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Why does 4chan hates reddit so much? Sure 99% of the site is garbage but there's some good stuff in there once in a while (just like 4chan come to think of it). You can't even mention reddit without 5 posters telling you to "go back", it's really annoying.
For the record I've been on 4chan since 2009 and only really started browsing reddit about 3 years ago, and don't even have an account. But I'm of the opinion you should enjoy good content no matter where it comes from. If some gay SJW with pink hair cured cancer, I would be thankful for it even if he's a retard.
What is wizchan's optinion of reddit?


go back


Most of the posters there are annoying smartass normalfags, if you post anything that goes against the 'hivemind' you will get a smug reply from some asshole and be downvoted to oblivion. Sure, it's nice when you're searching google and you find some helpful posts on a reddit thread, but if you actually post and/or browse there it is fucking awful. The most normalfag clickbait stupid shit that appeals to succubi or the most recent meme gets voted to the top of any sub, and then everything else is mostly just ignored, maybe you'll get a reply or two, but that's it.


go back


there's some obscure shit that you can only find there though. Like r/georgism where people discuss land value taxes, where the fuck would I find something like that on another forum/site? Sure Georgism sometimes pop up on /biz/ once in a while when they're discussing landlords, but I go to the reddit sub about twice a week to find new info on this niche subject.
Just avoid the popular subs that all normalfags go.


I guess I could see the use there, but then you could just use google and find relevant reddit threads anyway.


Reddit is better than most imageboards.


there are some good subreddits but the top subreddits are just ultra normies and bots


what's annoying is most of the time I get a reddit result at the top of a google search for a problem I have, the reddit thread is full of snarky non-answers almost every single time. fucking hate those fags.


Better than 4chins


Just looked up Georgism. Pretty interesting, although I will always oppose land tax.
Reddit is a receptacle for popular opinions and tripe. There's no reason to be there unless you're too lazy to find something out on your own(eg read a book) or you're a raging norman. Even its supposed benefit of highly specialized discussion boards become circlejerks where any person who questions the narrative of a given board is downvoted or outright banned. No-one really goes there to learn anyway, just to reinforce their pre-conceived notions.


you don't know about the good subreddits.


Possibly on account of "the good subreddits" constantly being banned from the site by its pedophile administrative staff for "hate speech" and similar normie tripe.

Way to make that anon's point for him.


Because they are kicking out the far/alt-right, which is the core of 4chan.


I don't post but I follow reddit since 2011. I personally don't understand reddit=left, 4chinz=right that much. Yes there are some places where mods are absolute leftists but right also dominate some peculiar places. Especially after many "right wing" subs banned, many of the said mods started to infiltrate neutral/left oriented places and made their way into the mod team.
Mod organization is not democratic at all. If you have just one guy inside you can more or less start to make all the people that think alike mods and began to dominate the sub.
A great example is /r/europe where right wing mods who come from banned right wing subreddits (And I don't mean conservatives, I mean people with stormfront accounts, neo-nazis etc) absolutely dominate. Any post that indicate some mods history on stormfront or how they sperged against jews and homosexuals is deleted immediately, the meta discussions locked with a "no one is a nazi here" post(they got smarter). The only remnants I manage do find were from a subreddit that collected mods activity circa 2016-2017. And 5 years has passes since then.

I found out, It really takes few guys to influence internet. Many "forced" memes are only forced by one or two individuals. It really makes you think.


Reddit is very feminist. You know what I say? Fuck feminists. You have every right a man has plus more. Your life is easy mode.


It's very bad but it's less heavily censored than wizchan at least. There are no good options anymore, the internet has fallen rapidly. Most quality discussion has moved to private areas like closed groups on 'instant messaging' platforms like telegram and discord, which obviously has its own problems with cliques and accessibility


So those of you saying there are some good subreddits: which ones?



It's 99% shit and has some occasionally alright stuff if you look hard enough - Just like literally every other website on the internet.

I have the exact same opinion of twitter, and 4chan, this place and every other imageboard. Reddit isn't uniquely shit, social media on the whole is shit.


