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What are your opinions, Wizards? I'm not looking to start a fight between vaxxers and anti-vaxxers, but I'm interested if you're planning to get it, got it, only get it when they force you?
For now it's voluntary, but I suspect I'll be forced to get one as I work in a sector where it's "my way or highway" and this puts me in quite a pickle. I don't have a lot of trust to politicians, medicine as a whole, and I find it very troubling how strongly everyone is pushing for those.
I would like to delay it as long as I can.


I got it. Here's my story:
-I do regularly get other vaccinations, e.g., flu. My main reason for doing so is because I used to get pretty sick every year until I started getting the flu vaccines. This is a pretty personal reason to me why I kind of trust vaccines. Maybe it's just placebo, but it really did change my life quite a bit.
-I was still afraid of this vaccine, but my father and I have almost identical medical contraindictions. So, I told him that I was scared of it and I asked if he would take it ahead of me.
I just watched him to see what the hell would happen. He turned out fine, so I went ahead with it.
-In my case, I had no major symptoms other than getting super drowsy (Pfizer).

My main reason for getting it is that first bullet above. I don't give a shit about the political stuff, and I do think this covid shit is completely overblown. But I have had a good personal history with vaccination.


I will never get the vaccine, based on actual data provided by the WHO themselves there is no reason for me to ever get this vaccine. I wouldn't get a vaccine for a common flu, so why in gods name would I get it for this 99.7% chance of survival virus? That's being nice and not even taking into account the asymptomatic cases.

I don't plan on playing pretend pandemic with a bunch of moronic baboons who wear a mask at a restaurant till they are seated, and then spend an hour eating and spitting everywhere without the mask on. Society can get fucked, the normalcattle don't even bother thinking or fighting anything, the path of least resistance is all they think about. Even the people I know who said they wouldn't get it, all of them are bending their knees as soon as their work suggests so. These "people" are just slaves and cattle, they cannot be human, I refuse to think of myself as similar to them - we are unrelated.

Will I get the vaccine? When the military finally comes and injects it in me forcefully while I'm held down, then yea I'll get the vaccine I guess.


>-I do regularly get other vaccinations, e.g., flu. My main reason for doing so is because I used to get pretty sick every year until I started getting the flu vaccines. This is a pretty personal reason to me why I kind of trust vaccines. Maybe it's just placebo, but it really did change my life quite a bit.
No, I appreciate you adding this bit, I only know people that take them "just in case", so it's interesting to me.
>So, I told him that I was scared of it and I asked if he would take it ahead of me.
I just watched him to see what the hell would happen. He turned out fine, so I went ahead with it.
I actually have a pretty similiar condition, but my dad is a wild card and he'll probably become full anti-vaxx to the point of choosing to lose his job. I'll see if they really force him in about a month.
>-In my case, I had no major symptoms other than getting super drowsy (Pfizer).
I see. I think I would go with non-mRNA ones.


>all of them are bending their knees as soon as their work suggests so
I'm unfortunately most likely gonna become one of those people. I'm from a shithole, I own nothing, I only recently joined the workforce so I don't have a lot of savings, there's no neetbux or anything, and I doubt there's more workplaces than before. Not to mention I don't think I'd be much more likely to get away from vax.
Yes, I'm cattle, I never had a chance being born to a poor family in a shitty country.


I did a informal cost benefit analysis based on the data available and determined that the negligible benefit did not exceed the risk.
This was based on myself though and I crafted the risk profile accordingly.
To put it less autistically.

The risk of covid to me is low.
The data shows the vax probably doesn't even work as far as I can tell.
So for that reason alone it isn't worth the opportunity cost. But it isn't that reason alone. There are a number of other factors that have less hard data yet that I factored in. Such as the small but real risk of adverse effects.

There's also my suspicion of a more conspiratorial nature but I don't actually have any hard facts to support it so I mostly left it out of the equation.

Lastly due to the nature of my job if I would have got it by now if I was going to get it.
Hell, might have had it but it was so mild I confused it for my allergies acting up or a cold.

Anyway I have no plans to take it.
It doesn't make rational sense for me as a individual to take it.


If you're a wagecuck, you will be forced to get it eventually. I don't see how any of this matters. Join the legion or be left behind. Alternatively, live off the grid and fend for yourself.


My parents got the vaccine, they're fine. My sister got Covid a couple months ago, felt a little sick for a week and is also fine. I don't mind the vaccine itself but since you have to leave the house to get it I won't.


I won’t get it because I never really leave the house and all the adverse reactions that could happen make me scared, I’ll wait until maybe a better vaccine comes out or something


Its the Mark if the Beast. They'll have to kill me first


not if you're remote wagie master race


Both my mom and my dad got vaccinated with Pfizer. They want me to get vaccinated, but for my age group what we get is Aztrazeneca and I don't trust that one.


File: 1620488184566.png (43.77 KB, 649x631, 649:631, 1619642143994.png) ImgOps iqdb

Fun fact, Pfizer was fined the largest fine ever in US medical history in 2009, 2.3 billion dollars, because they were actively suppressing medical information about the adverse effects of their drugs and silencing those who spoke out about it

Johnson & Johnson is another company producing a vaccine right now, and they're famous for making baby products. For over 50 years they were making baby products that cause cancer and furthermore they knew they were giving children cancer yet they continued to manufacture them anyways, eventually culminating in a tremendous lawsuit

I know 3 of the 4 companies releasing vaccines right now have histories of malicious medical practice but honestly I don't know which company is the third one. They're all scum bags trying to make fast money by forcing people to get vaccinated against this common cold

I have two female relatives that got the vaccine against my advice, and one of them sounds like she's about to die, and the other one spent the next 48 hours puking her guts out


File: 1620497069332.png (334.07 KB, 535x431, 535:431, unknown.png) ImgOps iqdb

>Pfizer subsidiary Pharmacia & Upjohn pleaded guilty to a felony violation for promoting off-label uses of Bextra, such as for pain relief after knee replacement surgery. At the FDA's request, Pfizer pulled Bextra off the market in April 2005 because its risks, including a rare, sometimes fatal, skin reaction, outweighed its benefits


If you are from a shithole then you should have an easier time escaping this by bribing doctors or working at cash jobs. If anything you have less of an excuse to take this vaccine than the normalslaves in the first world, whom are all monitored 24/7 and are so brainwashed that trying to bribe a doctor will result in them snitching on you 99/100 times. The first world has more money, but FAR less freedom.


being unemployed for a while vs suffering a slow languishing death as your body collapses in on itself

gee hard choice


I'll get valneva's inactivated vaccine when it passes clinical trials and is made available for purchase if vaccination is still an issue when that occurs. I've been subjected to this type of vaccine since I was baby with no ill effects that I am aware of. I want nothing to do with the genetic fuckery chemicals and quasi-criminal biotech firms that are exempt from liability.


>unemployed for a while
And homeless not shortly after lol


Thanks Wizzie, I'm surprised nobody has even fucking mentioned those, waiting to Q1 is something I can do.


It's piss easy anywhere to find some menial labor job. If that's beneath you sure you can be a panhandler.


File: 1620508303771.png (703.31 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 1619902355355.png) ImgOps iqdb

Why wouldn't those get vaxx'ed too.
those will probably get experimental shots first.

I should learn to draw furry smut or code to work remotely.


Because trades are full of men who don't care for regulation. Half the work force are illegals paid in cash, that should be enough to tell you about trades.


I already shun society and normies, so i won't be taking it, ever.


1) I don't travel, because I'm not some normoid

2) I don't go to pubs/bars, or concerts, or large social gatherings because see #1

3) I'm not 70 years old with 4 co-morbidities.

So no, I don't think I'll be getting an untested, rushed to market vaccine


Why do you think that death is the only bad thing about covid-19 to avoid? It causes damage to multiple organs including the brain. It can literally shrink your brain and make you mentally impaired. (https://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2021-05/giot-cag051121.php) Some people get terrible fatigue that never gets better, some people get lung scarring that makes them winded just walking. Some people get permanent changes to their sense of smell and taste including losing it completely. It's not death you need to worry about, it's surviving in a crippled state.


>some people
>some people
>some people


No it doesn't. I got covid and powered through it with ibuprofin and tylenol. I was fine after a few weeks. Why be hysteric? You got nut allergies too?


