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What's the appeal of the far right to loser men?

Many wizards seem to get particularly upset about new movies/likewise media products not featuring le epic white chad in them as the main character. Is this really that important? I always thought the chad/loser divide was far greater than the racial one. I feel far more connected to a loser of any racial background than to a chad of my fellow race, they're like aliens to me. Is this not true for other wizards?
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Are you forgetting that italy was fascist?


Mussolini was literally Trump so they ain't black.


Italians are White


Nobody said that. You're making points against an argument that was never made. This is why I say politics are fucking retarded.
The whole concept of ideologies is something I despise. The idea that you have the entire world figured out is extremely stupid.
Sage for going on a tangent.



idk about the alt right, but this made me laugh:



The thing is if you replaced/swapped the words "white" to "black" or another race in many "far right" screeds, often it would be seen as perfectly fine or even laudable. You can go on air and shit talk whites all you want and no one will bat an eyelid. Another example, if you talk about being proud of being white on the TV you'll be kicked off very quickly, but it's not a problem at all if you're not white. Even if you're not a 'disadvantaged minority' on the global scale e.g. Chinese Americans.


Why should one be proud about something they have no control over?


I sort of agree, but it seen that whites are supposed to be very individualistic and often are. That's another thing- You can talk with pride about black, asian accomplishments etc but if you talk about European accomplishments, it's seen that you should never take credit just because you are the same "race" as them. But you often are supposed to share at least part of the blame for any wrong doings in the past. Many far right or nazi talk if swapped around would not be seen as a problem e.g. kinds of white nationalism.


Another example is that famous basketball player who rage tweeted a picture of that police officer who intervened when a young black succubus was trying stab another succubus. He put out the cop's picture with "you're next" on it mainly acting on the irresponsible media's hysteria. There was no real reaction or consequence other than yeah he was wrong but you can understand how he was upset. You can imagine if a high profile white celeb reacted publically with racial tones if a white person was killed by a black person.


If you’re not supposed to take credit for the accomplishments of your race then you shouldn’t be held accountable for the wrongdoings of your race.


Nobody sane thinks every white is responsible for holocaust, slavery and racism. There are extremists on both sides but here is a surprise for you: most leftists don't want black or minority superiority, they truly just want equality. Racism, hating succubi, hating people who aren't average hetero joes is a very common thing nowadways still. And let's not get into anti-semitism.


POC need equitable treatment to have equality with whites. Equality and meritocracy are part of the system of whiteness that only further disempowers brown bodies. Educate yourself.


>I feel far more connected to a loser
The Axis lost WW2 so I feel connected.


>Nobody sane thinks every White is responsible for holocaust, slavery and racism

There is a lot of insane people in the world today


The immigration to my country (Sweden) is very harmful. The negative consequences for me a relatively mild but I still think it's bad if the normalfags get robbed or assaulted and of course it's better to be a wizard in a rich and we'll functioning country than a shithole. Sweden is still good now but so much worse than if the immigration never happened and it will eventually turn into a shithole if our politicians are never stopped.


The "anti-racists" (pretty much the entire left and much of the right) want all white peoples to give up their countries and share the control and everything else with other peoples.
They want to spread hatred towards whites, usually with lies or twisted information. They want everyone to believe that all problems were caused by whites and that whites are evil, boring and stupid.


Equality and meritocracy are opposites to each other, first of all. And don't pretend that people looking down on succubi, minority races or gays is a non-existent thing, please. White males are objectively priviliged even nowadays.

Always were.

Paranoia and conspiracy theories only. You misinterpret equality for giving up your country. Making sure everyone gets treated equally in a country won't make blacks, migrants or whoever rule your country.
Same for spreading "hatred" towards whites. Acknowledging the sins of previous members of the white race or your culture isn't an attack against you personally. Slavery and racism were actual things, racism still is.
The only ones who hate whites as a group are racists themselves or extreme zionists. True leftists don't hate any ethnicity or race.


I’m not sure if you’re just naive or an ideologist, but like the other wiz pointed out, seldom will anyone who claims to be a leftist hold the views you express.


> White males are objectively priviliged even nowadays.
Whites yes, males no. Among young people in the west white females are the most privileged, for example in education, income and social integration.


Making immigrants equal to natives is giving up your country. You don't own something if you can't exclude others from it.


Glownigger I"m going to fucking kill you


You don't even own your country the rich and powerful of your country own it


Yes that's the problem.


Why should they be treated equally in Sweden? There's no good reason for letting millions of people from the middle East and Africa come here and vote for their own interests.
And when media or the "anti-racist" movement spread lies or twist information which gets people to hate whites, that's not "acknowledging the sins" of other whites.
Maybe there is no left in Sweden but I'd argue that if the entire left (maybe with a few people being exceptions), this is what left means now.


Trying to get equality for different peoples living in the same country will never work, people naturally see themselves as groups and the only way for the different peoples to get along is to have separate countries.


>And forth, why should a wizard even care seriously about race, politics or shit like that which is society related?
I'd rather live in a country that safe and rich than in a shithole.


