit up in, the tempurture inside when just idling on your phone can become unbearably hot

Wearing a covidmask to sleep helps to reduce moisture buildup in front of your face, which can ice up your bag.

Laying atop and under tarps will keep the snow off the bag which is vital unless you're urban and near a laundromat.

There are other neccesities but a bad sleep makes for a bad day, so if you're able to regularly score ample hours of cozy sleep, your mind will be in the right place to improve things further. I have more to say but frankly it's time I hit the hay myself, will post more later


Why is there so much homeless obsession here?


Because we're outcasts from society and not all of us are cut out for programming. Sage yourself out of the universe.


The bum lifestyle and outcasts tend to go hand in hand.


More then a handful of us have ether been homeless or are at the risk of being homeless in the near future and there are a few who are currently homeless that post in these threads.

You would know that if you bothered to read any of the homeless threads or lurk more but instead you want to be rude and out yourself as a low attention newfag.


If all you do is watch cartoons and play games all day eventually you end up homeless. It's why it's dangerous to encourage people to dwell in their misery instead of taking steps to avoid being homeless during winter.


I was aware of some of that. Read some of the stuff. That's why I noticed the trend. It's kind of interesting, but it would be more interesting to get into the finer points and causes why people go homeless so much here. (I thought.)


This is why I wish I had killed myself.


Social outcasts have a knack for getting ostracized from the normalfag's love and kindness


It's actually really simple to understand. Homeless people are the way they are because they can't afford to live in conventional housing, like an apartment or house. But, you must be thinking, they can just get a job, right? That would be a great solution, however it's not easy to find work anymore, especially the kind that pays enough to have a roof over one's head. Zero (or insufficient) income equals no shelter.
A lot of homeless people also have substance use disorders and/or severe mental illness, which makes it really difficult to find work because nobody wants to hire someone like that. So they are basically left with few options unless they stop using drugs or being mentally ill long enough to make enough money to get off the streets.
It seems like wizards in general suffer from social ostracism, which would make it much harder to fit in with society and be productive members of society (myself included).


Most homeless people are mentally ill or drug addicts of some fashion. Functional people can always get benefits in western nations. It might not be a lot but it's enough to survive and get a shed to sleep in some where.

Most the homeless people here I've noticed have really bad attitude problems. They're abusive constantly and have no interest in fixing their own problems. They're too passive to apply for autism bucks and end up homeless.


File: 1614124624391.jpg (51.99 KB, 600x900, 2:3, young-male-college-student….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>it's the homeless' fault


>They're too passive to apply for autism bucks and end up homeless.
I have autism bucks and I'm still homeless.


Do you have anything productive to add to the the discussion or are you just going to be passive aggressive?


Oh great, another homeless thread.
Can't wait for about 99% of the wizards ITT to talk about how they can't wait to be homeless, and how it'll be fun and they get to live their dreams of being a vagabond, only for them to not realize you don't get your computer, or your anime, or your chicken fingers served to you hot and on a plate. You wouldn't last a week on your own, and to the actual homeless wizards, my condolences and best of luck to your health.


>99% of the wizards ITT to talk about how they can't wait to be homeless, and how it'll be fun and they get to live their dreams of being a vagabond, only for them to not realize you don't get your computer, or your anime, or your chicken fingers

When has that ever happened before? The previous thread is still up if you could link some examples of this happening.


Ignore the retard.


wiz tell me, what do you want to do?


Wiz are you speaking from personal experience?


Being homeless is actually a blessing in disguise. It's the ultimate motivator. If you were already unmotivated to commit suicide, then not being comfy ever again will definitely light the fire under you to jump off a skyscraper. Or if you're still too afraid to do that, you could just die of natural causes like illness after not going to the hospital for treatment. The possibilities are truly endless.


Selling or giving away most of my possessions. Living in a decent space feels somewhat uncomfortable. But homelessness in one's actual thirties is not appealing.

Think I need a tiny hermit cabin or cave I can keep super clean.


File: 1614429826917.jpg (1.69 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 20210227_065834.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

current setup off the trail of a county forest. It's two tarps held together and supported to the trees with document clips. Cheap and effective, I sat through about 1½ inches of wet snowfall and none got in. They're calling for rain though and the bucket shape of the floor will fill up then so I won't be sleeping this day away. I got some snacks and battery packs to spend the weekend watching anime on my tablet. Next neetbux payment due this upcomming Thursday. I will be researching coach bus and train fairs to see how far from here I can get on $600.


File: 1614430908962.jpeg (29.52 KB, 476x298, 238:149, 4FA0C0C8-AF3A-419B-B2EA-6….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Why not save enough money to buy a collapsible shelter? Put it somewhere deep in the woods where nobody can find you. That's what I plan on doing.


whats your lan stay homeless and just get a comfy set up? keep us updated


I think if he had income to save up several thousand dollars he wouldn't be living in a tarp.
Odds are he wouldn't be homeless to begin with.
Homelessness isn't happy fun adventure fort time. It's use what very few resources you have to not die time.



Warmer weather will be ahead, don't lose hope!


>Homelessness isn't happy fun adventure fort time
It is if you aren't a loser who's ruled by his base whims.


>only for them to not realize you don't get your computer, or your anime
Can't you just get a cheap laptop, rechargeable external power supply, watch it in your tent and then recharge at a coffee shop?
I see most homeless people have cellphones actually.


Not everyone here is a pathetic dopamine addict.


>most homeless people, who don't even have shoes on both of their feet, all have cheap phones and computers
>implying someone wouldn't just beat you up and rob you if they caught you watching anime in the woods all alone


They can try but this wiz will stand his ground.


Then you wouldn't be homeless ether at all or for very long.


A laptop in a homeless situation is not a good idea.
Lugging around a psu is absurd as those shits are heavy.
If either gets wet your shit is fucked.

Cellphone is better when you are homeless, tablet computer at most with a really sturdy case.
Even if your shit doesn't get stolen it will get broken or it will break you by being too cumbersome.
Homelessness is a life of mobility even if you are more or less hanging around the same spot.
Too much weight and too much shit will become a burden.
Murphy's law loves fucking with you while you are down so anything that can break should be assumed that it will. It better be something you can go without or can easily replace.
Cellphones can be replaced easily. Laptops are a pain when you don't have a shipping address.
Lastly if you have the money for data it is much easier to have internet access with a smartphone.
This may come as a shock to you but most homeless aren't tech illiterate. They know how to use laptops n shit. It just isn't as practical to street life. If I was given a laptop while I was homeless I would have just pawned it. I love computers, including my current computers, but it just isn't worth it.