One feature I like with reddit is that if a post gets too many replies or something, I don't really know how it works, it'll split off into a new thread, it's a really nice passive way to deal with off-topic posts, whereas on chans it's easy for some retard to create some very tangentially related post and derail the entire thread


I hate reddit. For one it's unbrowseable. The layout is a mix of Tumblr and Myspace but looks like a WordPress page. Discussions are impossible to have because no one wants to scroll through a bunch of deleted and removed user replies. All you are left with is the top 2 and 3 comments. Even smaller reddits fall to the overall hivemind of Reddit and follow the same commenting format. Your opinion will simply drown by someone trying to get upvotes. This system makes it so the "best" Reddit posts are just regurgitating what the MSM and Jews want to hear.


You sound like a giga kike to sperg out so hard about "Nazis" so hard, especially as you mutts call everyone who doesn't suck jew dick 24/7 a Nazi.


only old.reddit.com is browsable, it will be over when they get rid of thatr


Go back


its fine as an information source

no reason to submit posts or make comments or 'contribute' however


Only insofar as things like Wikipedia. Looking up anything remotely controversial will only give you the most surface level normalfag perspective. But sometimes that’s all you need.

I only use it when there’s a specific game I want to talk about cause god knows I can’t use /vg/, and there’s not enough activity here. And fuck joining some discord.


I'm on left but I much prefer 3rd positionists than many liberals or good old fox news watching boomer cosnervatives. That is not the point. And for the record I am totally against banning extreme left/right wing dialogue in anywhere.
What gets me is the mods slimey attitude.
Its just that I much prefer people who openly admit they are communists, neo nazis etc. Latestagecapitalism for example is unapologetically right wing, and many "banned" right wing subreddits were the same.

They hide what they truly believe, they spout all kinds of shit on their private channels but try to present themselves something they are not out to public. funny you said "kike" because this is exactly what you guys would call as "kikery". You know, happy merchant who wears a mask.
But guess its okay when its your guys who are doing it, oh well.


By they I mean specific mods etc of r/europe. It is really an achievement they manage to fly under the radar this much, but they also learned their lesson. They stopped shitting on homosexuals, jews and start to attack types of people that is okay'ed by liberal reddit admins, Russians etc.


They have to hide if they’re gonna use Reddit. Which begs the question as to why these fuckers use it in the first place but who knows.


File: 1627264655467.jpg (826.49 KB, 2404x1260, 601:315, 1625542898574.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I used to very much enjoy the neet subreddit. I was a nice haven where everyone was black pilled and not being normal was accepted and welcomed. Eventually normies started flooding the subreddit, particularly when Covid hit which was the death bell: all these normies suddenly out of work started flooding to the neet subreddit, bringing their normie ideals with them. The original neets were downvoted for suggesting things like antinatalism, or antiwork ideas. That was the death of it. Now it's just out of work normies and depressed normies.


>neet subreddit used to be good
no, it was always trash. There's succubi there and normalfags too wanting to feel special because they don't work or saw neet term used in some anime. I've exchanged messages with some of them, succubi, normalfags, etc. the worst were some chads that don't work because their gfs work for them and they can stay at home smoking weed and creating music in fl studio.


File: 1627267222560.png (31.45 KB, 180x198, 10:11, rememberanime.png) ImgOps iqdb

>Remember when neet was good?
>neet was never good.


>some chads that don't work because their gfs work for them and they can stay at home smoking weed and creating music in fl studio.

Link to post? Sounds made up, can't imagine succubi would go for that


DMs, and that was 4 years ago I dont have that reddit account anymore i suppose it must be worse now.


I can confirm, my sister has housed tons of deadbeats who just mooch off her and play videogames and smoke weed all day, it is sort of funny, I imagine the females that end up like this are like the female version of crabs, they can't find a partner so they just pick up any loser that shows interest in them even if they are a leech


I had a pretty good screencap showcasing a lot of reddit problems.
Chains of [deleted] replies, people jumping on EVERY opportunity to reference something, and drive a joke into the ground, most subs end up an echochamber where everything starting from website's design is meant to push out opinions slightly differing from the norm.
It's a horrible site for actually discussing stuff, esepcially if you're not 100% positive all the time.