>One thing wizarddom is supposed to teach a real loser is empathy.
Maybe that's why I'm against harmful politics like immigration of peoples that can never assimilate.


There's like 1 or 2 crab killers like Elliot Rodger and now they're acting like there's an epidemic of this.
And I'm pretty sure they'd count wizards into these dangerous crab extremists too that are hiding under their beds too.


Now I'm just waiting for the "it's no wonder you guys can't get laid"


Maybe don't spend all your time on tumblr or /pol/ and you will actually encounter sane persons.

Females are still looked down, mocked and ridiculed by lots of males in the West. Most males just put them in the category of "tool for sexual satisfaction and cooking my meals" instantly. Any priviledge they seem to hold is exactly because of the white-knight right-wing mentality, men still think they need to take care of succubi and enforce this mindset. In an equal society white-knighting would cease because men would know that succubi are capable of taking care of themselves and others on their own.

Sharing what you have with others isn't giving it up. And like the other poster said, you don't own your country in right-wing systems, the rich would own it or the ruling party. It is much better if everyone owns it equally than to give it up entirely to the upper class, wouldn't you say?
I consider a migrant closer to me than rich people of my own country. I am a poor fellow trying to survive and enjoy life, how is that different from the situation of migrants?

There is no good reason either for giving money to those who just leech off from society, like we do. Yet I'm sure we are all in support of some kind of bux or social benefits. Rich people of your country have plenty of capital, the least they can do is lift a finger and give some to those people who actually need it.
The key thing about migration is Islam, Islam should be banned (along with other religions, too) for good already and islamists should be dealt with the strictest penalties.
The mainstream "left" we have nowadays in the West is nothing but neo-liberal capitalism masking itself as leftism. It focuses on 2nd rate matters while lets the middle and upper class exterminate or permanently enslave the lower classes. The problem of races is just a distraction used by both mainstream left and right, the actual fight is between the classes.

You are right, people see themselves as groups which is actually a correct thing to do, if they view things as class vs class instead of race vs race or nation vs nation. You and the rich people of your country differ greatly so would you say rich people should be separated entirely from poor people?


Disagreed. Islamists are the only people with enough balls to decapitate and kill capitalists in the west who hoard 90% of all resources.

Without them there is no real counter-force. Western men are too feminized.


Permitting this immigration is what makes it so easy to distract the poor with things like racism.
All of the far-left (communists and other leftists who are left of anything mainstream) in Sweden fight for this immigration too.
In Sweden Islam has caused problems but it doesn't seem to be any better when it's christian Africans.
Regarding welfare and such benefits, that's the swedes deciding to give themselves a safety net so there's a reason for it.
If we wanted to help those in other parts of the world who has it worse, this immigration is a terrible way to do it. It's very expensive for just helping a very small portion of the ones who could use help.


Islam is counter-revolutionary, like all religions. Radical Islam and muslims are the equivalent of /pol/fags, they have radical muslims instead of radical nationalists or racists over there.

>Western men are too feminized

It has never been about feminization as much as about deluding people. It used to be religions in the past, now it is racism and nationalism. Anything to prevent men from realizing who their real enemy is, namely politicians of all sorts, bankers, businessmen, factory-owners, priests, etc.

Anyway, muslims are worse than capitalists. I'd say they are the biggest threat to a world revolution right now. The cancer of Islam and religions needs to go, whatever the cost.


Migration is much better than what the meme-right proposes when they say we should help 3rd worlders in their own country. They left those countries for a reason, most notably because of corruption and poverty that follows it. Most of the money you give to these countries get stolen by the oligarchs of the country.
So letting in migrants to a reasonable extent is the superior solution. This and shutting down Islam for good.
>Permitting this immigration is what makes it so easy to distract the poor with things like racism
So if migrants lived far away then those people wouldn't be racists? This is stupid. Someone is either racist or not. Not to mention, if there weren't migrants in your country then the same movements who focus on migrants would focus on the unemployed people and NEETs in your country simply. Those who hate on migrants hate them because mostly they don't contribute to society. Hating migrants is almost the same therefore as hating NEETs generally.
In my country we have no migrants but we have a proto-fascist government that always shits on NEETs and poor people generally. It always says how good it is that we keep the migrants out and stupid people eat this up, they don't realize migrants don't even want to come here because our country is a backwards 2nd world country. So when anyone tries to tell me how good it is for NEETs and wizards to have right-wing policies and government I tell them to go fuck themselves. These people, right-wing politicians I mean, always find the weakest group and blame them for everything. If it is not migrants then it will be you, trust me. You don't want to entrust your life and well-being to these scum.


>It used to be religions in the past, now it is racism and nationalism
You can't be serious with this crap. I don't know about your country, but in mine racism and nationalism are heavily suppressed by the state.


>nationalism is suppressed by the state
God what a fucking age we live in.


>In my country we have no migrants
Shut Up then since you don't understand what you're talking about.


