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It's horrible to see how everyone fawns over-educated academics and their titles, thinking education means one is intelligent, mature and wise.I got to know a professor of literature on /lit/ and he was just your basic, entitled, tantruming 4chan poster with little insight on human life beyond his own experience. This opened my eyes.Doctors are the worst. They worship succubi and get all the glory in society, but the hidden truth is that med students are the biggest party animals and worst turbo normies. They enroll in med school to get status money and pussy. That pretty much says all about their character. Smarter people choose math and physics. But not even a degree in physics guarantees you're an actual seeker of truth. I'm actually an ex physics student so please take that into consideration before you think it's clever to mention Dunning-Kruger.

I'm not posting this out of arrogance or a false sense of superiority I actually think I'm some sort of a brainlet That's exactly what makes me sad beyond words to see that everyone I've ever respected turns out to be more emotional and more prone to logical fallacies than me. It's like there's no hope. All my life I've wanted humans to be smart so bad Only people who have almost died seem to have grasped actual wisdom Education has nothing to do with it.

As a Wiz. do you think you're smarter than the average normalfag despite not doing good at school?
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Everything is either saturated or filled with normies. You really can't get anywhere these days.


high iq, low status jobs will never have normies


>high iq, low status jobs
Any examples for that. The things I'm interested has either made me starve(master in math and in philosophy) or keep me unemployed because no job here(EE + CS double major).


I majored in CS and it was terrible. The other students were turbo-normies who had careers and social lives. I did not fit in at all. They all thought they were hot shit because they could type commands into a computer and occasionally reinstall an operating system. It was supposedly a degree for socially awkward geeks, but I was very wrong. Transferred to the actual science department. I will NEVER work in tech after what I've been through. I'd rather deliver pizzas for a living.


How about computer engineering? Engineering seems to scare normies away


when my mom was taking me to look at college dorms about 10 years ago the computer science building smelled like cum and body odor, maybe it is a new thing but back then it was definitely a geeky thing, a least where I lived


This is me:
I majored both in EE and CS and no, they were full of normies. More so in EE because "Engineering is for anyone that wants to get rich" and fuck I hated that since I felt like an outcast there. I love old tech, old computers and so on, so I decided to major both in CS and EE because of that, I was hoping to meet people who were also in that, but I was wrong.
The CS people would praise Linux as it was the second coming of Christ, but they were all using Ubuntu with Gnome and thought they were hack because they were not using any IDE. Some were too stupid to even know how to compile C codes on gcc if it had more than a single .c file. They also would spent most of they time talking about politics instead of, you know, talk about computers and whatnot. I don't even remember if I met anyone that knew what a MSX was without having to google it.
The EE people were even worse, since they were rich kids, in majority, who would spent their weekends in partying since "university is the place where you go to fuck succubi and party, who cares about studying?". Since most of those people were either rich or knew people, they could easily find both an internship and a job, while since I didn't know anyone, I didn't find a job nor internship and decided to just stay at academia and get my masters(another stupid decision in my life). God, my uni life resumes in "making the wrong choices all the time".


>I've always wondered what it is that makes IQ denialists think that high intelligence for some reason just can't be measured, or tested for, like, at all?

funny you mentioned taleb, I believe he started rallying against iq only after he took a test. no prize for guessing why it made him angry.


I used to think I wasn’t very smart and that I wasn’t special just like everyone else. I still somewhat believe this because I can be wrong of course and do stupid shit. But I’ve been forced to be around and talk to people more in the past year than I really ever had before. And it really convinced me that while I may not be the smartest man alive, I’m definitely more “enlightened” than most everyone I come across. I don’t mean this in a book smarts kind of way, though I did well in school. I mean this as it seems to me almost everyone is operating under one or more delusions. And when you’re outside looking in these delusions are easy to see.

Makes me wonder what my delusions are. I’m sure that my perception of succubi is probably incorrect but I feel no need to try and correct it, and if any part of it is correct I am justified in staying away. I do feel I suffer from less delusions than the average person though.


