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Have you embraced solitude and how did you come about this choice if it was one and what is your story do you think your childhood lead to you being ok with being alone?

As a child my parents were split up a common theme for wizards but I consider some aspects of my childhood to be influential to my preference for isolation as an adult.
I lived with my mother full time as a child until the age of 7 and for various reasons my mother was never home so I was by myself and forbidden to leave the room I lived in.
When I started to live with my father nothing much changed except as he was sick he never got out of bed and was mostly sleeping and we lived in relative isolation away from others so I had the outdoors to explore as a child.
During schooling I was bullied a lot and was always acting up so was in detention every single day for lunch in my elementary school and this meant no other children were allowed to come near me or they would be in trouble I spent my time thinking alone.
I was also not allowed to have any friends as a child if a playmate took a liking to me when I was older my mother would tell me that not to trust the other child or make fun of them and say "wizzie you do not want to be around this child he is a loser" despite me being the biggest outcast. Of note is abuse by my parents in addition to my peers I think that played a part as well.

It is no surprise to myself that when I left schooling I withdrew from all social contact and shut myself away for numerous years and counting but I cannot help but feel that my entire younger days were preparing me to be alone because I do not feel lonely at all.
I used to enjoy talking online to some people from image boards on skype etc but I have now fully realized that there is no point in me trying to make friends with others online because it wont happen even if I wish I could I simply cannot make a friendship as if I never learnt to.
I feel more content now that I do not even bother trying to talk to others even when bored of my hobbies.

What about you wizards also sorry for the blog posting but I want to know if anyone else is similar to me. If psycho babble means anything one of my "mental disorders" is supposedly schizoid.


I was sheltered and isolated as a kid as well but for different reasons. My parents were religious Boomers so as a result they were selfish and self absorbed. They had me at 35 and had already had a kid at that point so I was typically left to my own devices. I spent most of my time watching cartoons or playing Game Boy, then later on anime when it became more common in the West.

In school I was always really hyperactive like any healthy boy should be, but the public school system didn't like that so they told my parents that I needed to be put on ritalin.

My parents said no and in the 3rd grade they pulled me out and homeschooled me. After a couple years of being home schooled I made the mistake of wanting to go back to regular school.

In the 5th grade I was pretty much Ralph Wiggum so as a result people would take advantage of my gullibule and sheltered nature and pull all sorts of mean spirited pranks on me. On top of that I was very clumsy and due to my isolation I was very awkward so I would accidentally say something stupid in class or find some way to make myself look like a fool.

Due to that I was labeled as stupid even though I received high scores on the bullshit tests they would make us take. Needless to say it only took one year in the public school system to wise up to normalfags and their cruelty.

From there I became a bitter and edgy contrarian teen that hated everyone and everything. The small group of outcasts I would talk to eventually all matured by the end of high school and moved on with life.

By that point after finishing high school I stopped going out during the day and chose to only run errands at night.

I tried and hated college, dropping out only after a year. From there I was forced to rely on mommy and daddy for help paying rent for a shitty apartment while I worked a series of shit jobs.

All the jobs were solitary. I was a 2nd shift janitor and a night security guard. I learned to be content with being alone.

I finally found a solitary career as well driving a truck but life feels extremely empty now as I grow older.


parents moved around too much so i stopped interacting with people at a really young age. the feeling was basically 'why waste energy on these people when next year ill be moving anyway, ill never see these people again in my life'… so yeah i never had the interest in socializing. i learned to entertain myself and avoid others


I moved around too often with family who was looking for work and developed a severe mental illness that basically led into drugs and alcohol which led into homelessness, jail, and hell.


I had been to 10 different elementary schools and anyone I interacted with my age was only passing through and I would always be left alone after always finding kids to play with so can relate to that.
Do you think you were born a wizard or formed into one I am unsure if I am honest.


I grew up in a dangerous area so my parents never let me play outside with other kids, I used to play alone with my figurines for most of my childhood. My mom was an airhead whore who never really gave a shit about me and she always blamed me for ruining her life. Dad was overprotective, never let me do shit own my own and he was an overly strict asshole, one time he beat the shit out of me to the point of almost killing me because he saw me with one of those temporary cartoon tattoos that came in bubblegum. Thanks to them I'm the failure of a human being that I'm now, but at least they don't judge me much, they know they fucked up.