Sure thing tough guy, if they have a knife or something, you're gonna back down pretty goddamn quick.


Most homeless people immediately spend whatever money they scrounge up on hooch or dope.


In my exp most long term homeless are just untreated mentally ill.
Junkies are better at couchsurfing and squatting. They tend to be more functional and thus have more ways of puting a roof over there head.


You probably think that because they're high most of the time and have psychological damage from abusing drugs.


I would buy a hot dog from 7-11


No, I think that because I talked to them and had to live around them.
Quit making assumptions about my life experience dude. You don't know shit about fuck.


You could buy 2 loafs of bread from walmart for how much a convenience store hot dog costs. This is why you're poor.


Nah, him not buying some shitty white bread from Wal-mart instead of a 7/11 hot dog isn't why he's poor.


White bread is nutritionally garbage, literally spend the extra $2 and get a small bag of potatoes.


New HoboNeet episode, I invited him here so if he shows up that'd be nice.


Poor, wiz. I honestly feel bad for him. Existing like that is humiliating and shitty.


I wish the homeless junkies would just OD already and free up more resources for the mentally ill who aren't on drugs. People who are addicted to drugs actually have a choice of getting better whereas the mentally ill can't just stop being insane. They need the most help.


Won't ever happen because normals empathize with the druggies more, and their decisions are based on their emotions.


Sadly this is true. Normalfags can't imagine what it's like to be naturally fucked in the head, but they can relate to abusing drugs or alcohol to the point of being retarded. God, I hate this clown world.


To some degree I agree. There are some normgroids who just failed at life due to drugs and became homeless and the drugs are pretty much the only thing holding them back but some wizzards do drugs BECAUSE they are fucked in the head. And don't hit me with the but you have to be social to get drugs because thats just not true in 2021


Does mental health services actually do anything good for the severely mentally ill beyond NEETbux? Medication doesn't help for anyone but the extreme schitzos and will just make you worse, therapy is a normoid meme too.


No. They exist to provide drugs and disability. There's really no drug you should want from them besides a stimulant, anyway. Benzos for occasional use in killing a bad trip, that's about it I reckon.


And how the fuck do you expect to cook them while homeless in anywhere but the deep country?


Long term it's a crap shoot most of the time but short term emergency care is a god sent sometimes. I have seen so many people who were saved from a pretty bad episode due to direct emergency intervention that helped them stabilize. Long term aid for the severely mentally ill alone doesn't have very good odds. What is needed in those cases is a proper support network of family and other/or other people who are in their lives who care about and help keep them on track. Something worth struggling for and people who will struggle with them, kind of thing.
Some program can't give them that. It might be a small piece but it alone can't do anything long term.
There are no simple solutions for severely mentally ill people on a societal scale.


>What is needed in those cases is a proper support network of family and other/or other people who are in their lives who care about and help keep them on track.
If they had a family or support network, they wouldn't be on the streets to begin with.
>There are no simple solutions for severely mentally ill people on a societal scale.
Yes there is, it's called integration. Help them become independent and give them the necessary medications to control their disorder. There's no reason why the mentally ill should continue to live in destitution while the junkies are given every bit of social support just to relapse and OD a short time later anyway.
Why are you even on this site if you think having a mental illness is like some kind of mortal sin that should condemn a person to a life of misery?


File: 1614725088159.jpg (27.02 KB, 349x283, 349:283, strawman.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Why are you even on this site if you think having a mental illness is like some kind of mortal sin that should condemn a person to a life of misery?
That is quite the strawman.


File: 1614744850632.jpeg (2.12 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, 7AB24718-3B09-4DBE-AAEE-A….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

You can always make a fire


Congratulations, you did that in the city limits and now will get your shit kicked in by the cops.

You really think you can just start random fires and not get busted?


>and not get busted?
as if starting a fire is somehow wrong doing, especially when you need one to cook food to survive. judging by how viscerally you react to an action that isnt deemed allowed by the public babysitters let me take a wild guess and say youre american.


>as if starting a fire is somehow wrong doing
It is literally against several laws in almost every developed country.
You can not just start fires anywhere you want. Usually for good reason.


NTA but what boot licker you are quite pathetic you are only not allowed to randomly start fires because most people are retards and would burn everything down so really you should be fine if you are not retarded.

Did you not used to be an arsonist as a wizkid? I always started fires as a kid but knew how to control them to some extent or at least only burn down a forest and not peoples homes.

As soon as anime is against the law or being a virgin you would comply because you are such a little boot licker I seriously hate people like yourself.


Fuck off retard and quit trying to start fights over stupid shit in this thread over and over again.
Start all the fires you want. I hope you get shot.


File: 1614783611716.jpg (28.65 KB, 650x366, 325:183, mushroom girl.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

It's not a fire, but an open flame in the provision of cooking. It's not a crime to cook a sausage, but may be an offence in the case where it creates a civil nuisance or isn't permitted. The legal redress in such a civil case would be "please put the fire out" which the wiz, as an upstanding and charitable person, would surely do. A claim that the fire was created in commission of a crime or led to criminal damages would be suspect, given the humble wiz pyre appears to be better isolated than most fire pits or grills used by the everyday citizen. You may therefore struggle to demonstrate to the court that a criminal act has been committed.


And the cops don't care and will beat the shit out of you and get away with it.


As you've conceded the police don't act justly it's for you to explain why you're rhetorically attacking a homeless wizard instead of the police.


I'm the guy who posted the photo not the guy you're arguing with but I can tell you I've had several fires within city limits. Just don't light anything in an alley in the central districts. The smoke will make people call the fire department if it's too big too. I've made plenty of these in larger parks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mMJov2vbQqg&ab_channel=IntenseAngler and its never been a problem. The few times (can count on one hand) I made fires in alleyways I used hastly made rocket stove cans. Looked nowhere near as nice as the pictures but with just a small pile of thumb thickness branches you can have a fire that doesnt make a lot of light or smoke while generating and radiating a lot of heat. You guys need to quit arguing over such menial things.