OP im letting you know some real IQ shit. Earth is flat, not a globe spinning ball in the infinite space. were fixed on an enclosed fixed not moving system. like a huge terrarium


Yeah some real low IQ shit


>9th grade data


nietsche narcissist is back again lol


File: 1639789439457.jpg (12.11 KB, 360x450, 4:5, Claude_Jean_Frollo.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Social intelligence is more important than knowledge, trivia, or skills. A puppet politician or human resources manager is more intelligent than a scientist.

Preachers who live off of donations are more intelligent than skilled scientist who work for a living.

Billionaires are the peak of intelligence in capitalism.

Life is cruel and this is why wage servants or neetbux fags are bottom tier only single mothers are below us.


Molyneaux, one's the world greatest philosopher, remember?


>Unless you're already rich, then carry on.
I recall reading an article that was suggesting that in the late 20th century rich people were losing their potential to use material wealth and objects to signal status as well, so a few decades ago they started realizing that they could use 'status behaviors' instead. The reason why so many rich people go and get useless liberal arts degrees is as a means to flaunt their wealth. "Look at me, I'm so wealthy that I can get a completely useless degree." The reason they–despite being flagrant capitalists–are amongst the most avid anti-capitalist protestors is to say, "I'm SO fucking wealthy I don't even have to pay attention to how I got wealthy." Etc..

And then poorer classes try to emulate the wealthy and end up staying poor because they can't distinguish between the behaviors that the rich use to signal status and the ones that are actually needed to get rich. However, that's exactly how the rich want it, because it makes it all the easier to signal status.


is this bait designed for the theoretical physics and pure maths anons???


that's the female version of a wiz.
obvious schizoid personality disorder, but men will always be more willing and less picky, so it doesn't hinder her sex life anywhere near as much as it would for a guy.
let me be very clear here, that's neither a bad or good thing, it's just the reality of the situation.


>all just higher level servants working for their masters
depends on if they fund and find a way to sell their own R&D without needing any middlemen.
Look at Gordon Murray and the things his company produces, beautifully engineered cars without needing some business majors breathing down his neck support.
Freedom to explore and perfect his ideas. Isn't that the goal of all STEM people?
Although, I suppose one example from millions of people isn't very good.


Joshua Sawyer, project director and lead designer of fallout new vegas has an bachelor of arts degree and a history mayor


History is fake


school/college/university is a fucking scam and you think that you have a high iq you should know that


retard statement. if you ever seriously studied history you would learn that "history" is the artifacts and written information recovered from certain periods and events in human history. fuck off with your layman conspiracy shit.


I've given up on "smart" as a useful metric. There is such a thing as general intelligence, but it does not correlate to this strange idea of "smart" that is advanced in schools and society generally. I think most people are capable of far better than what this society allows them to be, and this society doesn't want people to actually exercise their intelligence. It's set up to do the exact opposite, to grind people down and direct people towards destroying other people. That's why the professions that are most praised for "intelligence" are the professions that fuck people over, and why lawyers, military officers, spies, managers, psychologist inquisitors, and so on are the only professions that do much at all. Anything productive or beneficial for humanity is a barely acknowledged necessity at best, and this society spends an inordinate amount of effort destroying people who would have inventions or any idea that would undermine this destructive, exploitative arrangement. It's why the kids in gifted programs are the nastiest shits imaginable - I never saw anyone who was as bad as them. I have more regard for ghetto niggers than I have for the so-called gifted. At least with the niggers, there's not any pretense that they're not about stabbing their fellow nigger in the back for a nickel. They know how it is. The wiser of their kind have told me how it is. I have not and never expect to see the "gifted" perform the same sort of introspection, because this sick death cult of a society demands fanatical obedience and tells the gifted how fucking special they are. The only ones who might get it are the ones who break down, who are destroyed by this beast. The whole thing, by the way, is designed to recruit future CIA officers. It's not about actually being intelligent, but about recruiting the elements that were selected to perpetuate this sick farce.


