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Why does 4chan hates reddit so much? Sure 99% of the site is garbage but there's some good stuff in there once in a while (just like 4chan come to think of it). You can't even mention reddit without 5 posters telling you to "go back", it's really annoying.
For the record I've been on 4chan since 2009 and only really started browsing reddit about 3 years ago, and don't even have an account. But I'm of the opinion you should enjoy good content no matter where it comes from. If some gay SJW with pink hair cured cancer, I would be thankful for it even if he's a retard.
What is wizchan's optinion of reddit?
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It used to be because they were sheep and also censored mavericks but as it is no matter where you are someone might censor you in this day and age. If not there's no traffic and that's the only reason they don't take you for granted.


midwit central. you have to go to small subs for the real experience.
r/geopolitics and r/investing are decent.


only use old.reddit.com
redesign is fucking cancer



better than wizchan for sure


Hard disagree. Wizchan is far more usable, doesn’t delete posts near as often. Only thing that Reddit does better is real niche stuff like a specific show or video game subreddit.


An imageboard where you cant post images is pretty unusable. if you care about privacy then this is how it is, because VPNs and proxies are now heavily restricted

Writing anything critical about wizchan is likely to get your comment deleted for 'complaining outside /meta/' while meta does not allow you to post if you have VPN or proxy.

Letting wizchan moderators trace where you live and sell all your data with linked posts is obviously dangerous and unacceptable

Reddit on the other hand lets you make a new account in 1 second, dont even need an email.


usernames, no anonymity, weird posting/commenting methods, private messaging, popular with non-techy people. in the early days imageboards weren't entirely populated with normalfags yet. it became something like a culture or a tradition to reject the 'new' internet which reddit represented and so you shit on reddit and call people redditors as an insult

nowadays???? im not sure. i havent kept up with 4chan in a long ass time. im guessing the culture of anti-reddit simply continues to exist, but in reality probably most of the people there use social media, reddit, are normalfags. they are just signalling to each other like a ritual now, the real purpose of it is gone


>wizchan moderators trace where you live and sell all your data
you are delusional


It is extremely common. You are uneducated if you don't consider the possibility. Many people write embarrassing things here, under the false assumption that there are anonymous, while admins can directly see your IP address. It is obviously monetisable and dangerous. You can also see that the admins don't care and even coerce people not to protect themselves with the image ban - huge red flag


when has their been any evidence of any such thing happening in the last 6 years? images were banned because retards use them to spam child porn and other garbage, no one cares about the mundane blogging of some shut-in on a niche imageboard


File: 1630938924218.jpg (142.09 KB, 680x709, 680:709, 1594056295154.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

reddittors are what ruined 4chan and made me come here in the first place fuck them


no, fuck your shitty 4chan
reddit is good, far better than your shitty chans, so good riddance


A bunch of insufferable 100IQ brainlets who think they are smart.


File: 1630947977250.jpg (321.94 KB, 900x542, 450:271, karen.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Reddit has been very interesting to me solely because it shows me firsthand the real, palpable dangers of and susceptibility of the average person to bandwagoning and appeals to the majority.

I also find it interesting how much more 'normal' it seems to me if I instead search by 'controversial.' It makes me wonder how much more different the dynamic out of Reddit would be if 'controversial' was the default ordering method.


controversial is the only way to really read the comments and find anything that is not insane. I had a funny one this week while browsing the /r/natureismetal sub. https://www.reddit.com/r/natureismetal/comments/apvwvl/red_crab_feasting_on_the_thousands_of_newly/ Someone got a high voted comment and then changed it to what appears to be an allusion to abortion as a troll and there are so many people reeeing at it. I tried to find the deleted comment but rereddit came up with nothing.

I suspect reddit has made it much harder for sites to collect comments when they are deleted because ceddit when it ran years ago never had that problem and would expose the mods manipulating the comments clearly.


Different site, samefags.


File: 1630978956978.jpg (827.49 KB, 900x2002, 450:1001, 1476442611348.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

> where the fuck would I find something like that on another forum/site?
The thing is…if it wasn't for reddit there would in fact be another site for this, many in fact. I used to post on dozens of different forums for different subjects when the internet was younger, they were healthy and active places. They are all dead now without exception.

Now the internet is extremely centralized now, and reddit is centralization incarnate, its model which is entirely based on quantity over quality has killed conventional forums all over instead insisting everyone participate in the same sterilized format to be scrutinized and data mined by a giant conglomerate and policed by its own members in a giant groupthink. There's a word for that, reddit is a digital panopticon. And there's no way to defeat it, in fact more sites are becoming more like reddit as a result because reddit itself occupies more and more real estate exporting more and more of its 'culture'. ​

People go where people go, that is they follow one another to the active place. We've reached a point where the main reason someone goes to reddit is because everyone goes there, despite the fact the actual act of participating is horrific. Ask yourself why you're on Wizchan instead of Reddit and you'll realize activity isn't everything


Nice picture. It makes look (even more) like morons the people who say that is "nostalgia" when someone say that Internet before was much better. And more people are noticing this. We will reach a point that anyone who denies the obvious will be just drones or are just giving to copium.


I made a stupid video about something which took forever and wanted to share it on the topics small subreddit, never posted anything on reddit before, so maybe that's why my post got filtered or something because it didn't show up, then I wrote the only mod on there a few days ago, but didn't get an answer.
Then I went to their discord and saw the mod posting there frequently over the last day.
I used to get really nervous even when posting something on image-boards, so getting ignored by the only mod on that subreddit and even join some discord-community I've never done before is crushing.
Now I don't even feel like posting my video anymore, so much technical progress has happened over the last decades I fear that I will soon feel out of loop like old people who can't turn on a computer with only 30.

