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Why does 4chan hates reddit so much? Sure 99% of the site is garbage but there's some good stuff in there once in a while (just like 4chan come to think of it). You can't even mention reddit without 5 posters telling you to "go back", it's really annoying.
For the record I've been on 4chan since 2009 and only really started browsing reddit about 3 years ago, and don't even have an account. But I'm of the opinion you should enjoy good content no matter where it comes from. If some gay SJW with pink hair cured cancer, I would be thankful for it even if he's a retard.
What is wizchan's optinion of reddit?
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>give it a try


>Ellen Pao

Reddit was acquired by Tencent in 2019 I believe (tencent is the Chinese Communist Parties propaganda arm, they're responsible for censoring everything that doesn't support China)

That's why the shift.


r/politicalcompassmemes is one of the only parts of reddit that's still worth a damn. Honest political shitposting without everything being astroturfed to hell and back.

Close. Tencent is one of the many, many partially state-owned and defacto state-controlled corporations in China. They're not formally a propaganda bureau. But they do follow the CCP's orders, and they're a vehicle for the CCP's power because Tencent buys its way into foreign companies. And reddit is one such company, because Huffman and Ohanian are eager whores for renminbi.

Hence why early talk about the Wuhan virus was suppressed on reddit, and why anything about the Uyghurs is kept out of major subs like r/news. Not that anyone actually gives a fuck about the Uyghurs. But it's morbidly fun to see how reddit employees very obviously start following their Chinese masters' orders once anything Uyghur-related starts getting too many updoots.


I used to browse mgtow in 2017. Every post was a guy complaining that his wife cheated on him and he is just going to start lifting or some dude that got divorced and has to pay child support posting the new motorcycle he managed to save up for. I’m glad it got banned, a bunch of failed normies who were trying to cope with their failures.


The crab subreddit was kind of the opposite. A bunch of nerds who never really tried to get laid complaining about how the game is rigged against them so there is no reason they should try.


>normies instead of normalfags
And you are one of them i guess?


What question are you asking


Fun fact 92 of the top 500 subreddits are controlled by just 5 mods


Most of the newfags of the past ten years have come from Reddit. They're trying to pretend this is untrue.



Go back


The whole site has a weird anti-male/pro-female mindset.
Outside of a few smaller subreddits succubi are pretty much considered divine infallible beings that can do no wrong. A succubus could have stabbed her entire family to death and you can guarantee there will be more than several posts either defending her outright or trying to make up excuses.

Meanwhile men are deemed as disgusting lazy failures at best and demented monsters at best.


*monsters at worst


>Whatever you type on reddit is literally archived forever.
You know in recent years I realized that nothing on the internet is forever.
The days of the wild west internet are over for some time now and those forums and archives that stood since back then are now closing down or breaking apart. I know this because it has happened to me.
One day the same will happen to Facebook and all its data is lost and then the same thing is going to happen to Youtube and Wikipedia and so on.

What is a single HDD of some autist? Just a fading spark in a sea of ash.


assfucked niggerfaggot


That's not true at all. It is literally the tumor of the web, slowly diluting society. It may have its uses but nothing would make me happier than to wake up and see that it's been deleted.


At least in my country, they are forced by government to archive anything for years and I sure they still would hoard because they profit a lot selling user data. However, you are right, but only for content and non-politically correct stuff, those they will get rid.


I was permabanned for calling one of the bots a faggot.

People these days. Can't even abuse a soulless bot without pissing someone off.


True. Poor and maladjusted people are just easy targets for succubi and soycucks


4kids is worse


But only if you are redditor.
4chan is shithole but reddit is somehow much worse.


Each has their purpose.


I am actually surprised to see that 4chan users even attempt to gatekeep at this point. The entire moderation teams are redditors, so what does it matter? The gook data miner that runs the site has already employed the services of subreddit moderator psychopaths. I wish I screenshotted the unprofessional personalized ban message that a mod on the site gave me after I posted ‘misogyny’ on /a/, it was something like “5th time your banned so enjoy your 5 months :)” when my ban lifted, I began spamming the site and intentionally disrupting discussion so that I could get banned permanently and I haven’t posted since.


reddit quality depends on subreddit


It’s easy to forget how much of an echo chamber Reddit is. Saw a random thread about how often people shower and they were talking about showering 2 or 3 times a day, showering once every 2 days is super gross. I look up a 5 year old thread same question, everyone says whatever every 2 days is ok most of the time.

A single thread gets its tone set and then people will follow the crowd.


Every sub is basically a clique. Every clique has their own Side. The Side is The Truth. People who are not on The Side are said to be Wrong. Le downboats shall flow on ye' who vote outside of The Side. Lest ye' be rife with such folly!

There are gems to be found on Leddit. If you know how to play Minecraft you can use Strip Mining to find them. Peruse the most popular threads and if you like what you see stick around for more. Another approach is to Google "x reviews, x experiences, … reddit" and you'll get experiences or thoughts about something from real people. Great for looking up products.