At the time I took that picture I had just been homeless for a few days and I were very paranoid of someone doing something to me in my sleep so I always went into the woods for like half an hour to sleep where I found the dead campfire I revived there. I later got better at making and keeping them alive myself and I did get in trouble once. It was nowhere near as bad as the other wiz was saying, they just told me I cant do that there and to put it out then they drove away. I later learned to minimize the smoke and fire becasue I thought someone might have called the fire brigade and instead try to get a lot of hot embers in a confined vessel like a can. I'm not homeless now as I got a wageslave position as a store employee, the picture is from last year.


Cant cook potatos on that so back to square one.


I conceded nothing.
Again,you can spout all the bullshit you want. Go ahead and get your ass beat. Hell, probably burn yourself to death judging by some of the post in this thread.
Don't say no one warned you. Don't say someone didn't try to spar you pain from your own dumbass ideas. But some motherfuckers got to learn the hard way I guess.
So go on and learn the hard way.
Do it.


Your pretense was defending the law, as those laws existed for good reason (>>177257). So when you admit the police, who enforce the law, act outside those bounds you've massively undermined your own position.

You attack a homeless wizard for perhaps violating a civil fire statute, but implicitly support systemic criminality and violence against said wizard. That makes you a hypocrite.


you absolutely can, why wouldnt you? The fire rises up and you can easily place a crucible to boil the water in on the top


That isn't what the word crucible means.
Please don't use words you don't know what they mean.

You are really stretching to create a strawman just to call me a hypocrite like that is even remotely a argument while intentionally missing the point I am making.
I will say it again.
If you want to do dumb shit and learn the hard way what the consequences is then go and do it.


behold, the biggest crab on the entire website. viciously trying to drag everyone else to the bottom of the bucket. maybe its because he requires the public babysitters and is enraged to see those competent enough to transcend the need for them. on one hand, society is at a point where people are too retarded to function without the threat of violence upon them. on the other hand, making threats of violence has never been okay to do, the police and government have always been wrong. my dear retard here can only see one side of the story and religiously defends it as the only truth.


>hey don't do this thing because bad things could happen
how dare you drag down and attack people for telling them not to do something that has bad results
>fine do the thing then, it's your ass
How Dare You Want Homeless Wizards Getting Their Ass Beat

Your stupidity knows no limits.


His videos are oddly comfy to watch.


Being homeless is probably a step up from frying your brain on porn and video games 24/7 like a lot of NEETs with homes, it can force (some) failed normies to get their shit relatively together.


whats the opposite of a straw man because thats whats going on right now, but as long as you dont think the way you started out thinking im fine. you obviously were not trying to warn someone about the dangers of starting a fire, or the dangers of corrupt police. you were berating someone because they didnt share your slave mentality.


Because jacking off 8 times a day is worse than getting stabbed by a lunatic.


Bootstraps bullshit. You say 'some' but realistically it's only a few, if that. The rest is vulnerable to picking up other, more dangerous addictions such as alcoholism and drugs and frying their brain and their body out in the street. But I guess it's fine if like five percent (pulling that number out of my ass here) 'get their shit together', by which you probably mean seeing some annoying councellor and wageslaving to get a room in one of these modern workhouses.
Not only is your post retarded it is also close to breaking the rules.


File: 1614866315261.jpg (85.11 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, terryadavis.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

an interesting case is Terry A. Davis. He basically documented his descent into oblivion, but if you look at his homeless saga videos, I would say it's very clear he found more purpose in this "lifestyle" then just rotting at his parents home, where going to buy soda was a highlight of his day


If some people enjoy the lifestyle it's up to them and I am not disparaging it on principle, what I find stupid is thinking of it as a potential 'rite of passage' like this moron >>177313 to eventually become a good normie drone. The reality of the sink or swim mindset is to get the 'unfit' to sink, plain and simple, not to help them in any way.


Yeah frying your brain with alcohol and cheap drugs on the cold is better. You stupid fuck.


He's an obvious troll. Being homeless is like a nightmare that you can't wake up from. I'd rather be dead, but that pesky survival instinct gets in the way far too often.


>He's an obvious troll
I'm not so sure about that, this site has been crawling with improvebrahs and idiots who keep repeating stuff from people like Peterson.


where did these idiots come from do they have some website or chat app that targeted us?




They are trolling then right I thought maybe improvbrahs were crabs that stumbled upon wichan and as they are normalfags fixed themselves with normie tier memes and try preach to wizards.


For those struggling with food try mixing nut powder, almond powder, honey and olive oil. A spoon of this paste will keep the hunger away + its healthy and gives you energy (it will weaken you the first days tho). A pot of this mixture can last a month or two (depends on how often you eat and the size of the container of course).
Almond powder, olive oil and honey can be found in groceries for peanuts. Not sure about nut powder tho, if not then you should invest in a manual mixer and make the powder yourself with nuts you've bought or found (if your lucky to live in an area with lots of nut trees or wathever you call them lol).
This is the perfect ration for vagabonds
-has everything you need dietwise (1-2 spoons a day is sufficient)
-gives you energy ( you'll want to beat a horse and i'm not even kidding)
-cheap ingredients
-can easely fit in your bag
-lasts long (olive oil keeps it from rotting)

This is all for me, hope it helps.
Good Luck


just trolling. lets all try and stop feeding them


>don't do drugs or alcohol

then why live? give me one reason tbh, these personally are my last cope in this absolute cruel life.


I hate the fact im homeless in a 3rd world shithole, I can't even escape or run through borders to another country, I've been doomed to die alone, sleep in cold, starve ev3r since i got disowned by "father" for failing dentistry school. I have my suicide pills ready in my backpack but I'm saving them when im ready, which i wonder why I haven't pulled the trigger yet..

gladly i got a job recently so I spend my time making money doing construction in the day,no trouble with cops as well cuz 3rd world shithole.


>I can't even escape or run through borders to another country

Why not?


Is there any cheaper way to live than a rented apartment? I don't like the idea of spending a couple hundred bucks every month on a place to sleep. I don't really need a bathroom or a kitchen. The obvious problem is of course security, not getting mugged etc. And I don't mean sleeping in a car or buying a house.


Stay in a trailer?


Just living in a car will do if you can hack it.


