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I lost the feeling for time long ago, but after what must be around 5 years I opened up Wizardchan for the first time again today. Back then I was ending my 20s, one of the banners up there was made by me. Yes, I was an "illegal" user, but who was I kidding, nothing changed anyways, I'm 32 now and still a virgin.
Thing already have changed a lot since then. Society has become even more degenerate, the way it started changing after social media and the mainstream internet blew up in the mid 2000s really was a sign to come for anybody our age back then.
My life otherwise hasn't really changed. I don't even remember if I still was a NEET the last time I came here, but I'm now stuck in a generic giant corporate hellhole that has gradually been invaded by succubi hiring more succubi and retarded betas over time and which will probably falter due to boomers having 0 clue of leadership/digitalization and all worker bees being completely incompetent. Who knows if I will get fired or the whole ship sinks first.
Since I am now back here I'm interested in how things have changed on Wizardchan. I remember a discussion around the time I left about if succubi are allowed to be depicted here. Since I already saw a lot of material breaking this rule I assume the culture isn't as strict anymore? I really hope the majority of users is still 30+ since I'm just so done with all the "virgin culture" on mainstream pages which turns out to be fucking volcel children under 25 all the time.


>admits he posted here when he was in his 20s
>gets assblasted that people in their 20s post here as soon as he turns 30
Get over yourself.


Nobody is "assblasted" get off his case.

@OP, this site has become exactly what you fear, and worse. Feel free to confirm it yourself, just have a look around. Check /meta/, check /b/ - just look at the above post. If you're looking for the old wizchan just turn back now and don't waste your time. This forum is all nineteen y.o. /r9k/iddies and ince|s now.


I have only been lurking here for over a year or so, found the posts in the beginning compared to elsewhere interesting and mature but even I noticed a drastic shift in the quality, and more and more posters here at least outed themselves as very young, a while ago wizchan was down and threads about this place appeared on r9k, so I wouldn't get my hopes up too much. Look at the post above


If you’re trolling me you did an excellent job.


>I really hope the majority of users is still 30+
This has literally never been the case, even the admins back on the old site were 19-20 year old kids. The user base has actually aged over the years and is mostly mid-twenties and some early-30s people. If you ever thought this place was composed solely by people over 30 you have either never actually browsed this site for more than a minute, ever, or you are trolling
>"virgin culture" on mainstream pages which turns out to be fucking volcel children
Are you implying that you are a crab? Rule 2


Normalfag boomer insult.
>involuntary celibate
Normalfag insult.
You are the very reason why this site is shit, you are part of problem, faggot.


You do realize the wizard thing is a meme and the only actual requirement to post here is being a male virgin over the age of 18 right? Wizardchan started as a refuge for /r9k/ users who were sick of all the trannies and succubi and discussion about sex, most of the userbase were always under the age of 30. The whole wizard larp is just newfags trying too hard to fit in it was always an ironic meme.


OP here, thanks for the input. The few posts in here are enough already, seems like Wizardchan is just r9k 2.0 these days. Might check out stuff like the webm threads for a few minutes of entertainment but I sure as hell won't put any time in here then discussing with retarded zoomers, it's not like there aren't smaller, but better alternatives.


Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out.


Wasn't it always like that? Even mods, like that cripple faggot were just crabs that jumped the shark the first chance they could.


And why should we care that some retard, who doesn't take even 5 seconds to observe the sites culture before posting, decides to leave? Gladly fuck off, the last thing we need is more low attention-span brain fart thread spammers like yourself. Someone who literally can't even read the rules to realize that you don't even need to be 30 years old to post here.

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