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Why does 4chan hates reddit so much? Sure 99% of the site is garbage but there's some good stuff in there once in a while (just like 4chan come to think of it). You can't even mention reddit without 5 posters telling you to "go back", it's really annoying.
For the record I've been on 4chan since 2009 and only really started browsing reddit about 3 years ago, and don't even have an account. But I'm of the opinion you should enjoy good content no matter where it comes from. If some gay SJW with pink hair cured cancer, I would be thankful for it even if he's a retard.
What is wizchan's optinion of reddit?
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The one subset of Reddit that is “edgy” in the sense of meanspirited is anything centered around “cringe” or gawking at “trash” or low-status people. That’s where they let out the worst of their normgroid tendencies. It’s somehow both more detached and more meanspirited than chan-type edginess.


Their new UI is utter garbage but normalcattle proles eat it up because it's "mobile-friendly" and they are too fucking retarded and docile to raise any objections about it


It’s really awful, the way it’s setup is to discourage posting disagreeable opinions, the problem is with the upvote/downvote system where you can voice your opinion to a topic without contributing anything to it, which means you could have a large number of people who dislike what you have to say but could never engage with the topic deciding whether it’s good or not


The large number of newfags and tourists on imageboards have come up with a solution to the lack of an upvote/downvote system in the form of based and cringe



Fucking leddit, man, I swear.


the good thing about reddit is how it keeps cringe faggots caged up away from polluting the rest of the internet


no it doesn't lol


For the most part socially awkward people who can't take a joke. Which is annoying if you do not agree or virtue signal or pander for upvotes by the preaching the lowest common denominator statement. The community can be pretty vapid. But there are a few very small communities that are cool you just need to find them and work within the constraints of reddit and try move your likeminded people to a more chill platform.


If you're a noob or zoomer who hasn't gained veteran status about the more obscure idiosyncrasies of the internet then maybe you find it useful to scour subreddits for someone to drop breadcrumbs. Even this well has pretty much dried up. Given it's a platform that is part of pop culture, any tidbits of information immediately loses value as the public scrambles to take advantage of it.


in a word… smug conformity. that's what i hate about reddit. video game reddits are the worst.


File: 1651435286952.gif (3.26 MB, 540x304, 135:76, 1647924770709.gif) ImgOps iqdb

that gay ass shit is just liberal propaganda like almost every big tech globohomo garbage
also if you say that there's good content on shitty places like reddit, then why are on reddit in the first place? because there's no good content to begin with, the site is made for the purpose of spreading shit over the internet and the content creator should know better where to post their fucking content.
and go back to reddit you stupid mother fucker cock sucker piece of shit


reddit is terrible, but when those same people who shit on it go on to praise other sites with the exact same problems as alternatives, I do raise an eyebrow a bit…


clearly failed to keep you contained


They have dedicated places to mock of fellow wizards; wizchan included. What do you think?


Provide a link to such a place


Something in particular had been nagging me about the userbase on there. They write in broken scatter brained thoughts. There are no paragraphs. At times there is severe lack of organized and coherent thought between one line and the next.

It gives me such a headache trying to decipher whatever stream of consciousness the writer is attempting to convey. Often times jumping from one random thought to another. Everybody there seems totally fine with conversing this way.

One sentence per line like so.

Sometimes not even completing a

Stray thoughts randomly strewn about.

Oh look a kitty outside my window! any way were was i

In conclusion, my thesis is exactly what the hivemind wanted to hear,

smash that uplike button

Edit: Thanks for the award strange kinder!

What the hell is the deal with that. Since the later part of the last decade that platform became a mosaic of idiosyncrasies imported from other mainstream platforms. This occurred as a result of mass digital migrations. For example the flood of Facebook users calling subreddits 'groups'. People using subreddits as Twitter hash tags. People trying to ping recognizable brand or celebrity name usernames on reddit as it were official accounts. Not realizing it is random person who registered the username 10-15 years ago.

From where was the brain damaged way of writing adopted from? I don't know enough about other platforms to pick out all the culture clashing idiosyncrasies. Maybe the average normal internet user is just like that. Some how they all comprehend each others illegible drivel.

I tried commenting about this on there before in hopes somebody who writes this way would answer in a straight forward fashion. Most times it's just downvotes without replies. Other times the reply is generic snarky reddit-ism. One time someone suggested it was maybe gen z discord or twitch kids who spam the chat box as a fast a possible. Hence they are used to hastily written half lines. Forget about forming proper thoughts and sentences. Or paragraphs at all. That's too much out of reach.

For a while I thought it was bots but machine generated text isn't messy in this way. It produces at least some form of writing structure.

It seemed to be quite bad for a few years. Recently its seem to have gotten a bit less severe. Something about this in particular had been bothering me for some time.


Only this year I've started browsing reddit, mainly because nowhere in imageboards would I ever find discussion of classical chinese.
But I kind of hate the format. I'm so used tothe imageboard format which is pretty straightforward, whereas reddit tends to bury comments that didn't get enough upboats/replies, and threads are effectively dead the day after.
Also it is full of normals, altchans have a somewhat more decent userbase altogether.