Early reddit used to about finding good outside content and bringing it all together in a constant stream of stuff you liked. Back then Reddit used to steal content from 4chan and post it, the same way 9gag and ebaumsworld did. Anons hated this and hated reddit for stealing their content and reposting it like it was their own. This is now irrelevant because both websites are downstream from twitter screencaps for some reason.

Reasons to hate modern reddit are infinite. It's extremely left wing and censorship happy. It's latest admin was a tranny pedophile with a father in prison for torturing a little succubus for sexual pleasure. The tranny put his father in positions of political power and in charge of LGBTFAGGOT children charities. When all this came out Reddit ran a mass censorship campaign on all of it and defended the child molesting freak until the userbase revolted so hard they… stayed on reddit and were fine with the website once he was fired.

Reddit is filled with fucked up leftist stalkers who post CP on any subreddit they don't like then immediately report it to get the sub closed down. These groups are often friends with the site admins, you get the idea.

Reddit is also full of bots and the upvote system is a myth. They can change upvotes at will and will promote paid for posts etc. When the system "does" work it doesn't work because it's naturally a race to the most autistic. One retard can dominate how a subreddit leans. If they upvote/downvote (on multiple accounts even) posts they will encourage or discourage people from posting. This results in people leaving as they get downvoted over and over, self radicializing the subreddit in the direction of the worst people there.

I could go on but you get the idea. >>182397


>Reddit is filled with fucked up leftist stalkers who post CP on any subreddit they don't like then immediately report it to get the sub closed down. These groups are often friends with the site admins, you get the idea.

Reddit is also full of bots and the upvote system is a myth. They can change upvotes at will and will promote paid for posts etc

this is getting a bit schizo tier dont you think


The ones that focus on information, filesharing.


when the Super straight meme took off they had to make it so every post submitted was approved by mods because r/againsthatesubs was raiding it with CP trying to get it banned. It's well known they do it, they're the admins attack dogs. If you want more info go look up Reddit's thread on kiwifarms.

Upvote/downvote manipulation has been proven several times. Not hard to look it up.


I used to lurk plebbit back when people would regularly share invites to pts. Now they're all dead or based on secretive irc/shitcord servers so I don't bother to indulge in it.


>when the Super straight meme took off they had to make it so every post submitted was approved by mods because r/againsthatesubs was raiding it with CP trying to get it banned. It's well known they do it, they're the admins attack dogs. If you want more info go look up Reddit's thread on kiwifarms.
looked through the kiwifarms thread and there was no proof whatsoever. give source for second statement.


This is schizo? I thought this was basic knowledge.


Want pictures of CP? Trannies admitting to distributing CP? Like hell you're getting those. You think the only other party involved isn't credible so you can't get a source.


File: 1627342109485.png (129.21 KB, 750x536, 375:268, SCIENCE.png) ImgOps iqdb

That's not saying much as they are basically one and the same nowadays except on one you can say "nigger".
>it's less heavily censored than wizchan at least
It's all about WHAT is being censored. The censorship here is to protect the quality of the site with very clear rules that arent poltically motivated.
The key issue with reddit is that it's essentially the ultimate echo chamber. Say something you don't like, be prepared to have your overarching score counter at a permanent less than 0 restricting your access to a lot of subs. Say something people like and you'll be showered with positive numbers. Or just be female and do literally anything. There are countless examples of people posting art vs posting a succubus holding their art and the latter always gets multiple times more points. Subreddits like "unpopular opinion" have only opinions most of the site agree with but they're mildly controversial. I could go on but it goes way past "reddit bad lol". Genuinly an awful site filled with awful people


I live in a third world country,anytime I check my country's subreddit my hatred for reddit is reinforced. It's infuriating how these people manage to be so insurable yet so out of touch with reality.


Third world redditors are always the most sheltered and western internet socialized. Always some idiots who think themselves superior to their fellow countrymen for knowing about some western issues and trends unapplicable to their own countries.