I don't know besides the popularity-contest there, especially smaller subreddits feel like cliques (+discord), they get to decide if you are even allowed to post anything, which isn't much of a problem on image-boards.


File: 1631016274052.jpg (945.75 KB, 3024x4032, 3:4, xggrfpda2v071.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

if you want to feel good about being a wizard check out the /femaledatingstrategy, they have a few 100k subs and are basically female in*els, pretty sure there are more retarded subs like that on there


File: 1631016916803.png (458.49 KB, 1338x275, 1338:275, titsorgtfo.png) ImgOps iqdb

You really hit something on the head there. In a sense, imageboards and a lot of forums are very meritocratic. We don't care who you are to be able to post (picrel). Reddit, discord, and other social media sites–well, they call it 'community building' but we all know it's rank and file nepotism. These sites are made, used, and enjoyed by individuals who have these advantages in real life, got upset that they didn't exist on the internet, wanted them back, and therefore recreated them to the best they could online.


I made an account on reddit recently to talk about some topic and a mod messaged me that I need to set a ‘flair’ on my name so that I don’t get auto filtered as some way to prevent bots, the person there might just be lazy and expects people have all been using reddit for a million years


Theres also r/witchesvspatrairchy


They are not female crabs they exclusively don't date men they deem low value. Some of the succubus there are a bit neurotic and have excessive rules which keep them single.
/r/femcel was banned.

A femcel is not a crab with the gender swapped it basically means a succubus who cannot have a meaningful relationship and only get used as a practise GF or slam pig.


It sucks, chans suck in a different way. by your language I can tell that you're interested in dualistic politics (reddit v. 4chan, sjws, etc) and you're looking for something commercialized (enjoying good content), so maybe reddit is a better fit.


I resent calling imageboards meritocratic. 4chan still has tripfags, and conversation follows not by who makes the most enjoyable or well thought out post, but by who screams the loudest and posts the most frequently. I prefer imageboards to whatever Reddit has going on, but meritocracy is not a strong suit.


reddit is shit


Generally I try to look for interests on chanboards but sometimes it can be limited so I'll glance over at reddit because there are people on there who know their stuff even if its a mix of retards


Some subreddits are okay but the admins are basically hyper leftists owned by the CCP. Any subreddit that goes against the leftist agenda gets banned if they become too big.


Reddit is obviously very good for hobby communities and questions. I use an account just for questions and personal hobbies. It's also very good for hiveminds, getting validation on beliefs, justifying those beliefs via common arguments that are posted, and getting mental health by support. It can be a very good tool for a person. Still, it's not very good for news. Corporations or rich people can use bots to get stories or propaganda on the front page of Reddit. Politically, Reddit admins and users lean left, but there exists conservative subreddits that I don't go to. Those could get banned anyways. I don't really bother with politics.

I found that 4chan hated Reddit back in 2011. How far back did the hate go?


Go back :)


Reddit is censored to shit. This isn't true.


Because reddit culture is 4chan culture from 2006, while 4chan itself has since transformed from an internet hivemind to an easily manipulatable, normie friendly generic discussion board. This if more true for some boards than others of course so your mileage may vary.

>Most of the posters there are annoying smartass normalfags, if you post anything that goes against the 'hivemind' you will get a smug reply from some asshole and be downvoted to oblivion.

My point exactly.


So is 4chan by the way.
Half the actual interesting threads I see any time I browse there end up deleted. Janitors basically delete anything they don't like.


So is wizchan. At least on reddit and 4chan you can crticise the sites themselves. Here any such comment gets deleted, probably including this one


This post is astroturfing, gas lighting, whatever you want to call it. I would bet anything this 'person' wasn't actually on 4chan in 2006 or likely at any point before 2016 even.


Who do you think applies to be a 4chan mod or janitor in this day and age? Who do you think is so desperate for power (even though it's the most pathetic power imaginable) they want to do it for free? Almost every janitor is an ideologically motivated reddit migrant, who thinks they are there to fight Nazis or some other insane garbage that only makes sense in their demented heads. Of course this varies by board, but the popular ones for sure.


Reddit was a pretty okay place before 2014 or whenever that ugly asian succubus took over as CEO. She was the one to encourage a culture of censorship of all ideas that the liberal decided was bad.


it, like all social media gives you needless tasks in life that you think need to be fulfilled when they don't. This entire karma system is ridiculous, especially being spread through every subreddit. The awards are also ridiculous.


Depend on which subs you go to, you just have to hold back at times because they don't like n bombs.


The problem is they don't like anything that doesn't fit into the echochamber.
If you have a different opinion you have to trigger warning your post with "THIS IS A HOT TAKE, I BASICALLY THINK I'M WRONG BUT PLEASE REMIND ME WHY" otherwise you'll get downvoted or banned by the moderators. Reddit is inherently anti-discussion.


I go to a reddit for a videogame I like, there is not much to censor because it all goes as long as youre talking about the game or related things, only thing that annoys me is the stupid rehashed memes and "look what my girlfriend got me" threads


Reddit as good as long as you stick to the subs that have around less than 5,000 viewers.
It's like 4chan if you just go on /b/ it'll be shitty but if you stick to the smaller boards it'll be good


reddit is just zoomers reposting top results from Google to boomers for karma points


I'm not sure some entitled cunt who dates some guys and fucks other is a crab, just alot of hypergamy that's turning them into future cat lady


Its ok but the lack of privacy kills me. You cant hide your profile


It is much more private than wizchan. You can use reddit with VPN and make accounts in 1 second with no email or anything


Reddit was better back when it had no filter, but around the time 8ch came out and the internet got a lot shittier, Reddit became another one of the main social media sites like faceberg or twatter.


then your post will just be rejected from most subs for being too new, unless you are some schizo that makes 20 accounts at a time every month to burn through 1 reply each

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