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Have any /wiz/ards spent time and effort and gotten fit? Has it changed your mental outlook at all?
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I went from skinny to fit to blob.
I didn't know how quickly muscle mass can turn to shit with out keeping up the exercise regimen.
Probably the peak was some where mid way from skinny to fit because the muscle tone was visible. Since then I'm struggling to keep the flab at bay. Getting fit also seemed changed my metabolism. Shit. Some times I wish I stayed a lanky 120-130lbs.


>yes all human beings were unhealthy before the invention of the air conditioned gym and sneakers.
For hundreds of thousands of years humans have been running prey down, walking great distances and doing physical labour in order to survive, gyms are just an attempt at emulating a part of our ancient lifestyle.
And by the way, you only have one body, you can't switch it out for another one. So if it fails then you are fucked.


that was my point. physical activity is not something that should be done for the sake of it. it should be more organically integrated into one's daily life.
we have never walked so little, yet gyms are popping up everywhere and running has never been so popular (among a specific demographic but that's beside the point here).
this is all so strange when you think about it


Have you tried fasting? I know it sounds esoteric but just try only drinking water for 24h and after that only eating twice a day, no snacks.
High meal frequency keeps your insulin high, which promotes fat storage. If you eat less frequently, your body will be more likely to put those calories to good use.


it took much effort but its worth it. in the past i would lay in bed saying i couldnt do anything. i wouldnt do anything with my life. but having the discipline to force myself out of my room and literally build myself has changed a lot. if theres anything i learned is this is something you do for yourself. most people especially people like us will think it will make them normal or succubi to like them or something but its just delusion. your body represents your mind. a weak unfit body wont do you any good in life. if youv ever noticed. its always the weak pasty freaks that spread doom and gloom and stupidity just because its the only thing that makes them feel good about their pathetic lives


pushups till failure 5 sets of 20 is the goal every day for a month, then take a week or two off and repeat. recovery is important. being skinny but also weak wont make your body look good. ultimately being strong is what will give you an athletic figure. this is just a little beginner program but heavy lifting especilly in the late intermediate and advanced stage will put signifucant changes to your physicality. you will need to gain weight eventually too mostly for recovery reasons just dont be stupid about it. im a little bit shorter as you but weigh 75kg. a lad i knew in football my height too weighed 95+kg and had better physique than me


holy fuck you better be like 4' 9" that is completely unacceptable. 66lbs deadlift is just succubi-tier strength. at your weight i deadlifted 135 untrained.. you need to be serious about this, m8 your belly wont get tight because you have no muscle to give it shape


I actually used to be fit but got fat when I became a neet lol


Lost almost 100lbs from cycling + some body weight exercises in a year. Definitely changed my mental outlook, improved mental clarity and overall well being which also made me all too aware of the various facets of myself and the general direction of my life that I was unhappy with. On the plus side I was able to make changes and become more proactive in general. Nothing to do with failed groid shit but more in the vein of pursuing hobbies, knowledge, and skillsets I'd neglected. Its always nice to get into reading again.

Also, not bragging but it is kinda cool to look into the mirror and see muscles, and not being encased in all that fatty mass.


Exercise won't help you lose weight. You will simply eat more to compensate for the calories lost. Look into Carnivore Diet if you want to lose weight.
Also lol@ all these Gym"wizards" laughing at this guy for being a beginner.


This. I didn't do shit except cut calories to get a normal physique, starting from overweight.

Exercise is meaningless compared to diet. It's way easier to not stuff a 500kcal chocolate bar down your throat than run for two hours straight like a madman and burn 500kcal.


just doing pullups and pushups is better than anything your treadmill can do for you. if you like the treadmill then thats on you but prioritize resistance training first . you could even purchase resistance bands and do rows which is what i do instead of machine


Hi. I'm >>186948 and it's been 4ish months since I made that post. I havent made any real progress until recently in my opinion.
I exercise 3-4 times a week aka every other day and it consists of:
Workout A -
Floor bench-press
Straight-legged deadlift