Not the guy you replied to, I had covid in the winter and I still feet its after-effects. My lungs hurt, not to a great extent, but can be annoying. Also, my sister had it too and she had some lung problems, nothing serious but like an incovenience none the less. This isn't just simple flu, no matter how much people say it is. That said, I didn't go to take the vaccine simply because I rarely leave the house.


so can many other diseases. it's hard to trust these reports when the media blatantly exagerate them to get people scared.


I personally think it's horrible how the US is rapidly vaccinating as many people as it can.

I still consider these vaccines as experimental treatment. Long term side effects are unknown. And I don't think there is any research on a 9 month pregnancy after taking these vaccines.


It's takes one to want one. I had to be on a ventilator for regular flu in 2018. So imagine getting on one for covid. Because of my experience I chose to get one


Rude ass punk, stay in FL and enjoy your inevitable hospital stay on a ventilator.

PS noones going to pay for your hospital stay LOL day of the ventilator for you soon


There's nothing wrong by default with expirmental. Pfizer will be fda approved this month










File: 1620916940126.jpg (89.41 KB, 1080x1058, 540:529, vaccine-ambassador-india.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Antinatalist wiz here, I'm touched by his message.



I'd be changing away from that sector but quick af


Experimental vaccines means that it should be used on a limited scale. Not given to a third of the population.

I'm worried that 9 months from now, there will be a lot of birth defects because of these vaccines. I'm worried that the next generation of Americans could have a compromised immune system to coronaviruses.


Coffee shrinks your brain from constricted blood vessels, and it goes on for more of peoples lives. The sun also gives you cancer, so does cooked food, especially barbecued food. What matters is not if something CAN happen, but the likelihood of this happening. If you do not have a weak body already, you will have a possibility of not even feeling anything (asymptomatic), or a light flu for the VAST majority of people. The "common cold" does everything Covid does, from lung scarring to blood vessel damage, its the same. Yet people will say Covid is more important because its more likely. Assuming this is even true (x to doubt), is it enough to bother caring about if you are not an 80+ year old walking gravestone? No, because the survival rate for TESTED cases (not all cases, since this virus can be asymptomatic), is lower than 1% if you are not about to walk into your grave in the next few years.

Delusional slave listens to its master's propaganda, yet will not look at the real data provided by the WHO themselves.


Kinda boomer/facebook tier but it has some good points.


nice sillyscope drawing


Personally I don't want one, but I respect your choice.


why the fuck would a wizard get the vaccine? its for normies dude.


Of course I'm not getting it. I'm not a good little goy.


File: 1622490163824.png (49.19 KB, 612x628, 153:157, a.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

The vaccines are the first time where I see people actively discouraging others from doing research or asking questions. It's not the first time I see the answer to a neutral question be an euphemism of
>you're stupid
>don't ask questions
>trust the experts
>do it for others
>if you don't you're [bad word]
This shit seems more like a religion now.


File: 1622495221019.jpg (55.97 KB, 459x646, 27:38, esoteric nazi.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Guess you haven't been paying attention then.
Introduce pretty much anybody with ideas such as:
Infinite oil
There is no space
Flat earth
No Holocaust
Black holes don't exist
Mathematics doesn't represent reality
And all they can do is throw around platitudes and scoff. Few lads are able to undertake a completely hypothetical and abstract position for the sake of expanding the possibilities of thought itself.


>No Holocaust

Trying to associate the Holocaust myth with actual non-myths. Nice try Jew/Troll.


>You just don't have a high enough education to understand
>Proceeds to not explain what is in the vaccine


I got it. It's probably excessive/unnecessary for a hikkineet like me, but my parents go out and about a lot, so I went with them when they got their shots.

I think the whole business is quite shady, but, like, not as shady as my dealer from grad school.


It is the Mark of the Beast


>Guess you haven't been paying attention then.
Alright I guess I just didn't care before, you're right.


What baffles me is those retards think they're right instead and make a worthy contribution writing shit like that.


It's not that any of those are True or Untrue. My opinion on any of those doesn't matter as well as my anyone's who I present it to. These are just extreme ideas for mental exercise in openness.


Never ever


thought i already posted this but i dont see it

there are rare but extremely severe side effects from the vaccines. im not talking about, oh they are old and obese and have asthma, i mean shit like the blood clotting. they dont know whether youll have a reaction or not. i would prefer to wait until they have developed tests and additional screenings for a better guarantee of my safety

also i dont drive or go anywhere. i dont think anyone would be offended by a hermit neet refusing to get vaccinated. i dont even know how i would get vaccinated or where you go or how medical stuff works. they are gonna have to barge into my room and inject me because i dont see any other way for that to reach me


I'm not scared of flu, so no. I'd kill myself if they were to ever force it on me, which they can't. But I think in the coming years they'll definetely strip the non-vaxxed of their rights and freedoms though, which's fine with me, I can live the hikki life.


true wizQ wizpatriot here. my wizbody my wizchoice
true wizards vote trump WhereWeWizGo1WeWizGoAll







And that, wizards…is the secret to happiness ;-0


Finally some Wizpositivity ;)


As a lifetime NEET I see absolutely no reason to get the jab juice. I don't ever interact with people and I rarely leave my house during daylight hours. So what's the point of it for me? I don't know.


Same but it's naive to think they won't come for us sooner or later. You'll be having a bad toothache and no dentist will help you unless you get a covid pass or w/e it's called. And yet that would be a relatively soft approach in my opinion. We will probably get scapegoated for every resurgence of the virus; don't test much, everything's fine, test massively and you're bound to get the media to artificially panic over a new wave and manufacture consent for more authoritarian measures.
People living in america in red states might get away from this for a while, until the corporations ngos etc manage to bend public legislation but those of us in the west are screwed.


It’s literally illegal to ask for your vaccination status in my state.


Yes medical confidentiality is a thing. On paper. For now. Until emergency measures are "required". As I said they'll find a way around that sooner or later. It'll be private interests, ngos and their non-profit fronts doing the heavy lifting.
A common line I've seen popping up to argue for this is "google/apple/amazon is already tracking you and collecting all your data anyway!" which is the new "I've got nothing to hide" I guess. You know you're dealing with retards when that argument comes up.


It’s a bad argument but it’s not wrong. It’s retarded that people use it in defense of more invasive measures rather than wanting to flay these people alive for making the world 1984.


Not taking genetic modification (courtesy of reverse transcriptase) no matter what they do
This is the hill I die on
Not taking it


You took the words right out of my mouth. There are battles that I’ve chosen not to pick, but this is definitely one I’m picking. Even if I get locked up in a camp, I’m not taking it (this could be a real thing here in Canada, there have been rumours of it).


It's a conspiracy theory, they would never do such a thing :^)


I attempted to get the then-experimental Pfizer, they offered me a couple hundred dollars. I think that was the company, but I was rejected because I mentioned my depression.


File: 1623820147894.jpg (88.92 KB, 650x487, 650:487, 1559725278381.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I loathe everything about this 'cure', my relation with my family has gone to shambles over differing opinions. My parents are pressuring me in getting this shit science juice, even though I tried using common sense points. My mom even had the gall to say "well if you get covid, and you want to go to the hospital- I'm not saving you." Never thought I would hear something so heartless from my mother but here we are. I understand she's concerned for my well-being, but she's falling for the exact fascist tactics used to torture billions of people. Wouldn't be a shock if she tells me to get inside a train because 'the rules' told her to do so. All in all, if you got vaccinated, then you shouldn't be treating those who didn't like vermins. Ironic how normalfags preach about being against inequality, but will be more than happy to throw disabled people who have restrictions under the bus.
Every person who decided to politicize the pandemic for brownie points can eat shit. I hope normalfags go on a lawsuit spree towards everything they can sue- even if they can't sue Pzifer etc. they can just sue doctors, employers, and even the companies who offered 'special deals' for their garbage vaccine.


>I loathe everything about this 'cure', my relation with my family has gone to shambles over differing opinions. My parents are pressuring me in getting this shit science juice, even though I tried using common sense points.
Yep, feels like /pol/ invading every thread and twitter politics invading everyday life, but on huge fucking steroids because you can't even opt-out of not taking a stance.
To most people you either take the vaccine, or you're anti-vaxx. And if you're anti-vaxx, you're anti-science, flatearther, russian troll, nazi, terrorist, and mass murderer.
They finally did it, the magnificent fucking bastards divided everyone and found an issue that makes everyone prejudiced against everyone.
2020 onwards is endgame - I won't be surprised if neighbours start insulting me when the "next wave" starts.
It's over.