I haven't been on 4chan since like 2012 but from what I understand it's a pretty normalfag site just like reddit. Also, I think you answered your own question with:
>Sure 99% of the site is garbage but there's some good stuff in there once in a while
I think the voting system means only groupthink is visible. Because of it's popularity, it's also a horribly manipulative website in terms of the sneaky advertisers that and marketers on it. High profile posts can be bought with votes from bots. I haven't used the official site/app in many years but that's meant to be full of awful dark patterns also. (use teddit.net)

However, because of it's sheer size you will undoubtedly find good small groups on it. I really like r/roguelikes. The place is full of proper roguelike devs and the community doesn't allow posts of roguelites which is exactly what I want. I don't have an account but I can at least see decent posts about roguelikes.


I mostly just use it for benchmark questions about vidya or pc components. Other then that I rarely touch it


I am also from a third world shithole and I decided to check mine out. They are a bunch of faggots holy shit. I am ashamed I am from thvesame country as them.


The spirit of the fedora wearer now abides in the Reddit mainframe. Reddit is and always has been garbage



As a outsider looking at it, seems worse then twatter and facespace.
With worse mods then even this place.

I have no clue how it ever got as popular as it is now. But I ain't ever going to use it or make a account.


File: 1627612266976.jpg (94.83 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 1624174357548.jpg) ImgOps iqdb



its not popular, or at least as its used to be.
Its heavily botted.


I honestly prefer it over r9gay these days


its more anonymous than cuckchan for trolling unironically, and you can actually see the effects of your actions with the profile feature unlike cuckchan


> its more anonymous than cuckchan for trolling
How could that possibly be true?


Possibly because you only have to enter a captcha once (i.e. upon registration) for Plebbit, whereas niggertits requires a captcha to be entered upon every post made (and, therefore, more live human data being sent to joogle).

There's also the distinct possibility that that wiz was just trolling, but who knows [/s]


You actually make a pretty good point.


File: 1627768524794.gif (352.44 KB, 220x197, 220:197, dsadad.gif) ImgOps iqdb

because 4chan bans are annoying to get around, with reddit you can just make a new account in seconds to keep harrassing a target rather then getting no response/ a generic "cope" esque reply, redditors are normalfags too so its just funner all around


why do you waste your time


because its a short dopamine boost and its fun to disrupt normalfags lives


>saying something dumb on the internet
>"disrupt normalfags lives"
they don't give a shit about you, you're delusional


i fuck with suicidal normies and whores who broke with their abusive boyfriends make them delete their shit or go on to later say in their subreddits how their mental illness is worse. its fucking funny and you're just too stupid to do it.


Please don’t pretend that trolling is some high brow entertainment.


never claimed so, you just are retarded


>it isn't popular
Isn't it like the 3rd or 4th most visited site on the internet currently.
Seems pretty popular to me.


He's not talking about sheer numbers, though. He's referring to organic vs. inorganic (botted) visits.


It doesn’t matter what website you use anymore. The web is too homogenous. I see posts here that reference Reddit and 4chan all the time. And if you go on 4chan you see screenshots of Twitter and Reddit. And if you go to Reddit you see screenshots of Twitter and 4chan. It’s all the same shit. Only difference seems to be the political slant. 4chan is right, Reddit is left wing.


True. It’s all an ouroboros of shit now.


>its fucking funny and you're just too stupid to do it
I think I'm just too intelligent to find being a pest funny, I assume you have some ulterior motive to it than actually thinking it's funny though, you're probably jealous of them


I use it for documentary recommendations, but it's very difficult to have any stimulating discussion on it. You are actively punished for having an opinion that goes against the group, mods remove every second thread for random reasons, and it's too easy to get banned for expressing non-popular opinions.

I've tried it out and I don't find it to be a good hub for discussion, but it can be a useful source of information for certain obscure topics.


>messing with normies makes you a "pest"


Pestering anyone makes you a pest regardless of who they are.


It is awful, even with niche small sub-reddits. People who have more karma have their opinions valued more. Moderators. Celebs within the communities etc. Usernames and post histories are awful, it censors people and especially with the up/downvote system, it turns everything into a hivemind. Repeat after me:



You're an idiot. 4chan bans VPNs, it's one of the few websites online to do so. Reddit, Twitter and Facebook doesn't. 4chan is less anonymous because it forces you to use IPs attached to your device (mobile to ban evade still connects to your phone).

