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I'm 22. My dad is 75 and my mom is 68.
My parents had me at old age cus muh condom failed

When I realized in primary school that all of my friends' parents were much younger than mine, I developed this nagging awareness of their mortality and it terrified me.

Pic unrelated.


That sucks. My mom was 38 when she gave birth to me and my dad was 43.


Damn. I have around a decade on my mom now, when she had me. I think she was younger than most of my peers' mothers, but my youngest brothers are in the same boat as you (a little worse even).


that really sucks bro but i feel u


My parents had me at a similar age. Worse still, they went on to have my sister 8 years after I was born, so she can expect to be forced to deal with the death of a parent before her 20s are over. I think that breeding in general is cruel but having children at such a late age that you'll be senile or dead before they're even 30 - that is the height of selfishness.


It's kinda impressive she didn't come out as a downie or something. My mother had my brother in her early 40's and unfortunately he came out a little fucked.


my parents are in their 50s and 60s, i really realized they would die one day when thier hair started going gray


to be fair it's probably been like that for most people who had children until relatively recently, I mean, the possibility if not the expectation that they would die before their (surviving) children would reach what we would consider adulthood


Likewise for OP. I hear about a lot of bad stuff that happens when you have children at such a late age.


My parents had me when they were 27. I got lucky


>I got lucky
I'd consider myself lucky if my mom was pushed down the stairs and miscarried.




my dad is really old too but he is making absolute bank at his company. i wish he was retired but i think he is literally sacrificing his health so my brother and i inherit something. he is like a machine held together by pure will and medical technology. every time i have to call home i feel physical pain hearing their suffering and ailments. i guess that is empathy. it kills me


I knew a kid who had older parents, he seemed like a wizard in the making.


Help him.


My parents aren't too old but they're severely out of touch and they always behaved like they're 30 years older than they are, we also live with my grandparents who were pretty terrible influence on both my mom and us, their grandchildren. Big stockholm syndrome, big slave mentality, and to be honest not a single person in my family should have been allowed to procreate.

My point is old/senile/out of touch parents are probably a big factor in ending up a wizard since you feel like you were born in a wrong world, everyone else has had normal parents and normal, loving upbringing, you feel like you were adopted and your problems and your upbringing always comes second to the health/politics/religion issues your parents have.


If you wanted to help him you can at least get a part-time job.


Are you me?
That is the same age as both of my parents when they had me and they are both in their 60's now


I have extremely young parents. Don't know which side of this spectrum is worse for us.


As in giving birth to me at 17 and 20 respectively young. Sage for double post


They're both awful.
Young parents can idiotic, irresponsible, and not know how to raise anything, like not even have enough money to take care of a child. Old parents can be the same due to their old age and being out of touch, and also I guess genetic issues in children with older parents.
Maybe being born is just a mistake


My cousin was born late in life as well. Think his mom was in her 40s, dad was in his mid 30s? The dude's smart as fuck, and he was one of the only family members I liked, and my only friend in childhood/ever. As he got older, he became more reclusive though. These days he works himself to death, and only has interest in some war strat game I can't remember the name to. He also doesn't have any friends and has a perma v-card just like me.


My parents had me in their late 20s. I am in my mid 30s and my parents are younger than yours and I always think about them dying. I wasn't really ready to provide for myself until I hit 30.

You are going to have to grow up and provide for yourself pretty quickly. Well, unless your parents are rich as balls and will provide you with a phat ass inheritance.


>Maybe being born is just a mistake
Pretty much yeah, only succesful people that have something to pass on should have children.
Funny enough we're animals so we're doing the opposite.


I've heard that the chances of birthing a healthy baby decrease as the mother ages. Do you have any congenital defects?


Nah. in fact my physical health is pretty good but other than that I have severe OCD and Dyslexia.


You wouldn't be lucky because you wouldn't exist but I know what you mean.


Dying early is best the luck for the already existent.


Dad 73 mom 64 Im 28

Open Bite and flat feet. Both surgically corrected


Mom was 45 and dad was 43. I have heart problems and am hideously repulsive and many of my body functions just don't work right.
(but they had a couple other kids a few years before me, and they're in perfect health, so maybe some factor other than egg and sperm quality is responsible for my biology)

Other people would laugh about how old their grandparents were when they turned 50. Meanwhile my grandma was turning 90 and my mom was 60 and already disabled & wheelchair-bound.

>you feel like you were born in a wrong world, everyone else has had normal parents and normal, loving upbringing
>and your problems and your upbringing always comes second to the health/politics/religion issues your parents have.
This is accurate and better than how I could have worded it.
It's just not fair for a kid to spend his entire adolescence taking care of a sick aging parent. Can't do any extracurricular activities you may have liked, all you can do is go to school and come straight home, every single day worrying "is today that day I get home, open the front door, and see my mom sprawled out on the floor again, because she fell trying to get to the bathroom while I was at school". You don't even consider colleges or universities, because from the moment you became a teenager it was drilled into your head that your job is to take care of your mother.

I can't relate to anyone. In every setting I've ever been in, I've always been an outsider. Even among other outsiders online, our experiences are always so unique from each other that I never feel accepted on the internet, either.


My mother had twins when she was over 50. Test tube babies. One is a violent, demented psychopath, the other is a screeching autist.
They are both doomed to suffer their entire lives and have little to no quality of life. I despise her and the father for creating these tortured souls, but worse are the companies and culture that support and enable the practice when the risks of physical and mental deformity are so great. Especially in the unnecessary case of my mother, who already had multiple children.
Going to love having to parent my brothers instead of having my own life in 20 years when they either die or can no longer care for them.


File: 1627748192887.jpg (51.46 KB, 540x399, 180:133, 1378729201309.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

My dad was nearing his 50's and my mom was 39.

Having old parents feels like being born in a cage that gets smaller as time goes. Like being raising your parents rather than having them raise you. I never had any of the essential youth experiences, I was never allowed to go outside on my own, visit other kid's houses, bring classmates over, etc. because these were all things my out-of-touch parents associated with "teenage rebelliousness" and "disrespect" (even though they nostalgically fawn about how they did these things when they were my age)
I was unhealthily obsessed with pleasing my parents and causing no problems or worries for them, but it pretty much came at the cost of my individuality. Yet at the same time they also never really taught me any useful skills that i didn't sooner learn with the internet. On top of that, my mother is a controlling narcissist that throws tantrums of rage whenever the slightest thing doesn't go her way.

I feel empty, like i spent all these years doing basically nothing. I want to try making my 20's the teenage years i've never had.


What surgery for the open bite? How long did you wear braces and how did it go?



Bimax. Like 3 years before the operation And then 1 year after. I went from 4 To 6. So pretty life changing how normies treat me. First i had braces just on lower teeth for Like a year And then upper And lower for nearly 2 years i guess. I dont have the exact timeline written down anywhere

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