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I came across this podcast by a pacifist who stated in the intro that he was going to give tips to avoid get into a fight, and he…didn't give any advice at all and the whole thing was like something from Tony Robbins. It's pissed me off so much that I just wanted to start up a thread to give tips to avoid get harrassed, mugged, etc..

* Pay attention to the wisdom of crowds. If you're in a train station with a high vaulted ceiling that's completely open, the trains come in on one end, but everyone's sitting together on the complete opposite end–there's a reason for that. Sit with them even though it's more crowded.
* Don't go out at between 10 p.m. to 5 a.m./when it's completely dark unless you really have to.
* Distract as opposed to answer. If someone asks you what time it is, don't look down at your watch, say "I'm sure there's a clock around here somewhere." Don't pull out your phone, say "I don't know, sorry. Maybe 3?"
* Don't pull shit out of your pockets.
* If you have to go to a major metro area or populated area, go to Google and search, "Major scams in {city/area name here}." Look up the reviews for a place to get a sense of the common things to avoid. Pay attention to the wisdom of the crowd.
* People begging on the street do not need money.
* Petitioners on the street are all scam artists.
* If you start hearing two people raising their voices at each other, or see _anything_ get thrown, get out of there. If you're in a restaurant, it's better to just leave whatever you ordered uneaten and get out of Dodge. If you're on a bus, it's better to be 20 minutes late by getting out at the next stop and waiting for the next bus.
* Keep a wad of $1s in a pocket and a dead phone in the other. If you get mugged, give your assailant that, and when he grabs them both with both hands, run. They have what they think is "a lot of money"/everything you have (in reality <$20), and because both their hands are full, they can't come after you.


The best way to deter those muggers and people who will fight you just to take your phone is be 6'6 and 230lbs of muscle.

I live in a very shitty part of Baltimore and normie chads have saved my life twice from knife wielding weirdos. He just approached the weirdo, growled at him 'if you come any closer I'll fuck you up'.

They just scatter and run because they know they can't take on an aggressive guy of that size unless they had firearms.

I fucking hate being short and wispy. I actually had to get LASIK surgery so people stop saying stuff like "hey nerd" and "hey, it's Harry Potter".

I guess my point is not all normies are bad and some can even be allies when shit hits the fan.
I want to move out of this trash city as soon as I save up enough money.


Screw pacifism. I don't know why you listen to that podcast.

The only thing that helps is having a gun for protection or as 482 said, a huge deterrent is being big and strong physically.
Muggers will do anything to avoid the humiliation of being the ones getting the beatdown.


great way to get into trouble or risk getting injured. being strong won't help against a random unpredictable freak wielding a knife


Yes it will. People don't pick targets they think can fight back. If you're a scrawny manlet any one who bully they will. If you're a roided up freak they're going to avoid attacking you. The only exception is drunk manlets trying to impress succubi at bars but that's not really a problem.


Sorry, that's bs. Muggers are opportunist & avoid anyone stronger than themselves like the plague.
They will pick the weakest and easiest target available who they assess as no risk to themselves.

That's almost always a girI or a nerdy small guy.

That's why I don't even go out as night as a small guy. Not worth the risk at least where I live (sketchy town).
I've been mugged twice and both times were by a lone mugger when I was walking home from the 24h convenience store.


what gets one into a situation that they have feces in their pocket?


It keeps the sand from falling out


my point was more that a mugger with a knife is dangerous regardless of your build or ability to fight back, which is pointless unless he actually wants to harm you. why risk your life over a phone or fifty bucks


strange, I've only had spaghetti in mine


A mugger is only dangerous if he wants to be. If he's a manlet and sees Hulk Hogan walking along he's going to wait and pick an easier target. Knives don't instakill, you can still fight while bleeding, so a big strong guy can still kill you with his fists after you stab him.


I wouldn't take my chances with someone 3-4x larger than me who is physically fit.
No matter where you stab them they can probably kill you in retaliation with their fists and legs. They wont just magically fall down. It's better not to challenge that person at all and find someone who wont pose any threat.

We have bar fights on the news in Minnesota about every week, where some fat fucks who weren't intoxicated killed another fat fuck with a single strong punch to the head. And those people are physically weak.

Why would I choose a target who is likely to kill or put me in tubes if there are a hundred times easier targets out there?
I'm not very fit or big, but I do think being fit and big is the best defense against these crazies. They're primitive.



There are failed muggings on liveleak, and usually it's because some scrawny dude tried to pick on a massive chad using a sharp weapon, like a knife.
The mugger ends up dead or braindamaged.

If I was a mugger, I'd probably pick on old people or succubi since I'm of average size. That's what those slimeballs usually do anyway.

Though there are some countries where muggers actually have 9mm's like Brazil and South Africa. There your only option is throwing down the wallet and walking out slowly.


>how to survive in a human rat city
nice thread but id rather not live there to begin with lmao


Doesn't even have to be a gigachad. Even someone who is simply larger than the assailants and isn't scared of them can repel or beat them off.

They don't usually expect resistance and can be shocked when people put up an actual fight.


>Knives don't instakill, you can still fight while bleeding, so a big strong guy can still kill you with his fists after you stab him.
you say that like it's worth it to risk getting seriously injured for nothing. a strong guy is still flesh and blood in the end, he's not immunized against internal injuries and their consequences


Well that guy in the video above didn't think twice about attacking the robbers.
Though he is one of the biggest players in the premier league.


that's even more stupid since he could have lost a lot (his career) had things turned out badly for him


That's balkan mentality for you. Bosnians or serbs would rather die than give up their property even to multiple assailants. Their t-levels are high.



in most attacks people get stabbed multiple times. even the attacker doesn't know what he is doing he will probably eventually hit somewhere dangerious. also if the knife is sharp enough slash attacks may cost you your fingers.