This world can burn. Fuck everyone on it, npc's deserve everything they get


Yes, this. If the normies are too blind to have been awoken by the various happenings of the past six-plus years or so, they can hardly be pitied as they are injected with the penultimate end to the heellscape they created. Natural selection, Darwinism, and all that.

>My mom even had the gall to say "well if you get covid, and you want to go to the hospital- I'm not saving you."
Ouch. My condolences to you, Anon. I am in much the same boat as you, but my parents know better than to try and persuade me into taking their poison. "I won't take you to the hospital because of COVID" rings very close to "if you end up going to jail (lol) I'm not bailing you out" as far as needlessly vile and accusatory things that western mothers say to their sons in modern times. The succubus's gambit truly starts from the womb.


Strike one more, my mom is endlessly nagging me about getting the mark too. Did you know it’s not even FDA approved yet? All I am is hate.


> then you shouldn't be treating those who didn't like vermins

The word you're looking for here is retards, not vermins. You're being treated like retards. There's a difference. If you act retarded, don't be surprised when people treat you like you're being retarded.


how is he acting retarded?


Keep brow beating everyone who refuses to conform, I’m sure you’ll convince everyone to take the vaccine that way.


>inb4 ummmm sweetie ppl are litchreally dying and its all ur fault!!!11


My parents are quite vicious about the subject too. Every time I see my dad he yells at me, and I recently realized that he's actually just repeating shit he hears on NPR, word for word. Either way, I'm not taking it until someone physically forces me too, and I'll fight them on that as well.


my parents are antivaxx boomers and im antivax so yea none of us are getting the vaccine and no one cares.


My dad is also an NPR shill, weirdly my mom is the complete opposite, a trump shill, this house is a battlefield



I wish my family was anti-vaxx. Keep up the good fight brother


can't speak for the others but flat earth is total gay shit.
You can prove the curvature yourself by going to the beach and looking at the ships going far away with something to zoom (such as binoculars).
You will see the ship "descending into the sea".
With a flat earth that would never happen.


I'm starting to think all those movements are a deliberate way to false-flag legit movements, like anti-covid vaccine.
Midwits think they're Einstein by calling everyone they disagree with flat-earthers.


Never attribute to malice what could be explained by stupidity.

But don’t rule out malice.


Just seems so strange to actually believe it unironically.
I guess it would be like encountering a weeb which actually thinks handholding should be censored.



macabre. these are truly the Endtimes


>You can prove the curvature yourself by going to the beach and looking at the ships going far away with something to zoom (such as binoculars)
thats actually very similar to how you prove that ships dont go over the horizon. just with no binoculars you can watch a ship "go over the horizon", then use some binoculars and it will come back into view. you can watch it go over the horizon again with the binoculars and then youll have to go get a stronger pair to get the ship back into view but essentially you can repeat this ad infinitum. to say you know the shape of the earth definitively is foolish.


No that's fucking stupid, otherwise I should be able to see europe with a sufficiently strong telescope by standing on the east coast of the US. No one has ever done that.


>No one has ever done that
have you ever tried it dumbass? and even if you couldnt it would still mean the earth isnt nearly as curved as you think it is because being able to bring boats "back over the horizon" with more magnification is undeniably a thing.


Post a video of someone doing it.



sorry if the video is absolutely shit at loading i just dont know of any jewtube videos that show the effect.


I’m not convinced, there’s a difference between things coming into focus and being able to see indefinitely due to a flat earth. And also the fact you see the hull disappear first would indicate the earth is curved.


>And also the fact you see the hull disappear first would indicate the earth is curved
thats what would be intuitive however it is not the case.

https://www.bitchute.com/video/hNIqLThL9Vqp/ (skip to 0:20)


The sibling entering high school next year is the libtard and some extended family I would've thought to be based were talking about getting vaccinated last time I saw them, but my mother and stepfather have been furious about all this covid lockdown bullshit since it started. Don't care the boomer reasoning for their opinions so long as they're on my side about it.


Well if the evidence supports both cases then it is useless. Anything else you'd like to bring up?


You dumbass that is just the water bobbing the boat up and down.


>Well if the evidence supports both cases then it is useless
what do you mean useless? it clearly gives you one less reason to think the earth is round. anyway i dont want to bring up anything else and derail the thread further.


If the evidence supports both sides then it ceases to be evidence of anything.


File: 1624077170686.jpg (47.9 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault[1].jpg) ImgOps iqdb

This vaccination propaganda had so many parallels to DDT and Agent Orange.

So much of it sounds exactly the same. "Trust the scientists, scientists developed this." The government put out cartoons, jingles, and ads about DDT and Agent Orange.

Agent Orange produced horrible birth defects in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos. Birth defects so bizarre that no scientist could have predicted them. These vaccines haven't even been out for 9 months so far, no one knows what will happen to the next generation. There wasn't even sufficient animal testing and waiting for complete animal gestation periods.

Agent Orange was developed by Monsanto with rushed development, government funding, and government protection. This sounds so similar to these COVID vaccines.


Not to mention it’s made by Pfizer and doesn’t have FDA approval.


Some People are never me, i am special and nothing bad Will ever happen to me, i am one of a kind


Some people die after vaccines and long-term effects are yet to be researched.
Maybe we should stop dictating what majority of the people should do for "some people".


>people are dying and it is litchreally ur fault!!!12
retarded, check death rate again and get back to me. if i die from it, i don't give a shit. if i already had it (and this is likely), then i shouldn't need a vaccine anyway. numerous strains, you might say? again, no point to vaccinate if it mutates so quickly. dumbass.


How do you deal with people who tell you that you should get the vaccine? It's starting to get on my nerves.


Tell them it's not FDA approved.


Answer "my body, my choice"


I change the channel or fast forward through the audio ad.
Irl people haven't been pushy about it in my experience.
At least not where I live.




I would get it if my job required it.


Der Slavey


Yeah, pretty much. I need to keep my job and the possibility of me getting another one, especially one that pays enough, is near zero. I have no ability to pass a job interview and only got into this one through luck.


The "vaccine" is actually poison.
The end times are near, at least normies are getting sick and will probably all start simultaneously start dropping dead in the streets. Hope that free donut and those brownie points were worth it.


Shut the fuck up and take it to some other shithole, nigger. Take your conspiracytard drivel and shove it where the sun don't shine – and by that I mean one of your echo-chambers.


Kek how does the dick of big pharma taste wiz?




It seems a fitting counter for the shit that you and the rest of you pharmacucks have been spewing across the Internet ad nauseum as of late.


Protip: You lose the argument as soon as you resort to personal insults, since it invalidates the search for Truth. Dumbass.


That poster has a point >>181247 regarding the extreme conspiratards, that is. I am sick of seeing the same damn names of anti-vaxx personalities pop up, as well as medication like ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine or whatever. If you're going to question the official narrative, don't buy into whatever is repeated by the "alt media" parrots.


This happens for everything. Look at conspiracy theory regarding wealthy elites and media being associated with retarded shit like the Satanism spook or interdimensional tranny reptile-vampires, and those are more extreme examples. It's hard to pinpoint exactly what is or isn't true sometimes because there is a clear effort by some party to discredit important information by associating it with batshit-stupid stuff. Make the tinfoil hats look totally ridiculous instead of offering them relatively more credibility through outright denial of their claims.


Kek how does the dig of bick pharma taste wizzes?


File: 1624614118843.jpg (681.8 KB, 1653x1102, 3:2, pesah-1653x1102.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Do not think that I came to send peace upon earth: I came not to send peace, but the sword. For I came to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law. And as a man's enemies shall be they of his own household.

He that loveth father or mother more than me, is not worthy of me; and he that loveth son or daughter more than me, is not worthy of me. And he that taketh not up his cross, and followeth me, is not worthy of me. He that findeth his life, shall lose it: and he that shall lose his life for me, shall find it.


I did because in my line of work I deal with a lot of people, and recently my parents got COVID and I'd rather not get it myself. Especially since one summer I decided to treat myself to massagetherapy and ended up getting a call a few days later from the masseuse saying that they tested positive for COVID (surprisingly I never got it). Multiple close calls, rather be safe than sorry.


Did you also wait for over a year after this extremely virulent chinese bioweapon was already spreading everywhere for at least a year? Or did you test yourself to find out if you already had natural immunity? How do you know you never got it?