Got bullied in school and most of Highschool, never went to Uni becuase I was sick of that shit. Had a few friends back in HS but i cut all contact with them as soon as I graduated because they bring me bad memories and because they were moving on with their lifes and I was ashamed of myself.

Never chased succs, grew up with lots of females in the family and I always hated them, I don't have the patience to be around succubi.

Other than that, I don't have much to tell really.


yes but sheltered by parents which has made me not even want to go on NEETbux (parents arent even rich i just dont have massive wants)


and isolate myself because a succubus and bullyng i was coping in thinking life will become better then i become a neet hikkikomori for 7 years


Starting in my mid teens, I developed an animosity toward everyone around me and just wanted to be left alone. I wished for the merciful embrace of death to take me away but it never happened. I'm now in my late twenties and still feel the same as I always did.


Being a kid I was never isolated. I always played with other kids but more or less I always felt uncomfortable around others. I said things I still cringe to this day, I bullied and at some point got bullied by other peers.

I started to distance myself from everyone once I realized I could spend all day at the computer playing without having the hassle of dealing with other people other than my parents, schoolmates and teachers.

This was about when I was 14.


when I was still in school I had a few "friends" but we only played video games together, I never went to parties with them, we never talked about anything personal, etc
I was only friends with them so I could play multiplayer games, and because I was afraid that if I cut them off they might hate me and try to bully me in school.
After I graduated highschool I never talked to them again. I'm 32 now and love being alone.


>public school
It’s now confirmed that public schools are nothing but a screen to weed out noncomformists and gifted non-NPC’s and destroy their lives. And I mean really, deliberately and with a full plan, destroy their lives. In the following article, it reveals that schools have been putting together LISTS of students who
>didnt react well enough
>argued with
>were too quiet
>over reacted (faked their reaction)
Literally weeding out the non-NPC’s. This isn’t new behavior from the schools either, from time to time this type of thing gets exposed.
Here is a link to the 4chan thread that I saw it in
And here is a link to the article itself
Once again, students who were reacting different than the typical “grovelling to authority” behavior that NPC’s are known for were put down on lists for further action. Make no mistake, these kids will be effectively gangstalked by whoever is running this stuff to destroy them as time goes on. Maybe they get put on ritalin, maybe they get grades unfairly, maybe they get sent to “special” remediary schools, maybe they get taken from their parents because the parents disagree with the plans. But mark my words the schools destroy them.


Degrees are just conformity trophies.


My circumstances are similiar, especially the parents. I really wish mine would learn to stop judging me. Do not have much to add to this just wanted to let you know I empathizie with you and hope you can find some happiness.


>class was required to sit together during lunch break in elementary school
>always had some blokes to sit with because they were trapped with me lol
>fast forward to middle school
>teens can sit wherever tf they want
>absolutely no one wants to sit with me
>have been a total loner since
>sat alone from grade 6 til senior year graduation
the main reason i never went to college is because i can not handle the embarrassment of going through that again


moving is a modern problem. we were never supposed to move to (((big cities))) and be forced to socialize with people of different nationalities. especially multiple times as we are barely maturing. since i was a child i found it sad how my classmates were eager to attend a university several miles away and meet brand new people. do normalfags not understand the concept of loyalty and sentiment? i still think about my original internet friends from 10 years ago. their unique personality cannot be replaced.


>be forced to socialize with people of different nationalities
>my classmates were eager to attend a university several miles away and meet brand new people.
Cognitive dissonance there mate


*And it seems you want to force your classmates to socialize with you


*Final point is they're your "class"mates because they're forced to be in the same class with you not necessarily real friends. Let them go.