Workout B -
Seated shoulder press
Standing two-dumbbell bent over row
I use 2 dumbbells which weigh 8 kilos each, previously I used 5 kilo dumbbells but eventually I didnt feel much resistance, I feel a lot of resistance using the 8 kilos right now so I am sticking to that until it doesn't feel heavy. I also do pushups, pull ups, squats and Russian twists occasionally (I do them all 15 reps, 3 sets if I can) and I am eating around maintenance or a bit more (People recommend skinny-fat guys like me do something called "bulking", I dont do 500kcal bulks or anything, probably 150kcal bulks max when I do eat over my maintenance BMR/TDEE)
I eat healthily in my opinion (I eat very little processed foods and most of the time dont eat any at all except for brown bread I guess) and I drink whey optimum golden standard protein powder twice (I mix it with milk) so my protein intake is above 60g


Also forgot to mention, for workout a and b I do 12-15 reps, 3 sets. For planks I hold for 30-40 seconds


Also whenever I do pull ups I do 3 sets x 5 reps


Nah, do some good cardio along with dieting and you'll drop weight quickly. Have some protein rich food too to help stave excess hunger and build muscle, cholesterol is good for recovery too. Water intake also helps with hunger.

Obviously you wont drop shit if you're just doing bicep curls and squats. After you drop the fat then you can focus on that more.


Wrong, I have gyno. Getting fit, working my pecs has pretty much eliminated my gyno visually. Also I have real gyno with glandular tissue. You can destroy the problem by getting muscly.


what is your main goal in training? your workouts seem all over the place it would help sort of 'diagnose' a training regiment too


I'm skinny fat. I'm 105 kilos and 5'5. I want to lose the fat belly and thighs I have and I dont really know how.
People online say bulk and build muscle to lose the fat as someone who is underweight. I am building muscle and trying to eat a caloric surplus of good food to gain muscle and remove the fat belly and thighs


*I am 105 pounds


are you able to do rows? although you can get rid of a belly i doubt you can get rid of your thighs. ive got a big muscly lower body (ass,thigh,calves, ect) but it was mostly on accident and by genetics. instead of worrying about it i balanced my physique by training upper body more intensively instead of cutting weight to lose my ass and whatnot. so even if ive got big thighs, ive also got a bigger upper body if you catch my drift


It can be way more severe than that. I’m 5’10” 185, lift regularly and have DDs. I would need surgery, but can’t afford it.


I can sort of do rows using a towel, like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Sqj1YHpHZ8 but if you mean able to use actual equipment for rows then no. I catch your drift but my lower body isnt really muscular, it's more fattish, my calves are fine too, it's just the ass and thighs that contain a lot of fat.
Also do you think this workout >>190787 is good for me or not?
If you isnt what routine would you suggest


File: 1652451083464.jpg (70.84 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault-2.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

for rows you dont necessarily need a machine. just a sturdy pole and an assortment of fitness bands (picrel). the thing about your program is there just isnt enough stress to produce any results. you might even see better gains just from martial arts or focusing solely on one exercise like doing 5 sets of 20 pushups a day for example. if you cant do heavy strength training then focus on hypertrophy which is easy to do with rows. Again, i doubt you can get rid of your ass. when i started i had a similar situation as you but as you add stress on it, it will go from fat and flabby to more muscular


> focusing solely on one exercise like doing 5 sets of 20 pushups a day for example
I dont just do those dumbbell stuff, I do 3 x 15 pushups throughout the day as well as 3x6 pull ups, 3x30+ russian twists and 3x15s active pike compression, I do these more than 2 times a day. I am going to incorporate more rows into my workout, thanks


I do pushups, pull-ups and the like 2-5 times a day so in total I do around 6x3 to 15x15 pushups in total, 6x6 to 15x6 pullups in total, etc


seems i looked over that on accident. i suppose it will do for now. good luck out there wiz


My wrist hurts after like 10 minutes of trying crow stands and failing. Gymnastics tricks is fucking stupid. I am just going to do higher reps while I look for an actual gym with weights.



i have been fasting to get rid of a pot belly


Wont work. You have to eat protein (0.8-1g per pound of bodyweight) and follow a resistance-training program. I hate Reddit but r/fitness and r/bodyweightfitness are good places to learn which programs are good to build muscle.
Eat either 200kcal more than your TDEE or eat around your maintenance


i would do it with a pole instead. having to stabilize the rope so it doesnt slap you or move out of place is real distracting. by the way, make sure to squeeze your back muscles at the top of the movement and hold for a second and dont lose control of the band on the way back to the starting position


What the Hell are you on about? That guy wants to lose fat and just said he's going to eat less to do so and you're over here giving some limpwristed muscle building advice.


