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Have there been any philosophers who had a sound ideology which they actually practised? Many here (including me) think that a lot Schopenhauer wrote was true, but despite preaching "abolition of the will" he was an impulsive normalfag who caught syphilis in a brothel and beat up an old lady because she pissed him off. Nietzsche was basically a crab who I suspect would have abandoned every one of his principles the minute a succubus [aid him a moment's notice.
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>Marcus was the head of an empire so he most likely rarely had to experience any sort of big trouble, anxiety or negative feeling
I already know you have never been in charge of anything in your entire life, yet you think you still have the knowledge of such a positions in order to comment on them. Stay ignorant.


>Marcus was the head of an empire so he most likely rarely had to experience any sort of big trouble, anxiety or negative feeling

Do you know how many Roman emperors were brutally murdered? It's not like being a modern CEO, if you make the slightest mistake you were strangled to death in your bathtub that night. It was an extremely dangerous position with the sword of damocles hanging over you at all time.

I'd legit rather be a middling bureaucrat than a roman emperor in ancient rome.


Please, don't pretend that being the head emperor of a world empire is so hard to do. I acknowledge that it is a position that comes with certain dangers but it also has a LOT of advantages. Also, being killed or harmed? Arguably the average person is and was in the time of Marcus too more likely to suffer and to die violent deaths than the emperor himself.

Being at the top of society objectively makes life easier for anyone.


>Please, don't pretend that being the head emperor of a world empire is so hard to do.
here's your (you)


The emperor had countless people who gave him advice, he really didn't have to do anything special, any educated person could have sat on the throne and history would be the same. You are the same kind of person that would go on about how hard life is for the rich and powerful, yeah fuck off. Some people objectively have it easier.


It is very clear that you have never been in charge of anything at all in your entire life


File: 1626727710150.png (189.11 KB, 697x716, 697:716, xBHCeIF.png) ImgOps iqdb

You're a fucking idiot. The praetorian guards routinely killed the emperor whenever it suited them.


No argument. Every kind of mildly educated person could be an emperor. Actually, intelligence could be disregarded, anyone with some self-confidence could have filled in the role of the ruler. Like I said, these persons don't really have to or had to perform anything, most things were handed to them by society willingly.

And the average person is free from any violent crimes, right? Fuck off. No matter how much you shill your faulty perspective, Marcus objectively had a great and easy life compared to most of the human population in history. It is no big feat to play the stoic when everyone is afraid of you.


Anyone who continues to reply to the retard earnestly is just as retarded as he is. Do yourself a favor and just ignore it.


Emperors weren't really meritocratic by the end of the empire, people were literally buying the seat from the Pretorian Guard by submitting bids for it.

The closest thing to a meritocratic genius in the Roman Empire would have been the consul, or during times of war, a dictator elected unanimously by the entire senate.

There were very few genuinely intelligent emperors (such as Hadrian) and one main reason for that was the heritability of the position. It should always have been a civil job.

Some of the worst emperors were deranged kids like Geta or Elagabalus, who both got murdered before they were 20 years old because they were so mentally incapable of doing their job.

They were most likely simpletons. The latter was only emperor because he was the grandnephew of Septimius Severus.


File: 1626813000709.jpg (188.5 KB, 707x1000, 707:1000, karen.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>any public schoolboy could have led the roman empire
>no, only by applying 19th century analytic pragmatism (the apex of all human thought) can we reason how the roman empire could have best been led


Dumb anime poster quotes imaginary posts with greentext and uploads an irrelevant anime image for no reason other than to act as his avatar since it doesn't even convey a reaction face for his text. Typical.


To be a philosopher you need to have a one-track mind.
I wouldn't listen to them.


Nice Karen pic.


Explain how the post doesn't relate to the ~10 before it or how the image isn't related.


roamn anime succubi


Dumb anime poster believes himself to be some sort of lord or god who can make irrelevant demands of me. Perhaps his delusional mind has sunk to believing he himself is living in an anime, and his avatar is "literally me" thus being somehow relevant. Has anyone let him know he isn't posting on Gaia yet?


If you don't see how the post and image are relevant that's your problem. What's irrelevant is whatever drama you've dragged into this thread.


*walks up to you and whispers*
"um sorry i actually dont get how the image is relevant tbh, but maybe im just dumb can you explain it to me but not him(in private messages)"


Of course its everyone else's problem, the anime poster has no ability to self-reflect or comprehend what is or is not relevant. For him, his personal anime avatar is ALWAYS relevant. Of course, quoting imaginary posts with greentext is also top anime posting, its always safe to argue against imaginary posts.


It's joking how the previous posts were characterizing the Roman empire in Anglo terms.

The only person lacking self-reflection here is you.


Defaulting to "no u" is a sign of someone who has nothing to say. Keep uploading avatars and quoting imaginary posts so you can have imaginary conversations. I'm sure you will anyways, even if God himself came down from the heavens and told you that you were stupid for doing so.


I don't think God would misinterpret a post so poorly.


Poor lad thinks his pretending to be innocent routine would work on an all knowing being. I guess watching cartoons doesn't make you smarter after all, huh.


The only crime here is you shitting up OP's thread with your hysterical drama because you saw a picture you didn't like.