Reddit means surrender in Latin.


What the fuck. How did I not notice this? It always surprises me to find out all the shit that the PTB put in plain sight.


Any anti-crab subreddit will consider wizards to be identical to crabs.


Oh and also, it's a shitload of fucking javascript, and it's unresponsive as fuck sometimes. Also most of the threads that are made are uninteresting.
My point… I wasn't biased when I joined reddit, but I don't really like it after having used it for a while. Which is a shame, I wanted to cut down on the imageboards, now I use them a lot more.


I looked up a Latin dictionary and didn’t find shit involving Reddit meaning surrender.



File: 1653845711211.png (273.69 KB, 548x767, 548:767, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

It seems like r/CrabTears uses the term volcel to insult imcels. Like being volcel is worse than imcel.

I guess a lot of being an imcel is based on self-pity and victimization, so if you turn out to be a volcel than your justification for being a victim melts away and you did it to yourself


so for someone who does self-identify as a imcel, volcel is the worst insult, up there with fakecel

so these redditors sarcastically call them volcels.co

also it plays up the misogyny card, that you hate womyn so much, you wouldn't want to be with them, even if you had the chance


succubi are pretty easy things to hate. I hated them for a long time and still somewhat do. But you have to come to peace with it.


that is the right attitude to take. but it rubs me the wrong way, the guys who talk so terribly about succubi online, but also want succubi to be loving, caring, tender, intimate towards them. write manifestos about how succubi are devils, but wants them to be angelic for him


I mean everyone wants to be loved, it makes it hard to let go of that idyllic image of succubi.


Reddit is absolute drivel and worthless.

It is in effect one person who thinks they know everything, especially about subjects they feel strongly about.

I can't think of a single interesting conversion I've had there in at least seven years. It's nasty ass mean succubi, and liberal soyboy cuckolds basically engaging in an endless gay as fuck group chant.


Whatever you type on reddit is literally archived forever.

Some fat coding faggot literally archives every post and comment 5 seconds after it's posted and there is nothing you can do to remove it because it sits archived on this guys 18 terabyte drive array, then lets people downloaded the full archive.

Everything anyone has ever wrote on Reddit has literally been archived forever on multiple hard drives. Pure unequivocal cancer.


That way if you are arguing against someone, they can't hide away their past, and you can use it to expose them


Who cares?


I do. That's one person that cares.


I think its good that it forces liars and LARPers to keep their stories straight, and I can call them out if they don't

This one guy deleted every single comment he ever made and deleted his account, after I found a deleted comment of his in the archives that proved he wasn't who he wasn't who he was now claiming to be.


LMAO you actually use reddit


>give it a try


>Ellen Pao

Reddit was acquired by Tencent in 2019 I believe (tencent is the Chinese Communist Parties propaganda arm, they're responsible for censoring everything that doesn't support China)

That's why the shift.


r/politicalcompassmemes is one of the only parts of reddit that's still worth a damn. Honest political shitposting without everything being astroturfed to hell and back.

Close. Tencent is one of the many, many partially state-owned and defacto state-controlled corporations in China. They're not formally a propaganda bureau. But they do follow the CCP's orders, and they're a vehicle for the CCP's power because Tencent buys its way into foreign companies. And reddit is one such company, because Huffman and Ohanian are eager whores for renminbi.

Hence why early talk about the Wuhan virus was suppressed on reddit, and why anything about the Uyghurs is kept out of major subs like r/news. Not that anyone actually gives a fuck about the Uyghurs. But it's morbidly fun to see how reddit employees very obviously start following their Chinese masters' orders once anything Uyghur-related starts getting too many updoots.


I used to browse mgtow in 2017. Every post was a guy complaining that his wife cheated on him and he is just going to start lifting or some dude that got divorced and has to pay child support posting the new motorcycle he managed to save up for. I’m glad it got banned, a bunch of failed normies who were trying to cope with their failures.


The crab subreddit was kind of the opposite. A bunch of nerds who never really tried to get laid complaining about how the game is rigged against them so there is no reason they should try.


>normies instead of normalfags
And you are one of them i guess?


What question are you asking


Fun fact 92 of the top 500 subreddits are controlled by just 5 mods


Most of the newfags of the past ten years have come from Reddit. They're trying to pretend this is untrue.



Go back


The whole site has a weird anti-male/pro-female mindset.
Outside of a few smaller subreddits succubi are pretty much considered divine infallible beings that can do no wrong. A succubus could have stabbed her entire family to death and you can guarantee there will be more than several posts either defending her outright or trying to make up excuses.

Meanwhile men are deemed as disgusting lazy failures at best and demented monsters at best.


*monsters at worst


>Whatever you type on reddit is literally archived forever.
You know in recent years I realized that nothing on the internet is forever.
The days of the wild west internet are over for some time now and those forums and archives that stood since back then are now closing down or breaking apart. I know this because it has happened to me.
One day the same will happen to Facebook and all its data is lost and then the same thing is going to happen to Youtube and Wikipedia and so on.

What is a single HDD of some autist? Just a fading spark in a sea of ash.


assfucked niggerfaggot

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