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Welp, as of yesterday I am now a wizard. Kind of fucked up that I got assigned a cockroach as a familiar but I guess its kind of cute in a way. What skill build should I try?


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self-effacing, walk on eggs, patient and polite toward your parents so you may leech them off without attrition, inherit everything when they die and when you run out of funds get out by partial hanging using jump rope and a firmly attached pull up bar on the door frame of your bedroom.
Happy birthday!


>Inherit everything when they die
If wiz isn't the sole heir to his parents' estate, then this might prove difficult.


Sure is, let's go with 'as much as possible' then.


>skill build
Mathematician, scientist, literary scholar, philosopher… the list goes on


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>What skill build should I try?
I went all in on an electric build and can shoot lightning and stuff now. The serfs both fear and respect the power to split mountains and repair their household appliances.


Take the cooking pill and then you can show up witches when they try to impress you with their brew. With this underway, you can also take the gardening pill and if they want some or think you're going to grow flowers for them you can tell them to pay up.

This will help maintain your powers until you become a master wizard.


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I am still an aprentice but I intend to one day go full necromancer


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Meet me in the grand library at the Mages Guild. I'll show you how to start the quest line to unlock the mystic build.


You fucked up. You're supposed to swerve at the last second (11:57-00:00) so you gain access to the hidden skill trees and endings. Now you're stuck with the basic magic schools and can never touch necromancy.


when I get 30, I probably won't make a brainfart thread about it


>implying imageboards will still be around 12 years from now


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I'm hoping to become a necromancer when I turn 30 in a few years. Sounds like a cool gig.


What like grave robbery or something?


Why, it's not robbery if the dead give you their possessions themselves.


My sister is a witch and it's impossible to beat her in cooking because she's practised it for like two decades (shes 36 now).

I just barely know how to cook a pot of beans.


actually 2 more years and I will be 30 as well


Dude. If you just turned 30, you only have access to level 0 familiars. You should have gotten to at least lvl 5 before accepting a utility familiar, or 25 for a combat familiar. Now you have to wait for your cockroach to die naturally before getting a new familiar, which could take forever. Those things are survivors.

There are a lot of flashy builds out there, but don't be fooled. You want to dump all your points into wiz and int, so choose a prestige class that works well with those, like Sage or Alchemist. This allows you to get xp gain skills like Researcher or Contemplation. If you can maximize xp gain, you can get the longevity perks early on, which buys the time necessary to upgrade your spells to max.

A lot of wizzes these days focus on str and cha for a Volcel or Improvebrah build, but there is no high-level cha-based equipment for wizards, so it is impossible to minmax. And str is only useful for risky physical encounters and certain Wageslave-specific skills. Wageslaves were debuffed in the last update, so skip that.

Also, a lot of wizzes will try to get you sucked into the Crab class, but that was a joke from one of the April 1st events. It's a really unbalanced build that is unfun to play, but the devs haven't removed it for years because it became a popular meme.

Good luck, and see you in the Elementorium!


I finally became a wizard as well.
10th September. Remember me.


We have the same birthdate


is this a warlock?

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