Trailer, caravans and housebuses are the cheapest, you can go live in a small town in the middle of nowhere too, a lot of areas are rapidly depopulating and the boomers would love a wizard guy to move in for cheap.

Seriously, if you lucked out some old guy in the middle of a small town would happily charge you $50 to $100 a week due to being lonely himself.


>crucible isnt the right word''
well im not an english speaker I mean something that holds warm liquid I thought crucible was the right word


File: 1615159634040.jpg (1.14 MB, 2995x2455, 599:491, media.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Why did you cut your family out of your life and how long has it been?


File: 1615160589495.png (416.59 KB, 860x400, 43:20, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

Crucible is a extremely high temp vessel usually used to melt metal.
You don't cook with them in the fire. You use them to liquefy gold or iron in a blast furnace.


Other way around. Family cut me out of their life for being too wizardly. Wish I was born in an Asian family. They don't kick their own children out to die on the street and will stay together no matter what.


They're delusional people who have no compassion for mental illness.


Still sleeping in this torn up shop / garage and some teens came around and started wrecking things in the house on the property. They came down all giggly to the room I was in and pointed their lights at me. I said yo and they fled like rabbits. Weird


They probably didn't think you'd respond. Lucky they didn't beat you up.


I obviously dont know your situation but, how do you manage to be homeless in sweden?
I know our safety nets fucking suck ass but as long as you truly dont have any assets to your name you will get help.
from a quick google I found this https://socialtstod.stockholm/stod-till-hemlosa/
there are places for housing, getting free food and somewhere to wash. please get your ass over there.


thanks anon


So the waiting list for low income housing where I live is only 6 months, but it's in the worst part of the city and is unimaginably ghetto. I don't want to be afraid of getting shot or robbed by thugs every day, but I feel like I don't have a choice. What should I do?


Estimate if the chances of getting shanked while living in the ghetto are higher than those while living on the streets and then make your choice.


Being holed up in a nigger den is probably more dangerous than not. If I had to make the choice, I would definitely stay homeless.


havent been able to post in a while but I've been using all of them getting food and stuff. I just need money to live not in their housing (they test you for drugs and shit which I would fail). I've been able to get a slightly better place and things are looking better. I'm indoors now and on a real computer thanks to my mom. I guess that settles me as a loser once and for all. I've lost the game of life and am back to living at my mom's. I had to lie and tell her I owed people money and they would find me in those other places. I am walking trash, if you are swedish and in stockholm if you find someone with a black jacket and yellow hat laying passed out drunk in some park (the warm kind, dont know english word for it mössa in swedish) just stab or kick me to death so I don't have to wake up


Fuck America this country sucks. Everything is overpriced can't even find a shitty apartment because you need so much money. I fucking HATE this piece of shit country to no end. That is all.


This might be unpopular here but fuck it. Dude you are not going to find anything cheaper than government housing. Yes there are nigs but just keep your head down and stay away from them. We are all hikkis mostly so its not that hard.


Idk where you're from, but where I'm from niggers in government housing will literally break into your apartment, steal all your stuff, rape you in the ass then leave. It's no better than sleeping in a tent. I just wish there was a place where wizzies can live in peace.


1. Already did
I sublet and it is by far cheaper then government housing
2. such housing prioritizes single mothers above all else and succubi in general
You are not getting in such housing as a single male.
3. they are hell in every possible way
I struggle to think of a worse place for a wizard to live.


That's pretty rough. They can be bad everywhere so yeah

Glad you found something cheaper. I could not find anything cheaper than this in my area. It is hard to get as a man but not impossible. And yeah I mean it's not ideal but it's a place to yourself. If you can NEET with family that is always good


I've seen that Japan is full of abandoned places. Hospitals, schools, entire neighbourhoods and buildings, etc. Has ever any foreigner try to be homeless approaching those places?


If you establish basic limits and deterrence niggers won't fuck with you. If worst comes to worst and the cops come and take the nogs side, you go and be homeless for a bit and then get back into government housing.

It's only if you're a faggot that starts shit or you're unwilling to assert yourself that you'll get walked upon.


Is this from your personal experience?


It is

They start by testing the waters with light bullying and then escalate. If you don't play their games and just say "leave me the fuck alone, I just want to do my own thing" you can nip the problem right in the bud.


They would go to Japanese jail for trespassing.


I saw that hobo neet finally got enough money to get off the streets, good for him.



File: 1622999017328.gif (2.46 MB, 384x288, 4:3, 1544474617450.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Anyone who has become homeless actually prefer it to wageslaving? Maybe even did it deliberately? Given you have some money saved up for food etc, it seems kind of chill to me. Been seriously considering buying a tent and going innawoods. The rat race is fucking killing me at this point.


I don't know, houses in rural areas are super cheap, such as the ones in Japan are only hundreds of dollars, yet they still complain about housing price in the cities and prefer being homeless
Seems like the problem is a first world problem


>houses cost hundreds of dollars


No, work sucks sometimes but homelessness sucks so much worse.


What if you have access to literally nothing like running water, food, heating? Not to mention extras like clothes or someone throwing you a dollar. No free WiFi either. You get snowed in on a particularly severe winter - you die.
Those prices are cheap for a reason.


It can just be supply and demand. People need jobs and dont want to live in rural places. Older generations were happier living in such places but they are dying out.

Some countries have this, some don't.

Some countries have rural locations that are like desolated deserts where quality of life would be 0/10 like Australia.


Most jobs that were in rural places like steel working and factories just don’t exist in many places anymore. However living in the city is unaffordable for the majority of people, so telework is gonna start allowing the city people to spread out and live further and further away as internet services get better/ more expansive.


No running water/toilet is no problem in a first world country. Grew up like that here in Sweden and you can always manage. It's only an issue in desolate areas.


Homelessness is inevitable for me.


There wont be enough "telework" for 90% of the world's 9 or 10 billion people who will soon be alive.

There will be bloody resource wars and a massive rise in organized crime, extortions and people committing very violent robberies of bypassers, businesses and rich people.


If you have time to avert being homeless then you should think of plans now rather then give up and hope you stumble into something while on the streets.


Yeah I'll get right on that…


Is that sarcasm?
If you can type in to Wizchan about homelessness then you can type in to Youtube for guides on surviving outdoors, type in to map sites for places to sleep, and best of all type in to search bars for local shelters or kitchens. Even if hoboness is long away, take some time to research how to get through it now.