4chans politics vary by board. /co/ is as left wing as reddit is, most boards are sliding left as leftist moderators take over and gook moot tries to make the side profitable outside of data mining.

Recommend us some documentaries.


>You're an idiot. 4chan bans VPNs, it's one of the few websites online to do so. Reddit, Twitter and Facebook doesn't. 4chan is less anonymous because it forces you to use IPs attached to your device (mobile to ban evade still connects to your phone).
True but 4chan is more private than wizchan if you want to post images or use meta - you cant buy a pass here, and there are not as many users, plus the size, embarrassing topic and suspiciousness of this site's unnecessary actions make it likely for your collated wizchan data to be used maliciously


>/co/ is as left wing as reddit is
Maybe sexually (although they've also taken a liking to the word "degenerate" in recent years), but politically? /co/ used to be my go-to board back in my 4chan days, but now it seems every hobbyist board that isn't /toy/ is filled to the brim with irony poisoned "cope cringe based" spam.



File: 1628060076014.jpg (184.45 KB, 1000x949, 1000:949, E3DUl46VUAAdwzv.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

good riddance


There are only 4.3 billion IPv4s in the world, and at the rate 4chan is going, they are going to ban a large chunk of that.

It is harder to change your public IPV4 today than it was 10 years ago because many companies like AT&T have sticky IPs.

I personally think there should be a mass purge of their ban list. Just forgive that long list. 4Chan still has to get that ad revenue.


File: 1628076459927.jpg (39.03 KB, 498x441, 166:147, whereDoYouThinkWeAre.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Are you saying 4chan isn't a hivemind? They don't have karma, but threads with unpopular opinions still can be ignored. /pol/ for instance is just a bunch of people with pretty much the same views endlessly calling each other "based" and btfo'ing le midwits.


I usually browse the same few subreddits that match my interests. I dont give a shit about participating or the community or whatever, I am there for my own amusement.


subjective either way


>/pol/ for instance is just a bunch of people with pretty much the same views endlessly calling each other "based" and btfo'ing le midwits.
This is completely not true, you obviously just hate /pol/.


The problem with 4chan is that everyone there suck off the mods and ask for more rules/ban shit/opinions they don't like, this is for both sides of any spectrum. Freedom of speech should be upheld to the fullest extent. Plus it's full of normalfags anyway; some boards there are absolute twitter-tier SJW faggotry.

I've never been to reddit before in my life, but I've toured it a few times. It doesn't appeal to me, they all seem like massive normalfaggots. I've never used any social media before.


Reddit does do IP bans. I've had multiple accounts banned at once even though they didn't do shit.


Reddit is designed so that posts people agree with will be put to the top and posts people disagree with are hidden.

To make it worse, in many subreddits you can't reply to everyone commenting on your post due to timers. It just means you're getting dogpiled and can't respond to it.

In summary it's basically everything wrong with the real world amplified. It takes away everything fun about the internet and makes it into a censored mess of groupthink. This wouldn't be as big of an issue if the subreddits worked as intended but there's kind of a metagame being played with activists shutting down even the most benign subs if they become aware of them.

A good example of this was the "Sword and Scale" podcast subreddit. Somehow some discord trannies got pissed off at the podcaster and became admins of the sub, deleted any post talking about the podcast genuinely, and just allowed posts saying the podcaster was shit, etc.

That in general is what is wrong with reddit.


In other words…Reddit is DESIGNED to be like High School?


Kinda, yeah. I feel as shunned on Reddit as I was in High School.


File: 1629695821813.gif (1.2 MB, 269x202, 269:202, 254189DA-FCD8-4DAB-9404-22….gif) ImgOps iqdb

I have now been using Reddit 3+ weeks because it’s the only remotely interesting website I can use on my work’s internet. And holy fucking shit, or really is just left wing 4chan. They use the same shitty wojak memes, they do the same slimy political bait, it’s the same goosestepping hivemind.

The only thing it really has going for it is the fun of seeing people’s post histories. My god there’s some really broken people on Reddit.


