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Have any of you ever voluntarily quit a job to become neet? Do you have any advice? I have a good amount of money in savings - nothing like enough to retire, but enough to keep me alive comfortably for a year or so. I just want to sit in my comfy chair and read all day for a while, perhaps play some old video games. My job doesn't leave me time to do any of those things and even when I do find myself with a couple of free hours, the anxiety and mental fatigue stop me from focusing on what I'm studying. No amount of money is worth this endless cycle of slavery.


Have never had a job


i didnt voluntarily quit, but i hated my job. my advice is to move in with your relatives and make yourself useful to them, it has enabled me to neet for 8yrs so i consider that a big win


Interesting. I wish this were an option to me. While I hate my job, I actually enjoy most housework so life as a kind of live-in housecarl would suit me.


Splitting hairs but is that really neet


Yes I've quit most every job I've had but I live with my parents and don't have to pay rent or buy food, so there was not really any point to working. Being at home is more beneficial to me because I can work on my hobbies and study things that interest me or just relax and enjoy myself instead of stressing.


It sounds like you could use a vacation. Quit without burning any bridges if possible. Be sure not to repress the knowledge that your neet trial will end. Instead, take some time out of each day to consider your future. Enjoy your emancipation!


I quit a 1 year job and neeted on the savings for 1 year.
Then I got a job on another country which pays double for 2 years and now I plan to neet for 4 or more years on the savings. This is my 5th day as a Neet again.


i dont have a fucking job, no car or ability to drive, make no money, and dont leave the house. how is that not neeting? if you can live with relatives scot free without doing chores every now and then you are actually in heaven


Not in education employment or training.
It's not employment really so yes.


I quit my part-time job in 2018 and was NEET for over a year before getting a full-time job. Now I have to work full-time forever because muh health insurance. Still I hope I get fired. At least I live with mommy so I save a lot of money. Even if I lose it I have money to NEET in my own apartment for at least a year or two before an heroing.


Why do you care about health insurance?
Never had to call upon it in my entire 25 years of life.


I don't think you quite understand the concept of insurance.


Surely you mean government paying your bills for doctors visits.


No I mean the principle of it. The point of insurance is to be a safety net if something happens to you. The fact you never had to use it does not mean it is not a valuable thing.


You would still get treated if you lost your legs or hands just that you would have to pay back several thousand afterwards, but if you were smart you would suicide by that point. Literally no reason to worry about insurance.


It’s pretty self evident you’re retarded so I’ll just let you be.


Being NEET is TERRIBLE after a year you won’t have enjoyment for anything and you will want to kill yourself I prefer literally any job over being NEET after 1,5 year of neethood.




But that's simply not true.
24/7 for books, vidya and anime. How can that suck?
If you feel adventurous just hit the forest with nothing but a lighter and a knife.


NEETing is stressful if you don't have savings/financial independence. Hitting the forest with a lighter and knife is a death sentence for most people reared in industrial society - not their fault, learning survival/self sufficiency skills takes time and practice and is best done when the brain is flexible, ie in childhood.


it's a death sentence period, even a savage would have trouble surviving on their own in the wild.


File: 1622014100675.jpg (486.96 KB, 1825x1217, 1825:1217, kaczynski caught.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I'm talking about being a neet permanent neet with some camping thrown in there for variety.
But yes you can't live outsdoors, not anymore.


I’m literally 28 born in 1993


I am more interested in living in a large farm area where I produce/hunt/rear what I eat rather than going into the woods and fighting bears.
I mean, I guess some things needs to be compromised but I think I can get used to some things such as using pit toilets instead of ceramic ones after some time.
What I am saying is I would more or less prefer living like the Amish does.


File: 1622066431789.jpg (3.8 MB, 3840x2160, 16:9, DSC_0239.JPG) ImgOps iqdb

consider work and travel, pick a country you like, I did it in Japan for a while. One family had this hotel in the mountains, I helped them chopping wood and painting their house, in exchange they provided a place to stay, cooked local food and showed me places you usually wouldn't find doing sightseeing.


so you did wwoof no?