You don't "prepare" for the hobo life. It's over at that point. Anything could happen to make your life much more difficult. You could even be arrested for trespassing and wind up behind bars. This happens a lot. Unless you plan on living innawoods, which is pretty much insane if you ask me.


Your problem isn't homelessness being inevitable. It is your poorly handled depression rendering you helpless.
Get your head right or find out how bad rock bottom really is.


Yeah tell all those mentally ill hobos to "get their heads right" lol. Hope you get attacked by one of them.


I'll get right on that anon…


He wont get attacked because he has a home, you will be the one who is going to have to watch out for other hobos, pigs, niggers and bored youth who all want to rob and beat the shit out of you.
90% of the posters in these threads are wizkids from priviledged families, dont be that idiot who actually goes through with it.


I can just change my hope to you getting cancer . There's plenty of misfortunes which can happen to people who have homes.


You assume that being homeless is a choice. It's not. You probably had everything handed to you in life (like a job, for instance) but it's not the same for everyone. I recommend you do some more research into the matter.


Actually most of these will to power types are socially upwardly mobile, those who started at the top are not so deluded.


>let's shit up the thread by making negative baseless assertions about people I disagree with
>That is productive and what this thread is really about
>Telling people who were actually homeless and got out of that situation that they are born privlaged like a retarded sjw

Y'all need to go back to /dep/ with that woe is me bullshit.
It is fucking stupid to call someone privileged or normal for pointing out that actually being homeless fucking sucks shitty ass, and if you think you might end up homeless in the future you should use your time wisely to not end up in such a dogshit situation.

But fuck it, maybe you need to learn that the hard way. Nah none of us who have been there and done that know what the fuck we are talking about. This much all be a larp. You know everything about it because you have the sads and watched a YouTube video or some shit.
Go ahead and find out.
You will see exactly how far blaming and demonizing everyone else will get you. You will see that n matter how far you go you can't get away from yourself and your internally caused problems.
How you will never get anywhere if you never get your head straight.


File: 1623910923717.jpg (36.43 KB, 614x586, 307:293, 1621751965867.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Normgroid chimps out on wizchan.


when i become homeless i need to figure out how i am gonna bathe
fill a milk jug up with water and dump it over me a few times?


Use the showers in public pools and other places. Or just don’t.


i want to look as normal as possible so i am not hounded by normalfags and cops


don't bathe


Just go to a sports field, find a building with a tap, strip into your underwear and wash yourself down thoroughly with a bottle of water that you fill and pour over yourself and soap, carry an emergency supply of wetwipes. Then put on a fresh outfit.

Just stashing a bucket in the forest, fill it with water and washing detergent. Have a small scrubbing brush on hand to scrub things properly clean. If it's not fine enough to dry off a treebranch, then use the laundromats to dry it. Or use the laundromats in emergencies, it does get expensive though.


Have you never washed up at a sink before?
That's mostly what I did. Wet wipes helped stay fresh too.
If you got a washcloth even a bowl of water can be enough to get a lot of grime off and stay somewhat fresh. If you also disinfect the skin before or after the water scrub (i usee rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle) then you can get totally clean with very little water. Just be sure to properly dry the wash cloth after every use and wash it every few days or it will get gross.
Only tricky thing is washing your hair if you have alot of it. It can be done in a sink too but it is really tedious.
The disinfectant trick doesn't do much against hair greasiness or dandruff. Just water alone requires large quantities to really thoroughly rinse it out. Which isn't practical when on the streets.

If you have a bit money to work with then a gym membership is a good investment. They usually have showers on site. Plus it's a place you can hangout when the weather is shit.
It's more common for car campers and van lifers though. I didn't do it myself but many swear by it.

Baby wipes can sort of work in a pinch. You won't feel clean but it can keep you from stinking.

Overall if you have short hair it's pretty easy to stay relatively clean.


I did something related last year. Basically went out to live on my own in the middle of nowhere. I spent the summer and autumn in a tent and in a cabin in the winter. It quickly forced me into a routine, so I got things actually done. I still watched some porn, and treated myself with an episode or two of anime in the evening. I'm back in the city now and am being catered after, though I plan on moving out. From my experience, I'd say having putting pressure is fine as long as the person takes it on vuluntaraly. This would mean that most NEETs would have to actually want to improve their lifestyle.


Some interesting things I've observed. The city has no qualms about cutting electrical or water when the bills aren't paid. Internet and cellphone will keep going. I've been delinquent in paying bills for awhile and was feeling guilty about it so I logged into my parent's accounts and tried to cancel. There's no way to do it over the internet. They want you to call possibly to offer you new deals or lower your payment plan. Insurance has also not been paid for awhile. I've been driving their (my?) car for months without it. I think I have maybe one more month with this luxury. I really need to get a backpack to carry stuff, but that's money that could be spent on food. When I'm desperate enough, I'll just steal the food. Is this a catch 22? idk.


Do you even have to steal it? We got soup kitchens and community pantries where I live.


If you don't pay insurance they will cancel your coverage. You're probably driving illegally.


literally everyone on the internet is.


Do you have any consistent income?

What happened that you ended up in this situation where you bills got away from you?

Also you probably won't have to steal food, especially if you have a car. There are many ways to get it for free. No need to make your situation worse with a theft charge.


I'm mentally ill and was living with last living parent. Haven't been filling scripts because food is more important. I have maybe another month or so before I have to scram. I'll probably just drive to a homeless shelter and abandon the vehicle. It's not mine anyway.


Food can be gotten for free.
Sanity is more valuble then food. Go search food banks and the like and pick up a box next time they give them out. Its usually once a week.
If you are so mentally ill that you can't work then why are you not trying to get some sort of welfare right now? You should be in the welfare office today to see what you qualify for and if you can get something that will keep you off the streets.

If you are not so mental that you can actually work then you should be trying to get a job while you still have a address to put on applications and all your papers in order.
Working sucks but being homeless sucks way worse.

Right now you are at a critical time. If you push yourself a little bit out your comfort zone to better your situation and advicate for yourself you will suffer much less in the long run.
If you do nothing and just let whatever happens happen without fighting for yourself then you are in for a very bad time. Inaction is a choice. A choice with negative outcomes.