Foreigners/migrants in general are low class people from shitty countries (why else would they be migrating), so it makes sense that anyone, even wizards, would be weary of them. Skin color and physical features just happens to usually denote the general place from which you've come, so it's not too hard to get the idea in your head that "X colored people are bad". Also making sweeping generalizations like this is easy, especially when media constantly wants to tap into the primitive tribal receptors of your amygdala. People want to belong to a group and with the increasingly integrated world it's getting harder and harder to have your own group of people. The internet mainly has really upset the balance of things, in any other age there would be almost no way for an average person in America to communicate with someone from the UK for example.


>So letting in migrants to a reasonable extent is the superior solution. This and shutting down Islam for good.
Only right wing parties want this so everything you said about what the right would do if we didn't have this immigration would apply to your suggestion too.


Most people are still racists or fall for the nationalist propaganda spread by the wealthy upper class. The official leaders of your country can be neolibs but doesn't change the fact that racism and nationalism are extremely mainstream opinions even in the currently neolib capitalist world.

I understand very well what I am talking about. Migrants aren't your enemies, they are the losers of this world just like you or me. The actual enemy is the one who wields all the capital and power, rich people, politicians, the upper-middle class and the majority of the middle class, the working people who loyally serve the interests of these worms. The poor masses and the lumpenproletariat are constantly oppressed by these devils.

I'm not a right winger and I want this. The difference between me and right wingers is that I don't want to buttfuck the lower classes for the benefit of the middle and upper classes, like they always do. Religions are harmful and tools of tyranny. Islam happens to be the shittiest religion, that's all. Just because I share one thing in common with the right doesn't mean that I would support the rest of their ideas.


all of society is effectively the enemy of wizards, we are outcasts and no friends or allies


That is why a gentle, tolerant and equality-focused society would be ideal for us. We are the losers of life so we should build a society that helps losers, like anarchism. Free housing and free stuff for everyone, especially the poor. We still belong to classes, and I think lots of people here are poor or will be once their parents are dead. Equality is something worth fighting for if you are a wizard, for your own interest. We can only gain from the redistribution of wealth and property, we barely have anything to lose.


File: 1623968202383.png (4.5 KB, 302x148, 151:74, jensen.png) ImgOps iqdb

>Most people are still racists

Yeah, why is that?

>rich people are the enemy

Bad vs good narratives always sell. Capitalism is merely the acceleration of natural physical processes, ie the maximization of the efficient dissipation of entropy - the most work which can be accomplished per unit time. Once entropy has reached its highest point, the world will be redeemed. We should be encouraging this rat race competition to accelerate so it can all be over faster.

Some people just never grow out of thinking life can be modeled by narratives…


> Anyway, muslims are worse than capitalists. I'd say they are the biggest threat to a world revolution right now. The cancer of Islam and religions needs to go, whatever the cost.

It's funny that you say things like religion are just there to divide people and that it's really about class but then it turns out those "2nd rate issues" (in your case feminism) are what's the most important to you, like for all radical leftists. Everyone but leftists themselves have caught up to that.

Guess who else really hates Muslims? The reactionaries you mold yourself in opposition to.


People are racists because they are dumb and need some coping mechanism. "I'm a poor white guy who is forced to work a shitty job for all his life in order to survive but whew, at least I'm not a nigger!" Racism is a drug of the masses like religion used to be. It is the typical mentality of "I'm a loser but hey, I can bully those who are even more of a loser than me", instead of fighting your actual enemies and tyrants. Oh but that actually requires courage and critical thinking, hmm.. It is easier to just join the exploitation machine that is called society and to try to please your tyrants.

No, capitalism won't end ever if we don't stop it. The rich will always want to be richer. Society needs a radical change, we have to resort to drastic measures.

Feminism is good if it isn't this mixed insanity that we have in this neolib world: succubi are allowed to work and full rights yet men still want to spoil them and treat them as sex objects. succubi are either equal or not. I for my part think they don't need society's or men's support as much as right-wingers imagine.

But I never said feminism is the most important at all, on the contrary I've been going on about wealth redistribution and the upper classes for quite a while.
Religions are cancer, anyone can see it who isn't some two digit IQ retard. Their purpose has always been to support the state in oppressing the lower classes and justify the hierarchy.
>Guess who else really hates Muslims? The reactionaries you mold yourself in opposition to.
Nice but muslims are reactionaries too, just a different kind. Sure, they are worse than modern christians but I will never support the right just because we agree on one thing. It would be like choosing to die by hanging rather than via electric chair. All oppressors need to go to labor camps, prisons or face the wall and get the bullet.


I also don't agree with most of the right wing. I just want ethnonationalism.
Then we both want something that can only be found in the right wing right now but either of the things we want could be taken by the left instead.
I think that the working class would be much more successful in uniting and demanding what they want if we had ethnonationalism and made their demands in the domestic market, at least initially.


>All oppressors need to go to labor camps, prisons or face the wall and get the bullet.
So you fantasize about genociding muslims. I just want Them to mind their own business in their own countries.


>actual feminists on this website
Wizchan 2021


Here is a video explaining why autists are attracted to the right. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0T1f2sFrMKw

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