>the "vaccine" will become mandatory briefly
>the "vaccine" will be labeled as dangerous or toxic by CDC or WHO
>>"We gotta make a new vaccine, guys."
>All the people who took the first dose(s) get extremely ill or die
>no liability or compensation lol


I think it's just a scam. You have to take booster shots every year? It sounds like something that siphons your tax dollars in to their hands. It's just business. It's not made to make the "world a better place" it was made quickly as possible for the most profitable outcome.

I took one and I still don't feel safe from the virus.


You're not as clever as you think, wizzie.


File: 1625164559940.png (355.08 KB, 949x969, 949:969, mpv-JRE_Ivermectin-00:10:0….png) ImgOps iqdb

To those who largely believe in the proposed 'vaccines' and maybe the typical Covid narrative as a whole, consider watching this discussion involving a physician and evolutionary scientist about Ivermectin:


Yes they're on Joe Rogan, but it sure seems hard for them to speak freely anywhere else. Might be a nice idea to download this video to your computer as well, though I trust Odysee far more than Youtube or Spotify. You can do so by simply right clicking on the video and saving.

There's a lot of discussion about censorship and stuff, which is still interesting, but from about 40 mins in they start talking about the research around Ivermectin. Much as the authorities may be discrediting it, there is 4 decades of research behind a drug that seems almost like a wonder drug and is tremendously safe, likely far safer than what is being made available at the moment. Many research papers, impressive results in both preventing Covid infection and stopping existing cases, several examples of successful usage of Ivermectin on large numbers of people by non-Western governments, negligibly low evidence of harms, even much promise for dealing with non-Covid viruses.

I was quite astounded to see that even Zimbabwe applied this with much success (they discuss it in the video - Mexico did so as well). It has gotten so bad in the West that we are literally more corrupt than Zimbabwe. Ivermectin seems too good to be true, but hey, these guys followed the science, and found that it seems to be so with a high degree of certainty.

Maybe you will watch it and still prefer the recommended injection, but you will have a hard time explaining why you so trust authorities who have repeatedly been wrong and are refusing to even seriously investigate a drug whose existence we should be rejoicing about if we really care about eliminating Covid. I'm sure the discussions around it are being banned for some reason other than how absurdly cheap Ivermectin is to produce.

Strongly recommended watch, whatever side you're on. At the very least, I would be a lot more hesitant about taking the recommended injection. I think the best case scenario is that they are pushing it purely because of profit. Let's hope it's not something worse.


This shilling on alt media for some miraculous cure they don't want you to know is just as tiresome if not more than the 'official narrative(s)'
first it was anti malaria drugs, then vitamin d now ivermectin…


I'm generally tired of both sides. Wish everyone would just fuck off, but sooner or later I'll be jabbed against my will to keep my shitty job or something.


1,5 years and and 0.05% death rate doesn't convince me to take an experimental gene therapy when it's quite obvious with spars and event 201 simulations as well as nih wuhan virology institute corona research fundings that this was all planned ahead. such a fail that we don't see bodies laid on top of each other as we dreamed our entire lives. hopefully the vaccinated will become spike protein factories and destroy their natural immune systems so that dream can become reality. anyone who gets vaccinated is a confirmed non-wizard because they don't have the wit to take time to look beyond cbs propoganda.


this, they're too cowardly to voice the truth that covid is a hoax. They know they'll actually get cancelled if they do that, right now they're just acting as controlled opposition.


So, are the vaxxed all gonna die from being injected with poison, or are the unvaxxed gonna die from Covid/Government tyranny?

How long is this human depopulation plot supposed to take?


The world is too chaotic and anarchistic for that to be a "plot".

It was some dumb fuck Chinese lab employee who forgot to wash their hands and went to the local market, touching things.

Don't you think it's a bit of a coincidence there is a virological laboratory right next to the market Covid-19 supposedly spread out from?


I got the pfizer vaccine twice and both times I didn't suffer any symptoms or pain while getting injected. The wait was the only painful thing because I had to wait like an hour each time because of the line. I was also vaccinated by a pharmacist, so I was in capable hands. I rate the experience like a 4/5. It would have been a 5/5 if there weren't so many distractions for the staff. I was supposed to get the second does at 5pm but I ended up leaving there at about 6pm. That's including the 15 minute wait time after the vaccine though.


there is absolutely NO reason anyone who values their life would take it. I just assume that anyone who takes it is, without question, an actual NPC.


More fear mongering, more lockdowns, more masks. Yet they believe the vaccine will make them free. The fools never learn. Do they not understand that the restrictions are a matter of… politics? sorry, of "governance"? Do they believe that a council of omnipotent angels sitting in the sky look daily at the charts, the statistics and all the numbers compiled by the health departments, ngos, goverment agencies of the world and decide to come down to earth and shut down everything when they are not pleased with the results? What's with the complacency towards governments? What's with that bullshit "there is no alternative" mindset applied to such an extreme degree? It's making me mad. And it's not like you can turn it off and ignore it, it's quite literally in your face 24/7


I just lie to their face and say I got it. If they're nosy enough to ask for a brand, I say Pfizer because it's the grimmest option available. It stopped being about other people's health a long time ago, just play their game and treat it like a status thing.


……Uncle Leo?


>What's with that bullshit "there is no alternative" mindset applied to such an extreme degree?
The alternative is career politicians losing access to astronomical amounts of money if they aren't good enough customers for big pharma.


This. Just one of those things you have to lie about so they get off your case.


My attitude to vaccines has generally been "well, I got 50 of the fucking things as a baby", so I've never really been autistic towards them. That being said, between the way this pandemic was grossly overblown and taken advantage of by politicians, the bizarre social changes and (predominantly leftist) cult that formed around Fauci and the vaccine, and just the sheer rushed experimental nature of these vaccines, I genuinely don't know what to think. The choice is basically between listening to Reddit-cattle freaks, or schizoid /pol/ posters who can't make up their mind on whether or not the vaccinated are going to drop dead a year, 2 years, 5 years, or 10 years from now.


You can tell something isn't right when people start treating a Pfizer product like a badge of pride.


Personally I'm gonna stall until the end of the year and see what happens in my workplace.
Then I guess I'll try to get J&J since it's only one dose if I'll have to.


Yeah, that fucking weirds me out too. It's truly bizarre seeing people treating a vaccine like a product to consume, and touting how they're part of the "Pfizer-gang xD" and wearing merchandise that advertises their vaccine choice or whatever. Then you've got even weirder shit like Fauci action figures.


I ain't getting this shit. Why the hell should I risk side effects if I never leave my house?


The discourse on the vaccines might have been slightly different had Trump been reelected. Throughout the last year the media and the experts never ceased to remind us that vaccines making is a lenghty process and we can't expect to have one, let alone a safe one until at least one year, eighteen months… And then in winter last year they suddenly drop and caution gets thrown out the window. I think it would have happened regardless but the narrative might not have shifted as fast as it did with Trump in office (in the west in general, not just the United States)



this is a good read. here's the conclusion but the whole thing's worth going through

What is to be done?

Much less, in fact very little. The solution is to leverage the risk-stratified nature of Corona, protect the elderly and vulnerable – via vaccines, provided those are proved in the coming winter to have benefits for the already-vaccinated – and initiate an international campaign to forget about Corona. All measures should end, and everybody should return to their ordinary lives. Vaccines should be an option for adults who want them, but not children. As the healthy, mobile, active population gains immunity, the instance of disease across the world will decline and the vulnerable (vaccinated or not) will no longer be in any more danger than they were from influenza. There will always be new strains, as there were of influenza and as there are of all viruses; this is not a serious problem. Corona is not a super-virus, even if it does come from an imprudent laboratory in China; and no respiratory pathogen has ever been eradicated by the permanent imposition of house arrest or widely mandated masking.


I got the vaccine recently and it wasn't so bad, I was extremely scared because of chan-brainwashing but nothing happened, I was a little tired for a couple days after, that's it. If I didn't actually need the vaccine then it doesn't really matter, it was free and didn't inconvenience me at all to get it just in case. It wasn't my choice to get it though, my mom just took me to the pharmacy while we were at the grocery store together and I got it, took 10 minutes, then we just went back to shopping. Still wearing the mask though, I probably don't need it but I prefer hiding my face in public and now that it's socially acceptable I'm gonna keep doing it.


The side effects only rarely come up immediately. What you need to worry about it developing blood clots or heart defects or prion disease a couple years down the line.


