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Have you felt superior to normalfags cause of your interests? I always thought of myself as an intellectual better than everyone else cause of my interests, my tastes, and my ideas. For example, the fact that I listen to somewhat obscure music artists like David Thomas Broughton, The Midnight, and Sweet Trip made my value as an intelligence greater than anyone who just listens to top 40 radio stations. The same things applies with other examples of media consumption like vidya. Hell, the fact that I go on 4chan, 8ch, wizchan, made me feel like as though my wisdom of the world far exceeded those normies using shit like Snapchat and Instagram. I always thought that maintaining my identity was better than being some normalfag who go out with their friends regularly and have romantic relationships.for such a long time.I've laughed at Redditors or Facebook users for the way they act.


Yeah, I do feel superior sometimes. Mostly cause of my music taste and the fact I did quite well in school. However I don’t take any pride in browsing imageboards.


This OP looks like bait but I will treat it as legitimate. I have not felt superior to normalfags I know the feeling but with it you have to realize that you are unlucky because you cannot get behind all their clop trop. Using imageboards does not make you special and neither does listening to obscure music. the person who "wastes" their time watching soap operas and the person who spends their time reading and writing are the same. both are simply trying to find a way to cope with existence and neither is better than the other in any real way.

You are likely insecure and like to think of yourself as better than others



>Oh pigeon, do not blind thyself with beautiful colours that cover the bars of your golden cage


I grew out of this once I became a young adult instead of a teenager and highly advise you to follow suit. It makes life a lot easier. Your mindset invites unnecessary drama/assholeishness from people. Midwit gang rise up


I do feel superior to normalfags cause of THEIR interests


>I always thought that maintaining my identity was better than being some normalfag
maintaining your identity has to be THE biggest normalfag activity on the planet, in my opinion even preceding having sex and making small talk. i used to wonder sometimes why people would get upset when their "identity", things they liked, were attacked, and the core of the answer to this is knowing what identity means. few people make the connection that the words identity and identical are synonymous and when they talk about their identity, they are literally meaning to say they are identical to the things they identify with. i AM a mailman, i AM a republican, i AM a man, i AM timmy smith. in reality, you are none of these things, you are not your profession, your political beliefs, your sex, or your name (you also dont own any of these things).

invariably everyone on the planet is indoctrinated into this delusion and it forms the basis for all normalfag thought. (i was going to do the "i AM" thing here but for the sake of me not getting banned youll have to imagine it). they think that because they ARE sexhavers, and they ARE (insert normal thing), that they are superior to you, because they have falsely equated qualities (which theoretically could be superior to your qualities) with themselves.


Imagine thinking the ultimately trivial things that you like or dislike make you a better person than someone else.Op you have an inflated sense of self but as the above poster has said you do not know yourself. Instead of recoiling and generating excuses that protect your ego from facing the mirror I suggest you make this a chance to grow and become more than you were before. I am no better than the lonely street begger I am no different than men who behave as beasts I am the same as them on a different path is all.


Yes, I sometimes find myself thinking this way.


I don't know if I would really call myself superior to "normies"
They seem to be able to express their emotions way better than I could ever do, but in general mine are pretty shallow anyway what I do dislike is that none of them seem to do anything in their free time
I draw, make jewelry, blow Glas, develop my own electronic devices and then I hear normies talking about skating their way home, not even doing any tricks just to drink something and watch TV or Netflix.
Art is something a few normies do too but never do they try to improve, never do they read books and apply what they learned.
It just seems all so shallow but maybe when you have many social contacts they take up a lot of your time ? No clue but it's really disheartening


I feel superior for still having an imagination. The idea of an adult who only thinks about real life all day is disgusting to me.


I think it is great you do all these things /hob/ wiz and wouldl ove to see some posts on your hobbies but you value different things from the normies and that is ok. I do not think that anything concerning the self and only really affecting the self can be obejctively judged in the same way actions made that influence some reaction in the enviroment or others can be- at least not to the same extent. you mentioned.

What if the normals gain an equal value fro mtheir recreation as you do? can we measure such a thing? the norm who just does art for fun without a goal to improve has a different destination than yourself it is the same medium but a different purpose if that makes sense.

It may be my self loathing but I disagree that my interests and my actions which solely entertain myself have a greater value than someone doing something else for the exact same purpose and when you boil everything down we are really doing everything for the exact same purpose regardless of if we are a wiz or a normalfag.
>I feel superior for still having an imagination.
WHat do you mean by imagination? visual or just creatively thinking? I lack a visual imagination but spend a lot of time in my thoughts.


Interests? No. Many normals share your interests and they do share many of my interests too. Hobbies and interests don't make you superior to anyone.

Being superior has to do with character, virtue, feeling, desiring, acting, power, merit, nobility. I'm better than normalfags because I am quite a unique person. It's not about hobbies, because many normals are interested in politics, philosophy, art, the intellectual stuff too, it is common nowadays to try to be an intellectual. It is more like I watch the same things, read the same things, listen to the same things as lots of others yet I interpret them in my own way. Critical thinking, yes. I think it has to with critical thinking more, normals lack it completely. They are so boring and just parrot things they learned from textbooks and professors while I try to create and come up with original things because this fits my nature inherently. I like to think outside the box and come up with new interpretations to everything, I like to question and redefine things all the time.

