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Any neet apprentice or wiz with only one parent and without any brother or sister, how do you deal with him/her getting old and the fear of when he/she dies??


actually I've fantasied about her dying or killing her myself, I know what to do when my mom dies.
I just survive for as long I can on our savings then I'd kill myself.
It's not a big deal for me tbh.


I always found the most unrelatable part of anime to be the fixation with family. Guess life always gives you something other than what you really wanted.


Most fool themselves into thinking "thats ok I will just kill myself" but to kill yourself when you really ought to is harder than that and this is in reality just a cope. People waiting for their mother to die do not really all kill themselves when they do and unless they loved their mom what point is there to waiting?

To actually be at the point where you need to kill yourself and do it takes a lot of courage and it may be harder for the wiz who are more open to the mystery of life.


Yeah I always scoff at the "well I'll just kill myself" mindset. It really isn't that easy.
I imagine most wizzies with that mindset end up in the hell of being bottom of the barrel wagecucks or homeless.


I have one sibling and just wanted to get out of the picture to avoid dealing with the phase where the parent becomes a burden. My mother said the purpose of kids is to take care of you when you're old, so fuck you for breeding me for your own selfish needs


I'm not so sure. A lot of people do kill themselves, it's one of the most common causes of death, the media just avoids talking about it


anyone who says they will just kill themselves when their parents die doesn't really understand how hard that is. i doubt they will have the balls or means of doing it.


I'd imagine a lot of NEETs would kill themselves when faced with homelessness and starvation. They have nobody left to take them in and are out of options.


>i've fantasied about her dying or killing her myself

You and me both


Where is your source of data for this? Suicide is very common, in the top 10 causes of death in usa


>in the top 10
I find that very hard to believe.


"[Suicide] was responsible for more than 47,500 deaths in 2019, which is about one death every 11 minutes."
Top result from Google. It's more common than a lot of people think, and there were more suicides than fatal car accidents in 2019. I'd imagine the suicide rate increased a lot after COVID too, but only from normalfags who felt "lonely" and not wizzies who are used to being isolated all the time.


It’s #10 so you’re correct but it’s in the edge there.

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