Does anyone else find it hilarious how the corona believers try and scare everyone with “oh it may not kill you unless you’re 80+ b-but you could get scarred lungs and cancer and lose your sense of taste and smell forever!” And the antivaxxers also try and scare everyone with “oh the shot didn’t immediately make you sick but it’s totally gonna give you a brain hemorrhage any day now!”


the antivaxers arent forcing anyone not to take the vax, the pro-vax see nothing wrong with making the unvaxed's life as hard as they can


Why would the government give something away for "free"? they would charge for it like they do insulin and other life saving products. THey know people would pay for it too. The reason its free is because its gene manipulation.


nice try antilolicon conspirator


There have been 0 mid or long term studies. You are playing russian roulette with countless crippling and life-ruining conditions by injecting this stuff into yourself.


File: 1627266743905.png (1.11 MB, 1278x719, 1278:719, 5488C00C-7129-4CF3-845F-A8….png) ImgOps iqdb

the blight is a hoax yall
Cure Blight Disease = gene manipulation
do not take it, it is our talos given right


>video game analogy
What I'm getting from this is that you live in a fantasy world


File: 1627267368901.png (1.27 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, AF5D47D2-25F3-4374-8013-6C….png) ImgOps iqdb

>what blight?
>no such thing as blight disease
>I choose to believe there is not

>it will go away, just stay calm


File: 1627269090319.png (2.87 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 9E044D50-FD54-4A47-B7A9-7D….png) ImgOps iqdb

>we know where we're going when we die, do you?
>we like freedom dawg
>to shutdown the ashlands that's bs man
>it comes from those telvanni towers
coughs on you


I won't call you dumb on the spot by doubting on the quality of the vaccines but if you are going to do so, come with real arguments and data. Spouting the same schizoid theories brought from /pol/ is as dumb as believing the current vaccines are perfect.


According to my beliefs, bleeding edge molecular biology/gene therapy/whatever pedantic shit this is, is knowable by maybe 20 people across our entire american motherland have a total understanding of how this works. A lot more people can understand one part of this process, but according to my beliefs, total understanding is not achievable by you or me.


File: 1627285645904.jpg (7.76 KB, 350x235, 70:47, picture.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


This. I don't give a shit what you want to inject into yourself if your daddy government wants you to. Even if there's risk of the vaccines being leaky.. I don't care, nobody will stop human stupidity and obedience (>inb4 ironic because anti-vaxxers are stupid, fuck off), just fucking let this stupid ass covid meme die, treat it like another flu. Cut me out from your normie establishments if you must.


File: 1627299376930.png (3.1 MB, 1405x2194, 1405:2194, sgtxdvqsimz41.png) ImgOps iqdb

You'll absolutely love this game, man :^) Perfect for a covid vaccine analogy


both of the dues ex games had a lot of pills about the state of society. they even had a planned panademic in the games.


90s was ripe for conspiracy theories thanks to the UFO and X-files craze. Deus Ex threw everything at the wall so obviously some of it stuck.

Pfizer received the biggest fine in U.S. history as part of a $2.3 Billion plea deal with federal prosecutors for mis-promoting medicines (Bextra, Celebrex) and paying kickbacks to compliant doctors. Pfizer pleaded guilty to mis-branding the painkiller Bextra by promoting the drug for uses for which it was not approved.
In the 1990s, Pfizer was involved in defective heart valves that lead to the deaths of more than 100 people. Pfizer had deliberately misled regulators about the hazards. The company agreed to pay $10.75 Million to settle justice department charges for misleading regulators.
Pfizer paid more than $60 Million to settle a lawsuit over Rezulin, a diabetes medication that caused patients to die from acute liver failure.
In the UK, Pfizer has been fined nearly €90 Million for overcharging the NHS, the National Health Service. Pfizxer charged the taxpayer an additional €48 Million per year for what should have cost €2 million per year.
Pfizer agreed to pay $430 Million in 2004 to settle criminal charges that it had bribed doctors to prescribe its epilepsy drug Neurontin for indications for which it was not approved.
In 2011, a jury found Pfizer committed racketeering fraud in its marketing of the drug Neurontin. Pfizer agreed to pay $142.1 Million to settle the charges.
Pfizer disclosed that it had paid nearly nearly 4,500 doctors and other medical professionals some $20 Million for speaking on Pfizer’s behalf.
In 2012, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission announced that it had reached a $45 Million settlement with Pfizer to resolve charges that its subsidiaries had bribed overseas doctors and other healthcare professionals to increase foreign sales.
Pfizer was sued in a U.S. federal court for using Nigerian children as human guinea pigs, without the childrens’ parents’ consent. Pfizer paid $75 Million to settle in Nigerian court for using an experimental antibiotic, Trovan, on the children. The company paid an additional undisclosed amount in the U.S. to settle charges here. Pfizer had violated international law, including the Nuremberg Convention established after WWII, due to Nazi experiments on unwilling prisoners.
Amid widespread criticism of gouging poor countries for drugs, Pfizer pledged to give $50 million for an AIDS drug to South Africa. Later, however, Pfizer failed to honor that promise.


leftists are doing pr work for them for free.


File: 1627326786384.png (274.09 KB, 468x646, 234:323, 964D510B-479C-4314-B4E8-C0….png) ImgOps iqdb

take your meds schizos
is the motto of we happy few lol, playing that right now so hr will have to wait. don't like the pee filter for hr so I never bought it but I do have the original and mankind divided. superb games I might add


They removed the gold filter in the director's cut because of how much retards bitched about it and it looks like shit. Luckily, you can mod it back in.


File: 1627334378036.mp4 (4.55 MB, 640x266, 320:133, LOTR - Green Cast Comparis….mp4) ImgOps iqdb

>green clouds
>green sky
>green snow
you mean like what peter jackson did to the lotr home releases? not trying to argue with you by the way so need to be passive agressive :/


File: 1627340855064.jpg (1.04 MB, 1920x2160, 8:9, DC.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I don't know, I only watched lotr on vhs. They got rid of the gold filter because of some vocal minority and without it the deliberate aesthetic is neutered, and all the environments look bland and washed out. Yeah everything's less yellow but it was supposed to look like that in the first place, there's no defined colour palette in the director's cut.
>not trying to argue with you by the way so need to be passive agressive


Maybe my eyes are retarded but I can barely tell the difference and nether is particularly noticeable to me. At least not enough to complain ether way.


You’re not retarded the change is just that minimal. See, even though there was a yellow filter, they also felt the need to make most lights and textures in the game yellow tinted as well. So it really makes no difference. I think the top one is the filter less one though.


File: 1627434530289.jpeg (285.24 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 0D13C034-1C58-48DB-9FB6-9….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

I know what you're saying wiz, I myself use those enbs for skyrim so I'm not one to talk. the road is another film which benefits from a grey/brown filter to make it look gritty
I'm curious what do you think of this


File: 1627434723863.jpeg (220.28 KB, 1920x1088, 30:17, E920EACC-622C-4034-9641-B….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

here is the color corrected one


1. you can post up to 3 images in a single post.
2. while I can tell there is a difference in the thumbnail when I look at them full size I can't tell what the difference is.

As with the other example I would be fine with ether.


This seems like the most likely place for people to be in a similar situation.
I’m basically agoraphobic. I don’t go out even for groceries or literally anything. I haven’t gotten the vaccine purely because it would require going outside and having people look at me. Now it’s been so long that if I went to get it now, people would think I was hesitant out of some political thing, which would be uncomfortable. The more time passes, the more likely they would think this and be weird about it, and the less likely I am to get it.
I will probably just not go outside until 2023 when it’s all over and vaccine status doesn’t matter anymore.


If you don't leave the house what possible reason would you need the vaccine?

Also no one cares if you got it late enough to speculate on if it is some sort of political statement. Besides, you have a valid excuse of being agoraphobic, making them the asshole if they give you any shit.
Don't be afraid to shame them and play the victim.

That said, as I said before no one gives a fuck enough to mess with you the the first place. So I wouldn't worry about it.
If you don't want to go out and you have the support to not need to go out, then don't go out.
Staying away from people is far more effective then the vax anyway. That shit doesn't even work statistically speaking.


I take vaccines that last for life, or that only require a booster every decade or so. Such as MMR that I got as a child, or DTP as an adult. These are effective vaccines for diseases which do not mutate rapidly.

I don't get an annual flu shot - I consider it a waste of time. It's only good for a year beacuse with how rapidly influenza mutates and how many variants there are, next season it's another bunch of variants that are dominant.