Reddit is a Woke community. This has pros and cons. It means the people are Nice (and try keep out Rudeness. On Chans: Rudeness is as common as sand in a desert.) But if you take a reasonable perspective that happens not to gel with Wokeness then your ideas will be downboated into oblivion. Aside from having cliques Reddit also has a huge (usually unseen) sock puppet problem. It's very, very common for competitors to write random negative posts about their competition. Likewise, companies can pay users to write exaggerated experience reports about their products so people buy them. The site has an air of candidness so this is probably a highly effective marketing strategy.

Where things on Reddit get much darker and more insidious is where politics and money is involved. Quite often the overall 'narrative' of a sub is heavily manipulated behind the scenes. If you want to see a direct example that doesn't just look like conspiratorial speculation have a look at the Bitcoin subs. They essentially censor different opinions. Splinter subs sprung up to fill the niche but there no where near as popular as /r/Bitcoin.

So there you have it: leddit unleaded.


Imagine being this thin skinned, if hypocritical fauxniceness is plus to you.
Absolutely pathetic.

Redditors are nice as long as you agree with them, but dare to disagree with them and they will be way more agressive than chanfags, even if such agression is passive, rather than active.


File: 1661355841997.jpg (64.73 KB, 625x469, 625:469, 1643092075839-0.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>make a shitty joke about jews on 4chan
>they either agree with you or call you a faggot
>make a shitty joke about jews on Reddit
>Get tracked and doxed by an horde of fat redditors cunts, have the police and FBI called on you, life ruined forever and ever


What you realize when you're actually an adult is people being assholes on the Internet aren't exercising any kind of repressed freedom to convey high truths. Nor are they taking the opportunity to express themselves in new ways. They are simply being assholes.

You come to realize that these people are often underage retards / trolls, with nothing to offer anyone. Often they will talk about 'free speech', 'politics', or appeals to relativism. All of which is meant to distract you from one simple truth: that the person feels entitled to act like a fucktard. Whether or not it impacts anyone else is something they're too selfish to care about.

It is not bold. Sophisticated. Or smart. It's just fucking immature, and supporting it just shows you're as mentally stunted yourself.


Nothing screams bootlicker and selfrighteous cuckold like this word.
>and supporting it just shows you're as mentally stunted yourself.
Says the man who not just appeals to authority, but to his own.
Wizchan is not facebook or home for boomers.
So go to be preachy shit somewhere else.


You are very selfish yourself if you feel, you are entitled to expressing your views where they aren't welcomed.
You are not paragon of truth and no amount of stroking your own ego and believing will change that.


so calling someone mentally stunted isnt being an asshole? and you also use the words "fucktard" and "retard" in real life?


Ouch, looks like I touched a nerve. But unfortunately for you there's no way to justify being a dick head online. It just means that:

1. You're immature
2. Not constructive for anyone around you
3. A brainlet
4. Toxic

Go ahead and welcome people with those qualities with open arms if you want. You won't be welcoming in revolutionaries who poke holes at common beliefs. Or say uncomfortable truths. You'll just be welcoming in people being disruptive dick heads. True story.

Go ahead, not my loss.


Cause Reddit is a shitty place full of propaganda, lgbt shit and womens, So…


so you actually talk like this in real life? can you answer the question?


Is this the part where you try pretend to win the argument by implying I'm not cool enough for holding such views? Lmao. You're just proving what an immature kidiot you are.

I touched a nerve because what I wrote would have doubtlessly applied to countless people here who feel entitled to act like dickheads on the Internet. But such behaviour really does make you an immature, mentally stunted person who still has a lot of growing to do before older people want anything to do with you.

You know what's not cool: acting like a literal, know-nothing child with nothing to offer. I don't expect any wise replies. Just more butthurt from people who don't want to accept what I'm saying.


>but machine generated text isn't messy in this way
the example you wrote out reminds me of the american patriot bot that was on the textboard before it went down. just because you personally havent seen a bot write like that doesnt mean they cant.


im having trouble envisioning anyone on the planet saying what you just wrote to another person in real life. the only motive i have in this "argument" is showing you that you are hypocritical. and its pretty clear to everyone except you that ive accepted your philosophy much more than you have.


why don't you define "dickhead" for us


you're kino


File: 1666900225086.jpg (43.09 KB, 500x578, 250:289, 2008_Jared_Taylor.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Yeah this, take white nationalism even, for example. You can talk about it and express your views on it without being an edgy fucktard, like how Jared Taylor has through his career. Yet why is Jared Taylor and American Renaissance basically unknown on /pol/ and other edgy sites? It's because he actually requires some intellectual effort and posting "lol niggers" is easier.

Every free speech site quickly boils down to the most rotten common denominator. After the goobergate types you get the internet racists, and after the internet racists you get pedophiles, and after the pedophiles you get struggle sessions between the toddler posters and the hebe posters. You think it's just a coincidence that places like 8-chan got a pedo problem immediately after the racists migrated in?


leddit is unironically better than 4chan these days.