I practice martial arts since childhood. so I can say I'm used to getting hit. But somehow when my freaked out house cat bit me, my hand got weak and my fingers almost stopped working on that hand. depending where you got hit can considerably weaken you. I think it counts for stabs too and depending on adrenaline rush is not reliable imo.


>But somehow when my freaked out house cat bit me, my hand got weak and my fingers almost stopped working on that hand. depending where you got hit can considerably weaken you.
Uhhhh. Cats are a completely different story, my dude. If you get scratched or bitten by a cat, they are HIGHLY contagious motherfuckers. E.g.:

It's not uncommon to have a swollen hand from being bitten by a cat. You really should have gotten antibiotics for that.


Fun fact: they totally can take on big guys with just a knife, a knife is a lethal weapon all they need to do is get a couple of stabs in and run around while the muscle monster bleeds to death. But they will be too scared to do that because noone intelligent will be mugging people on the streets.


Lol, no. Just no.


This doesn't say anything. Why did you even bother to reply?


If their first stab isn't incapacitating (let alone lethal) they risk being knocked down and/or unarmed by his first blow, and if they can't recover and match his power at that point they're finished.

On top of that the knife is generally just a bluff and they'll likely not risk a serious violent charge for little to no gain.


The last part I can agree with, muggers are giant pussies.
However - stopping power ≠ lethality, it really depends on where and how the crackhead stabs you, you could get away with just a flesh wound or you might end up drowning in your own blood.


> However - stopping power ≠ lethality, it really depends on where and how the crackhead stabs you, you could get away with just a flesh wound or you might end up drowning in your own blood.

Yes but even so, if you're in a fight and stab somebody they don't just immediately drop. They keep swinging, defending themselves and trying to overpower you; due to "adrenaline" they often don't even feel that they've been stabbed and can continue to give you serious trouble for minutes even if the wound is fatal.


* When you hear someone repeating the same thing over and over again, they're in fight mode. Just fucking run at that point.
* If someone's head is angled slightly and sort of looking away but keeping you in the corner of their eye while their hands are low, they're going to sucker punch you.
* If someone has their hands in a hoodie in warm weather, it's a knife, or if they keep putting their hands in and out of their pockets.


A tip I like to share, related to what OP said also
Be very mindful of the "interview stage" in which the mugger etc will ask for a small thing, ask the time etc. This is him sizing you up, predicting your reaction to a robbery. OP has good advice, a strict and firm "No" is also okay. Be strict but do not provoke the mugger, "fuck off negroid" is just as stern but also can get you stabbed. Also, never stop, mugger will try to stop you first, those who can make you stop can make you do other things too.
Furthermore, if you are in this "interview stage" you are already been designated as target, you can bounce off from this, I know for a fact I did more than once, but it is ideal to never get into the interview stage in the first place
If you are curious about Streetsmarts I highly recommend you to read Marc "Animal" McYoung's book, some of them are available as pdfs, a bit old but still quite useful stuff.

If you fail interview stage please do not fight. It is not worth it. Mugging(legally "robbery" iirc0 is penalized very harshly, in many countries its penalized more harshly than assault, cripple the guy you get 5, steal the shoes of the guy you get 15. Only the stupid/retard or the junkies do mugging so do realize you are dealing with someone who doesn't think too hard. Don't try your luck, do no provoke. Just give the money and get the fuck out. Those who want to stab/shoot you will do so before asking for your shit in first place.


What is more important to you, your life or your independence and self-respect as a human being? If you answer your life you are a whore. If you beg to trade your self-respect for your life you are a cowardly whore. It's better to be dead than to be a whore. Maybe you can't understand this, maybe you've never had any pride or self-respect, but it's true. If I am stabbed and killed fighting a mugger I'm fine with that. I'm not afraid of death, I'm afraid of being a treacherous sniveling worm. That's a worse fate if you ask me.


I think one should chose the hill they will die upon carefully. A cellphone and 200-300 bucks in your wallet is not enough to risk your life.
If some bandit barges his way in here to kill/rape/maim you and your father/mother etc by all means resist and resist to your fullest extend. But I risking getting killed/crippled or even prison (depending on prosecution abusing unnecessary force) for a wallet and a cellphone? I find that absurd.
I respect your opinion, but If I may, I think you are a bit too hotheaded. One should not tempt fate. There are peopel who serve 10 year prison sentences because they punched someone at a bar. There are people who are dead because they asked their robber "what are you going to do? stab me?" (a famous case from nyc, couldn't find the link)


>dying for a piece of plastic and a bunch of pieces of paper
Well, you do you, warrior.


carry a gun if american, keep it loaded
stay away from everyone


File: 1626998270752.png (44.77 KB, 300x221, 300:221, wheredoyouthinkweare.png) ImgOps iqdb

>maybe you've never had any pride or self-respect
…this is wizardchan. We're all a bunch of no pride, no self-respect losers.


If you don't have situational awareness then having a gun won't save you.


rule 4


I revel in the fact that I'm a no self-respect loser.


…then should the suicide threads be deleted under rule 4?


>rule 4
you're going down a dangerous path there friend
Perhaps you think it is a rule 4 violation for a wizard to be anything but a 6'8 millionaire chad with pride, self respect, no fear, and a love for mankind

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