So make your choice. What you do in the next few days will determan the quality of your life for the next few years. No pressure😉


Food is easy to get? that sounds better than my current situation. my parents barely feed me. maybe I should go be homeless.


>If you are so mentally ill that you can't work then why are you not trying to get some sort of welfare right now?
because i'm not "technically" considered mentally ill. my anxiety and depression are too bad for me to work with other people, but doctors ive gone to just dont believe me and think i just need exposure therapy.


If you don't have doctors on your side, and your family won't speak up for you, then benefits are pretty hard to come by as a single male.
My only advice is that you have to find a job or hustle that you find at least somewhat bearable, then do whatever you have to in order to keep that income rolling in.
Also if they think you need therapy then they do believe you that you have a problem, they just think that it is a treatable problem.
If you can get them to set up treatment such as therpy to help you learn to cope with your anxiety and depression then I don't see why you shouldn't at least give it a shot.
If it doesn't work then there will be a medical and official record of it which you can use to get benefits. If it does work then you won't feel like shit anymore.
There just doesn't from my perspective seem like there is a lot to lose, while there is a lot to be gained ether way. Though if there is co-pays or you have to pay out of pocket then I fully understand not being able to go with that option.
If you get a referral while also being able to prove that your household income is low then you can probably at least get benefits to pay for most if not all of the therapy.
I would look into it.
And even if it doesn't pan out, you can use it to guilt trip your parents into giving you more time since you are trying but don't have the option of treatment unless they pay for it.

You don't have to be homeless to get the free food. Actually the places that give out the most food (usually food banks and farm share programs) prefer if you have a address since it implies you have refrigeration so you can take in perishables.
Seriously, look into what is in your area. You will likely be shocked at how much food you can get for free from such programs if you hit several every fortnight. Especially if you live ether in the city or country.


You can go to a food bank and get beans, rice, some other stuff. You'll need someway to cook it though. Btw I suggest soaking beans for 8-24 hours, maybe even sprouting them.
There's so much food in foodbanks they can't even manage to give it all away. I was once drawing at a park downtown and people were driving around giving bums hotdogs and stuff; they have to bring it to them because the bums can't be inconvenienced. They offered me something while I was already eating soup or something.


Do you have any friends who could take you in any other family members you need to get yourself out of that place.You don't want to go homeless it fucking sucks.


>You don't want to go homeless it fucking sucks
Being homeless doesn't always mean living on the cold streets. You can eat and sleep at the shelter, then do whatever the hell you want during the day. Ultimately more freedom than you could ever have being a wageslave.


Homeless shelters are filled with drug attics,rapists and criminals I don't want nothing to do with places like that.The food there probably isn't very good either and im a very picky eater I wouldn't survive the homeless lifestyle with my bad habits.


Are you a single mother with a small child?
Then you ain't getting shit from a shelter but a bad time.

Shelters are hell holes where you get sickness and get all your stuff stolen.
You don't live any kind of life at a shelter, and that is on the microscopic chance of you ever being let in as a single male.

You are giving bad information based totally on ignorance.
Quit being dumb and treating this like it's a game. This shit isn't a game and the dumbass shit you are doing isn't funny.


Not to mention if you are capable of writing rational text here and have even a modicum of physical health left, it's simply the wrong place to be in.

You wont fit in. I've been forced to spend nights in various shelters and 99% of them barely have the strength to walk, and all of them use some kind of hard drugs.

It's not some kind of a 30's recession movie where some unfortunate family man with integrity falls on hard times.
It's like you said a hellhole filled with people who are completely detached from this world.

If your only problem is not having enough money for rent, you don't belong in these places and will be ousted by the other residents very fast.


Food boxes suck ass in the USA most of the time. It's nice for people who just are basic bitches and want only lentils/beans/potatoes/cabbage+lettuce.

You usually have to get your own protein and they don't cater to homeless


I agree. Have fun living on potatoes and cabbage for 30 days.

Guess you could roleplay a starvation-era Holodomor ukrainian that way. Spice it with some grass and evaporated sea salt.


>Food boxes suck ass in the USA most of the time. It's nice for people who just are basic bitches and want only lentils/beans/potatoes/cabbage+lettuce.

You usually have to get your own protein and they don't cater to homeless


>Food boxes suck ass in the USA most of the time. It's nice for people who just are basic bitches and want only lentils/beans/potatoes/cabbage+lettuce.

You usually have to get your own protein and they don't cater to homeless


lol i see multiple wojaks in threads across the site and they've been up for days


if the soyjak discords have found this site, we are already dead

the cancer is metastatic


Not every country is blessed with neetbux, where it's literally impossible to be homeless as the state showers you with money if you have none.

Not disagreeing with your second point, just that it's not a choice for 99.9% of homeless folk.


it's STILL up! LOL!


LMAO it's still up I love this!


Hey Shitcordnigger, fuck off.


everyone who doesn't want wojaks on wizchan is a shitcord uSer Haha!


the tranny vs /pol/tard war claimed this site long ago

wojaks are just a symptom

it is a disease which turns all imageboards into homogeneized garbage


I can't fucking escape it, no matter how hard I try. Sorry homeless wizards: it looks like even this place has been churned into gristle for the /pol/acks.


Just because one dumbass shitpost doesn't mean you all need to start shitposting.

Calm down and report.
Don't engage with the garbage.


>If your only problem is not having enough money for rent, you don't belong in these places and will be ousted by the other residents very fast.
Are you the gatekeeper for homeless shelters? That's why anyone is forced to stay in one. It's called being poor. Fuck out of here with that shit.


Reading comprehension isn't your strong suit.
Read the whole post and try to pick up on context clues what was actually meant. Because your current interpretation isn't what was meant.


I don't know about your country but I don't think I've ever seen a place with a shower where you didn't have to pay somehow.
In Sweden, the closest thing to public pools are indoor pools where you have to pay to go in.


Did you even read the post? Those other people with a billion problems are the gatekeepers.

They will literally throw out a sober, goodie two-shoes who just happened to lose his job and needs a place to stay for the night.

For those chronic drug addicts with ten diseases the place is their home. They are the gatekeepers. They wont deal with some wizard going there asking for shelter, whose only problem is his bank account balance.

How do I know. Because I spent two years in Oklahoma shelters. Hell on Earth. Grace Rescue mission was the best out of them though still full of violent druggies. I was an alcoholic.


