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My family is like every other normal person in the world and doesn't give a shit about mental illnesses. They don't care about how fucked in the head I am and just think I'm making up excuses. I think becoming an alcoholic might actually make them give a shit about me and have some level of sympathy for my messed up life.

A month or so in rehab could be comfy too.


that's so fucking tough, living with a family that dosn't give a shit about you, I feel you man.


I was thinking about something similar but not for my family. I would become an alcoholic or drug addict if ever forced to sleep outside. That way I could get help with housing and job placement at a rehab center if the time ever comes that I have nowhere to go. It seems like a get-out-of-jail free card. Must be nice to be so dependent on drugs that other people take pity on you. Like my mental disorders weren't enough.


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I would not advise it, if your parents are already the type to believe mental illness is a meme they will see your drug addiction as a personal failure. If you live with them that could lead to homelessness.
t. someone who has had some weird behavior in front of parents from drugs


why do you want their sympathy?


he has borderline personality disorder. OP make sure you are not growing breasts


you sound like an idiot kid just become an alcoholic for the right reasons.


You're a fucking idiot if you think alcoholism or being fucked to the point you need rehab is "comfy" and you probably couldnt even handle a six pack without puking anyways.


Don't do this, you won't gain any sympathy, trust me.


Also, what kind of thought process is this?


I have a better idea, learn how to play an instrument. Something simple like a harmonica or tambourine would wow them.


What's your mental illness?


Get out normie OP does not want to play the flute like a joker and wow them.


What if your plan doesn't work?
Really think about the consquences.
So you hurt yourself with substance abuse and even intentionally become depended on it.
Your family is ether indifferent or more likely dislikes this behavor and distances themselves even farther from you while being even less sympathetic since you literally brought your worse situation on to yourself.
So in going for pity or whatever instead you earned their contempt.

The answer is no you shouldn't become a alcoholic. That is fucking stupid and you probably know it.

The answer you probably don't want to hear is your family isn't going to care unless they see you giving your all and making actual real life not word effort through consistent actions to be a normie, and failing despite doing so because of obvious mental illnesses.
Then they would see that despite your best efforts you need additional help to overcome it all lifetime movie style.
So that leaves you with two choices.
Are you willing to play the normie game and fall flat on your face over and over again until they give you a helpful hand to join the normie ranks.
Or will you learn to stop giving a shit about a world and people who don't give a shit about you. To deal with your problems your own way and live the best life you can without them, their attention, their sympathy, or their approval.

Or in other words do you want to be a failed normie or do you want to be a wizard.


You do realize that mental illness doesn't allow such things?


Not sure if you have ever had a substance problem in a real way but personally I abused alcohol and drugs for years and now I am sober I can honestly say fully confident that I do not regret being an alcoholic pill popper one bit.
It does not matter that I ended up in hospital nearly dead multiple times or damaged my body it was the best choice I made and abusing drugs helped me cope with how I felt until I could come out of it and I still want to abuse drugs even now I am sober as I do not have a drug problem I have a life problem so the negatives of drug abuse do not apply since life itself does not have much value.

You lecture OP and while I agree his reasoning for wanting to go down this path is frankly immature and laughable why should he not become an alcoholic? you are nothing but a normalfag


Making things worse is a maladaptive cope what only makes you suffer more not less.

Read between the lines dude. Or even read what was writen literally. Clearly I know that and even say so in different words.

Actually you don't even need to do that.
Read the last sentence the both of you because you dumbasses seem to both have missed the big fucking point of the whole post.

Or in other words do you want to be a failed normie or do you want to be a wizard

God I am tired of you stupid crabs I fucking swear.


Holy fucking shit why is this thread still up? OP is literally acting like some whiny bitch for attention. God what the fuck is wrong with all of you?


>Making things worse is a maladaptive cope what only makes you suffer more not less.

Who said suffering is bad you can enjoy your misery.
Abusing alcohol is a good cope tere are little negatives when you are suicidal and if you have some hope then cope some healthy way but it does not matter how you cope when you are wanting to die every moment.


> you can enjoy your misery.
nigger those two things are complete antonyms.


Misery itself in the form of an extreme emotion is something that can be enjoyed but boredom cannot be learnt to be enjoyed.
WHen you have truly wallowed long enough you want nothing more than to cry as it is a nice feeling and it is a shame that people do not embrace their sorrow as they are only harming themselves


Ah, yes, wonderful idea, OP. Give yourself a debilitating addiction and develop a litany of mental conditions so that people will feel sorry for you. While you're at it, why not smash your legs with a hammer so you can end up in a wheelchair? People will feel sorry for you if you're a cripple.

By the way, if a normalfag doesn't give a fuck about you, they don't give a fuck. Simple as that. Stunts and games like you're talking about will just make them hate you and treat you like shit more. Parents especially often never want to take any sort of blame for how their kids might have turned out, so they'll always find reasons to make you out as personally responsible for (and therefore deserving of) every single problem in your life. If you drink, it's not going to be "oh no, poor anon has picked up such a terrible addiction, his drinking explains why he acts the way that he acts, how sad :(", it's going to be "great, now that fucking loser is an addict, just what we needed to deal with, no fucking surprise there".


My family found my drinking annoying. They didn't give a shit about my boo hoo oh so sad story for drinking either, and they probably cared about me more than it sounds like your family does.

It also made good leverage to hold over my head. My opinion doesn't matter, I'm a drunk. Look what you should do for us after we selflessly bore the burden of your alcoholism, etc.

It certainly didn't earn me any sympathy.


Being a truly alcoholic wizard is a good way to become a homeless wizard it has happened to this wizzy before. They get tired of taking you to hospital eventually and kick you out onto the street.

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