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I'm a wiz in my 20s living in the third world and I want wisdom from other fellow third worlders or just poor wizards older than me who may or may not be independent.

I may have done a mistake but my mother tried to pick a fight with me and in the heat of the moment I bursted that I was going to leave the house and now there is no going back. Strangely I'm not as anxious as I though I would be but still I lost at what to do from here on since I was overpretected my whole life.

Even now I feel as if I'm floating, its like I just dropped a huge weight from my shoulders.

I have never been independent but this can't really go on. Its a bad situation for both of us so I have to live on my own. I'm looking around on facebook for the cheapest possible rooms and deps I can rent but I know I have to go around looking for them.

I just want general sage advice to face the misfortunes to come.


Don't do it.
You say at the beginning that you may had done a mistake, your mother picking up a fight for that is not that bad. Is more like the usual.

Just apologize if you need to. Living alone is not hard.


>Living alone is not hard.
I don't get it, you tell me not to do it then tell me its not hard? was this a typo

Any way as I said, there is any going back.

I have always had my head down and never aspired to anything. I think things can only get worse if I keep this up. I want to believe being independent is not impossible since millions of people can and have done it before, and without anyone or anything to turn for advice either.


Yes, it was a typo. What I was trying to say is that living alone IS hard. Who knows, normalgroids seems to like it. Maybe you're somewhat lucky and have the traits that let you live alone and not freak out. But living alone is very hard.

>being independent

No such thing. Normalgroids rely on a lot of connections with others like them to survive in their day to day. Think this, you're going to be alone, the rest of them, will not. No matter how much you think you fucked up, the thing you're going to do can backfire very hard. This is my advice.


go back go back take a hit to your pride it is worth it to be comfy in mommies home and not on the street.


Thats bleak and brutal. Honestly I'm not even bothered, thats why I'm here and not in some other norm site just to be told to man up and shit.

Yeah I know its not going to be easy, but really if I keep living like this for any longer I think its going to end very violently.

Are you still living with your parents wizards? I'm tired of being provided for. I don't even feel alive, I don't have anything against living a comfy live with parents but this isnt just an average argument with parents, she is going to kick me out sooner or later and it better be now because I at least have job for the moment.

I know it sounds extremely normie but the first time I worked when I was 19 I felt pure eccstasy after coming back home and laying on my bed. I had only achieved that much joy in my life by taking painkillers. It was not that I enjoyed the job of course, it sucked, but I was a step closer to moving away and thats what I enjoyed.


I have been kicked out and homeless myself so I know what my experience was like but you work so it is a bit different for yourself and it is not normie to enjoy working you can take pride in being productive. I have not worked in nearly a decade but it was great at times a lot of fun to be had.

Can't yo move back in and actively look for a place to live that is cheap?


I wasn't kicked out yet, we just had that argument and I said stuff that I'm not taking back, that's what I meant. So I still have at least a few weeks before I should leave.

I was going to be kicked out anyway.

What connections would I need for survival that normies have? Currently I have at least family I can count for a while outside my mother.


Well, if you have a job and can afford living on your own then go ahead, I personally would just apologize, but your mom sounds like an insufferable cunt, so maybe it's best for you to move out.


It all just depends on money.

Moving out was an unbelieveably huge quality of life increase for me. But if you need to get a terrible plebjob or are incapable of working then it could turn out badly


I lived as a homeless for a week i can assure you that it aint that comfy. My advice is to try to ask for forgiveness to you parents even though it might sound humiliating.


i was planning on becoming homeless and finding a way to stay on my laptop 24/7 using a public outlet and wifi. i was suicidal at that time and was just gonna sleep on the sidewalk anywhere

i left my house and my mom came and got me before i was able to do that


i was gonna do LDAR in public basically


i could live as a homeless persin. i just need a form of escapism while i do it. a laptop or something.

without a laptop i would be bored out of my mind


For me personaly, is better to live alone and work a normie job to pay for my stuff than to live at home with crazy parents. If the situation is truly unbearable, I believe moving out is the best thing to do for your peace of mind. There is still the matter of getting a job though, you either will have to get a half decent one in a office or something in the fast food industry, which can be absolute hellish and you won't have the option to quit. You got to weight your options.
Mostly for emergencies, but with proper planning and money saving you can avoid most problems normies have, because they're incredibly irresponsible with money.


File: 1622731621289.pdf (1.38 MB, The 80-20 Principle by Ric….pdf)


Here, take something.


u could try to live with other family relatives and pay a part of the rent if you got a job.


Rotting alone is way more bearable day to day than living up to parental expectations while living with them.
Don't be afraid anon, it's not hard to live by yourself these days. Cooking and cleaning are memes and easy as fuck, and if you have a source of income that's the bills taken care of.
For normies it probably is harder living alone and not having anyone to direct their social bullshit towards, but for a wizzie it should be pretty comfy.


living alone is a meme that gets boring after about a month, the only difference is being able to jerk off anytime and listen to music loudly or walk around naked
But it's not worth giving up being a neet for




for me moving out was x1000 quality of life increase. from suicide to life worth living. but i dont have to work. really need to find some other solution to make money, that is all that matters in life


only benefit of moving out is you can rope without parents walking in on your body


- dont have to deal with social interaction at a moment's notice at any time. admitting that you choose to not live alone is a borderline violation of wizchan rule 3
- dont need to monitor your behavior and perform social niceties to maintain your quality of life, since it is uncomfortable to have a bad relationship with the people you live with, and they may throw you out if they hate you
- a new sense of comfort because you're not being watched and judged. it feels incredibly freeing to have privacy and never have the fear that someone will randomly walk in on you doing something
- quietness. no tv playing loud pleb tv all day and night
- can be awake whenever you want and make food in the middle of the night
The list goes on. Life alone is unbelievably superior


you forgot that you need to work 9 to 5, 5 days a week and pay rent in that list which makes every other point moot


My previous comment included this
>but i dont have to work. really need to find some other solution to make money, that is all that matters in life


you must be that moron that lives in his car then, fuck off


i am not, and fuck you i am just stating facts. not my problem that your situation is worse than mine. regardless of how i have money, other comments saying things like
>only benefit of moving out is you can rope without parents walking in on your body
are dumb and false


they aren't, unless you are living rent-free and alone somehow with income n(in which case you'd be aware your situation is extremely rare and doesn't apply to anyone else) then it's not worth it


Living alone for most people actually means living at work since the cost of living is so high these days. It's no wonder NEETs tend to stay with their parents.

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