I was NEET for 2 years before I was forced to get a job and I just spend all day wishing I had enough money to become a NEET again. Having 40+ hours sucked out of every week is so brutal, it feels like time is going by twice as fast


Wiz you replied to
I don't care personally. At my old job I once had severe chest pain and I didn't do anything I just suffered through it. Continued to serve customers. I kinda hoped if I dropped dead it would be in front of them, serves them right for coming in when I'm sick, or something. Anyway if they had noticed and tried to call an ambulance I would threatened them with violence because I could not afford that. Anyway now I have to have insurance or my parents will lose their shit. Even though I eat healthy, am not fat, and haven't gone to the doctor in over ten years. At least I had insurance for my v*ccine but frankly doubt I'll use it til my mid30s. If it wasn't so fucking expensive I'd jsut pay it. But the whole company subsiding it thing just pisses me off, it's economically unfair imo.


This is what I'm trying to weigh up. I have never been truly NEET - I went from university straight into an office job, which I have been doing ever since. I always hated the holidays at uni because I would get lethargic and hate myself for doing nothing, but now that I've experienced having to work hard in my salaryman job, I wonder if I would be capable of appreciating the free time. Unlike back then, I now have real interests that I would like more time to pursue (philosophy, walking, meditation) and could perhaps fill my free time as a NEET productively. But I worry that I might quickly slip back into the old ways. It feels as if the only options are wageslavery and stress or NEETdom and lethargic idleness.



Yep, I only became properly NEET for the first time in my early 30s. Before that I was only in school or jobs. I've been NEET for about 16 months and I can see why some sing the praises of the neet lifestyle. There are some downsides, the main two are money and not having your own place. The neet with his own place and a regular source of bux or passive income truly is a king in some ways. It's funny that normalfags say being a neet is bad or boring but they spend their whole working life saving up for and looking forward to retirement which is just the acceptable version of neet as you're seen to have 'payued your dues'


File: 1623464847681.png (549.86 KB, 300x468, 25:39, neet1.png) ImgOps iqdb

In my entire work history, I've never actually had to say "I quit."

The last job I had was at a movie theater from December 2016 to March 8, 2020. When I was laid off due to COVID and collected unemployment. I most likely won't be getting an extension on that unemployment though. So I'm living off that money I saved from unemployment.

I'm kind of really tired of being a NEET at this point. The days are just so boring, I don't do much except watch videos and play League of Legends. I really just want to leave my parent's house at this point and move somewhere else.



being neet is beautiful but you need money, if you were rich you would be neet


Being a rich NEET and a poor NEET are pretty disparate experiences.


and this is called INIQUITY OF THE WORLD

do something ABOUT IT


I'll lie down and hope it GOES AWAY


good LUCK


I wasn't born rich but I have my ways. First the country has neetbux, so that's already a big bonus. Second, I can have nice things like a decent car if it's leased. They can't touch something that isn't your property.

Second, I take as much credit as possible from predatory loan companies, and when they try to collect, I have nothing in my name. All the money is transferred to bitcoins, to virtual wallets, cash etc.

After 13 years, your credit is restored automatically, and I have 4 years left until that happens.

Then I will fuck these companies up again and withdraw as much money as possible and never pay them back. So not only do I not have to pay anything for living, I will also get a nice cash drop of about $100k again, maybe more if I figure out how to use a credit score to my advantage even more extensively.

I deeply hate the world, this is both revenge and a way to ease my time on Earth. I also can't go to jail or prison because debt is a civil matter, not a criminal one.

I will go to the grave having lived a fairly comfortable life having done everything I wanted to do, bought all the luxuries I ever wanted, traveled everywhere I wanted to without ever lifting a finger.

Fuck the world. At least this way I get to enjoy it.


File: 1623588722388.jpg (55.94 KB, 576x763, 576:763, gg.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Based wiz. Enjoy it all.


I'm usually capable of thinking outside the box, but I didn't realize that.
Your post just made me realize even someone with zero credit and lots of collection agencies after them, can live really nicely by renting or leasing.

They can't take back someone else's property nor can you be evicted even of a high quality apartment or house that you are merely renting.

Practically I could have zero credit and fly around with a private jet and have a new Mercedes Benz as long as they're leased. I could live in a mansion as long as I have a rental contract.
Only money matters.


I'm currently studying programming and my plan is to save as much money as possible while I work and retire as early as possible (while not having to be too frugal when I quit)

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