As for this thread, like expected the anti-individualism posters appeared like packs of hungry wolves to try to force equality (of misery) unto everyone. They can't comprehend what it means to be a loner or a leader or an individual, they don't like themselves and don't respect themselves so they try to strangle every wizard who acknowledges his own originality and uniqueness and want to strong-arm them back to the herd. I would advise everyone who wants to have some enjoyment in this life to hide their posts or ignore them. Good day to everyone.


feelings of superiority because of my interests? Never but I've been tempted to. Feeling superior to others is what normalfags do, if you asked them if they're superior to you, they will not say it's a feeling but a fact

I'd like for people to be more fair and unbiased but that's really hard to find, look at this guy for example >>180767 "I'm superior because of my moral character and I'm a quite unique person" Imagine using the most subjective metric you can find to say you're superior to others in an anonymous imageboard. I'm sorry but that's beyond pathetic and what a succubus with a not like other succubi mentality would say.


yes. I read more than one book since I got out of high school so that automatically makes me intellectually superior to the normalgroids. tired of hearing them arguing about retarded shit that got solved 200 years ago


I used to for the longest time until I realized that I in fact am the outsider and true loser. While yes my interests are niche and might not be easy to digest for the masses, normalfags are passing down their genes and living healthy, productive lives.

If you genuinely believe you're superior for living at home still or in my case as a recluse in my basement, you're simply lying to yourself.

Admitting that you're not superior and might in fact be inferior is the hardest pill to swallow, but I believe it will help you in your path as a wizard.

Also, why even bother comparing yourselves to the normalfags around you? If you don't see them as worth your time, why even bother observing the way the live and their interests?


>living healthy
[citation needed]


File: 1623289266514.jpg (122.58 KB, 1908x1146, 318:191, th.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>normalfags are passing down their genes

And thank heavens for that



File: 1623290085137.png (1.91 MB, 6460x3455, 1292:691, dysgenic decline.png) ImgOps iqdb

>muh Flynn Effect
t. doesn't know about the Woodley Effect



Thanks, yeah.

Try learning about the g factor next time bucko


File: 1623298760459.png (3.92 MB, 1199x2128, 1199:2128, image.png) ImgOps iqdb

That I am different from Normies, is certain.
That I will prevail as superior, is yet to be seen.


that's one thing i always tried to avoid, but still somehow got interested in anything that is despised by and repellent to normos, hence taking them into consideration. doedn't make me feel superior though.


I have no interest in anything whatsoever, anything I do is just a way to kill time for me. I wish I could find something to be passionate about but I just can't.


All right, I will try to explain things to you, so even a gigantic retard like you can understand them.

Are you the same as normalfags?
A. Yes
B. No
If you answer with A, then kindly fuck off to facebook or partying with your friends and never come back.
If you asnwer with B, then we come to the next logical step. If x is different from y then one of them is better and the other is worse. If you acknowledge that things are different and not the same then naturally there will be a hierarchy among the things. You can't be different from normalfags and stand on equal grounds with them, this is impossible. If you acknowledge that you aren't like the majority then you are either better or worse than the majority.

Despite what the nihilistic and spiritually communistic media tells you, people aren't the same. There are great differences between person and person.
>illusory superiority
Yes, just because retards think they are superior to others let's pretend everyone is equal! Fuck off, also you should know better than to refer to psychology, as it is a meme science only.

>normalfags are passing down their genes and living healthy, productive lives
>If you genuinely believe you're superior for living at home still or in my case as a recluse in my basement, you're simply lying to yourself.
Congrats, you fell for the normalfag slave morality. Get back to the herd already and stop polluting this site. Why do you even come here?


> If x is different from y then one of them is better and the other is worse. If you acknowledge that things are different and not the same then naturally there will be a hierarchy among the things.
Do you have autism? I’m serious. Things can be different but not ordered in some hierarchy. That’s a false dichotomy if I’ve ever seen one.


Are you retarded or willfully ignorant? I'm serious.

Things can't be different and equal. Only the same things can be equal. I know it is hard to accept but it is time to stop lying to yourself.


Not having a hierarchy is not the same as being equal. Or would you like to tell me what the “best” species of otter is? Or if nitrogen is superior to argon? Or how about if apples are a better fruit than oranges?


There is better and worse among all those you mentioned, obviously I'm not an expert and probably neither are you on this. Among fruits some possess more vitamins and some less, that is one point of consideration. Some vegetable reproduce more easily and endure more heat, harm genereally than others too, so there is another point of consideration.

You are an idiot if you think nature is about equality.
>Not having a hierarchy is not the same as being equal.
There is either a hierarchy or there is not. You can't have both "I am a unique person" and "I am the same as others or am equal to them".

By the way, mind telling us why do you consider yourself equal to normals? What can you possibly share in common with people who live life in an entirely different way than you?


Different Anon.
Things can be different and not objectively superior because different people will have different values. These different values will make objective facts or characteristics about a thing have a different impact/weight or importance to them.

To unironically compare apples to oranges for a moment, I think that apples are more superior as they are more filling because of their fibre content. However, someone else could say that the vitamins in an orange make oranges better because they value that more.

There is a reason that comparing apples to oranges is a phrase.


I don't feel superior because of my interests I am superior because they're normalfags


File: 1624138886545.jpg (156.46 KB, 960x1280, 3:4, nihonga.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

No. Any feelings of superiority are just compensation on my part, in order to artificially elevate myself above the herd. I can claim true knowledge to one thing, and that is that I'm no better than the average Joe. The only thing that raises a man above the rank and file are the things he does, and the things he creates. Patting yourself on the back for your superior taste is like a bird admiring its own plumage: terribly self-conceited.

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