As yes, another [its everyone else's fault except mine] post. Clearly you hold no fault for "shitting up OP's thread" despite doing the exact same thing as myself, while also being the catalyst for it because you demand that your gaia online profile pic is shown at all times.


>[its everyone else's fault except mine]
Yes, I'm not responsible for your posts.

>despite doing the exact same thing as myself

What's that, exactly?


>What's that, exactly?
Posting irrelevant posts to the OP, and in your case images too. I believe that is what you meant by "shitting up OP's thread", although I'm sure you plan to now twist it into some form where somehow your off topic posts are good and worthy of this thread, while my aren't. This is of course, despite the obvious reality that they aren't, and are "shitting up OP's thread" just as much as mine are.


>Posting irrelevant posts
See >>182017
What's irrelevant is whatever drama or anti-anime agenda you've dragged into this thread.

>and are "shitting up OP's thread" just as much as mine are.

I don't accept that. If that's what you think about your writing, why write? I'm not responsible for you shitting up this thread, now fuck off.


>I don't accept that.
Lad just keep proving that he lacks self awareness as he continues to "shit up OP's thread" in the very same manner he accuses me of. Possibility reaching peak delusions at this point, well saying delusions is me giving him the benefit of the doubt, in reality I think his brain just lacks all capacity or ability for self reflection at all.


File: 1626829244734.png (431.33 KB, 406x495, 406:495, fucking idiot.png) ImgOps iqdb

so you've come to /wiz/ to shit on a wizard for posting cute loli reactions? i think i have the perfect place for you


File: 1626829581281.jpg (40.82 KB, 900x599, 900:599, hello "wizard".jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>wizards post anime guize


>4chan presents:
Sounds about where you come from yes.




is the philosopher more important than his ideas?


Ethos has always been a core form of argument. If they don’t convince you with logos or pathos, it’s all that’s left.


When some student asked Schopenhauer about said things, he told signpost doesn't need to fallow the road it points to. Nietzsche was socially deprived if i remember correctly. He was a narcissist, that fucked with his brain, i don't think he really was happy like some other guy stated. Philosophy isn't meant to be "practised". It's not meant to answer anything, it's purpose is to ask questions and learn critical thinking. When it comes to how it affects my mood its more like a hobby. You can dive into one wide topic like the free will of man or maybe meaning of life, what is happiness and what is sadness, some philosophical systems perhaps? After that you just go down the rabbit hole and it helps me pass the time and take my mind off some things. Coming from a philosophy student.


Kind of a case by case thing but if their philosophy is even halfway good then it would be able to stand on it's own.


…isn't this a decent response to the OP?



File: 1631579947102.jpg (740.92 KB, 3840x2160, 16:9, mpv-shot0381.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


> he was an impulsive normalfag who caught syphilis in a brothel

that was nietzsche not schopenhauer

schopenhauer hated succubi and never sought them out for sex


he did not hate succubus at all.


Schopenhauer literally tried to court a succubus like twenty years younger than him and got rejected. His whole life was the complete opposite of his philosophy which is probably why Houellebecq loves his work so much


is that a typo or something?
I have never heard of who or whatever that is and it looks like a word misspelled or something.


French author who is discussed a lot on imageboards whose major inspiration is Schopenhauer


I disgus things on imageboards and I have never heard of him.

Me having a bias against most things french I would have remembered such a person in particular since I would make a note to avoid their almost certain to be shit work.


Easy to do so as a fictional caricature of a human being.


8 years ago my grandmother got sick and went to the hospital.

Three days later, I was awakened by my mother sobbing in front of my room's open door. She looked at me and just cried. I got up, hugged her, and asked her what was wrong.
She looked into my eyes and said my grandmother had passed away. My grandmother raised me, while my mother worked. Than, due to circumstances, raised me full time when my
mother decided to move in with her boyfriend when I was 5. My grandmother was my mother; my grandmother was my only reason to live. But in that moment I didn't feel like crying.
In that moment I saw my mother as she truly was. A child. She was a little succubus who had just lost her mommy, and she needed someone with great strength to hold her and tell
her everything was going to be okay.

I was born wrong. As are many, especially now. Most likely due to things in the water and food, etc. But most of the time, people are born normally. Generic. Children. Kind,
docile, nervous, shy, easily impressionable, but not easily deterred. Brave, but scared. I learned a long time ago that adults are just children, and everything else is learned.

Adulthood is a facade. It's only a matter of what it takes to make you cry and scream for mother.


heavy post and good. maybe it is age but I dont see older people as old anymore I just see everyone as that kid whose shell got wrinkled by time but is still the same child inside who has learnt from mistakes made.


I'm a grandma's boy, too, although I am much more childish than my mom. She was always focused primarily on work and finance with some light solo recreation. She has had to become more attentive with my siblings who are far younger since granny was out of the picture before they were even born.
I think a sense of maturity past age exists on some level, like how sensitive someone is as you mentioned (maybe how self-sufficient they are as well), but the way it's typically thrown around by norpers is only as an empty brag. In most cases they could just say "I'm good and you're bad" without losing any meaning, but I guess that sounds too childlike. Better dress it up as if some adult concept like logic influenced their jab. The ones that love to call everyone else immature are often the most easily annoyed or upset in my experience.

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