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Leeching is a big part of life and life is mostly about stealing energy. In fact, parasitism is one of the most common and successful Darwinian strategies among living organisms on Earth. But it has a considerable bad reputation and is usually used as an insult by normalfags. It is somehow ironic that among so-called social Darwinists there is a special hatred against leeching when nature itself involves parasitism on various levels. In some way we NEETs don't do anything different from the rest of nature and human society in particular, we're just more explicit and honest about it. However, we are seen as the lowest of the lowest by an elite who practice parasitism on a larger scale themselves and their bootlickers.



They just project their own morality on wizards, they try harder and get less, so they're mad about it


They hate us cause they ain't us


Seems like something largely made up in your head.

The truth is few if any care about you and what you do. Resources are plentiful and unless you are personally a burden on them as a individual they really don't give two shit if you sit around doing nothing all day.

There isn't some mass movement out to get you. Normies aren't out to get you. You aren't persecuted. You are simply a non-entity and non-factor to them.

That being said, you seem to have a chip on your shoulder. Going through such a strain of illogical hoops to conclude that you are equal or better then the people you inherently seem to envy.


>Seems like something largely made up in your head.
not op but I've seen people that got a problem with NEETs irl, they're usually blue-collar poor people going on about muh bootstraps and shit, most likely they got a chip on their shoulder because they're too stupid to make a decent wage so they gotta work hard and get shit while NEETs do nothing and get the same thing, they dont know how hard it is to live with mental illness, all they believe in is god and their tractor


They are of very low intellect and programmed biological automatons.
Why do you bother yourself with the sounds their orifices make?


Go back.


The working poor will always dislike or hold animosity toward those who don't work. It's a fact of life. You can either ignore them and continue to be a NEET, or fall for the peer pressure and get a job only to be miserable like they are. You can't win either way so might as well enjoy your time on this earth in any way you see fit.


What "peer" pressure? I don't consider 70 IQ trologdytes my peers.

I am a member of the Canadian Mensa. I have nothing in common with those folk.
Be as it may, I am NEET'ing on inherited assets, but I could very well see myself doing it on public funds. I would feel zero "guilt" about it.

Never feel guilt because of anything those people say or do. Their words should pass your ears like the wind.
It's their primitive attempt to make you as miserable as they are, since they see no other way to live.


File: 1626588885256.png (13.5 KB, 1656x150, 276:25, bAVQosg.png) ImgOps iqdb

another thread to talk about normalfags and how superior you are compared to them.
Grow up. With this mentality you're more of a clown than a wizard.


>Creates elaborate strawman to feel better about self

Whatever dude.
You want to live in fiction for some reason then whatever. Ignoring reality and basing actions on fiction will only lead you to suffering in the long run. Even if it is small comfort in the short term.


Basically THIS. Here in my place, we have 2 million NEETs to a total of 82 million population, you see, its a tiny minority, no ones cares about. yes, i get attacked by normies but only for wearing my mask, not becuze im getting my food from the government.


good. you deserve it drone


t. angry turd npc who accuses posters of being some "alaskan"



live and let live, ever heard of it? who do i hurt with wearing my mask? what is with the toxicity man cmon dont let it out on strangers, thats weak.


You know I was with you until “toxicity”.


Deusional post. take meds


Leeching outside of the rich upper class hasn't been possible for most of history. Being a parasite that was unsuccessful got you dragged through the street and hung.

People have basically already adjusted to the existence of NEETbux, there isn't as much vitriol against them now as there was ten years ago.


>Being a parasite that was unsuccessful got you dragged through the street and hung.
lmao no it didn't


Ohh did i chose the wrong word and this makes everything i typed worthless? gotcha, didnt mean to hurt you sorry


Where the hell did you hear that from?


File: 1626721359562.png (1008.01 KB, 600x826, 300:413, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb


>there isn't as much vitriol against them now as there was ten years ago.
right, people have new punching bags, but is this a good thing, not sure though.


as a long term hiki I find this insanely disturbing when breeders try to get the moral highground through this imagine creating problems then bitching about such problems


From the viewpoint of a normgroid the mere act of your existence has a negative impact on their life. If you leech off the state through welfare and other shit it means that while they work and pay taxes you leech off of their tax money, tax money that would be used for something that could actually benefit the normaloid. While that amount of money is small you are still a net negative on the system and everyone within that system would benefit if you were gone.


Then that means the best possible revenge against these normies is staying alive as long as possible on neetbucks.

Plus they can't kill me without risking decades or a lifetime of prison, therefore I win.


Fuck them. They should have had the decency to kill me when they had the chance.


>staying alive
seems difficult becuze most of your NEETbucks goes back in the system anyway(food,electricity,internet and so on) and benefits normalfags even more.


Neetbux are difficult to get everywhere. It's not even good in the Nordic countries unless you have some diagnosis.


true. you kinda need to have a history, mine started at 12yo with my first time in mental hospital. now im 28 and on neetbucks since im 19. seems, they kinda dropped me becuze i dont even get invitations from them no more. i got a guy from the court, he is visiting me once a week. its a weird life you know.


I've never been in contact with authorities so it'd be like this I wrote in another thread
"They put you in activities with the most retarded ADHD normalfags that can't get a job. The intention is to make you used to going and doing something on a schedule.
If you had a job and unemployment insurance you just have to apply for jobs but eventually the insurance runs out.
The only way to be a real neet in Sweden is to have a diagnosis."


>"They put you in activities with the most retarded ADHD normalfags that can't get a job. The intention is to make you used to going and doing something on a schedule.
I have a diagnosis and they still make me do this.


Retarded argument imo & example of naturalism fallacy. Why would an animal who discovered a non beneficial parasite not remove it? My argument is more that NEETs don't cost much, mostly live in basements of a house that wouldn't be used anyway, eat maybe 30 bucks a week of food and use maybe 20 bucks a month of electricity. NEETs really don't cost that much. It's the rent and car that are like 80 percent of normies bills.


>passive agressive tone
Let me guess, twitter or reddit is your favourite site?


>Someone said something I don't like
>better accuses them of being apart of the no no group


thanks for defending me man. But this is basically normal to me, people looking for one "wrong" word in my post and then go for their attack, but whatever, i get shit from everybody, good thing, they cant hurt no one else when they focus on me.


relax man. It's important to remember that this site is a discord/lookism/pol colony now. There are lots of normals coming here and they like to prey on wizards so they feel like internet alphas.


gotcha, this would explain alot. probably not possible to avoid ALL of "them" these days. have a good day sir


Yet some people think shooting those kinds in the brain is somehow morally wrong. I just don't get it.

In fact, I'm flabbergasted at how few shootings there are against normies in society. If we lived in a rational world those people would be taught a fatal lesson at least every 30 minutes.
Now it's like once every three days.

Really, how do people bother to put up with that?


dont you think we should break out of that violent circle? the more murdering, the stronger becomes the evil media because they need these headlines.


How do you break out of it when neurotypicals are the ones perpetuating it against anyone they deem different?


> this site is a discord/lookism/pol colony now


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