/pol/ is just narrative pushing crap with little relevance. Now that DT is out of office it's painfully obvious how disconnected from reality these guys are. And of course mainline 4chains is shit.

Meanwhile on leddit there are well established communities on niche topics often featuring subject experts. It's the frontpage subs that are all hopelessly pozzed, not all of reddit.


you obviously have no use for truth, it doesn't factor into your thought process or life in general, not at all

when you actually have a coherent mind and desire information you stop caring about how it's presented, you just power through everything you experience and relate it to your knowledge and integrate anything it presents that is in common with what you know as truth and keep anything you're not sure about in mind until it fits.

you are a whiny child obsessed with appearances, you don't care what anything means you only care how it effects your appearance; what the consequences are for your social status for being seen near it

dime a dozen NPC/slave-cattle that have totally turned their back on the human process, everything that made humans evolve beyond animalistic nature you totally abhor

also you talk like the internet is organic and government funded propagandists don't run rampant in every corner - what a fucking retard you are, truly a waste


He's right though. So many free speech communities have had people try hijack them as a place for their sexual deviancy or various (fringe) beliefs about ($whatever) in-group should call the shots. It's all just a red herring. These people don't give a shit about free speech. They're just there to take advantage of a loop hole for their own addenda and to try claim that any attempts to remove their inane spam-like messages or disgusting, abusive content is 'censorship.' It's all bullshit. These people either want to use the service as a vehicle for crime or to promote whatever bullshit they're selling. But no where in this process is a message worth thinking about. Neither to the level that it needs to be predominately in the community. Nor in many cases: even at all. And that's exactly what free speech is not.


>So many free speech communities have had people try hijack them as a place for their sexual deviancy or various (fringe) beliefs about ($whatever) in-group should call the shots. It's all just a red herring. These people don't give a shit about free speech. They're just there to take advantage of a loop hole for their own addenda and to try claim that any attempts to remove their inane spam-like messages or disgusting, abusive content is 'censorship.' It's all bullshit. These people either want to use the service as a vehicle for crime or to promote whatever bullshit they're selling.
Let's apply this analysis to the Legion of Decency vs Hollywood and see what conclusions we come to


what about this do you not get?
you just ignore that stuff when you see it and the cost of having to skip through it is worth all the good things you'll see that isn't allowed to be moderated.

the government (the jews) literally has agents and bots that go around spamming insane shit to get you to react exactly this way to the concept of freedom

i mean it doesn't even make sense, why would some one go spam where no one is going to listen to them or buy what they're selling?
they aren't getting a reward for it.
if people like you didn't lavish them with attention they would get literally zero feedback and their behavior would extinct no matter how fucking crazy they are.

but these kinds of crazies are exceedingly rare and disappear when your society is functioning, in part meaning it embraces freedom, which relieves stress on the population and prevents these people from becoming so.

so basically we just have to kill the jews and leftists, get rid of all the nonwhites, and permanently exile or kill all felons so we only have reasonably decent genetic stock as citizens with rights and freedom.


File: 1667241466763.jpg (329.77 KB, 1358x2048, 679:1024, KLSX72zf-oU.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

reddit is not anonymous and has a upvote and downvote system of content preference this creates an absolutely disgusting form of discussion (or rather non discussion) where people just upvoot whatever scarches their spots and downvote whatever that doesnt without ever needing type a word themselves(not questioning their own beliefs) this in turn rewards people who write their posts in a certain way… add on top of that all of the CIA/FBI/whatever else PsyOp bullshittery that has been confirmed to be happening and thats my answer to your question
you are right though on the net you are hunter gatherer and you should only pick the best berries from the best bushes and some berries can only be found in certain bushes no need to visit garbage places like r/pcmasterrace or whatever
modern day reddit is a police state nowadays so i dont see much use from it if you have some cool subs pls do link em


I'm ashamed my reddit thread is still up after all this time…
To be honest the only sub I'm interested in is /georgism so maybe I'm ignorant about how bad the site really is.
I never had an account there btw, I just lurk.


They do care about "free speech" - they need to portray the concept of free speech as something which protects them and them alone, rather than free speech being political speech. They're very quick to censor and shame anyone else's political speech, if someone tells them no. It's really petulant and transparent, but all they need to do is shout really loud until decent people give up, and then they flood the zone with their bullshit and shut down anyone else. It's typical Nazi shit to repurpose the word "freedom" to mean nothing but the freedom of the Nazis to do their usual shit. They actually believe this is what freedom is. When they're called out on this by someone who won't take their bait, they resort to the deeper shit and the Protocols shit, and try to summon the wank. When that doesn't work, they resort to harassment.

The same tactics work for anyone. You'll find liberals, communists, anarchists, and general miscreants doing the same thing fascists do. Anarchists in particular have a philosophical link to fascists so that's where the similarities are strongest. The Big Lie is used because it works and there really is no defense against it in the long run.


watch the trends on /r/science. It's almost completely just agenda-pushers selectively citing studies to tell a narrative

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