I have the same feelings with the covid vaccine, and the fact that it is only dangerous to the very elderly and especially the obese means it's not really a threat.
>but side effects! but long covid!
Both must be extremely rare or there would be statistics on them being quoted often. If one out of ten people suffered long term side effects from covid the media would be shouting it constantly. They do not talk about the figures for the same reason they do not talk about the rate of death for young healthy people, only latch on to outlier cases.


Took moderna, now my heart hurts a little bit about once a week, did this happen to anyone else? I'm 22


I just figured I took a bunch of vaccines in my life so one more probably won't do anything worse


The vaccines you took prior had been tested vigorously, proven safe, were distributed worldwide affordably for the greater good of health, and all to prevent horrible illnesses that most often manifest as fatal in old age. All current covid vaccines had no significant clinical trial, have been proven so far to do nothing at all to sway the Wuhan flu, are being sold by price-gouging monopolies with poor ethical reputation at an "emergency" premium, and aren't neccesary in the first place because the virus is not deadly to anyone under the age of 70 and is also something the body can easily immunize itself against the ame way it does to many other flu strains. Factor in the negative to deadly side effects, including heart inflammation, blood clotting, and the fact that the virus (as well as the common flu) transmit even easier from those with the vax, and what you get is an open attack on humanity.

There are vaccines, and then there's the Covid jab.


I get the tetanus shot every few years because I constantly get cut up by rusty metal or whatever and it is a horrific disease to deal with that is easily avoided by getting a booster ever few years.

Wu flu isn't one even close to the same scale and unlike tetanus I am not in the high risk group for it.
Also the vax actually is proven to work unlike the experimental wu flu bullshit that seems to do nothing as far as I can tell when it comes to functioning as a vaccine against the disease it is supposed to counter.


sucks to be you if it's true. i hope you can afford a good cardiologist, apparently this poison is known to be potentially harmful to your heart if you're a young man, but on the bright side you are safe from this devilish cold for the next six months or so


I just figured someone would force me to take the vaccine someday, I want to be a well paid genetics type. It doesn't hurt that much. Before I took the vaccine on the night before a math test it hurt more :)


I’m gonna sit here and wait til someone forced me. No point in being proactive about that.


I’m just thinking if I die then I get to escape this tormenting life, and if I get a disability from it then I can live comfy off govbux, and if nothing happens then oh well, there’s no real downsides imo


>I can live comfy off govbux
Hate to break it for u, m8 but (((they))) already won, so no further subversive welfare injections needed. Unless you okay with eating bugs to survive.


My god, the irony when you decide to check the kitchen to see what mommy feeds you. bet you'll starve if you go a week without kosher pig anus and chitlins. please, put some crab in your purse


Welp, they are reinstating mask requirements regardless of vax status at work, and shut down my hobby places again, and re-locking down, despite the death rate being exactly the same.
I am so sick of this shit. It is hard not to be demoralized when everyone just goes along with this bullshit even though most know it's bullshit. It never ends. It never will end.
The power of propaganda is strong. It's presence is everywhere. I feel so tired of this shit. It is making me want to do violent stupid things. Things I know are rationally pointless but would make me feel better in the moment.
I don't know how long I can stand this world of lies. I am so tired. I don't think I have the strength to hold back this long building anger.


The vaccine is killing people and the vaxxed are shedding like crazy.


shit is the mark of the beast or a precursor to to that.


Not sure if coincidence or intentional.


>everyone just goes along with this bullshit even though most know it's bullshit
It’s literally an excuse for wageslaves to stay home and be pseudo-NEET, of course they’re going along with it. My sister does literally nothing all day and she gets paid lol, it’s like a pipe dream come true for any white collar slave.


The last walls of freedom are falling.

The point is being made that you have no right over your own bodily autonomy; they can forcibly inject you if they want.

They have already announced that the next move will be "cyberpandemic", so prepare for your online life to be destroyed next.


those who call people sheep and using evangelical terms such as mark of the beast are just as bad as those who wear their vaccinations as a badge of honor


I don't really see your opinion as valid just because you say so.


that's the best part about opinions anon


File: 1628052526636.jpg (1.13 MB, 1359x1406, 1359:1406, 1626627415831.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

COVID Vaccines should have always been targeted at people with a high likelihood of dying and developing severe symptoms. It should never be given out like candy to 70% or 100% of the population.

That's what happens when politicians try to play vaccinologist. they see the number 70% and think it sounds good. While vaccinating only the vulnerable sounds bad.

Robert Malone and Geert Vanden Bossche are both critical of mass vaccinations, saying they encourage immune escape and mutations.


There is a 3 hour video with Bret Weinstein about side effects of these COVID vaccines. It really is interesting and I watched all 3 hours.



File: 1628947017229.jpg (197.95 KB, 1431x838, 1431:838, kim .jpg) ImgOps iqdb


i wish i took the sinovac instead of biontech.


im not against vaccines necessarily i just dont go out of my way to get them on account of not driving. also, enough of my immediate family members have had a covid vaccine safely without side effects that i think i wouldn't immediately die from blood clotting, assuming that the whole blood clotting thing is a hereditary or genetic issue

on the other hand though, it doesn't seem any more dangerous than the flu. it is just a more transmissible form. i have had the flu many times in my life. i don't see why i even need to worry. my immune system isn't compromised, i don't have asthma, obesity, etc

either option, taking or not taking, im fine with. but not taking it certainly requires zero effort on my lazy self so that is where im at


Got my second Biontec shot last Friday. I don't care about political discussions or whatever the fuck but my government seems to plan on making daily life for non vaccinated people harder. So I'm just taking to path of least resistance. No noteworthy side effects, just a hurting arm and a slight headache for a day.


They offered me the Johnson & Jonson vaccine at the doctors office after a physical. Decided to get it, made me feel sick the day after I got it. Cleared up the next day, never gotten sick from a vaccine before but at least I should be better off if it works.

I dont get why people are scared of it, vaccines are just weakened virus cells that make the body produce antibodies that target the virus. Nobody died in the vaccines' trial runs so the virus is weak enough not to pose a serious threat.


I don't take the Mark of the Cuck so that I can fuck normalniggers over helping to postpone the "going back to the good old days" stuff. All my life was a fight against an unsufferable extroverted society. Well fuck them.


traditional flue vaccines are as you describe, inactivated vaccines, with the virus being damaged in a certain way as to not actually get you sick

approved vaccines in the us are not this type however. if you live in another country you can receive that type of vaccine, china for example has sinovac. if you live in the us, you didn't receive that type of vaccine


Oh, well what kind of vaccines are being given in the US?


technically no vaccines for covid have been fully approved. they are all for emergency use, yet there are only 2 i have seen people receiving, moderns and pfizer. they are both mrna vaccines, there is a johnson and johnson one that is a viral vector type which is similar, but instead of using mrna to produce the spike proteins it uses a different harmless virus


Because it uses technology that has undergone 0 mid to long term testing. We have no idea what the long term side effects will be. This sort of practice is almost unheard of for mass prescribed human medication.


Huh, I had no idea. If they needed to get the vaccine out quickly you would think they could have used the old method and tested it on animals or something to see if it was infectious. No wonder it took forever.


File: 1629391382124.mp4 (4.95 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Before She Got The Vax & A….mp4) ImgOps iqdb

average antivaxx scammer pls donate to her gofundme


So should I get vaxxed or not?
I rarely leave the house so I see no reason to get the vaccine right now, but I might be wrong.


Those are the most controlled "spasms" i have ever seen.


>vaccines are just weakened virus cells that make the body produce antibodies that target the virus

That's the problem, the COVID "vaccine" isn't like that at all. There is no weakened virus, just protein spikes that are supposed to make your body generate the antibodies without the presence of the virus.


Unless you're pretty old, as someone that isnt out partying you'll probably be at higher risk by taking the vaccine


the spike is a part of the virus, specifically the part that allows it to enter into your cells. It's attached to the rest of the virus so if you teach your immune system to recognize the spike it will be able to recognize the entire virus.


File: 1629400343842.jpeg (157.6 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, fedora-guy-covid-02.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


>The poor soul had reportedly been diagnosed with the disease in between receiving his first and second Pfizer vaccinations.
lmao knew it
When the vaxx deaths start accumulating they're just going to label it as a scary new covid strain. It's really amazing how audaciously these people lie.