Or 4chan is just right wing Reddit


Yep, there's many ways to say the same thing with different words


It used to be because they were sheep and also censored mavericks but as it is no matter where you are someone might censor you in this day and age. If not there's no traffic and that's the only reason they don't take you for granted.


midwit central. you have to go to small subs for the real experience.
r/geopolitics and r/investing are decent.


only use old.reddit.com
redesign is fucking cancer



better than wizchan for sure


Hard disagree. Wizchan is far more usable, doesn’t delete posts near as often. Only thing that Reddit does better is real niche stuff like a specific show or video game subreddit.


An imageboard where you cant post images is pretty unusable. if you care about privacy then this is how it is, because VPNs and proxies are now heavily restricted

Writing anything critical about wizchan is likely to get your comment deleted for 'complaining outside /meta/' while meta does not allow you to post if you have VPN or proxy.

Letting wizchan moderators trace where you live and sell all your data with linked posts is obviously dangerous and unacceptable

Reddit on the other hand lets you make a new account in 1 second, dont even need an email.


usernames, no anonymity, weird posting/commenting methods, private messaging, popular with non-techy people. in the early days imageboards weren't entirely populated with normalfags yet. it became something like a culture or a tradition to reject the 'new' internet which reddit represented and so you shit on reddit and call people redditors as an insult

nowadays???? im not sure. i havent kept up with 4chan in a long ass time. im guessing the culture of anti-reddit simply continues to exist, but in reality probably most of the people there use social media, reddit, are normalfags. they are just signalling to each other like a ritual now, the real purpose of it is gone


>wizchan moderators trace where you live and sell all your data
you are delusional


It is extremely common. You are uneducated if you don't consider the possibility. Many people write embarrassing things here, under the false assumption that there are anonymous, while admins can directly see your IP address. It is obviously monetisable and dangerous. You can also see that the admins don't care and even coerce people not to protect themselves with the image ban - huge red flag


when has their been any evidence of any such thing happening in the last 6 years? images were banned because retards use them to spam child porn and other garbage, no one cares about the mundane blogging of some shut-in on a niche imageboard


File: 1630938924218.jpg (142.09 KB, 680x709, 680:709, 1594056295154.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

reddittors are what ruined 4chan and made me come here in the first place fuck them


no, fuck your shitty 4chan
reddit is good, far better than your shitty chans, so good riddance


A bunch of insufferable 100IQ brainlets who think they are smart.


File: 1630947977250.jpg (321.94 KB, 900x542, 450:271, karen.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Reddit has been very interesting to me solely because it shows me firsthand the real, palpable dangers of and susceptibility of the average person to bandwagoning and appeals to the majority.

I also find it interesting how much more 'normal' it seems to me if I instead search by 'controversial.' It makes me wonder how much more different the dynamic out of Reddit would be if 'controversial' was the default ordering method.


controversial is the only way to really read the comments and find anything that is not insane. I had a funny one this week while browsing the /r/natureismetal sub. https://www.reddit.com/r/natureismetal/comments/apvwvl/red_crab_feasting_on_the_thousands_of_newly/ Someone got a high voted comment and then changed it to what appears to be an allusion to abortion as a troll and there are so many people reeeing at it. I tried to find the deleted comment but rereddit came up with nothing.

I suspect reddit has made it much harder for sites to collect comments when they are deleted because ceddit when it ran years ago never had that problem and would expose the mods manipulating the comments clearly.


Different site, samefags.


File: 1630978956978.jpg (827.49 KB, 900x2002, 450:1001, 1476442611348.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

> where the fuck would I find something like that on another forum/site?
The thing is…if it wasn't for reddit there would in fact be another site for this, many in fact. I used to post on dozens of different forums for different subjects when the internet was younger, they were healthy and active places. They are all dead now without exception.