I live in a terrible place that I've hated my whole life in Canada. Although I've worked countless odd jobs over my life, I'm not sure I have any real skills, and certainly no qualifications since I dropped out of HS.
I gotta get out of where I am because I'm in a really nasty situation that's heading for a seemingly inevitable self-necking. But I don't know where to go. There is nowhere within my abilities to go to that isn't just another version of hell. Only place I can think of is Montreal because it's the only place in North America.. that isn't like North America. But I know barely any French and I don't have any money save for a credit card.
I've been going over my options for years but it seems that any which way I'm bound to go it will lead to ruin.
I don't know what to do. But homelessness seems a very real possibility, and I'm pretty sure that's just guaranteed death.


Who TF said I was homeless? I have an 8 rack rib roast in my freezer


>two years in OK shelters
My heart goes out to you, man. I cannot even imagine.


Any tips on panhandling?

Also: For winter, wear wool! Wool hat, gloves and socks.


Passive panhandling>active panhandling
You might not make as much or as quickly but you will be tolerated more and kicked from good spots less.

Also being presentable, happy, appreciative, and harmless looking gets far better results then looking hard up and weathered.
It's dumb but normies rather give money to people who don't look like they desperately need it then someone who looks like they are having a hard time of things.
Its a sells job where the only product you are offering is making the person giving you money feel good about themselves.


Seems that the homeless are just political tools to get rich off in LA.


I've been off my meds for awhile now and I feel like my skin is crawling. I have difficulty sleeping at night because of it. Got a cheap backpack and $20 phone from Walmart. You don't need a residence to register trac phones, but you do need an internet connection or someone elses phone to activate. Base $20 was 120 minutes text and MB data. I've realized many places that advertise free WIFI don't or nobody knows the passphrase. I thought for sure a local library or McDonlads would offer it. Instead I had to go back to the place that killed my mom.


Should have gotten a tablet instead.


File: 1630362567563.jpg (16.13 KB, 500x368, 125:92, 5515aa9367097b109a0890b303….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

The government is probably going to round up the homeless and forcibly vax them, killing all of them in the process.


i got the vaxx when do i get to die


na their not in the agenda. neither are inmates. only t he working class is targeted.


I have only got half, Will I still die?


Who's to say, but it is inevitable for you now
The government hates everyone, they're attacking young children for Christ's sake, they're monsters.
Do not take the second one, or go ahead, I'm not the boss of you.


half? more like a fifth, enjoy your booster shots


File: 1630579112695.png (58.27 KB, 581x596, 581:596, not even made by me but th….png) ImgOps iqdb

>it's not rock bottom unless I say it is
>you don't know what pain is
This shit again. It's an obvious mind-game meant to underplay those in pain. Due to the slippery slope no matter how much in pain you are an ass can point at someone even worse off so as to pretend he's negating negative emotions when in reality he just does not want to hear a complaint regardless of suffering. It goes hand in hand with that 'sink or swim' stuff in regards to the bum situation. Don't complain, just die or make it so I won't have to hear it anymore. When you do make it don't forget that faux smile when at 'work'.

If you live in the USA you should probably pay attention to county laws and nothing else. In my area in FL you get like 3 days in jail and owe the jail on top of it if found sleeping outside. Also parks are closed at dusk automatically. Every year that goes buy you see more trees chopped down and other plants so as to try to drive the bums out and also more and more signs brought to you by the sheriff about how you cannot trespass anymore.

Honestly FL is gray, now red, if you want to be treated nice one would go a blue state, that's where all the national reserves are anyway, especially the left hand side. The upper left of the USA. The upper right is too developed of course.


Learn a musical instrument. Tell jokes, appear sober. Do not be rude. Make a good sign and greet people. Do not be afraid to socialize. Also appearing clean helps but being dirty can be beneficial too.
I did the homeless thing on and off cause I got bored of wageslaving, so I'd just smoke weed and read at the library, heckle people on the streets and enjoy the shenanigans of other homeless people.
The worst is being followed by undercover cops or having cops recognize you or becoming a regular at a soup kitchen. 10/10 food but don't make it a habit.
Don't mingle too much with the homeless or you'll either get stuck into their dirty junky schemes or fall victim to a predator who hurts you.
Learn to minimize what you own. This means you'll have to learn how to sacrifice, which is hard at first but rewarding.
The less you own, the better life is.
This, as for anyone else who knows, is a life changing opportunity to move around your country either by foot, train or hitchhike.
Trust your instincts. Don't suck dick. Accept work whenever possible. Don't sleep rough as your body will hurt relatively soon.


How did you afford weed?


>first chunk of the post is about panhandling
>but how did you afford weed?

Dude, are you serious right now?


Weed’s not that cheap. Evidently he made good money panhandling.



May you please share some of your stories? Any tips for aspiring vagrants?


>Weed’s not that cheap
It is the cheapest of all the drugs.
It is a cheaper then a tobacco or alcohol habit.
There are homeless that use heron, meth, and/or cocaine every day.
Weed is in no way shape or form expensive by comparison.


>Any tips for aspiring vagrants?


Fuck you, let him do what he wants.
There are some reddits about it. People love to make it seem all real horrible because yeah it is if you get in the wrong crowds. Would rather talk to a vagabond instead of some chucklefuck wagie though