>It's really amazing how audaciously these people lie
the word for it is "chutzpah"


you do realize that you don't get the full effect of the vaccine until 2 weeks after the second shot, right? That lardass only has himself to blame for waiting so long, when you're that fat covid is deadly. He should have been vaccinated months ago.


He should not have been a fat fuck like that in the first place holy shit.


Aren't wizzards against society because of oppression? How can you give in to oppression to such a level as unapproved covid vaccinations still in experimentation stage and claim to have more wisdom then a normie? Surely having sex is less an offense than submitting to sell out psuedo science taught by media.


File: 1629409112959.jpg (326.17 KB, 1170x1285, 234:257, Amanda Lyn RIch.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


This. T-cells take two weeks to build up and freak the fuck out.


0.0019 % deaths out of hundreds of millions vaxxed
wow humanity is literally going extinct
where did the vaxxers touch you? are the vaxxers in the room with us?


Ashkenazi branch of the Jewish Space Laser comission is zapping vaccine beams into the mixing vats of the Hershey Chocolate company in Pennsylvania, so that "they" can surreptisiously vaccinate and chip the unborn fetus


Idiot, vaxxers are literally campaigning to take away peoples' personal bodily autonomy. Unless you're a normalfag hiveminder slave you shouldn't want that.


right and you're john connor? totally off the grid and never used a bank currency in your life nor there is any kosher products sitting in mommy's kitchen. you're not like the others because you watch fox news, lurk pol, watched the greatest story never told and play doom eternal, that's a true alpha male dang


Can the vaxx really kill you like that?


Yep! This is why clinical trials must last a 3 year minimum. Peoples' DNA varies so much that they can have crazy different reactions to vaccines and such. Just as some people are deathly allergic to peanuts, some are allergic to what that vaccine is made out of. Remember that certain antibiotics don't even work on certain races. Normally this would mean that people would have to get tested to see if they have an allergic reaction or other potential side effects to the vaccine before they are given a full dose, but in the case of the Wuhan Flu vaccine, it's been rushed out past trials and the CDC/FDA approval process for political reason, resulting in multiple deaths from those who turned out to be allergic but were not allowed to be tested beforehand.



normies literally don't give a shit what goes into their body, the stuff of conspiracy theories from early 2000's is now all normalized

microchips into your neck as a shot are coming next, your government will be able to control your brain and thoughts


Good example of a non-sequitar.


funny how everybody is suddenly a doctor lol
so what does your diet consist of, what have you put in your body in the past week sir? evidence of your microchip claim?


Absolutely no mid to long term testing of the mRNA vaccine has been done. This isn't a conspiracy or a theory, it's open knowledge. The doctors freely admit this. People like you and the huge media companies who control public discourse are the ones pretending to be doctors, prescribing potentially dangerous and unnecessary medicine for no reason other than politics. The actual doctors cannot say that there will be no serious mid to long term side effects because there's no way for them to know. This is the truth of the matter. When you inject yourself with this experimental serum you are not putting your faith in doctors, you are putting your faith in big media talking heads and politicians.


I should get it then.



Weird. A baby at 23, no career to support him/her, No life insurance even though you can wait until 26 to get taken off your parents, and an 8,000 dollar funeral even though funerals can be much cheaper than that (private gatherings, much cheaper coffins).


this is like a bingo of the most retarded arguments spewed out by the morons who defend mass vaccination
you forgot 'long covid' though


Of course not. "COVID" doesn't exist. Why would I be a mindless drone and consent to getting implanted with a physical atrophy and mental impairment jab?
For now it's voluntary, huh? Well that's very interesting, because it'll always be voluntary for me. I'll resist to the death if they try and force that on me, I don't care if that means fighting batons, guns, tazers or even tanks. Better dead and free than alive and compromised.


File: 1629470528239.jpg (261.73 KB, 1080x1467, 120:163, Screenshot_20210818-163340….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Some military guy from my country became paraplegic a few hours after getting Pfizer.
Pic is from a pdf by the rockefeller-something and it shows what they want with all this shit, along with the population reduction, sterilization etc that bill gates talks about openly.

I'm similar but I'm rather live on the streets than become a zombie with graphene stuck in my brain that they can activate whenever they want to control my mind. I'll stay on the job for as long as I can and saving as much as I can.

Wdym trades?


Reminder that even the vaccines made with the traditional method like coronavac have 10x the amount of aluminum that the human body can safely tolerate, they're all straight up toxic.


File: 1629471063235.mp4 (4.77 MB, 336x416, 21:26, 1629152600794-1.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

Here you go
Portuguese subtitles and idk what the guy is speaking, probably french, so good luck with this


>it had no mid/long testing
>it's giving side effects to people hours after taking this garbage "vaccine"
Lol get a clue: they don't give a shit



Same, new normal sucks but old normal made me depressed for as long as I remember.


You get shit injected to you bypassing all of your natural barriers. You're at mercy of what's inside the syringe. It's no secret, even with pro-vaxxers that the injection makes you sore or even get fever for 2 days, and that's still not as bad as what happens to some other people.


im glad I got the vaccine now, nothing bad seemed to happen other than feeling down for a few days, and if something severe happens to me later on hopefully I either instantly die or I'll get to sue the government for a lot of money




People make non-satirical posts that are only a hair less absurd than this.


A bunch of retards that probably came from /pol/ are now doctors explaining why we shouldn't get the vaccine. Yes, you retards will respond that I'm a slave,a sheep, whatever. Surely you are free thinkers, your schizoid echo chambers are the pinnacle of free thought. Holy shit, you are even worse that my neocon parents sharing halfassed information on boomer facebook groups.


Liars on TV really want me to do something so I'm going to do the opposite.


got your third shot yet?


You can get it. Doesn't mean anyone should be forced to.


i think you mean schizo, not schizoid


File: 1629644641018.png (863.25 KB, 1024x757, 1024:757, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

>Guillain-Barre syndrome
>Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis
>Transverse myelitis
>Narcolepsy and cataplexy
>Acute myocardial infarction
>Autoimmune disease
>Pregnancy and birth outcomes
>Other acute demyelinating diseases
>Disseminated intravascular coagulation (BLOODCLOTS!)
>Venous thromboembolism
>Arthritis and Arthralgia/Joint pain
>Kawasaki Disease
>Multisystem Inflammatory Syndome in Children
>Vaccine Enhanced disease.


No, he means schizoid. These bunkerchan discord raiders have nothing but contempt for wizards.


File: 1629645365146.png (82.6 KB, 560x682, 280:341, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

There are some gigantic massively retarded morons here so I just choose not to take what anyone here(or anywhere for that matter) says without a lot of skepticism, also I'm sick of /pol/kids spreading retarded false information, it's usually some emotional appeal, or tl;dr 100 page schizo rant, or just some garbage with shoddy citations. One time one of these idiots showed me an article that cited itself, yeah. Ranting, not much else to say, here's some guy smoking a pipe so I look like I know what I'm talking about.


Do the 14 year olds in your discord actually fall for this rhetoric?


>it's usually some emotional appeal
Yeah it is true that a lot of the arguments from both sides boil down to anecdotal evidence and making you feel outraged or scared. The 'skeptics' are just as guilty and it makes me shake my head when the 'alt media' and their rabid followers blindly trust every new fad or character that seemingly goes against the grain. You see the same names of experts pop up in these circles and the idiots will take the bait and look foolish as their latest favourite shady expert falls from grace.
I cringe whenever I read 'ivermectin' now. It's the panacea of the skeptics, just like the vaccine is a miracle to the believers on the other side.


I would get the vaccine if it really meant "return to normal", but it's looking like they're milking the scam forever. Once again I find myself the most comfortable on sidelines, the society itself pushed me into.


The problem is the people won't turn against the so-called experts and governments but they will blame whoever is scapegoated by them i.e the unvaccinated, the conspiracy theorists, the political extremists etc.


File: 1629650429956.png (650.5 KB, 523x660, 523:660, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

Uhuh, next you'll call me some CIA agent or something, all the same with you retards.

I don't know who to listen to anymore, everyone is an idiotic moron with an agenda or just genuinely stupid and/or mentally ill. Fads, memes, astroturfing, and on and on, it's and assault on my psyche.


Ok man enjoy your untested gene therapy, I hope the talking heads that you listed too despite not trusting them actually had your best interests in mind this time.