He said he wants to get of his pot-belly, he didnt mention anything else. He could be skinny-fat and in which case him fasting will make it EVEN worse because he will lose muscle + fat making him still have a fat belly.
If one wants to lose the pot-belly they need to increase/maintain their muscle mass and lose their fat which can be done by eating at a caloric deficit BUT eating a lot of protein and doing resistance-exericses like weights


If he doesn't lose the fat from burning more calories than he's taking in then he simply needs to either ingest fewer or burn more.


You're so fucking stupid, should I talk in simple terms?
Man eat nothing. Man eat no protein. man do no exercise. Man lose muscle and fat. Man lose weight but retains fat appearance. Man still has pot-belly.
I literally ate less and did a fuck ton of cardio, lost 12 kilos but still retained all the fat that I have, I am still a fat fuck despite listening to the advice coming from your dumb fucking mouth. The reason I am a fat shit despite becoming underweight in BMI and losing 12 kilos is because I did ZERO strength training and ate so little protein my muscle withered away making me lose weight BUT NOT THE FAT.

Dont listen to this fucking retard (>>190996). Eat 200kcal less than your TDEE, eat 1g of protein per lb of bodyweight and either follow the 5/3/2 program or dumbbell stopgap program or any calisthetic workouts, you're going to lose the fat that way


200 lb of protein daily sounds expensive, a pound here is 10 bucks


i lost 80lbs and was outside all day at a manual labor job.
zero changes. it's just a cope that requires have a pathological disorder to convince yourself it's going to solve any of your problems.
i felt worse if anything. feel better now that im unemployed again.


>I am a fat shit despite becoming underweight in BMI
sounds like someone has body dysmorphia


Chicken, fish and shrimp have a lot of protein, you can also use optimum golden standard whey protein powder as well. Make sure you do strength-training too
No, others can also see the body-fat I have. I just lost weight the wrong way, aka your way.


oh noes i am fat even though i am at a healthy bmi

you sound like a succubus right now


can't afford 200$ a day for fish and chicken, idk how you gym bros do it


whey powder is an industrial waste product. consume whole food always. more often than not with supplements, your body isnt even able to digest it which is what farts are a sign of. you need enzymes in food to consume protein. having a healthy gut helps heaps too so quit taking drugs if not absolutely necessary


where you get $200 from? you can easily live on ~$17 a day with a decent diet of eggs, meat, and dairy. especially if youve got local sources to choose from. you could go for 1lb of a nice fatty cut of meat, add in another helping of organ meat which id generally dirt cheap, and eggs/dairy to fill in the gaps. its a very nutritious diet. not having organs ruins the point though


Who the fuck spends $500 a month on food?


Does the dollar-tree store sell prawn/shimp?
The equivalent to dollar-tree in my country sells it and they sell it pretty cheap. Prawn is a very good source of protein, 180g of it has 27g of protein and only 115.2 kcal, if you want you can buy 7 bags of them and receive almost 200g of protein and only 830ish kcal which is way below your maintenance (There's a lot of TDEE calculators online, use them and look at the numbers for sedentary, ignore the other stuff)


File: 1653084263552.gif (27.42 KB, 210x90, 7:3, obi-wan-well-of-course-i-k….gif) ImgOps iqdb

i have no other significant expenses other than my house. good quality food is artificially expensive around here


the average person?


i just thought about this now. the average person probably consumes way more than $500 on food. the normals that i know go out to eat at the least every other day. they buy uber eats or whatever food delivery all the time. they are addicted (like most people) to sugar so they have to eat extra trash every day. a snowball here, a hersheys kiss there.. you get the picture. ive also done uber eats delivery near a highschool. you wouldnt believe the amounts of food these brats order. very often too. what i spend is modest in comparison


Nah, every time I come across someone like you it turns out they didn't even count their calories.
99% chance I'm stronger/leaner than you and I'm telling the other guy you don't know what the fuck you're talking about.

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