>It's why the kids in gifted programs are the nastiest shits imaginable - I never saw anyone who was as bad as them
>I have not and never expect to see the "gifted" perform the same sort of introspection,
Telling these kids that they're supposed to be "gifted" at such a young age at all is likely what makes them turn out like that because when you spend your whole childhood being told that your gifted and special and excellent at everything you do and you can do no wrong it all goes to your head and you view yourself as righteous and infallible and everyone else are maggots who are beneath you


The education system is largely designed to train people to do tasks that are difficult and highly specialized for profit. Things that are productive and beneficial to society are the things that are prioritized the most. People who have inventions or ideas are the ones who are rewarded the most. Basically your entire post is just wrong and delusional and full of hatred.


>Things that are productive and beneficial to society are the things that are prioritized the most. People who have inventions or ideas are the ones who are rewarded the most.
That is not what the system selects for in a population


If you have an invention that benefits humanity, why wouldn't you be able to sell it and make a comfortable life for yourself? People like Bill Gates are super rich because they invented shit that is really useful and beneficial. I just don't understand your reasoning here.


I agree with you. So many people here are filled with delusions that they might as well be called religious looneys.



nah, you are so mentally lost in bullshit that you might as well not even be called a human. you are so hostile to logic and you just interpret life through some weird wizchan-tinted glasses.


>you just interpret life through some weird wizchan-tinted glasses.
Where the actual fuck do you think we are?


ok but there's seeing life for what it is, and there's interpreting life in some delusional way and breaking all of the facts so you feel comfortable.


Are you even american? Why do you shill for the education system? It's meant to churn out wage-slaves and it's obviously broken because every year theirs another shooter.


>The education system is largely designed to train people to do tasks that are difficult and highly specialized for profit

No lol, the education system started off as a religious place for general inquries, but quickly became a scholastic thing where people argued over how many angels danced on the head of a pin. Then it mutated into a finishing class for rich aristocrats to get drunk and shitfaced while they schmooze and network for a few years (The modern day version of fratboys). Only when the Industrial giants in Chemistry got involved in the mid 19th century, did it become about training people for industry. And since about the 1960s, the education system has again mutated to be a sort of finishing school again, where people load up on debt and study useless subjects. The decline in standards in higher education reflects this last mutation, they drop the standards and give extensions like crazy to keep it a fun, happy place.

All these factors contribute to the education system. You still to some degree have religiousfags arguing about how many angels dance away, you still have the elites paying for the opportunity to network. Industrial giants still provide scholarships and hunt for actual talent in STEM. I think the actual serious element of the university system will rip itself off and establish itself elsewhere. I can see FAANG companies starting their own privately funded institutions that serve as a brutal IQ filter that lasts 1-2 years, and from there they groom people into being specialists. Better that than waiting for people to finish their MA and only getting them in when they're in their late 20s/early 30s, when their most productive and teachable years are behind them.


How is >>190434 a delusional post?


You've got the wrong idea about this wiznon, sophomoric but I forgive you because I'm an unapologetic brat and my field demands maturity, I still don't care about it lol, if I can get away with it I'm good


there's no need to be harsh here anon
there are unfortunate, kind hearted anons out there and you'll only alienate them further with this attitude of yours (as if they needed that)


>t brainlet charlatan


File: 1653532054145.png (1.54 MB, 738x1300, 369:650, PanicAttackBack.png) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1653532360151.jpg (190.76 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, VirginChildSurvivor_ChadZo….jpg) ImgOps iqdb



>and suddenly you have 145+ IQ alcoholics

You realize that if you have 145+ literally almost every single person you meet is retarded compared to you, and a significant percentage are as far from you as a chimp is from them (chimp IQ starts at 35). So, how could you not become an alcoholic if you are surrounded by retards and apes all your life and everything is made for them and for their level?


Oh wow, so the smarter you are, the less you're able to adapt to your environment and general problem solve? Guess at some point it just wraps around and you return to monke when you realize civilization was a mistake.




This is the most pro-normal post I ever seen a while why do you post this on here? Gtfo to 4chan pol you normalscum


>everyone I don't like is from /pol/


It's about the old normal vs the new normal.


the whole virgin vs chad is

chad good, virgin bad

what could be more antiwiz outsider?


File: 1653684682208.png (1.55 MB, 3500x1500, 7:3, for_u.png) ImgOps iqdb


As posterabove indicated, you clearly don't get the point of virgin/chad me e a d take it at face value. You're the blank here.

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