But hey, at least you may have the symptoms of covid attenuated if you catch it!


jesus christ can you stop calling everyone else idiots, morons, retards, schizo, schizoid


>There are some gigantic massively retarded morons here so I just choose not to take what anyone here(or anywhere for that matter) says without a lot of skepticism, also I'm sick of /pol/kids spreading retarded false information, it's usually some emotional appeal, or tl;dr 100 page schizo rant, or just some garbage with shoddy citations. One time one of these idiots showed me an article that cited itself, yeah. Ranting, not much else to say, here's some guy smoking a pipe so I look like I know what I'm talking about.

Replication crisis in the field of medicine makes it hard to blindly trust the experts.


Make use of this information.
Receptor booster technologies are used to temporarily elevate the density of viral receptor proteins on the surface of any target cell that you wish to infect. The technology allows you to efficiently transduce cells that are resistant to viral infection due to low receptor density. The Ecotropic Receptor Booster allows you to efficiently transduce human cells with ecotropic retrovirus or lentivirus that otherwise can only infect rodent cells.


Adenovirus facilitated infection of human cells with ecotropic retrovirus


The ecotropic receptor coding sequences in the rAAV genome were under the control of a tetracycline-modulated promoter. In the presence of tetracycline, receptor expression was low and the proportion of cells transduced by the ecotropic retroviral vector was decreased.


Infection of receptor-bearing cells by coronaviruses is mediated by their spike (S) proteins. The coronavirus (SARS-CoV) that causes severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) infects cells expressing the receptor angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ACE2). Here we show that codon optimization of the SARS-CoV S-protein gene substantially enhanced S-protein expression. We also found that two retroviruses, simian immunodeficiency virus (SIV) and murine leukemia virus, both expressing green fluorescent protein and pseudotyped with SARS-CoV S protein or S-protein variants, efficiently infected HEK293T cells stably expressing ACE2. Infection mediated by an S-protein variant whose cytoplasmic domain had been truncated and altered to include a fragment of the cytoplasmic tail of the human immunodeficiency virus type 1 envelope glycoprotein was, in both cases, substantially more efficient than that mediated by wild-type S protein. Using S-protein-pseudotyped SIV, we found that the enzymatic activity of ACE2 made no contribution to S-protein-mediated infection. Finally, we show that a soluble and catalytically inactive form of ACE2 potently blocked infection by S-protein-pseudotyped retrovirus and by SARS-CoV. These results permit studies of SARS-CoV entry inhibitors without the use of live virus and suggest a candidate therapy for SARS.



polkiddies don't know how to read, all they know are infographics and twitter screenshots


Where are the mid/long term tests of the mRNA gene therapy?


I'm being fired from the job I've had for the last 8 years for not getting it, I'm not really sure what I'm going to do. Corporations are refusing unemployment if you are let go for not getting it too so I have no way to pay my rent or feed myself. I don't know what I'm going to do since it's looking like everywhere around me you have to have it to be employed, I just wish I had enough money to buy some land and farm or that I had the guts to kill myself


Visit a lawyer. There are a lot who only require payment if you win. Make sure to get the reason why you're getting fired in writing if you can.


>>183266 (check'd)
Tetracycline has been shown to inhibit the effects of similar mutagens.


It's like this all across the US no lawyer would take the case especially where I live (California same goes for New York though) plus I'm receptionist in health care so I'm expected to, this has been happening for months but now almost everyone is required regardless of profession. This is the world now it's either be a good normie listen to propaganda and get your experimental shot or you can't work, eat inside, or (hopefully they wouldn't go this far but at this point idk anymore and hell who do I care after losing my job) grocery stores. People are out of their mind with fear


Have you tried asking some lawyers? You might be surprised.


Job is gonna require me to get it. Let’s hope I don’t end up regretting being a good goy this time.


>kills himself because boss told him to


cant blame him tbh
its foolish to believe we'll get to a point where the white coats and bureaucrats go "uh-oh, the vaccines are no silver bullet, lets roll back these useless policies :)))" theyll double down on vaccination just like they did with everything else


Just get the poison jab then, I'm antivax too but if i was in the situation i would just get it but secretly take out my anger on society even more. No point in being homeless/starving to death over a dumb vaccine. I'm antivax myself like i said.


There are jobs other than the one you have. Move to a small town and the businesses there are even willing to pay people under the table a lot of the time.



Trump's doctor exposing the whole covid conspiracy


I don't assume yoı have forced vaxx on your contract, so they'll have to pay indemnity, seek legal help if they refuse. Don't give in and take the hell shot.


Doesn’t matter if it’s on his contract if the government is forcing the businesses or forcing him directly to get it.


The vaccine is killing people
Mass depopulation scheme is underway


good. fuck soyciety


good i never got the vaccine im watching quietly in the background.



don't even have to click it to know it's retarded, how can you be dead AND paralyzed anyway


it is talking about people that have died, AND also people that have become paralyzed. same way hospices use the term 'dead and dying'.


I don't really care. I don't do any social activity that requires vaccination. I haven't even noticed there's a pandemic because it's had zero impact on my life.


What's wrong with mgtow? I know most of them are normalfags, but their message can help some of the younger men destined to become wizards who might still be suffering from crab mentality.


Hey, I'm the one who posted 181102

Just came back here to say that I've seen through the veil of deception and that you are indeed right.
I would have never believed that someday I'd actually believe that the Earth is flat, but it happened.
I've seen with my own eyes that there's just no curvature at all even at 90000+ ft.


I'm getting Johnson and Johnson soon.
I am a fat dude and exsmoker.


Or you could just stop being fat


I try to.


Why? Is your job trying to forever you or something?


It seems like the sensible thing to do.


Losing weight is sensibler.


if you take the vax or believe in any of the scamdemic non-sense you're not a Wizard you're a LARPing normie fag


at least explain your own beliefs. what good comes from simply calling people idiots

-do you believe in viruses
-do you believe in the 'covid' virus
-do you understand what a variant is
-do you believe in variants
-do you understand the types of vaccines and their differences
-do you believe the virus was engineered


Just read the thread, people have explained why it's stupid to take the experimental mrna vaccine multiple times.


so you're fine saying "you're stupid" and when people ask why, you tell them to look at what others have said. that's really not interesting, you're not even stating your beliefs. what are you expecting someone to say in response, "no, you're stupid"?


just leave wizchan you vaccine tard. like the other poster said no real wizards would take that vaccine its poison.


Same crabs, different bucket.


Never getting it. There's zero reason for me to do so. I would eagerly take a passive/free death if it as serious as they claim, and I never really go outside anyhow.


Since draconian measures have now been implemented, worldwide, to push the experimental injections on people, those that remain uncompromised are true dissenters. Only persons of conviction could continue bear the stigma that has been artificially constructed now that it inconveniences and destroys livelihoods. Since the ruling complex continues to push, even ramping up propagandic measures, the injections despite the remaining targets being their avowed enemies, it is likely that the injections are deleterious to one's health. Why would the rulers freely benefit the health of their opposition? And we have seen that the injected propagate the sickness as readily as the uninjected.

An alternative viewpoint is that the rulers recognize that their attempts at convincing fail, yet continue to broadcast their propaganda in order to justify future incarcaration and eventual liquidation of dissenters. By keeping the door open to destigmatization, in the form of these free injections, the tyrant's inevitable guilt for committing mass murder is nullified by the idea, "the door to purification is still open so you are forcing us to kill you." The scaffolding for the genocide of independent thinkers has been constructed. The thought has already arisen: why submit to survive when it implies surviving among a decrepit horde of bleating imbeciles in a giant prison camp? Maybe these treatments are entirely ineffectual except for an abnormally high (but not too high) injury rate, purposefully engineered to be low enough to be hidden under bluster and statistical chicanery but high enough to raise the eyebrows of critical thinkers and naturally distrustful independent types. I refer specifically to the mRNA shots. Combine with certain propagandic and psy-op strategies to isolate a certain stratum of people for elimination.

Evil is afoot.


I took the pfizer jab. The first dose was fine, after the second I had a high temperature with fever for 2 days and on the 3rd day pain was building up in my shoulder up to a point I couldn't sleep that night. It was more like pressure somewhere deep within my shoulder and I'm fairly certain it was a bloodclot. It quickly just stopped that very night, but I'm not taking any more of that shit and just hope I won't have consequences further down the road.


Hilarious to look back to the presidential campaign when Kamala Harris was saying she wouldn't trust the vaccine.

The attitudes of the mainstream media towards the covid vaccines changed almost overnight once the election concluded.

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