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What food do you eat? Most of my meals are simple soups of ingredients like chickpeas, lentils and rice. Occasionally, for a treat, I'll order katsu curry, Indian food or even a burger. But I try to avoid having these things too often because the gratification of eating them is never as great as I imagine, and I usually feel bloated and sleep poorly afterwards.


Back on carbs and cooking fried rice it is very easy and you can make very nice food fwith little effort or £.

I suggest wizards invest into a slow cooker and have a freezer to store months+ of meals it is very easy to cook food and you can throw everything into a slow cooker I like to cook chicken legs in the slow cooker long enough to the point where the bones are soft just remember to remove the hairpin bone.


Whatever my mother cooks.
Tends to be mostly carbs, pasta, chicken in the ways I like it made. Sometimes potatoes, other meats, chili beans that kind of stuff. Soups are usually bonebroth or onion cream soup.
Fried eggs, bacon, egg bread toast(?) not sure if thats the right name.
I also eat spicy soba noodles whenever I feel like it.

Although I might have untreated diabetes, but beggars can't be choosers.
She still buys me sweets and snacks like when I was a kid too so I consume a lot of sugar too.
Feels weird being closer to 30 than 20 and seeing that nothing changed for the better over the past decade or so.

Not sure what I'll do when she dies. I can fry eggs by myself so I guess I wouldn't starve if I can get the raw ingredients.


Slow cooker/stews/soups truly are the best food. Satisfying and wholesome but usually not unhealthy or loaded with grease. I find this diet puts me in a good state of mind for pursuing my studies and other interests.


I think the ideal wizard diet is one that he creates for himself, for his body, to fulfill his desires. It could be a mix of all things healthy or just nothing but ice cream. The important thing is the the wizard finds his "thing" and eats it to his heart's content despite what normortals around him say. A single male, however, should never have to argue with himself over what to eat. A wizard who eats burgers all day but laments his XXL size is not eating a wizard diet. A wizard who eats white rice and bread but craves the taste of a juicy steak is not eating a wizard diet. A wizard who eats what his parents make him eat, but wishes his parents would cook something else, is not eating a wizards diet.

Right now I'm eating almost exclusively prepackaged food. Granola bars, jerky, fruit cups, etc. I take multivitamins too, no reason not to really. Occasionally I'll get some read meat and either eat it raw or fry it up quick. This diet is built out of necessity; ideally I'd be eating fresh vegetables and meats, making stews and experimenting with soups, rice, and baking things, but walking to the store is easier than standing in front of the stove right now for /dep/ reasons. For this reason I am not eating a wizards diet because what I want and what I know works for me is out of reach, so my food intake is at the mercy of fate. Mid carb, low fat, high sugar, mid protein. I could stand to lose a few pounds so hopefully this forced diet at least leaves me healthier by the end.

I've gone through phases of having a limited diet before. I was eating almost exclusively takeout for a few months. Burgers, fries, pizza, typical bigwiz stuff.
>and I usually feel bloated and sleep poorly afterwards
Same here. The restlessness or "calorie hangover" as people call it was brutal because I was wageslaving then so losing sleep dealt critical hits. Despite feeding as a hobby to distract from reality, my body was constantly hungry as if it was asking for something. Then I've spent months eating almost nothing but pasta and instant ramen. I recall retaining water so much so that I dropped 2 belt sizes after stopping that diet for just a few weeks. Another time I was eating a package of instant oatmeal per day, the Quaker brand sugary flavors variety pack. My body took on… succubus properties.


Learn to cook off the fats in your fatty meats and also invest in a gravy separator or learn to skim off the fat lettuce eaves that are chilled can even be dropped onto the sop/stew and grab oils.

I used to cook with spam and cheap fatty sausages and after learning how to work with the excess oils ad discard them never had any issiues.
> walking to the store is easier than standing in front of the stove right now for /dep/ reasons
Slowcooker wizzie slow cooker I know what true real catatonic depression is like and the amazing thing about a slow cooker is that you can be too depressed to dish up and leave it running for an extra 24 hours or more if you wanted.
also you can add food in incriments and not need to prepare anything much just throw it into the pot whole. I ued to just use frozen veggies in bags and put them into the pt because fuck cutting anything up.
meat veggies flavours maybe chillies and you got yourself a stew going


How the fuck do you cook fried rice? I can barely make steamed rice with a rice cooker.


You make the rice, and then get a pan and cook some egg, green onion, and whatever else you want basically (chicken, carrots, peas, etc.) and then add the rice and soy sauce and it's basically done. If you have a rice cooker the rice should really handle itself. Some cookers are just shit, get one from an asian store if you can.


>chicken nuggets and tenders
>Fast food
>frozen food
>cheap stuff


I eat what my mom cooks but I really like italian food like pasta dishes, I know how to make a few of my favorite, I also really like beans with rice which is really simple and I think it's healthy too. I never get food from outside like fastfood or anything because I'm sorta afraid to leave the house, so I just eat what's here unless mom buys out and even then I try to order food that won't make me sick, like I stay away from anything fried or junkfoody because I know I'll feel bad later


Beans and lentils are probably the best nutrition for value that one can find. Fresh vegetables that are locally in season and frozen ones that aren't. Whatever meat is the cheapest, and sometimes a pack of tuna.
I think that a diet should be balanced for nutrition, cost and cooking efficiency, although nutrition and cooking efficiency are not exact measurements. For me that looks like this: soak the beans the night before, throw everything into a big pot, cook until done.


>What food do you eat?
Whatever my mom cooks, sometimes she makes stuff I don't like, some stews for example, sometimes she makes stuff I like, like tendies.
I also eat way too much bread because we sell that at home.


Fried rice is easy to cook you just add whatever the hell you want to it and have a meal but I think tuna is easier and nicer than fried rice.
Just cook rice and add a can of tuna remember to flavour the rice but it is not needed just salt will do the trick.


I wake up and have a bowl of oats with milk, then for lunch I have roasted potato wedges with salt and aioli sauce. For dinner I typically cook a mince or chicken dish, something like curried mince or coconut curry. I have Mi Goering noodles with frozen veges and a can of salmon as a snack here and there.

It's a decent diet.


I'm currently doing lent, so I'm off a lot of my normal foods and snacks. I usually have two meals a day, brunch and a main meal, with snacks throughout the day. Brunch is always just toast or porridge. I almost never get food from mcdonalds or take-outs though, I prefer to make my own meals. I love pasta dishes, plus a lot of other comfort food like cottage pie or a sweet curry. I normally have a particular meal on a set day, usually in a two week rotation, e.g. I would have lasagne on one Saturday, then cottage pie on the next, then repeat. 14 different main meals that I know I enjoy gives me comfort while at the same times, allows me variety so I don't get bored with the food.

This combined with a couple of walks every week has helped me keep my weight under control.

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