I had a psycho mom who would emotionally unload on me about the various men she'd sleep with and how she was trying to find me a father for basically as long as I could remember, but I remember it being the most burdensome around 5 years old. I remember finding my moms sex toys, her having dick shaped candles for love and fertility spells. I have siblings by different fathers that she tried to rope commitment from men with. She claims to love us all dearly, and she has spent her life and her every effort on "us" but she's delusional and stupid to think it was ever helpful, and being the first born and the oldest, she had us like 8 years apart, I got the brunt of it. Anyway she managed to secure her desired father figure by the time I was 11, at that point I was already mentally and emotionally independent out of necessity, I never called him dad, I told them to stay married for my little bros sake even though they were always fighting over money, and she was still unloading on me asking a 12-13 year old about if she should divorce. I was conflicted with her husband over his treatment of my brother, his kid. That lasted for about 3 years, each day seemingly pushing me further into isolation. I was 14 when I fought him and he kicked me out of their house, allowing me to return if I ever apologized, I never did but now we have an odd tolerate one another non relationship. Anyway I dropped out of highschool and got my ged asap, and then neeted off and on, neet at the moment as well for the last 10 years. None of that stuff really bothers me, it left me indifferent to just about everything and anything. It allows me to be neutral and analytical, and has left me wanting to keep my distance and not grow too close to anyone. I had been in 5 different elementary schools by the time I got to middle school because all the times mom decided to move for a fresh start


I'd say childhood abuse and early adult mental illness from unfortunate genes. Nature and nurture made me a loner wizard. Medication has helped with my anxiety symptoms though and having no anxiety gradually changes behavior too.


I really think where the school is located might have something to do with the way the ((curriculum)) is determined. For example, I grew up in a blue collar factory/military town on the outskirts of a major city. As a result I'd imagine in elementary school they were brainwashing us to enter one of those fields. I wasn't aggressive, preferred to be indoors, and did not follow instructions well. Naturally I was fucked from the get go.


>Have you embraced solitude
no neither anyone who is on this website


SA & <7/10


Speak for yourself, normalcattle.


I prefer solitude now. I used to crave being around others all the time, but after going insane many times and losing respect from my peer group, I eventually decided to withdraw socially and no longer put any effort into that. I don't get lonely at all, just being around people tires me out and makes me incredibly uncomfortable, to say the least. I know if I had some good friends I would benefit from it, but I'm doing fine on my own and its safest on my mental health to keep looking after my self without worrying about making any friends for the time being.

Like many other people here, I had a poor upbringin, was fucked up psychologically due to my parents, and they still have a negative effect on my until recently, where I have decided to reject their influence as much as possible.

Online friends are often a terrible idea. If you find someone genuine you get along with, its good to keep that friendship, but there are many people who behave psychopathically online, especially around imageboards etc.


I've learned to distrust people by default. That's the only way to survive. It took me years of trial and error before finally learning this, which is entirely the fault of my parents for never letting me do anything for myself when I was growing up. Things that people typically pick up on in their teens, I had to figure out well into my 20s. My life has been so fucked up.


It took me a long time to learn also, but its definitely worth not trusting people. That doesn't mean assuming the worst in others, but just understandign that a lot of people put themselves first 100% of the time, and won't think about others.

My parents made us do all sorts, excessive house chores compared to what our parents did, we did more. But where it mattered, they didnt teach, they just told. The example I was set was poor.

The good thing is that humans have a maybe infinite capacity for change and self improvement.


I started fucking up in highschool and having trouble waking up in time for class (it was partly my fault since I would stay up half the night on my computer, but I was able to do that freshman year without issue and it was only later that I started having major issues waking up). My school had a stupid fucking system wherein they'd mark you as absent for a class if you were over halfway late to it, then call up your parents with a generic message about how you were "absent from school" that day. It effectively deincentivized you from even showing up to school. My mom was a high-strung schoolaholic who would flip her shit and didn't understand I was late rather than missing school altogether, so I would call up relatives to call me in as sick (sometimes I would even call in myself pretending to be my dad, lel).

Before I knew it, I was on the brink of going to truancy court and my grades were irrecoverable, so I had no choice but to switch over to online schooling. The years went by, and before I knew it, I turned into a total recluse, and later a neet. It's still ironic to me that my school's attempts to keep kids attending school on time, as well as my mom's lunatic approach to my schooling, ended up having the exact opposite effect and encouraged me down the road that led to me becoming a fuckup. I would have genuinely had no issue showing up to school a little bit late, but my options were this: show up to school and get bitched the fuck out later, or stay home and be comfy. Oh well.

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