Now the internet is extremely centralized now, and reddit is centralization incarnate, its model which is entirely based on quantity over quality has killed conventional forums all over instead insisting everyone participate in the same sterilized format to be scrutinized and data mined by a giant conglomerate and policed by its own members in a giant groupthink. There's a word for that, reddit is a digital panopticon. And there's no way to defeat it, in fact more sites are becoming more like reddit as a result because reddit itself occupies more and more real estate exporting more and more of its 'culture'. ​

People go where people go, that is they follow one another to the active place. We've reached a point where the main reason someone goes to reddit is because everyone goes there, despite the fact the actual act of participating is horrific. Ask yourself why you're on Wizchan instead of Reddit and you'll realize activity isn't everything


Nice picture. It makes look (even more) like morons the people who say that is "nostalgia" when someone say that Internet before was much better. And more people are noticing this. We will reach a point that anyone who denies the obvious will be just drones or are just giving to copium.


I made a stupid video about something which took forever and wanted to share it on the topics small subreddit, never posted anything on reddit before, so maybe that's why my post got filtered or something because it didn't show up, then I wrote the only mod on there a few days ago, but didn't get an answer.
Then I went to their discord and saw the mod posting there frequently over the last day.
I used to get really nervous even when posting something on image-boards, so getting ignored by the only mod on that subreddit and even join some discord-community I've never done before is crushing.
Now I don't even feel like posting my video anymore, so much technical progress has happened over the last decades I fear that I will soon feel out of loop like old people who can't turn on a computer with only 30.

I don't know besides the popularity-contest there, especially smaller subreddits feel like cliques (+discord), they get to decide if you are even allowed to post anything, which isn't much of a problem on image-boards.


File: 1631016274052.jpg (945.75 KB, 3024x4032, 3:4, xggrfpda2v071.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

if you want to feel good about being a wizard check out the /femaledatingstrategy, they have a few 100k subs and are basically female in*els, pretty sure there are more retarded subs like that on there


File: 1631016916803.png (458.49 KB, 1338x275, 1338:275, titsorgtfo.png) ImgOps iqdb

You really hit something on the head there. In a sense, imageboards and a lot of forums are very meritocratic. We don't care who you are to be able to post (picrel). Reddit, discord, and other social media sites–well, they call it 'community building' but we all know it's rank and file nepotism. These sites are made, used, and enjoyed by individuals who have these advantages in real life, got upset that they didn't exist on the internet, wanted them back, and therefore recreated them to the best they could online.


I made an account on reddit recently to talk about some topic and a mod messaged me that I need to set a ‘flair’ on my name so that I don’t get auto filtered as some way to prevent bots, the person there might just be lazy and expects people have all been using reddit for a million years


Theres also r/witchesvspatrairchy


They are not female crabs they exclusively don't date men they deem low value. Some of the succubus there are a bit neurotic and have excessive rules which keep them single.
/r/femcel was banned.

A femcel is not a crab with the gender swapped it basically means a succubus who cannot have a meaningful relationship and only get used as a practise GF or slam pig.


It sucks, chans suck in a different way. by your language I can tell that you're interested in dualistic politics (reddit v. 4chan, sjws, etc) and you're looking for something commercialized (enjoying good content), so maybe reddit is a better fit.


I resent calling imageboards meritocratic. 4chan still has tripfags, and conversation follows not by who makes the most enjoyable or well thought out post, but by who screams the loudest and posts the most frequently. I prefer imageboards to whatever Reddit has going on, but meritocracy is not a strong suit.


reddit is shit


Generally I try to look for interests on chanboards but sometimes it can be limited so I'll glance over at reddit because there are people on there who know their stuff even if its a mix of retards


Some subreddits are okay but the admins are basically hyper leftists owned by the CCP. Any subreddit that goes against the leftist agenda gets banned if they become too big.


Reddit is obviously very good for hobby communities and questions. I use an account just for questions and personal hobbies. It's also very good for hiveminds, getting validation on beliefs, justifying those beliefs via common arguments that are posted, and getting mental health by support. It can be a very good tool for a person. Still, it's not very good for news. Corporations or rich people can use bots to get stories or propaganda on the front page of Reddit. Politically, Reddit admins and users lean left, but there exists conservative subreddits that I don't go to. Those could get banned anyways. I don't really bother with politics.

I found that 4chan hated Reddit back in 2011. How far back did the hate go?

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