Sometimes I'd mooch it from people by asking politely if they had any spare weed.
I was outside a pub once where I'd heckle people and a succubus passed by. I asked her if she'd be so kind as to give a bum down on his luck a bit of weed. She gave me a joint and smoked one with me on the spot.
I also worked odd jobs from time to time. Growing your own is your best bet. Finding good seeds is good but if you're on the streets, don't share your weed with others, unless you're making connections. I've found it better to learn as you go, so take my advice lightly.
What works for one man will lead another to destitution.
Ideally don't unless you're prepared to get knocked around mentally by sleep deprivation and the other homeless. I'm not like the others teehee, I kept my hands clean of hard drugs and kept to myself, which either paints you as a lone wolf or an easy target.
My worst encounter was probably when I was going to go pick up a six pack of piss, and greeted some meth heads on a nearby set of stairs. One of them jumped me, pulled me by the collar and asked me what I meant by having a good day. I looked at him and said I just want you to have a good day and this schizo I had befriended came by and smacked the meth head and told me to leave.
Don't befriend schizos. That guy carried a machete in his backpack around town and stole drugs off people. He gave me some dirty acid he had robbed off some beach bums earlier in the day and revealed it all later. I think he was trying to root me but I always just talked to him out of pity and slipped into an alley whenever I saw a chance.
Another nice memory was at a beach rave. A homosexual was handing out ketamine, so I figured I'd indulge. Rubbish ketamine really. My alcoholic acquaintance showed up and we smoked ciggies as the party died down. A colourful slut started shaking her ass in front of her and I told my friend he's next on her long list of kills. We laughed and I said, every succubus has their place to shine regardless of their looks when there isn't any other available. What happened next was vile. A manipulative man I had met earlier tried his schtick on me by using a feminine voice and drowning out my thoughts with gab. It's a really good tactic if you're capable to spew shit you don't believed in while slipping in suggestive tones to make yourself look like a victim when you're really getting set up into a trap. Always avoid these types. Do not give them the time of day. I flattered him for ten seconds until I walked off. Anyway, that peacock looking succubus caught his eye and another man of lower worth tried his luck with her. I saw all three of them cuddling on the rocks while the manipulator was getting kisses and the lower man was looking lost yet content feeling some physical contact.
Then I walked to a can depot to hand in $50 worth of bottles, cans, etc while on acid and cried how broken everyone else was as they were picking rubbish to support themselves and possibly their family or as a hobby.

Either you become one of them or you forge your own path as a vagabond. I ended up going international and working again to avoid this. It's better to take small steps than to plunge entirely into the deep end or you get really fucked up. A work friend I had got trapped into an abusive relationship with a junky. He started smoking crack and panhandling for both of them and probably taking it up the pooper. I tried to save him but he was too far gone.


By the way. If you're going to vagabond, buy good light gear. Most of my earliest wages doing seasonal work was devoted to understanding gear and doing my best to be efficient with it. Having little is a godsend. Don't splurge on fancy stuff you're going to get stolen or break. Yes it may happen but those are valuable skills.
I nearly had an older dreg rob me when I was hitchhiking for fun. We smoked a joint and in through the psychedelic haze, he spoke his true intentions out loud. "He must have at least 1k in that bag." It clicked in my head it was time to exit the ride, so I asked him to pull over at a rest stop and ran to my gear in the trunk, pulled it out and slept in peace knowing my worthless smelly gear was at least safe. At the time my most valuable items were a harmonica, a journal, my sleeping pad and my down sleeping bag but they're essentials to live at least sensibly.
Learning about yourself to develop skills you've sluggishly failed to find or catch onto is anyone's first step. Your first year is always your best as its new and fresh. Don't lose those valuable lessons and don't waste time.
I used to be a neet with nothing in the world but an internet connection, a drug addiction and a porn habit that messed up my sexuality. By browsing imageboards you're absorbing the negativity that's bred in these crab buckets. You'll see how life changes when you're not here 24/7 chasing the next dopamine rush.
I had no skills, no friends, nothing but all the time in the world. So I thought, why not just wander? Its better than sitting here letting my muscles atrophy. By the way, be careful at the start. Don't over exert yourself if you've been sedentary. Learn what to eat. Be mindful how often your body is telling you what you need to eat, when you need to piss, what needs to be done. Horny? Rub one out. Hungry, no food? Beg, soup kitchen, go work, dumpster dive. Thirsty? Learn how to make a fire. Cold? Deal with it until you get better clothing. Avoid cottons unless they're your last layer. They don't breathe. Wool is ideal and will keep you warm even while wet. Lonely? Go talk to someone. Anxious about talking to someone? Don't be a fag, they're likely not to hurt you unless you're into that. Bored? Make up your own fun. Feeling lost? You're never lost unless you've been kidnapped or really walked too far into the woods. Need new gear? Get a job. Hate your life? Work towards improving it even if you have to wage. Hate your job? Go find another. I've quit so many times it's gotten more amusing that I do so because its boring.
I'm not someone you should look up to or emulate. Don't believe I've been happy the entire time but its been far better than being a neet. I've met great people but I'm still not at my goal yet.
Also socks, don't forget good socks and shoes. Never walk in another man's shoes. You're going to damage your feet, cause blisters and hurt your posture.
If you have anymore questions, please ask.


Thank you, friend. Consider writing a guide like that "How to Be Alone Forever" guy. Could share a few more stories? You were right to break down after that rainbow succubus story. How has your view of human nature changed over the years?


Fuck you, he asked for tips.
It is a legit tip not to put yourself through pointless suffering for no good reason when you don't have to.
Life on the streets fucking sucks. Only roleplaying asswipes lie and say otherwise.


What is your goal?

Also, how old are you? If you don't mind sharing.



I'm going to write a collection of stories one day. I just need a better environment away from the internet to separate from my addictive personality.
I did drift a while through South East Asia. Nothing too interesting happened except being a smelly tramp ignoring my true possibilities.
Through the years I've grown to see people as beneficial to my mental health and output. I've been pretty alone the past few months due to work and though I try to avoid being a devil, I'm compelled to struggle between being kind and manipulating people to benefit my workplace's productivity and my desire to be proud of something. Also note that I don't manipulate to gain sexual desires. Overall had I not continued drifting I would have continued down the dark path of hating people for no good reason other than what imageboards had fed me. There's a good amount of information here that's very venomous to the soul and the times I've had extensive breaks I've felt relieved and yet yearning to relive those decadent moments of dark humour.

Goals? Own some land, grow some food, write music, write some stories, and maybe body build.
I do have a desire to enter politics but I'm still too uneducated at the moment to gain any real traction in my home country. I think my lust to gain power may get a bit cumbersome at times so I feel its better to devote that energy towards creative pursuits.
I won't share my age but I'm a millennial.


are there tips to survive as a homeless wiz in brazil? i live in the northeast if that helps, so i imagine that cold definitely isn't an issue here, asking just in case i need to get out of home as my my mom is getting really crazy lately, with my father threatening to divorce her; and im not sure if i can afford a place to live with a minimum monthly wage

you can have some sips, but nothing that gets you drunk, that means you should never go over a quarter bottle for the day (remember to give your liver a one week rest before you drink again), assuming you don't chug
then again you are homeless and you really shouldn't be throwing money away like that.

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